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The Woman's Help Corporation - The Beginning    by: Jennifer Allison


"Lesley, this is your mom," Mrs. Wells said to her eldest daughter answering machine. " I have some bad news. Your sister Linda was found dead in her home last night. The police thinks it is a suicide."

:"I know this is not the right way to tell you. But I know you would want to know right away, and not from some one else. Please call me. I might be out of the house, but keep trying."

Lesley could hear the pain and sadness in her mom's voice when she listened to the message.

Her sister had married her high school sweetheart. Who was socially and financially beneath her. A policeman by trade. And to whom the family very much disapproved of. As the result of a lot unkind words, Mother and daughter hadn't talk to each other in three years.

The message Lesley left on her mom's message machine. Contain only the time of her estimated time of her arrival. Lesley knew that her mom needed her.


As Lesley entered the house she noticed the change in the atmosphere. It seemed like the life of the house had just left and vanished. As Lesley was growing the house had beem light and lively. Today it was dark and gloomy.

As she greeted her mom in the living room. Lesley noticed that it wasn't just the house. Her mom looked like death warmed over. It looked like she had been crying for three solid days.

"Lesley, dearest Lesley. Thank you for coming. I don't think I can take this anymore." Mrs. Wells said, as she collapse into her daughter's arms.

As her mom napped in the Master bedroom. Lesley found out what was causing her mom all the trouble. Since the police listed Linda's death as suicide. Linda couldn't be buried with the rest of the family in the church graveyard.

The church would not be budged. No matter how much money was offered.

The police were standing by their statements.

Even with both mom and daughter working on the problem, all the next day they got no where.

That evening Lesley said to her mom.

"To tell you the truth, mom. My gut is telling me it wasn't a suicide. Linda was not that type person. Regardless how bad the situation. She was so much against killing anything. I don't see her taking her own life."

"Things change, so do people."

"Not Linda, I don't care what the police say. Linda didn't commit suicide."

"There is nothing we can do. The police have shut the case."

"Remember my friend Sharon from high school. She is a private detective now. I want to hire her, and find out the truth."

"Go right ahead. I will do anything to find out the truth."


Lesley called her friend, and made an appointment for the following afternoon.

At the meeting, were both Sharon and her partner, Chris. They were more than partners in business they were partners in life. Lesley had known about Sharon's lifestyle in high school. When the rest of the girls left Sharon alone like a leper. Lesley became her best straight friend.

"Lesley I have asked Chris to be here. Two heads are better than one."

"I have no problem with that."

"We both want express our condolence on the death of your sister," Chris said speaking for the first time.

"Linda is the reason I am here. I feel as well as my mom, that there is no way Linda took her own life. She hated killing anything that much. I remember when we were growing up. She would catch a fly instead of killing it and then letting it go outside."

"People change," said Sharon.

"Not Linda, I don't want my mom to know this. Linda and I have been writing each other every other week for the last two years." After giving both detectives time to read Linda's last letter. "Does that sound like a woman about to commit suicide? I know she was having marriage problems. But this letter was written two days before her death."

"Okay, we will look into your case. I won't promise you anything. But all I will say is that I will do my best to find out the truth. Also I want to keep the letter, I want to have it analyzed by a shrink I know. She will give us an honest opinion, about your sister's state of mind. She specializes in this kind problems."

"Here, all I ask is that you don't tell my mom about the letter. I will decide if she needs to know."

Lesley then left the office.


For the next three weeks Lesley didn't hear anything from Sharon.

During this time, Linda was buried in the family crypt. The church agreed finally to let them do this. Only after the family agreed that the church would have nothing to do with the funeral. Lesley got lucky again, another former classmate was an Air Force Chaplain and he agreed to perform the service. Linda's husband even refused to attend. He even refused to let them have an open casket.


Three weeks to the day Lesley received a call from Sharon.

"Lesley, Sharon, We need to meet. I think it is better that we met at Dr. Beal's home. Her schedule is booked and what she and I need to say. I don't think anybody but you. What you will tell your mom will be up to you.

"One thing I can tell you right now. It was not a Suicide!"


That evening at Dr. Beal home.

"Your sister was not suicidal. In my opinion and the opinions of four of my colleagues. I faxed her letter to them and asked their opinions. Not even mentioning suicide. All their responses came back with the statement. That she wasn't suicidal."

"Where does that leave us?"

"One word. Murder!"

"What! are you sure? Do you know by who?"

