Crystal's StorySite


The Website
by: Pink Mia


It was the best webpage I’d ever found.

I’ll explain. I was a very feminine man who had managed to stay away from his more womanly urges for the majority of my 26 years and had even gone so far away from my feminine side that I’d gotten a girlfriend that didn’t know anything about my hidden fetishes. Her name was Monica and mine was Mark, although after I found the website I know myself as Mia.

I logged onto the site on a Wednesday morning. Monica had gone to work and I was cruising the web for some porn sites. I came across the banner for the site on some remote page that really had nothing else to offer. I saw the offer at the top of the page and before I really knew what I was doing I clicked it and watched intently to see what was going to happen.

It didn’t disappoint either.

I few flashes against my eyes and a couple of seconds later I was sitting in a huge site full of transgendered x-rated photos, stories and personal pages of truly beautiful men who lived as women. I found a whole assortment of pictures and stories that made me want to be as pretty as the women I was looking at. I yearned for it somewhere in my chest.

During the course of the site, I also had my hand wrapped around my stiff cock and when I’d finally had enough I came all over my hand and thought it was over.

I looked at my screen and in the post-orgasmic bliss I was feeling I didn’t notice that the screen had gone blank. Puzzled, I looked at the screen closely and thought I could discern some image, but it was like it was a fading image on the screen. I punched a couple of hot keys expecting my computer to be fried, but just as soon as I’d given up on it, it fired back to life with a statement


[Why don’t you clean yourself up Mia]


I sat there looking at that statement for a few minutes before I realized that I was fingering the cold cum that was on my cock and in my bellybutton into my mouth, doing exactly what the computer had told me to do. I wanted to answer the computer- or the person on the other end of it, but I wanted to finish putting all my cum into my mouth. I finished it quickly not even thinking that this was going against any male impulses I had. I thought the taste was strong, but somewhat unfulfilling.

I put my fingers on the keyboard.


[Who is Mia]

[Mia is you my pet. You are soon going to answer to that name]


I thought this was preposterous, but my dick was standing at full attention for some reason and somewhere in my gut I really wanted to stay at this site.


[How do I get back to the pictures]

[Don’t worry about the pictures, my little Mia. Soon there will be a knock a your door and when you answer it, the delivery man will give you a package. I want you to take it from him and then give him a very nice hand job, just like if you were his girlfriend. After your done and he’s gone, clean yourself up just like before and then log back in. There will be more later.]


The computer just turned itself off and I sat there thinking about what it said. Like I was going to jack off anyone who came to the door. It was preposterous again and I sat there wondering and wanting to go back to the site again.

I sat there for a full 10 minutes before I heard the doorbell ring and a surreal feeling of powerlessness came over me. My blood ran cold as I heard it ring again and this time I swung my legs from under my desk and went to the door. I didn’t know what to think. I was almost sure that this was a coincidence until I looked out the peephole.

There was a tall blonde delivery man standing there. His nametag said that his name was Craig. My blood went cold again as I opened the door and smiled at him. Where the hell did the smile come from?

He gave me the package, that I barely noticed. I turned around to put it next to the couch and he moved into the house and closed the door. There was an alarm that went off in my head, I ignored it for some reason.

He smiled and said "You got a tip for me."

I smiled back and purred "Come over her and find out."

Events were moving too fast for me to control them as he moved over beside me and I slid my hand into his jeans and zipped his zipper down. His cock was about as big as mine and my left hand slid around it like a snake. I was moving my hand all over it and I even heard myself talking dirty.

"Why don’t you cum in my hands you stud." I kept saying this over and over again as he leaned back against the wall in the hallway. "Cum for me, cum for me" I repeated as kneeled down to the ground where my hand could work more comfortably.

This went on for a few minutes until I heard him grunt once.

"Oh yeah… Oh yeah" he said until he erupted in my hand. Hot, white, creamy jism spilled into my hand and I looked at it as the reality of the situation came to me. I zipped his dick into his pants again and smiled at him, again. He grabbed his clipboard and left me alone with a handful of cum and my thoughts.

I drank the cum and greedily licked my fingers for more of the taste even as I was thinking to myself that something was wrong with this.

It was 11:15 in the morning and I grabbed the package and put it under my desk without thinking about it. I began to think about the website and how much I’d like to go back to it.


It was barely 15 minutes later when I was back at my perfect website (as a matter of fact, I set it up to be my homepage so I’d see it when I turned my computer on). A few minutes after looking at stories and losing myself in the transgendered fantasies that I’d denied myself for so long my computer went into the funny mode where someone was typing to me again.


[Mia, my pet. Did you enjoy drinking cum from a man. I’ll bet you did even more than you want to admit.]

[What is going on. How did you get me to do that] I asked the mistress on the other side.

[I’m just working to free you Mia. Now for your next task I want you to go and buy yourself a dildo. A strong thick dildo that you are going to fall in love with.]


I was about to respond, but my computer flashed for a few seconds and then cut itself off. I thought the idea of buying a dildo was stupid, so I resolved to not turn my computer on for the rest of the day and try and forget the first part of the day. I had found a great website, jacked off some delivery man, drank his cum from my fingers and then told that I was going to go buy a dildo. This was stupid.


