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Woodville                 by: Gingerfred Man


Chapter One – Sleepless in Secaucus

Forty-year-old Will Riley was depressed. Will knew all about depression because he made his living as a psychologist. The knowledge did not help him. Prozac helped his body chemistry, but it wouldn't change the fact that two years ago this week, his wife and mother had been killed in a head-on crash with a drunk driver.

The day had started out so well for his dear love Mary and his mother Helen. Unlike the stereotypical mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship, they were good friends. They did things together. They were on their way back from an elegant lunch when death met up with them.

Will and his father, 63-year-old Joseph Riley, coped as well as they could after the loss of two of the world's finest women. Joseph retired early from his computer software career and moved in with Will and his grandson, 16-year-old Robbie. His gardening and carpentry hobbies became time fillers. The garden was lush and the house was filled with furniture. But Joseph was also depressed.

Young Robbie was depressed too, but for a different reason. He loved his mom and grandma very much and cried for a month after their deaths. But the young are resilient. What was bothering Robbie was the fact that he had yet to engage in a sex act with anyone other than himself. And even that was getting old.

Everyone told Will and Joseph that they should find nice women and rebuild their lives. But they weren't ready and didn't feel as if they ever would be. Besides, no women in this polluted northern New Jersey town interested them and they weren't about to go looking.

Robbie, of course, was looking hard but was not finding. He had been dating a reasonably cute girl named Staci, who even wore a skirt once on one of their dates. The rest of the time it was jeans and sweatshirts.

The first time Robbie had attempted to get into Staci's hot little panties, she told him that it was the wrong time of the month. The second time, it was not a romantic time of day. The third, she wanted to "talk about their relationship," which they did until she found something about it that proved he wasn't worthy to dip his wick in a goddess' pleasure pit. He knew he was done for when Staci asked him, "Do you know what your problem is?" That's the sentence that spells doom for all dating or married males.

Robbie wasn't sure he was going to die a virgin, but the tunnel of his future looked dark indeed.

The sad part was that all three Riley men were very attractive physically, with handsome faces, fit bodies and female-pleasing cock-size. Will and Joseph were pursued by, but not interested in a number of women. Robbie, who had lowered his standards several times, remained luckless.

Something had to change.


Chapter Two – Opportunity

"I'm telling you Will, this is right for you," said Harry Allen, Will's psychologist colleague via telephone. "I can't believe you're getting such an opportunity."

"I don't think moving my family out West to some isolated community is any great shakes," Will said. "Who gave you this idea again?"

"Debbie Curtis. You've heard of Dr. Curtis. She's our colleague who wrote all that stuff about gender confusion and gender dysphoria. I met her at that convention in Cleveland last week and told her about you. She's meeting you for lunch today."

"Why does she want me to move Dad, Robbie and me to that small town, Woodville, is it?"

"That's the name. I told her about you and what happened to Mary and your Mom. I didn't betray any confidences, Buddy, but I did tell her that you and Joe are hanging on by a Prozac string. She's a sweet, good person who is swamped with work. The town needs another psychologist. It pays well. And a change is what you and Joe need. Robbie would love it there. Fresh mountain air. Lots of kids his age. What do you say?"

"I say I'll have lunch with her, but that's it."

"OK. That's a start. You'll be impressed. See ya." And he rang off.

Will said to himself, "No way."

A bit later, he finished with his 11 a.m. patient and walked out to his waiting room to see if Dr. Curtis was about.

The greatest shock of Will's life was the fatal accident. The second greatest was the sight of Dr. Debbie Curtis.

She oozed sex. That was the only verb he could think of when he tried to reconstruct the scene in his mind later. She was dressed in a demure navy blue business suit, but it didn't have a chance to make her look like a conservative businesswoman. She was beyond voluptuous. Large, ripe breasts strained her taxed brassiere. A five-star, world-class, blue-ribbon ass promised incredible, unspoken naughty delights. A thin waist that a man could almost reach around with his two hands. Long, delicate fingers that ended in red, lacquered nails. Shapely, black-stockinged legs that made a man wonder about the warm, moist area above the thighs. Four-inch-heeled, navy-blue, fuck-me pumps. And that thirty-something face! Beyond beautiful into a new realm, with gorgeous make-up and luscious eyes, piercing a man's heart with desire. Framed by long, honey-blond hair that was pinned up, but ached for release. A delicate, sexy perfume that seemed to come naturally from her body.

"Are you all right, Dr. Riley?" she asked, in the voice of an angel.

Will pulled himself back from his first sexual fantasy in two years. "Yes. Sorry. I was lost in space there. Dr. Curtis?"

"Yes. I know what you mean. I daydream sometimes too. It's wonderful to meet you," she said and extended her soft hand.

Will took her hand to shake and got an immediate stiffie. He turned beet red. If he didn't get himself together soon, this incredible beauty was going to think he was the world's biggest dork. "Pleased to meet you too. Please call me Will. Harry told me about you, but he didn't prepare me for your beauty." Did I really just say that? I am a dork, he thought.

Debbie actually gave him a little "Aw, shucks" look and said "That's very kind, thank you. Please call me Debbie. I know your next patient is probably at one, so we had better hurry to lunch."

Will agreed and escorted Debbie the two blocks to his regular sandwich shop. Along the way they chatted about her week in Cleveland and her trip from the west. People they met stared openly. Debbie was truly a traffic stopper. It was a wonder she could walk in those heels, but she did so easily. Of course they caused her delicious butt to stick out and wiggle invitingly. She seemed oblivious of the effect on others.

They ate a light lunch and discussed the town of Woodville, its amenities and its need for another psychologist. This psychologist.

"Why me?" Will asked.

"You're an excellent practitioner. I've read your publications and agree with your ideas. And Harry told me about your tragedy. I'm very sorry. A truly new start may be wonderful medicine for you and your family. You seem like such a good person. You deserve a better life. Oh, look at the time. I didn't get to tell you very much and I'm going home tomorrow."

Will blurted out, "Are you free for dinner tonight?"

Debbie smiled and ignited the restaurant. "That would be wonderful. My hotel at seven?"

"Lovely," Will said.


Chapter Three – Back in the Saddle

Will raced home after his last patient to get ready for his "business meeting" with Dr. Curtis. He scrubbed every pore, shaved closely, used industrial-strength mouthwash, and shined his shoes. As he was putting on his best suit over his best shirt and tie, his son asked him, "What's up, Dad?"

"Just a business meeting, Robbie."

"I don't ever recall you wearing that musk aftershave to a business meeting. Do you have a date?" Robbie was hoping that the answer was yes.

"Unfortunately no, but she's very attractive."

That'll do for now, Robbie thought. "Well good luck, Dad. We won't wait up."

Will thanked Robbie and drove to Debbie's hotel. Nervously, he knocked on her room door. When it opened, his knees buckled. Forget that sloppy, messy woofer he took to lunch. This was a looker. Debbie's blond mane was down. Her eyes were done for the evening. Her five-inch heels made her six feet tall. Her little black dress must have weighed 12 ounces. It was tight to the hips, with a short, flouncy skirt. Her legs cried, stroke me. And she was smiling as if she had won the lottery.

"Right on time," she said and kissed him on the cheek. Inappropriate for a business meeting perhaps, but horribly exciting. He was literally afraid that he was going to cream in his boxers.

Will escorted Debbie to his car and they went to dinner at a fine local seafood place. They chatted easily and this time, both seemed oblivious to the open-mouth gawking and dropping things around them. Debbie skillfully wove in the benefits of Woodville. Will wondered what her pussy looked like.

Will took Debbie back to the hotel at around 9:30 and escorted her to her door. Awkward moment. "Do I kiss her?" he wondered.

Debbie prolonged the suspense. "I have a high school yearbook and some information on our senior programs that I want you to give Robbie and Joseph.. Can you come in for a moment? "

Panting internally, "Sure."

"I'll just be a minute," she said. "They're in the bathroom. Just have a seat while I find them and take care of nature."

Will sat down. "Am I ready for this?" he asked himself. "There's probably no 'this' to be ready for." He waited eight minutes, and then he heard the toilet flush. One minute later the door opened and paradise stepped out.

Debbie had the yearbook and the senior material all right, but along the way she had lost her dress, her slip and her bra. Will caught his breath. Her nipples were brown and enormous. Her titties were the most luscious he had ever seen. She was wearing a garter belt! He stood. She held out her arms and dropped the Woodville books. They kissed. He quivered with pleasure and fear. She held him.

"I know it's been a long time, Will. It's all right. Please take your clothes off."

As he did, he said, "Two years. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. You're brilliant. You're sweet. You're funny. What the heck are you doing with me?"

"Too many questions. Not enough kissing." She rubbed her nipples against his hairy chest. It was her turn to quiver with lust.

"Sit on the end of the bed here, Will. That's it." She stood in front of him and he kissed and licked her nipples. "Oh, that's very nice, Will. Please do this one too. Ohhhh." She shuddered and appeared to orgasm into her pretty black panties.

Will thought, "The most beautiful woman on earth cums when I kiss her titties? I hope I don't wake up soon."

But Will was awake.

Debbie bent over to kiss him with open, hungry mouth. Then she slipped to her knees, locked eyes with him and engulfed his stiff cock with her wet mouth.

Will's every pore tingled. The most beautiful woman in the world was on her knees, sucking his cock. "I thought I knew what sex was," he thought. "I'll have to make up a new name for this."

Debbie rolled her tongue around the fat head of Will's cock. She smiled at him and said. "Is this good?"

"It's beyond perfect," he said, and smiled back. "You're not going to stop are you?"

Debbie giggled. Will's heart ached with love. "There's no stopping us tonight, Will," she said and resumed her lascivious task.

Leaving his cock for a moment, Debbie hefted his balls in her hand. "These are big and heavy," she said. "Are they full of juice for me tonight?"

"Two years worth, Sweetie."

That heart-melting giggle again. Then she gave Will's balls a thorough, frothy bath.

Considering that he was having the best sex of his life, Will had the strangest thought – Bill Ward. Will was always a fan of the artist who drew fantastic, sensuous, large-busted women who wore tight dresses, stockings and garter belts. When Will was a boy, he would look at Ward's cartoons in Sex to Sexty magazines and wack his little weenie raw. Dr. Debbie Curtis was the closest live woman he ever met who looks like a Ward woman! Wow!

Dr. Curtis abandoned the scrotum and resumed her oral stimulation of Dr. Riley’s glans.

Will heard someone moaning, and then realized that it was he.

No human could endure Debbie Curtis' talented tongue for long. Will warned her, "Debbie, I'm almost there." Debbie smiled and sucked harder. Will felt a wrenching pull in his stomach and balls. His long-neglected prick exploded with a two-year load of goo. Thick, greasy ropes of cum hit the back of Debbie's throat. She tried to swallow it all, but it would have filled a milk carton. The cum dribbled out of both sides of Debbie's gorgeous mouth, over her chin, and onto her sweet titties. Will let out a whoop of joy and tears filled his eyes.

Debbie looked up at Will. She was drenched in his sploogee. She gave him a big cummy smile and pouted her lips for a kiss.

