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The Trained Husband

by Steve



"Come here Stephanie" a voice from the hallway called. "Come along, we have to get you to the gates by 10 o'clock and it's 9.30 now"

There was a click of heels on the stairs and a figure slowly descended to stand by the lady with the voice.

"Good so let's go we don't want you late for your first day of service. Madame Crize does not tolerate lateness and you wouldn't want to be punished as soon as you get there would you?"

"Non Madame" replied the figure.

Madame Anne stood back and looked up and down at the person where the reply came from. Standing there was a maid, dressed in a Red & white gingham frock, apron, black high heels, stockings, long white gloves and a mop cap. The maid had shoulder length blond hair, a heavily made up face and due to the fingerless gloves, red nail varnish could clearly be seen.

"Let me check your bondage, Madame Crize is very particular about how you are adorned whilst you work". Madame Anne rattled the locks on both the Maids ankle cuffs and tugged at the hobble chain that linked the ankles together. This chain in turn had a centre chain that led up between the maid's legs and attached to a further chain that linked two further cuffs that were fastened just above the maids knees.

"To much slack Maid. 7 inches between ankles and 7 inches between your knees". Madame Anne adjusted the chains and continued her inspection.

"Lift your dress"

The Maid did as told and Madame Anne slipped the Maids frilled Panties down to the knees. The Maid was unable to do this as hands and elbows were bound tightly behind the back for the short car journey to Madame Crize's Mansion.

Staring out from the Maids crutch was a metal Chastity device and a thick scrotum ring that pushed the Maids scrotum down and away from the device above it.

The Maid was a man, in fact the maid was Madame Anne's Husband who had been trained, disciplined and developed by Madame Anne to be a Male French Maid. It had taken nearly a year to do it but now, he knew his role in life and over and above maiding for his wife Madame Anne had decided to sell his services to other like-minded women in the area.

She had been surprised at the interest she had received when she placed a discrete advertisement in the local paper. It read:





Understands the need to work under supervision

Discipline in the hands of the Employer.





Telephone Madame Anne after 18.00 on 0546977083


The phone rang three times on the first night and after a short period two of the ladies she had spoken too were signing up for the maid service available. Madame Crize was booked for Mondays and Thursdays and this was Maid Stephanie's second visit, today being a Thursday. The other client wishes to be called Governess Amelia. A lady I had seen on numerous occasions in the local village, going about her business as any normal woman does. She has The Maid visit on Wednesdays and Sundays and also expects high standards. At 150 €uros for 4 hours work a day the training had paid high dividends at 600€uros a week and on Tuesdays The Maid was in service for Madame Anne. The Maid had Friday's and Saturdays off from his roster and is regressed to a baby girl state from Thursday evening through to Sunday morning by his Nanny. His Nanny always prepares Maid Stephanie for his clients making sure he is dressed as per contract and restrained exactly as the clients wish. Then Nanny takes complete charge from the Thursday evening through to the Sunday, as Baby Stephanie becomes a baby girl of a few months. Madame Anne employed Nanny from a National College and was surprised when she accepted the unusual post. She had been with Madame Anne for over a year now, taking up her role when Madame got signed contracts from her husband allowing the Development & Learning programme to be put in place. Little did he think that his wife would employ a Nanny for him as he became more and more regressed and resigned to his submissive roles.

Nanny had been a godsend and baby would be lost without her, as would Madame. Once undressed and bathed on the Thursday night Baby is dressed in his beddybyes outfit fed and put down in his crib. Restraint was a key part of his development and he accepts this and his babygirl role completely. Nanny deals with all his needs and he is totally dependant on her day and night



However today it was time to drive him over to Madame Crize's mansion and so Madame Anne pointed a small remote at her Maid and pressed a button on it. A soft green light shone and her Maid hobbled towards his superior. Madame gripped the leash leading from his collar and led him out of the front door of her home and towards a car parked some twenty metres away. Her Maid had been fitted with an anal plug which had a clever gadget fitted within it. She could give him a mild electrical shock that pulses for various lengths of time or give him a vibratory session again at various levels. The plug permanently rests on his prostate and can only be removed by his Nanny or those authorised. The mild electrical shock she had just given him was all she needed to herd him where she wished. Her Maid stuttered along the path behind her and reached her car.

"Oh silly me, come here" she laughed and pulled a gag out of her handbag and placed it in her Maids mouth. Buckling it at the back and slipping a lock in place she informed him,

"Madame Crize does not wish to here you on Thursdays, only on Mondays. There, look at me. Yes lovely"

Cars drove by on the nearby road and life went on uninterrupted. The Maid sat in the rear of the car and Madame Anne slipped in to the drivers seat and set off for The Crize residence.


The gates to the Mansion swung open and Madame Anne drove in and pulled up at the front doors where Madame Crize's trusted friend Fifi Lefleur was waiting.

"Good Morning Anne, good to see you again. How are things?"

"Everything is fine Fifi your Maid for the day is in the rear of the car, perhaps you could get him"

At that Fifi walked round the car and opened the rear door lent in to grab the leash attached to the maids collar and firmly tugged him out. Anne fluffed his uniform into place and took a discreet envelope off Fifi.

The Maid pulled against his lead but Fifi, carrying a fine crop in her free hand swiftly brought this down across the back of Maid Stephanie's legs making the Maid stop pulling immediately.


"Did you mention to the Maid what happens on Thursdays" Fifi enquired from Anne

"No I didn't, it really is irrelevant for him to know his role for the day. I will leave that to you"


"Ok, that's lovely. I take him in and get him prepared for Madame Crize. His services on Monday were excellent, so much so that today there is no cleaning etc to do. That's why I mentioned to you that Thursdays will be different."


The Maid looked at his Madame with fearful eyes as Fifi swished the crop across his legs again and ordered him to walk into the mansion. Fifi lead him through the large front doors and into the huge tiled hallway. The Maids heels and Fifis clicked as they made there way across to a smaller door just to the left of the wide staircase. Fifi unlocked the door that led to a set of stairs that wound downwards to a stone dimly lit corridor. He was then led to the furthest room some 30 metres away where again Fifi unlocked the door and led him inside.