Monica came home a few hours later and I was glad to see her. Alone with my thoughts all day I was looking at male cocks all day. I was thinking about them, staring at them on TV. I fantasized that my delivery man came over again and I got another session with him. I managed to stay off the computer, but not from a sense of willpower, but more from a sense that I wasn’t welcome.

Monica saw me and I knew I was a wreck. We went out for dinner and aside from the fact that I kept trying to catch glimpses of every cock that went by, and trying to hide it from Monica, everything was uneventful. I think that Monica was pissed when we got home because she went to bed awfully early and left me watching television at 10:00 at night.

It was hot, and I was sweating when I decided that a drive was the best thing for me. I would have liked to go online to the website, but I couldn’t get the idea of a porn store and a dildo out of my head. I began to think that a porn store wouldn’t be so bad, so without even thinking about it I went to the porn store across the highway- the big well lit porn store.

I walked in and went to the magazine isle. A few minutes of looking there and I knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied with that. I moved over to the video aisle and looked there. By now I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to find anything there either. Almost with a sense of defeat I looked at what (I supposed) I came in here for.

There was a small assortment of dildos and it didn’t take long for me to choose a 9" monster that was thick and white and beautiful. I paid for it and accepted the long look that the cashier gave me. I got to the car before and drove a couple of blocks before I had to stop and take my dildo out of it’s confining plastic package.

I ripped it open like it was a Christmas day present and in the car, in a back alley, by myself started to lick it like it was a lollipop. All my repressed feminine desires came to me as I slid the dildo across my lips and then as deep into my mouth as possible. Somewhere in the sweaty bliss that I felt, my cock orgasmed think about afterwards was going home with my dildo and logging online.

I got home somewhere after midnight and logged on at once. The feel of the dildo in my mouth was somehow liberating and all I wanted to see were the pictures on my website of the girls with dildo’s in their mouths. I put my perfect dildo on the desk near to me and started to peruse the pictures with my cock straight up in the air. It was a lovely thing to see all the girls with lipstick on their latex and I honestly thought about doing the same thing to mine.

It wasn’t long though before the screen disappeared and the computer started to flash. I could swear that if I looked at the screen hard enough I could see some fading pictures, but I didn’t think about that too long. The screen stopped and once again the mistress on the other side of the computer spoke to Mia.


[Do you love your new lover, Mia]


I responded by running a finger down the length of my dildo and replied.


[Yes, I love it.]


[Then why don’t you pull out what’s in that package, slip them on, and find a place to sleep tonight where you and your new lover can be intimate.]


I looked at the package that I’d received earlier from Craig. I pulled out a pair of very pretty lacy red panties that were made of silk and satin. They must have been expensive. My cock was straining for it and for some reason against my better judgment I pulled my own (ugly) cotton underwear and pulled the panties on.

The feeling was indescribable. The silk and satin just molded around my cockette and ass and made me feel sexy. I couldn’t believe it. I got up from the computer, not noticing that it had already shut itself down and picked up my wonderful dildo in my left hand. I sashayed over to the couch. The panties actually made my walk sexier and it was a strange feeling that I loved somewhere inside of me.

I laid down on the couch and forgot that Monica was in the next room. Once I was on the couch the only thing that was important to me was my new dildo and how much I wanted it inside of me.

I thought to myself that maybe this is wrong. Monica was in the next room and how would she felt if she walked out on her boyfriend. Those thoughts ended when I felt my dildo gently working it’s way up to my mouth. My right hand made it’s way down to my cockette in my lacy panties and my left hand slowly, ever so slowly worked my 9" dildo into my mouth over and over again until my cockette let go of it’s creamy white jism on my chest. I used the dildo to scoop it up as best as I could and put it back into my mouth, luxuriating in the feel of a thick cock in my mouth and the taste of cum in my belly.

Oh God, I loved it. There were feelings in me that were being let out and they were screaming more…more…more. I’d never imagined that just the feel and touch of something would be this erotic, but every time I used my dildo that night I came and came and came.

That night was like a night of hard sex. Somewhere just before the break of dawn, I finally stopped making love to my dildo and found myself drifting off to sleep with my face buried in the pillows and my dildo resting against my chest. I dreamed and dreamed that night of a cock in my face and didn’t wake up until I heard the door slam as Monica left the house for school.


Thursday moning I woke up and the first thing I thought of was the dildo in my hand and my aching jaw. I looked at the lacy, red panties that I was wearing and all of the dried up jism on my belly and a little bit in the panties.

What the hell, I wondered as I walked through my apartment and thought about the events of the last day. It all started when I logged onto that site (although the thought of it made my cock jump) and I started to do all these strange things. I gave a delivery man a hand job, bought a dildo at a porn store and made love to it all night long. I didn’t know if Monica saw me in panties or saw the dildo, but part of me didn’t care. I could explain it away if I had to.

I thought to myself that if that website was causing so much trouble then I wouldn’t go there. How wrong I was.

