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Note and warning! This story was a mental exercise on my part. I simply wanted to see if I could write the most sadistic, twisted and purely evil TG story ever written. This story contains scenes of torture that even the dungeon masters of the Spanish Inquisition would fall faint from. This story has references to the worst and most depraved form of mental torment ever used by man. Yes, Barney the purple Dinosaur! Not for the faint of heart.


The Ultimate Sissy Doll

by Barbi Satin


Chapter 1

Sondra was now 30 years old but didn’t look a day past twenty and would not age another day for years. She was not only a genius but also perhaps the greatest artist the world of plastic surgery had ever known. She was world renowned as the foremost innovator in laser surgical techniques.

Sondra was also a beauty. She had a body men would die for and the face of the ultimate porno slut. She had a small surgical suite set up in her home and she would put it to use as she sculpted her own face and body not trusting any another surgeon alive to touch her. She was also the ultimate fetishistic sadist and lived to wear latex and leather.

When she had sculpted her face to perfection she fragmented her mind into a dominant sadistic personality and a submissive masochistic one at the same time. She would sit in front of a large mirror and perform the complex procedures with no anesthetic whatsoever. One part of her twisted mind would scream in agony as the other part relished the power to inflict that much horrendous pain.

When Sondra would perform procedures on patients she would simply curse the invention of anesthesia. She wished she could hear them scream as she cut into their flesh. Just the thought of those screams made her nasty cunt drip.

At night she would return to her apartment and attend to her 25 year old sister Chrissie. Chrissie was now her ultra submissive latex clad maid. When Sondra was just fifteen years old she began to torture her younger sister sexually. Rubber gloved anal fistings were one of her favorite techniques. Sondra would fist her little sister and then sit on her face and force her to eat her ass out. By the time she was eighteen Chrissie was her total slave.

Poor Chrissie was now far more insane that even Sondra and would crave the most debasing treatments. Chrissie was now the ultimate fetish bimbo with proportions like Jessica Rabbit. Sondra had spent weeks altering her face and body in her private surgical suite, a suite that was totally sound proof. Chrissie had been semi sane before the surgeries. After two weeks of screaming and begging for mercy, as her body and face were sliced apart with no pain control at all she escaped into a world where she became a walking rubber sex doll.

As much as Sondra enjoyed torturing her sister she craved cock. Men were of no use to her however. Sondra was a truly psychotic man hater and wished she could find one to alter to her specifications. She didn’t so much crave a cock inside her always-wet cunt however. She craved a cock to simply torture.

She kept office hours only one day a week to interview prospective patients. With her talent she could have been a dream come true for those poor souls who had been burned or born deformed but she had no compassion for them at all. Her heart was cold and pure evil. She only performed surgery on young women who were already beautiful. Women so vain they would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for her skills to become goddess’s

One afternoon she was sitting at her desk a young girl walked in. Sondra immediately could tell by the bone structure that this girl was no girl. The patient was a transvestite who had used his fem name to register. She was about to kick him out but was curious,

He introduced himself as Jenny and told her he had the desire to be made into a shemale with big breasts and a perfect Barbie doll face. Sondra asked him if he was a pre op TS with papers from a psychologist to prove he was prepared for the surgeries mentally.

Jenny just sighed and once again felt her dream slipping away. She was not a TS and had no desire to even take hormones. She simply wanted a surgical transformation to look like a beautiful girl and keep her beautiful cock as it was. Jenny was what all the doctors had called a fetishist and told her that she didn’t fit the criteria for surgery.

Jenny loved living as a satin clad sissy maid and dreamed of becoming so gorgeous a dominant female would take her as a full time sissy slave maid. A depraved woman in leather or latex who would use her as a shemale sex toy.

Sondra told Jenny in a stern voice that she needed to know about her perversions before she would decide weather to take her as a patient. "Speak up young lady"! Jenny knew a dominant, superior woman when she saw one and she was already in a state of pure lust just from looking at this incredibly gorgeous, slutty doctor.

She just confessed all her perversions as her face burned in shame. Jenny was in tears when she told Sondra she had dreams of being a latex maid and used as a urinal. Her cock was hard as a rock as she cried.

Sondra just smiled and told her she would take Jenny as a patient and make her dreams come true. Jenny was of course thrilled until Sondra told her it would cost $250,000 Jenny just sobbed that she could never come up with ¼ of a million dollars.

Sondra just watched the poor creatures delusions shatter and felt her cunt get hot, seeing the transvestite suffering emotionally so profoundly was getting her hot. After giving poor Jenny a few moments to suffer in the realization that she would never have her dream she spoke up and made an offer.