Maid Stephanie's hands and arms remained behind his back, tied as they were at the elbow and wrists. Fifi walked him to the middle of the room and looped a chain that was hanging from a pulley in the ceiling around his wrist restraints and then went to a switch on the far wall and flicked it upwards. The chain moved slowly upwards until the slack had gone and then moved onward and upwards lifting The Maids wrists up behind his back, forcing him to slowly lean forward from the waist and lower his head down. Fifi stopped the motor when the Maid was bent at 45 degrees. She then walked over to the maid and lifted a hatch in the floor that was about two feet from his left ankle and pulled a chain on a ratcheted wheel out and clipped it to the maids left ankle restraint. Fifi repeated the same process on his right ankle. A further switch was thrown and the maids ankles were pulled as wide as they could go pulling tight the hobble chain fitted between his ankle cuffs and knee cuffs. Two wires with bulldog clips on them descended from the roof of the room and Fifi clipped these to the Maids hem of his dress and petticoats. A remote switch was thrown and the hem of the Gingham Maids dress was lifted up, over and away from the maid's now exposed frilly pantied bottom. The maid was immobile and Fifi walked over to an internal phone next to the door and pressed a button marked Madame.

"Yes" A woman's voice came through the intercom speaker

"Madame Crize, your Maid has been prepared for you" Fifi stated

"Ah good, I will arrive shortly"


A slow five minutes ticked by the maid struggling without showing movement, Fifi readjusting the tension on the remote chains holding the bound Maid.

The muted sound of heels clicking on the stone corridor evaded the air in the chamber. The maid heard this and pointlessly struggled to no avail once again. Fifi stood to the side of the bound male and listened to the heels getting closer and closer. The door opened and a tall slim woman dressed in a short rubber dress and stockings moved to stand in front of the maid. Her heeled stiletto boots, laced at the front were all the maid could see.

"Good, he's almost prepared. Now Maid, you are contracted to be with me on Monday's and Thursday's and where as Mondays will be Maid duties as you would know it and as you have been trained by your superior, Thursday's will be about pandering to my needs. My needs are about giving you some discipline in various forms both physical and mental and my needs are also about needing a man for my sexual requirements. So without any further delay, Fifi pull his frillies down to his knees."

Fifi curtseyed and moved round to the maids rear, hooked her thumbs into either side of his panties and slid them down over his suspenders and stocking tops stopping at the taught chain that connected his knee cuffs.

"Now your Madame has given me her remote for your plug and although I am a disciplinarian I am not without a heart. So I am going to turn your plug to vibratory mode so that you can have pleasure as well as pain"

Madame Crize flicked the switch to Vibratory, ten-minute intervals and turned it on. The maid groaned as the plug resting firmly against his prostate whirred into action. The maid was in chastity and had been this way for the last nine months, his Madame milking him once a month via his plug. His chastity allowed no erections, the metal casing and ring fixed in place with three piercings and two locks. He had been fitted with a catheter at the time his chastity had been placed on him and this protruded from a small metal pipe that came from the front of the device. The device was sealed apart from this essential extra.

The maid was to get no pleasure from the milking that was now taking place, he was only to get a mild feeling rather like that of passing urine, except it would be his milk. Madame Crize knew he would not get pleasure from this service she was giving him, but in her world she had heart.

Madame took the crop from Fifi and positioned herself in a comfortable position behind the maid. The Plug could be seen nestled in the maids rear, Madame bent her wrist and swished the crop across the maids left buttock. A muffled squeal emanated from his gagged mouth. Madame went from side to side, buttock to buttock, back of thigh to back of thigh. Ten on each buttock, five on each thigh. The rouge marks were for all to see. The maid's remote chains were tensioned a little further.

"I will repeat that every fifteen minutes. I require your milk to fill this small glass beaker" Fifi placed a transparent tube onto the catheter pipe coming from his chastity device this led from a hole in a rubber stopper which was in the neck of the beaker. A small pump could be seen inside the beaker the beaker was placed in front of the maid so that he could see the fruits of his work. The plug whirred on relentlessly and started to draw the white liquid from the male's glands.

"Are Good, our first sample is on it's way Fifi, switch the pump on to make sure none gets stuck in the tube or in him. This process will continue for two hours, until you are completely drained. Fifi will have her chance to pleasure herself on you now and again when things start to get a little more difficult I will return shortly and at that she was gone leaving Fifi to oversee proceedings"


Fifi moved in front of the maid, over to a cupboard, which she opened. The maid could just spot rubber and leather items on its shelves. Fifi dragged an item of its shelf and turned towards The Maid. In her hands was a large rubber phallus attached to a harness. A smaller phallus pointed inwards. Fifi lifted her dress to reveal no panties. A shaven vagina was fitted with the inward smaller rubber penis and the leather harness was then buckled into place around her middle. She adjusted the straps until the large phallus jutted out from within her legs. She smeared gel all over her new penis and immediately walked past the bound maid. At this moment she notice some more fluids being forced out of his body and so waited until the last drop had plopped to the bottom of the beaker.

"Oh you are doing well Maid. Keep this up and Madame will be delighted with you. Now I'm now going to take out your plug and penetrate you myself. This phallus you are going to take has a built in vibrator that is very strong. Necessary now that you have been milked twice. We do need every last drop and this next procedure will help in us doing that. So let's get this thing out."

There was a small noise and a plop as Fifi pulled out the maid's plug, which she placed on a nearby table.

" Now let's see, oh yes you are at a perfect height. Can you feel the vibration as I rest it on your opening? Yes I'm sure you can, strong isn't it. I get the same sensation inside me from my phallus. Right let's just push it in a little to open you up. There, oohh lovely, yes lovely, now a little more, ohhh yes, that's it. Yes that's right, moan little maid. Ohh you are well trained aren't you, your orifice has been nicely widened by Madame Anne. Now all the way in and thereeee."


Fifi stood behind him with her rubber phallus fully penetrating him and then started to slide it in and out of him, not quickly but long strokes. The purr of the vibrations could clearly be heard and as Fifi quickened she looked over the bent over maid to see more white liquid rolling down the transparent tube and into the beaker, sucked there by the pump.

"Yes, oh good, Madame will be pleased your being so good and and and,,,,,,,,, OOOOOhhhhh"

Fifi had her first orgasm and stopped to catch her breath. The maid remained obedient He had no choice. The phallus was then removed and Fifi refitted the Maids plug making sure it was firmly embedded against his prostate. She switched it back on and turned up the vibratory power to number 7 and put it on pulse. There was still more milk to come. On the side of the beaker was a mark showing what he needed to produce and it was barely past half way. He was to be completely emptied.

Fifi cleaned both phallus and replaced them in the cupboard and returned to stand by the side of the maid. Barely had she done this and Madame Crize returned and stood behind the maid.

"Well you look as though you enjoyed yourself Fifi "

"Yes Madame" she replied a Warm glow emanated from Fifi's face

"Good, and how are we doing with the maids milk."?

