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Part 2 Amanda continues Mike’s training, this time in a French Maid’s uniform


The Unsuspecting Candidate

by: Miss Vicky


The aftershocks of his climax were still coursing through his body as I teased him. "Did you have a nice cum, sissy?," I cooed at his still bound form. "Do you want me to release you now?"

"Yes, please," he replied. "I’d like to get dressed now."

"And get dressed you shall," I teased, "But not in those nasty boy’s clothes. I have something far more appropriate for your new status. Since this is Friday night, I think it proper that you spend your weekend in satin and lace. I sense real possibilities in you and together, we’re going to explore them." As I released him from the bonds restraining him to the bed, I commanded him, "Take off all your pretty lingerie and go into the bathroom. You will run a tub of hot water and take a bubble bath for me. I want you nice and clean for your next costume. You will also find a razor and shave gel there. I want all your nasty hair removed from the neck down. I will be in to inspect the job you do, so be sure and shave closely."

I watched with amusement as he stood and removed his lingerie. He was actually trying to be modest, turning his back to me as he did so! How sweet that was! What did he think he was doing? There was not a part of his body I hadn’t seen, not to mention played with. "Hurry up and take your bath sissy," I ordered. "The sooner you do, the sooner you can be dressed and have something to cover your naughty parts."

I watched with a bemused smile as he hurried out of the room to follow my directions. I set about selecting the wardrobe for his evenings activities. First, matching hot pink satin lingerie with white lace trim, the kind a woman wears when she wants to attract attention. The panties were full cut, almost a bubble style. They would have more than adequate room for his sissy clit to move around. Every time he moved, his clit would be stroked by the slippery satin, reminding him of his predicament. The bra was padded and underwired, sure to give the illusion of small breasts once his chest muscles were pulled up and tucked in the satin cups. Instead of a standard garter belt, I chose a pink satin waist cincher. Heavily boned, with laces up the back, it would reduce my new pantyslave’s waist by four inches. It would be difficult for him to take a deep breath, but he had to learn there was a price to be paid for a truly feminine form. At the hem it had six lacy garter straps dangling down. I could hardly wait to see what those straps looked like as they formed the perfect frame for his sissy clit. I added a pair of white seamed stockings to the lingerie and turned to the closet. Hanging there was a hot pink French Maid’s dress. Made of satin like material, it was scandalously short. Also in the closet was a very full short petticoat. Constructed of yards and yards of ruffled nylon, once it was on, it would ensure my sissy’s dress flared nicely from his hips. I found myself getting excited as I imagined him dressed in his new finery. I added a pair of pink mules trimmed with fluffy marabou feathers and then set about picking my own wardrobe for the evening.

Because I had plans to use my pantyslave’s tongue and clit, I chose my lingerie accordingly. I picked out some of my naughtiest items. The panties were black with red lace trim and crotchless, the matching bra had openings for my nipples to protrude. The garter belt was blood red with black lacy trim. I slipped a pair of black diamond patterned stockings to the ensemble and stood back to admire myself in the mirror. Just the vision of myself got me wet. I was prepared for an evening of lust and passion with my latest conquest. I knew myself well enough to know that when the time came to get some pleasure, I wouldn’t want to be bothered with removing my lacies. These garments would assure that while I was still technically dressed, all my good parts would be available to his probing tongue and sissy clit. I was just covering myself in a filmy red peignoir robe when Mike re-entered the room.

Still in his modest mode, he had wrapped a towel around his waist, covering himself. This was just not acceptable! I went to the bed and untied the cuffs from the bedframe. I looped the ropes through a hook hanging from the ceiling. "Come here pantyslave," I commanded as I stood next to the dangling cuffs.

I could see the trepidation in his eyes as he approached. I also found it interesting that he gave no thought to disobeying me. "You know what I want sissy, put your arms above your head." He extended his arms and I fastened the cuffs around his wrists. When I was sure they were not too tight, I pulled on the ropes until there was just enough slack to allow him to stand on his tiptoes. "Such a good pet you are," I said as I ran my fingernails over his chest, trailing them down until I reached the towel covering him. "Did you really think I’d let you cover yourself in front of me?" I teased. Oh no, sissy boy, you are not allowed that privilege."

With a flick of my wrist, I pulled the towel from his waist, leaving him completely naked and exposed to my gaze. I continued to tease his as I ran my fingers up and down his now hairless body. "What a good job you did sissy. You are now as bare as a baby." I fondled his sissy clit and cupped his balls, stroking and teasing them. His body had the obvious reaction, his clit growing in my hand. "See, pantyslave, when you follow my instructions, there will always be pleasure involved. But enough of this, it’s time to get you dressed."

