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The Unsuspecting Candidate                 by: Miss Vicky


Part 1 - (A woman finds the perfect victim for feminization)


I had been told what to expect and there he was, my next candidate! Even if I hadn't been told about this one, I would have recognized the potential he exhibited. How did I know this? I can't really explain it in mere words. All I can tell you is I knew this one would be susceptible to what I had in mind. I had been watching him watch me for more than ten minutes now and I just knew. Perhaps it was the uncertain manner he would look at me with, never blatantly staring but never completely turning away either. I was already imagining the fun I could have transforming his slight form into a feminized slave, craving the privilege of wearing satin and lace.

I had been sitting at the bar while putting on quite a show for him. At first, I just allowed my skirt to ride up to expose the lacy white straps of my garter belt. When I was sure I had his full attention, I contrived to turn away from the bar with my legs slightly splayed, giving him a brief glimpse of my white panties. He was so intent on my panties that he didn't see my challenging stare until he looked up. He blushed furiously and turned away immediately. I knew if I didn't act promptly, I'd lose him to his own timidity.

To assure that didn't happen, I asked the bartender to get me whatever he was drinking. It turned out to be a gin and tonic, perfect for my purposes. I waited until the bartender was serving another customer and dropped a small amount of my special powder in the drink. This powder is a combination of mild tranquilizer and auto_hypnotic drugs. The first would help my prey relax, the second make him more amenable to whatever I would suggest. I picked up his drink and my ginger ale and walked to his table.

In my best Domme voice I said, "I couldn't help but notice you staring at me. What do you find so fascinating?"

"I'm sorry," he stammered. "I didn't mean to offend you."

"That's quite all right. I find it flattering. My name is Amanda, what's yours?"

"Mike Peters," he replied. "I must admit that I'm not accustomed to a beautiful woman approaching me. When I saw you at the bar, the first thought that went through my mind was that you were way out of my league."

"My goodness, what a nice thing to say! That deserves a drink. I'm afraid I have that effect on a lot of men, much to my detriment. If I were to wait for a man to approach me, I'd spend far too much time without company, so I have learned it's best if I take the initiative. I'm sure you're not that shy with your wife or girlfriend, now are you?"

"Well no, I'm not. But I was introduced to my ex_girlfriend at a party by a mutual acquaintance. Otherwise, I would never have had the courage to approach her. Even with an introduction, if Jessica hadn't taken the initiative, we never would have gotten together. She was the one to suggest that we leave the party and go somewhere a little more private. I would never have had the brass to suggest such a thing to a woman I'd just met. I guess I'm just naturally shy. I haven't dated a lot during my life, even in college I was the one back at the dorm studying instead of partying. Jessica seemed to sense that and I guess there's no other way to put it but to say she took charge."

He went on to tell me all about himself, everything from where he worked to his childhood. His parents had divorced when he was only five, leaving him to be raised by his mother and aunt. It became clear that there had not been a male influence in his formative years. He was already predisposed to the acceptance of female authority. The more he talked, the more sure I was that this was the one. His telling of how he had met his girlfriend revealed his basic submissive nature. As I sat and listened, I wondered if the drugs had even been necessary. It was time to find out. "I see," I said with a smile. "Where is she now? I can't imagine she'd be too happy if she knew you were out picking up women at a bar."

His face took on a look of consternation as he stammered, "I had no intention of trying to meet you! I already told you that if you hadn't come over to my table, I'd never have approached you. Besides, Jessica and I are no longer seeing each other, she said she wanted a man that was more assertive.

I decided it was time to add to his discomfort. "So, now you're out cruising the bars looking for a new woman, is that the case?"

I could see in his eyes that the drug was taking full effect. He began to slightly slur his words as he protested my innuendo. "No, please, you still don't understand. I would never have the courage to approach any woman in a bar, let alone one as beautiful as you."

It was time to spring the trap. I went on in my most soothing voice, one designed to take full advantage of his suggestible state. "My, but aren't you the little flatterer! I think this all just an act. I think you really intended to meet me. It's my opinion that your shyness is just an act to make a woman relax and let her guard down. You really got off on the sight of my panties, didn't you?" He attempted to protest, but I put a finger to his lips. "Shush. I won't listen to any of your lame excuses. I can tell you're excited by a woman in pretty lingerie. Would you like to feel how soft and silky my stockings are?" I took his hand under the table and placed it on my leg, just above the knee. The tablecloth gave us sufficient privacy for what I had in mind. Leaving my hand on his, I moved it up to the tops of my stockings and back down. "Feel that Mike, feel how soft it is. Can you imagine how good it feels when I first slip these up my legs?"