Fifteen minutes later I found that I was sitting in front of the computer looking at the pretty pictures that I’d looked at all day. I didn’t remember going there or doing it, I just blinked my eyes and there I was sitting looking at the pictures with my cockette (I couldn’t think of it any other way when I was in my panties) fully erect and demanding attention.

I started to log myself off when the computer started flashing again and I was entranced in the static going by. Again, I could almost see the images as they flew past my eyes, but I just looked, absently stroking my cockette. Finally, what I seemed to be waiting for, the screen flashed again and then I was in the weird chat room that I’d spent so much time in yesterday.


[Good Morning Mia, did you enjoy yourself last night?]

[Yes] I answered, still a little groggy-eyed from the flashes and I was still stroking my cockette.

[Where is your girlfriend?]

[At college.] I typed. It felt funny calling her my girlfriend after all that happened yesterday.

[What time will your girlfriend get home from class]

[Somewhere around 12 pm] I answered, but didn’t know where this line of questioning was going.

[Then this is what you are going to do, sweet Mia. You will go upstairs and shave off all of your horrible man-hair on your legs, arms and chest. You will want to be smooth, my sexy girl. After you are smooth, I want you to pick out your girlfriends sexiest bedroom underwear and wear it. You should pick out some nail polish for your toes, but you don’t have to do your fingernails… yet. I want you to put on your girlfriends makeup, and you should do this like you’ve been doing it for your whole life. You should stop at your lips, as she will have no lipstick that you like. After you are dressed up pretty, you should wait for your delivery man to come back. This time he’ll have your sexy lipstick and when he gives it to you, you will have a compulsion to put it on for him and do to him what you did to your dildo all night long.]


I sat there reading her words like they were a conviction. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I felt so out of control as my eyes scanned the page. Before I knew it, the connection was broken and I sat there dead silent as the computer slowly stopped running. I didn’t know what I was going to do. It was like waiting for a baseball to hit you.

It hit me a minute later as I swung my legs out from behind my desk and started walking into Monica and my bedroom. There was no control of my legs and even though I was trying to stop myself, I started to run a bath. Just for giggles I thought (where did that come from) I grabbed some of Monica’s scented bubble bath and poured it in the rising water. I looked in Monica’s drawer and pulled out the woman’s shaving cream and a pink razor.

I stepped into the water and lost myself in the perfume and hypnotic suggestions that were being implanted into my mind. I scooped up a handful of bubbles and playfully blew them onto my toes. I realized then, that they would look better painted pink or red or some other pretty color. A few minutes later I was busily shaving my legs up to my crotch. I wanted to get rid of all of the horrible hair that was growing on my body suddenly and after 25 minutes I stood up and watched my new sexy-shaved body climb out of the tub.

I chose a pretty pink nail polish to paint my toes because it matched the outfit that I had already in my subconscious mind chosen. It was one that I’d bought Monica on her 24th birthday, but she never wore it.

I finished my toes and while they were drying I went over to her underwear drawer and began to pick out my outfit. There was a sheer pink and black bra and panties with matching garter belt. A sheer robe, the same color as the bra and panties came next. I dug through the rest of her drawers and finally found the black seamed stockings that came with the set- unopened. That changed in a hurry as the cardboard and plastic that had held them went in the trash. I then went to the closet and found a pair of black 4" spike heels that I’d fit in. I laid all of the clothes on the bed and sat down next to it and began to dress myself.

The stockings went on first over my pink toes. I was careful not to run the hose and put the seams in back going straight up. I put my panties on next followed by the garter. I carefully snapped the garters to the hose so that it was tight and snug. I didn’t want any drooping. I put the bra on and somewhere I could almost hear that soon I’d have breasts to fill them, if things kept going the way they were going. I fixed the straps on my shoulder and then got up and went into the bathroom. The feeling of the stockings and other sheer material on my shaved body was sending shivers up my back.

I padded into the bathroom and started to look through Monica’s makeup. I hadn’t done this in years and years, but as I was looking at my face and what I could do to it, it all came back to me. I spent a few minutes putting foundation on my face followed by powder to smooth out the complexion. I then fixed my eyes up by lining them all around and putting a smoky shadow in the crevices of my eyes. I highlighted the rest of my eyes with purple and gold shadow and finished the look with a pink blush that matched my toes. I looked through her lipstick but couldn’t find any that I liked. I decided that I’d fix that problem as soon as I could.

I draped the sheer black robe I had over my shoulders and put the shoes on my feet. I walked out into the living room and sat down and flipped through the channels. It was 11:25 in the morning and I just waited.

It came to me like a jolt when I realized just what had happened. I had just done everything that the website had told me to do down to the last detail. I remembered in detail what it was that I was going to do next. I considered bolting, but I hadn’t been able to do that yet, so I was stuck.

But not for long.

The doorbell rang and before I had a chance to duck out, I got up and sashayed over to the door again. I was walking sexy, even though I had no idea how to. I looked through the peephole and saw the same delivery man as yesterday. Craig was his name and he had a small package in his hand, just like yesterday.

I opened the door again and he walked in. He looked at me like a man looks at a woman, and I felt oddly good about that. I wanted to have his acceptance- I wanted to be pretty for him for some reason.

