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"Altered Fates" universe

Established by Jennifer Adams

Authors are invited to write in this universe, but Jennifer Adams is the owner of the universe and retains all rights and privileges of that ownership. Any author making use of the concept, structure, and characters must conform to the following rules. This page was copied from Jennifer's site on June 21, 2001


Altered Fates

these "rules" may be posted without permission but are still  ©Jennifer Adams, 1998


The "Rules"

by Jennifer Adams 
(Altered Fates universe Creator)

The rules... Hmmm... Well, They are not really rules. Rules sound so stuck in school or something.
Guidelines... yeah... that's the ticket.

The guidelines are mainly on the how the medallion works, as defined in AF: Juvenile Delinquent and 
AF: Disguised For Life. I actually wrote them into the universe. 

I will start with non-medallion-related guidelines.
                         (there are only two).

1.  The medallion looks like cheap costume jewelry. No matter how well it     is cleaned up it still looks
cheap. That leads us to #2.

2.  No one ever pays much, if anything, for the medallion. Refer to #1.

3.  It has a picture of an angel or a fairy holding a wand, it has also been discribed as possibly something 
demonic, since the origin is unknown I suppose that is possible. There is also strange writing around the
outer edge on the front and the back of it is blank, it looks as though there may have been writing on it at 
one time or may have just been scratched up.

Part of the goal of this universe is for the reader to think in the back of their mind. " Could this really 
happen?" Or, " Could this happen to me?" By making the medallion readily available it makes these 
questions possible.

Now for how the medallion works.

1.  The medallion transforms the wearer, meaning that if the wearer removes the medallion the TF stops
right there. If a character takes the medallion off during an equine TF(into a horse) and removes the 
medallion while he only has a tail. He will be a man with a horses tail for twelve hours. (Refer to #2).

2.  A person's body can only handle one TF by the medallion in twelve hours. It takes time for the body to

3.  If one wears the medallion and another touches the medallion it will produce a form swap, or they will
look like the other used to. As long as the wearer hasn't TF'ed with it in the last twelve hours, in which 
case, nothing will happen.(refer to #2)

4.  If a woman is menstruating or pregnant, the medallion will not completely TF her and then will 
auto-reverse the TF immediately. This works for someone starting as female to begin with or a TG'ed
woman. Before the medallion will work on a pregnant/menstruating woman. She must complete the 
pregnancy/menstruating and her body chemistry must return to it's pre-pregnancy/menstruating state.

5.  The medallion only does slight mental changes. Very minor ones can and are sometimes done by the 
medallion. Stronger mental changes can be made but there has to be a prompt from an outside force. 
As in the wearer donning a wedding band, then they might automatically believe they are married, how
to please their hubby/wife. That sort of thing. I'm not a big fan of mind alterations, but they can be "made"
 to occur. Be creative.

I think that about covers it. If you are not sure if something fits and you don't find any reference in one of 
my AF stories (since there are some errors in AF stories written by other authors) feel free to e-mail me
and ask. My address is:

I almost forgot... Rule Number 6!





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