She looked at the beaker

"Yes that's acceptable for twenty minutes."

Madame repeated her punishment of the maid raising further red streaks on either side of his taught suspenders across his white buttocks and thighs.

The maids muffled yelps after each stroke of her crop pleased Madame. He had been too quiet during his first set and although she had not carried out the second set with anymore strength the fact that they were landing on previously marked territory meant that the desired result was being achieved.

She completed her second set and watched his Chastity device whilst listening to the pulsing whirr of his plug.

Fifi felt between his legs and pressed upwards onto his prostate with two of her fingers. Madame had shown her what to do some six months ago.

"Ah yes Madame I can feel that he is about to eject some more fluid" She kept her fingers there and seemed to cock an ear as though she could hear it coming. She slightly repositioned her fingers and pushed a little firmer.

"Yes, his glands are about to release it's next load Madame. Ah yes look at the tube coming from his chastity and any second now" said Fifi

"There, there it is, lovely, ah yes, still a nice strong flow for thirty minutes in. That means there is plenty left" Fifi seemed happy, she was sure she would be able to take him again for her pleasure.

A slight movement of his elbows triggered Fifi to adjust the chains tension once again until all was still.

Madame spoke " Madame Anne tells me she milks him once a month although he does "dribble "milk with about a week to go as he is so desperate to be emptied. He really should be very grateful to us ladies for dealing with his desperate desire. Madame Anne told me she had not milked him on the due date this time round which was last Friday as she knew he was to be "looked" after by myself today, so there is five weeks of fluid we need to extract. She has had him between her legs each evening and early morning, rather than just evenings over the last week to make sure he is full to the brim"


Madame Crize continued her pain and "pleasure" session for another thirty minutes.

The beaker was now three quarters full of his fluids. A good shiny liquid.

"Right Fifi I'll leave you here for twenty minutes and then come back to squeeze the last few drops from him"

Fifi watched her Madame depart and slid a padded table to a position in front of the Maid. She reduced the tension on the maid's arms and took the chain off his wrists. The maid was ordered to stand up. This he did slowly. The table was then pushed up against his stomach and a chain attached to his collar at the front and this was used to pull him over the table. This was then clipped to a D ring at the front of the table. His bound arms and wrists were released and wrists re fastened to the bottom of the front legs of the table. The chains between his ankles and knees were released next. Fifi then told him to bend his knees outwards whilst opening his legs wide. This meant that his ankles and feet lifted off the ground as his legs got wider apart. With his ankles around a foot off the floor and his knees wide apart, legs in a breaststroke position Fifi clipped his ankle cuffs to a D ring half way up each rear leg of the table. His knee cuffs were then also clipped to D rings near the top of each rear table leg.

The maid was now positioned perfectly, his buttocks splayed wide and at the perfect height. Fifi moved the beaker under the table and made sure the flow was uninterrupted from his chastity device. It was.

Twenty minutes had past and Madame Crize returned. The heels being heard getting louder down the corridor by both the maid and Fifi.

"Good, lovely positioning Fifi, fetch my dildo, the flesh coloured one with the electrodes built in.

The maid stirred at hearing this. He was now to pleasure Madame Crize .He was able to watch Fifi go to the cupboard again and from the top shelf she grabbed Madame's harness and dildo. Madame stood round the back of the maid to fit her harness. The maid strained to look over his shoulder. "Fifi, restrain the maids head."

Fifi took some restraints from the cupboard and walked towards the maid's head. She placed a leather head harness on him and attached its various chains to D points around the front of the table. He was motionless.

Fifi checked his prostate with her fingers again

"Madame he is about to expel some more milk, shall I leave his plug in until he has completed this phase of his milking?"

"Yes let's wait it would be a shame to miss it."

He dutifully delivered what they required and once the tube was clear again Fifi pulled his plug out.

Madame had fitted her phallus deep inside her and the maids "treat" was resting on his opening. Fifi lubricated the large rubber penis, extra gel being smeared on the electro contact pads that were embedded in the curled tip and along the shaft. Fifi also pushed her gel fingers into his crack and smeared it liberally.

Madame pushed her dildo into him and her phallus soon slid to the hilt.

"Ok, the tip and part of the shaft are firm against his glands. Flick the switch on the remote and set to 8 on the slider."

Fifi did as she was told. The maid groaned loudly as the pulses of electricity surged through his prostate and down his opening. Each pulse delivered an erotic surge through his inner self and also into Madame. She slowly slid out and then back into him, each time the head of her dildo rubbed his gland he groaned and whimpered.

Madame quickened and drove into him harder leaving the head touching his most erotic glands before sliding back out and then in again.

Getting faster all the time fifi jumped for joy

"Ohh Madame he is spurting his milk for us, it is almost running to the beaker. It isn't stopping Madame, this is a joy to see."

Madame drove in and out of him for a long long time and his milk continued to flow. Fifi enjoyed feeling between his legs and did this whilst Madame continued to her first orgasm. Madame continued to thrust and Fifi could feel the flow with her two fingers. The maid groaned and strained as he was sucked dry. Madame came again as he slowly gave his last.

Fifi helped Madame with her harness, cleaned it and put it away. She also wiped around the maids wide-open buttocks and slid his plug back into place and turned it to 10 on the vibratory setting.

"Good Fifi, I believe he is completely spent, dry and drained of all his fluids. You may make sure over the next twenty minutes if you wish. Where is his level in the beaker Fifi?"

"It is about a couple of millimetres over the mark, look."

Fifi picked it up and showed Madame.

"Yes, that's good". Said Madame

"Well have fun Fifi, but remember Madame Anne picks him up in one hour so make sure you have him bound and chained for his return to his owner. I believe he gets regressed tonight"

"Yes Madame"

Fifi was left on her own with The Maid.

She strolled over and picked up a cat o nine tails whip hanging on the wall.

"Let's have some fun shall we"







Thursday Evening to Friday Afternoon



Madame Anne and Nanny arrived at The Crize Mansion and were met at the door by Madame Crize and the maid.

"Ah Good Afternoon Anne, I trust you've had a good day?"

"Yes lovely, did a bit of shopping in Saintes, you know the usual things. How has the maid behaved? I trust you are happy with my service?"

"Yes I am very happy, he has been a good maid and we have used his services to the full. He has been milked to the last drop so you have no worries for another month Anne"

"Ah good"

Madame Crize handed the lead and the maid's remote control box to Anne, who gave a short wave and a slight tug on her husbands lead and he hobbled out into the sunlight restrained as he had arrived.