He smiled at me and said, "You sure are pretty, but you’d look better with this on."

He gave me the package and inside it was a small black tube of expensive lipstick. I swiveled it up and it was a pretty fuschia pink that matched my toes. I almost swooned with the gift, instead I had this incredible desire to have him see me in it. I told him to make himself comfortable and rushed off to the bathroom to put it on and see how I looked.

I smoothed the lipstick on and licked my lips to give it a shiny look. I came out of the bathroom and looked at the clock. It was 11:35 am. Monica would be getting out of school in 30 minutes.

Craig was sitting on the couch when I came out and looked at him. He smiled with his lips and eyes.

"You are much prettier with that on." He said.

I sat down next to him, closely so that he could smell my perfume.

"I’m glad you approve" I said as my hands worked his zipper down.

I pulled his cock out with my fingers and smiled at him. I don’t know what was driving me that morning, but I got in front of him on my knees. He just spread his legs in anticipation of what was about to come.

I licked my lips in anticipation and then kissed his cock like I was doing to my dildo last night. I spread my lipstick all up and down the sides of his cock as I worshipped it. I put it in and out of my mouth, leaving trails of cum from his dick to my lips on more than one occasion.

I slowly started a vacuum on his shaft, not wanting to let any of the cum go and began to use my hand to help out. I was in heaven as I was sucking this man’s cock. I looked over at the clock and my heart began to pound. It was 11:55 and Monica was going to be home soon. If she came home too soon, she was going to find me with a mouth full of cum, but somewhere I didn’t care.

He was pushing my head down in a rhythm and I just wanted to eat his cum, it was so frustrating as I sucked harder eliciting another moan from Craig. At noon Craig came in my mouth. I loved it and swallowed every drop as if it were food of the Gods. I continued to lick it as it got soft and finally I put it back in his jeans. He smiled and said, "See you later" and left.

I rushed into the shower and pulled all of the clothes off of me just as I heard the door open. Monica must have passed Craig on the way down. How ironic she might have smelled my perfume on him. I hoped that Monica wouldn’t notice the pink toes or the perfume or the freshly scrubbed face that I had.

Curiously, I had the taste of jism in my mouth and all I really wanted to do was to go online and talk to my mistress. A little bit of me had become Mia.


I came out of the bathroom a little while later after showering and putting on a pair of black sweats and sweatshirt. Monica was in the kitchen eating lunch, and I almost put back on the red panties from yesterday, but was able to deny my desire. I didn’t know if I could hide the panty lines. I combed my hair back and tried to assemble some sort of male image out of this sexy girl that had just 15 minutes ago been licking a delivery man’s dick.

I licked my own lips at the memory of Craig’s jism and wished that I could get out of going out with Monica and find Craig again. Again, my female persona was getting the better of the male and I became more stubborn. I locked my jaw and went downstairs to see Monica.

She was sitting at the table, she seemed to ignore me at first.

"Did you enjoy sleeping on the couch last night?" She asked without looking up.

"I was reading a book when I fell asleep. I’m sorry" I lied.

She looked up at me and studied me for a moment. I’ve never lied to her before, then again, I’ve never been helplessly transformed into a slut before either. She didn’t notice the scrubbed face or the shaved legs and after a moment she got up and said

"Let’s go out."

We went to a matinee movie and saw one of the current love stories. I am not a fan of chick films, but I went along out of a sense of guilt and submission. This time, however, was not like normal though. The very first thing I noticed myself doing is looking at the women in the movie theater assessing them as competition. I thought to myself as a plain brunette went past me that she would do better with a little more cleavage and makeup.

A young girl paraded herself in a tight halter top and high cut jeans and instead of looking at her with lust, I noticed that her nail polish was chipped and it didn’t match her lipstick. Another girl happened along and the same thing happened. I looked at her and judged her on how pretty she was, not how sexy she was to me.

The guys on the other hand was the second change I noticed. I was looking at them, just like last night. This time, I knew what I was looking for and more than once I found myself stealing glimpses of the crotches of the men around us. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I kept doing it.

The movie theater was the worst. The movie had 2 of Hollywood’s sexiest men and one woman. I watched the men with unbridled lust sitting next to my girlfriend. Seeing them up on screen was such a turn-on and when they did the underwear scene, I was practically drooling I wanted to do both of them so badly. I knew that I was leaking cum into my underwear, so halfway into the movie, I went to the bathroom thinking that I was going to take a leak, but ended up jerking off into my other hand and eating the cum imagining it was my movie studs.

I went back into the movie and torturously sat through the rest of the movie. By the time the credits were rolling, I got up and started to the door without Monica. I didn’t want to talk, I didn’t want to do anything except go home and log on.

The drive home was uneventful and judging from the content of conversation Monica didn’t know a thing about the conflicting battle raging inside of me. I wanted it to end, but also I wanted my dildo and my lipstick and my panties and most importantly maybe was my Craig.

Monica actually gave me a goodbye kiss as she walked out the door to go to work. She was pulling a graveyard shift tonight, so I watched her drive off into the sunset.