"Do I kiss someone who's covered with my yucky cum?" Will asked himself. "I'm there," he answered himself.

Will drew Debbie back on the bed and they wrestled passionately and kissed lovingly.

"Will, Honey"

This is when she tells me she's going into the convent tomorrow, Will thought. "Yes, Debbie?"

"Please fuck me now."

She's saving the convent news for later, he thought. "I may have to wait a few minutes, Sweetie, considering that half my body fluids just ran down you chin."

Debbie giggled. "I want the other half. I have some bad news and good news. The bad news is that it's the wrong time of month for me."

Will thought of a Dan Jenkins line attributed to his character Billy Clyde Puckett: "I'll swim in the Red River. I just won't drink from it." A bit crude, but it expressed his ideas on the matter.

"The good news?" he asked.

"My asshole is all yours," she said in a little-girl voice.

Kill me now, Lord, he thought. I've seen the Promised Land. No, wait until I've fucked her ass.

Will was honest with Debbie. "I've never done that. Won't it hurt you?"

"A myth. It only hurts if you do it wrong. I'll show you how. But, Will…I didn't expect to do anything like this, so I don't have any lubricant."

Will dreaded ever leaving the room, but asked, "Should I go get some?"

Little-girl voice again. "I was hoping you could, you know, lick me back there to lubricate and relax me."

And the hits just keep on coming. Lick Debbie's delicious asshole. Tongue her poopchute. Wow! "Sure. I would love to do that. Should I lie on my back and you reverse over me?"

"Mmmm. That sounds wonderful. I'll just roll my panties down in the back. Please don't touch me in the front. That's too yucky for me."

Debbie eased her ass down over Will's eager face. To keep his excitement high, she gently sucked his flaccid cock.

Will contemplated Debbie's incredible, smooth, creamy ass. Two silken globes of pleasure framing a puckered, little, red and brown starfish. Without preliminary, Will dug his tongue up her hole. She yipped and said, "Easy, Honey. The race is to the slow." Then she sucked his hardening prick some more.

What was I doing? Will thought. That was rude, but it tasted like ambrosia. All soap and sweat and musk.

He kissed and licked her globes. Then he gently, but insistently tongued Debbie's heinie hole. Debbie moaned softly and said, "That's nice, Sweetie."

After ten minutes of this, Debbie stopped sucking Will's cock and said. "I'm ready, Will and so are you."

Oh the joy! Debbie got on her stomach and raised her derriere, wiggling it provocatively. "I can't hit a moving target, Honey," Will joked. She held still. He placed his cockhead at the entrance. Debbie purred and relaxed her sphincter as much as she could. He eased the head in, popping it past the protective ring. His cock was in the tightest, warmest nest it had ever been in. He knew that his dear departed Mary was in heaven now wishing him joy and love, so he had no guilt in his pleasure.

Debbie gasped and squealed softly. "Please give it all to me, Will," she begged. Will complied, sinking his entire battleship. "Oooh! That's wonderful. Please pump it. Don't stop. So good. Ahhhhhhhh." And Debbie came again.

Will was good for about five glorious minutes more. Then his balls seized up and he bathed Debbie's galaxy-class ass with the rest of his bodily fluids. His toes curled. His nipples erected. He felt the orgasm up to his eyebrows. As he was lost in pleasure, Debbie came a wonderful third time.

They sank onto their backs, kissing and embracing hungrily. Could Will, after the best ten hours of his life, be in love?

"I hope you'll decide to move to Woodville, Will. I don't know what I would do if you didn't."

Will's spirits sank a little. "I'll have to talk to my family," he said.

"Maybe that literature we came into the room to get before we made love would help. It's something that son Robbie and Grandpa Joseph would find interesting, I think. Now kiss my titties again. They're lonely."

At midnight, Will reluctantly said he had to go home. Debbie had a 7 a.m. flight in the morning and she needed some sleep. He dressed. They kissed. And he floated home.

When Will left, the first thing Debbie did was remove her panties. "Three big cummy messes in there," she thought. "It's a good thing I wore my sanitary pad over my SmoothPanties or I would have leaked cum and the secret would have been out too early.

"I'm sorry I had to be so manipulative, seeking out Will's friend Harry Allen on the first day of that convention and fucking his brains out for a week in exchange for an introduction and his silence about my little secret. We didn't even attend one session. He's not my type, though. Too bossy and sure of himself."

Debbie drew out her long, slim cock from its painful confinement in the patented, concealing panties. "The next time Will and I make love, he'll see everything I've got," she thought. "I want to convince him first. Then let him know everything. He's a wonderful man. A fine lover, an excellent psychologist and a decent, family man. We need him in Woodville. I need him in Woodville."

Debbie set her alarm for 5 a.m., slipped on her short, pretty nightie, and fell off to sleep.


Chapter Four – Consulting the Family

Joseph Riley stirred awake at 6 a.m. the next morning. He heard some thumping and banging downstairs. He put on his robe and stepped out in the hallway to investigate. Robbie was already there. "What's happening, Grandpa? Where's Dad?"

They went downstairs and discovered that Dad was the source of the noise. He was cleaning out closets and filling boxes. "What are you doing, son?" Joseph asked.

"We're moving," he said. It was a brief and direct consultation on the issue.

"What?!" Joseph and Robbie said in unison.

"To Woodville. Out west. It's time. I want a life again."

Joseph asked, "What about your practice? What about the house? Wait a minute. You got laid, last night. That's it."

Will stopped his frantic activity for a moment. "Dad. Robbie's here. Hello!"

Robbie smiled. "That's OK, Dad. I'm happy for you. But why do we have to move?"

Will pointed. "On the dining room table, Robbie. Dad, on the kitchen table."

Robbie picked up the Woodville High School yearbook for the class just graduated. He thumbed through it as his grandfather considered a Woodville "Over-50" publication.

Each page of the yearbook was filled with pictures of Woodville high school kids. Waist-up shots of every individual in the high school (142 in all) were mixed with shots of teams, clubs and events. The point Will was trying to make to Robbie was an easy one. The girls in the book were all prettier or slightly less pretty than Debbie Curtis. Like Debbie, they also had mammoth mammaries. Then Robbie did the math. There were 85 girls and only 57 guys, all of whom were pretty ordinary looking. If he couldn't get laid there, he couldn't get laid.

Joseph was reaching a similar conclusion about the senior material. There were 64 pages in the senior brochure. Each was a shot of happy Woodville over-50s, individually and in groups. Every one of the women was a knockout and dressed to thrill. They were gray, all right, but their huge boobs hardly sagged. And they were beautiful. They outnumbered the guys by about three to two, he imagined. And the guys were just average in appearance. If he couldn't get laid there, he couldn't get laid with $200 in his hand in Times Square.

"I'm in," Robbie said.

"Me too," Joseph agreed.


Chapter Five – Welcome to Woodville

One month later, the Riley caravan arrived in Woodville. They drove two cars 3,156 miles each, sharing the driving among them. It took five days and the last was the most difficult. Woodville was very isolated. It was four hours from an Interstate and six hours from anything you would call a real airport. The mountain roads were best driven in daylight. But they arrived safely on the 15th of August, one week before school was to start.

Through Debbie, they had purchased a home. The Secaucus home was under contract. Will sold his patient list to a colleague.

Will's patients were supportive of his move. They had seen his depression, recognized its impact and were happy he was coming out of it.

The family's household goods had already arrived at the new home and Debbie and some neighbors had supervised the delivery. What wonderful people!

Debbie had helped Will hang out his shingle and had already sent some business his way. What an easy move!

As they entered town, Will was driving the lead car with Robbie at shotgun. Joseph trailed alone.

It was a warm day, but not hot; around 80 degrees, so they rolled the windows down as they drove 35 mph through town. Gorgeous women of all ages, some escorted by average-looking men, were everywhere. They were all in lovely summer dresses and heels. Most were wearing stockings. None were wearing pants or pantyhose. The women waved to the Rileys as they drove in. When the Rileys stopped at a light, two heart-stopping women in their twenties walked over to the car, smiled sweetly and said, "You must be the Rileys. Debbie Curtis told us about you. We're Patty and Katie. Welcome to Woodville."

Robbie was almost fainting with hormones.

"Thank you, Patty, Katie," Will said. "We're very happy to be here. We'll see you."

As they drove off, Robbie asked, "Dad, where are we? Is this the Twilight Zone? This is the greatest place on earth!"

"Calm down, son. You'll pass out."

But the feminine assault on the male senses continued as they ran a gauntlet of pulchritude until they reached their new home.

They pulled in the driveway and gawked at the house. It was magnificent. It had cost half of their New Jersey home and was huge. Hurrying inside, they found their furniture artfully arranged and things put away. Robbie called down from upstairs. "Dad, each of our bedrooms has a bath, with a big tub and a double shower."

Will, who now measured his life in two phases – before and after Debbie – was almost not surprised. Everything had gone right since that night.

"I'm calling Debbie to thank her," Will said. And he did. She had an "it's nothing" tone, but he knew it had been hard work. Debbie did disappoint him, however, when she said she had a group session tonight and they couldn't have fun until tomorrow night.

"You need the time to settle your family. I'll see you at your new office at 8:30," Debbie said. "Kissie kiss."

Of course she was right. There was much to do and hey all needed a good night's sleep.


Chapter Six – Rob's Luckiest Day

On the first full day in Woodville, the Riley men had breakfast together at 8 a.m. Will asked Robbie to cut the grass and trim the hedges. He asked Joseph to get some groceries. Then Will went off to work.

Robbie got dressed and went outside to look the yard over. Pretty big, he thought and the grass was high. He started his work by cutting the hedges all around the house. Then he started the lawnmower. It was hot work, so he removed his shirt. As he was finishing the last bag of clippings, he heard a soft, feminine voice call. "You look hot. Would you like some lemonade?"

He wiped the sweat off his face with his shirt and looked up at the source of the offer. He stepped back from the force of the beauty that faced him. She was around his age, maybe a year younger. She had short, black hair, unbelievably beautiful eyes and the face of the angel of the year. But the body! She was wearing the briefest of bikinis and the bikini was losing its battle to cover her secrets.

"Hi," the smooth young man said. "I'm Rob Riley." No "Robbie" stuff around the future mother of his children.

"I know. I'm Heather Anderson. We live next door and we have a pool. That's why I'm in a suit. Would you like to jump in and cool off?"

Robbie's heart sank. "We just moved in and I can't find my suit yet. I'm sorry."

"That's OK," Heather said. "Come on over anyway and we'll figure something out."

Robbie's heart rose. "I didn't see a pool."

"It's tucked away and private. That's why you shouldn't worry about the suit."

Could this be the day? Could Heather be the one? "Great," Robbie said. "Let's go."

The pool was under trees and private. "Are your parents home, Heather? I mean, I don't want to upset them or anything."

"Nothing we do will upset them unless we burn the house down, Rob. This is Woodville."


"You look so hot in those shorts, Rob. Let me take them off."

"I can do it." Robbie shyly removed his shorts and underpants, hiding his package from Heather by jumping in the pool.