"Till next Monday 9.30 then" said Anne

"Yes till Monday, Bye"

Anne walked her husband round to the rear of the car put him in and clipped on his seat belt.


When she arrived back at her home Nanny was waiting at the door and as Anne walked up to her she handed her husbands lead loop to Nanny and went on in.

"Hi" said Nanny

"Everything alright with Madame Crize, is she happy"

"Oh yes, very happy, apparently they have spend a few hours draining his glands so he's fine for another month. They also gave him some pain and pleasure discipline so he's very compliant at the moment. Just right for his regression I would say. Do you want to take him upstairs and get him bathed, powdered and dressed for his crib please and I'll pop up to give him his bottle?"

"Yes, fine, come on Stephanie this way, mind the step"

Nanny led the maid up the stairs and left into a room. His hobbles made the steps difficult but Nanny was in no hurry and the restraints the maid wore were the minimum allowed by Madame Anne.

One hour later and the intercom buzzed in the lounge where Anne was reading a book

She pressed and held the button


"Babies ready for his feed Anne" said nanny

"Fine I'll be right up after I have just finished this page"

Anne finished the page and made her way up to Stephanie's room.


Opening the door she stopped and breathed in the toxic cocktail of creams, powders and eau de toilettes Nanny had used on baby.

"You know I will never get tired of that smell. It's pure baby smell, do you know what I mean?" she enquired of Nanny

"Yes I know exactly what you mean, I sometimes think it's why I became a Nanny"


"So is baby all ready for bedtime"? She glanced at her watch as she said this

"Gosh it that the time 6.30pm,we are running late aren't we. Better get a move on"

Madame Anne moved into the room. A room that was large with a big bay window, which had its shutters closed to block out the evening light. Within the room it was clear that it was a Nursery. Wallpapered in pinks and lemons, mobiles hanging from the ceiling and all the pieces of furniture you could need for a baby.

Her baby was lying in a large crib, which was pivoted in the centre to allow it to rock with any movement that might take place within it. Its sides were barred and tall as were its top and bottom. Covers of pink and lemon adorned it and to match, bumpers were all around the bars. Baby Stephanie lay there with his harness on, clipped and locked on either side to the crib, in a long flowing nightgown made in pinks and whites with rows and rows of lace and frills all over it. The length was longer than baby and had a drawstring bottom, using a white thick ribbon, which was closed with a bow. Chains came through small holes either side at the foot end. His ankles were as always cuffed and hobbled within his nightgown with chains clipped to the side of the cot. He had adequate movement to the level of a baby. A baby's fully starched frilled hat was on and attached with ribbons. A babies bottle firmly settled in his mouth, ribbons holding it in place past beneath his lovely hat. His hands were disabled with mitts, which Madame knew would be covering well-taped hands. His wrists were cuffed and small lengths of strong chain held these to the crib with just a little movement. Anne didn't want his mitts near the bottle for obvious reasons.

Madame spoke

"Did you check for any fluids that may have been left in his glands,"?

"Yes he has spent ten minutes on the milking machine but there is nothing there. They did an excellent job and by all accounts enjoyed it immensely. You know it's a pity he can't produce more so we can have that type of fun more often"

Nanny checked the container that sat at the head of the crib. A tube ran from this to the bottle in his mouth.

"Ok, so I have put two litres in plus a further half so the pump doesn't hit air when it gets low. The timer is set to four hourly feeds of 500ml. The first at eight tonight followed by midnight, four and eight in the morning. The heated box will keep it nice and warm. I'll change him at ten tonight and I'll pop in and see him at his four o clock feed. I've turned the intercom system on so I'll pick up any mythering in the night. If you want to feed him now, before you get ready to go out with your friends then I'll make sure I top him up at ten."

Madame pressed a switch by the plug and a soft hum started, the milk sped along the tube and squirted into his bottle and before long he was suckling the milk at the large teat. The bottle filled up faster than he could feed so as the milk reached maximum Nanny turned the pump off and switched it to auto for the night feeds. He made sucking noises as he took the formula hungrily.

Nanny walked round the other side of the crib and lifted a hinged top with bars to it up and over until it rested horizontally on the top of the crib. She secured two locks into place to secure it .She then flicked another lever and the crib started to gently rock. It was timed to rock for twenty minutes at each feed.

"Right" Nanny said in a quite voice "You get off and enjoy yourself and I'll tidy up in here and get him settled and off to sleep."

"OK I'll see you in the morning"

Madame started babies mobile that was hanging above the bed and walked out the Nursery.

Nanny picked up some clothes and toys from the floor and turned the dimmer down on the night light. Baby needed a good night's sleep as he was going for a walk in his pram tomorrow and then a new and exciting discipline which Madame and Nanny had been planning for sometime was due to start tomorrow afternoon.


The morning came and he was sitting on his potty in the middle of the room, holding his dress up high, his tights around his ankles. He was doing his once a day, each morning every morning task and Nanny was straightening his crib bed sheet and quilt ready for tonight. Baby had a bib on, a white dummy in his mouth and a red face as he cleared his bottom for the day.

He poddled over to where Nanny was now sitting and leant over her knee. Babies bottom was tidied up and cream smeared and rubbed into it and all the little cracks. Plentiful talc was then sprinkled and patted in. Nanny then took his plug and slid it into place feeling for contact with his gland rather like teasing a safe combination lock. On either side of his buttock opening was a gold ring around the size of a man's earring. The plug had two holes, one on either side of the flattened visible end. Nanny took a small lock from the table at her side, clicked it open with the key and threaded the open clasp through the plug hole on the left, lined this up with it's gold ring piercing threaded it through that and clipped it locked. She took the key out and repeated the process with the other side of the plug. She pushed the various buttons on the plug remote and was happy from his reactions that everything was as it should be. Baby's chastity and scrotum ring were checked as she put nappy rash cream around it and thirty minutes later baby was ready for his day. Nanny beckoned him forward with his reins and he started to toddle forward.


In Anne's hallway sat a large pram. It was dark green in colour, its hood was up, the cover on and a cat net was covering the opening to the hood and the cover. A row of big beads could just be seen through the net, hanging from one side to the other of the hood opening.

Inside, cuffed, clipped, dummied and restrained was her husband.

Anne and Nanny stood at the handle end checking amongst themselves what they had forgotten if anything from the shopping list.

"How are we for nappies, formula, wipes, sterilizing tablets, creams, powders and potions?"

