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WHC - The Abusive Son               by: Jennifer Allison


"Lesley, I think I might have a client who needs the service of the WHC," said Lucy. One of the two doctors on the board of directors of the Woman's Help Corporation.

"Why do you think she needs our help?" asked Lesley.

"She is someone I know at the Shady Tree Rest Home."

"A patient?"

"No, just a friend. A couple months ago, while visiting a friend there, I met Mrs. Styles. I had to wait in the reception room and she came in. We started talking and she told a strange story. It was very believable."

"Just as she finished her story the receptionist called me. So I couldn't asked Millie any questions. But as I walked by the receptionist, I was told. 'Don't take what Millie tells you very seriously. She tells every body who will listen that story. It isn't true. Her son loves her, he pays for everything she needs here, with out questions."

"So what is the problem?"

"I couldn't get Millie and her story out of my mind. After spending a restless sleep. I called Sharon and asked her to look into Millie, her story and Shady Tree."

"What did Sharon find?"

"Exactly what Millie told me. Her son Gary drugged her, then had her place in Shady Tree. With some payoffs under the table the director of Shady Tree is making sure Millie doesn't leave. He is getting a bonus under the table."

"Why would a son do that to his mom? Let me guess, Money, and Power."

"Right, when Millie's husband died. He left his company to his wife and son. The old guy didn't really trust his son very well. The company was divided 51% for Millie and 49% to Gary. Which didn't sit very well with Gary. So last year he slipped something into his mom's drink, that caused her to see and hear things that weren't there. By the time the drug wore off Millie was in Shady Tree. The director is making sure she stays there."

"What about Gary's wife. I suppose he is married isn't he?"

"He's married if you can call it that. He would be a perfect client for just what he does to his wife. He has repeatedly told his wife Betty, 'If you even think about leaving me. I can always get you a room next to Millie.' They also have a teenage son. If you look up bully in the dictionary you'll find his picture next to it."

"So he likes beating up people."

"Like father like son. Millie's husband enjoyed banging her around. Betty has the bruises to prove that Gary does it. From what Sharon has found out Chris beats his girlfriends."

"Is Gary involved with another woman?"

"Yes! His private secretary. He is so taken with her, that he has bought her parents a new house. No Mortgage."

"Do you think Betty Styles will contact us?"

"She is waiting outside, she came with me."

"Lucy you took a lot upon to your self."

"I know I did. But I know you, and this case just yells for your help."

Lesley reached over to the intercom button, "Melanie could you please send in Mrs. Styles Please."

Lesley liked what she saw, when she received her first look at Betty Styles.

What made Betty stand out was, she didn't dress to show off how rich she was, but to be comfortable.

"Hi, I'm Lesley Smythe, Mrs. Styles. I operate WHC."

"Nice to meet you. Please call me Betty. Mrs. Styles is my mother-in-law."

"Betty it is. Has Lucy explained our services to you?"

"Somewhat, but not into much detail."

"What we do is, with the help of hynnosis, we make intolerable situations tolerable. Like making an abusive husband stop abusing their wives."

"I must warn you. My husband is one those men who want everything their way. As a boy he would pout until he got it. Now that he has money and power he makes everybody do his way. If they don't, he just makes them wish they were never born."

"A spoil brat, right."

"His dad was the same way. The only good thing his dad ever did do that was good was give Millie 51% of the company. And you can see what Gary did to Millie to get what he wanted. I'm afraid Chris is turning out just like his dad."

"That is something we can fix. Let me tell the story behind the WHC, and why it was created. At first my mother bankrooled WHC which I ran with the help of some friends, like Lucy, we help women who are getting abused or just being cheated out of what belongs to them. We have even helped a man whose wife was abusing him. After a couple years my mom stopped bankrolling us. I came up with a simple way of making things work. I charged by a way the client can pay. Say for insistence, you will clear a million dollars in this deal. I will charge you two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. So if a woman who can't afford a bus token walks in here five minutes after you leave, and needs our help as much as you do. So the money you will pay will help her."

