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Most of my WHC stories have dealt with cheating abusing husbands and their mistresses. And what happens when WHC steps in to help.

The following story come from something from real life. A friend of mine was hit in the face with a metal object by his ex-wife. The police and the law did very little to help my friend.

So I thought what kind of story could I come with when a man came to WHC and asked for their help.


WHC- Equal Opportunity for Both Sexes           by: Jennifer Allison


"Lesley, here is that info you asked for on Clive Vander Wal. He is just a wife-abusing husband. He hasn’t cheated on her or beaten his kids, he just likes beating his wife when he wants to." reported Sharon. One of the private eyes, employed by the Woman’s Help Corp.

"What about Barbara Vander Wal. Does she want to continue with the marriage or what?’ asked Lesley, the owner and coordinator of WHC.

"Barbara doesn’t want a divorce, Clive has promised a very messy one if she ever filed for it, Barbara doesn’t want to put her kids through that. Even if she won, she would lose. Clive has friends in the courts. Barbara can count on losing the custody of the kids."

"Has the information about WHC been passed on to her. Maybe we can work something out."

"Yes it has."

"Is there anything else?"

"Yes there is. Another lawyer client of mine has a client with a problem. The client who needs help is unusual. He is man, who gets repeatedly beaten by his wife."

"You are right, it is unusual but it happens. Try to get help for an abused wife is hard, but for an abused husband, help is non existent. Has the lawyer looked at everything possible."

"Yes he has. The wife’s brother is the chief of police. So he uses his power to protect her. The last time the husband complained about the beatings. He was thrown into jail on a trumped up charge and then before his lawyer could get him out. He was sexually assaulted, by another inmate.

"When he left the jail. He was informed that this would be his treatment if he says anything else about his wife. His reply was, ‘You can’t get away with this.’ Theirs was, ‘Oh yes we can. If we can get away with what we did to Jo-Jo Johnson. What can anybody else do.’"

Jo-Jo Johnson was a black teenager who was beaten to death in jail. Everybody knew the police did it, but there was no proof.

The rumor going around is that any black person had better not get arrested, if they did? They can count on getting beaten up or worse in jail. Not by the other inmates, but by the police. It seems the Police Chief has something against the colored.

"So he has calmly went back to his wife, and the beatings have gotten worse. His stepson has started joining his mother in the beatings. The son is an All-American boy. In his mom’s eyes he can’t do nothing wrong, and his uncle makes sure that nobody says any different.

"So what else does the step-son do?"

"His likes to use the services of Madam Olga escort service. As part of the payoff to keep the police off her back the boy gets whatever he wants. He is into the rough stuff, the last three girls he had ended up in the Emergency room. If Olga stops sending girls over the uncle will shut her down and them make sure she stays out of the escort service for good."

"It looks like we could have four clients. The husband, Barbara, the Johnsons and Madam Olga, could you make sure our informational booklet gets into each of their hands. I have some ideas running through my head. It will depend on what Barbara and James want."

Within three days, Barbara Vander Wal, James Wilson, the Johnsons and Madam Olga had called and made an appointment.

The first to arrive was Barbara.

After the pleasantries were gotten out of the way.

Barbara got to the issue. "I really don’t want to hurt Clive. I want out of this marriage, but I want him around for the sake of my kids. So I really don’t see how you help me. In most of your cases, you turn men into women and then did something to them. Then with hypnosis you made them forget everything else. I want Clive to be around but not around me. I do want him to pay somewhat for the beatings he has given me"

"I understand, you want him to stop beating you. But you also still love him, but not enough to stay married to him. I can work within these parameters. What I have in mind. Use hypnosis to stop him from beating you, also getting to agree to an amenable divorce.

"Is that okay with you?"

"I agree, as long as I don’t have to explain to my kids why their dad is now wearing a dress."

"He will stay Clive Vander Wal. What I have planned if everything will fall into place is this."

Lesley went and explained her plan. "This plan will take a while to set up."

"Do you think Mr. Wilson will agree to this?"

"Yes I do. He loves his wife just like you love your husband.

"The first thing we will do is stop the beatings."

James Wilson was a little scared as he walked into Lesley’s office.

"Hi, I am Lesley Smyth. I am the owner and manager of the WHC.

"Hi, I am James Wilson," said James.

"Don’t be afraid, we are here to help you."

"From the booklet I’ve read, most of the work you have done are with men. I don’t want to end in a dress."

"Don’t worry, that’s not the plan. We do help those who need it regardless of their sex. But as in most cases. It is a woman that needs our help more than a man. But we do a few cases where it is the husband who needs the help. Like in your case."

"I understand, more now than I did before. My wife has put me through a living hell. I don’t know why but I still love her. I just can’t stand living with her anymore. With her brother the Chief of Police. He has informed me if I even see a lawyer about a divorce. I will be rearrested and it will take a week before my lawyer could get me out. I can’t go through that again."

