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Ultimate Make Over


Paul G Jutras


Sitting in a large CEO office, Chris Dixie sat with his back to the office door and the phone up to his ear. He stared out the large picture window at the city that stretched out as far as one could see. With a nervous voice, he swallowed hard and turned to hang up.

"I hope this works." Chris muttered to himself. "If not, my company will be ruined."

"Barbara, can you come in here?" Chris spoke into the intercom. "Please bring me some coffee."

A few moments late, a lovely blonde walked into the room and set the coffee on the desk of her boss. "Is there anything else sir?"

"Actually there is." Mr. Dixie said was he walked around the desk and shut the office door. "I know I have a policy of no inner employee dating, but I have found myself fallen for you for some time. I wanted to know if you'd have dinner with me tonight. Of course; if you agree, you can't talk about it to anyone."

"That sounds wonderful." Barbara said with her heart beating faster. She had always found her boss attractive, but didn't want to risk loosing her job but tell Mr. Dixie that to his face.

"Pick you up at 8pm them?" Chris asked.

"Anything you say, sir." Barbara felt like she was walking on air as she left the building.

"You never know where a good idea will come." Chris grinned as he turned to the lap top computer on his desk and brought up. He scrolled down his book marked section past Femur TG comics, Jenny North's graphic and Fiction site, Old Joe's story collection and Crystal's Story site to Fictionmania. "You never know where indeed."

Chris pulled opened a door and waded through papers of bills past due and threatening letters to a pull out his private cell phone. He went to a flashing banner that read SHOP SPELLS R US on line. He then moved the curse and clicked on it.

"Greetings Chris," said the virtual image of a man in a bathrobe.

"What the?" Chris said in a surprise tone.

"Don't sound too surprise, Mr. Dixie." The wizard said with a grin. "You read the stories and know what you're getting into by shopping with me."

"Right, I just didn't think I'd be talking to you directly," Chris replied.

"I can't wait for tonight." Barbara said to her room mate Sandra. Barbara went through her closet wearing a pink slip, silk boxers and bunny slippers.

"You won't tell me who he is?" Sandra said in a purple bra and panty set with a pair of purple slides on her feet that look good with her dark skin. She sprayed some perfume on her neck.

"Sorry, he's my secret dreamboat." Barbara said as she picked out just the right dress.

"Sounds dreamy," replied Sandra. "Makes me wish to we could switch dates."

"You're just saying that because you'd rather be in bed with me than some guy." Barbara chuckled. "While you're cute and all, I only swing with men not both."

"You don't know what you're missing, girlfriend."

That night they met at one of the newest fancy restraints in town. Chris knew that none of Barbara's friends could afford to eat there. Looking fancy in his dark blue suit and mirrored sunglasses, he escorted her in. "He look lovely tonight, Barbara." He said as he eyed her purple dress that left the right shoulder bare and slits down the side to free the movement of her legs. Her three inch heel black boots had a purple strip at the top that matched her dress.

"Thank you." Barbara said as they sat at a table and looked at the menu. "I never thought I'd ever be eating in a place like this."

"I treat the women I like with the best." Chris said with a smile as he poured her a glass of wine. "I want to purpose a toast to our little secret."

A few hours later they were back at Barbara's apartment. "I know this place is small compared to what you're use to." Barbara said as she invited him in to sit and have a cocktail. "I remember when I had last delivered some papers to your place. I was taken back by the size of it."

"The penthouse is just one of many places I have both in and out of this country." Chris said as pulled a package from his pocket. "This is for you and the wonderful time you showed me."

"Thank you." Barbara said as she took out a lovely necklace. "I can't wait to see it in the bedroom mirror."

"Let me help you with it." Chris said as he followed her into the room. He noticed twin beds. "You have a roommate?"

"You know Sandra from work don't you?" Barbara said as she began to fell dizzy and collapsed into his arms. They landed on their backs on Barbara's bed.

"What happened?" Barbara said, not recognizing the sound of her own voice.

"I'm sorry to do this to you, but it all I could come up with." The sound of her own voice came from beside her. "I picked up this necklace off of Spells R Us on line. I made some bets and if I pay them off the company will go bankrupt. I needed time to get away and think of a solution."

"Won't they come after me thinking that I'm you?" Barbara asked.