This time, before turning my computer on, I went into the bathroom where I stashed the red panties from last night. I pulled my ugly-wear off and slid on the red panties. This time I felt much better about logging on.

I didn’t even get to the pictures before my mystery mistress was calling me. I was exited for some reason.


[Did you and Craig have a good time this morning Mia, my dear]

[Yes we sure did. That was a very pretty lipstick he bought for me.]

[I’m glad you think so, I assume you modeled it for him]

[Oh yes.]

[Well that’s wonderful, Craig will be over to pick you up in 2 hours.]


[Craig will be over to your apartment for your first date. You should choose a nice, but not torturously sexual outfit of your girlfriends to wear. Don’t forget to do your nails either tonight dear, you should be getting some good use out of them.]

[This is out of control]

[No, my dear Mia, you are out of control, but in my control. You should just accept it.]

[What is going to happen to me]

[Soon all that will concern you is how pretty you are and how you can be sexier for your boyfriend. Your girlfriend will become your roommate and you will get a boyfriend. You will service him any way that a girl does, and what’s more you will get a super high from it. Pleasuring your man will be a priority, and it starts tonight. Now go get dressed before your late.]



The computer logged itself off and before it was done running I was going upstairs to prepare for Craig. I was so exited I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to see him when we were at the movies today, and now I was going to get to see him, I just couldn’t wait.

Another part of me tried to stop myself from getting into Monica’s closet, but had no luck. Before I tried and assert my male personality, I had a pile of clothes on the bed. Underwear was included.

I had Monica’s one-piece lilac over the shoulder dress laid next to a pair of very pretty shiny pink panties and a matching bra. It was the prettiest thing that Monica owned on her own. I don’t know what possessed her to buy these underwear, but I thanked whatever force allowed it.

I had a pair of white pantyhose picked out and a pair of 3" white sling-back heels at the foot of the bed. Time seemed to be moving too fast. Before I knew it, Craig was going to be here in a hour and fifteen minutes and I didn’t even have my nails done. I slid the panties on and then slid my toes into the white hose. I loved the way that nail polish shows through hose. I think it’s so pretty. I was lost in my silken trap. I put the bra on next and put Monica’s bust enhancers in the cups. If they made flat-chested Monica look like she had a bust, then they’d do the same for me.

I went into the bathroom and started to go for Monica’s makeup again. Just like this morning I made my face up, except this time I didn’t go so hard on the extreme colors. For this date, I just wanted to be Craig’s girlfriend, not slut. I pulled out the lipstick that he’d gotten for me this morning and applied a thick shiny coat of the pink crème on my lips. I blew a kiss at myself in the mirror and thought, well maybe a little bit of a slut.

I went into another drawer this time and it was for her nail extenders. Soon I was sitting at the kitchen table carefully applying these long nails to my own. Somewhere inside, I was asking myself how I intended to hide all this to Monica, but my desire to be pretty for Craig was more important. Soon I had the epoxy-attached nails dry and with some 35 minutes before he was supposed to come I started to paint my nails. Each long nail was lacquered with the pink polish that matched my toes. I carefully managed to apply a full 2 coats to my nails before I needed to get dressed the rest of the way. Now I was just wearing my panties, bra, hose and I needed to get dressed.

I stepped into the lilac dress and managed to zip it up in the right places. I was glad that Monica was slightly bigger than myself, but somewhere in the deep transgendered recesses I was already thinking about my own wardrobe. I put the shoes on my feet next and then gracefully moved into the bathroom. Reluctantly I had to admit that I was getting too good at walking on heels.

The doorbell rang and my heart stopped. Craig wasn’t supposed to be her this early, and if it’s not my boyfriend then it might be someone else…

Before I had time to be afraid of who it was I opened the door and saw that it was my blonde, slight of build, very handsome boyfriend with a package. I smiled wide and let him in. He gave me the package and said,

"You’ll look much better with this." He gave me the package.

Inside was a long straight haired wig that must of cost 300 dollars. It was prettier than my hair and I held it as if it were a crown that would for once and for all transform me. I leaned in close to him and put my free hand on his crotch and whispered to him.

"I’ll find a way to pay you back" I purred. Then I went back into the bedroom to finish getting ready. I slicked my own hair back and then put the wig over my head placing it so that the bangs fell just over my eyes. The long hair went down to my back and looked so real that the image of Mark that I had in my brain was replaced by this lovely girl that was named Mia.

I put a few of my cosmetics into a purse that was laying around and looked at myself in the mirror. I was ready to go out with my boyfriend. I was ready to do anything that he wanted me to do.

I walked out into the living room and he was floored at the change as well. His grin went from oh-my-god to oh-wow-I’m-going-to-get-laid and I loved it. I was certainly as exited to see him as he was to see me although it wasn’t a man’s excitement to see me- that was for Craig. No this excitement was coming from a place where I was becoming a sexual goddess for a man. This held tremendous pleasure for me and I was somehow resolved to continue it.

