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The Jade Box
by Genni Smith

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Comment by Elizabeth Cathryn Mystery on 10/19/23
Crystal's Story Site reports:-
Genni Smith - I'm sad to announce that Genni has passed away. Her passing was very sudden, in January 2003.

We will miss the storyís you were never able to write and thank you for the stories you left us to read. †Your legacy live on.

I have some hidden disabilities that make me strange by a lot of persons standards. †I have never fitted into the world but have to try fit in and live in it. †One thing I do like for some reason is sarcasm, either in jest or in your face. †This story has bucket loads of it and I had not laughed at a story so much in years. †I just had to read it all in one go. †The bitching between family, friends and enemies are classic and they do not stop, they just go on. †Very well written.

I knew the last thing that needed to be discover was involved with Stewards father and I always knew Stuart needed to open the locket, but I did not make that connection with it, I thought he needed to come to terms with his father.

Had I been Stuart I would not have gone back to being a male. †That said he would have had to watch herself with Danny, Amy was getting a bit too frisky as they went on.

As to the story, I felt it seemed to fizzle out at the end and a few things needed clarification. †

One, if as Katie had no boyfriend when Amy, er, turned up, she was not with Steve and thus when Stuart came back Katie would not have needed an abortion as it was only three months. †It would have been nice to have had this clarified for Katieís sake.

Two, once Stuart was back it would have been good to see him look at his pigsty, er, bedroom and clear most of it up. †Further, it would have been nice to see if Stuart treated ladies any differently in his demeanour with them, with his family, especially his sister, and helping in the house

Three, when Any was assaulted I saw it coming and I feel Amy could have got a knee to the genitals in first. †Fat head was wrong to barge in so getting one in first was fully justified.

There are a few others but these are the main ones.

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Comment by Lore on 05/18/11
Good point. I hadn't tohught about it quite that way. :)

Comment by Jamie E on 11/03/10
Quite a good story, very nice plot.

Comment by Tammy on 04/09/10
And yeah . . . just like Amy and Simo, students at Valley View still perform a Shakespeare play as part of the Year 10 English curriculum.

Comment by Tammy on 04/09/10
"And suddenly it was gone. The one thing I cherished the most. Now weíll be apart forever. Nothing will allow us to be together any longer. Not even for one last time. Not now. Not ever.

"Iíve been anticipating this event for almost twelve months now, and itís not like I wasnít expecting it, but it came sooner than I thought. I knew from the start weíd lose each other, one way or another.

"I never really paid much attention to your existence, even though I knew you were there. I never really thought you being gone would change me, though you were the one who made me whole.

"Since youíve been gone Iíve been sitting here, watching as time and life pass me by, like the emotionless doll we feared Iíd be after your departure from my body, my life, my heartÖ

"Neither of us knew how weíd cope without each other. And since our bond has been severed, I find it hard to think there will ever be a solution, or Ďoneí to help me.

"You are irreplaceable. You used to be there for me through thick and thin. You were mine.

"Life cannot go on without you. Now that youíre gone I feel nothing, for I am numb.

"I never had anyone there with me. Only you. But do you really count as a friend? Or more as a figment of my imagination?

"I will forever be alone. Youíll never come back. I pushed you, as well as myself, too far. Thereís nothing I can do.

"Canít anyone see how distraught I was? Because you were the only one who cared. Am I invisible to everyone but you?

"Life will never become easy. And I doubt it will ever get harder then it is now, without you here.

"Despite the fact nobodyís listening, I want everyone to know youíre my Angel, my Godsend, my World, my Saviour, my Everything.

"I think about you all the time, and when Iím asleep you are in my dreams and my nightmares. Sometimes though, thereís nothing at all. Reminds me youíre gone and Iím still here all alone.

"I know I should feel pain, emotional pain, but since youíre not around, I feel nothing. I shall forever be neutral.

"I am, alone, in this black abyss called Life, in this God forsaken world.

"But I feel nothing now. You were what made me complete. You made me feel so alive.

"Now that youíre gone, I donít see much point in living anymore. I really donít want to be here right now, or anywhere for that matter. It feels like Iím just a waste of space, breathing in oxygen that is meant for others, and not myself.

"Iím sorry, Iím so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I never wanted this at all. If I could take it all back, I would. The last thing I can do is take all my shame, to the grave.

"This is Me, this is my Life.

"Without You, without your Presence.

"Just Me, on my Own.

"Away from you, my precious Soul . . ."