"Don't worry." Chris said with a smile. "I'm making a business deal with a little known country which will allow me to pay them off and keep the business. I know you're smart and can help me stale until the deal goes through. Tell me about your room mate and then take my car to my place."

"What about the necklace." Barbara asked. "We can switch back with it right?"

"The spell won't allow us to switch for at least 24 hours." Chris explained.

"You'd better let me take it then." Barbara said.

"Why?" Chris asked. "I planned to give it to you so I could hold on to it in your body."

"But I don't have a safe and this neighborhood is known for robberies." Barbara explained. "So it's best if I keep it in your safe at the penthouse."

"As much as I hate to agree, you're right." Chris said as he took it off and gave it to his former self.

The next day, Barbara couldn't believe how faster it was to get dress as a man. Chris' appointment book showed that it was the day he normally took off from work to avoid office stress and burn out. After quick shower and a shave, she was soon dress in a tan tee shirt, black leather jacket, blue jeans and black loafers. "I can't wait to get out on the town."

"Looking good, Mr. Dixie," the doorman said as Barbara left Chris' place and had Mr. Dixie's car pulled around front for her.

"Good think the necklace was magic." Chris thought to himself as he grabbed Barbara's brown coat and slipped it over the white blouse he had on. Since it was casual day at work he picked out a pair of blue slacks rather than a skirt with brown tone panty hose and tan heels with a ankle buckle that he always like on Barbara. He grabbed a thin strap green purse when Sandra walked out of the bathroom. "At least dressing as a woman comes second nature to me."


"Wish we could take this fashion flare to hunt for boys today." Sandra said as she showed in a yellow blouse, blue denim jacket and jeans. She had high heel yellow boots that matched her top and a blue purse to match rest of her outfit. "I remember in high school we had the whole football team drooling after us."

"Yeah," Chris said as a shiver ran down his back. As Sandra talked, Chris suddenly had access of pulling on a pair of nude hose, blue bloomers, a blue mini skirt that clasp in the back and a blue and white top that Barbara wore to cheer on the handsome football players. It disturbed Chris that he thought of any man as handsome.

On the way to work Chris and Sandra stopped off at the street corner restraint that Barbara and Sandra stop off at every day. They had a light breakfast meal and diet sodas. Chris found he couldn't eat as much as when he was a man without getting full.

Chris found that Barbara's duties went by without much cause for alarm. On the day that Barbara wasn't Chris' assistant, she was assigned to help George McDonald. The magic allowed Chris to have Barbara's skills. Though he wasn't prepared for the sexist George to slap his new rear and poke Chris in the chest with his finger. He also wasn't prepared on how tired his feet would be at the end of the day.

"You want to have a picnic supper at the park?" Sandra asked as she passed Chris on the way back from the ladies room.

"Sound great." Chris replied. He almost forgot that at the moment they were two girls and not a guy being asked out on a date by a woman.

"See you next week, chick." George said as he pointed his finger at the new Chris like a gun and went bang. "The bullet of love through your heart."

"As if," Chris thought.

"I just love evening picnics in the park." Chris said as he sat on a blanket near the duck pound. He had changed into a pink ruffle top that revealed the straps of his blue bra, a pink ruffle mini skirt and black thigh hi leather boots. A few ducks swam under the pond's bridge.

"It's a wonderful idea." Sandra said as she sat in a white floral print tank top and slacks with ruby loafers. "Maybe your mystery man will come by and join us."

"I thought I find you here, Chris." George said as he ran into Barbara at the gym. Barbara was enjoying the extra strength that her new male body had.

"Hi George," Barbara said as she continued to pump without looking at him.

"Dude, what's with the cold shoulder?" George asked. "I just wanted to see if you were up for our yearly ski run? Remember the girls we picked up last year?"

Barbara suddenly had her mind fill up with Chris' memories. She; or rather Chris, was dressed in a blue jacket, jeans and black boots. George had a red jacket with gray sleeves, gray pants and boots. He also remembered what jerks they two were to the girls. For some reason, she didn't mind.

"Yea, I do, man." Barbara said as she felt a hard on at the thought of the girls. The red head was dress in a long brown coat that reached her knees, a purple top, blue jeans and black fur top leather boots. The brunette had a rainbow strip hat, purple top with tan pants and tan leather boots.

"I hear you have a new girl in your life." George said.

"Yeah," Barb said. "I've been seeing Barbara, my assistant."

