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A Trip to Toronto
by Debbie Cybill

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Comment by Perlita on 12/15/12
why do you have posters of THEM!?!?!?  i silpme asked what was wrong with the posters of them (pg posters with) then my friend was bickering about lohan going to jail and demi going to rehab and Brittney and the things that happened to her  this made me very uppset! i told her that everyone has their mistakes and most of them is trying to figure out life and i defended all of the posters! Lets just say my friend was mad at me for the rest of the day but i didnt care because she doesnt know them and has no right to say these things!!!                            the one and only onemagicgirle299a5

Comment by Diane on 05/31/08
What a lovely, gentle genteel story!

Comment by DEE on 09/24/07

Comment by lois_cd on 04/27/03
loved the story

Comment by Nellie D on 11/28/00
Nice account of three days in the life of a crossdressing professional person.

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