--by "Molly," a student at Valley View Secondary School, Para Vista, South Australia from the school website (2010). †Following a school consolidation, Valley View opened in Stuart/Amy's old Para VIsta HS complex in 1991. †In all amazingly appropriate, I'd say . . .

Comment by Jade T. on 09/15/08
Enjoyed your story. †My thanks for sharing it.

Pointed at the story on Fictionmania from Gender Bending on AnonIB.

Comment by Kristi Fitzpatrick on 08/28/04
Dear Genni:

   This is a fabulous funny story. Your characterization is very strong and you have the brother sister thing down to a science. This has to be one of the top thirty stories I have read anywhere during my entire life. That is saying a lot. I do wish you followed Stuart a little further down the road.

    Your insight into all things feminine and the feminine perspective was simply amazing. It was a lot of fun imagining being Amy, and you made it easy to do that. If you are not female it seems you could be. I simply could not stop reading and stayed up way to late, but that is a testament to your craft.

  Cannot recommend this story highly enough, it is captivating and superb.



Comment by Thomas Higgins on 08/17/04
Well, I loved the story.  A lot.  I think I have read it about four times so far, which is pretty unusual for me, especially as it is a pretty long read ( I got my copy from the Nifty Archive ) and it came in one big chunk.  I thought it was pretty funny in parts, especially the first transformation scene, and what lead to it (reminds me never to look in cupboards for birthday presents - at least.)  There wasn't any really explicit sex scenes, which is a rarity in TG fiction, and was pretty refreshing, just really good dialogue and cutting wit, especially from Susan (is it just me or is she a bit like a smarter version of the Susan from Neighbours, as they seem to share some characteristics and the same luck in men <g>?)

It was an enlightening experience watching Stuart deal with life as Amy, with all it's ups and downs, but, damn, girl, I am jealous.  I could never cope with it anywhere near half as well.

Well, bye for now


Comment by Pippa K. on 07/27/04
Absolutely ripper!  (Is this the right Australian word for brill, or is "ace" more appropriate?)  Only just found it, and enjoyed it immensely.  Thank you.

Comment by Steffen von Halenbach on 01/28/03
GREAT !   What a pleasure to read this phantastic ,mindblowing story. I think it is good material for a Hollywood film. Genni is my favourite storywriter! Thanks from Germany

Comment by Rebecca Anne Stewart on 09/24/02
    Genni: I just finished re-reading "The Jade Box" again because I wanted to familiarize myself again with what I thought some time ago was a very enjoyable read.  You will be glad to hear that my first observations were correct.   I think I enjoyed it more this time then the first time I saw it.
    I enjoyed the dialogue that you created.  You managed to portay Stuart's caustic wit thur Amy's words will still allowing her heart to burst open with all the feelings a young teenage girl may possess.  The dialogue between Jade and her sibling were typical teenager bashing fests, I'm willing to bet that a lot of your material probably came from life experiences.  However you arrived at it, is irrelevant,the mere fact that you were extremely sucessful at portraying it is proof enough.
    I hope I can continue to see more of your work especially if you continue with the same standards you have set for your storys so far.
    Thank you for presenting this story to the world.
          Sincerely: Rebecca Anne Stewart (rast).

Comment by Bronwyn on 10/19/01
brilliant work by a brilliant person ;)

Comment by Suzanne on 09/23/01
  Great story and great writing, look forward to reading more of your stories in the future,thanks Suzanne.

Comment by Tom  Mansur on 09/11/01
I just read the jade box and found that I love your wrighting stile and the humor that you include.  Your story hung in there and kept my interest all the way through.  I hope to see more stories from you in the future.  Thank you.

Comment by Robyn on 09/11/01
Wonderful story!!  I really hope to see more from you soon!!!

Comment by Amy on 09/09/01
Great job on the story :-)
I liked it alot, one of my favorites.

Comment by Kelly Davidson on 08/18/01

Wonderfully done.  I've been meaning to write and tell you how much I've enjoyed reading Jade box.  It's a great series, one you should be very proud of.  The interaction between the characters, and the dry humor made me laugh out loud a few times.  thanks for sharing it with us.



Comment by Paula Mortenson on 07/28/01
Great story. Very thought provoking. loved it.

Look forward to another.
luv Paula

Comment by Rose2 on 07/26/01
All good stories must come to an end.  "The Jade Box" is a great story Characters made of flesh not cardboard.  Meaningful dialog and story sences.  Will we wait long for your next story?

