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I wanted to write a story about a client that didn’t pay for the services she received and about her sleazy lawyer.
WHC = Women’s Help Corporation From Maggie Fights Back.


WHC- The Sleazy Lawyer and his Deadbeat Client   by: Jennifer Allison


The director of WHC, Lesley Smyth was sitting at her desk. Lesley was going over the account receivable and noticed that a payment was a week overdue. Lesley had had a hectic week or she would noticed it earlier.

"I better call Mrs. Perkins and remind her," Lesley said to herself. But before Lesley could pick up the phone. The intercom buzzed. "Yes, Melanie, what is it?"

"Ms. Smyth, there is a R. W. Duncan out here, he is wishing to talk to you. He says he represents Ms. Perkins."

"Send him in. Ask him if he would like a cup of coffee, and could you bring me one, please."

Lesley got up from her desk to meet R. W. Duncan at the door.

After a few pleasantries. "Thank you, Ms. Smyth for seeing me at such short notice."

"No problem. I was about to call your client to remind her about the payment that is overdue."

"That is why I am here." R. W. reached into his brief case and handed Lesley a check.

Lesley came up short when she got a look at the amount of the check. It was only 1/10th of what was owed. The agreement between WHC and Ms. Perkins was that six months after the service was provided the total amount would be paid.

"Mr. Duncan. This is not the agreed price. It is only 1/10th of what is due. Where is the rest of it?"

"That is why Ms. Perkins sent me in her place. Ms. Perkins feels the amount she paid is a fair price for what she has received. She feels that she shouldn’t have to pay for some one else."

"We have a contract."

"Verbal contract, no court will even hear your case. Even if you get a judge to sit on your case. Do you really want to go on the witness stand? If I ever get you on the stand everything that goes on here will brought out in the open. Thelma has never told me what service you provided. But has sort of hinted that you wouldn’t want the world to know about."

"You can tell Ms. Perkins she won’t get away with this."

"She can and she will. There is nothing you can do. If I see you or any person who works for WHC go near Ms. Perkins I will open an envelope. Ms. Perkins says there is enough in it to blow the roof off this place.

"So my suggestion is. To just write it off."

R. W. got up and left before Lesley could say something else. He had a very big smile on his face. Thinking to himself, Hehehe. I put another bitch in her rightful place.

A moment later, Lesley had one of the WHC private investigators on the line. "Sharon, this Lesley at WHC. We have a problem. A client has finally reneged on a contract."

"Which one? Ms. Perkins right. When I worked on that case. I had a feeling something wasn’t right."

"You must be a mind reader. She didn’t have enough nerve to come herself, she sent her sleazy lawyer. A R. W. Duncan with a check for 1/10th of what she owes. From what the lawyer told me. There won’t be any more coming."

"Lesley you have a way of putting the right name to most people. If you look up sleaze ball in the dictionary. You’ll find R. W. Duncan’s picture next to it, as an example. My office has been looking into his activities, for a lawyer client of ours. You wouldn’t believe what we have found out about him."

"Does this lawyer know us and the service we provide?"

"Yes, she does know. But we have never discussed the matter."

"Have you made your report yet. I would like you to tell her that WHC would like to help. If her client needs it."

"I’ll talk to her, from what we have found and from what the lawyer already knows. Her client is up the creek without a paddle, doesn’t even have a canoe. I can’t go into any details with you unless the lawyer gives the okay."

The next day, Sharon was waiting for Lesley in the outer office, when she arrived for work.

"I see the lawyer gave you the okay.’

"She did, she also said she doesn’t want to be involved in this. But she sees no other option for her client."

"So what did you find out about lawyer Duncan?"

"Let me go in details.

"1) He married his wife to get his nose inside her dad’s law firm. When the old man died unexpectedly. He just took over.

"2) He told one of his friends before the wedding. That he would be cheating on his wife in a month after the wedding. He held himself back, until two months after the wedding. He found a girlfriend.

"3) Before the marriage, his wife told him she wanted children, at least four of them. He agreed to this. One month before the marriage. He had himself fixed so wouldn’t have any children. Now he is blaming his wife for not having children, but he won’t agree to do any of the new procedures to help them in the matter. To make him have kids later when he wants them. He has made a deposit in a sperm bank."