"Yes we need all of those Anne," said Nanny

"And we need to pick up a couple of pairs of stockings for him as I noticed he had a ladder when he came back last night"

"Right, I missed that" Anne replied

Nanny flipped the brake to the pram with her toe and pushed it towards the front door

"Right let's go"

The pram glided out onto the front drive and the two ladies strolled down and out through the front gate and off down the street.

Before long they reached the supermarket and moved around the isles picking up what they wanted. Women shoppers walked by and glanced at the hood opening but could see nothing as the cat net shielded the sleeping baby within. There were quizzical looks at the size of the pram but Madame and Nanny ignored this.

It was only when Fifi LeFleur stopped to say hello and enquire how her man was that Madame Anne pulled the net a little open and allowed Fifi to look in and see. He was asleep, dummy ribboned in place, a woolly hat, scarf and coat over his short pram dress and panties. She could see the glint of the chains stopping him from moving.

"Madame Crize wandered whether it would be possible to have him for a further day. Do you have any spare days for him during the week?"Fifi enquired


" No I'm afraid not at the moment. As you can see he is regressed on Friday and Saturdays, in fact when he gets back from you on a Thursday through to Sunday morning he is regressed. When I put him through his Development & Training programme the baby role was so essential for his overall obedience and recognition of being totally dependant on me and although the programme has been completed his two and abit days of this are essential to keep the dependence feeling going. Plus, of course, I love it when he's all babied" Madame Anne had made her point


"Ok Madame, I understand, I'll let Madame Crize know, perhaps we could just extend the time on Thursday by another hour or two, I know Madame would pay you very well for the opportunity."Fifi looked for an answer in Madame Anne's eyes

"Well I could perhaps get him to you an hour or two earlier in the morning, but I would want him returned at the same time as Nanny needs to get him bathed and changed for his bedtime" It would be a further 150€uros ?"


"I'm sure that would be acceptable, I will convey your suggestion to Madame and then ring you to confirm" Fifi said


"Lovely, then I'll say cheerio and await to here from you"


The women kissed each other's cheeks and moved on.

The shopping was done and the women strolled back through the park. He had woken and was mythering and softly crying through his dummy

"A wet nappy and a little hungry, we better get back so I can change him" Nanny smiled

By the time they arrived home baby was quite noisy and as he lay down on his changing mat Nanny lifted his dress out the way and expertly changed his pamper and re pinned his terry. Rubbers in place he was put down in his crib, secured and auto fed a full bottle of formula. The crib rocker automatically came on and by the time the bottle had been finished he was all but in slumber land. His lips suckled now and again in his sleep as the teat rested in his mouth waiting the next feed time.


Nanny and Madame sat in the lounge discussing the afternoon's new venture.







On this the first Sunday visit The Maid had made to Governess Amelia Madame Anne had been excited by the requests she had made for him. Good money was being paid and the Client was always given what she wanted.


The maid was in front of her dressed in his familiar Light blue dress, apron, maid's hat and the usual underwear and shoes. However the restraints she had requested for his arrival were severe and secure. He was fitted with a rigid spreader bar just above and between his knees at 45 cms and this was accompanied by a further one between his calf's. There was to be no slack, no movement The Governess had written in her letter outlining her requirements. The maid should find great difficulty in walking, she had said. The maid's chastity had been removed and The Governesses servant had delivered the items to be installed in its place.

A U shaped piece of flat steel was to be attached as per an upturned U between his legs being fixed by two bolts to the spreader above his knees on either side. Then two further bands of hinged steel that were welded onto the U at points 10 cms below his crutch were clipped and locked shut with a brass lock for each band. However before

this contraption could be fitted The Maids penis and scrotum were placed in a new metal chastity device that forced its contents back between his legs. A metal-hinged band was then placed around the maid's waists and tightened to slightly more than where his corset would take his waist after fitting. Thus making sure the band would remain firm. From the rear of the maid you could clearly see the chastity device and on its metal covering were two locking points which allowed for a further band to be locked firmly to it and then pass up the maids bottom crease and be adjusted and locked to a point on the belt in the middle. The maids own plug had been removed and a wider tube had been supplied for fitting. The belt had a wide hole in its middle where his bottom opening was and the tube was lubricated and slipped into him without difficulty. His rear was now permanently open the tube was then locked to the belt with brass locks.

After this procedure of pulling his totally sealed metal phallus and balls permanently back between his legs the upturned U was fitted and as the U nestled neatly in his crutch his privates sat behind the flat steel of the U as you looked from the front. At this crutch point of the upturned U was a flat bracket with two drilled holes that lined itself up with two holes in the metal chastity. Anne and Nanny put the supplied screws through the holes and found they moved into waiting threads in the holes of the chastity device. They had tightened these with an electric screwdriver until they would go no further.

From the front the maid when his dress was lifted was devoid of any genitals. A neat array of bands of metal and bolts had secured him fully. With his genital being cleaned of any hair he looked female not male. Madame Anne liked the complexity and thoroughness of it all.


To finish the maid had a full harness gag in place with a dildo attachment of some 12 cms permanently sticking horizontally outwards and a 5 cms penis gag lodged out of site filling his mouth. A collar around his neck with a brass engraved plaque saying

Sissy Maid.

His arms were behind his back tied at elbows and wrists.


"I'll see you shortly then, not totally sure if I can remember the way to Amelia's so I'll give myself an extra ten minutes, I don't want to be late for his first day with her"

Madame Anne clipped his lead onto his middle D ring and walked slowly out the front door. He followed, of course but slowly as the open legged bondage he had been placed in had made walking very difficult. The maid walked gingerly out to the car gaining a little confidence as he went. He manoeuvred into the back of the car accidentally clipping the doorpost with his newly extended mouth.


Governess Amelia's house was large. Anne rang the doorbell and slipped the maids leash into her other hand.

A young girl of around twenty opened the door. It was Amelia's daughter Cerise

"Oh Hi Anne, come in, you're early, but never mind our day is off and running."

Anne walked into the small hall and through into a very large lounge. Sitting was around five women, one of which was Governess Amelia

"Good Morning Anne, so glad you have arrived let me introduce you to my confidents."

She handed his lead to Cerise and went round the room shaking the hands of the other women.

"We are all looking forward to having your maid around the place. He will be well looked after as I know he will look after us." The women all laughed.

Anne said farewell and reaffirmed the pick up time as 3.30pm

Governess Amelia took the lead from her daughter and slowly paraded the maid around the room stopping at each woman so they could inspect as they chose.

"What a lovely chastity device Amelia, one women said, "I love the permanently opened rear."

"Well thank you dear It makes life so much easier and such a pleasant visual."

One woman spoke up" So I believe I drew first go so I'll have him and I'll see you in an hour". She took the lead and walked him out of the lounge and into a room across the corridor.