Comment by Jo on 07/26/01
   Pretty interesting story. I kinda wish that Stuart and Danny had decided they were bisexual, but that's okay.

Comment by Trebor on 07/26/01
  Very excellant series. I love the revenge factor at the end. Please write more like this. It's refreshing when the good people come out on top.

Comment by Julia Manchester on 07/11/01
Genni just keeps getting better and better.  She is already one of my favorite authors, and when her name appears under "What's New" she is the first one I turn to.  Jade Box is a classic magic series with several unique twists and not a few surprises.  If you haven't read it you're missing something very special.

Comment by Mark on 06/26/01
I've found the stories interesting...looking forward to the conclusion, not sure how I want it to end!

Comment by Paula Jutras on 06/18/01
Enjoyed Jade Box Part 6 among my favorite part.

Comment by Stephanie C. on 06/11/01
WOW!!! This is a great story Genni. Can't wait to read the rest.

Comment by Mr Man on 05/22/01
Jade Box continues to entertain and delight readers everywhere. The plot is getting pretty thick, and building up to what will be a terrific conclusion. So write on Genni, we all look forward to your next installment.

Comment by Bob on 05/18/01
Please don't leave us hanging; please continue!!  
And, what is it with the strange phone call, was it from China, and what was the rocket aspect.  Is the mysterious China connection an alian (sp).

Comment by Julia Manchester on 05/18/01
This is an excellent story with a well thought out plot and believable characters.  I'm savoring every installment.  Keep going!

Comment by Mr. Ram on 05/15/01
I just finished reading Part Four, Good Stuff! This is exactly what I like in TG Fiction.
Mr. Ram

Comment by Sydney Morning Herald on 05/15/01
Australia is in awe of the best TG writer to come out of this countrry in recent years.

Her stories are well plotted, the dialogue is wonderful  and the characters come to life on the page.

An A-1 Author.

Genni take a bow, your country is proud of you

Ben Dover,

Literary critic

Sydney Morning Herald

Comment by Ivan Homeless on 05/13/01
This story just keeps getting better and better, in both content and form. Can't wait for the next part!

Comment by Paula Jutras on 05/12/01
Part 4 is terrific. love the talk of BALLET, going to CHURCH and basically how this tale is going.

Comment by New York Times on 05/12/01
Riveting! A five star thrill ride packed with drama and tension. Genni writes with the prose of a master craftsman. Breathtaking!

-N.M. Mar
Entertainment Editor
New York Times

Comment by Gabrielle on 05/11/01
Best little series on the prairie.  Please keep up the superb work.  Black opals from Coober peedy, and great sories from Genni.

Comment by Prue on 05/11/01
GREAT work Genni  (...............................)<------full of praises for your work ...gigglz ( i thought i wouldn't embarrass you with them. huggles from prue

Comment by emmie dee on 05/11/01
Excellent tale! Humorous, emotionally sensitive, and dead-on accurate in its portrayal of youth. I look forward to future episodes.

Comment by Mr Man on 05/10/01
This story continues to be a very good read. If anything, it seems to be getting better with each new addition. Thanks for writing.

Comment by Jeffrey on 05/08/01
I very much enjoy your story! The humor is outstanding and the dialog flows smoothly. Keep up the good work.

Comment by Paula Jutras on 05/02/01
Part 2 was even far better than part 1. Especially the description in the bathroom stall near the end. Keep up the wonderful work.

Comment by Joan B on 05/02/01
This story keeps getting better and better.  The detail is fantastic and your characterizations excellent.  There is no blending of characters where we don't know who's talking.

I Love it!

Comment by Mr Man on 05/01/01
Keep them coming Genni, your stories are great. Thanks for writing.

Comment by Terry on 04/30/01
From the first time I read the draft to the most recent update, I am truly impressed with your style and content, Genni.  You are a master of dialogue and the story is so much fun to read that it is hard to put down when something important needs my attention.  Keep writing as you are one of the great writers of this genre.  I am privileged to know you and others as excellent authors and real flesh and blood people.  Thank you.

Comment by Christine on 04/30/01
well there a part two, the first part was outstanding and I love all of it.

Comment by Prue on 04/30/01
Well folks this is one talented lady(and i do mean lady) i was priviledged to read her first draft of this plus more of it she has written but has yet to post. your in for a real treat. oh thanks Geeni, i see i have more of jade box in my mail(sorry folks you'll have to wait) gigglz huggles Genni your a doll.

Comment by Paula Jutras on 04/30/01
enjoyed as much here as on Fictionmania

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