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StorySite Author Chat # 6        10-27-2000   10pm EDST

Chat Log with Guest Author : Rocketman

ChatMom : Rose2

Log Secretary : Prudence Walker

I have done minor editing on the log to correct some spelling errors, and remove some extraneous data. - Crystal



[Chatmom] Well my Mickey Mouse alarmclock says it is time to start rocketmans Author chat

[Chatmom] everyone welcome rocketman'

[RoyDelFrink] Hi Rocketman!

[Andrea-1] A hush falls over those attending.

[Debra-Rachel] Hi Rocket

[cathy_t_] <stands and applauds

Prue.> ditto

[SaraUK] hi rocket

[Rocketman.] hi all

[Chatmom] Rocketman any opening remarks

[Rocketman.] gee....

[Rocketman.] not really....

Prue.> lol

[cathy_t_] anyone logging the chat?

[RoyDelFrink] I thought the Chatmom did that?

[Rocketman.] My mind goes blank at this moment...

[Debra-Rachel] not me tonight as I don't know if I will be here for the duration

[Rocketman.] I just want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement...

[josie-1] You all fueled up, Rocket?

[RoyDelFrink] Where seldom is heard a discourageing word... :)

[Rocketman.] yup

[Debra-Rachel] <----passes Rocket a large drink to keep him going

[Rocketman.] thanks debra

[RoyDelFrink] I hope that was coffee and not booze, Debra.

[josie-1] should we submit our questions, chatmom?

[Chatmom] and our first question is from cathy

[Debra-Rachel] sorry Roy booze tonight

[Rocketman.] ready

[cathy_t_] Rocket, I really enjoyed SS and also The Master. Will you be writing anymore of either?

[RoyDelFrink] SS?

[Rocketman.] Secret Society.

[Rocketman.] And the answer for SS is yes.

[RoyDelFrink] Ah.

[Debra-Rachel] yay :)

[Rocketman.] As for Master, I'm not too such right now about that one, I have a few ideas but not one idea that cries "write me"

[Rocketman.] sure

[cathy_t_] ok. Thanks Rocket

[Rocketman.] the next part of SS is about half done.

[cathy_t_] GREAT!

[josie-1] Rocket. Why have you chosen to use "magic" as a plot device to convey your thoughts to your readers?

[Chatmom] next up Josie

[Rocketman.] I chose it because I'm not actually much of a reader of fantasy stories.

[Rocketman.] And I think it's been a benefit.

[josie-1] Can you explain?

[Rocketman.] Magic and Fantasy allow the writer to take their imagination it's boundaries..

[Rocketman.] I'm fond of the show, X-files because it takes the real world and places these strange worlds inside of it.

[Rocketman.] It's not exactly a fantasy show, but the method is similar.

[Rocketman.] And and for me, with my strange imagination, fantasy has become a neat thing to toss around.

[Rocketman.] A couple of years ago I would've touched fantasy with a ten-foot gremlin pole.

[Rocketman.] I stayed with sci-fi all the time.

[Rocketman.] (correction --would not have)

[Rocketman.] (for that last sentence)

>> Andrea-1 has joined channel #XC.2179487

[Chatmom] Next up Roy Del Frink

[josie-1] thanks, Rocket

[Rocketman.] sorry, I'm an atrocious on the fly typer.

[RoyDelFrink] Rocket, where do you come up with your ideas?

[Rocketman.] Good question.

[RoyDelFrink] I draw mine from a hat. :)

[Rocketman.] and let a little pause go there....

[Rocketman.] Well

[Rocketman.] I read quite a few books....

[Rocketman.] And when I notice something, even if it's minor....

[Rocketman.] It helps me create an entire world and from that world, interesting stories bloom.

[Rocketman.] So, in a way, ideas track me down, rather than the other way around.

[RoyDelFrink] Okay. That works.

[Chatmom] everyone sign in to keep from being booted

[Debra-Rachel] sign in <giggle>

Prue.> here

[RoyDelFrink] My name is not Slim Shady. :)

[SaraUK] here

[Chatmom] and another from cathy

[Rocketman.] great

[cathy_t_] Rocket, It's been awhile since you posted anything.  Anything in the works besides SS?

[josie-1] .

[Rocketman.] That's actually the problem, too many things in the works.

[cathy_t_] THAT'S what I like to hear!

[Rocketman.] I have a story based on an role play I did once, about a haunted house, a resort vacation based on a Disocvery special and a series of stories based about a baseball team.