Heather took her top off. "Does that make you more comfortable?"

Mamma mia! Her titties were astounding. Plump and juicy, with big, dark nipples. Robbie couldn't help but stare.

"Do you like my titties?" Heather asked in a little-girl voice.

"You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met in my life. Heather," Rob said. And he meant it.

"Hop up on the side of the pool there and let me get to know you better." Robbie did so

Robbie's wiener was standing at full attention. Still in the water, Heather reached up and stroked his cock. "How does that feel?"


"Am I your first girl, Rob? Be honest."

Rob gulped. "Yes," he admitted.

"It's all right, Honey. I know what the world is like outside of Woodville. I've been out of here lots of times to Las Vegas and Disney World and New York. I know women outside don't always treat their men right. But we do here in Woodville." And she engulfed his long cock with her soft lips and wet mouth.

Oooohh, Robbie thought. I didn't know it would be this good.

Heather was giving Robbie your basic four-star blowjob, with a few side dishes, like a ball bath and a good tonguing of the pee-hole. That surprised Robbie and was the final impetus for blowing 16 years worth of boygoo on Heather's sweet face.

"Oh Heather, I'm sorry," Robbie said as he saw her looking at him through a mask of cum.

"I wanted to give you pleasure and as long as you liked it and no one was hurt, why apologize? I can wash it off in the pool or you can lick it off my face."

Robbie decided he must be a pervert because he eagerly selected option B. He jumped in the pool and held Heather, kissing her face, her mouth and her stupendous bosoms. Then he realized he should ask Heather for the opportunity to satisfy her in like fashion. Little did he know how "like" it would be.

"Heather, can I do something like that for you now?"

"I thought you would never ask," she said, and hopped onto the side of the pool. She shimmied off her bikini panties and out popped a meaty, six-inch cock, red and ready.

Robbie's heart stopped. He stared at the cock. He stared at Heather. What should he do?

Heather realized her mistake. "Rob, I'm sorry. Didn't anyone tell you?"

"Tell me what?" he asked while still staring at Heather's best friend.

"Everyone in this town has a cock!"


Chapter Seven – Huh?

Robbie finally managed to speak to Heather. "What?"

"We were all born males. Here's what happened. You saw how remote we are. When this town was founded it was so remote that we couldn't get women to live here. One day, a young psychologist names Jefferson Wood came to town. It had long been suspected that all men were part woman. We know that to be true today, because all women have XX chromosomes and all men are XY. So even the most macho man in the world is half woman. Men try to suppress it, but that female side jumps up some times."

"You mean like gays?"

"Not really. I mean men who want to live like women. Who want to be women. At least part of the time. Haven't you ever wanted to suck a friend's cock or try on a nightgown? "

Robbie didn't answer, but his expression spoke volumes.

"I thought so," Heather said. Anyway, the female side is just below the surface. Sometimes we're Ginger. Sometimes we're Fred. I've chosen to live my life as Ginger."

"What do you mean, 'chosen'?"

"Let me get back to that. Dr, Wood convinced the men in this town that the lack of women was a strength if they followed his theories. He did some psychological testing and found that around half the men would be convincing, happy women. Faced with a bad alternative, the townspeople, all born males, began to live as a community of both women and men."

"Wasn't it difficult on the new women?"

"Things were rough at first. It took a couple of generations for the women to feel like women. And there was no sophisticated surgery or chemicals like we have today."

"How did they reproduce?"

"That was dicey too. They started by adopting orphan boys from other towns. Later they used surrogates. Today they use gene-splicing techniques and paid surrogates, so my mom and dad are really my mom and dad."

"Wow! But you're all so beautiful!"

"Thank you. Yes we are. We're the best in the world at male-to-female surgery and chemicals. As long as we're going to be women, we want to be knock-outs."

"You are. You are. How did you 'choose' to be a girl?"

"No one picks their gender until their thirteenth birthday. Until then, we have a boy and a girl name and we decide each day whether we want to go to school as a girl or a boy."

"Sounds confusing."

"We were all used to it. It was a wonderful childhood, filled with the best of both genders."

"So why did you choose to be a girl? I'm thanking God, of course that you did."

"You're sweet. I felt a much stronger tug from the girl side. It's more difficult because of all the surgery and pharmaceuticals, but I love it. Can't you tell?"

"Just one more question and then I'll suck your cock until you squeal. Why are there more girls than boys in this town?"

"We're not sure. Being a boy is great too and there are always beautiful girls eager to fuck you here. But it's just more fun to be a girl, I guess. Now how about that squealing?"

"OK," Robbie said. "Can you help me? I'm new at this?"

"As Lauren Bacall said to Bogie, just put your lips together and suck."

She hopped up on the side of the pool and Robbie gave a very promising first effort. Heather squealed and screamed softly. No need to scare the neighbors.

"Would you like to take a nice shower with me and then fuck me a few times?" Heather asked.

Has a question such as this ever been answered in the negative?

Their naked shower was a delight. Having sucked Heather's cock, the ice was broken and he kissed and licked every part of her delicious body. They dried each other off and, giggling, ran to Heather's bedroom. Heather handed Rob some vaginal jelly and asked him to apply it in her hole. Rob asked if licking first would help. Heather was surprised and delighted to allow him that.

Heather lay naked on her tummy and titties on the bed. Rob massaged her shoulders and kissed her back. Then he kissed the soft, silken skin of her ass. She mmm-ed and oooh-ed appreciatively. When he made his way to her little rosebud, he was worried about the taste, but it was clean and delicious. He licked and she squirmed and wiggled with lust, pushing back at his tongue for more.

"You're very good, Honey," Heather said.

Rob's chest rose with pride. So did his cock.

"I'm ready if you are, my Robbie-poo."


Rob aimed his weapon at the tight, red target. His lifelong condition was about to change. Should he make a speech? Should he sing a song? Naaah.

He pushed past the tight, but wet sphincter. "I'm in," he thought. "Are you OK, Heather-poo?" he asked.

"Oh yes. Give me the rest. It's heavenly."

Rob gave her the rest. She felt stuffed and needed to poop. Bad. Calm down and that feeling goes away, her mother had told her. She did. He had such a big cock for Woodville. She wiggled her sweet ass and clenched his cock. "If I turn my head, will you kiss me, Sweetie?"

"With great pleasure," Rob said. He kissed her as he pumped her luscious butt. Then he reached around and lovingly fondled her foreskin.

After a few minutes of paradise, Heather whispered to Rob. "I want you to fill me with your seed now, Rob. Give me your juice in my tight hole. Cum for me now."

Amazingly, Rob did. He had never been happier in his life. If this is life without pussy, I'll take it, he thought.


Chapter Eight – Library Science

Joseph Riley had gotten off to a good start. H e made a list of garden and carpentry items he needed, and made a food list. He left the house around 9:30 and was back with his purchases around 1 p.m.

He wanted his grandson to help him unload and put things away, but the young guy was nowhere to be seen. "Probably checking out some of the quiff around town," Joseph thought. "I wish I could join him, but I haven't even had an erection since dear Helen died. Although I sure came close a few times today. Those women are spectacular. And it's all ages. Even mine."

Joseph put things away, ate a sandwich, and considered his next move. He decided that he needed a library card. He loved books and he was always in the library for them. He called the library for directions and a sweet lady named Nora Declerc gave them to him.

Joseph arrived at the library, walked in, and was greeted pleasantly by Nora, the librarian. Anywhere else in America Nora would be mobbed by lusty guys 20 years her junior. She was a dish as Joseph would say. No, she was an eight-piece place setting. In gold. Gorgeous face, boobs, butt. Graying hair that showed her 55 years, but didn't scream it. Killer legs in black stockings and very high heels. Oh my. Was Joseph's long-lost friend standing at attention? It was.

"My name is Joseph Riley. I just moved here and I like to read. Could I please apply for a library card. I spoke to you on the phone. You were so nice." He was babbling.

Nora smiled. His heart lurched. "Yes, Mr. Riley. I know who you are. Welcome to Woodville."

"Thank you, Ms. Declerc."

"It's miss; and please call me Nora."

"I will. I'm Joseph. Or Joe. You have a very nice collection here for a town of 10,000 people."

Nora loved talking about the collection. "Thank you. This is a very intelligent bunch here. You know that we have a major software company in town as well as veterinary research. Our young people leave and get wonderful educations. But they almost all come back."

"Why is that?"

"I guess it's something about our town that people like."

"Well, I sure like it, Nora. I'm learning my way around."

Nora made a bold move. "I could help show you."

"I would love that, Nora. What time do you usually get off work? "

"That's up to me. Today we close at 4:17."

Joseph looked at his watch. "That's now."

"What a coincidence," Nora said.

"Would you like to go for coffee or something?"

"Could we take a walk and then have dinner?"

"I would love that. I'll just leave a message for my son and grandson that I won't be home until nine or so."

"Maybe you should make it more open-ended than that," Nora said and Joseph thought he saw the hint of a wink.

"Wow," Joseph thought.

Nora and Joseph walked and chattered like old friends. Joseph couldn't imagine how she could walk so easily in those heels. In two hours, he had seen the major points of the town and felt he knew his way. They were standing outside a very nice-looking Italian place called Luigi's. He asked Nora if it was OK for dinner. It was and they had an excellent meal.

At 8 p.m. Joseph walked Nora to her home. She was only a ten-minute walk from the Riley's.

"I had a wonderful evening, Nora. The best by far since my wife died. Please tell me I can see you again."

"How about seeing me again right now," Nora asked. "Come in for a while."

Joseph didn't want to ruin everything by being too forward, but he didn't want to turn her down either. "Thank you. I will," he said.

"Coffee? Tea? A beer?" Nora asked. "Or how about water?"

"Water would be fine, thank you." She wiggled off into the kitchen for the water and sat down next to Joseph on the couch. He could smell her perfume and her sweet feminine scent.

"Take this with your water, Joseph," she said and handed him a little purple chip.

"What is it, Nora?"

"It's Viagra, Joe. I don't want you to have performance anxiety when you make love to me. It won't work for an hour though. Would you like to kiss me for a while?"

Joseph was a grown-up and he knew when to follow a winning streak. "Nothing would please me more, Sweetheart," he said.

They kissed sweetly for several delightful minutes. Nora was getting very excited. "Would you like to kiss my titties, now, Honey?"

"Very much. Shall we get more comfortable?"

Nora took Joseph's hand and led him to her bedroom. She removed her skirt, slip and blouse. Oh my, Joseph said to himself. She's wearing a garter belt. His peter was ahead of Viagra's schedule. Nora unhooked her bra and two luscious puppies fell out.

Joseph's mouth actually watered. Jenny Johnson's boobies in college were close, but these are bigger and prettier.

Nora trembled a little and Joseph asked what was wrong. "I have to show you something. Please keep an open mind and think big picture."

What could it be? Was his dream date doomed? Certainly not.

Nora rolled down her panties seductively. Joseph could see her trimmed pubes, then Nora's cockhead appeared.

Whoa! That is different. But interesting. And she's the most exciting woman I've ever been with. I wonder how you suck one of those things. Guess I'll find out tonight.