He held his hand out and I put my pretty pink-nailed hand in his. It was the first real affection that wasn’t sexual in nature that I’d ever experienced. He led me out the door and I felt the world hit me as a girl. I felt the wind from the 3 story apartment lift my dress a little exposing me to the world. I felt the wind caress my legs and tickle my tummy.

I walked down the stairs slightly in front of him. I had the feeling of his eyes on my legs as I walked down the stairs and it felt electrifying. We went out to his car and he opened the door for me. I climbed in first with my hips and then swung my legs in. He helped me with my foot and then at the last moment placed a very small kiss on one of my pink toes. I swooned with the gesture. If I could have ripped his pants down in the parking lot I would have.

He got in the car and we drove to the same movie theater that Monica and I had been to earlier. I barely remembered the event, but as he walked around the car again and opened the door, I thought how much the roles had been reversed.

We walked to the movie line and I felt more looks being tossed my way. I could feel the men looking at me and the women were looking at me the way I was looking at all the girls earlier. He chose the same movie that we saw and before I could grasp the entire irony of the situation he was moving me into a darkened movie theater. Holding me by the hand we climbed the stairs until we were in the back row. He moved to the middle and we both sat down.

The movie was rolling so for a moment we lost ourselves in the movie. I was in a dreamy state of being a girl when I felt an intruding finger just at the beginning of my thigh. Craig had his hand slowly moving up my dress.

Before I could obsess about him finding my little cockette, he placed a finger directly on it over the pink satin of my panties and began to rub it. It felt so good, I started to squirm a little, but he kept his hand on my cockette. He stroked it through the movie, moving in little circles over my sweet spot.

He kept the pressure up for so long, stroking me hard in my panties and hose. He never touched the flesh, always allowing the satin to be in the middle, but the pleasure was indescribable. My hand slid over to his crotch were his cock was already hard and trying to burst out of his pants.

He leaned over to me and in rhythm with his stroking me he began to kiss me on my pink lips lightly at first and then as I increased the pressure of my fingers on his cock, the urgency of his kiss became more intense. Our tongues met and followed into my mouth. I was being French kissed by another guy, while rubbing on his cock, while he was doing his best to make me make a mess on my dress.

Finally we pulled apart and I brought my hand to my lips to fix them as best I could. He was still stroking me through me panties and he seemed like he was going to do that the rest of the movie. I kept my hand on his cock, as if it were mine, but did nothing else to make him cum. That was coming later.

The movie ended and I wanted to get into the car quickly. My sexual overdrive was in gear and I wanted him so badly in my mouth or hand that I would have performed in the theater if he had asked.

We got down to the car and I leaned over to him and said in a throaty whisper "Take the long way back to my place." It was almost midnight and I smiled at him as I opened the passenger side mirror and fixed my lips with the lipstick that he bought me. "You sure are a naughty boy," I said as I moved back to his side as he drove out of the city. His cock was standing up again and this time I intended to return some of the sexual punishment that he gave me in the theater. I pulled his pants and underwear down so that his cock was completely free and pointing straight at me. "Imagine making me so horny while the movie was playing…" I said as I started to stroke his cock with my pink tipped fingers. Pre-cum was already at the tip of his cock and he was moving about 70mph down the highway. I continued to talk "…I never wanted anything so badly as I wanted you in the theater."

His cock was leaking and I felt my will wash away as he looked at me and simply said "Be quiet and suck my cock." And I did. I leaned over and opened my mouth fully to take him inside. I heard a loud groan as my warm mouth engulfed him fully. My pink lipstick left a ring on his dick just above his balls. My mouth was quickly filled by the taste of his pre-cum that I just loved. Teasing it out of the tip of his cock was fun and for a few miles I did just exactly that.

Finally he started to quiver in his loins and I knew that he was ready to cum. I wanted to drink it and I started to lick his cock from inside my mouth. That was the only inspiration he needed as he loaded my mouth up with the warm jism that I enjoyed so much from this morning. I eagerly swallowed the first load and was rewarded with a second and third shot. Each time I could hear Craig grunt with masculine release and I willingly took that release and made it part of me.

Soon his cock went small and I licked it until it was done. I looked up and we were 3 blocks from my apartment and I was a mess. I pulled the mirror down again and fixed my lips as well as I could. He stopped in front of the building. I looked at my watch, it was 2:30 in the morning and I was ready to go to bed. I’d had a wonderful time with Craig, but as we passionately kissed and promised to see each other tomorrow, I felt like I was betraying my birth. The walk up the stairs with my heels clacking and the wind blowing my skirt up and the intense feeling of contentment came over me. The feelings of betrayal were dust before them and as I unlocked the door and went into my dark apartment, I wished he had come up for a nightcap. Oh, well I thought, maybe tomorrow night.


I closed the door and leaned against it as the events of the night unfolded in my head. I was still a little fuzzy about my motives, but I knew that I had a good time. I flicked the white heels off and hooked them on to two pink fingernails. I padded up the stairs in white hose and went into the bedroom. I flipped the light on and saw myself in the mirror.

I saw looking back at me, a pretty girl with long straight chestnut brown hair, pretty eyes, a little bit of pink cheeks, a nice smile with one dimple on one side and a beauty mark on the other. She had these full pink lips, although some of the lipstick was smeared down my chin and there was even a drop of cum that had somehow landed on my chin that was now drying.

