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Tina's Story

by Margaret Jeanette


Carol and Jerry Thomas were making love. He was on top and doing as goods he ever did. In their five years of marriage they made love at least one or two times a week. When they finished their lovemaking, Jerry felt great.

They laid next to each other and Jerry told Carol that he loved her. His euphoria ended when Carol said, "Jerry, I don't want to hurt your feelings but you have never been big enough to satisfy me. It is like you aren't hitting the spot. Your tool isn't long enough to reach it. I love you but it has come time for me to tell you. You may be satisfied but I am not. I'm sorry I have to tell you this."

He was thunderstruck. He had never imagined she wasn't being satisfied. He knew his tool was small but he thought it did the job. This was crushing to him. He felt terrible.

Carol turned his head toward her and kissed him and said, "Don't worry. I still love you and I have no intention of getting rid of you. You have many other qualities that I value. You are soft and loving and take good care of all the other things I want in a husband."

He felt a bit better after she told him that but still he felt like he was letting her down. He didn't feel any better when she jokingly added, "I love you. You are my teeny weenie."

The next morning they were on their way to work. They owned their own company, providing home medical supplies, the only ones in that business for forty-five miles around. They were successful, even getting customers from sixty miles away because their small town overhead allowed them to charge lower prices. Carol was nominal president and Jerry was chief financial officer.

They treated their employees so well that everyone wanted to work for them. They had eighteen full-time employees, all women except for Jerry. The employees were like family to each other. Jerry was well liked as a boss and a person.

They were in a staff meeting and Carol asked for suggestions for where to hold the employee family picnic. Jerry said, "Why not go back to Veteran's Park? It was fun there last year."

Carol said, "Teeny weenie, we are having a record year. We should make this picnic special, like driving the forty miles to Anderson's Amusement Park. They have rides and a zoo there. I know the kids will love it. Who wants to help me set something up?"

Barbara, Sally and Beth all volunteered. Jerry was going to volunteer but was miffed that Carol had called him teeny weenie in front of the girls. He went to his office and got to work. He was lost in work when Julie and Sue knocked on his door and came in. They invited him to join them for lunch. He accepted and saved his work and left with them.

At lunch the girls asked him what the teeny weenie was all about. He told them it was a pet name Carol had for him. They enjoyed each others company and soon it was time to return to the office. Jerry sat down in his office and thought about Julie and Sue. He thought they were the two nicest people in the office.

What he didn't know is what had transpired with Carol, Barbara, Sally and Beth following the staff meeting. They had decided on the amusement park for the picnic. After it was all taken care of Barbara had asked Carol what the 'teeny weenie' was all about, and Carol told them that Jerry wasn't overly endowed down below. They all giggled, and Barbara said she had a boyfriend once who was that way. She said she put him in panties and a dress for two days and then sent him home in the dress. The four women all agreed that if a man can't satisfy a woman then he should be put in a dress. When the meeting was over, Carol asked Barbara to stay for a minute.

The other girls left and Carol asked, "Did you really put your boyfriend in a dress?"

Barbara told her, "Yes and he was really down at first but I think by the second day he enjoyed it. I had to use force to get him in the dress the first time but I got him there and made him keep it on."

Carol asked, "Do you think you could get Jerry in a dress?"

Barbara said, "There isn't a man out there I couldn't do with as I want. I am stronger than most men and for those I am not I have other means."

Carol asked, "If I asked you, would you try to get Jerry in a dress?"

Barbara said, "Sure, I don't think he would pose a great problem."

Carol told her, "I'll think about it and let you know."

In a small group like that gossip like that spreads like wildfire. By the time Jerry, Sue and Julie got back from lunch everyone but them knew what had transpired between Carol and Barbara. And Jerry wasn't in his office ten minutes before Sue and Julie knew.

Jerry called Barbara into his office. She was his assistant. He asked her about the quarterly figures. They had had the same financial program on their computers but three months ago Barbara asked if she could try another financial program.

Barbara said, "I will have the figures done before I go home. That new program makes it child's' play to run the quarterly figures. It imports the last quarterly figures and all I have to do is enter this quarters figures. Then I can have it project next quarter's figures, once we have a year's statistics available."