"Is that what you were worried about? Nora, I could never dislike any part of you. You're my dream woman in every way. Every way."

Nora sniffled with relief. "Don't you want to hear about the reason why all the women in this town have cocks?"

"Not now, Honey. I think something big just came up. Can I lube you back there?"

"I happen to have some lube right here. Oooh. Nice fingers. You rascal. Not fair massaging the prostate. I'm horny enough. I know I'm not hard, but I could be if I took Viagra. Talking too much. Oh, you are a naughty boy, Joseph. Very naughty. Nice massage. Very niiiiiiiccccceeeee."

Nora's soft prickie oozed girlie goo on her powdered tummy and her pretty garter belt. Joseph was very pleased with himself, very interested in the rest of the evening and, for the first time in two years, the rest of his life.

"That was very nice, Sweetie. I made a big cummy mess on my tummy. Would you like to fuck me now?"

"That would be lovely. On your back? "

"Sure, Joseph. You've done this before, haven't you?"

"My Helen loved a good ass-fucking. It's a lost art, though. I don't think my son ever did it."

That's not what Debbie Curtis says, she thought.

Joseph propped Nora's back with pillows. He kissed her mouth, neck and titties for a good ten minutes. Then, when she was begging him to, he entered her. Was it Viagra or was it Riley? Who cares? He stayed hard for an hour, fucking her twice without withdrawing. Nora got hard herself as Joseph twiddled her foreskin. Then she came like she meant it. Twice.

Nora was breathing heavily. "Stay with me tonight," she asked him.

"I don't think I can do all that again," he said.

"I don't care. I just want your body next to me."

"Only a fool would turn down that offer. Kiss me, Nora."

At 10 p.m. Joseph called Robbie and told him he wouldn't be home tonight. "All right, Grandpa! Dad called and he got lucky too. I guess it's just me at home tonight." (And Heather, he thought, as soon as I call her.)

Heather streaked over to his bed when Rob invited her. She was even more gorgeous in her short nightie and high-heeled bedroom slippers than she was in her bikini. I like it here, Robbie thought.


Chapter Nine – Debbie Does Will

That morning had started off well for Will. Debbie was in his new office at the appointed 8:30 and she kissed him with hunger and passion. Too bad, she had a patient in her office at 9. Between kisses, they were saying, "Missed you" and "Wonderful to see you."

They arranged to meet for dinner at Debbie's at seven.

Will spent the day getting things in his office the way he liked them. His first patient was due at 9 a.m. the next day.

At five, he went home and got ready for his date. No one was home. I guess they're busy, he thought.

Debbie said casual tonight, so he was wearing khakis and a knit shirt. His heart was full of love and anticipation.

Meanwhile, Debbie was getting herself ready for a big night. She would have to introduce Will to Little Debbie (who was definitely not a snack cake) tonight and he was hoping that he would be all right with things as they were.

She was wearing tan stockings, a white garter belt, white, bikini SmoothPanties, a lovely blue print sundress and white strappy heels. Her blond hair was down and it framed her beauty like a halo.

Debbie was conflicted about Will. She was falling in love with him, but her community had sent her to bring back suitable men who were confirmed in their manhood. If she and Will were to be a couple, it would appear that she was skimming the best man for herself. In a community with a serious man shortage, that would be unfavorably viewed.

But he was such a good man and a fine lover. One good and bad side effect of the chemicals making Woodville women so sexy was the randiness it produced in them. They were gorgeous women with a sex drive greater than men. And men were in short supply. Bringing in the Rileys was a first step in a program to improve things.

As Sergeant Rock of the comic books always said, "Nothing's ever easy in Easy Company."

Debbie checked herself out in the mirror. She knew she was only an average beauty in Woodville, but she was pleased with how she looked that night. She sat down to wait nervously for Will.

The doorbell rang promptly at seven. Smiling, radiant, sexy Debbie greeted Will. They kissed. She said, "I have dinner ready," but she wasn't hungry for food.

Will asked, "Can it wait?"

Debbie said, "Till Hell freezes over. Get those pants off and follow me to the bedroom."

Will complied with the welcome order.

Debbie thought, "All that effort to get ready and now I have to shuck it all and get on my back. Goodie!"

Will got naked as Debbie removed her dress. He moved to kiss her mouth and titties. She liked that a lot.

"Will, Honey," she said. "I have to tell you something."

Oh no, Will thought. There's a convent here too? He stopped kissing her and said, "What is it, Sugar?"

"Actually, I have to show you something. Please don't be angry with me."

How could I be angry with you, he thought. Then he said it.

Debbie timidly peeled her panties. So far, so good, Will thought. Does she have a tattoo that says "Spike?" Oh my, Will thought. I didn't expect that big thing all right.

Will looked at Debbie's long, limp schlong. Then he looked at Debbie. His heart broke because she was sniffling and trembling with fear. He moved to hold her in his arms. "Debbie, my love. Please don't be afraid. I never want you to be afraid of me or anything, ever."

"Oh, Will," Debbie said. "You're wonderful!"

They fell on the bed, kissing and cuddling. Will even stroked her sweet foreskin. "It's kind of nice that you have something extra, you know," he said. "How did it happen?"

Debbie told him everything.

Will's first thought was, "Wow. With those odds, I'll bet Dad and Robbie are getting their tires rotated right now." He was right.

Will had questions:

--Did you target my family specifically for this move? Yes. We thought you needed us and we needed you.

--Do you like it when I do this to your foreskin? --Mmmmm.

--Are there post-gender-selection issues that I'll need to deal with for my patients? ---There are. We're going to have to spend a lot of time together discussing them.

--So we can't be exclusive? What does that mean? --I want you all to myself, but we should only see each other three nights a week. The other four nights I would expect you to have your ashes hauled elsewhere.

--Really? Are there any XX women in this town at all? --(Angrily)Well, if you want that sort of thing, you can just cross the tracks and drive 50 miles south. Hmmph.

--That's not what I meant. It was a professional question. I'm a Woodville man forever now. –Oh. Well, that's wonderful.

--Do you like your prostate massaged like this? Oh I see you do. Is it difficult for you to get an erection and to eject sperm? --The young ones can do both very easily. At my age, erections are more rare, but I can cum very easily without one.

--Well you have one now. Would it be OK if I licked it? --Mmmmmm.

"That's very, very nice Will. Have you ever licked a cock before?"

"I had a small circle of lads with whom I enjoyed that mutual pleasure when I was eleven or twelve. At thirteen we stopped."

"That's the rub, Will. At thirteen, our bodies are changing. In Woodville, it's when we make the biggest decision of our lives – boy or girl. And it's permanent."

"What will happen if I keep doing this, Debbie?"

"I think you know, Honey.


Chapter Ten -- The Next Morning

The Rileys gathered for breakfast at 8 a.m.

Will and Joseph had spent the night elsewhere.

Robbie had smuggled Heather back to her house scant minutes before they came home. Heather kissed him goodbye in a way that made his little friend, despite a very busy night, say hello.

"Bye, Robbie. I had a great night. My little bottom is so sore from your big dick that I'll be thinking about you every time I sit today." Kiss. Kiss. "I can feel your little cummies dribbling out of my butt. They feel great." Kiss. Hug. "We can't be exclusive yet, but call me anytime."

She is incredible, Robbie thought. But I wonder what's out there for today.

At breakfast, Robbie spoke first. "So did everyone enjoy his evening? Hmmmm?"

Joseph and Will smiled. "Well I know I did," Joseph said. "I met a wonderful woman. I fucked her ass and sucked her cock."

"So did I," Robbie said. And they all laughed. "Dad, what about you?"

"Cocksuckers three, I guess," Will said. And they compared notes about their evenings.


Chapter Eleven – First Patient


Will's first patient was Holly Tanz. She was a gorgeous 14-year-old girl dressed to give 40-year-old psychologists heart failure.

Most patients sit in a chair, but Holly wanted to lie on the couch. Her mini-skirt rode up to her stocking tops. Was that an erection Will saw tenting up her pretty skirt? I thought she was supposed to wear that SmoothPanties thing that Debbie told me about. Maybe that's only around the uninitiated. Man was I initiated last night. Is she saying something?

"I'm sorry, Holly. What did you say?"

"I said I'm glad you brought your family to Woodville. This town needs some fresh cock. I mean blood."

"Thank you. Now tell me about yourself."

"Well, I'm 14, so I've only been a permanent girl for a little over a year."

"Do you like being a girl?"

"Oh yes. I love getting dressed up and watching the boys looking at my titties and trying to look up my skirt."

"Are things all right in your life?"

"Yeah, well sort of."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't get laid enough. I mean I have this permanent itch for cock up my tight butt, but there just aren't enough guys, you know?"

"Um-hmm. What do you mean, enough?"

"Well, I only have maybe four dates a week. And if I get fucked twice on each one, I'm lucky. Isn't that terrible?

"Do you think it's terrible?"

"Yeah. Do you have a girl friend here yet?" Miniskirt rising another inch. Batting of eyes.

"Holly, there are laws against what you're suggesting in every country where toothpaste is used. Now let's talk about you. Are you happy?"

"Pretty much. Especially when a good-looking guy is plowing my poopchute."

"You're not shy, are you Holly?"

"What do you think, Dr. Riley?"

"I think our time is up. I'll walk you out."

In the lobby of the office, Robbie was sitting holding a lunch bag. "Dad," he said. "I think you for.. Hello!" he said to Holly.

Holly giggled softly and bit her knuckle shyly. "You must be Robbie Riley. I'm Holly Tanz."

"Very nice to meet you, Holly. You look thirsty. Can I buy you a Coke?"

"That would be super!" Giggle. Batting of eyes. Miniskirt up a notch.

"Bye, Dad." Eyes locked on Holly.

"Bye, Rob. Uh, Rob."

"Yeah, Dad."

"My lunch?"

"Sorry, Dad. Here it is."

He'll be fucking her within the hour, Will thought. Lucky guy!


Chapter Twelve -- Patience

Robbie and Holly walked away hand-in-hand, passing an elegant, lovely lady of 60 or so summers who was coming in to be Will's next patient.

She's not well-preserved, he thought. She's still in the mega-babe category. I'd better greet her. "Mrs. Alexander, welcome."

"So nice to meet you, Dr. Curtis. Please call me Michelle."

" I will, thank you, Michelle. Please have a seat."

Michelle told Will about her life. She was widowed a year ago. Two grown kids, a girl and a boy, living in Woodville. Three grandchildren. Will thought it sounded great.

"So why are you here, Michelle?"

"I haven't been laid since my husband died. I'm very randy. I'm hoping you can talk me off the ledge."

Will thought, man, talk about a common ailment?

"Why is that so important to you, Michelle?"

"I like sex. Always have. And I'm very good at it. It kept Fred close to home for 37 years. He always called me Hoover in private because I'm a world-class cocksucker."

Will saw a whole new field of therapy here. Screwing away the cares of horny women.

"How about you, doctor. Don't I look good to you?"

"You look great to me, Michelle, but you're my patient. I have to stand by my ethics."

"Too bad. Well you’re a good psychologist, so I'll be back."