What I did not see was any of the male side of myself. I peered into my eyes and saw staring back at me a girl who had just been naughty with her boyfriend because he drove her crazy at the movie. I saw a girl who painted her toes and nails and made herself as pretty as she could for a man.

Then I slowly started to come down from my feminine high as I realized that I would soon have to undress. The thought was awful to me. I didn’t want to undress, instead I wanted to be prettier. I don’t know where these feelings were coming from, nonetheless, I felt a queer depression as I slipped the wig from my head. I pulled out the makeup remover and took my makeup off slowly.

When I looked at myself again, the male was still not showing himself, there was more of an androgynous person staring back still with long pink nails and a look in my eyes that said that I couldn’t get rid of Mia that easily. My lips were still a little stained and there was still a hint of mascara and eyeliner around my eyes. That didn’t bother me at all.

I thought about the website and how I’d only been on it once today. I had this urge or push to log on and talk to my mistress. I don’t know why, but I did and I went and turned the computer on still in my pink panties and bra and white hose. I don’t think that I really wanted to take them off again. They felt so right.

I logged onto the system and went right into the chat room where I would meet my mistress. She was there as she greeted me directly.


[Hi Mia. Did you and your boyfriend have a good time tonight.]

[Oh yes. We saw a movie and had a wonderful time]


I typed fine with my long nails. I wasn’t surprised. Very little surprised me anymore. But she still managed.


[What is your name] I asked. I must have surprised them because there was a pregnant pause before an answer.

[You can call me Mistress Monique, Mia. I’m glad that you finally came to the acceptance and asked me that question. Our time together is almost done now.]

[I don’t understand, what have you been doing to me. Why did you choose me for this] I asked having the sinking sensation that there was no way out.

[We didn’t choose you Mia, you chose us. This site is so well hidden that anyone finding it must want to have the transformation very badly, at least subconsciously, or else he’d never find the site. Once you logged in and started looking at pictures, your fate was sealed. Craig paid a lot of money for a man who wanted to be a woman so badly that he’d bury all his male feelings and let the woman inside come out. Craig paid for a woman who would spend every day making herself prettier and prettier just for him.]

[You can’t do this. You can’t steal my life and desires]

[We didn’t steal anything Mia. We just gave you a different life. As for your desires, we control them, at least for now. For example, have you ever wanted a pair of breasts so badly in your life…]


After Mistress Monique asked the question there were several flashes on the computer and suddenly I rocked back in my chair as a picture of a woman with a gorgeous pair of breasts showed on the screen and I cupped both of my hands over my bra as a huge desire came over me. Suddenly, I yearned to have breasts. Oh God, they must feel so wonderful next to the softness of a bra. I squeezed my own nipples and lifted them up like they were girls nipples and rubbed them until the pain almost leaked through.

"Oh God," I moaned as I caressed my breasts with my own hands just looking at the girl on the computer screen and how happy they must make her feel. I envied her so much at once, I started to cry. The computer flashed again and Mistress Monique addressed me again.


[We can make you yearn for anything, Mia. Like today, after the stores open up on the morning, you are going to yearn to have a whole new wardrobe for your girly self. When Craig calls you this afternoon and wants to go out with you again, you will yearn to do whatever he wants and dress the way he wants you to. Finally, my little Mia, when Craig puts a ring on your finger, you will yearn to fulfill his every wish. In the morning there will be a package of white pills that you should take twice a day. They will take care of your breast problem, the longer you take them, the bigger your breasts will grow.]

[What is my…my…] I was having a hard time writing it. […girlfriend going to think] I finally spit out revealing my deepest fear.

[Your girlfriend is now inconsequential, you will think of her as a roommate and nothing else. You should begin to think of Craig more and more. You are now his girlfriend and you will act like it whether you think like it or not. Craig’s cock is the best reward you can get for a day of being pretty. You will dream of his cum and love it when he feeds it to you. You will long for it if you don’t get it once a day, you will think of it to the exclusion of everything else aside from being pretty.]

[I didn’t want this] was the last sentence my male persona ever wrote.

[Yes, you did Mia. You just repressed it for so long that you forgot about it. We’ve released you from your own self imposed prison. Now you should go about enjoying life and love for the rest of your days as you should be, pretty and perfect draped around the arm of a man.]


Then the computer turned itself off and for the first time since I’d been ‘visiting’ this site it gave me an error. I hit OK and the hard drive spun for a long while and then my computer turned itself off.

I looked up at the clock and it read that it was 5am in the morning. I climbed onto the couch, fondled my dildo while I was thinking of Craig and fell into a deep sleep. I don’t remember Monica coming in or the sunrise. I didn’t care then, I was having vivid dreams about Craig and me.


