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WHC - The Two Faced Politician             by: Jennifer Allison


"Lesley, this your mom."

Lesley recognized her mom's voice. She knew from the tone, there was something wrong.

"Mom, what can I do for you?"

"I think I might need the help of WHC. If I don't, your Aunt Ada will."

"What's the problem?" asked Lesley. Not really wanting to know. Lesley's mom and sister in-law had never really gotten along especially since the death of Lesley's dad fifteen years before.

"I don't think I'll tell you over the phone. Could we come over right away?" asked Mary Smythe. "Your Aunt Ada is here with me."

Lesley knew something was very wrong, when she heard that her mom and aunt were together. "I am free all afternoon. I am just catching up on some paperwork."

"We'll be there in an hour. Could you ask Chris or Sharon to be there? I think we will need their services too."

"No problem, Sharon was just here. I'll catch her before she leaves the parking lot."

"See you in an hour."

An hour later Mary and Ada were ushered into Lesley's office. With just one look at her aunt Lesley knew something was definitely wrong. Lesley remembered her aunt, as someone who hated to have one hair out of place and her clothes had to look like they were just pressed. Lesley could tell that Aunt Ada's hair hadn't been combed in a week, and her clothes looked like they had been slept in.

"Aunt Ada, nice to see you again.

"Thank you Lesley for seeing me on such short notice. I need help and I don't know where to turn. To tell the truth your mom was way down on the list of people I've asked to help, but no one else would even try."

"First things first. Let's sit down and be comfortable. I'll have Melanie bring some tea. Then we can talk. I can't promise you anything, but I will listen.

"I would like the company's private investigator to be here too. This way she hears it from you, not second hand. Don't worry about telling her anything. Sharon and I went to high school together and have been friends for that long."

"Bring her in. If she can help just a little bit it will be worth it."

After the introductions were made.

"Ada how can we help you?" asked Lesley. "Has Mom told you anything about what we do here at the WHC"?"

"All your mom has told me about the WHC, is that you help people that don't have any other place to get help. She didn't tell me how you and your friends help. All she said is if you decide to help, I will be happy with the what you do."

"Right now I can't go into detail on what we do, until we decide we can help.

"What I would like you to do is this. Tell what the problem is. Giving us every detail you can, regardless how small it is. Even a small detail will give us the solution to the problem. Then we will unleash Sharon and her partner Chris. They have a way of finding the truth. After they are done investigating, we will have another meeting. You will be told their findings. Regardless of what they find it will be the truth. We will then tell you if we can help. If we can help we will go into more details on how we will help."

"That is okay with me. As long I know that someone who I can trust is looking into the matter."

"I trust Sharon and Chris with my life," replied Lesley.

"So do I," said Mary.


"Okay, here it is.

"Five days ago your cousin Amy, my only child. Was killed in an auto accident. I don't think it was an accident."

"Why don't you think it was an accident?" asked Sharon.

"Cause of the phone call I received right before she made that last drive. Could you please hold your questions until I am done? I really don't like talking about this."

"No problem, could we record this conversation?"

"Yes, please do."

"What did Amy say, in that phone call."

"I think Sharon should know it all. My Amy and I have been estranged from each other. All thru her teenage years I tried to make her into something she wasn't. When she reached 18 she just got up and left. That was seven years ago. We reconciled upon the death of her father. I reach the conclusion to let her be herself.

"Six months ago I received a letter, telling me she found someone who wanted her for what she was. The only problem was that he was a married man. Not just any married man but one with money and power, a politician whose family claimed that one of their ancestors came across on the Mayflower.

"She told me on that last call, she was pregnant. She said that she was going to go and tell him after she hung up. The accident that killed her was on the way to the man's house. When I tried to find out more information. I was stonewalled.

"It seems the father of my grand child is a very important man. A U.S. Senator to be precise. I found out his name from one of Amy's earlier letters. Senator David Winston. That’s right, David Winston the one who is always on TV preaching about the family and family morals. The one they say is so lily white clean. They say he should be a saint.

"When I tried to pursue the matter of Amy's death, I was told to stop. If I continued something would happen to me.

"I know I am asking for a whole lot. But there is no one else. I know I will be putting you in an awkward position, but please help me."

