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A Cure for Priapism
by Debbie Cybill

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Comment by Christan on 01/28/03
I have read over the story and feel no relief that with all the science in our grasp that such a minor problem could lead to such extreme messures.  No doubt having priapism it is the worst thing to live with in the whole world, lack of sleep, constant pain, doctors having no long term treatment other than saying "hey it could last 3 months to 30 years eventually you'll go limp and not have the problem any longer".

For me I can't see how the doctors who have given me the shot that relieves the pain WILL NOT give a prescription for it so I could  give myself the shot when I need it.  I feel that they would rather have me go limp then give me the precription.  People who have diabities give themselves shots everyday of their lives and live successfull and productive lifes because they have been given tools to use outside the emergency room.  

I think doctors now a days are too scared to step outside the governments comfort zone and their own personal confort zone to treat each case individually.  They should offer these drugs on a trial basis for exteme cases such as this fellows and my own before agreeing to cut of someones privates.  I wouldn't want to get my cock cut off, and WANT to have MANY children.  

There's a cure out there and it's just as important to find it as we try so hard with cancer and other more popular illnesses.  It makes me sick and I hope I do not have to go to the extremes as this fellow.  However I am glad that things worked out for him and he must love not being in pain and having a chance to sleep a full night.

Sincerely frusterated,

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