"4) He has his wife’s money so tied up in knots. If there is a divorce or death, she won’t get a penny. The only way is if he is incapacitated in some way. Stroke or the like, where he can’t handle his own affairs.

"5) Which I think will interest you the most. His present girlfriend is your Ms. Perkins."

"So I see a conflict of interest. Has the WHC information folder been passed on to Ms. Duncan?"

"Yes, she is meeting with lawyer, as we are talking here."

"Will she be informed of all the info you just gave me."

"Yes, her lawyer thinks you’ll be receiving a phone call, before the day is out."

"That is good. Now we need to find Ms. Perkins. You can bet Mr. Duncan won’t tell us."

"He might not tell us, but he might lead us to her."

"Can you do it?"

"Yes! He is probably thinking he will be followed. So I think I will do mind working of my own. What I am going to do. Have both Chris and myself follow him. While Chris makes a very bad job of it. Making sure he sees her, and then letting him escape. While I am sticking with him like a fly to flypaper. So he will be over confident and lead me right to her."

"Just do it. But don’t lose her after you find her. It will take awhile to setup what I have planned for them," Lesley said, with a mischievous grinned on her face, Lesley watched Sharon leave. Lesley rushed out of her office to catch Sharon. She asked, "do you know what sperm bank he used."


"That even better."

Lesley didn’t have to wait very long, twenty minutes to be exact. An appointment was made for Ms. Duncan for that very morning.

An hour later Vanessa Duncan was in Lesley’s office. After a few pleasantries. Lesley got down to business. "I know you have read about WHC, Vanessa. Do you have any questions?"

"Does this hypnosis really work?"

"Yes, it does. We do it so there is no chance of reversing it."

"From what I have read. You will make adjustments according to what your client wants. I don’t really know what I want."

"I do have a few suggestions," replied Lesley. "I have two questions, right off the bat. How much do you want a child and if it is R. W.’s child you want."

"I want a child more than anything, even all the money in the world would mean less for me. I do want R. W.’s child, I can’t explain it, but it his child I want."

"Then I think what I have in mind will be just you want."

After explaining her idea. All Vanessa could do was say "WOW! That would the most wonderful thing you could do."

"Will you want R. W. to know what is going on?"

"Yes! I do, but I want to be able to change it if I change my mind."

"No problem, we can work that out."

"What about Thelma Perkins?"

"I also have some plans for your husband’s slut, too. This is what I have in plan for her."

"Heheheheheh!!!!" was all that Vanessa could do.

For the next couple hours Lesley and Vanessa worked out a plan for Thelma and R. W. Lets say the two of them would wish for death a million times before it came.

Before Vanessa left the office she had made an appointment with the WHC doctor.

"Why can’t I use my own doctor?"

"Because, ours will know exactly what we have in mind. She won’t have to worry about what your husband will think and do. The only thing that matters to her is you,"

It took eight weeks to setup everything. When they decided to move. They had no trouble finding Thelma. R. W. was so set in his ways, Sharon didn’t even have to keep tabs on her.

The capture of R. W. and Thelma took place on a Friday night. It seemed they decided to do a little drinking. At midnight they called a cab. Neither one of them were sober enough to drive.

The taxi was driven by an employee of WHC. R. W. and Thelma were so drunk neither noticed that were dropped off at WHC instead of Thelma’s apartment.

Lesley decided to wait until Sunday to begin the programming. Taking no chances with alcohol in their system.

Sunday night, Vanessa called her husband’s secretary, to tell he wouldn’t be in the office until at least Thursday.

"That is no problem he has nothing that can’t be handled by another lawyer. I hope there isn’t something wrong?"

"No! He’s just not feeling well. He figures a couple days off, will make him as good as new."

"Call me if he needs any help."

"Don’t worry I have everything under control."

That Wednesday, Vanessa picked R. W. up. She asked Lesley. "Is everything set, for eight-thirty tomorrow morning? His law office usually has a morning staff meeting. Like that LA Law show on TV."

"It is all set. You won’t have to do anything."

"Does he remember anything about the last five days?’

"All that he remembers. Is that he has been sick and you have been taking care of him. Don’t worry, everything will work perfectly."

The next morning R. W. went off to his office like he did most of the time.

"I’m glad I got over that flu. I don’t remember ever being as sick as that," R. W. said to himself. "I had better call Thelma and see how she is doing. I remember dropping her off at her apartment. I don’t remember anything after that night."