Jerry said, "I might switch to that program instead of this one, where I have to enter each figure manually. How hard is it to learn?"

Barbara said, "It isn't bad at all. It took some doing to enter the category headers and item names but once that's in place it's a snap. I can probably teach you in two days and then you'll be all set to use it."

Jerry said, "It will take me until Friday to do it with this program so why don't we use next Monday and Tuesday to install and set it up on my computer."

Barbara said, "It sounds good to me, Teeny."

He immediately asked, "What did you call me?"

Barbara said, "Teeny. If your wife calls you that why shouldn't we? We are all like family here, so we should all share nicknames."

He didn't answer. Barbara got up and left. When he went out to the coffee machine three girls said 'hello, Teeny' to him. He was upset at being called Teeny but didn't say anything to the girls. He went back to entering figures for the quarter. He was only half way through last quarter's figures and he wanted to get it done. He was busy with the figures when his E-mail notifier flashed. He checked it, and saw it was Carol asking him to come to her office.

He saved his work and went to his wife's office. She told him she had some papers that he had to sign. She handed them to him and showed him where to sign. He signed them and saw she was smiling at him. He thought, she is in a good mood, so now is the time to talk to her.

He said, "I am hurt that you called me teeny weenie this morning. Now all the girls are calling me Teeny. We have to put a stop to it before it gets carried away. I don't like being called Teeny."

Carol asked, "What do you like being called? Perhaps God or something."

He said, "Anything but Teeny!"

Carol stood up and when he stood up she directed him to the door. They stepped out and Carol said in a loud voice, "Please stop calling Jerry Teeny. Call him anything but Teeny."

One of the girls asked, "If we can't call him Teeny can we call him Tina? It is as close to Teeny as I can think of. "

Jerry went into shock when Carol said, "Tina's fine. You can call him Tina then."

Jerry said to Carol in a low voice, "You can't be serious. Tina is a woman name. Why did you say that to the girls?"

Carol said, "Because didn't you say they could call you anything but Teeny? Now, Tina, get back to work!" She looked at him with contempt written all over her face.

The tone of her voice told him it was useless to argue. He went back to his office to bury himself in his work. He couldn't get into it because he was upset. He went to get a cup of coffee.

As he passed Barbara's desk she said, "You're drinking more coffee, Tina. Coffee will make you hyper."

He didn't bother to answer her. Every other girl he passed or met said hello to Tina. He was upset but didn't argue with any of them.

He would have been more upset if he'd been in Carol's office at that time. Sue and Julie were talking to Carol. Sue took the lead and said, "There is gossip going around the office that you asked Barbara if she would get Tina in a dress. Barbara can be very mean when she wants to be. I have seen her three times out with a man and she had all three of them crying. Both of us really like your husband and don't want to see him hurt like that."

Carol asked, "What are you proposing?"

Julie answered, "Sue and I have talked it over. We would rather not see you put him in a dress but if you are intent on the idea and are not going to do it yourself then we would like to try. We will be gentler with him than Barbara, that's for sure. What do you have in mind?"

Carol said, "I love my husband but he is not much of a man in a manly way. All I want is to see if he wakes up to being more of a man. I just want to see him stand up for himself, just once."


The two girls said they understood. Carol said she had to get some clothes for him. They decided that Julie's apartment would be the best place for the transformation. Carol told Julie to meet her in an hour and a half at her apartment.

An hour and a half later the two women met and Julie carefully hung a beautiful dress in her spare bedroom closet. Julie told Carol how they intended to get him into the dress. Carol was glad that they intended on being gentle with him.

The two women went back to the office without Jerry even knowing that they had been gone. Carol told Julie she would let her know when and if they were to do something. Julie thought Carol went to a lot of fuss and bother to not know if she was going to do something or not.

On the way home Jerry told Carol about the program on Barbara's computer and that they were going to install it on his for the next quarterly report.

Carol asked, "Do you mean that Barbara is used to doing the reports?"

Jerry answered, "Yes, for the last two quarters she has done them with the new program and I used the one we have been using. She has been done two days before I am done. The new program will save us a lot of time."

Carol said, "That's good. It answers a big question for me."

Jerry asked, "What big question?"