I could feel the moistness of his palm as he became more nervous and agitated. "No, I can't," he floundered.

Keeping my eyes locked on his, I spoke slowly and soothingly as I continued to weave my web. "Well, let me tell you, it feels wonderful. I can't begin to describe what it's like as every inch of my legs are caressed as I slide them up my to the tops of my thighs. Once they're on, I fasten a garter belt around my waist and attach the stockings to them. Next, come the white panties with lots of lace and little bows at each hip. It feels so good when I slip them on. I revel in the knowledge that my most secret place is covered with something pretty. Of course you already know that, don't you. You've already seen my garter straps. If fact, you already know that my panties match the garter belt. I love wearing matching lingerie. It makes me feel so sexy. Of course my bra is also white. You can't see them yet, but my nipples are hard, poking against the lacy cups holding them."

I moved the candle closer to him and took his hand and this time moved it even further up my leg until it was at the juncture of my legs. "Watch the dancing flame Mike. That flame represents the heat inside me. Can you feel the heat of my womanhood Mike? Allow your body to relax and be drawn into the flame. You're going deeper and deeper into it. The heat is surrounding you, but you feel only warm and secure. Wouldn't you like to see what I look like in nothing but my lingerie? Would you like to come back to my home so you can see everything? I want you to come with me Mike. You know you want to. You know you want to see me in nothing but my pretty bra and panties." I took my hand from his and moved it to his crotch. His organ was erect, straining against the front of his pants. I massaged it gently through the fabric of his slacks. "See, you can't hide from me. Your body is telling me how badly you want to do this. Give in Mike. Give in to the flame. You are really quite helpless to stop it. You have to obey me now. I am in complete control."

I stood up and took his hand. He offered no resistance as I led him out of the bar to my car. I unlocked the passengers' door and he meekly got in. I quickly went to the driver's side and in just a few seconds we were on our way to my house. I continued his indoctrination as I drove. After unbuttoning the top two buttons of my blouse, I pulled my skirt up, exposing my garter straps and stockings. "Keep your eyes focused on me. You must look at nothing but my frilly lingerie. You must think only of how good I must feel dressed in my frilly things." He said nothing during the ride, as his eyes focused alternately on my legs and breasts as I drove. This was what I had been waiting for. He was now completely under. His subconscious had taken over would compel his obedience to my every word.

We arrived at my home and I pressed the garage door opener while still half a block away. The door was already open when I swung into the driveway and I drove directly into the garage. Once the garage door was completely closed, I turned to Mike, "Come with me. The night is young and you have much to learn before the sun comes up." I got out of the car and turned to see him meekly following, oblivious to everything but me.

I led him to my spare room, the one I used for my playmates. He looked around the room at my equipment, his eyes taking in the various bondage devices there. I watched him for a moment, wondering what was going through his mind.

He seemed particularly intrigued with my bondage table. Made of stainless steel tubing and covered with padded leather for the slave's comfort, once a slave was secured to it, they would be completely helpless. There were extensions attached at either end of the main area for the arms and legs, with web straps at several points to tightly secure each limb. The extensions were on pivots, allowing me to spread and lock my victim's legs and arms wide apart. The entire table could also be raised or lowered much like a barbers chair.

Now was the time to begin, while he was still in his suggestive state. "You may begin by coming here," I commanded. He came to me and stood with his arms at his sides. "First, we need to get these nasty clothes off you," I cooed. "Tell me how much you want to be naked before your Mistress."

"I want to be naked before my Mistress," he dutifully responded in a somewhat monotone voice.

"Good, take off your clothes then."

He stripped off his clothes, and I kicked them into a corner. I reached down and stroked his penis, causing it to grow. "You see my lovely boy, when you do as I say, I will reward you with pleasure. Rest assured however, if you disobey or are slow in carrying out my orders, you will be punished severely. Do you understand what I've just told you?" He nodded his assent.