"Jenny, Look at me"! Sondra was smiling now. "Jenny I will do all the surgeries free of charge in my home clinic if you will sign a contract to serve as my maid for life. "I assure you I am more than perverted enough for your sick tastes". Sondra asked Jenny if she enjoyed being bound and totally helpless at the mercy of a latex nurse or leather mistress. Jenny had her erection back now and just said, "Yes Mistress". The last thing Sondra did was to tell Jenny to show her his TV cock. Sondra smiled, it was a good ten incher!

Sondra gave Jenny her address and told her to report to her home next Saturday at noon. She told Jenny to bring nothing but the clothing she was wearing and that once she had healed she would be dressed for her new duties.


Chapter 2

Sondra had prepared her surgical suite on Friday evening and on Saturday morning she put Chrissie into a latex straight jacket and restrained her on the rubber covered bondage table she kept in her bedroom. The last thing she needed was for the new victim to see her demented sister wandering about fisting her own pussy with a vacant look on her face.

Once Chrissie was securely restrained in latex Sondra evacuated her bowels into an aroma casket. The casket was lined in latex and had two chambers separated by a screen. Her foul turds would lie on top of the screen in the upper chamber forcing the odor into the lower chamber where corrugated tubing was attached. The tubing ran to a gas mask fitted with a special ball gag. Once the mask was in place Chrissie would have to breath through her nose and smell her vile turds.

The gag would be hooked to a tube running from an IV bottle and drip a slow feed of piss into her mouth. The smell and taste combined would make even Chrissie cry. Sondra then strapped her sisters’ legs into the stirrups and inserted a double Bardex enema into her anus. She prepared a solution of 50% castile soap and water and began to pump two full quarts deep into her bowels. The solution would feel like it was burning but would do no damage and she would be desperate to shit. It would also cause excruciating cramping. The double balloons on the nozzle would keep that tortuous solution inside Chrissie for at least the next 12 hours.

Sondra then moved a stainless steel table with a device on it to the foot of the table. The device was a fucking machine with gears and shaft. For the next 12 hours it would slowly force a big latex dildo in and out of her sisters cunt. She finished up by hooking alligator clips to her sisters’ clitoris and vaginal lips. The clips had wires running to them from a tens unit and would send pulses of electricity into her clit in waves. By the time she was done Chrissie was shrieking in pleasure and extreme pain into her shitty smelling gas mask. The pulses would force her to one orgasm after another. It almost made Sondra’s pussy wet. It was however far to tame for her tastes. She smiled knowing the main event would start soon. Sondra just flipped of the light leaving her sister to suffer in total darkness and headed out to change into her surgical outfit.

Sondra slipped into a full transparent latex catsuit and a transparent latex hood. The suit had an opening in the crotch. Sondra didn’t want to have to take bathroom breaks during the surgery so she inserted a catheter into her urethra and attached it to a latex bag strapped to her leg. She loved the feeling of a catheter burning her piss hole! The piss bag would be useful as well. She would hang it as soon as it was full to hydrate the patient and simply put an empty bag in its place.

It was going on 11:00 AM so she made one last inspection of the surgical suite. She picked up one new tool she would be using and had a spontaneous orgasm from the anticipation. It was a heavy-duty amputation saw. She then checked the refrigeration unit that stored her new toys glorious mane of blonde hair complete with scalp. Her sex toy wouldn’t need a wig and the former owner of that hair didn’t complain at all. Dead prostitutes tell no tales after all! She had made a midnight trip to the hospital morgue for spare parts. She also smiled at the sight of the 4,000cc breast implants the new toy would have to live with. Nothing like a bimbo with an FFF cup!

Before heading up to meet Jenny at the door Sondra picked out the CD’s she would put on for mood music. For the music that she would listen to as she worked she chose some Beethoven, The 9th symphony. Jenny would be in headphones and have her own music to enjoy as she was sliced to pieces. Sondra looked at the CD cover and laughed hysterically. The surgeries would take place over three weeks. For three weeks and forever after Jenny would listen to Barney the purple dinosaur singing just one song. She headed on up humming in her latex suit. I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family!

Soon her doorbell chimed and Jenny had arrived.


Chapter 3

Jenny of course looked horrid, not that it would matter in a few weeks. She felt a lump of fear rise in her throat at the sight of the bizarre latex doctor. Sondra wasted no time and commanded her to strip and place her "rags" in a trash pail. Jenny was afraid but she was deeply submissive and a pervert. She stripped down and began to moan as Sondra massaged her sissy cock to full erection with her slippery latex gloves.