"Thank you." As Will escorted Michelle out, Joseph was sitting in the lobby. "You forgot your lunch, son. Here it is. Oh, hello. I'm Joseph Riley."

Michelle giggled softly and bit her knuckle shyly. "I'm Michelle Alexander."

"Very nice to meet you, Michelle. You look thirsty. Can I buy you a Coke?"

"That would be super!" Giggle. Batting of eyes. Skirt up a notch.

"Bye, son." Eyes locked on Michelle.

Joseph looked back and said, "Enjoy your lunch."

Will watched them go. He looked in the bag. It was an old, folded T-shirt and a note that said, "Good boy, that Robbie. He called me when he saw the spectacular older babe go into your office."

How am I supposed to make any money when those two horny toads keep curing my patients?


Chapter Thirteen – Alone Again – Almost

As the workday ended for Will, it occurred to him that his son and father would either not be home or would be upstairs in their rooms administering screaming orgasms to Will's patients. Good therapy, indeed.

Debbie said people would talk if she made him the happiest man on earth two nights in a row. So he was alone. He walked out to his car, unsure of what he would do. That ended quickly.

"Yoo-hoo, Dr. Riley. Remember us? Patty and Katie? We met you yesterday as you were driving into town?"

Will remembered all right. The two twenty-something mega-babes could not be forgotten.

"I could never forget two beautiful ladies."

Giggle. Titter. "We were wondering if you would like to have a cocktail with us to welcome you to Woodville?"

"I would love that. When are you free?"

The girls looked at each other and giggled again. "How about now?"

I love this town. "Great. I'll follow you."

Twenty minutes later the three were naked on Patty's king-sized bed. Patty had Will's fat cockhead in her mouth and her cheeks were plumped like a chipmunk. Will thought she was stupendous-looking before, but with his cock in her mouth…Oy! Will was licking Katie's asshole and it was delicious. She was making little girlie squeals of pleasure and each one almost made him want to cum in Patty's mouth. This was Will's first group since his boy pals when he was twelve and he was enjoying it a lot.

"Stop a minute, please, Patty. Now that I have Katie's pretty pucker all licked up, I want to fuck her with it. Is that all right?"

"Can I suck Katie's poopie off your cock while she eats my tushie. Then you'll fuck me with your big new stiffie?"

"Good negotiating skills, Patty. Is that OK with you, Katie?"

"If it means you put that big rammer up me now, I'll agree to anything."

"We have a deal."

Katie whimpered with lust as Will's weapon pierced her pooper. She had a fine erection of her own, which Patty noticed and put her soft lips around. Katie's eyes rolled back in ecstasy. Will was happy to spread joy. And his seed.

Will's fat cockhead rubbed against Katie's tender prostate. She cried out. "Aaaaah!"

Will stopped. "Did I hurt you? "

"No. It's terrific. Best ever. Please keep fucking me."

Will was happy to comply. Patty stopped sucking Katie and moved up to kiss her while wanking her foreskin.

Katie mumbled against Patty's mouth. "So good. So Ooooooh." And she came buckets into Patty's soft hand. Patty stuck her tongue down Katie's throat. Will stepped up the penile prostate massage. Katie shuddered and came again. This time with very little goo discharged, but the orgasm was more powerful. Her perfect ass clenched on Will's cock. He surrendered his load to her sweet innards. His 40-year-old body still worked pretty well, he thought.

Katie was crying and hugging Will and Patty. "That was the best, you guys. Thank you so much. Can we do it again now?"

"There are two of you and I'm almost twice your age. But I'll try." And he began to lick Patty's scrumptious asshole. Katie sucked his limp noodle and made it all stiff again. Patty mumbled something about that not being the agreement, until she got several meaty inches of conciliation. Katie sucked and kissed Patty. Will fucked Patty until she was weeping with joy and coming all over the nice, clean sheets.

And this was supposed to be an off night.


Chapter Fourteen – The second full day

Will dragged himself home from his debilitating adventure with Patty and Katie at about six a.m.

He walked upstairs and heard screaming in stereo. Evidently, Joseph was plowing Michelle in his room and Holly was getting a good fucking from Robbie in his room. Or did they trade during the night? Or did they find some more women? He was too confused and tired. He said to himself that from now on it would be Patty or Katie. Not both. Unless they asked really nicely.

Will asked himself, had he lost control of his son? Not really. Robbie is a good kid who does well in school, goes to Mass on Sunday and pays attention and does his housework. He has girls lined up around the block to suck his cock. As someone who just came home from Patty and Katie, who am I to judge?

Will cleaned himself up and sat at the breakfast table with the Woodville Gazette. Not a bad paper. Thoughtful. At 8 a.m., he was joined at the table with one "Hi Dad" one "Hi Son" and two "Good Morning, Dr. Rileys."

Rob was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He had his arm around 14-year-old Holly, who was wearing the shortest, sheerest blue nightie in the world. When she walked, you could clearly see her balls and her cockhead. By Will's reckoning they looked red and well-used. You could also, if you were looking and a pervert, see Holly's sweet little butthole with what appeared to be eight ounces of Robbie's cum running down both of her sleek thighs.

Joseph had a major smile on his face. He was wearing a robe tied at the waist. Michelle, surely listed by Guinness as the world's sexiest woman over 50, let alone 60, was wearing a long, black peignoir set. Her huge, firm boobs were straining the material and she had a very satisfied look about her. She was also giggling like a schoolgirl every time she looked at Joseph.

"Your father is a very funny man," Dr. Riley. "He told me about your t-shirt lunch. So, how do you like our little town so far?"

"Why would a man ever leave?" Will asked.

Robbie must have goosed Holly because she yelped and smacked him playfully. Or maybe she was remembering the seven times the youthful stud made her come buckets. "Dr. Riley," she said, "I'm like happier and stuff now, but I'm still really horny, so I'll tell my Mom and Dad that I'll need to keep coming to you for therapy."

"Me too," Michelle said. "I enjoyed our session yesterday and I have a long life to tell you about. And maybe more life on the way, eh, Joseph. Ooohh, Stop that, you naughty boy. Would you excuse Joseph and me everyone? I think we forgot something upstairs."

"Yeah, Dad. I think Holly and I did too."

"Bye, everyone. Have a nice day and don't burn the house down."

Will had a date scheduled for that night with Debbie. Despite his dalliance with Patty and Kathie, he was very excited. Love is more than sex, he said to himself. But sex helps love a lot.


Chapter Fifteen – Four weeks later.

Time was passing most pleasantly for the Rileys. Will was getting a real feel for his practice and the kinds of issues his patients faced. His love for Debbie Curtis was growing exponentially, even as he was spending every other night with Patty (spectacular), Katie (stupendous) or both (life-threatening).

He was particularly intrigued with Alan/Maria, a 12-year-old who had not selected a gender yet. Some days Alan showed for therapy, but most days it was Maria. It appeared that the Maria side was becoming dominant as selection day loomed on a March birthday six months off.

Maria was a cutie, even though everything she had was original equipment and she had taken no female-enhancement pharmaceuticals. She had a pretty face and a slim, boob-free body. She was propped up on Will's couch wearing a pretty pink dress over tan stockings and pink strappy heels. Her face was made up and she looked like the sweetest little doll. Will could see the outline of the snaps of her garter belt against her skirts. Her fingernails and toenails were painted pink and she was wearing gold-hoop earrings. Her brown hair was in two ponytails on either side of her head.

"I like coming here, Dr. Riley. I think that you're helping me understand myself really well"

"Thank you, Maria. I was a little concerned that I would be helping you with a decision I never needed to make. But Dr. Curtis suggested that I could be more objective that way."

"She's right. You're great. Well, it happened. You know my best friend, Ronnie, I told you about? Who is also Melissa? Well we've been friends forever. I mean Melissa and me and Ronnie and Alan. Never mixed, you know. Each day we would decide who we would be the next day so we could hang out. Well three days ago, it was a girl day for us and I dressed up really pretty. But Ronnie showed up instead of Melissa.

"I asked Ronnie why he was in school instead of Melissa and all he said was that Ronnie really wanted to spend some time with Maria! Well, I didn't know what to make of that, but after school he asked if I could stop by his house and we could talk. We had never really talked as Ronnie and Maria, so I said OK.

"Well, we got in the house, he closed the door and asked me up to his room. His Mom and Dad were working and wouldn't be home for two hours or so. I had been to his room many times, both as Alan and Maria, so I thought nothing of it. Until he kissed me. And stuck his tongue down my throat. And pulled my panties down.

"Doctor Riley, I'm sorry, but this story is getting me excited. Could you give me some relief please?"

The concept of "relief" was important in Woodville. Doctors, dentists, especially income-tax accountants, were expected to masturbate their clients and patients on request to relieve anxieties. Will liked the idea and had become very adept at it with his patients. Psychologists in the rest of the world kept a Kleenex box for tears. In Woodville it was lubricant and towels.

"Thank you Doctor Riley. Mmmmm. That's very nice. Anyway. Ronnie was all over me telling me he loved me and has always loved me and stuff. So what was I to do? I kissed him back and helped him peel off my pretty panties."

"Had you and Ronnie ever had sexual contact before?"

"I never had any with anyone, except relief once in awhile from Daddy and Mother. And you. Oh! Where did you learn that? I think I'll stop talking for a minute and just enjoy…Ohh. That's good…Mmmmm." Ropes of greasy goo leaped from Maria's pretty little pink prickie. Will caught it on a towel he had placed on her tummy, so her darling dress was safe.

"That was heavenly, Dr. Riley. Thank you. Now where was I? Oh yes, my panties were down, like now, and Ronnie was sucking my little weenie and cupping my pink balls in his hand. He was very good at it and I got very excited. In just a couple of minutes I gave Ronnie a big mouthful of girlie-goo. His eyes got wide and he swallowed it all! He told me that he had wanted to do that for at least two years. Some nights he cried himself to sleep because he loved me and couldn't tell me."

"How did that make you feel?"

"I was sorry for him, but I was excited too. I liked cumming in his mouth and I wanted to see what we were doing next."

"What was that?"

"He said he wanted to fuck me!"

"How did that make you feel?"


"Horny. I asked him to undress. I had never seen his cock and was I surprised. It was big and red and hard, with a nice fat head. I wanted it up my keyster all right and soon."

"Is that what happened?"

"Oh yes. Dr. Riley, could you please do a little more of what you were doing? It's very relaxing. Oooohh. Are you sure you're new at this? Anyway, when I saw Ronnie's whopper, all the girlie in me came out at once. He was standing. I took off my dress and got down on my stockinged knees. It just seemed right, so I did it. I licked the head of his big, hard, wet, red cock. Dr. Riley, I think I'm going to be naughty again. Oh my!" Splurt. Splurt. Splurt.

"Are you OK, Maria?"

"Now I am. Thank you. Thinking about sucking Ronnie's cock makes me all girlie and stuff. I love sex. Don't you Dr, Riley? Anyway, Ronnie's big cock head was all shiny from my licking and it was spitting out some salty, gooey stuff. It tasted good to me, though. Ronnie was really happy. I mean his eyes were wet and he was looking at me with what I think was love. Do you think it was love?"