In the room was a raised seat, which the women sat in, but first she took all her clothes off. Seated as she now was she placed slightly bent legs on low stools either side of her seat. These being just in front of her.

"Right maid, on your knees now" He struggled to get down and keep his balance. She steadied him with his lead and collar. "Shuffle forward" she said

He did what he was told

It was clear that his mouth was higher than her vagina when he had been position so the women pressed a button on her chair and she was positioned perfectly.

"Lovely, let me gel this up and you can pleasure me"

She spread the lubricant up and down the shaft of the phallus and after wiping her hands positioned it at her entrance.

"You may begin"

He moved his head forward and pushed the black rubber penis deep inside her. She groaned with pleasure. He moved his head back and then forward again and back and then forward once more

"Ooohh that's it, that's it perfect."

He complied.

As the women climaxed for the third time, she ordered him to stop and went to put her clothes on. She picked up something from the far table and moved round the back of the maid. A large vibrator slide down his rear opening tube. He could not feel anything as the tube prevented this but he knew it was a firm fit. Then it's tip pushed against his sensitive prostate. She didn't switch it on; it was purely a scorecard

"You have given me three orgasms so you get the appropriate marker for the next women. You must give her four or be severely punished. And of course it gets harder each time, as there are five of us. I'm sure I will see you in the punishment room later.


She left and the next woman walked in with a smile on her face.


At around 1.00pm all five ladies had been satisfied and they were now gathered in the lounge with Cerise holding the leash of the maid. He was to be punished, it was just to be decided by whom and by what means. Three of the ladies, the first, second and fourth had been satisfied by him as per the rules, leaving the third and fifth lady short of the required orgasms. These would be the two women to issue the discipline whilst the others and Cerise would all watch.


They all headed for a back room in the house and the two disciplinarians prepared the maid.


Thirty minutes later and they were ready. The women had changed into appropriate attire and were standing preened and on fire. The smell of leather, the aroma of rubber. The blonde cracked her bullwhip through the air and a murmur pervaded from the audience.

Governess Amelia spoke " Under the rules of our Ladies Society if any women fails to receive the agreed orgasms from the male then they shall be given the chance for recompense through a punishment session. These two ladies were short delivered, between them three orgasms and therefore the maid you see before you has failed in his duties and must be corrected. The formula for the chosen implement of the Bullwhip is, I believe ladies, two times the short delivery. Therefore the maid will get six lashes. Three from each of the ladies."

The audience agreed as one and The Governess continued.

"So over to you ladies"

All eyes turned to the brunette who clearly wanted to go first. She stepped forward and inspected the maid who had been bound over a wooden horse, his rear at exactly the right height. He was unable to move, his tube had been removed although the

Metal chastity structure was all in place. His arms, bound behind him for the duration of the day had been lifted by a chain attached to a solid beam in the ceiling, away from harms way. His parted legs held that way by the ingenious metal structure were held at ankle, knee and thigh by wide leather straps attached to the horse, as were his waist and neck. He was immobile.

The women wielded the long whip around and lashed it across the maids rear. It cracked across both buttocks yielding a deep red line some 20 cms long from left to right. His white suspenders looking bright next to it.

The second and third followed swiftly. She was done.

The blonde lady stepped up and fired her bullwhip tip across his rear. No blood just painful welds of rouge. Almost brands for him to carry as a reminder of how he failed. Reminders to do a lot better next time.


"Excellent ladies, well worth the 30€uros each I hope you feel. We will be back here next Sunday for another wonderful session where let's hope, or do we? that the maid does better than this week"

The women giggled and Cerise led him across the room and out, up the corridor where Nanny was standing ready to pick him up to take him back to Madame's house.













The Maid stood by his Madame's bed holding a tray of Breakfast items. He was in his gingham outfit; Madame liked him in this and corseted as he was the waist bow could be tied tight to show off his waist that had appeared over the many months of corset training waist reduction. He had been in service at Madame Crize's yesterday, doing what maid's do of course and doing it quietly and discreetly. Today he was Madame Anne's maid as he was most nights of the week apart from of course his regression requirement Thursday evening through to Sunday morning.


She remembered back to when she took the decision to take control of her husband. He had pushed her into it, not the other way round at first. Writing stories, scenarios, role-plays to her. It was he that churlishly wrote up contracts for this and that probably thinking that his bluff would never be called……. and then one day it all changed. She called his bluff, she had him bound, she had him gagged she had him where she wanted him. He was cropped, he was shaved, he was milked and he was placed in chastity. Then, she cropped him some more until the pen that was placed in his hand started to sign those contracts. He knew his life was to change and Madame Anne new hers was going to change too. The first one, to agree to a Development & Learning programme that placed him in her hands. No say, No control, No longer in charge. The second set out his new role in life and the third handed over total control of his orgasms to Madame. She remembers vividly the look of realisation she saw in his eyes as she whipped the signatures out of him. The muffled noises from his gag that said I think we should stop. But the noises were just noises, the ink dried, the contracts were clipped into there frames and hung as a gentle reminder should he need it. And of course he did need reminding, constantly in the first few months of his training. But slowly things started to drop into place, his in service days improved, he got use to the high standards Madame Anne required, got use to his new attire, got use to the need for restraint, got use to his punishment sessions, got use to his regression into babyhood and finally came the day that he passed his examinations and became a fully trained maid. A joyous moment for Madame. He still takes his exams once a month, as before but never fails. She knows he must keep it that way.


She sat up in bed and the maid placed the tray in front of her. Apart from her breakfast there was a collar and gag sitting on the tray. The maid had to be fitted with these crucial items, something he was not allowed to place on himself. He knelt on the floor by her bed and Madame fastened them both and clipped the brass locks into place. The maid curtsied and walked into the en suite to run his Madame's bath. Madame stretched her arms above her head and smiled to herself. She was so glad she had decided to train him. What a good decision. Life was good.


Tuesday as maid to his Madame had a well set routine now. He would rise early to go down to his maid quarters where he would shave, finish dressing himself, put on makeup etc. He sleeps with his Madame although prior to being in service he sleeps in his corset, which she places on him prior to sleep the night before. He is used to this and Madame has pinched his waist to an acceptable size now. As part of his training he must kiss Madame's vagina each night in bed when she is settled and if she doesn't stop him he brings her to as many orgasms as she wants with his lips and tongue. He of course remains in chastity at all times.