Sharon looked Ada and said. "I think I can help, at least I know some people who can help look into the matter. They are not afraid the Winstons or of anybody else and they hate David Winston."

For the next hour Sharon asked a lot of questions, sometime repeating a question or two.

At the end of this time Sharon told Ada. " I want you to do exactly what you were told to do, drop the matter and let me find out what I can. I'll have Lesley call you and set up a meeting when we get it all together. I can't promise you'll like what I find, but I will tell you this.

"It will be the truth!"

"Ada, if Sharon finds out that David Winston caused Amy's death. The WHC will help him pay for it. We do things that the law can't do."

With this the meeting broke up.

Ada was getting a little worried. It had been a month since the meeting and she hadn't heard a word from Lesley since then.

The call finally arrived. Ada was on her way to the WHC within minutes after the call.

Both Chris and Sharon were in Lesley's office along with Mary and Lesley.

"Let's go to the conference room. Then Sharon and Chris will make their reports."

As the rest sat down Sharon remained standing. Turning to Ada she said these words. "In both Chris and mine opinion. Amy's death was murder, just plain murder. David Winston might not have done it but he is responsible."

"How is that?" asked Ada.

"Amy didn't need to tell him about her condition, because he already knew, even before Amy did. It seemed that Amy's doctor waited three hours before telling her. He did make a call right after he got the results. It was to the Winston's residence. So it gave some one ample enough time to go and fix Amy's car."

"Did you find out if someone disabled the car?" asked Mary.

"Amy's car had just returned from the mechanics, there was nothing wrong with her car. We also found out that Amy's cell phone was used about the time of the accident. The call was to the Winstons. We figured she survived the accident and made a call for help. Unfortunately she called the Winstons. At the time of the accident the Winstons had a couple of David's friends visiting. It so happens that they are the ones who found the wreck.

"What we think happened, but we can't prove it, is that Amy called the Winstons for help. David's friends then drove to the site of the accident, not to help Amy, but to make sure she died in the accident. There was a cell phone call from the friends to the Winstons. The 911 call reporting the accident wasn't made until ten minutes after the cell phone call."

"You mean the Winstons didn't call 911 when they first received Amy's call?"

"Nope, they waited until the second call."

"You mean they just let her die?"

"That is just our opinion. The only problem is there is no proof," answered Chris.

"There are other rumors about David's indiscretions. The rumor is there had been six other girls that David Winston has made pregnant over the years. Mrs. Winston would allow none of them into the family. They were fixed one way or another. Adoption, abortion, but never was the child allowed to stay with its birth mother."

"That is what might have caused Amy's death. She wanted the baby so much, she would never give it up or kill it. So the Winstons just went and made sure the problem went away." said Ada.

"The funny thing about this is unless David Winston is married to a suitable woman and they have a child before his fortieth birthday, the family will lose everything, according to his late grandfather's will."

"I am so mad I could kill all the Winstons," said Ada.

"I don't think that will help. How about making them pay for Amy's death in a way that they wish David had married the first girl he got in a family way," replied Lesley.

"How would you do that?"

"Let the WHC do its magic."

"I still don't understand how the WHC can help where no one else can. My money or influential friends can't do a thing."

"Let me show you. Right now I have a man who just finished his treatment. His wife and mother are telling him about what the WHC did to him. Would you like to see? I checked with Betty and Millie, no problem there."

Ada couldn't believe her eyes. What she found were three women and a man dressed like a baby girl. She saw one of the women bend down and touch the front of the baby diaper. As she watched she could see the man start to piss. She could see the look of utter shock on the man's face. She then heard these words.

"Sucker Bet. Missy you don't have control over your own bodily functions. Your mother and I control everything in your life now."

Turning towards Lesley, Ada asked. "WHC turns men in to babies?"

"Let's go back to my office.

At Lesley's office she went into more details. "Not just babies. Anything we want. We use hypnosis to make needed changes. We have turned men into babies, she-males, women, women of different races and we changed a woman into an old woman of 80.

"Then with the help of others, we give them whole new lives. We had one man who liked beating up Negroes. So we turned him into a black woman. He now works for another black family as their maid, she also does special favors for her bosses friends in her bedroom."