"I have no qualms with that."

"Let me tell you about our first case, and the main reason WHC was created. My brother-in-law, with the help of three of his policemen buddies beat my sister to death. Using their badges, they covered their tracks. They had the murder marked down as a suicide. No one would help me."

"What do you do?"

"With the help of Lucy and some other friends. We sent the four buddies to a private prison where they will never escape."

"Where is that?"

"In their minds. Using hypnosis on the four of them, we made some changes in their lives. After we were done with them. They started moonlighting at Ooh La La La, a male strip joint. We programmed them into thinking they were strippers, and they started their act as policewomen. After a few complaints the police decided to raid Ooh La La La. The police only found one of the buddies out front. They found the other three in the back practicing their other job. We turned them into Drag Queen Whores. They found my brother-in-law with a dick in his mouth and butt. After all four resigned from the Police Department. We set them up with their pimp. The only time they remember anything about their past lives is when they are having sex with another man. The rest of the time they live the lives we have made up for them."

"Have any of your clients ever returned to their old self?"

"No, we did my brother-in-law over eight years ago. As far as I know he is still peddling his ass around town."

"I don't want to go that far, but I want Gary to pay dearly for what he has done to me and Millie."

"What about Chris? Or your husband's private secretary?"

"I want them all to pay too. What about Millie? I don't want to leave her at Shady Rest."

"That is one of the things we have in mind. This is what I have in mind for you. If it is okay with you."

After listening to Lesley explain her plan. All Betty could do was laugh for a solid five minutes. When she finished. "It's perfect, they both need to learn to live like normal people. So doing this to them will do that."

It took three weeks to set the traps. As it was his custom on Friday night. Ben Zachery, the director of Shady Tree stopped off at his regular watering hole. When he left the bar an hour later he wasn't alone. As Ben climbed into his car he passed out. Sharon then drove him to WHC, for his treatment.

As for Chris, Barbara his girlfriend helped with his capture. It seemed Lesley and Betty needed Barbara to be part of Chris's punishment.

Gary and his secretary were found passed out in bed together. It seemed like some one had Mickey Finned a bottle of wine, they had ordered from room service.

All day Saturday and most of Sunday. All four were undergoing treatment. By Sunday afternoon everything was set. Sunday evening they all had been sent home. The fun wasn't supposed to begin until Friday morning.

Ben Zachery started it Friday morning. He walked in Millie Styles' lawyer's office with proof of what Gary Styles and he were doing to Millie. Ben also brought the records of three other people who were being kept at Shady Rest for the same reason. Millie's lawyer just happened to be the lawyer for WHC. The lawyer then took this information with enough documentation from Lucy to show that Millie was sound mentally and physically, before a judge, who then ordered Millie's immediate release. When Gary Styles was notified of his mom's release. He said, "that's okay with me."

Ben Zachery I am sorry to say didn't get away with his involvement in this matter. As he was being processed in jail that afternoon, he had a mental breakdown. As far as I know he is still in a mental hospital.

His doctors haven't figured out why, but Ben keeps telling people this. "My name is Millie Styles my son drugged and sent me here. I am not crazy. Please help me, please." A fitting punishment, it is the same story Millie used to tell when she was at Shady Rest.

When Millie heard of this. She just smiled.


That Friday afternoon Gary called a meeting of all his supervisors and managers, and announced. "I am taking a month's vacation, starting as soon as I leave the office. Don't worry I have selected a suitable replacement who will be here Monday morning." This caused some great confusion to Gary. In Gary's mind he kept saying one thing and some thing completely different came out. "Please do not try to contact me. I am going to use this vacation for a complete rest."

Almost everybody there had a question or two, but Gary cut them off. "No questions please." That evening Gary was picked up by a WHC car and taken to the main WHC offices.

Chris was picked up at home, inside the car was Barbara.

It was decided that the fun wouldn't start until the next morning.