"If what I have in mind works out. There will not be a problem with your wife, step-son or your brother-in-law."

Lesley went into more detail.

All James could say was. "Can you really do that?"

"My client with the abusive husband wants out of her marriage. But she doesn’t want anything done to her husband. She wants him to around for the kids. I figure you just want your wife to see what it is like on the other side of the coin right."

"No, I don’t want nothing strange to happen to her."

"The first thing we have got to do is stop the beatings."

Thirty minutes later James Wilson left WHC feeling a lot better than when he had arrived.

The next to arrive was the Johnsons.

Nathan Johnson kept asking his wife. "Why are we coming here? Woman’s Help Corp. It sounds like they only help women. I want to get to my friends. They working on the plans for getting back at the police."

Valeria Johnson looked at her husband. "I don’t know what the WHC can do for us. From the booklet that both you and I have read. They can do something that we can’t get away with. As for your meeting I hope you and your friend know what you are getting into. I have lost my only child. I don’t want to lose my husband too.

"So why you just be quiet and listen to what they say."

As the Johnsons were escorted into Lesley’s office.

Lesley started the conversation. "I know both of you are a little confused. Let me say, we are here to help. You and I want the same thing. To make the Chief of Police pay for what he did to your son."

"How can you help? You are not a lawyer, or some one important. As far as I know no one knowa about the WHC."

"That is the way we like it. The fewer people who knows what we do the better. We help people who have no other way to go. A battered wife, whose husband has a friend in the courts. So no one believes her, when she complains. Another whose husband promised her kids, but a month before the wedding, had himself fixed so he couldn’t have any. Then he brags that he will be cheating on his wife one month after the wedding, he waited two months.

"What I have in mind is better than what you Mr. Johnson and your friends have in mind. A riot will only hurt everybody, especially you and your friends. My contact in the police has told me that, the police know all about it. They even have a copy of your plan of operation. Even if you got the riot started the police will have you and your friend locked up before it is five minutes old. What do think the police will do to you."

"What are we supposed to do? Just roll over and let the police kill our kids." asked Nathan.

"The police are not the criminal in this. The Chief of Police is the culprit. My connection with the police told me. That it was the Chief that beat your son to death. They also told me, there is no way the police will report the Chief. It is the Blue Wall of Silence."

"If my husband’s friends can’t help us. The police won’t help. How can you."

"Here is what I have in mind."

After explaining her plan.

Nathan couldn’t stop laughing. "I love it. But I know you can’t get away with."

"Oh! yes we can. Six months ago we had a wife who was beaten mentally by her husband who wanted a divorce. His girlfriend wanted him to marry her. Do you know where the husband and his mistress are now? They live in Tijuana. The mistress works as a whore, her boyfriend works as the cleaning lady and sometime whore. We turned the husband into a 38 year-old Mexican woman with an 18 year-old daughter. Neither of them have memories of their past lives. If we can do that to two people, one person will be a piece of cake."

Valeria looked at her husband. "Let’s do it your way. I think your solution is marvelous. By turning him into something he hates the most."

"I should warn you before hand. Our service is very private. We choose are own clients. Don’t pass the information about us on to someone else. After you see what we can do. Do you really want to piss WHC off? If you know someone who could use our service. Contact us, then we will check everything out. We then will decide to help or not.

"Do you understand and except these conditions?"

"Yes! We both do," said Valeria.

"I need to hear it from both of you."

"I agree, as long as the SOB pays for what he has done."

"OK, give us time. At least six months. Don’t do anything rash. Like what you and your friends are planning. What I suggest to you is to get a hold of everybody and tell them that you have found out that the police onto your plans, and you decided to drop it for now."

"Why six months, I figure you can do it faster."

"We can, but you are not the only ones who are hurting in this deal. I won’t say who and what we have planned. So when push comes to shove, you don’t know about anything else planned."

Lesley and the Johnsons talked for another ten minutes.

"I have one request. I want to be here when that SOB is told what happened to him. Actually I want to be the one who tells him."

"No problem with that. On one condition. You will cause no trouble between now and then. I mean not even a speeding ticket. Understand me?"

"Yes I do. I accept that condition."

Nathan Johnson left WHC a very happy man.

Madam Olga came next. Lesley and Doris (Madam Olga’s real name) had known each other for years. Doris is the one who helped send Juanita and Maria (from Maggie Fights Back) to a whore house in Tijuana.

"Hi Lesley, what’s up. You need my help with a couple men who need to work as whores for awhile."

"No Doris, I think I can help you. I hear Richard Fritzpatrick is one of your customers."