"Good, my precious, now turn around and place your hands behind your back. Mistress has a surprise for you." Once again, he meekly complied, not even flinching when I snapped the handcuffs on his wrists.

"This is merely a precaution," I said, continuing to stroke his now fully erect penis. "I always use these on my new candidates. It assures that they can't interfere with Mistress while she's playing with them. Now, get on your knees facing me."

He once again obeyed at once, dropping to his knees and staring up at my face.

"Very good. As a reward, I'm going to show you a sight most men would give anything for." I reached behind my back and began to slowly pull down the zipper to my dress. I shrugged it from my shoulders and let it drop, pooling around my ankles. I stepped out of it and stood, my panties barely an inch from his face. I took his head in my hands and pulled him toward me, pressing his nose firmly into the white satin covering my mound. "Take a deep breath my precious, smell the essence of your Mistress," I commanded. He inhaled deeply, drawing the aroma of my scented panties and my feminine musk deep into his lungs. I could feel myself beginning to get wet as he continued to inhale the unmistakable bouquet of my secretions.

"Mmm," I purred as his warm breath penetrated my panties. "That feels very nice. I love having a man at my feet worshiping me. As a special treat I will allow you to take my panties down. Oh, I forgot, your hands are cuffed behind you aren't they? Well then, you will just have to find another way won't you? I imagine you'll just have to use your talented little mouth to remove them. Aren't you glad I had the foresight to put my panties on over my garters. If I hadn't, you'd never get them off. Come on, get to work, we don't have all night you know."

He raised himself until his mouth was level with the waistband of my panties and ever so gently, took the elastic in his teeth and began to tug in a downward motion. He soon realized that he would have to alternate sides until they were over my hips. Before long, my mound was exposed and in order to get my panties all the way off, he had to press his nose into my folds. All this attention was having the predictable effect and I was getting wetter by the minute. At last, he was able to give one final tug and they slid down my legs leaving me exposed to his gaze. He licked his lips, obviously wanting to take greater privileges with me.

I stepped back, bending down to pick up my discarded dainties. "You did such a good job with that task, I will reward you. Stand up slave, its time for you to experience just how good a pair of panties can feel against your most secret parts." He struggled to his feet, his hands still cuffed helplessly behind his back. I took the panties and dangled them just above his erection. "Hmm", I mused. I think I've found the ideal place to hang my panties. I dropped them over his cock, draping it in the folds of the silky white panties. The effect was instantaneous. His cock began to twitch and jump, almost as though it had a mind of it's own. I stepped closer and whispered in his ear while I gently stroked him through the panties. "Doesn't this feel divine? Don't you wish you could have these sweet panties caressing you all the time?"

To my irritation, he just stood there with his eyes tightly closed, totally engrossed with the pleasure I was providing. "Answer me, slave," I commanded. "Don't you wish you could experience these sensations all the time?"

"Yes Mistress, this feels wonderful. I've fantasized about a moment like this, but never thought I'd be allowed to experience it firsthand."

"Good, that's the attitude I'm looking for. I have a treat for you in that event. I'm going to put you in your very first pair of panties." I place my hands on either side of his head and tilted it up until his eyes made contact with mine. In a stern, but soft voice I asked, "This will be your first time, won't it? You haven't played naughty panty games when your girlfriend has been out of the house have you, perhaps sneaking into her lingerie drawer, exploring all the dainty things inside?"  

"Oh, No!", he exclaimed. "I've never done anything like that."

I knew from preceding knowledge and the way he couldn't meet my probing gaze that he was lying, but that was something to be dealt with later, so I let the matter drop and continued. "Good, then since this is your first excursion into satin and lace, I think something in black  would be fitting. I suspect you have the soul of a slut and I have just the thing for you."

I turned and went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. I pulled out a pair of black lacy panties. At first glance, they would appear to be quite ordinary full cut panties, although very lavishly trimmed in black lace.  Closer examination would reveal the zipper hidden in the lace trim. The zipper ran from front to back. Once opened, whoever was wearing them would be completely exposed and vulnerable, yet still wearing their pretty panties.

As I turned back to him, I noticed his eyes were riveted on the panties. "Look at these, my pet," I cooed. "Can you imagine how wonderful they will feel once I slip them up your legs?" Using just my fingertips, I made a sling of the panties and placed them under his balls, sliding the slippery fabric back and forth. His cock began to twitch again, jerking up and down with each stroke.