"Do you think it was love, Maria?"

"Maybe. He said the word a lot. I loved hearing that he loves me. I kept licking and sucking and then I did something very naughty. I licked my fingers and stuck two of them up his butt. Maybe I had read about that or something, but he sure liked it. His legs quivered when I did it and the next thing you knew, I was getting a big load of Ronnie's tasty cum, right on my pretty face. It was hot and sticky, but I liked it a lot. Could I just get one more bit of relief, Dr. Riley? Oh, thank you. You're better at that than anyone so far.

"Well, what to do? I mean, I couldn't go home with cum on my face, could I? So I said, 'Ronnie Jamison, what are you going to do about the big cummy mess you just made on your girlfriend's face?' He gave me this huge smile and said, 'Girlfriend. I love to hear you say that!' Then he brought me to my feet and kissed me. Right through the cum. It didn't feel yucky or anything, but then he was kind enough to lick it all off me. He told me that I had never been prettier in my life than when I had that big load of his cum on my face."

"Then what happened?"

"That feels great, Dr. Riley. Please keep doing it. I couldn't make girlie-goo three times in 50 minutes, could I? You must think I just come here for the relief. Well, I like it a lot. Ronnie and I got on the bed and kissed. He sucked my little puffy nipples. In a town of all these monster boobs, Ronnie loved me enough to suck my little nippies. Could I have a Kleenex, Dr. Riley. Not for the cum, for my eyes. I'm all misty. Thank you. The sucking felt great. Being a girl just got to be a lot better and more attractive. He kissed me all over my body. I liked when he kissed my inner thighs right above my stocking tops. It was….Ohhh. Number three coming!" Goo all over.

"I think our time is up, we can pick up the story next time, but I think I know what happened."

"What? Oh, I'm sorry. I was just getting on the bus back from Heaven. You are one great psychologist, Dr. Riley. I've never felt so good."

"Thank you, Maria. Will it be you next time or Alan."

"I think Alan's heading for retirement, Dr. Riley."

"All right, then have a good week."

Maria kissed him lightly on the lips. "Thanks for everything."

She's twelve, Riley. She's twelve.


Chapter Sixteen – Schooling

Like everyone else in this world, Robbie Riley wanted what he didn't have.

He had Holly and Heather and he loved them both. They were great people and fabulous fucks. Robbie had gotten plenty of offers from his classmates and he gave them all hope that he would accept all the invitations eventually. He hoped he could do that. But for some reason, he wanted Kelly, a girl who showed no interest in him.

Kelly was the prettiest girl in a school filled with outrageous beauties. She had long, naturally blonde hair that was full of pretty curls. Her big blue eyes danced with intelligence and merriment. She had the requisite Woodville bombshell body, but she seemed to carry it better than anyone. A little extra wiggle. A bit more personality. Bigger, moister lips. She was yummy!

She didn't know that Robbie Riley was alive. Or so he thought.

Robbie went to the guy's rulebook on how to make girls notice you and decided to start acting like a goofball around her. Tried and true and always wrong.

Robbie's classroom antics may not have drawn Kelly's attention but his homeroom teacher, Miss Carlson, saw everything. "Mr. Riley, please join me for detention today after school. I have some jobs for you that may calm down this fooling around a bit."

Robbie was crushed. He had promised Heather he would fuck her brains out this afternoon. Now he would have to wait until after he did his homework – around 9:30 or so. Miss Carlson was being fair, he knew, but he still didn't like it. She was a good teacher and she sure was pretty. She was in her mid-thirties and very feminine, in a strong way.

Dutifully, he reported to Miss Carlson at 3 p.m. "I'm sorry, ma'am. You're right. I shouldn't have acted so disruptive. What can I do to help you?"

Miss Carlson was pleased that the young man was appearing to learn his lesson. "That's good Robbie. Sit down. I want to speak to you. You're too old for this. Why were you doing it?"

"It's Kelly, ma'am. I was trying to get her to notice me."

Ah, testosterone and chest-thumping. "And did she?"

"No. I guess not."

"Why do you want her to notice you?"

Robbie blushed. "Well, she's awfully pretty."

"There are a lot of pretty girls in this school, Robbie. I understand that you've been entertaining Heather and Holly since you arrived in Woodville. Aren't they enough for you?"

"I'm young. I want to see what I can see."

"Is that what you want to do with Kelly? See her?"

Robbie gulped. "No, ma'am."

"What would you like to do with Kelly?"

"I'd like to fuck her, Miss Carlson." He expected Miss Carlson to be shocked. Instead, she seemed pleased.

"Honesty is a good thing. Let me give you some perspective. Girls don't like goofballs. They like two kinds of guys. The kind who treat them badly, ignore them or beat them or get them pregnant and abandon them. Those are the most popular guys to young girls. I don't think that's you, Robbie."

"Gosh no, Miss Carlson."

"Some like the sensitive kind who understand their needs, listen to them and treat them really well. Fewer girls like that, but more in Woodville prefer that kind. I know that Kelly is like that. You're at a disadvantage with Kelly because you were never a girl and don't know much about their thoughts or needs. Every other young man in this town has that advantage."

"I have a big cock."

"Good. That levels out the playing field somewhat. But you're going to have to become more sensitive. Let's role play. I'll be Kelly and you be yourself. Go ahead."

"OK. Hi, Kelly."


"I'm Robbie Riley. I just moved here from New Jersey with my Dad and Grandpa. We live on Maple Street. I…"

"STOP. Cut the role play a minute. What was wrong with that speech?"

Robbie thought. "It was all about me, not her."

"That's right. Let's try again. Hi"

"I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself to you. I'm Robbie Riley."

"I know."

"You have a wonderful town here. Do you like it?

"It's OK."

"Have you traveled much?"

"A lot. I like to travel. Last year we went to San Francisco on vacation."

"I like San Francisco too. Did you ride the cable cars?"

"Weren't they great? We went to Fisherman's Wharf too."

"I'll bet they loved you in San Francisco. You had to be the prettiest girl there."

"Really?" Simulated blush.

"Really. Sometimes I miss things in class because I'm staring at your beautiful face."

"Robbie Riley, you flatterer. Tell me more."

"I think a lot about kissing you. Your lips are so delicious-looking. Can I taste them?"

Shy look. Little-girl voice. "OK."

And Robbie startled himself and Miss Carlson by taking the role play to the next level, kissing her expertly on her red, pouty lips.

This was not in the program, Miss Carlson thought, but she was helping a student, wasn't she?

The next thing she knew, she was on her back on her desk. Her fellow actor had tugged her skimpy panties down and was skillfully sucking her pink cockie. "What are you doing, you naughty boy? Wait. Don't answer. Just keep doing it. We shouldn't be doing this, Robbie. What are you doing with those two fingers? Don't touch that. It's too sensi…….Ooooh. That's very nice. Very ni…" And Miss Carlson lost her first of many loads that afternoon into Robbie's eager mouth.

At that point, Robbie decided that homeroom was going to be his favorite subject. He was standing by the desk. He pulled out his weapon and greased it with some lubricant that he now carried 24/7. He put some on the invading fingers. Miss Carlson was very ready, so he entered her. She cooed, groaned and giggled.

Maybe he is one of those bad boys, she thought. She could only hope.


Chapter Seventeen – Practice

Debbie, Robbie and Dad were still the center of Will's life. He was frustrated that he and Debbie could only date three times a week for appearances sake. But the dates were blissful. Not only were they sexually famished for each other each time they met. They shared a profession and respected each other's abilities.

Walking to Debbie's after an excellent dinner at Luigi's, Debbie and Will were talking about Alan/Maria. Maria had given them permission to confer so no confidences were compromised.

"She's a sweet girl, Debbie, but I worry that she's coming on to me."

"An occupational hazard, Honey. Do you give her relief during therapy?"

"I relieved her three times at the last session. Then she kissed me on the lips when she thanked me."

"How did that make you feel?"

"Like a pervert. It excited me."

"Once again, I'm impressed with your honesty. I wouldn't worry about it going too far. Things are different here. Maria's parents want her to have a lot of experience before she and Alan make the big decision. That includes fucking with perverts like you." Giggle.

"You mean I would be doing a 12-year-old a clinical service by having sex with her?"

"Welcome to Oz. Speaking of sex, how are you going to molest me this evening?"

"We're at your door, why don't we go in and find out."

They went in and kissed briefly, but hungrily. Debbie excused herself to get more comfortable.

Will undressed down to his boxers and sat in eager anticipation. Debbie emerged from the bathroom wearing a knee-length, white cotton nightgown, white cotton panties. and white thigh-high stockings. Her hair was held back in two barrettes and her only make-up was pink lipstick. She looked like a teenager. A gorgeous, huge-titted teenager.

"Maybe this will prepare you for Maria, you dirty old man."

Will laughed out loud. "You are amazing. Come sit on my lap, little girl."

"OK." Giggle. "Mister, you're not wearing any pants."

"You're very observant, little girl. And you're very pretty."

"Thanks, mister."

"Do the boys like you, little girl?"

"They like me a lot."

"Why is that"

"Well, they like my big titties. Do you like them?"

"I live for them. Can I touch them?"

"I don't think so. My Mommy told me about men like you."

"What did she say?"

"That you want to kiss us girls and feel our titties and pull our panties down. Then you'll pull out your big, hot, red thingee from your pants and stick it in our tiny little butt holes."

"Your Mommy is a wise woman. Did she say that was bad?"

"She didn't say. So maybe it's all right to do."

"I think so. May I touch your titties now?"

Hesitantly. "OK. That feels good, mister. Maybe you could kiss them too. That's better. I didn't say you could reach under my panties like that. Well, OK, but that's it. Are you sucking my big, stiff, brown nipples now? I thought we agreed…Are those your fingers up my tight little tushie? I think that's e-…. Oh, that feels good when you do that to my prostate, mister. You're a good nipple-licker too. Wait, mister. Something funny is happening in my tummy. Ohhhhh." Debbie squealed and came. "Now look what you did, mister. I made a big cummy mess in my clean white panties."

"You missed your calling as an actress, Honey," Will said. "Hollywood is waiting."

"Thank you. Thank you. I'd like to thank the Academy, my director and my co-star, Will Riley."

"I want to co-star with you for life, Honey. When can we get married?"

"If you still want me, we can get engaged in a year, married six months later. Meanwhile, I want to spread your cum around town. I mean it. I'm concerned about my reputation. Of course you can spread some cum up my hot, tight little bungie right now if you'd like."

Will loved Woodville.


Chapter Eighteen – Another try for Kelly

Robbie decided to take Mrs. Carlson’s good advice and make another try at chatting up his dream babe, Kelly.

"Hi, Kelly!"


"I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself to you. I'm Robbie Riley."

"I know."

"You have a wonderful town here. Do you like it?

"It's OK."

"Have you traveled much?"

"Not really."

"OK, well, have a good day, then."

Robbie remembered how that appeal had gotten him laid in rehearsal. It didn’t seem to be working with Kelly in real life. He wasn’t giving up, but he would need to reevaluate his approach.