R. W. said good morning to Ms. Holder his secretary, after taking his messages. "Barb, I will going thru these after the staff meeting. So get your dialing finger warmed up."

The staff meeting started at 8:30. At 8:35 R. W. got up from his chair. To say something.

When he realized everybody was looking at his pants not at him. When he looked down he found out why. He had just wet his pants. Before he could say something. He did something he thought he would never do in his life again. He crapped in his pants. Not like a person who had been sick. But he scrunched his face and took a crap like a baby would in their diaper.

When he tried to say something. All that came was baby talk. His fellow lawyers watched as he fell to the floor. Unable to stand he started crawling. All the time this was going on. He kept screaming. "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!" But no one heard him.

Within minutes the paramedics arrived. The senior partner called Vanessa. She was on the way to the Hospital, within minutes, as a dutiful wife would.

After sitting in the hospital waiting room for three hours the doctor finally told her what she had known all along.

"I’m sorry Ms. Duncan. We don’t know what happen to your husband. But it seems his mind has regressed itself to that of a one year-old baby."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes we are, over the last three hours we ran every test in the book, and a few more my staff and I came up with. It seems your husband has a mind of a toddler in a grown-up’s body."

"Is there anything we can for him? Anything?"

"We are doing a lot more tests, but I don’t think they will show us anything. If you asked me to give you odds if he will come back to normal I would say 75-25 %."

"75% he will come back."

"No, to that he won’t come back."

"What can I do?"

"You can take care of him. Or put him a special home that handles difficult cases like this. They aren’t cheap, though." Replied the doctor.

"Money is no object. I want you to do everything you can possibly come up with and more. Leave no stone unturned."

"Yes ma’am."

Two weeks later. The doctor after exhausting every possibility gave up. "There is nothing physically wrong with your husband. We even brought in shrink in as a consultant. But he was unable to uncloud the issue.

"I think it best you take him or put him in a care home."

"Yes, I think it is best we put him in a care facility. You see I won’t be able to take care of him. In 7 months I will busy with someone else."

"Already." exclaimed the Doctor.

"You miss understood me," patting her belly. "You see I just found out I’m pregnant. We had sex just about two months ago. I guess it must have been a miracle. It worked out just perfect."

"Congratulations, you can have your husband transferred anytime."

"Doctor I know you have tried everything. But I think the doctor at the care home should handle my husband’s case. Could you please let me have his records, test results and such, ready for me."

That afternoon R. W. Duncan was picked up by Forest Home Care Home. If anybody had looked at the ownership papers of the home they would find that it was owned by WHC.

They made one stop before the Forest Home Care Home. R. W. needed to stop and see his girlfriend for one last time.

Vanessa was in the van with R. W. She told him this.

"R. W., I know you can understand me. In a few minutes everything will become crystal clear."

For the first time R. W. realized someone actually knew down deep he was still in his body. Crying to get out. He hadn’t stopped crying since the staff meeting. He cried every time they ran a test and found nothing. Every time they had to feed him by a bottle. Every time they had to change his diaper. He cried, but no one heard his cries.

R. W. recognized the building as they drove up. He started crying immediately. "No harm will come to you here, R. W. You have already finished your treatment. Your little slut Thelma is going home today and we figured you’d like to say good bye to each other"

Lesley met them at the door. As they were lead into a private room. Lesley said this to R. W. "In our first meeting you told me to just write off the amount your girlfriend owed. We don’t write off debts here. Our customers pay for our services one way or another."

In a private room R. W. was placed in a chair, his legs and arms were secured.

"We don’t want our little baby to get all excited and do something where he could get hurt, do we."

Vanessa repeated these words. "R. W. is a sleaze ball, R. W. is a sleaze ball!"

After spitting out his pacifier. Which he had been sucking on in his waking moments since the staff meeting. "What have you done to me bitch?"

"I have given you a mind of a baby. Since you wouldn’t give me one. I made you one. I found out about your little operation right before our wedding. You knew how much I wanted to be a mother. I am also grateful you waited two months instead of the one month before you started cheating on me, as you told Ben."

"Looks like I might lose but you’ll still lose. By the stipulations in your father’s will. You can’t divorce me. And any child you bear has to be mine. Heheheheh."