Sondra had Jenny take a shower and scrub with betadine solution. The disgusting iodine would make her almost sterile. After her shower Sondra had her follow her into the surgical suit and sealed the doors. She put Jenny’s mind at ease then and explained that she would administer powerful drugs for pain. Sondra was telling the truth. The drugs would enhance pain greatly!

She told Jenny to lie on the table and began to fasten straps to her arms, legs, torso and head. Sondra just told her any movement no matter how slight could cause her to slip so they would be needed. As soon as Jenny was relaxed in her restraints Sondra gave her an IV in a vein in her neck and let the drugs flow. They were a mix of antibiotics and several compounds to enhance sensation and prevent her from becoming unconscious no matter how much pain she was in.

Sondra just told her to relax and that she was going to put her in headphones to listen to soothing music. Sondra hit the CD player then, Barney sang and Jenny screamed. " Noooooo anything but this, anything". Sondra simply gagged her with several bloody tampons and then went to work. She started with the eye clamps and a drip of saline to lubricate the corneas. The clamps would keep Jenny’s eyes open so she could enjoy watching the surgery in the mirror above her head.

Sondra made a show of picking up the saw. She just held it in front of jenny’s eyes before she began to work it back and forth at one armpit, a clean and slow amputation at the shoulder. Jenny was screaming so loudly into her gag that she ruptured her vocal cords and soon couldn’t even scream. Sondra was laughing like a maniac and having orgasm after orgasm as she heard the saw begin to cut bone. "I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family"! As soon as she was done with the arm she concentrated and began to use an electric probe to cauterize the bleeders. It would burn the ends of the bleeding veins and arteries. With each zap Jenny would pray for death. It took her another two hours to seal the wound so it would be seamless and not have even a scar. She did want her dolly to be pretty after all. Sondra was such a sweet heart! She just laid the amputated arm across Jenny’s gagged mouth for now.

The night was still young and she was having fun so she went to work on a leg. She began to cut at an angle at the upper hip so there would not even be a stump. Three hours later it was perfection itself and would heal beautifully. Jenny had passed into shock so Sondra covered her in a latex sheet and gave her an injection to let her sleep while she listened to her friend Barney!

She went to her room and took care of Chrissie. She wasn’t in the mood to do much more so she put her in a tub and removed the enema nozzle. She could sleep in that tub in the straight jacket over night in her expelled enema. Sondra took a shower and cuddled up warm and happy in her $20,000 kidskin leather bed sheets. She needed a good nights sleep because she planned on a 15 hour marathon with Jenny the next day. Such a happy family!

Sondra was so happy to see Jenny awake and enjoying her music that next morning she gave Jenny a kiss. Jenny just screeched into her tampon gag. "Is Sondra’s little sex doll ready for another day of fun", she yelled loud enough to be heard over good ole Barney.

Sondra changed the IV bottle and went back to work. She decided to take Jenny’s last leg first. Sondra did have a heart and decided to let jenny enjoy some last sensation in the leg so she picked up a blowtorch and cut off one foot with the torch and then shattered a kneecap with a hammer. The ungrateful bitch just screamed and screamed!

If that was how she wanted it then fine! Sondra picked up the saw the soon Jenny was down to just an arm. Sondra knew Jenny might want time to say good-bye to her leg so Sondra lubed up the foot on the amputated limb and shoved it up Jenny’s asshole. Such a sweet girl!

By 6:00 PM Jenny had lost a lot of excess weight. Losing all four limbs works wonders for that! The last procedure of the night was simply to remove several ribs for that hourglass shape in a corset. Halfway through Jenny had stopped screaming from shock. Sondra finished up and went to Chrissie. She took a seat on her open bottom latex throne chair and had her sister eat out her ass for a few hours. Her sister was a sweet girl so when Sondra needed to shit she just did it her sisters’ mouth. Sondra was so kind to that girl! She even had a meal of beans and hot peppers the day before just to make it extra tasty!

Sondra took a few days off from her labors on Jenny and put her in a deep healing sleep. A third day of surgery would have killed her new sex doll. At least Jenny had her friend Barney to keep her company as she slept.

Sondra began anew two days later and gave Jenny her dream boobs. She did the face on the day after and then the scalp transplant. Sondra once again had compassion and let Jenny enjoy the sight of her exposed and bloody skull in the mirror for an hour before suturing the new hair into place.

The last touches were to simply remove the dolls voice box and put in cochlear implants to transmit sound. Sondra could tell just how attached Jenny had become to her buddy Barney so she fixed it so that they could be together for the rest of her life. I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family would resonate directly into her skull 24 hours a day for the rest of what Sondra was sure would be a very long life.