"I wish he wasn’t. None of my girls want to go near him. Three of the last five I sent over ended up in the ER. He likes to play rough. The only reason he is still a customer is his uncle. If I don’t serve his nephew he shuts me down for good."

"That is what I hear. How would like for the WHC to work its magic on both the uncle and nephew."

"What have you on your devilish mind Lesley. I hope it is something outrageous."

"It is, and here it is."

A few minutes later, Doris exclaimed. "I know just the place. You want weird, this place specializes in weird."

The capture of the four, Judith Wilson, Richard and William Fritzpatrick and Clive Vander Wal was set for the following weekend.

Clive was easy, Barbara slipped a Mickey Finn into his bourbon. Within minutes Clive was on his way to WHC.

It was at Sunday dinner where the other three were captured. James added the Mickey Finn to their food. So as not to make it look strange he even Mickey Finned himself.

As the four were under going their treatment. The other part in Lesley plans was put into motion.

Four days later, both Judith and Clive were leaving WHC. The both of them. In their own minds, they had just enjoyed a vacation in a health Spa. They ran into each other in the waiting room. Within minutes Clive asked Judith for a date. "I don’t care if you are married. I want to take you out. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘My wife is married but I am not.’"

Their first date was for the next day. As their relationship went they saw each other at least four days a week. It was on their second date that they ended up in a Motel room.

A month later, both asked their respective spouse for a divorce. Just as Lesley had planned.

Two months after their divorces became final, Clive and Judith were married.

By this time, both Richard and William had already started their new jobs.

One year to the day they first entered WHC. Clive and Judith returned. Also present in the Building were Richard and William, the Johnsons, Barbara, James and Madam Olga and a few of girls. The ones Richard had sent to the ER.

Lesley met Judith and Clive in the waiting room.

Clive spoke first. "I don’t know why we are here. It seems for some reason my wife and I had to come here. There was nothing that we could do to stop us from coming."

"I can tell you why. The two of you were programmed to show up one year to the day after your last visit. This is that date. Do you also remember what the date is?"

"It is the first anniversary of the first time I met Clive. This must be that health Spa we attended."

"We aren’t a health spa. WHC helps people with problems. Mostly we help wives with abusing husbands or in your case Judith, husband being abused by his wife."

"How do you help?" asked Clive.

"Using hypnosis, we make changes in a person. Like in both your cases. We programmed you both to meet each other, have an affair, fall in love. Then we had you both ask for a divorce. Then marry each other."

"What is wrong with that?"

"You have had your fun for a year. In a few minutes, the love in your marriage will go away. Both of you will be stuck in a loveless marriage, unable to get out of it. We programmed both of you not to ever file for a divorce or even murder your spouse. For the next twenty years or so you’ll be stuck with each other."

"Why, we didn’t do nothing," both Judith and Clive said.

"Both of you abused your spouse. You Judith even had your husband arrested where he was raped in jail.

"I forgot to tell you. The two of you will start abusing each other tonight. Something to looked forward too."

"You can’t get away with this. I called my brother. He is the Chief of Police, and he’ll take care everything."

"OH! I am so afraid. Your brother hasn’t been Chief of Police for a year. He resigned one year ago tomorrow. We programmed you, Judith to not even notice. You didn’t even notice that Richard hasn’t been around either."

"What did you do to them?"

"We had made quite a few changes in their lives. Would you like to see them now."

"What if I just walked over and hit you in the face," asked Clive.

"Your programming will make it so you only hit your wife. She is the only person you’ll ever hit again."

"Let me see my brother and son."

"Follow me."

They followed Lesley to the partitioned rooms. So there wouldn’t be a problem. Judith saw her brother sitting down in a wooden chair. She didn’t see any physical changes.

"What did you do him? I don’t see any changes."

"You wouldn’t unless we let you. I can see the changes."

Judith finally noticed the other two people in the room. She thought she recognized them, but couldn’t place them.

"You remember the Johnsons. It was their boy your brother beat to death. Mr. Johnson wanted to be the one who made your brother aware of his new life."

Nathan asked. "Does he know what has happened to him? From here he looks perfect. You did excellent job on him."

"No, he doesn’t realize anything. As far as he is concerned it is a year ago. Nathan, you asked for the right to tell him his punishment, remember. You have kept your promise to stay out of trouble. I am keeping mine. He is all yours. Use the phrase, ‘Hey Chief, Hey Chief’. That activated his old memories, but not the ones of the last year."

"What do you mean?" Asked Judith.

"Your brother has been living in a trance for the last year. With only those memories we supplied him. Today he’ll remember what he was and what he is now and what he has done over the last year."

"Hey Chief, Hey Chief," said Nathan.

A confused look came over the face of the ex-chief. "Where am I, what has happened?"

"Chief do you remember me?" asked Nathan.

"You’re the father of that punk kid, I beat up in jail. Why are you behind that glass, why don’t come out here and face me face to face."