I took the waist cincher from the bed and began to fasten it around his waist. There were two sets of laces, one starting at the top, the other from the bottom. As I tightened them each in turn, my sissy’s waist began to shrink. Only when the edges of the fabric were touching did I stop. My sissy now had a well defined waist, just like a girl! "I know you’re suffering a little, but that is the price a girl has to pay for a truly feminine form," I teased. I wouldn’t put you through this unless I thought it necessary. You know what comes next, don’t you? That’s right, it’s time to put your sexy stockings on. I’m going to get them now and when I touch each of your ankles, you will lift your foot and point it down so your Mistress can slip them up your legs."

I retrieved the stockings and knelt down, my face just inches from his clit. I made sure my breath played over it as I rolled the stockings up his legs. It was almost comical as his clit danced and jumped in front of me. I fastened each of the six garters in turn, making sure to brush the back of my hand over his clit, as though it were in inadvertent touch. Each time this happened his poor sissy clit jumped and quivered as though it had a mind and life of it’s own. When I was satisfied that his seams were straight and the garter straps were firmly fastened, I picked up my digital camera and took several shots of his hairless sissy clit and balls framed by the lacy garter straps. Now it was time to put his panties on. Once again he lifted each foot in turn and I slipped the satin panties on. I pulled the ever so slowly up his legs watching with considerable delight as they slid over his clit, covering it from view. That is not to say it was no longer evident, there was a large bulge in his pretty panties as his clit grew even larger, fondled by the slippery satin.

"Oh my," I cooed. "You certainly seem to be enjoying this. At least your clit seems to relish being trapped in slippery satin." Once again, I took some pictures as I continued to document his transformation into a swishy sissy maid.

"Now for your petticoats," I teased. "A proper sissy maid has to have very full petticoats under her uniform." I pulled the petticoats up over the panties and turned again to the closet. "Are your legs getting tired my pretty? Perhaps some pretty mules will help you."I slipped the feathered mules on his feet, admiring the way the four inch heels gave his calves definition. I traced my fingertips up the insides of his legs, under his petticoats all the way to his panties and watched as he squirmed. Continuing, I traced the outline of his clit through the panties. I stopped that only when I was sure he would stain his panties if I were to continue. "All right pantyslave, I’m going to release you now. It’s time to put your bra and uniform on and I can’t do that with your arms bound like this.

He complied meekly, to the point he stood there submissively holding his arms out so I could slip the lacy bra straps on. Without my bidding, he turned so I could fasten the hooks in back, turning once I was done so I could arrange his chest muscles to give the illusion of breasts. Before I put his dress on, I stood back to admire my handiwork. "Hmm, sissy you have almost a B cup there. That will have to do until we can purchase something to fill your bra a little more. I really like my maids to have perkier tits. Of course, there is that advantage of using what you have, they’re much more sensitive than the silicone ones. Put your hands behind your back and I’ll show you."

Once again, he complied at once, all thoughts of resistance were gone now. I pulled down his bra cups to expose his nipples and quickly licked and sucked each in turn. As I did, he gasped with pleasure, especially when I sucked them. "That will give you a preview of coming attractions," I teased as I tucked him back into the bra. "Now for the finale, I’m going to put you in your frilly dress."

I unzipped the back of the dress and pulled it over his head. He held each arm out in turn so I could get his arms into the full length sleeves. Fortunately, the wrists were elasticized, so pulling the sleeves down his arms was quite easy. Once it was on, I pulled the zipper closed and arranged the hem over his petticoats. What a vision he made! The once macho male was now a frilly French Maid! The dress was so short, his stocking tops and garters were exposed. In fact if he wasn’t careful, his lacy panties would be on display. I have to tell you gentle reader, this was not a mistake on my part. It had been my intention all along that my latest conquest suffer the humiliation of wearing this costume. This was the sort of thing men liked to fantasize about, dressing the ladies in their lives in something whorish so they could indulge their fantasy. Now the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak. Now a male was the object of lust and humiliation, nothing but a sex object and being used for a woman’s sexual pleasure. "Walk for my pantyslave, show me what a slut you can be," I directed. He began to walk across the room, teetering on his heels. "Come on sissy, you can do better than that. Swing your hips for me. Show me what a tramp you are in your pretty uniform. I want to see those petticoats sway." He continued to sashay around the room, gaining confidence as he became used to walking in heels. Soon, he wasn’t wobbling at all, in fact he’d become quite adept at strutting his stuff for me. You should know gentle reader, that while I am a strong woman, I’m not made of steel. All this had a the predictable effect on me. I could feel myself getting quite wet. Yes, there was a distinct tingle in my pussy as I watched my latest pantyslave perform for me. The time had come for me to put him to good use. "Now you’re going to serve me like a ladies maid," I said as I sat on the edge of the bed. "Come over here and kneel between my legs."