"Yes, I am certain. She was beaten to death. That is why her husband ordered a closed casket. As for whom. Her husband and three of his policeman buddies." replied Lucy Beal.


"Your sister was about to start divorce procedures against him. Claiming spousal abuse. He knew even if he could prove these charges wrong. Even a rumor of them would ruin his chances of becoming the Chief of Police. Or even more." answered Susan.

"Can you prove any of this?" asked Lesley.

"No! Not enough evidence, even to have the Police Internal Affairs look into it. The four of them covered their tracks quite well. The only reason I know, is a contact at the Police Department. Who told me, but he if he is pushed to say something. He will lie, and back the police," said Susan.

"I got the same thing from a friend at the Coroner's Office. She saw the Linda's body as it was brought in. It looked like she had been hit by an 18-wheeler. Not once but a couple of times."

"Do you why there is a cover up?"

"Yes, one of your brother-in-law's buddies is the son of retired Chief Inspector Younger. So using his father's influence. He got everybody scared. "

"Does Chief Younger know what happened?"

"No! I can't go into detail," said Lucy. "But I can tell you this. If Chief Younger found out his own son did something like this. He would help drop the gas pellets in the gas chamber."

"Is there anything we can do?" asked Lesley.

"Legally no, but there might be a way," replied Lucy."

"What is it?" asked Lesley.

"I have a colleague who is into Hypnosis. She has used Hypnosis to make changes in people's lives. I have seen it work. Where a perfectly normal man. With no fantasy of ever dressing up as a woman. Will start asking for a sex change operation the next day."

"Will she help?" asked Lesley.

"Definitely, she is now in a wheelchair. Her husband beat her with a baseball bat and broke her back."

"I might have some information that will help," said Sharon. "It seems like our four cops just don't beat their wives. They'll beat anybody they want to."

Sitting very quietly, as Sharon and Lucy looked on. Lesley went into deep thought. All of sudden she perked up. "I have a perfect solution for my brother-in-law and his friends. Could you contract your friend and make an appointment, for me."

"Sure I can. What have you got in mind."

"I won't tell you just yet. But if everything works out my brother-n-law and his buddies will wish they had died instead of my sister."

After the second appointment it took three weeks to set everything up.

Using Chris and Sharon as bait. Two of the cops were doped and placed in Hypnotic trances. Over the weekend all they listened to were hypnotic suggestion tapes. When Monday morning rolled around all they remembered of the weekend. It was just like the weekend before.

When Carl Younger and Linda's husband Sam, had their days off. They too were doped and placed in hypnotic trances.

A week later all four buddies started moonlighting at their new job. They worked as policemen during the daytime. At night they went to their new jobs, they didn't even realize they were working another job. The hypnotic suggestions at work. Lesley didn't want them to know what was going on until the right moment.

Two weeks later the Chief of the Police received a complaint from five irate citizens, Lesley, Sharon, Chris and Lucy. And one from someone who actually had seen them there.

Who had visited our four friends' new place of employment and found it to be disgusting.

"I don't know what the Police force is coming too, but if this an is example of the people who we have working as police. All the police should be taken out and shot especially these four officers."

After rereading the letter three times. The Chief decided to investigate the complaint. The only problem was how. If he turned the matter over to the Internal Affairs (IA), four careers could be ruined. Even if it wasn't true.

So he did the very next thing. Of all the friends the chief had. There was one man who could investigate the matter. Then tell the chief honestly the whole truth.

When the chief asked his friend. "Sure no problem. I'll look into it. I owe you a big favor anyway"

Four days later. The chief received the report.

"It is worse than you told me about. Here is a VHS tape they are selling at the bar, of the four officers."

After watching the tape. The chief couldn't believe what he had seen and heard.

"It gets worse," as his friend went on and told him.

The shocked chief asked. "Can you recognize them?"

"Yes, I can. If you look at closely the four officers they are wearing their badges and I wrote down the numbers. Here they are."

Over the intercom, the chief asked his secretary for the record for our four friends and eight other officers whom where approxinately around the same age height and built. So there wouldn't be any questions if his friend picked out the four officers.

It took two minutes to pick out the four buddies.

He then asked the Chief. "What are you going to do now?"

"I am not sure, but first I am going to bring someone else in on this."

That afternoon the Chief had another visitor, retired Chief Inspector Younger. The Chief knew if he did anything in this matter, Chief Younger had to be told. Telling him now would stop any trouble later on.