"Hmm," I mused as I continued his torment, "You certainly seem to enjoy the feeling of satin and lace against your secret parts. You know of course that I want to put these on you, don't you? I won't do it without your assent however. You are going to have to ask me to put you in panties. Remember though, this is a big step for you. Once you have these on, you are mine to do with as I please, my panty slave. Your body becomes my toy, something to be used for my amusement. This then is the moment of truth. Do you want to wear these panties for me?"

It took a few seconds before he stammered out his answer. "Yes, please put me in panties."

I continued the stroking as I queried him further. "Before I do that, I want there to be no misunderstanding later. Do you fully accept the terms and understand what they signify? You must tell me in your own words what these panties symbolize."

Again he hesitated as his mind took in the import of what I wanted. I knew from the reaction of his cock however which way he would go. Finally, he spoke. "I will become your panty slave. My body will be your property and used in any way you deem appropriate."

I reached up and stroked his cheek. "You have made the right decision, my pet. In just a few seconds, you will be mine." I knelt down and as he raised first one foot then the other, I watched his expression as I slid the panties up his legs. As I reached his thighs, he took a deep breath, knowing that the moment was near. With a slow and deliberate movement, I pulled them over his cock and balls. I took just a moment to adjust the waistband and then stood to confront my newest slave.

I ran a fingernail over his panty covered cock, and leaned close to whisper in his ear, "Now you are mine. You no longer have a cock. Everyone knows that cocks don't reside in panties. For that reason, we will now refer to this as your clit. Actually to be more precise, this is now my clit, a toy for me to play with as I see fit. Before we go much further however, we must finish dressing you. A real woman doesn't feel complete unless she is wearing a bra and stockings. They add so much to her feeling of sensual femininity. Of course, you'll also need a lacy garter belt to hold your stockings up. I much prefer a garter belt and stockings to pantyhose, they are much more feminine and present such a wonderfully erotic picture. Don't go away" I teased, "I'll be right back."

Once again I went to the dresser, returning with a lacy black bra, waist cincher and stockings. The bra had cunning little slits for his nipples to protrude and the cincher laced up in back to compress his waist. "Stand still," I commanded, "While I fasten this around your waist. This will give you a more pronounced waist, more like the person you have always dreamt of being." I fastened the hook and eye closures in the front and then turned him around so I could pull the laces in back nice and tight. When I had finished, he indeed did have a more feminine figure, his waist now two inches smaller than when I had started. I reached into my bra and retrieved the key to the handcuffs. "I'm going to release you for a moment. Dressed the way you are, I don't think there is any risk of your running off," I joked. I unlocked the handcuffs and before he could comment or protest, dictated, "Hold arms out in front for a moment while I slip on your bra."

He obeyed at once, his mind now conditioned to follow my orders without hesitation, no matter how humiliating the circumstance.I fastened the clasp and again turned him so he was facing me. I positioned the cups over his chest, pushing his muscles up and in until the under wires of the bra gave him the illusion of small breasts rising from the lace.   I tweaked his nipples through the slits, making them erect and then quickly bent and gave each one in turn a quick kiss. His body jumped a little at that, the surprise of first a little pain, then the heat of my wet mouth startling him. "Did that surprise you my pet?" I asked slyly. "Well you have a great many more surprises coming before you leave this room."

Pointing to the bondage table, I put a little edge in my voice, "Get on the table and lie back for me." He obeyed and when I was satisfied that he was properly positioned and reasonably comfortable, I began to fasten the velcro straps to his arms, wrists, thighs and ankles. As I did this, I continued teasing him, "I have lot in store for you and don't want you to be able to resist. For that reason you will have to be restrained." Once all the straps were in place, I moved the extensions outward, locking them in place only when his arms and legs were spread wide apart.

I took a step back to review my handiwork. He was now completely helpless, bound to my bondage table, his entire body open and vulnerable. I felt myself beginning to get wet at the sight. I knew I could do whatever I wanted to him. Just the thought of the delicious torments I had in mind was getting me more and more aroused. He looked at me somewhat plaintively, finally realizing how precarioushissituation was.