"How do you get away with it?"

"We are very selective on our choice of clients. Then those we help will also undergo a hypnotic treatment. This is so they won't leak out any information about the WHC."

"What about the cost? It must cost a lot."

"It does but for the last seven we have been in the black. You see the way we work it is, those who can pay for our service and still have a lot left over, will be asked to help others. So when you pay for our service, the next person who needs our help but can't even afford a bus token, will get our help. We have had only one person who refused to pay her bill. She is now the 80 year-old woman I mentioned earlier."

"What happens if I know someone who could use your help. Will I be able to tell them about the WHC?"

"No you won't. The way we work it. You'll notify us of the problem, and then Chris and Sharon will go to work. After they make their report, the Board of Directors will then decide if we help or not. If we can help, we will then contact them. Maybe even with your help. All cases that are reported are checked out. We don't want to do something to someone then find out it was all a mistake. There are some mistakes we can't correct. That is one of the reasons that your case took so long. We wanted to be absolutely sure."

"So what happens now?"

"First I will tell you the plans I have in mind for David Winston, his mother and his two friends who helped him out. If there is anything else you would like to happen, take a couple days to decide. It will take a little while to set everything up."

Lesley then went into the details of the plan for the Winstons.

When Lesley was done, Ada asked. "Can you really do that?"

"Yes we can, with a little help within three months the changes will be made. But I think we should wait at least a year. We need to wait that long so there won't be a problem in what we plan for Mrs. Winston."

"I can wait as long as it takes. I don't want to change one detail. Do everything that you have in mind."

Three weeks later, for some reason or other the Winstons and friends were all in town. Since the Winston and Smythe's were in the same social class, they were invited over to Mary's for an afternoon tea. After the tea they were all delivered to the WHC.

Then David and his friends just spent the night. Martha Winston spent the weekend. The reason for this, was Lesley's plan only called for a few changes. There were some major changes planned for the three men. Their disappearances had to be explained.

Three weeks later, David, Mitch and Todd left for the yearly hunting trip deep in the Canadian wilderness. Nobody ever saw them again. They never made it, but they did make it to the WHC.

Three months later the three men started their new jobs.

The big question on everybody lips for the next year was: 'Where is David Winston."

But no one knew. Or those who did weren't talking. Martha Winston was frantic. She hounded the FBI every day. She yelled at the police every time she turned around. She even threatened the Canadian Mounties with a lawsuit. Trying to find her son, but to no avail. It just seemed the three men dropped off the face of the earth.

That was until a year plus two weeks after the afternoon tea.

That day the Philadelphia Police Department decided to pull a raid on one of the local houses of prostitution.

A very big surprise happened when they ran the girls fingerprints through the computer. It seems that the prints of one of the girls were a perfect match for David Winston. When the girl was asked if she was David Winston. Her reply was. "Before my operation I was David Winston, but now I am Davi Winston."

As the policeman who did the fingerprinting rushed off for his sergeant. A newspaper reporter for one of the local papers rushed to call his editor. This reporter had received a tip from an unknown source that something interesting would be happening at the police station that night. Oh boy did it.

Down the hall this conversation took place.

"Sarge, something funny happened when I ran the fingerprints of those girls we picked up at the house on 14th."

"One of them wanted for murder or something?'

"No! They matched up with a missing person. You want to guess who?"

"Anderson, I don't have time for games with you, just tell me who it is."

"David Winston, the senator that went missing last year."

"You mean he was one of the clients, right?"

"NO! He was one of the girls. She even admitted she was David Winston before her operation."

"Are you sure about this? If you are wrong I will make sure you lose your badge and then make sure you wished your mom had stayed a virgin."

"I am sure. I reprinted her again and ran the print through twice more. They all came back as David Winston's."

"I think I had better call the Captain and asked for his help in handling this pronto. Before the newspapers find out about this."

"Sarge, I am sorry, but the newspapers already know. Or at least one of them knows. Mickey MacGreger just happened to be in the room when I did the finger printing and saw and heard everything. I did also notice as I was coming in here Mickey was heading to one of the pay phones."

"Why did Mickey pick tonight to be here."