[Rocketman.] and that's just to name a few.

[cathy_t_] anything close do ready?

[Rocketman.] probably the baseball one is closest.

[Rocketman.] only five pages away.

[Rocketman.] at most

cathy_t_] ok. Thanks Rocket Looking forward to it

[Rocketman.] thank you cathy

[cathy_t_] Prue says she is looking forward to it as well

[cathy_t_] she's logging the chat

[RoyDelFrink] As long as someone is...

[Rocketman.] I better get my rear in gear and get it done.

Prue.> llol

[Rocketman.] lol

[Chatmom] what story subjects won't you write about

[Rocketman.] hmmm....

[Rocketman.] well, I don't have too much personal experience with crossdressing and I can't seem to get a story going in that topic....probably not that.

[Rocketman.] but other than that....not too much.

[Chatmom] thank you

[Rocketman.] that I won't, as long as I feel it's an interesting story to tell.

[Chatmom] next up Josie

[Rocketman.] ok

[josie-1] Your writings seem to me to be a bit more then recreational enjoyment. So.... I've got to ask. Considering your obvious talents, have you thought of taking your writing to a more public forum? i.e. publishing?

[Rocketman.] I have, yes.

[josie-1] and....

Rocketman.] I'm taking a writing class at the local college to get experience in this.

[Rocketman.] It's really informative.

[Rocketman.] And I've told myself to try to submit a piece of writing soon.

[Rocketman.] I'm looking around that which publications will take previously unpublished authors.

[Rocketman.] at

[Rocketman.] And a screenwriting workshop.

[Rocketman.] I'm taking that as well.


[Chatmom] Prue asks will it be a TG piece

[Rocketman.] probably not at first.

[RoyDelFrink] Don't take this too harshly, but this is the dullest chat I've ever been in. I'm leaving to go somewhere more interesting.

[Chatmom] Prue has also asked is there an end to SS coming soon?

[Rocketman.] sorry to hear that, Roy.

[cathy_t_] Royu

[cathy_t_] no need to be RUDE!!!

[Debra-Rachel] Excuse us Roy !!!!

[RoyDelFrink] I'm sorry, it's just i...

[Rocketman.] Well, Prue, I'm not sure about SS.

[RoyDelFrink] don't wanna wait 2 or 3 minutes to hear Rocketman's replies.

[Rocketman.] I projected 13 parts for the series, but it might be less, I don't know yet.

[josie-1] .

[josie-1] Thanks Rocket. I hope you make the right connections because you've definitely got mucho talent....

[Rocketman.] thank you josie

[josie-1] can I ask a follow up question???? Or am I out of order?

[Rocketman.] Can she ask, mom?

[Chatmom] yes go HEAD

[josie-1] In the battle of good vs evil.... which wins out in Rocket's universe?

[Rocketman.] hehe

[Rocketman.] (now evil laugh)

Rocketman.] hmm, probably the good half.

[RoyDelFrink] Since when does evil ever win?

[RoyDelFrink] At least in fiction.

[josie-1] Ahhhhh, ever heart of E.A. Poe

[Rocketman.] in avant-garde fiction sometimes it does...

[Chatmom] all sign in please

[josie-1] .

[SaraUK] here

[josie-1] Can you elaborate, Rocket?

Prue.> listening rocket

[RoyDelFrink] One way. (Sorry to send THAT privately, Debra.)

Rocketman.] I mean the kind of fiction that it's more a parable than a work of fiction with a beginning, middle and end....

[Rocketman.] Art fiction

[Chatmom] Next up Cathy

[cathy_t_] Rocket, SS is such a HUGE piece of work. How did you keep it all straight in your mind?

[josie-1] thanks Rocket

[Rocketman.] mostly, I don't.

Prue.> lol

[Rocketman.] I do keep notes on important points, but sometimes I forget parts.

[Rocketman.] Hopefully it doesn't show.

[cathy_t_] I was just gonna say, it doesn't show!

[cathy_t_] lol

[Rocketman.] whew!

[Rocketman.] lol

[cathy_t_] thanks, Rocket

[Rocketman.] thank you, cathy.

[Chatmom] Prue asks where have you been lately

[josie-1] lol

[Rocketman.] mid-terms, mostly.

[Chatmom] what is your major?

[Rocketman.] liberal arts.

[Chatmom] Josie is up next

[josie-1] rocket. Have you a favorite author? Story that is something you'd like to emulate?

