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This is an unedited reprint of a note posted to Fictionmania's Hyperboard bt C.M. Ellis

>Question: Is the sorcery patrol an "open universe" in which any author might contribute stories?

Posted by C.M. Ellis on 01/27/2001 at 20:32:27

Subject: Re:Sorcery Patrol

Message Body:
Well, I've given this some thought, and basically the answer I've come up with is "Yes, No, and Maybe..." Let me explain.

There has been one other story already written in this Universe, by Roy Del Frink, and he did obtain permission from me to write it. Though I often enjoy his stories, and there was nothing in particular wrong with his, I was really struck by the differences in style between our two writing voices. This made me take pause as to whether I really wanted to open the Universe up entirely, and yet, it would be an interesting thing to see even more alternate takes on my idea. So what I ultimately have decided is this:

The Universe is open; the Sorcery Patrol, The Chief, other supporting characters are all available. But I would like to keep Officers Chandler and Fae to myself.

Remember, this is an entire department, or even multiple departments if you wish, it would be nice to meet some of the other officers on the force, I would think.

Mark Chandler and Emily Fae can perhaps be referred to in passing, or even interacted with briefly, as long as they are not the central character, and as long as nothing actually happens to them.

I would also like to keep this as a positive view on police officers, without getting into issues of corruption or brutality unless perhaps it is just a few bad apples amongst mostly good. There have been a few passing references to other Universes in my stories, and that is fine also, but I would suggest that they be done in passing, again without really tying the two Universes together.

But the most important request I have regarding this Universe is that the stories be kept light-hearted. I don't want to see a lot of rapes or permanent violence. I know that this is probably somewhat restrictive in a crime-type genre, but that is the spirit in which the Universe was created, and I'd like to keep it that way if I could. :)

I realise that there is probably no Copyright Law that would really allow me to open up the Universe, but not the two characters of Officers Chandler and Fae, but then again, I doubt that I'd really pull any law down on anyone who violates my requests here. But in the interests of harmony, honesty, and good TG fiction, I hope that these "suggestions" will be honored. The only one of these that I really feel strongly about is keeping the two characters to myself. I know that might disappoint a few of you, but why not come up with some new officers for the patrol? Mark and Emily can't do it all alone you know! :)

So to sum up, I hereby open the "Tales From the Sorcery Patrol" universe to stories which are:

1. Light hearted
2. Generally Pro-police
3. Not directly involving Officer Mark Chandler or Emily Fae.
4. Touching on other Universes, but not delving deeply into them.

Have fun writing, I'm glad that I've been able to contribute something to the TG Fiction community. I'm sure you'll all make me proud. :)

C.M. Ellis



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