"Oh yeah, that chick is hot." George said as they knocked knuckles. "It's no wonder the girl won't give me the time of day."

The next day when Chris showed up at work in a green sun dress and sandals, he found two tickets on Barbara's desk waiting for him. He took the tickets and knocked on his office door. "Come in," he heard his voice said.

"What's this?" Chris asked. "I thought I told you to keep our relationship a secret. Everyone from the doorman on up could be heard whispering as I came in today and what's with the tickets?"

"I'm finishing the deal you started to handle your money problems." Barbara said calmly. "Since I'm going to need my best secretary to come with me you're coming too. George heard about me buying the tickets, he must of started the rumors. Don't worry I can deal with him and it."

"I hope so." Chris said. "It wouldn't look good if our little secret got out. The necklace is safe right."

"Don't you worry your pretty little head of it," Barbara said as she pecked a kiss on the side of Chris' soft face. "Just get me some coffee and don't worry about anything. That's why you did the switch in the first place."

"Why don't we switch back now?" Chris asked.

"Don't have it on me." Barbara said. "It's in a safe place. I think you'll enjoy showing off that body of mine if the bikini I bought you for the trip."

"What?" Chris cried.

"Do you want everyone out there to hear you?" Barbara asked. "Now be a good girl and get back to my old job. We leave at the end of the week."

"Yes, sir," said Chris through gritted teeth.

"Oh, and my period should start this weekend, so make sure you pack for it when getting ready for the trip."

Chris' face went pale at the thought of having a period but didn't turn to face his old body as he went out the door.

"Isn't it great?" Sandra said with a glee. "Now that you're dating the big boss, we get an island trip on company funds."

"You're going too?" Chris said surprise.

"Well Mr. Dixie will have a lot of work to do and figured we could enjoy some shopping and stuff when you're not needed."

"How nice of him," Chris sighed.

The rest of the week was as uneventful as his first day as a working girl. Even less stressful as Chris wasn't on the constant look out for sexual predators like George was. He also found his period had started the day before the flight. He was just glad that once again the magic of the transfer helped him out so it was second nature to him.

"You have one sassy outfit." Barbara said to Chris as he lay on a beach chair in a rainbow bikini, pink beach sandals, pink purse and sunglasses. Chris had to admit that his old body looked good in the yellow tropical top, cut off jeans and black beach sandals.

"Thanks," Chris said blushing. "Now that we're here, can we switch back before Sandra returns?"

"Here's the necklace." Barbara said as she handed it over. "It would look better around my thin neck than yours."

"Very funny," Chris said as he kissed Barbara, but felt nothing. There wasn't even the slightest dizziness. "Nothing's happening?"

"Oh course not, dear." Barbara said with a smile. "You didn't read the warning that came with the necklace. If you got pregnant or started having my period while inside my body the transfer is forever."

"What!" Chris cried.

"Thanks right," Sandra said as she walked up behind him. She had on a black sleeveless top with a pink flower in the center, a wrap around tropical skirt, a multi color necklace, blue beach sandals and a blue purse. "Barbara filled me in on the switch and being bi-sexual I could hardly wait to get a chance of trying both Mr. Dixie and Barbara's bodies in bed. That is if you still like women?"

"II don't now." Chris said confused with a tear running down his face.

"Don't cry." Sandra said with a smile. "Being a woman isn't so bad. You've been doing fine all week. If Barbara decides she like you enough for marriage someday you'll have your company back as well as your new beautiful body."

"Would you marry me?" Chris said with a sniffle.

"Maybe someday, if you're willing to be a good wife," Barbara smiled and kissed him. "I was never as good at cooking and cleaning like Sandra so maybe if you learn to be a proper housewife the new me expects of the new you, then maybe. Someday."

Someday was all Chris could hope for if he wanted his company back through marriage. He knew there was no way he'd sleep with George to get back the easy life he was use to. Though sleeping with Sandra in the mean time wasn't that unappealing to what was left of Chris' male ego. He already had Barbara's consent so it would put him at risk of loosing her in the future.

"You girls go shopping." Barbara smiled. "Not that the deal is set I'm going to wire the debt money so that everything is the way I wish it. Maybe tonight we can make it a three some."

As Sandra pulled Chris off into his new life, Barbara went to set herself up for the life she always wanted. The life of being a success in a man's world.






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