His chastity is an elaborate affair with this one being the third he had been fitted with. Madame was now satisfied that he was totally secure with the Lori device she had ordered to her specification. She had him have three piercings, one underneath near it's base, one half way down underneath and a final Prince Albert. The metal pins were put in place and the special locks on their ends activated. There was then a wait of a month whilst the piercings healed and then the Nurse returned. He was secured to the examination table and at first he was denuded of all his body hair. Madame Anne no longer wanted a routine of shaving to be so necessary and so a hair growth slowing cream was applied to his body with particular attention being made to his genitalia.

Thirty minutes later this was sponged away and Nurse got to work with fitting two catheters. One was connected to his bladder and the other was moved into his seminal fluid glands. To fit these the PA piercing was taken out but with the stainless steel tubes in place the PA was carefully threaded through its hole but not locked. Both stainless steel tubes had an ingenious remote device. From a small handheld black box Madame was able to close a valve in either or both which would allow him to have his flow stopped or started. A useful addition.

The Lori device was placed on the table between his legs and admired by Madame the Nurse and the Nanny, who at this time had only just started employment. The Nurse rubbed around his genitals and penis a thin smear of gel, clipped a hinged ring around his balls and root of his penis nestling it into place. The gel was not only a lubricant but also an analgesic. They didn't want an erection at this stage. The other two-frenum piercings were then unlocked and removed. Next the tube of the chastity device was slipped up and over his flaccid penis and the raised pin at the top of the ring met with a flanged hole on the tube. It was a firm almost tight fit. Perfect. Madame lent forward and pushed the open clasp of a small stainless steel lock through a hole in the pin that was showing through the flange and clicked it locked.

"One down four to go" said The Nurse.

The piercing on the underside nearest the base of his penis was next. Nurse lined up the pin and gently pushed it through the left hand hole on the device through his piercing and it came out the opposite side. The screw end of the piercing was tightened down onto the pin and a click was heard as the locked position was found.

Nurse then did the same with the next frenum with the same result. The tube had been measured to perfection and the tight fit in a flaccid state was exactly what she wanted.. That way there would be no available room for erections and they would cease. So three security elements in place, two to go. At this time the tube was in place but the head of his penis was open. Next came the delicate but clever bit. An enclosed head cover was to be cold welded to the fitted tube part. Inside the metal head was a locking point for the PA and tube connectors for the catheters. Nurse worked on this for fifteen minutes until it was all in place and immovable thanks to tiny locks and then placed some cold weld flux on the metal head edge and put it in place turning it an eighth of a turn. The cold weld was gently warmed and left for ten minutes. It was complete.

It looked superb and would do what it was meant to do. The final clever trick was a small "trap" in its side that had a closed one-way valve. A water tube would be fitted when he showered that would wash high-pressured warm soapy water through and around his penis as a cleansing routine. A similar one-way valve would open at its base to allow the pressured soapy water to be ejected. There was now no need for it to be removed again. His urine would be evacuated on request where the maid would stand by the toilet and await Madame to open his valve via her remote. When in regression the valve would be open at all times. The semen catheter would only be opened once a month and only when he had been secured and prepared for his milking. The two small tubes barely 2 mm wide and 8mm long were all that could be seen of this ingenious control.


It had now been fitted for around nine months, had never needed to be removed and had stopped any form of an erection, allowing him to concentrate on pleasing his Madame. He was thoroughly milked once a month and he should be grateful.


So It was Tuesday evening and Madame, Nanny and some friends were being served drinks by the maid. Madame always tried to invite at least one woman who had not seen her maid before and tonight it was Elaine. Madame loved to watch the reaction from afar and Elaine was no exception. Although the uniform, makeup demeanour were that of a women, you didn't need to be too close to see that her maid was her husband and this was how she wanted it. This was her man being submissive and controlled. She saw Elaine stare and follow him with her eyes as he went round the room offering drinks. She saw her take a step back as he reached her and offered the tray. She saw her say thank you and watched her reaction as he curtsied as a reply.

Madame made her way over to Elaine.

"Nice to see you Elaine I'm so glad you could come at long last. How are you?"

"Emm, fine thanks Anne, emm fine. Emm Anne?" She said

"Yes Elaine?" replied Anne

"Emm how long have you had a emmm, a maid working for you?"

"Well, ever since he past his maids examination but of course there was all the training and development before that which lasted nearly a year…Why?" Anne asked

"Well isn't it a man and more to the point isn't it Steve, your husband?"

"Yes it is a man and, yes it is Steve or Stephanie as he is called now"

"But what happened, why is he looking like a women and a maid and everything?"

"Well Elaine what happened was that he thought he wanted this, so I gave it to him and now he has been trained we found out that I was right…He did want it and so did I, so it suits both of us perfectly"

Elaine enquired

"Does anybody else know?"

"Actually you were the only one here who didn't know but that's only because you haven't been able to come round before"

"Crikey Anne it's a bit strange isn't it, surely you both must want to do it or isn't it like abit, you know, kinky?"

"Well as I said he thought he wanted it, so I gave it to him and now we both benefit from it" Said Anne


"Bloody hell" said Elaine" mind you it is abit of a, well you know?"

"What Elaine, what is it a bit of?"


"Well you know a sort of strange turn on, you know power, sex, control, those sort of things" said Elaine


"Oh yes it's all those things and more Elaine all those things and a lot more"


Another convert Madame thought.


The rest of the evening slipped by and as Madame settled down in bed she watched her man move between her legs and kissed her pussy. His metal chastity glinting in the bedside light. She said nothing and his moist tongue slid up and into her vagina. She threw her hands above her head and closed her eyes.


Another glorious Tuesday she thought.







Friday afternoon to Sunday Morning


Nanny entered the Nursery to wake Baby. He was awake and finishing his two o'clock feed. The cot was rocking and baby was dozing. She stopped the rocking by flicking the switch and undid the two locks to the hinged top with a key attached to a length of chain from her belt.

Baby needed to have his nappy changed and be stripped apart from the protection of his clean nappies, rubbers, tights mitts and frilly pants. Nanny fitted his dummy gag a clever device that totally muted baby whilst letting him suckle It could not be spat out. His next development was to take place.

Madame Anne and Nanny had agreed to take him to this new stage and this afternoon was the time. What they were going to do was both useful for his sissification and would be perfect for his role as maid.


Baby was led crawling with his reins through to the women's fitment room, which was along the corridor from his Nursery. Here the girls prepared him for his new "appendages".