After viewing the videotape, Chief Younger asked. "Are you sure it is my son?"

"Yes, I went outside the department and asked a reliable friend of mine to check it out. He owed me a very big favor. He identified all four officers by their pictures. He picked them out of a set of twelve pictures. He also gave me their badge numbers.

"That isn't all, " after telling Chief Younger the rest.

A sick look came over Chief Younger's face. "I think I am going to be sick."

Giving Chief Younger a few minutes to calm himself. The chief then said, "I want to raid this place as their act is on stage."

"I don't want to give you some advice. But I think the raid should take place when they are performing their other job. We have their stage act on tape, and we need to catch them doing the other thing red handed."

"Good idea, I know I am asking a lot. Would you like to come along?"

"Yes I would. If my son is doing this reprehensible thing I want to be the one who locks him up and throws away the key."

"I'll set up the raid for next Saturday night. My friend said he would help. As long as he is not arrested and/or have to appear in court."

"Just give the time and place to meet, and I will be there."

That Saturday night a police Raid took place at the Oh La La, a male strip joint. It happened so quickly and quietly. That they found officer Parkins just sitting on the lap of a customer dressed in just a bra and panties, with a hat on, normally worn by a policewoman. It seemed that the four friend's new job involved doing a striptease starting out as a policewoman.

By sheer kuck the customer's lap Officer Parkins was sitting on was the Chief's friend. Who reported, "he has been trying to have me taken into the back room for the last five minutes."

When Chief Younger didn't find his son out front, he started looking for him in the back. He found him in the first room he looked in. His son was still wearing his policewoman's hat. Still wearing make-up. What he found made him sick again.

What he found was his son being butt fucked by a black man. As he was being fucked. He kept saying, over and over. "Fuck me good. Make a good girl out of me!"

Still not recognizing his father. Carl stopped talking to the black man for a moment. "If you step outside a minute I'll service you next."


As if on cue the black man shot his load. Carl went into orgasm.

Chief Younger couldn't say anymore to his feminized son. He told the three officers who followed him. "Let him put on his panties, and give him a blanket. Then handcuff him."

"Dad! Please."

When they found Sam. He wasn't doing any talking. He was to busy giving a blowjob while another man was butt fucking him. As it happened with Carl. When Sam was identified. Both men shot their loads. Sam went into orgasm.

As with Carl, Sam was allowed put on his panties, and then handcuffed.

They found Officer Arnold in another room. He was caught in the act of giving a blowjob.

The word spread through the police department as the four friends were fingerprinted, photographed side and front view, and full body, with out the blanket. The police officer taking the pictures wanted these pictures special. He is one those fellows who couldn't pass up a chance to make a buck. By the end of the next day every police officer had paid $5 for the complete set of four. By the end of the week each officer had a copy of the tape of their strip tease act.

All four officers were interviewed by Internal Affairs. After IA was done each of the four were called into the Chief of Police's office, separately.

When asked why they did what they did. They couldn't explain it. All they remembered was waking up that morning. Doing some shopping. The next thing they remembered was being identified at the strip tease joint.

"We found the receipts for some of the stuff you bought today. Bras, panties, panty hose, dresses and lingerie."

After showing each of the four the tape of their strip tease. They were given a choice. Resign from the police department or go to jail. "You will not have any protection in jail. You gave that up the day you disgraced the uniform."

"I won't do that. My dad will have something to say in this matter," said Carl.

"Your dad did."

'Carl or should I say Carla:

As far as I am concerned you no longer exist. I am notifying all our relatives of what you have done to disgrace our family name. It will be up to them on what they will do. As for me and my wife. we are leaving town. I won't be able face one police officer here and also I am afraid if I stayed. I would end up shooting you on sight. As far as I am concerned your last name is Jones.

Arthur Younger'

"Does that answer your question, Carla Jones," said the Chief.

All four officers resigned.


The four friends were allowed to get dressed. But they had to use the woman's clothes they had bought the afternoon before. They were given only enough money for them to share a taxi fare to go back to the club.

The address they gave the taxi driver wasn't that of the club. It was the address of the friend of Lucy's.

Lesley and her friends were not done quite yet. Not by a long shot.

As the four men sat down in the conference room a hypnotic phrase was used to put them all in a trance. As the four of them sat there staring to space. Lesley and Sharon strapped each of them down. This way there was no way that anybody could get hurt.

