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Specific 'Story Universe' Information

"Body Gallery" universe

Established by Paul Jutras, February 2001

Authors are invited to write in this universe, but Paul Jutras is the owner of the universe and retains all rights and privileges of that ownership. Any author making use of the concept, structure, and characters must conform to the following rules.


1)  One can either be told about Body Gallery by spouse, friend or find it by accident.

2) Inside one can either be verbally asked the questions on a form or fill it out themselves

3) Two questions that needs to be ask are IF THEY WANT A CULTURAL CHANGE and choose between P or T Body Suits. P are perminate lifetime in suit and T for Temporary useage like a day or weekend at most.

4)  After answering questions must have a health exam by the company nurse.

5)  Can choose between male body suit or female body suit.

6)  Female body suits include nail polish and make up so that if a male wears it they don't have to worry about putting them on or messing them up when making love.

7)  While the mind remains intact the emotions of the opposite sex body suit has some control over the wearer.



  Please report any problems to Crystal