"That is true. But I still don’t see a problem. You see we found out where you made your deposit at the sperm bank. Two months ago I made a withdrawal. The doctor has confirmed that I am seven week pregnant with your child. This will be your only child, it seemed there was an accident at the sperm bank. The only sperm that was effected was yours and it had to be thrown out."

"What happened to me? Why do I act like a baby on the outside? But I know everything that is going on."

"This is what WHC does. With the use of Hypnosis, they change everything around. This is what your slut didn’t tell you. The stuff you so smugly said would blow the roof off the place.

"The changes they made in you, is that you now have a mind of a toddler. Don’t plan on it changing. In a few minutes you won’t even remember you were ever a grown-up."

"Why a baby, why didn’t you just kill me?"

"Did you forget how you set up my money matters. If anything happens to you, other than your incapacitation. I lose everything. So you will be still around but unable to handle you own affairs. So I guess it is all mine again."

"PLEASE!!!! Don’t do this to me. PLEASE!!!" begged R W. "Change me back. I will just walk away. You won’t ever see me again."

"How can I trust you. You have lied to me since before our marriage and every day since. I also figure if I did change you back, you’ll come back and take your revenge. So now I know exactly where you are and what you are doing, without you ever returning to my life. The Forest Home Care Home is owned by WHC, and you’ll be receiving reinforcing of the hypnotic suggestions for your natural life. I hope you have enjoyed the bottles, diapers and crawling around on the floor, cause that is all you can look forward to."

"I promise you this Vanessa, I will get back at you some how, some way. You’ll pay for every diaper I have to wear and every bottle of milk I drink."

"I have only four words to say to your threats R. W. ‘Hush Baby, Hush Baby." R. W. soon found out, all he could say was baby talk.

Then Vanessa starting dressing her husband in adult size baby clothes. They were made for a grown-up, but they looked like what a baby would wear. "I want you looking your best when you say good-bye to your slut.

"I have to leave for a few minutes, my little baby. Lesley is about to tell your slut her punishment. I want to see the look on the slut’s face when she does. Don’t worry you’ll have your chance to say good-bye."

As Vanessa left the room she noticed R. W.’s pacifier which he spit out earlier. So she put it back in his mouth.

Two doors down from R. W. We find Thelma Perkins. If R. W. saw her on the street he wouldn’t have recognized her.

Thelma was still in the hypnotic trance as Lesley walked in the room.

Lesley said these words, "Thelma is a slut, Thelma is a slut."

As Thelma woke she asked. "What happened? Where am I?"

When Thelma recognized Lesley. She got her answers, and she had one more. "Lesley, what did you do to me?"

"We decided to collect the rest of the money you owe us."

"All you had to do was, come an ask me for it. You see I was planning on paying the rest off. But my lawyer made it so I couldn’t."

"Your lawyer is R. W. Duncan, right. It seems strange to me. If you were planning to pay off your debt that you would be transferring all you money and assets to Swiss banks and Off Shore accounts."

"It was all R. W.’s idea. He made me do."

"Well we won’t worry about that anymore. You see Thelma, with the help of his wife. We have given your boyfriend/lawyer our special kind of treatment. So if you are planning on him getting you out of this. He can’t even get help himself."

"What did you do to him?"

"Don’t worry your little head about him. We planned on introducing the two of you to each other, before we have both of you moved to your new homes."

"What new homes?’

"You see Thelma both you and R. W. will need special care that neither one of you can provide by yourself. Don’t worry we have had your funds transferred back into Vanessa’s hands. She has arranged for your needs to be taken care for the rest of your life. With a little left over for you to play with."

"So we come to the big QUESTION! What in the hell did you do to me?"

"All we did was take a few things away and added a few others."

"I want to see myself."

"Okay, ‘Thelma take a look, Thelma take a look."

Thelma turned towards the mirror, almost stumbling as she tried to walk over to it. As she show her new self for the first time. Thelma went hysterical, she was crying shouting and blabbing for ten solid minutes. Lesley just turned off the volume so she didn’t have to listen to it.

As Thelma finally calmed down, Lesley turned the volume back on, and asked.

"How do you like the new Thelma Perkins?"

Before the WHC treatment Thelma Perkins had a figure of 36-24-38, her weight was 120 pounds with a face of a model. Hair that any girl in the world would dream of. But not anymore.

The new Thelma. Her weight was now close to 180 pounds, and most of the extra weight had gone to her hips and waist. Her face was old and wrinkled. Her hair was now gray and very thin, so thin you could see bald spots.