"Barbara I want to thank you for helping us with Chris." said Betty.

"As long it's OK with my mom. She said it was OK since you help her with her smoking problem. What did you do to her? Every time I think she is about to light up a cigarette a sick look comes over her face."

"It was simple. With her permission and a hypnotic suggestion. Everytime she wants a cigarette, her mind conjures up a picture what she would look like three months after she is dead and buried.

"You do realize why we had to give you a couple hypnotic suggestions?"

"So I won't say or do something that would cause trouble."

"Would you like to see Chris now?"

"Yes I would."

Barbara was not prepared for what she found. Chris was sitting in the middle of a room. Dressed in a pretty pink baby dress with a lot of white lace. The skirt flared out, this was caused by the petticoats he was wearing. He was wearing white tights, and underneath the petticoats Barbara could see the outline of a diaper inside a pair of plastic pants. On his head he wore a white baby bonnet, and in his mouth was a pacifier which he was sucking merrily on.

Lesley walked over and gently removed the pacifier, and said. "Could you tell this nice lady your name and how old you are?"

"Hissy, and I am, wo."

"Chrissy how old?"

"One and afe."

"Does Chris realize what has happened to him?" asked Barbara.

"Not right now, and she is Chrissy as long she is dressed like this." replied Lesley. "I want to wait until Betty and Millie show up. Then we will wake him up out of his trance."

"Will she be Chrissy forever?"

"No, that is one of the reasons we decided to bring you into this. Why don't you start your babysitter job while we wait for the others."

So for the next thirty minutes Barbara played with Chrissy.

"Barbara," a voice came over the intercom.

Chrissy then started saying, "mommie mommie."

"That's right Chrissy it is mommie. Barbara could you please entertain Chrissy a little bit longer. Millie and I want to start with Gary."
"Mommie, Baba is teaching me to count, one, wo, ree, huh, huh,"

"Come on Chrissy what comes after three?"

"Ve," smiled Chrissy.

"No, four," turning toward the two-way mirror. "She is still learning."

"We'll come and get you when we are ready for the new Chris to meet the new Gary."

"No problem."

A strange look came over Chrissy's face. When Betty saw this, she asked. "Chrissy did you have an accident?"

"Yes, I went pee pee." replied Chrissy.

Turning to Barbara, Betty asked. "Can you handle it. Or do you want to stay."

"I can do it. I know all the magic words."

When Betty and Millie entered another room. They found Gary in the process of being given bottle of milk, by his nurse. Who just happened to be his private secretary.

Gary is dressed just like Chris, except it was a white dress instead of a pink one.

"I think it is time for Missy to find out about her new life," said Millie.

Betty leaned over and said these words, "Gary is a jerk, Gary is a Jerk."

Waking up suddenly. Gary shouted, "where in the hell am I?"

"SHUT UP!!! Gary," replied Betty. All of sudden it looked like someone had glued Gary's mouth shut. "You are at the Woman's Help Corporation. If you can talk nicely I will let you speak again. If I hear one four letter word, only one. I shut you up faster than you can repeat the word. You understand me Gary?"

Gary shook his head yes.

"You may talk Gary."

Talking sweet and low Gary asked. "What is the Woman's Help Corporation and why am I here?"

"The WHC is a place of last resorts for abused women, who have no other alternative. They help make changes in the abusive husbands and parents. Why you are here. Your mother and I finally had enough of what you have been doing to us and we decided to change that."

"My mother is a certified nut, who is confined to Shady Rest."

"Not anymore, your buddy Ben Zachery turned stool pigeon on you. He turned over enough evidence to your mom's new lawyer to have a judge order her release immediately. You were notified yesterday. If I remembered right your reply was, that was okay with you."

"I'll make Ben pay for that." said Gary in a loud voice.

"Gary softly, no more shouting. As for your friend Ben. I am sorry to say. He had a nervous breakdown yesterday afternoon. For some weird reason he is telling people his name is Millie and she had been drugged by her son and was being kept at Shady Rest against her will."