Carol replied, "Oh, it was nothing much. What you are saying is Barbara can do all of what you do and she is doing it faster?"

He told her that was about it. He didn't know why she was smiling so broadly. That night in bed she advanced on him and after they were done making love Carol got a pair of lacy panties out of her dresser drawer and handed them to Jerry. He asked what he was supposed to do with them.

Carol said, "Put them on. Your little tool belongs in panties not boxers. Now, do as you are told and put them on or I'll see how you look in a nightgown."

The ice in her voice was enough to make him put them on. He got into bed feeling foolish but noticed that they felt sensual to him. The next morning he was going to take them off and Carol told him to keep them on. He asked why and she said if he didn't she would give him another pair with a matching bra and make sure he wore them. He didn't argue with her.

Carol laid there thinking about how easy she got him to put the panties on. She wondered if he would ever stand up like a man and take control. She thought about how she never saw him get angry or really stand up to anyone when he was being challenged. She thought maybe a dress would wake him up. She decided to challenge him to the max and see if she could get him to act like a man.

All the way to work he felt the softness of the panties. It was disconcerting to him. It riled up his feelings knowing he had woman's panties on. He didn't know what to do about it. When they got to work he headed straight for his office. He felt as if every one of the girls were staring right through his pants at his panties.

At the staff meeting Carol shocked the entire staff when she announced that there were going to be some changes in the company. She said she was shifting some people around.

Carol said, "I have decided to make an office manager. Sally you are now office manager and Beth you are assistant office manager. Beth you take over when Sally is gone. Also, effective immediately Barbara you are chief financial officer."

Jerry immediately asked, "What about me. That's my job!"

Carol said, "Tina, don't raise your voice. You will be a general assistant to all of the girls. You will help them get their jobs done and aid in any way to make us more efficient."

Jerry said, "That sounds like an office girl to me."

Carol said, "You're right. Effective immediately you are the office girl. Now, I would like a cup of coffee, Tina, go get me one."

Tina rose and got her a cup of coffee. He was bringing it in when the girls were leaving the office. Carol told him to sit down for a minute. He sat down.

Carol said, "You are now the office girl. Didn't you tell me last night that Barbara had the quarterly figures done two days before you did? Didn't you say she could do everything you do and faster?"

He replied, "Yes, but I explained that we were going to change over to the new program also. You wouldn't want us to try a program when we don't know how it works until we've tested it. Why did you say I was going to be the office girl?"

Carol said, "Because that is what you are going to be!"

He said, "I am half owner of this business and I say I am not."

Carol handed him some papers. He looked at them. The top paper was a dissolving of the partnership and named Carol as sole owner of the business. The second one changed their joint bank accounts to being just in Carols name. Another changed their home and cars to Carol's name. The final one gave Carol power of attorney over him. He saw all of them had his signature on them.

Carol said, "Now, you see you have nothing left. Everything is in my name. You have no money, nothing but what I see fit to give you. Do you understand that?"

He said he did. She said, "So now are you going to be the best office girl you can be or do I throw you out on your ear?"

He quietly said he would be the best office girl possible. She was all smiles. Then she said, "Julie needs some assistance at her apartment. I told her you would be glad to help. Go and tell her and Sue that you are ready. They know what to do."

He got up and went to Julie and said, "Carol said I am supposed to help you at your apartment. I am ready."

He left with Julie and Sue. He was in shock at what had happened to him. He was disoriented by the fact he had nothing left. He wondered why his wife had done this to him. The girls chatted and said things to him but he didn't respond. They thought it was because of his being reduced to being an office girl.

They got to Julie's apartment and Julie had him sit on the couch. Very gently Julie said, "Tina, we are going to make you fit the image of a Tina. Now, you can co-operate and work with us or we can use other methods. I would hope you would trust us to change how you look."

He only half understood what they were saying and he didn't like it. He said he didn't want to change. They asked him if he wouldn't like a new dress and he said no.

Then Julie decided to try another tact. She brought him a glass of lemonade. He drank it and thanked her for it. Then he fell asleep. When he awoke he was groggy for a couple of minutes and then noticed he was near naked.

"What happened? Where are my clothes? What is going on?" He plaintively asked.