Chapter Nineteen – The Rest of Maria's Story

Maria was back for her regular appointment with Will and eager to tell the rest of the story about Ronnie and her. There had, of course been developments.

Maria had just come from school and she was carrying her books against her flat chest. She was wearing a gray miniskirt with black, seamed (!) stockings and three-inch-heeled black pumps, topped by a light, pink sweater. Her hair was down on her shoulders; her lips were red and pouty. She oozed the illegal. Will knew he would be challenged that day, but he was ready. He thought. Then Maria dropped her books.

"Oopsy," she said. "I'm so clumsy." She bent at the waist to pick them up and gave Will a full view of her thighs, her garter belt, her stocking tops, her sheer, pink panties and the delights they barely concealed.

"Where is this in the psychologists' manual?" Will asked himself.

Maria gathered her books and lay on the clinical couch. "I've had a good three days since I saw you last, Dr. Riley."

"That's wonderful, Maria. Please tell me about it."

"I think Ronnie and I are in love. We grew up together, but it was always as girls at the same time or boys. We had a wonderful childhood, Dr. Riley. We had tea parties where we wore party dresses and served cakes to our teddy bears. We played football together and caught frogs. We wore pretty dresses to parties and giggled when the boys tried to look up them to see our panties. And we played soldiers with the other boys. But now he loves me.

"I told you last time, Dr. Riley about how Ronnie had sucked out my girlie-goo, I had sucked Ronnie's cock too and we had exchanged cummy kisses. Well he kissed me all over then and ended up licking my little poopiehole for a good 20 minutes. I never felt anything like that in my life. Without him touching my little friend, I made a big girlie mess. Twice. Then came the time I was dreading and longing for. My little butthole was all wet." Blush. "I knew it would hurt when he put his big, red thingee in me. But I was wrong! It was heavenly. Every second of it. Ronnie was a very considerate and careful lover and he made me weep with love, not pain. I tried to help him enjoy things by gripping his boner with my ass muscles, but mostly I just showed him how much I enjoyed it by moaning, screaming his name, squealing, and begging for more. Guys like that, don't they, Dr. Riley? Ronnie shook all over, drenched my formerly virgin butt with his love-juice, and collapsed onto my back. We kissed and cuddled for an hour. Then I had to go home. We've done it eleven times more in the last three days at parent-approved sleepovers at both our houses. Our parents are delighted that we're finding our genders. Last night I went to sleep nursing on Ronnie's hard cock. He looks a little pale, but he'll recover, don't you think, Dr. Riley? Are you all right?"

"Yes, thank you, Maria. How did that make you feel?"

"Better than you, I think. Growing up, when I was a naughty girl, my Daddy would pull down my panties and spank me. Not hard, but I cried very badly. He would always feel bad about it and hug me after. Then he would put some soothing cream on my butt cheeks. Sometimes he would put the cream in a part of my butt he hadn't smacked. It wasn’t sore there, but he made it feel really good. Daddy would get this look about him. That's the look you have right now, Dr. Riley."


"Do you need some relief, Dr. Riley? My parents told me that you and I should give each other relief sometimes. They think it would help my gender development. See, they put it all in this note to you with both their signatures notarized."

Great, Will thought. I can use it as mitigation in the sentencing part of my trial. All these mega-babes in town itching for sex and I’m lusting for this flat-chested twelve-year-old. Innocence is a great aphrodisiac, but am I crazy?

"You did want some relief from me today, didn’t you Dr. Riley? I mean, you never scheduled me for your last appointment of the day before."


"Let me help you. Can I take your trousers off? There they are. Now your shirt. I want to feel that big hairy chest on my little nipples. Oooh! You’ve got a forest of hair there, Dr. Riley. Can I see your goodie package? Does gulp mean yes? OK. Oh, Dr. Riley, it’s beautiful. It’s very hot to my touch. Are you excited? It’s OK, I know what gulp means now. Your balls are so big and heavy. I’ll bet they’re full of hot juice for my little stinky-pit. Your foreskin is so big and fleshy and the cockhead is all fat and gooey. I wonder if it will fit in my little bottom. Would you like to see my bottom, now, Dr. Riley?"

"Yes, thank you, Maria," Will croaked.

Maria removed her skirt and slip and Will peeled down her panties. She was standing there in heels, stockings and garter belt. Her prickie stood out proudly. No jitters from this little girl. She minced over to where he was sitting. Will took her prickie into his wet mouth, closed his eyes and remembered sucking Billy Jacobs’ cock when they were twelve. It was the most exciting thing in his life to that point and he was getting that incredible rush of lust, excitement and danger all over again. Marie was getting a rush of cum, racing up from her balls and down Will’s throat.

"Oh Dr. Riley. Oh. Eeeeeee." She squealed out his name and almost fell off her high heels. After she stopped hyperventilating, she said. "That was wonderful!" and she hugged Will’s neck. She opened her mouth in invitation for a kiss and Will accepted. She moved to his lap. Kissing him hard, she felt for his cock. It responded to the touch of her soft, cherub fingers. Pre-goo was flowing.

"Maria, Honey?


If you keep doing that, I’ll melt in your hand, not in your butt."

"OK. I lubed down there, so I’m all ready." Blush.

"That’s terrific. I’ll just sit in this chair. You face me and ease yourself down on my splitter. It’s bigger than Ronnie’s now, so I don’t want you to……Ooooh. You did that so easily. Are you all in?"

"Oh yes, Dr. Riley. It’s dreamy!"

"Your body was made for love, Honey. May I kiss your little nippies?"


"They’re delicious, Maria. How does my cock feel in your sweet butt?"

"It feels like my butt is your cock’s home. Oooh. Now suck the right one too. Mmmm. What does it feel like to you when I do this with my butt muscles?"

"Wow! It feels life threatening. Where did you learn that?"

"You can learn to do anything from the Internet these days. Oh, Dr. Riley?"

"Yes, Honey?"

"Do you think I’ll be a good girl?"

"I think the world has gained a great female."

"You know just what to say to a girl when your cock is up her butt, don’t you?"

"I think it’s time to let you feel something besides my cock up there. Would you like to feel my hot cum?"

"If you keep twiddling my foreskin like that, we can each cum at the same time. And I think that time is here. Yes it is." Squeak. "Yes it is." Grunt. "Oh, Dr. Riley, my butt is filled with your hot cum. I feel as if I just got an enema. It’s all leaking on my creamy thighs and my stocking tops. Did you enjoy that?"

Kiss. Kiss. Cuddle. "It was as good as it gets, Sweetheart. As good as it gets. Now let’s get on the couch and see what else we can dream up."


Chapter Twenty – Six Months Later

Robbie decided to try again with his dream babe, Kelly.

"Hi, Kelly!"


"It’s nice to see you again, how have you been?"


"Are you enjoying school this year?"

"I guess."

"Do you like movies?"

"Not really"

"OK, well, have a good day, then."



Chapter Twenty-One -- Switcheroo

Woodville was in the cold grip of February, but the Rileys were warm and cozy.

Will was spending the night at Debbie’s. Joseph was at dinner with Nora. Robbie was fucking Holly on the Riley’s dining room table.

Holly was on her back with her long-black-stockinged legs wrapped around Robbie’s waist. He was standing naked, his long cock in her poopchute and she was pushing against him on every thrust to get every millimeter. Her big titties and fat prickie were flopping each time he pushed forward. She was vocally and loudly expressing her appreciation for the good shagging she was getting. They were clearly enjoying their evening.

Just then, Joseph and Nora were walking up the driveway toward the house. They were older, but could hear every moan, whimper and squeal and it was clear that they were about to walk in on a conjugal scene on the dining room table. Oh, goodie, they thought.

"Let’s go in just as Robbie’s about to drop his load," Joseph said. "There comes a point when a man wouldn’t stop fucking if his mother, grandmother and first-grade nun all walked in the room and fainted. That’s the point where we should go in and express shock for them fucking where we eat, OK."

Nora giggled. "You’re such a scamp, Joseph. I can’t wait for you to get me up on that table."

"All in good time, my Sweet. I think we had better go now. I think I just heard Robbie convulse."

Joseph and Nora, sneaked in. It was tougher for her in her four-inch stiletto spikes, bit she pulled it off and they surprised the 16-year-old stud and his 14-year-old coital accomplice. "Robbie! What are you doing on our table? That’s where we eat!"

As predicted, Robbie was compelled to keep pumping, even though Nora shielded her eyes in mock horror. Three strokes later, he gave the audience a great show, spewing his goo and making little Holly yell with joy as she spewed her own all over her powdered tummy and lacy garter belt.

Heavy breathing. "Sorry, Grandpa. The table’s the perfect height and Holly said she couldn’t wait until we walked upstairs. I’ll clean it up."

"You certainly will. Now who’s going to clean up this poor child with cum all over her belly and in her poor sore asshole?"

Nora said, "Why Joseph, I think you should. And I’ll discipline young Robbie."

Wow. Everyone looked at everyone else at that lewd, interesting suggestion. Holly looked at the fit 63-year-old Joseph and said, "Fine with me." Robbie and Joseph agreed.

Double wow. Holly and Joseph went off to his room and locked the door. Nora and Robbie went to Robbie’s room and locked the door. Let the games begin.

Holly stood there dressed only in her black, seamed stockings, lacy, black garter belt and four-inch-heeled, fuck-me pumps. Her big titties were perked up and her large, brown nipples were erect. Her tummy was covered with her own girlie-goo. Her pretty face showed a little fear and apprehension.

As he was stripping to a very nice buff, Joseph asked, "Did my grandson mistreat you, Holly?"

"Oh, no sir. He fucked me very nicely."

"Come sit on my lap and talk to me."

The pretty angel minced over and sat on Joseph’s naked thigh.

"You’re very beautiful, even covered with cum."

Holly blushed. "Thank you Mr. Riley. You look very good too. You have a nice cock and it’s big and hard. May I touch it?"

"I think we need to clean you up first. I don’t want to be diving into my grandson’s goo. That would be sick. Wait here a minute."

He went into the bathroom. Holly heard water running. Four minutes later, he emerged and asked Holly to come in.

The bathrooms in the Riley home were huge. Each bedroom had a private bath with double shower and huge, double tub. Perfect for entertaining.

Joseph was sitting on the commode and beckoned Holly. On a stand was an enema bag, filled with warm water. He asked Holly to put her stomach on his thighs. "Is he going to spank me?" she thought. Ooooohh!

No such luck.

"My grandson violated you and I have to clean you up." He greased up the enema plug and slipped it into her gorgeous ass. He squeezed the bag with his right hand and Holly’s tushie with his left. When Holly felt all filled up. He sat her on his knee again and kissed her, fondling her nipples at the same time. Holly squirmed a little with both hot lust and the full feeling in her bowels. After a while, she was desperate to poop and told Joseph so, thinking he would leave her some privacy. He put her on the commode to poop, but fed her his cock as her bowels evacuated. At first she was uncomfortable about it, but she loved the nasty flavor of what was happening.