Speaking softly again Gary said. "I bet you had something to do with that."

"We did," replied Betty. "Using Hypnosis, the WHC makes changes where needed. Ben Zachery spent some time here last weekend. As did your private secretary Helen, our son Chris, and yourself.

"We setup Ben handing the information about your dealings with Shady Rest to Millie's lawyer."

"So what did you do me. Or do I have to guess?" Asked Gary, not knowing at the present time he was dressed up as a baby presently sitting in a high chair.

"Would you like to find out?" asked Millie. Stepping out of the shadows.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" asked Gary.

"You think I would miss this. By the end of the next the hour you are going to wish you had never heard of Shady Rest."


"You're shouting again, this is your last warning, young lady."

Lowering his voice again. "What do you mean young lady?"

"This is what I meant," said Betty. Then these words. "Gary needs changing, Gary needs changing."

"NO!!!!" screamed Gary, "what did you do to me?"

"I will let that scream go, but only this time.

"What we did to you is. With the use of hypnosis we made you think you are a 9 month old baby girl, whose name is Missy. I mean a nine month baby in every way."

Releasing Gary from his high chair, then placing him on the ground. "Try standing and walking to the door."

When Gary tried to stand he couldn't his legs just wouldn't support his body weight. Then for some reason Gary got down on his hands and knees and started crawling. "See you haven't even learn to walk yet."

Gary stopped in the middle of the room and started crying. Not like a grown up, but like a baby. Finally she stopped and begged. "Please don't do this to me, PLEASE!!!"

Millie replied, "you should have thought someday you would pay for your crimes. Those things you did to me. The times you beat Betty. You didn't stop why should we. So we decided since you didn't learn to do the right thing the first time. You needed to start all over again."

"How long will I stay this way?" asked Gary.

"You won't a baby all the time. Your mom and I decided to let you go to work like you'd normally do, with few changes."

"What changes?"

"1 - You'll be a baby 24/7. Which means you'll wear a diaper all the time. 2 - You will have to use your diaper for all of your bodily functions, instead of using the bathroom. We have programmed Helen to be nurse, so anytime you need your diaper changed, she will do it. 3 - At lunch Helen will dress you up in a baby dress. Then feed you as she would a baby, babyfood and a bottle of milk."

"I hate milk!"

"Not anymore. It will be milk or water and maybe apple juice, if you are a good little girl."

"What if someone finds out?"

"No one will, since as of yesterday. You are no longer running the company. You're mother is. All you'll be is a figurehead. All the decisions will come from Millie or me."

"What do mean?"

"Simple, you signed over all of your stock to your mom."

"You can't do that?"

"We have done it. There is nothing you can do about it. Another Hypnotic suggestion was made making it so, you plan all you want, but in the end nothing will work."

"So let's get back to your new life. When your work day is done. You'll come directly home, without making any stops on the way. That means no more fun and games with your buddies. When you have arrived at home. You'll immediately regress to a nine month old baby. And will be treated as such."

"Ha! ha! ha!" replied Gary. "I won't do no such thing. I will do what I want regardless of what you do to me. I control my own life, not you."

"That is what you say. I bet you can't even control a bodily function."

"Sure I can. What is the bet? What does the winner get?"

"The bet is. I can make you piss in your diaper right where you stand. What you win if you don't is. You'll be returned to normal. If I win, you accept your punishment for as long as I want."

"You're on."

Betty walked over to her babified husband. Reached down and touched his diaper. Within seconds Gary could feel his kidneys let go. It wasn't just a little bit. The amount of piss put the Tom Hanks charactor in the movie The League of Their Own to shame.

"Sucker Bet. I knew there was no way you could control yourself. As of right now you are Missy.

"Helen, little Missy needs her diaper changed."

"Yes ma'am," replied Helen.

When Missy saw Helen. "Helen go get help. You have to help me stop these mad women."