I woke up at 9:30 feeling refreshed in a way I’d never felt before. I realized that it was Friday morning and the malls would be open and I needed to go shopping. I knew that Monica would be asleep so I snuck into our bedroom and looked at her buried somewhere deep on the bed of blankets. I was still wearing the pink panties and bra from last night, I needed to take off the hose, but I’d still wear the underwear. I stole a pair of black slacks from her closet and picked a dusty rose satin blouse and put them on the couch. I grabbed a pair of black heels from her closet and went to the bathroom. I put the wig back on which just sent jets of excitement down my spine as I saw the girl slowly come out. I pulled out the makeup and put on a bare coat of it on my face. Just the mascara, eyeliner, a little shadow and blush and my pink lipstick. I hurried to the couch to get dressed.

I put on the black slacks, pink blouse and black heels. I had my painted toes showing and my girly smile was pointing at the world. I was ready to leave this apartment and face the world as Mia.


The mall wasn’t crowded and the first place I went was a lingere store. I had a very strong desire bordering on compulsion to buy as much romantic satin and silk as I could. The ladies in the store didn’t quite know what to make of me as I bought panties and bra’s and camisoles and gowns and a couple of sexy teddies and hose enough for a whole house full of women. I paid for it with my credit card and left with 3 bags that I immediately had to put in the car.

I found a shoe store and walked out with 5 pairs of shoes ranging from "I can walk in the mall in these shoes" to "Craig should just pull his pants down now, cuz I’m gonna fuck him" shoes. 2 of them were red, 1 black, 1 was white, and the fuck me’s were pink. I couldn’t wait to model them for Craig.

I found half a dozen outfits that morning that I kept buying and kept running them out to my car. The back seat and trunk were being filled up, but there was still more that I had to buy.

I went in to the makeup department at the mall and walked out with the eternal gratitude of a cosmetics clerk, as I bought all the makeup that my little girly self ever wanted. Lipsticks and blushes in sexy colors. Eye shadow and liner, nail polish and makeup remover. I had so much makeup that it took 2 boxes to hold it all.

I finished my shopping trip at a little before noon and went home. I was hoping that Monica was still asleep and that Craig would come and pick me up.

As fate would have it, I walked into the apartment, still getting looks from men, as the phone was ringing. I picked it up quickly.

"Hello" I said in a soft woman’s voice. My own, but infinitely softer.

"Hello yourself." He said in a voice that made my tummy go weak. "What are you doing" he asked.

"A little shopping" I said wrapping the cord around my pink fingernail.

"I’m coming to get you." He said as if it were final which was fine with me.

"Come on over , love. Tonight we’ll stay at your place. I’ll cook dinner." I said and we broke the connection.

I went into the bathroom to fix myself up. I put more makeup on and gave myself a shiny new gloss to my lips. I licked them and felt my breasts. Ever since this morning, I’ve been thinking about getting my breasts enlarged. Craig would surely enjoy that. I envisioned the D cups that I might one day have. I imagined that while I was stroking then, Craig could cum on them. Oh, that made me feel weak in my knees and I went out to sit on the couch until he got here.

It didn’t take long and Craig was there and I left that apartment for the last time. I only had my clothes to take to Craig’s house, but that’s only what I wanted to take from this place.


By the time we got to his place, I had worked him into such a sexual frenzy that he didn’t unpack my bags from the car, he just came around to my side of the car and got me out of it. He hurried me to the door, as I knew exactly what he had in mind. We got inside and he was literally climbing out of his pants like they were on fire. He was looking at me as I took my place on my knees in front of him. I licked my lips in anticipation and he slid his cock out of his underwear and stepped out of them. He was totally nude with his cock swaying in front of me.

I opened my mouth to let him in with my tongue acting as a guide. He ever-so-gently touched my mouth and I let him slowly stroke in and out of my mouth making it as wet as possible. I was putting another pink ring on his cock when he pulled it out of my mouth and looked at it.

"You put such pretty rings on my cock…" he said as I smiled with glee looking in his eyes. "I want to give you a ring. Mia would you be my wife?" he asked as he pulled a ring from the mantle he was standing in front of. He pulled my hand up and put the beautiful diamond ring down on my left ring finger. Without waiting for a reply, his cock was demanding the attention. He stood back up with me kneeling before him in a stunned condition and slid his cock back in my mouth.

When I looked up at him, he knew that I had accepted his offer to be his wife. He continued to stroke it inside me where I was licking his dick with all the love I could offer. I thought about my breasts and how much better it would be when I had boobs, but that longing would pass. I continued to love his dick. I slid my fingers over the shaft and beyond as that seemed to drive him more wild.

"Oh yeah, you’re a cocksucker"
I grunted yes.

"Sexy cocksucker who loves me"

Again I grunted yes.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah" he started to rock me back and forth with his hands.

Then he climaxed inside of me. The first dollup of jism surprised me and it flew onto my chin. Then I swallowed and swallowed every load I could. I couldn’t believe how good it was to me and even after he finished I contined to lick him lovingly on the head and shaft. Kissing his cock and cooing about how much I loved him and only him.

I put one kiss right on the top of his cock and left a perfect lipstick print on his head. That seemed to be right and good.


And that was that. My name is Mia and I’ve been Mia for 2 years now. Craig Neilson and I were married that fall and I never heard from Monica again. I love my change except for the fact that I ended up with DD cups instead of D cups!



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