"I asked him earlier. He told me he had a tip something interesting was going to happen tonight. I guess it did."

"At least one thing is in our favor. Mickey will listen to reason, and so will his editor. If it had been the other newspaper, the owner hates the Winstons so much, he would put out a special issue just covering this."

"Anderson go grab Mickey before he leaves Headquarters, and then ask him to stay as a personal favor to me, you and the captain. Then very politely asked him to put a hold on this story. I will have the Captain call his editor and asked him to hold the presses too.

"Also move Miss Winston to my office, to get her out of sight, until we decide how to handle this. But get a hold of Mickey first."

"Okay Sarge you can count on me."

"You do know if we mess this up. You and I will driving the meat wagon until they let us retire."

Sergeant O'Malley found his captain in his office. By sheer luck, the Philadelphia Police Commissioner just happened to be sitting there too. The Commissioner had received a call earlier telling him that it might be in his best interest to be at this precinct at this time. After O'Malley finished his story, he was glad he decided to come.

"Is Anderson sure?"

"He did the fingerprints twice, and then ran them through the computer three times. There was no mistake. Then the girl admitted being David Winston."

"I think I had better call Bill Harvey and see if he can stop the story." Commissioner Medwick said, reaching for the phone.

"Bill Harvey please, Commissioner Medwick calling." After a few seconds.

"Hello Lou, I have been expecting your call. Mickey told me what the police found over on the 14th."

"Bill I need to ask you the biggest favor any man could ask another. I Need You to Kill That Story. Can you guess what this story can do the Winstons, the city and the state."

"I can't kill it. Even if the President of the United States calls and asks me too. As you well know The Ledger hates the Winstons so much."

"Is there anything we can do to change your mind? Anything at all," asked Lou.

"I can't kill it. But I can sit on for four hours, only four hours. That is when my first edition hits the streets. That is unless the story breaks and then the deal is off. But I have three conditions."

"What are the conditions?"

"First, I want a photo of the new Miss Winston. Mickey carries a camera in his car. He takes the picture and it is then given to me. I will handle it here. This way only Mickey and I know whom this picture is of. Second, I don't want any pressure put on me by the Winston family. If I hear anything else about dropping this story I will immediately put this story over the wire. Third, I want it understood. I will not be left with pie in my face by your department. If I end up with pie I will put something in the department's face, and it won't smell good."

"Thank You Bill for the 4 hours. Give me a few minutes to think it over. I will give you my answer then."

The Commissioner hung up the phone. Turning towards Captain Parker and Sergeant O'Malley. "How do you suggest we handle this?"

"Give Bill his 4 hours and the picture, and the rest. This way we can get Miss Winston processed through the court and out of here. Then get her on her way home." recommended Ty Parker.

"I don't want the Police further involved in this matter. This could cause us enough problems as it is."

"Sir, if I may suggest something," said O'Malley. "I know a couple honest Private Detectives, who I can trust with my life, and the lives of my wife and kids. They are a couple retired cops. So they know how to keep their mouths shut."

"Get a hold of them, and explain the problem," said the Commissioner. "I am going to call the Mayor and have him make the decision on this. I also think I'll let him call Martha Winston."

"Tony, Lou. I think we have a very big problem."

"What is the problem?" asked Tony the mayor.

"What do you want hear first the good news or the bad."

"Good of course."

"We found David Winston."

"That is great. How could we be in trouble over that?"

"We found him in the house we raided tonight over on 14th."

"You mean he was a client.'

"No, he was one of the girls."


"From what I understand. He had a sex change operation last year and for the last nine months he has been working as a hooker in the house on 14th."

"Are you absolutely sure that this girl is David Winston?"

"We fingerprinted her twice, and ran the prints through the computer three times. She also admits to being David Winston. I also had a policewoman check out just to make sure. There is no mistake, that she is a woman."

"My God, what a mess. I just hope the newspapers don't find out about this."

"At least one of them already knows".

"How did they find out so quick? Do we have a snitch in the department?"

"No snitch, Mickey MacGregor just happened to be there when Miss Winston was identified. As Officer Anderson went to tell his sergeant. Mickey was calling Bill Harvey. I called Bill as soon as I found out about Mickey. I then asked him to kill the story. But he said he couldn't. The story was too big. He said, if the Ledger got the story. It would already be over the wires."