"It is for your own protection. I might just kill you, I don’t want to do that. I want you live out the rest of your new life. I don’t want to shorten it by one minute."

"What new life?"

"The new life you have been living for the last year."

"I am still confused. I am the Chief of Police, what are you talking about?"

"You haven’t been Chief for a year. Not since you resigned."

"Resigned, why would I do that?"

"For the good of the department. That’s what was written in the letter."

"For a year, what have I done since then?"

"Would you like to see?"

"Yes I would."

"Turn and face the full length mirror." As he turned Nathan said these words "Wilma is a maid, Wilma is a maid."

The chief started screaming as he finally got a look at his new self. A black woman in a maid’s uniform. The chief screamed for ten minutes. When he finally calmed down a little. Nathan continued. "With the hypnosis we turned you into your worse nightmare. You’re on record for hating women and blacks. So we just turned you into what you hated most."

"Turn me back, please."

"We can’t. If you feel between your legs, you’ll find out that you are a complete woman."

As he felt down between his legs, he started screaming again.

As this was going on Judith finally saw what had happen to her brother.

"You can’t do that to him. The first chance he gets he will kill himself."

"No he won’t, we programmed him so that he can’t."

"What did he do that was so wrong?"

"He killed Jo-Jo Johnson, for one thing. Another, we found out that he raped every black woman prisoner that ever spent a night in his jail."

As the screaming stopped.

Nathan went on. "Wilma is a slut, Wilma is a slut."

The chief started screaming again. The chief finally realized what he has been doing for the last year.

"For the last ten months he has been a maid for a black family in the South. He has been forced to do sexual favors for the master of the house or one his friends. There has been over fifty guests in Wilma’s bedroom during this time." Judith was told.

"Would you like to see your son?" asked Lesley.

"Yes, Please."

There was no hiding behind hypnotic suggestion with Robert. Judith saw what he had become.

A woman of the evening, a hooker.

She was wearing a mini skirt so short you could almost see her panties even when standing up. The blouse she wore was just barely large enough to contain her 46 inch breasts. Her face was heavily made up. As she strolled around the room on her six inch heels. Judith noticed she had no problems walking.

"You did this to my son?"

"He used to like playing some unfriendly games with some of the ladies of the evening around town. He even put three of them in the ER. So they thought he should find out what it is like to be a hooker."

"You mean he is hooker here in town?"

"No, she does her tricks in another state."

Lesley went over the intercom and spoke these words, "A trick for Trixie, A trick for Trixie."

A look of recognition came over Trixie’s face as she saw her mom.

"Please make them stop. I can’t live the rest of my life like this."

"What kind of life is he talking about?" Judith turned to Lesley.

"Oh! She has earned a nickname in her new town. Anything for a trick Trixie. I do mean anything."

"Yes, I even had to have sex with a dig as all the other girls of the house watched.


"Sorry can’t do. You’ll work at your present job until Madam Olga and the three girls you put in the ER feel you have paid the price." With this Lesley said. "Trixie is done, Trixie is done."

A blank look came over Trixie’s face.

"What did you just do?" Asked Judith.

"I just activated his last hypnotic suggestion. He’ll remember everything he has done in the past but as far as he is concerned Robert doesn’t exist anymore. Only Trixie."

"What about me? What about William?’

"Wilma is on her way back to her new home. You’ll be leaving with Clive very shortly." Lesley said this as she lead Judith back to Clive.

As Judith rushed to her husband, she asked did you see what they did to my brother and son?"

"I did and don’t worry I will spend every penny I have to make them pay for what they did."

"Oh! One thing I forgot to tell you. The two of you are dead broke. That is the reason it took so long for us to tell you what we did. We took everything, your company, your home, your car, even all the furniture in your house belongs to someone else. The only things you own are the clothes on your back."

"Even if I am dead broke I still have friends in high places." said Clive.

"You mean all the judges. We fixed that, too. Each of your friends I mean every one of them has listen to a hypnotic tape. Every one of them hates your guts.

"You don’t have that kind of power."

"Why don’t you try someone. Try Judge Palmer, he was your roommate in college and you once saved his life."

When Clive got through to the Judge. All he received in return was ten minutes of solid cussing, ending in these words. "If you ever have the nerve to call me again, I will have you arrested and have the key thrown away."

"You see we have the power."

All Clive did was stare at the phone even after it was disconnected.

Lesley then spoke these words, "Clive and Judith are homeless, Clive and Judith are homeless."

With that they walked out the door of the WHC. To a life of living on the streets.

As a strange turn of events. Six months later. Barbara Vander Wal and James Wilson were married.

Another strange turn of events. On the next election day, Nathan Johnson was elected as a City Commissioner. On the ticket calling for a better police department..



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