I stepped closer and began to stroke his inner thighs, teasing him by not approaching his clit. "Yes, my pet you are about to begin a journey from which there will be no return."I traced my fingertips higher until they were beneath his balls. I used two hands to tease and stroke his balls and clit until he was writhing and struggling against the straps holding him in place. "Hmm, you certainly seem to like that!' I exclaimed. "You obviously enjoy having your clit and balls trapped in a prison of satin and lace. I wonder what would happen if you were to wear two pairs of panties?" I retrieved the white panties I had been wearing and dangled them over his face. "I think I'll find out. Raise your head for me." He did as he was told and I slipped my panties over his head, arranging the leg holes around his eyes and the crotch over his nose and mouth.

As soon as I finished, I whispered seductively, "The moment I laid eyes on you in that bar, I was visualizing you on this table. I could see you in my minds eye just as you are now, in frilly lingerie and bondage. Just those thoughts were enough to get my panties wet. Now you have a constant reminder of how excited I became as I lured you into my web."

While I had been teasing him with my voice and fingers, he was taking deep breaths, inhaling my musk. I could tell from the state of his clit what sort of effect this was having. It strained against the satin holding it prisoner, and as his excitement increased, began to ooze fluids. "Just look what you're doing to your new panties!" I said with mock anger. "Your naughty clit is getting them all wet. I suppose I should have known this would happen. I will just have to find a way to help you control yourself."

I walked to the dresser and came back with an ornately carved box. I opened it to reveal a number of rubber o_rings. They varied in size from under an inch to over two inches in diameter. I grasped the tang of the zipper in his panties and pulled it down until his clit and balls were exposed. Using one of the larger o_rings, I placed it at the base of his clit and balls. Next, using increasingly smaller rings, I put his balls and finallyhis clit in bondage. When I was finished, in addition to the first ring, he had rings around the base of his balls, each ball individually and three on his clit, one at the base, one half way up the shaft and the last just below the head. This form of bondage is devilishly effective. His balls are now incredibly sensitive to even the slightest touch. The effect on his clit is even more pronounced. Because the blood has no way to escape, it ensures that his clit will remain fully erect. Also, if the rings are the right size it will also deny him the ability to achieve climax.

"There my pet, that's much better. I now control your ability to climax. Your body will get more and more aroused, but be unable to achieve release unless I allow it. I told you at the outset that your body would be mine and this is just one small example of how I intend to enslave it."

"You are now going to begin your service to me," I said as I lowered the table until his bound form was a comfortable height for me to straddle him. I positioned my sex over his face, pulled the panties covering his mouth aside and instructed him. "I want to use your mouth for my first orgasm. You will have exactly two minute to bring me to completion. You may begin now."

I lowered myself to his waiting tongue and luxuriated in the wonderful feeling of power as he did my bidding, licking and sucking his way slowly up the length of my slit until he found the prize of my clit. Aware that he had a time limit, he sucked it between his lips and began to lash it with the tip of his tongue. What a treasure this one was! His talent was incredible. Even though I tried to delay it, my climax began in under a minute, building higher and higher until I went completely over the edge. At the peak of my pleasure, my legs gave out, pinning my clit against his mouth. His tongue continued to lap and lick, impelling my body to higher and higher heights of ecstasy. No sooner did one wave subside, than another would begin. My juices flowed in a constant stream, coating his face with my sweet oils. He drank it all, like a kitten at a bowl of cream. Finally, when it seemed I would pass out if I didn't do something, I forced myself to raise from his face. It took all the strength I had to remove myself from his probing tongue.