"So how are we going to handle this and the newspaper together."

"As for the newspaper. Bill Harvey gave four hours before he will release the story. On three conditions though."

"What are the conditions?"

"A picture of the new Miss Winston. No pressure from anybody to kill the story. We back-up the story. He tells me if we leave him with pie on his face. We won't like the smell of what he'll throw in ours."

"Have you accepted this offer?'

"Not yet, I asked for a 30 minutes wait."

"Tell Bill we accept his fair offer. As long as there are no police officers in the picture.

"Now how do we handle this."

"Firstly, I think it is best that you call Martha Winston and explain all this to her. While you are doing this, I will rush Miss Winston through night court. Judge Robinson owes me a big favor, which I will call in. I will ask him to just fine Miss Winston, since it is her first offense. It will also be with the condition she leaves Philly immediately. I will provide an escort."

"I don't want any police officers involved in this."

"I was thinking of a couple Private Detectives that Sgt. O'Malley knows. He says they are retired Police Officers and they can be trusted with his life."

"Blaylock and Marken right, I remember them. Good cops, and they can be trusted to keep their mouths shut."


As the Police Commissioner hung up, the mayor took a healthy drink of Johnnie Walker. Dreading the phone call he was about to make.

The phone was answered. "Winston residence, Flora speaking."

"Mrs. Martha Winston, please. Anthony Defazio, the mayor of Philadelphia calling."

"Please hold on a second I'll see if Ms. Martha will take your call. May I ask if this is the mayor or is it someone calling for his honor."

"This is Anthony Defazio. Please tell Ms. Winston it is very important. Time is very urgent."

"I'll tell her."

Within two minutes a voice came on the line. "Hello, this Ms. Winston, how can I help you, your honor."

"I really don't how say this."

"Just say it. You said it was important."

"We found your son David."

"What! Where did you find him? How is he? Where has he been for the last year."

"Are you sitting down? Cause I think you had better be."

"I am sitting down."

"Your son was arrested in a whore house."

"You mean he was he was arrested for visiting a whore house."

"No Ma'am. Your son wasn't arrested for visiting the whore house, he was arrested for being a whore working in the whore house."


"I mean that it seems a year ago your son had a sex change operation. For the last nine months he or should I say she, has been living and working in Philadelphia. That is what she has told one of my police officers."

"Are you 100% sure this is my son, I hope to God, you are wrong."

"We finger printed her twice, and ran the prints through the computer three times. All three times they came up David Winston. When Miss Winston was asked if she was David Winston. Her reply was; 'I was David Winston before my operation, now I am Davi Winston.'"

Taking a couple minutes to calm herself, Martha Winston said.

"I hope to God the newspapers don't find out about this, they will have field day."

"I am sorry to report, they already know. It seems a reporter was tipped off that something interesting was going to happen tonight. He was there in the room and heard your daughter's reply to Officer Anderson's question."

"How are we to handle all this now. I was hoping to sneak my son out of Philly without anybody finding out about this."

"We did get lucky in one respect. The reporter wasn't from the Ledger, or it would have already been over the wire services and on the streets as we speak. Police Commissioner Medwick called the reporter's editor. He can't kill this story. It is too big. But he is willing to sit on it until his paper has to go to the presses. Which will be just under three hours. With a few things thrown in for him. A picture of Miss Winston, no pressure from you or anybody else to kill the story, and the police will have to back up the story when it does run."

"Where does that leave us? David will be still in Philly and I can't do anything about it."

"We can help, unofficially. Here is what we would like to do.'

The mayor went into more details of the plan Lou Medwick put together.

"Do you think this plan will work?'

"I see no trouble from the court perspective. Miss Winston will be fined and released on the condition that she leaves Philadelphia. The two Private Detectives will take her to a place of your choosing."

"Can these Private Detectives be trusted? They could make a bundle of money on this. If they wanted too."

"The two detectives are retired police officers who I trust with my life. I know personally that they will honor this deal regardless if someone offered them ten million dollars, to look the other way."

