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Specific 'Story Universe' Information

"A-Nu-U" universe

Established by C. Sprite, January 2001

Authors are invited to write in this universe, but C.Sprite is the owner of the universe and retains all rights and privileges of that ownership. Any author making use of the concept, structure, and characters must conform to the following rules. Authors are free to post their completed stories anywhere.


A-Nu-U Centers are only being opened in areas with a population of 25,000 or more. Centers are like hospitals in that they have medical personnel supervising all aspects of the journey.

There are no portable, bootleg, or stolen units available.

A traveler can become any person, anywhere, at any time in the past, present, or future.

The cost for a trip is about double the cost of a nice trip to a fancy resort.

Travelers experiencing a trip cannot return on their own. The computer must initiate the procedure to bring them back. Travelers cannot die during a trip, although they can seem to be killed while under, and are then awakened by the computer at the end of their paid time.

The computer skips the program ahead when the traveler goes to sleep. You cannot sleep your time away. The travel hours are for awake time, except in the event of VR death.

The company only guarantees to deliver what is requested. Unspecified aspects are left to chance or computer programming.

Trips can be offered as prizes in contests, but the company only offers reduced fare trips to employees.

Special chair/beds are used by long term travelers (over 20 hours). They contain built-in chamber pots and bidets. Attendants feed long term travelers every 12 hours with a mixture of vitamin enriched oatmeal or strained vegetables. The computer instructs the traveler's body when to chew and swallow.

The title of all stories written in the A-Nu-U universe must begin with 'A-Nu-U: ' to clearly identify its association with the universe.

Finally, A-Nu-U is a commercial venture. Screw-ups can, and do, occur, but must be resolved amicably by the end of the story so that the company can continue to flourish. The company's liability is limited, as stated in the papers that all travelers must sign before taking their trip, to a refund or replacement trip.




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