Helen ignored him, and went about changing Missy's diaper.

"Helen has been programmed to not take any orders from you. Only those Millie or I give her. Let me show you. Helen, remove your blouse and bra so that our little Missy can suck on your breast a few minutes. Before you put on the fresh diaper. There is a couple of things I want Missy to see."

Little Missy couldn't help herself. When presented Helen's breast, she put her mouth on the nipple and started sucking. Not like a man doing it with his mistress, but a baby breast feeding with her mom. Little Missy noticed this and something else. Her little friend who should be standing up rock hard and ready for action was just lying like a wet noodle.

"That's right Missy, we fixed your sex drive. You don't have any."

After five minutes of this action. Betty told Helen to finished the diapering.

"So now you know we control everything in your life. Unless you want us to make it worse. I suggest you learn to live with your new life."

All little Missy could do was cry. She knew right there and then her old life was over.

"Would you like to meet your big sister Chrissy? When I left her she was learning how to count. She made it to three and forgot four, by now she might be up to ten."

As Betty said this, the curtain blocking the glass wall between the two rooms opened. When Missy saw her new sister for the first time she started crying all over again. After a couple of minutes of crying stopped, then asked. "Why did you to do that to Chris? He was a good boy."

"He was becoming more like you every day. A BULLY in every respect. So we figured he also needed to start over. Chrissy is starting at 18 months."

Finally Chrissy saw her mother. "Mommy, mommy, I can count to ten now. Do you want to hear me?"

"Yes dear I do.

"One, wo, ree, four, ive, ix, even, eight, nine, ten. See I can do it. Baba said she will start helping me with, I can't remember."

"Chrissy, alphabet or your letters next."

"Chrissy, I like you to meet your little sister Missy."

"Hi Missy."

"Say hi to Chrissy."

"Goo, gaa, goo, gaa." replied Missy.

"I am sorry Chrissy. Missy is still too young to talk. Maybe you and Baba can teach her. Now go back and play with Baba, and I will come and get you soon."

"Why did you do that to my Chris? He didn't do anything."

"Missy, you are blind as a bat. Chris was just like you. He is a BULLY. Barbara has the bruises to prove it. So I am helping Barbara make Chrissy pay for every bruise."

"What caused me to talk to Chris in baby talk? Hypnosis again, Right!"

"Correct, in the presence of each other. Dressed like you are. You have no other choice, unless you are released from the command to do so. Millie and I are the only ones who would can give you the release command."

"I think it is time for Little Chrissy to find out his punishment. Come with me Missy."

Forgetting he could no longer walk, Missy tried standing, and fell on her diapered butt. As she started crawling to the door. Betty bent down inserted a pacifier into her mouth.

"Can't forget your nookie."

As they entered Chrissy's room. Chrissy got up from the floor and ran over to her mom. Which was very hard to do in a diaper. She then kissed her baby sister.

"Sit down Chrissy, I need to talk to you. Missy sit next to your sister."

As Chrissy sat down Betty said these words. "Chrissy wears a diaper, Chrissy wears a diaper."

"MOM! What in the hell did you do to me? Why is dad acting like a baby?"
"Young lady NEVER yell at anybody ever again. If I ever hear you yell at anybody. I will give you the command to make the change permanent. The only difference will be you'll be only six months old."

"Yes! ma'am."

"What I, your grandmother and Barbara decided to do, is to make some needed changes in yours and your dad's lives. Barbara has showed me the bruises you gave her. She also explained how you have kept her as your girlfriend. Any boy that was halfway interested in her you would pick a fight with them, then beat them up. Then you soiled Barbara reputation. The word at school is. 'If you can't have Barbara no one can.'"

"She is mine, just like you are dad's."

"Not quite, dad is mine, and you are Barbara's."

"I don't believe you. You did something to me to get me dressed like this. But when it is over. I'll make you pay for everything."

"I guess you need to be showed how much we control your life now. Chrissy I want you to fight this as much as you can. Barbara come over here and make Chrissy wet her diaper."