After twenty minutes he was positioned and prepared. A metal frame held him rigidly upright, his arms, body and legs in a St Andrew's cross position. Bands attached to the metal frame held him at his wrists, bicep, thigh, calf, ankle, neck, forehead and mouth. This final band having a built in gag to silence him. A switch was flicked and the part of the frame that was crossed and resting on his back moved forward slightly to push his chest forward leaving his legs and arms, now slightly behind his chest.

Over two months ago Madame Anne had her good friend the Nurse come over to pierce his skin on either side of each nipple plus a further piercing through each of his nipples. This made three on each side. The Nurse had put relatively small Posts through the piercings but over the last two months Madame had replaced these with larger ones.

"Right Nanny, lets put the final posts in place, do you have them please?"

Nanny handed her the first post. It was much larger and as Madame slid the previous one out she had to work the new one into place. His nipple stood proud on top of the post behind it and she screwed the globe of steel onto the threaded end until it clicked into its locked position. She turned it round to make sure it was free and then she pulled it gently out making his skin and nipple jut out.

"Emm doesn't it give him lovely pert nipples?" said Madame

"Oh yes, perfect"


Madame was handed the post for his left nipple and she repeated the process, again making sure that the globe clicked shut.


"Right, Nanny can you hand me his first breast please." Madame requested.

Baby let out a muffled yelp and pulled against the rigid metal holding him.


"Now now dear, let's not have any tantrums, this is merely part of your development, you know that my sweet little man. You know you gave me full authority to change you to what I wanted and this is just the next step"

Madame took the life like breast off Nanny and held it next to him

"Oh yes, the skin colour match is the work of a genius and its weight, texture and feel are so life like"

"Right we need to spread the adhesive all over both the breast and his chest, but first we need to attach these thin cables from the false nipple to his real one."

Madame showed Nanny the three thin wire cables coming from "within the breast form. She unplugged the nipple of the breast and pulled it away a small distance from the breast. The cables were affixed to it and slid towards it.

"Right we need to lock the loose ends to his real nipple posts and with one of them we need to carefully thread it behind his nipple where the post goes. Madame did this with the three cables one threaded through each small hole on the post on either side and the third successfully threaded behind his nipple. Nanny took hold of the breast form to allow Madame to spread the adhesive on the base of the form and then she smeared it onto his hairless chest.

"Right Nanny if you could gently pull the nipple of the form to keep the wires taut I will move this toward his chest and position it for fixing"

"Ok, I understand" said Nanny and she pulled them until his real nipple was pert.

"It is important to keep the wires taught for reasons that will become obvious as we conclude the fitting"

Madame carefully placed the breast form, pressed it into place and stepped back to look. She moved forward and levelled it then stood back to look again.

"Give me the wires and have a look" Madame said to Nanny

Nanny looked

"I think that's perfect, don't you"? Said Nanny

"Yes I do, so keep the wires taught and I'll firm it into place the glue is a quick drier and of course permanent"

The women waited five minutes and then moved to the next stage of the fitting

The nipple of the breast was glued underneath and was then slid down the wire and settled into its available hole This left her holding the ends of the wire. The wires had a very strong elasticity to them so as Madame settled the nipple into its place she held the wires taught to put tension on his own nipple at the other end of the cables and then snipped the wires flush with his new nipple The spring in the cable meant that they sprung back within the nipple, out of sight and were grabbed and held by a waiting slip lock within the base of the false nipple. Madame then took a small tube of a runny form of the silicon, the breast was made of and with its pin thin applicator gently pushed it into the three tiny holes in the nipple that the wires were threaded through and filled them with silicom This dried in seconds leaving Nanny to touch in with fine brush strokes of nipple coloured paint.

"There, that is fantastic, have a feel Nanny, it's exactly like a real women's breast"

Nanny cupped the breast and the man groaned

"Ah yes the amazing thing with his new breasts is the sensation His own nipple is permanently pulled pert and taut by the flexing cables When he walks his breasts will move and make the cables flex Only slightly because they are so tense but enough for him to feel his hidden nipples being tweaked. It will feel like somebody is stroking and pulling at them. When he crawls it will be more intense and if he is fondled he will feel sensation in his chest and nipples. Suck his new nipples and he will feel a sensation on his own."

"Wow, that is fantastic" So at last we have something real to fill his bras with"?

"Yes" said Madame "If fact he will so much want to wear a bra to stop his breast bouncing and sensitising himself. It's perfect.

The makers tell me that within days, because of the attached cable system his feelings and sensations will quickly transmit along them and begin to give him feelings in his new breasts and there nipples and not in his own real chest and nipples"


The women continued on and fitted his new right breast, which was applied as successfully. They stood back and admired their work stroking and caressing them in turn. They touched in with permanent brushes of paint around is edges and they became his. Beneath the new forms his nipples were being pulled and stroked as the girls continued there fun. His penis trapped as always, locked away, out of sight, straining to swell, but failing as always, no orgasm, no movement, his glands producing juices that would have to be stored, and await there ejaculation when Madame beckoned.

"Lovely, right lets get him fitted with a lacy bra and get him back to the Nursery the poor baby must be tired out."

"Ok I'll prepare his bath and feeds he can be put down early tonight so that he can have extra time getting used to his new shape.



Saturday through to Sunday morning were as normal, baby being put out in his pram on the patio in the morning, play time in his pen in the Nursery in the afternoon, plus an hour or two in his baby bouncer. Bath and bedtime and ready for his Sunday Maid in-service day with Governess Amelia. She would love his new breasts.


He stood there at 9 o clock bound and ready to be led to the car. He clipped forward and felt his breasts bounce as he went down the front steps, his new breasts were now seemingly beginning to become his as he could feel the front of his bra moving against the nipples, no longer did it feel like his own nipples were once again being worked into hard sensitive mounds but he could only feel the sexual urge on the once false nipples.

Madame stopped and moved towards him

"How are your breasts maid? Two days in…. are you beginning to feel sensations in them, she reached to feel the permanently hard nipples that could always be clearly seen poking out from the front of his Uniform. Does that turn you on dear, can you feel me doing that?"

She looked into his eyes and continued to rub his nipples with her fingers.

He moaned through his gag

"Oooh you can can't you, yes you definitely can can't you, oh excellent. Just as they said they would, first the nipples then the breasts themselves. This is really good news"

She withdrew her fingers cupped his breasts and plumped them. He moaned again.

"Ahhh sensation starting there too." He nodded that she was right.

His large new nipples would of course always be firm, they were made that way so that they could be seen poking through his bras and dresses at all times. Asking to be tweaked, licked and sucked. Madame tightened the leash and placed him in the car.

"Right I'm off to Amelia's. See you in about thirty minutes" Nanny waved, turned and closed the door.




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