"I trust your judgment. From what you told me, you'd rather the Philly Police Department have nothing else to do with this matter, am I right?"

"Yes, you are."

"So this what I want. I need a little time to put a couple things together. Why don't you have one of those Private Detectives call me back. Say ninety minutes before the deadline. I will then give him all the details."

"Okay, when they call they will give you their last name, but their first name will be my first name. So you know that you are talking to the right people." The mayor then gave Martha Winston the two names.

"Thanks your Honor for all the trouble you have gone through for me and my son, or I should say daughter."

Ninety minutes later.

"Mrs. Winston, this is Tony Blaylock."
"Hello Mr. Blaylock. Is my daughter there with you?"

"Yes she is. Do you want to talk to her?"

"No, not right now. Is she ready to be picked up?"

"Yes, we just left the courtroom. My partner is paying her fine."

"Good, here is what I want you to do. I want you to go to Treadway's airfield. Do you know the place?"

"Yes I do. I live about a mile from there."

"How long will it take for you to get there?"

"30 - 45 minutes."

"Good, in a half hour or so a Lear jet will land at Treadway's. It will pick up you, your partner and my daughter. Then it will fly to a designated field where you'll be met by someone who will take my daughter off your hands.

"The pilot will stay in the cockpit. I don't want either of you to see each other. So if asked. You can't identify the pilot and he can't identify you. Same at the other field. Follow the instructions given and try not to see who is giving them."

"No problem there. What about our payment."

"How much was the fine and you and your partner's costs. I want to make sure they have enough, when you drop my daughter off."

"$350 fine and $200 a piece for me and Joe."

"$750 will be given to you upon delivery. The money will in cash."

"One thing. If something happens to the jet. I want my daughter out of Philadelphia before the 2 am. If there is a problem please call me at this number and we will make other arrangements."


The plan worked. The plane was waiting for them on the tarmac. As they sat the plane started moving.

They were in the air for only an hour. When the plane started down for a landing.

As the detectives helped their package from the plane a voice was heard.

"Please bring her over to the chair we have waiting. On the chair there is an envelope with the money. There is a little extra as a bonus. All that we ask is that you do something nice for your wives with the bonus."

As Miss Winston sat down. The detectives walked back to the airplane without looking back. But wondering what was going on, but not asking. When the plane was in the air they opened the envelope, and found a thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills.


As the plane left the runway Sharon went over and retrieved Davi Winston, who asked.

"May I ask what is going on? No one will tell me. I am arrested, booked, sent before the judge, then those two gentlemen pay my fine, and now they deposit me in the middle of nowhere."

"Everything will be explained to you in a little while. Why don't you take a nap Davi, take a nap Davi." Immediately Davi Winston went to sleep.

Sharon had a long drive ahead her and she didn't want any trouble from her passenger.


As this was going on, Martha Winston was shutting everything down. She was closing the house and letting all of the household staff go, with two months' wages, to tide them over till they find new jobs. Unbeknownst to Martha, all of them already had new jobs, arranged by the WHC.

As Martha Winston left the house, it was the last time any one them ever saw her again. After the WHC was done with her, none of them would have recognized her if she walked up and said hi.

Three hours later Martha Winston entered the office of the WHC. Davi had arrived ten minutes before.

"Hello, my name is Martha Winston. For some weird reason I had to come here."

"They are expecting you. Go right on in. Your daughter is already here."

"Can you tell me what is going on, miss?"

"You'll find out in a few minutes. Please go in, they are waiting. They have been waiting for over a year."

As Martha entered the room she noticed two women. One standing and one sitting, Martha recognized the one sitting. It was her son David. She could tell it was him regardless of how he looked now as Davi.

"David what did you do to yourself?"

"Mom! I don't know what is happening. The last thing I can remember is leaving with Todd and Mitch for the yearly Canadian hunting trip. Now look at me. I am a woman. I mean all woman, my penis is even gone."

Turning towards Lesley. "Miss, could you please tell me what and the Hell is going on? Why did you do this to my son?"

"I could but I won't. Someone else will do that pleasure. She'll be here in a couple minutes.

"Did you see this morning's paper? I think Davi here looks pretty good."