What WHC did to Thelma Perkins was turn her into an 80 year-old woman. With all the pains and pleasures to go with it. The reason Thelma had trouble walking earlier was because she had to have a walker to get around with.

"Why did you do this to me. Anything else but this."

"I figured out, what would the worst thing I could do to you. Making you old and decrepted is what I came up with."

"Please change me back, PLEASE!"

"You know the rules. Once a change has been made, you can’t go it back."

"What will happen to me now?"

"You’ll be taken to a home for the elderly, where you’ll live out the rest of your life. The home is also owned by WHC. So we will be keeping an eye on you. All your needs at the home will be provided for. There will be a little left over for you to play with. What Vanessa and I came up with. You will get the average amount that a senior citizen has left over after everything else is taken out. Not enough to get in trouble with, but enough so you can have a few dollars in your purse."

"I’ll fight you. I will come back and make you pay for this."

"You mean by that envelope. We found it six weeks ago, and we burned it. You forgot something. With our system, in a few minutes you will become Thelma Perkins an 80 year-old woman. You will remember a few things of your past life, but not enough to cause any trouble. The stuff you will remember, other people will think it is from the ravelings of a lunatic."

"Why couldn’t you just come to me. We could have worked something out."

"There were two main reasons why we couldn’t. 1) When you agreed to our service. I explained to you why you paid more than some of the others. So that those who can’t afford it, will get the help they need. What your reply was, you didn’t care if someone else needed our service, but you wouldn’t help them. 2) What you did to Vanessa Duncan. She deserved more than what you and her sleazy husband did to her."

A look of defeat came over Thelma’s face. She then asked. "What did you do to R. W.?"

"Would you like to see R. W. I think we did one of the most interesting treatments on him."


An utter look of shock came over Thelma’s face as R. W. was wheeled into the room. In all of his babyish glory.

"My gosh, what did you do to him."

"The exact opposite of what we did to you. He will have the mind of a toddler."

Thelma went over to R. W. and started hugging and kissing and crying. During all this time, R. W. had a look of ‘What’s happening.’

"At his present state he doesn’t even recognize you. Time for the two of you to say good-bye. ‘R. W. is a sleaze ball, R. W. is a sleaze ball.’"

When R. W. got his first real look at the new Thelma. He tried to get away from this wicked aberration before him.

"You can’t be my Thelma. She is young and beautiful. You are old and ugly."

"I am Thelma. This is what WHC did to me. You told me and told me that they couldn’t do anything. So how do like their anything. I am now 80 and you are now 1."

"Please change us back. We’ll give all the money. We’ll leave the country. BUT PLEASE CHANGE US BACK!"

"Sorry no can do. R. W., what you did to your wife was despicable. When we made our deal with you Thelma. We warned you then. Not to mess with us over the payment. As for your money that you have squirreled away. You don’t have two pennies to rub together. Vanessa’s money has been transferred to her accounts. The rest of it has been donated to help battered women all over the world. WHC got only the amount owed. Everything else was donated."

"Is there any chance at all, that you’ll change us back," asked R. W.

"In your case R. W. a very, very small one. In five years. If Vanessa decides to do it. You’ll be allowed to become an adult again. But under three conditions.

1) You will have to become a complete woman. I mean a woman in every way.

2) Your IQ will be lowered to below 80.

3) You’ll be moved to another country. With no memory of your past life.

Will you accept these conditions? This will be your only chance."

"I would rather be a low IQ woman than a baby any day."

"As for Thelma, no chance at all.

"I think it is time for your last good byes. We’ll leave and give the two of you a few minutes alone."

Ten minutes later as R. W. was wheeled out of the room he heard these words. ‘R. W. is finally a baby, R. W. is finally a baby.’ R. W. slipped into a trance.

Thelma heard these word, "Thelma is a witch, Thelma is a witch.’

Let’s look ahead a few years. Vanessa decided to let R. W. grow up. His body and brain now match but she has an IQ of 75. R. W. was given a new life in Australia. With no memory of what happened in his past life.

Four years after saying good bye to R.W., Thelma had a stroke. Even if the WHC could change her back. It was physically impossible to do, with all the damage done by the stroke.

Seven months later Vanessa delivered a bouncing baby girl. She named her Lesley.



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