[Rocketman.] yup, it's an eccentric novel "To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie Willis. It's a perfectly written time travel story, in my opinion.

[Rocketman.] And it's just plain fun to read.

[Rocketman.] It takes place in Victorian England.

[Rocketman.] And I love that time period and area.

[josie-1] me too.... thanks

[Chatmom] Next up Roy Del Frink

[RoyDelFrink] Alright... wow, empty queue... Rocketman, what kind of TG stories do you like to read?

Rocketman.] let me think....there's quite a depends on what I'm in the mood for, but I like sci-fi and fantasy the best.

[josie-1] .

[RoyDelFrink] Is there more to this reply, Mr. Man?

[cathy_t_] .

[RoyDelFrink] You don't have to add on to it, you know.

[SaraUK] .

Prue.> .ty

[Debra-Rachel] .

[Rocketman.] hmm, personal favorite stories are, "Hard to be a Man" and "Attacked by Silk Gloves"

[Chatmom] Prue would just like to thank you for your SS stories

[Rocketman.] thank you prue

[RoyDelFrink] Okay. I guess that's good enough for me.

Prue.> ty

[Rocketman.] ok

[RoyDelFrink] I think I've heard enough tonight. I'm moving on.

[josie-1] who wrote "attacked by silk gloves"? anyone know?

[Rocketman.] RHMusic

[josie-1] thanx

[cathy_t_] I actually enjoyed that one myself

[Chatmom] Alright everyone its open Chat time

[Rocketman.] I've never read a story quite like it before.

[Chatmom] try to behave

[cathy_t_] oh SURE!

[RoyDelFrink] Yes, 'Mom. :-)

[cathy_t_] hehehe

[SaraUK] yes mum =-)

[josie-1] Rocket. Besides SS, which of your stories is your favorite?

Prue.> lol

[cathy_t_] are there any kinds of TG Fiction that you just can't STAND, Rocket?

[Debra-Rachel] lolol

[Rocketman.] the master project one.

[Rocketman.] not really, cathy.

[RoyDelFrink] He can't stand it, and he won't take it sitting down, either. So he'll just have to lie all over the floor on this one.

[Rocketman.] Davesport Master Project.

[josie-1] Master Project is really enjoyable.... and I can tell it is building to be somewhat of an epic.... am I right?

[Rocketman.] really?

[Rocketman.] do you think so?

[Rocketman.] gee....

[Rocketman.] Not really all that epic....

[josie-1] nah.... Roy told me to say that

[RoyDelFrink] I did?

[josie-1] lol

[Rocketman.] At least I not any more especially than SS.

[josie-1] stop pinching me, Roy

[Rocketman.] hehe

[RoyDelFrink] Okay, Josie, I'm letting go.... NOW!

[cathy_t_] what do you think about the new crop of wroters, Rocket.  I.E. Kimem, Debra, Prue etc.

[cathy_t_] writers

Prue.> lolol

Prue.> i'm a wroter

Prue.> ?

[Rocketman.] I love their work. If only I could as good as them.

[Debra-Rachel] emmm O Prue whats a "wroter" ???? LMAO

[josie-1] Prue the wroter...

[RoyDelFrink] I think the new crop of rotors do a fine job of steering your boat.

[Rocketman.] Especially you, prue.

[Rocketman.] but then the work look pale in an author's own eyes.

[Rocketman.] or is that just me?

[josie-1] man over board.... someone throw Roy a lifeline

Prue.> blushes thank you rocket

Debra-Rachel] EXCUSE me Rocket you are way out of my league I want to half as good as you and I'll be happy

[RoyDelFrink] I'l take the 50-50.

>> Pickles. has joined channel #XC.2179487

[josie-1] hi Pickles

[Debra-Rachel] Pickles <kiss>

[cathy_t_] hi Pickles

h[Pickles.] Hi ya all

[Rocketman.] hi pickles

[cathy_t_] it's open chat, Pickles

[RoyDelFrink] Is it just me, or did this chat just get a little more dill?

[Pickles.] Cool

Prue.> hi pickles

[Chatmom] good night all Prue Rocket thanks

[Rocketman.] thanks mom

[cathy_t_] anything you wnna ask Rocket?

[Debra-Rachel] <---runs over and jumps into Pickles lap as he sits down <smirking > I have the best seat in the house now

[josie-1] Rocket. Are you an avid Roy Del Fink reader??? Hmmmm? (nows your opportunity to get him back lad!)

[Debra-Rachel] night Chat mom


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