When Martha Winston saw the newspaper for the first time, she almost fainted.

There were only these words for the headline.

The New Senator David Winston, or Should We Say Davi Winston, Whore

The picture taken by Mickey MacGregor took up the rest of the front page.

Martha Winston noticed the newspaper just happened to be one of those she owned.


At that moment Ada entered the room.

"Martha Winston, do you know who I am?" asked Ada

"We haven't met socially but I have seen your picture. Your Ada Van Slyke."

"That is right. I bet you, you want to know what is going on. Why you are here. Why we did what we did to your son. Then what is going to happen to you."

"Yes I would. What gives you the right to do this to David and to my family."

"I have that right by death. Do you remember a woman name Amy Van."

"Yes I do. She was a friend of David's who died in a auto accident last year."

"It wasn't an accident it was murder. And you, your son and his friends were the ones who murdered her."

"No! NO! NO! There was no murder and you can't prove there was."

"You're right we can't prove it in court. But if you notice this isn't a courtroom. Also we have four signed confessions from you, David, Mitch and Todd.

"We know all about Amy and the accident, and her calling your house for help. Todd and Mitch going to the scene and doing nothing, but letting her die. Then calling you, and then your call to 911 to report the accident."

"That is a bunch of lies. No court in the land will convict me on that evidence."

"That's right, no court would, but with the help of the WHC. You, David, Mitch and Todd will be sentenced to your own little prison where there is no chance of parole."


"It is very simple. Amy Van who you thought was a gold digger looking for her pot of gold. Was my daughter, my only child.

"She wanted a man to love her as Amy Van instead of Amy Van Slyke. She thought she found one, but all she found was you and your son."

"Let Me out of here. I want the police. I want my lawyer."

"Go ahead and call them. But before you can tell them about us. They will want to ask you a few questions. It seems for the last year. You have been embezzling money from that charity of yours. Don't worry the charity didn't get hurt. The money was donated back by an unknown source."

Utterly defeated Martha Winston just stood there and stared at Ada Van Slyke. "I have seen what you have done to my son. You turned him into a woman then made him a whore. Then arranged for the world to find out about it. So what are your plans for me?"

"It is very simple, a rich person's worst nightmare. When you leave here you'll be taken to another city and just left. No money, no identification. We will leave your memory of your past life. But you won't be able to prove your claim of being Martha Winston. What you'll become is another homeless person. The people you kept telling that they should get a job. Now you can find out what is like on the other side of the coin."

"What about her?" pointing at Davi.

"Her madam complained she was a little to old for a whore. So we decided to make some adjustments. In her face and mind and have her start her new job."

"What new Job?"

"As a maid, for one of your old friends. The Foresters. When asked if they would let Davi would work for them. They very happy to offer her a job."

"Not the Foresters. Vivian Forester and I have been feuding ever since high school. Walter Forester likes taking his maids to his bed."

"Those were two of the reasons we asked the Foresters for Davi's job."

Finally Davi said something that had been bothering him. "What did you do to Todd and Mitch?"

"Oh they are doing the same job you were, but in another country. We turned Todd into a Middle Eastern woman and sent her over to the Middle East. Mitch was sent over to Japan, after we did some plastic surgery to make her look more Oriental in appearance. They don't have their passports and can't ask for one. They are unable to speak English and we made sure they can't learn it either.'

"Why are you doing this? I loved Amy."

"Then why didn't you try to stop your mother and friends?"

Davi didn't have a reply for that question.

"Now it is time. We'll give you five minutes to say good bye."

After five minutes Lesley said these words. "Martha is homeless, Martha is homeless." Davi watched as her mom went into a trance and then was lead away. They would never meet again.

Turning to Davi. Lesley said these words. "David is a maid, David is a maid."

Five years later.

"I am sorry Davi," said Walter Forester, to his maid. Then showed her the front page of the morning newspaper.

It showed two pictures. One Martha Winston from six years before and the other picture of her taken by the police. When they found her dead body, it was not a pretty picture. It looked like she had been through hell.

As Davi read the story, she found something interesting. The newspaper said that Mrs. Ada Van Slyke had volunteered to pay the expense of having Martha Winston buried with the rest of her family.



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