When Holly was done pooping, Joseph pulled her to her feet and flushed the toilet. He hugged her, rubbing her titties against his hairy chest. The little girl was very worked up. Then he asked her to get on all fours on the bathroom floor. She did so, but she said, "Mr. Riley, I never got to wipe myself. I’m all poopie back there. We can’t make love like this."

Joseph said, "I know and I agree." He got on his knees and slowly, luxuriously licked out her asshole, poop and all.

Holly had never been so thrilled. It was the single nastiest act of her life and she wanted more. She pushed her ass back for more of his stiff tongue. "Oh, Mr. Riley. You’re such a naughty boy! Keep licking."

Joseph glowed with pride. He was a naughty boy and he had a naughty boy’s big stiffie ready for the pretty teenie. He moved quickly, substituting his cock for his tongue. Joseph had been ass-fucking for 45 years and he knew his business. Holly got the shagging of her young life. She was weeping and telling him what a wonderful fucker he was. As he clipped her prostate for the thirty-second time, Holly’s whole body shook with a gut-wrenching orgasm. She had another on the forty-ninth stroke. Holly’s body was in a cold sweat. On stroke sixty-eight, Joseph filled Holly up with his man-seed. They collapsed in a heap on the floor of the bathroom.

Holly would never be the same again. In the future, she demanded more from her lovers, now that she knew what was possible.

And the night was young.

Meanwhile, in Robbie’s room, Nora had surprised him by stripping down to her black underwear, stockings and heels. When she removed her bra, Robbie gasped. They were the best-looking titties he had ever seen. Fifty-something Nora the librarian was a love babe extraordinaire.

"You need to wash all that sex smell off you," she said. "I’ll start the bath." Nora was in the bathroom, humming to herself, running the warm water and moving towels around. Robbie was peeking in to see what she was doing. When she bent over to turn off the water, Robbie saw a sight all men dream of – Nora’s five-star ass, framed by her fully-fashioned black stockings and garter belt. Her very high heels were making her ass stick out even more invitingly. Robbie was only human. He hoped she had lubed. He slipped up behind her, threw his arms around her and entered her beautiful butt.

Nora had lubed herself before her date. A girl must be prepared. So she accepted Robbie’s tosser fairly easily. But she was startled and fell forward into the big tub. Robbie held on and fell in with her. "You got my hair wet," Nora said. But she quickly added, "Keep doing that. It’s very nice."

Robbie was fairly seated in her tushie and gave her a good underwater going-over. Nora turned her head for some sweet kissing. Robbie massaged her boobies and fondled her stiffie. It was a delightful go.

Nora came first. They laughed as they saw her girlie goo float to the surface of the tub. Robbie told her how beautiful and sexy she was. In appreciation, she used 40 years of ass-muscle experience to take his cock places it had never been. Robbie’s face was contorted with pain, then pleasure, then both, then a lovely, big, big orgasm.

Two rounds for experience. None for youth.

The next morning, dressed in robes, the four randy lovers joined Will for breakfast.

Will was not a morning person but he was alert enough to notice that 14-year-old Holly was sitting on his father’s lap. She was giggling and had her hand inside his robe teasing his foreskin. They were kissing lustily.

Across the room, 55-year-old, super-babe Nora was sitting on Robbie’s lap. They were also kissing and it appeared that Robbie’s splitter had found a path through the robes to Nora’s poopchute. She was bouncing and moaning appreciatively. Sometimes Will felt as if he had come in during the middle of a movie.


Chapter Twenty-Two -- Four months later

School was out and Will and Debbie were getting engaged. They were very much in love and it was time to seal that love. Of course that meant that Will had to be exclusive with Debbie five nights a week. Six when they got married. There has to be some wiggle room in a town of horny, underserved women.

Robbie had enjoyed his school year, but he wished he had more male friends. Most of the guys in his school saw him as a rival. That was pretty dumb, considering that there was more ass than any of them could handle.

The only other regret was that he had never made the smallest gain with Kelly. He tried chatting her up at least 20 times, receiving only minimal answers from her pretty, red, puffy lips.

Why did he want someone so stuck-up? Because she made the world’s prettiest supermodels look plain.

At 10 a.m. on the morning before his Dad’s engagement party, Robbie was alone in the house when the phone rang. "Hello?"



"It’s Kelly."

"Is this a joke?"

"No. It really is me."

Coldly. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, I was hoping that I could come over and we could talk. We’ve never talked."

"I’ve talked. You’ve grunted."

"I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m not a roundheels like most of these girls in Woodville. I only want a guy who pursues me. And I wanted to make sure you would be staying in Woodville. Now that your Dad and Dr. Curtis are getting engaged, I know you’ll stay."

Wow! "That’s great. When would you like to……" The doorbell rang. Twice.

"Excuse me, Kelly. I have to get the…" Robbie opened the door and there she was. Kelly with a cell phone. Kelly dressed like a man’s ultimate fuck dream. Kelly with the long, thick, curly blond hair and radiant blue eyes. Five-foot-ten Kelly wearing strappy, backless, four-inch stiletto heels that made her six-foot-two. Kelly with long legs covered by nude stockings so sheer that you could only tell that she was wearing them if you checked the little webbies between her painted toenails. Kelly in a skin-tight, micro-micro-mini-skirt and tight, sleeveless top. Kelly with the rich, red mouth smiling at you and saying, "May I come in?"


One year ago, Robbie was a virgin. In the past twelve, fuck-filled months, Robbie had grown in maturity and decency. He treated women right and they treated him right. Now, it appeared that he was about to exchange bodily fluids with one of the world’s ten foxiest women. And she happened to have a cock. Which he would never see, if he didn’t stop all this self-reflection. What are we? On a soap opera? Let’s get those panties down and get on your back, he thought. But he said, "Please come in. May I get you a cold drink?"

"Maybe later," Kelly said. "Let’s fuck first."

All rightie, then.

"I have a lovely spot for that just upstairs, with sheets I just changed. After you, my dear."

Kelly walked up the stairs ahead of Robbie. He could see her panties and her thighs above her stockings. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. "See anything you like?"

"It all looks beautiful to me, Kelly."

They entered his room. At six feet, Robbie had to look up to kiss Kelly. She kicked off her heels and they were more even. Kelly was a great kisser and Robbie clearly turned her on. "The Woodville boys are so complacent," she said. "You’re a battler."

The kissing was so good that Robbie would have been happy just with that. Kelly smelled like a field of wildflowers. Robbie pushed her beautiful hair back to kiss her long neck and pink, clamshell ears. Kelly loved the attention. "Robbie," the delicious angel said.

"Yes, Kelly."

"I have to get out of these panties. I had to wear SmoothPanties to get in my miniskirt and my woodie is killing me. Would you peel them off over my garter belt for me?"

"With pleasure, Honey."

Robbie slowly, sensuously relieved Kelly of her pretty, black panties. She breathed a sigh of relief when her pink package popped out: and a sigh of lust when Robbie licked her from her scrotum to her glans. He cupped her balls in his gentle hand and squeezed them fondly. Kelly jumped a bit. Talk about being in control! He released her balls and licked the length of her prickie, stopping at the head. He then put a full court press on the spot where many men hide their brain.

Kelly was very pleased. "You’re taking care of my pleasure before your own. You are one of the good ones."

Kelly squirmed and made little moany sounds that gained in pitch as she shuddered and gave Robbie the sweetest present on earth.

Robbie licked it all up and kissed her softly from her pubis, to her tummy, to her titties. He spent a good half hour admiring those treasures. He was a man with a slow hand. He then moved back to kiss her sweet lips. Robbie took Kelly’s breath away.

"Robbie, honey. I’m all lubed. Would you like to fuck me now?"

"Very much. Please stay on your back. I’ll get on your right side and enter you under your beautiful right leg."

"Mmmmmmm. That’s a good position. Ohhhh. The head is in. It’s all in. That’s nice."

"You’re so beautiful. I’m glad you made me wait."

"Pleasure delayed is pleasure enhanced. Think of all you learned in the past year that you can use to send me to Heaven."

"Does this take you part way, Kelly?"

"Oh, yes, yes. Keep doing that with my foreskin. I can really feel your cock on my prostate in this position. Mmmph."

Kelly talked too much during sex, so Robbie kissed her. And kissed her. She was really enjoying this. Robbie was very happy and very pleased with himself.

Then he felt Kelly suck in her tummy just a smidge and he had her girlie-goo all over his hand. She gave him a heart-melting smile. She kissed him again and said, "Now it’s your turn." Kelly clenched her ass-muscles exactly the right way and sent Robbie to another galaxy.

By the time he got back, the spaceship was fueled for another flight.


Chapter Twenty-three -- Fully engaged

Will and Debbie were going to bed the night of their engagement party, which had been a social smash. Debbie was wearing Will’s favorite nightie, a frilly, pink see-through that was so short you could see parts of Debbie’s goodies dangling from the bottom.

"I love you so much, Will."

"I love you, Debbie. I’m so happy we’ll be spending the rest of our lives together. And in such a wonderful place."

"Woodville is grand. I remember you asking me once how we ever got truckers to deliver things in this isolated spot."

"You said there were legions of truckers eager to visit because the local ladies always entertained them overnight."

"I’m a local lady, Will, but I’ll be entertaining you for life. Do you have any regrets about coming here?"

"Just one. I have male acquaintances, but I don’t really have male friends. They’re different here."

"You’re right. They’re self-satisfied and self-absorbed because they know they can always get laid. It’s good we brought the Rileys in for fresh blood and other bodily fluids. We’re looking for others too, but I’m not involved."

"My family is very happy here. There is one thing I would like to ask for, but I’m kind of ashamed to ask."

"It’s all right, Will. I’m your lady. Ask and you shall receive."

Will shyly whispered his request.

"Ooooh, you naughty boy. I was wondering when you would ask for that. OK, but you’ll have to get me all worked up, first."

"Can do, Honey." Will kissed Debbie lovingly for a long time. He stroked her prickie, but didn’t make her come.

"Would you like to fuck my titties now?" Debbie asked.

"Very much."

Debbie got on her back and Will straddled her shoulders. He lubed her titties with warm baby oil. Mmmmm.

Will put his big, hot prick between her boobs and cupped them over his shaft. Debbie cooed with pleasure. They had done this many times, but it was one of Debbie’s favorites. Each time the cockhead reached the top of her titties, Debbie gave it a little lick. Will was in paradise. His orgasm built, he warned Debbie and she held up her hand to keep the blast from her face. Will let it go and it was a gusher. Debbie gently milked his balls as he came.

Debbie was now sufficiently excited to fulfill Will’s request. She asked him to reverse on top of him. He did. Debbie scooped up Will’s cum from her titties and used it to lube Will’s tight asshole. He moaned with lust.

They switched position. Will was on his stomach with his lubed ass raised high. Debbie got on her knees behind him and entered him slowly with her long, slim prickie. He flinched, then pushed back for more.

Will flashed back to Billy Jacobs fucking Will’s asshole when they were twelve. This was better.

Debbie said, "I’m glad you asked me to do this, Sweetie. It opens up a whole new array of possibilities."

Will ground his ass back at her cock and said, "That’s what Woodville is about. Endless possibilities."



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