"Huh! This will be easy."

As Barbara touched the front of Chrissy's diaper. The torrent of liquid let go. Chrissy tried very hard to stop herself but there was nothing she could do.

"See! You couldn't help yourself."

Betty then whispered something in Barbara's ear. So as she was diapering Chrissy. Barbara removed her blouse and bra. As she offered her breast to Chrissy. Chrissy placed her mouth on the offered breast. Like a baby would do when nursing, started sucking.

"Chrissy, take a look at your manhood."

When Chrissy looked down she realized her manhood, which should be rock hard, was lying there like a wet noodle.

"The only time you have any sex drive will be when you are allowed to have it."

After minutes of this action Barbara finished the diapering. A humiliated Chrissy just sat staring at her mom. Then she asked two very important questions. "How did you make all this happen? What are you going to do to me?"

"What we did to you and your father is. Using hypnotic suggestions we made some changes in your mind. Look at your dad. On the outside she is a nine month old baby girl. In the inside he is the man he used to be. His only problem is he can't do anything about the outside."

"Hypnosis, that is how you did this?"


"So what is going to happen now?"

"For the next week you will attend a special camp setup for adult babies. For eight days you will act and be treated as a baby. Your dad is scheduled for a month of camp. Each baby has its own nurse. Yours is going to be Barbara, while I will be Missy's."

"Why Barbara?"

"Did you think you would be able to get away with what you did to her."

"You mean I only spend one week in diapers?"

"Certainly not. Until the end of the school year you'll be a baby 24/7. That means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

"What about school? How will I explain it to my friends?"

"You will wear your diapers to school, and you will use them. As a normal baby would. The principal and the school nurse have been informed due to a medical problem. You will have to wear diapers for awhile. So your class schedule has been change so that one of the two girls who have volunteered to be your diaper changer will be in the class. Barbara and Belinda will be the volunteers. That also means no gym class, or any after school activities.

"The only ways your friends will find out is. You let it slip, and make a mistake, or you do something you are forbidden to do. Then we will make it so you will go into your baby act right there in front of them."

"What about after school? And during the summer?"

"After school, you'll have to be home 40 minutes after the last bell. If you don't make it home in time, you'd had better ready to explain why you are acting like a 18 month old baby girl. At home you'll be allowed one hour for your homework. After that hour it will Chrissy time until the next school day. When your dad returns from camp. He will be little Missy right after he comes home from work.

"As for the summer. You'll be Chrissy when it is dark outside. No diapers during the day. Unless you misbehave. When school starts next year. Chrissy will appear only when she needs to."

"What about my sex drive? If I don't have that, you can plan on no grand children."

"That will be fixed the day of your marriage. This way there won't be unplanned children."

"Will you tell my wife about all of this?"

"Only if you want us to, or if we find out you are not treating her the way you are suppose too."

"You mean like a goddess?"

"No with respect, and as an equal. Now we need to get ready for the trip to diaper camp. Chrissy went poo poo, Chrissy went poo poo."



Missy tried only once to break the hypnotic suggestion. After what happened after that, he never tried again.

Missy tried to consult with a doctor about breaking a hypnotic suggestion. Betty found out about this.

The very next day at lunch. After Helen had finished feeding Missy. The company's office gossip happened to walk into Missy's office. Helen was changing Missy's messy diaper at this time. Within ten minutes the whole company found out what was going on behind close doors.

No more problems from Missy.


As for Chrissy. She finished her punishment without anybody finding out her secret.

A funny thing happened though. At the beginning of school, Chris asked his mom if he could become Chrissy, one weekend a month. Betty didn't mind this one bit.

Chris did marry during the summer after he graduated from college. He didn't have to tell his wife about being put on diapers, she already knew. Cause he married Barbara. As with his mom, Chris becomes Chrissy one weekend a month. This arrangement is about to change. The happy couple is expecting a baby girl in two months.



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