Lesley asked Sharon "When will Pico show up. I want to see their faces when they meet their new boss?"

"Not for at least an hour. If we haven't finished, Chris will keep him entertained," replied Sharon.

After all the ropes were tightened and all the straps were in place.

Lesley used the wake up phrase.

"Wake up girls, wake up."

In unison, all four replied. "We are not girls. We are girls."

They tried four times to say they were men. But all that came out was. We are Girls!

"That's right, Girls. You can't even say you are men anymore," said Lesley.

Walking over to Sam. She asked, "do you recognize me, Samantha?"

"My name ain't Samantha, it is Samantha."

"Don't you understand you four are no longer men but women. When someone asks you your name, you'll answer with your new feminine name. You won't answer someone who calls you by your old one.

"Now Samantha, do you recognize me?"

"You're Linda's sister Lesley."


"What did you do to us?" asked Carla. "I never meet you, and I haven't done anything to harm you."

"What about what you and the rest did to my sister?"

"You can't prove a thing."

"You're right, we can't prove a thing in a court of law. But one problem if you noticed, you are not in a courtroom. Even though I will be your judge and jury."

"You can't do this to us," said Natalie Arnold.

"Yes I can. And I will. You beat or help beat my sister to death. Then with the power of your father's name Carla, you covered it up. So with the help of some friends, and hypnotic suggestions you are about to be sentenced to your personal prison."

"Why me? I didn't do anything to your sister." asked Brenda Parkins.

"You might not have done the beating, but you were there. Did you stop them? NO! Did you try to help my sister? NO! Did you report what happen to IA? NO! You just helped them cover it up. So you are as guilty as they are."

"So what else can you do? What you have done to us already made us the laughing stock in town."

"Would you like to hear about your punishment?

"In a little while. The four of you will be taken to a clinic. Where your bodies will made more feminine. The only item that might be considered manly will be that item between your legs.

"Samantha, I remember Linda telling me. You were always after her to have her breast enlarged. So I hope you'll like yours, they will be about 44 inches.

"After you leave there. You'll go back to work at the Ooh La La. Doing the same thing as you did last night. When you aren't working at the club. You'll be working for an old friend of yours. As your pimp, he will take his share out of the money you make, even when you work at the club."

"What do you mean Pimp?"

"Oh! I forgot to tell you your new jobs. You are DRAG QUEEN WHORES."

"NO! not that."

"Yes that. I am not cruel. So to help you live with what you have become. The only time you'll remember anything other what we have programmed. Will be when you have a dick in your butt or in your mouth."


"Is that how my sister begged when the three of you beat her to death."

"It was accident. I didn't mean to kill her."

'Then the report should have said accident. But you had to make it suiside."

"Is there anything we can say or do to change this?"

"No! Would you like to meet your new boss? He has been waiting for the last five minutes."

As Pico entered the room all four of them screamed. "NO!"

"Yes, the four of you had a lot pleasure of harassing Pico and his girls. So I thought that you would like to become one of them."

Pico turned to Lesley and asked. "I would like to try out one of my new girls."

"Pick the one you want. Then say these words in her ear," Lesley then whispered the magic words.

Walking over to Samantha, Pico bent down and whispered into her ear. Then he released her bonds. As the other watched, knowing the same thing would happen to them. Samantha fell to her knees and immediately started to remove Pico's pants and underpants. Within seconds Samantha had Pico's dick in her mouth.

Lesley walked over and asked Samantha a question. "Do you like sucking cock?"

Samantha stopped sucking a second to reply. "The only thing I like better is having a cock up my ass." Samantha then resumed sucking.

All the time this was going on. Deep down inside Sam was screaming. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Lesley left the room, she said these words. "I hope to never to see any of you ever again."

An hour later Lesley explained to her mom, what had happened to Linda, and the punishment of her murderers.

"I sentenced them to a special punishment. But I think I wish they were in jail."

"You know Lesley. Linda wasn't the first wife to get beaten and she won't be the last. What I would like to do is set up a company that will help anybody who needs it when no one else can."

"I have been talking to the others. Sharon, Chris, Lucy and Jennette. About the very same thing. The only problem is money. Sharon and Chris barely make ends meet. Lucy and Jennette are doctors. But they still have school loans to pay off."

"That is why, my idea is. The four of you do the work and let me bankroll it."

"I think there are going to be a lot people out there who will wish Linda never died. Do you have a name for your new company, Mom."

"Yes! Woman's Help Corporation."


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