I stood still for a moment, while my body recovered from the multiple climaxes. It took a moment or two for the rubbery feeling in my thighs to dissipate. Once I had fully recovered, I set about preparing my slave for his next ordeal. I removed the o_rings and replace them with a locking cock cage.  After the metal cage was over his clit, I pulled the straps tight around the base of his balls and snapped a small brass padlock on.   I released him from his bondage and ordered, " take all your lingerie off my pretty, its time to change into something a little more frilly."  Once he had complied, I pulled a pair of red ruffled panties from the drawer.  I stood next to him and began to once again stroke his bound clit with the panties. Each time they came in contact with it, his clit grew a little more, until it was straining against the metal cage holding it prisoner.  "I'm glad I took the precaution of restraining your naughty little clit my pet,"  I teased.  "Who knows what sorts of naughtiness you'd get into if you were able to reach it."  I continued to tease him with the panties, using just two fingers to massage the head of his clit with them.   By now he was beginning to moan and pant with desire, so intense  was his need to climax.  "Does my sissy want to cum?" I teased.  "Well, lets see what your Mistress can do about that for you.  I think we need to dress you in something really slutty this time, I said as I walked to the closet.  As I examined the nighties hanging there, I mused, " Let me see, what would be appropriate for a slut like you?"  Pulling a sheer red babydoll nightie with matching panties from their hanger, I said, "This will be perfect, a red hot nightie for my red hot slut.   Take this and put it on for your Mistress.  You may wear that pair of black stay up stockings with it.

Of course, he complied at once, wishing for nothing more than my approval.  I am sure he now understood that the road to the climax he so desperately craved.    After slipping the babydoll gown over his head, he reached for the panties and pulled them up over his caged clit.  I saw at once that this would not be satisfactory, the cage kept his clit sticking straight out, ruining the lines of the lacy panties.  "Come here, slave," I commanded.  As he stepped over to me, I pulled his panties down far enough to release his clit from the cage.    "I will have to find another way to stimulate and tease you," I informed him.

I went to the dresser and pulled open the toy drawer, removing a hard plastic vibrating egg.  About 4 inches in length, it had a battery pack with an adjustable power setting.  Once this little gem was inserted, I would be able to produce sensations varying from a mild tingle to mind shattering vibrations.  "Spread you legs and bend over with your palms on the floor," I ordered.  Once he had complied, I lubed the egg and ever so slowly inserted it inside his ass.  As his sphincter closed around it, he gave a little gasp of pleasure.  I took great delight in what happened next.  I turned the thumbwheel, giving him a quick burst of intense vibration.   His whole body jumped and his legs began to quiver from the wonderful stimulation inside him.  I pulled his panties back up and ordered him lie on his back on the bed.   Once there, I fastened his wrists and ankles to the four corners using cuffs and lengths of sturdy chain.  I stood back from the bed and once again survered my handiwork.  His legs were spread wide apart and his arms over his head.  There would be no chance of his interferring with what was to come.  His torment had just begun.  Before I was finished with him, he would be a quivering bowl of jelly, his body unable to do so much as stand.

It was time to give my sissy a little pleasure, time to take pity on the poor thing and let her climax.  I knew what I would do to her.  There was one toy left to use and I knew it would drive the poor thing wild, stimulating her clit until she had no choice but to climax.  From the nightstand, I took a vibrator, one with a flexible cup on the business end.  I pulled my sissy's panties down and placed it on the head of her clit.  As I switched the power on, his whole body jumped, straining against the cuffs holding him prisoner on my bed.  I delighted in his reaction, and continued to use the vibrator on his balls and clit until he was bucking and writhing, begging me with his eyes to let him cum.  I watched as his climax neared and then stopped, leaving the poor thing high and dry.  I waited until he had calmed down and then began the whole process over again teasing her clit and balls until she was almost at that magic moment, the stopping again.  I repeated this process several times, until I saw it was not possible to get my captive sissy any more excited.  It was time to milk him dry now.  I released his right hand an gave him a pair of my laciest red panties with the instructions, "Make yourself cum for me sissy, I want to see you fill these panties for your Mistress.  Wrap them around your clit and stroke it until you fill my panties for me." Of course by this time, he was more than happy to comply.   He wrapped the panties around his clit, leaving the excess to stroke his balls as he moved his fist up and down the length of his shaft.

I could tell he was getting close to the edge and leaned over to whisper in his ear.    "Cum for me sissy, fill my sexy panties with your juices, make your Mistress happy!  I want to watch you cum!  CUM FOR ME NOW!!!!"  His body began to tremble and shake as his climax approached.  His back arched in ecstasy as spurt after spurt of his hot oils errupted from the head of his clit, soaking the panties with proof of his obedience.  I stroked his forehead cooing to him to reassure him.  "You are such a good sissy,  I want to keep you all to myself for the moment.  I am sure the time will come that I will want to share you with my friends, making you serve them as you will serve and service me, but for now I think I'll keep you all to myself.




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