Sondra then bandaged the doll from stem to stern and sedated her. She was just so nice!


Chapter 4

Sondra once again demonstrated the sheer kindness of her heart by planning a wonderful welcome back to the world surprise for Jenny. As Jenny lay healing unconscious Sondra wrote a script and began to drill Chrissie with her lines. She was still capable of rote learning.

Sondra went to the funeral home and picked out an all white satin lined casket and had it delivered to her home. She placed it under a mirror and filled the room with flowers for Jenny’s viewing. Sondra so wanted her dolly to be pretty for her funeral. She had a beautiful white satin communion dress made for her poor quadruple amputee daughter.

Sondra went to the clinic on the day of the viewing and dressed her dolly. Jenny was now a true limbless beauty! Her face like an angel and huge monster boobs. Sondra didn’t want her poor dolly to feel any pain at all when she would awaken. She injected every square inch of her skin with a numbing agent. The dolly wouldn’t even be able to feel herself breath.

Sondra made up her face in pasty white foundation and put a little color on her lips and cheeks. Long false lashes and gorgeous eye make up. Such a pretty dolly! Sondra lovingly dressed her then in that pretty white communion dress and laid her in her coffin.

One Jenny was all snug and cozy in her pretty casket. Sondra turned off Barney and hooked the transmitter to two microphones. She hooked two EEG leads to the back of her skull and she waited with Chrissie for Jenny’s brain waves to indicate she was awake.

Jenny’s eyes were already open when she woke at last. Her first instinct was to sit up and scream but she couldn’t feel her body at all. She saw a gorgeous young limbless girl in a casket at a funeral home and began to hear two women having a conversation. "I am so sorry momma, you tried so hard with her". The other woman was sobbing and talking about her poor dead daughter and how she suffered so in life. "It was bad enough she was born with no limbs but then those delusions that she was a man and a transvestite"! "Now she’s dead, my poor, poor Jenny".

Terror was shooting through Jenny’s mind. She made soundless screams in her head that she wasn’t dead. The woman began to speculate on the afterlife then. The one who had been called momma said that she believed that the dead soul lingered near the body until she would hear the music that would lead her to her eternal fate. If the deceased heard beautiful music it meant heaven and terrible music meant the person had lived a terrible life.

Jenny was screaming and screaming in her head that she was not dead. "HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP ME"!!!!!!!! She heard her music then. "I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family".

Soon a woman she didn’t recognize in a black dress walked over and looked at her with tears in her eyes. Momma I am sorry but we have to close the casket now and head to the cemetery. Jenny just screamed her silent screams as the lid closed. As soon as the lid was closed Sondra pushed a plunger and sedatives once again flooded the dolls body. Jenny was simply sleeping now.


Chapter 5

Jenny began to feel herself rise toward consciousness. The first thing she heard was her old pal Barney! As her vision cleared she became aware of torchlight in a black room lit by flame. As her vision cleared there was once again a mirror held by a figure in black. Her waist felt like it was being crushed in a vise. She saw an armless, legless fetish doll in the mirror. The doll had a beautiful face and long flowing blonde hair. She had massive boobs and a waist crushed down to about 15 inches in a black leather under bust corset. The dolls face was made up like whore with blood red lipstick and black eye shadow.

The figure holding the mirror lowered the mirror and revealed itself. It was a nun in a skintight black latex habit complete with hood. The nun had a white latex cross on her chest between her massive boobs and it was inverted. Her face was fully covered in a black latex mask with just a mouth hole.

It was really Chrissie standing there while Sondra sat out of sight with a control box. Barney was still quite happy and singing his song in Jenny’s head. Sondra picked up the microphone and spoke in a booming voice that would drown out Barney for a moment.

"Jenny, JENNY, You have been found in a state of sin by the Lord. Welcome my dark child to eternal pain and damnation. Sondra pushed a button and steel probe in Jenny’s ass shot high voltage jolts up her spine. Jenny tried to scream but there was no sound at all. The latex nun put gas mask over Jenny’s face and Jenny took a breath of air that smelled like vomit and shit. One the mask was in place the nun knelt in front of her and took her cock into her mouth through a mouth opening in the mask.

With a great big kiss and a hug from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too! I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family. Jenny’s brain waves went borderline delta then. Her eyes went blank and she was off to happy land where she would get a great big kiss and a hug from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too! Jenny spent the rest of her life in a satin lined box as an ornament in Sondra’s living room. Her purple friend Barney loved her forever and ever! Won’t you say you love------ meeeee----- toooooo?


The End!




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