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Hot Crossings 2003 Complete: No Rated: R
Part 1 - Becky has had to leave her beloved home and move into Vancouver to get evaluation and treatment for hepatitic cancer. Some interesting experiences happen.
Part 9 - The romantic first date with Bob is over. Reality sets in as Becky must report to the clinic for the next part of her treatment.
Part 10 - Becky meets Matron Wytte, "The Grand Dame" of the clinic. We also meet little Tracy, and get to find out why you need to heed the warnings of those little pill bottles the Pharmacy gives you.
Part 11
- Becky meets the neighbours. She also gets a bit of a lesson in the world of hi tech communications. Pretty heady stuff for a blonde. (I can say this because I am one.)
Part 12
- Becky finds out she has a special gift. She also prepares for the big Halloween event.
Part 17
- Our heroine experiences the ravages of chemotherapy, as she is subjected to treatment herself. I hope you don't fast forward this chapter, but I understand if this chapter is just a little bit too close to home for some. Thank you for continuing to read my story. Becky.
Part 18
- Becky gets a 'roomie', and Bob decides to make things more comfortable for the new arrival in the grand manner that only Bob can.
Part 19
- Pip's new furniture arrives, and she gets wired for sound. Also, she and Becky get invited to Mona's gigantic promotion, but they find out they have to appear as imposters to help out.
Part 20 -
 Becky and Pip go shopping, sorta. Actually it's Sheena and her secretary that go shopping and make Mona's promo a roaring success. Frank Myers is back, and someone pays dearly because of it.
Part 21 - Becky is on the road to recovery from her brutal attack by Myers. Her doctor is named John Mortimer, and be damned if he's not a dead ringer for Leo Kerns, Rumpole of the Bailey. We are also introduced to Dr. Jennifer Pope, who will play a very important parts in the episode to come.
Part 22 - Bob and Martin finally make it home. Rushing to his lover's side, Bob just begins to learn of the horrors his Becky has had to endure over the years. Dr. Pope finally has her wee chat with Becky, and promises to help her heal all her wounds.
Part 23 -
 In this chapter we find that, there is no doubt that Becky is on the mend. In fact, she has improved so much, that there is talk of her being released, and going home.
Part 24 -
 Finally home from her ordeal in the hospital, Becky and Bob quickly renew their passion for each other as life gets back to 'normal' for the crew at Xanadu.
Part 25 -
 Becky learns more about her developing powers. We meet Dr. Amelia Allheart, Dr. Serratia's replacement. Becky learns why Bob is so paranoid about security, as Pip lays down the law, and we say a tearful good bye to Tracy.
Part 26 -
 With the physical scars of her attack well on the way to being healed, Becky must deal with other issues. There is a session with Dr.Pope, plus Tracy's funeral, all scheduled for the same day, so she decides to administer her own brand of healing.
Part 27
- Bob & Becky take the Richard's to dinner, where Samantha gets to experience some of Mama Rosa's magic first hand. We see the beginings of The Tracy Richards Memeriol Fund take shape as well. Becky is set for another round with the doctors, and she makes an appointment to get get hair done one last time before she looses it to the ravages of chemo therapy.

Part 28
After a particularly decent meal prepared by Pip and Becky, Bob discusses with the house the new business plans he has in mind.
Becky and Pip are off to Christensen's to get pampered like the ladies of leisure, they would love to be by Marcie and her ever efficent staff.
Part 29 Sheena and her secretary are spotted in Mona's again. Bob makes a trek to City Hall to get the necessary permits to start the renovations for Anwar Communications. We also find out a bit about just who, Bob Arnold really is. And finally Becky confesses her life in The Armed Forces to Dr. Jennifer Pope.
Part 30 This is another of those "icky" chapters again, where Becky has another chemo session. If you find them hard to take, just think of how Becky felt whem she was subjeccted to them all the time.
Part 31
As Becky recovers nicely from her last sassion of chemo, it is decided that spending New Years up at Whistler would be the best medicine.
Bob & Becky behave like naughty school kids on an afternoon excursion, and are severly chastisiced for it.
And finally Marcie visits with the girls, and they have a real live hen party, to be topped off with an elegant dinner at Puccini's.
All this and so much more awaits you in this next chapter.

Part 32
Becky and Pip dress up as Santa's little helpers, and visit the children at the cancer ward. Becky's newly found powers seem to be getting in the way as she experiences the downside of using them to heal others.
Pip finally decides to go home and visit her Mama and sisters for the holiday, and we meet Julie O and her husband, who run a Swedish restaurant in financial trouble.
Part 33
It's true confession time. Make sure you read the intro to this chapter, before you read the story.
Part 34 In this chapter, Sara arrives on the scene and is immediately thrown into the thick of it as Becky has another session of chemo.
After Becky is feeling better, the foursome go and visit Bob's new office to check on progress there, and wind up taking Michel and Lori to a much deserved lunch at Mama Rosa's.
Part 35 Our hero's pick out a christmas tree, with all the fixin's in the only way that Bob & Becky can. As they plan for the upcoming celebrations, Becky has another session with Dr. Pope.
Part 36
There is a party going on. That means there is cleaning to be done, and the task must be performed by qualified people of course. Then there is the last minute decorating to be completed on the date of the affair, and then the affair itself. Which is a roaring success.
Part 37 The foursome get an unexpected gift from the weatherman, and take advantage of it by behaving like little kids.
Bob goes to check out the progress at Anwar & Becky has to visit the clinic and Dr. Mortimer one last time.
She also gets some exciting news from aunt Jan.

Part 38
Finally Christmas Day has arrived, and Bob has a surprise for Becky, actually a couple of them, as the foursome spend a quiet holiday together.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Hormones

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