He did as instructed and I held his head with both hands and pulled it down to my right nipple protruding from the lacy cups of my bra. Without being told, he quickly sucked it into his mouth and began to swirl his tongue around it. I could feel it getting harder and harder as his hot mouth worked it’s magic. "Now the other one sissy, I don’t want it to feel left out." Once again, he complied instantly, and soon my left nipple was as hard as the right. I reflected on how fortunate it was that I had the presence of mind to wear this particular lingerie set. I would not have wanted to wait while I remove my lingerie before using my new pantyslave to amuse myself.

He continued to use his tongue to incite my body to higher and higher levels of excitement until I could take no more. I wanted satisfaction now! I guided his face into my mound. "You know what to do pantyslave, lick me until I cum. If you do an adequate job, I’ll reward you. If you don’t, I’ll keep you here until you learn how to truly pleasure a woman with your sissy tongue." Because I’d had the foresight to wear the crotchless panties, there was nothing to impede him from carrying out my orders. He licked and nibbled at my labia before turning his attentions to my already hard clit. Each time his tongue danced across it, a wave of pleasure surged through my body. As he continued, I knew my moment was getting closer and closer. "Use your fingers too," I gasped. He immediately obeyed slipping a finger inside me probing for my G spot. All at once he found it and I began to buck and writhe, forcing my sopping wet mound against his face. He knew then that he was in the right spot and continued to stroke in and out with his finger....harder and faster, keeping the same tempo with his tongue on my clit. This was the moment! I was going to cum soon and I wrapped my legs around his head trapping it there against my drenched pussy. He responded by trapping my clit between his lips, lips with a gentle pressure while he lashed it with his tongue. This was more than I could stand, my climax overtook me. Wave after wave of pulsing pleasure shot through me as my sissy continued to minister to my clit and pussy. As I came all over his mouth, his hot tongue lapped and slurped at the juices pouring from my slit. It was incredible, not content with providing just one orgasm, he continued to lap away and my body responded with one climax after another. I began to wonder, who was dominating whom at this point. I did know my body was a slave to his dancing tongue and unless I stopped him, he would continue until I passed out. For this reason, I used all my willpower to push his head away and close my legs.

It was with trembling legs that I walked to my dresser to get a pair of lacy panties and one of my old stockings, not to wear, I had another use for them. I used the panties to wipe all the pussy juice from my legs and groin. "Come here pantyslave and open your mouth, Mistress has a special treat for you." I pushed the panties firmly into his mouth and tied the stocking around his head trapping my pungent undies in his mouth. "The taste of your Mistress should remain in your mouth for several hours now. This will serve as a reminder of who you belong to and who controls your sissy life."

I must admit your training is progressing much faster than I thought it would. Because you have been so diligent in your obedience, I’m going to accelerate it a little. Get on the bed and extend your arms to the four corners. I want to make you helpless for the next phase of your training." In just a few moments, had him secured to the bed, his arms and legs spread wide. I reached under his petticoats and stroked him through his panties. "You have been such a good sissy for your Mistress. It’s time your were rewarded," I cooed as his sissy clit grew inside the satin panties. I’m going to let you get a good nights sleep and the in the morning I’ll have a nice surprise for you, one that every sissy would adore having. Just to make sure you can’t see your surprise, I’m going to have to put a hood on you. You don’t mind, do you sissy? You don’t want to spoil Mistress’s surprise by peeking too soon do you?"

Because the panties were in his mouth, he could do nothing but shake his head from side to side to indicate his acquiescence. The hood I was using lace up the back and had both a removable blindfold and provision for a leather gag to snap in place. I removed the stocking holding the panties and slipped the hood over his head. As I laced it tightly, the gag drove the panties even deeper into his mouth, eliciting a soft moan from my captive pantyslave. Once I was finished, I stepped back to admire the fruits of my labor. What a sight he made! What had begun the evening as a male was now a sissy maid in tight bondage, helpless to avoid whatever I chose to inflict on him. I bent over next to his head and murmured softly, "Sleep tight sissy, you’ll want to be well rested in the morning. You’ll need all your energy to enjoy your surprise."

With that, I walked from the room, locking the door behind me. Next, I picked up the phone by the entryway and dialed a number. When the party answered, I spoke, "Hello Jessica, Mike has made incredible progress, much faster than I thought possible. You were quite right in your suspicions that he would make an acceptable slave. Because he’s adapted to the training so effortlessly, he’s ready for you. I suggest we let him sleep and ponder his fate until tomorrow morning. Then you can come over about 9:00. Be sure and bring your special toys with you. I think you’ll find he’s more than ready."

"I’ll be there," she replied. "To think I almost gave up on him. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with him, not to mention the fun I’m planning on having as I take his virginity."

To be continued......




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