Sue said, "Tina, honey we are going to help you all we can. We are your friends and don't want to see you hurt any more than is necessary. Now are you going to work with us or do we have to put you back to sleep to finish the job? Your old clothes are there on the floor."

He looked at the pile on the floor. They had used scissors to get his old clothes off. There was a pile of strips of cloth lying there. He knew he would be naked or wearing new clothes when he left the apartment.

Tina said, "Just tell me what is going on, then maybe I'll work with you. Carol said that Julie needed a hand and that I should help her. I don't understand what is happening."

Sue said, "We are going to make you look more like a Tina. We have a nice new dress for you and some other clothes and things to support the image of you as a Tina. Now, are you going to work with us or do we have to put you back to sleep?"

Resignedly he said, "I'll work with you."

Julie got a pair of thigh high nylons and showed him how to put them on. They were black with a floral pattern woven in them. The she slid a black long line bra up his arms. When it was hooked he asked about the false breasts he had glued to his chest.

Julie said, "You were under endowed as a man but as a woman you are going to be well-endowed. Those are DD's. I didn't even know they made them that large. You will attract lots of attention with those."

Then she helped him put on a padded girdle, telling him it gave him a more womanly figure. Then came the black silk lacy slip. Sue said the slip cost more than all the clothes she had on. Then came the wispy yellow dress with blue flowers. The scalloped hem falling enticingly around his legs. Then Julie produced a jet-black wig that was a mass of curls and placed it on his head. She arranged it so it looked presentable then wove a yellow ribbon in it. He was starting to look more and more feminine every minute.

Then Julie took him into her bedroom and sat him at her vanity. She applied make-up that she took out of a shopping bag. She applied it telling him what they wanted to achieve then wiped it off and had him apply it. She was amazed at how fast he could do a passable job. She teased him that he must have been practicing. As she put the make-up on him, Sue was dong his nails. When he looked at them he saw a feminine hand with long thin fingers sporting long fingernails painted a bright metallic red. He thought he was ready and this was over.

Julie took a cosmetic case out of the bag and put all of he cosmetics in it and handed it to Tina, He asked what was that and she explained it was his new best friend. Laughing, she said he always had to look his best and this was all the help he would need. He took it with two fingers like it was a cup of tea.

Then Julie brought a shoebox and said. "She must have been mad at you when she bought these. I don't have a single pair of heels this high. They must be five inches high!"

She took out the heels and placed them on his feet. They had him stand and get the feel of them. Then Julie guided him as he took his first steps. He did wobble at first but in a few minutes was taking short steps without mishap. Sue told him to place one foot in front of the other to walk. He noticed that that helped him move. The girls noticed that that made his rear sway like he was in heat.

Julie noticed it was past lunchtime and offered to make them some sandwiches and milk. They both agreed and Sue and Tina went and sat down by the table. Julie brought the sandwiches and they sat and talked.

Sue said, "I noticed you were already wearing panties. They are very sexy and pretty. Where did you get them?"

He told them Carol had given them to him. He said he never saw her wear any like that. They said they understood.

Then Julie asked, "I know it isn't any of my business but how do you and Carol really get along? Sometimes you two seem to be of the same mind and other times you both are at opposite sides of each other."

He said, "I always thought we were a great couple. I loved her unconditionally. We had our differences and a lot of the time I gave in. The times I was proven right I never lorded it over her or anything. Just lately she has told me she was dissatisfied with me in the lovemaking department. That seems to have set her off. She was never underhanded to me until now. I don't know what made her do what she did to me."

Julie said, "It won't be so bad. You look great in a dress. No one is going to think of you as anything but a complete woman."

He said, "It isn't that. That's minor compared to what else she's done."

Julie said, "I thought feminizing you was all she was doing to you. Other than making you office girl what did she do?"

He told them about how she had slipped the papers for him to sign and how she now controlled everything they had worked for to get. He told how she had power of attorney over him. The two were stunned. Neither of the two girls knew what to say.

Sue got up and came by him and kissed him on the cheek, saying, "I didn't know. I am sorry for you. If you need anything, anything at all, just ask. Julie and I only did this to you because we like you. Carol was going to have Barbara do it but we know Barbara can be mean. We didn't want you hurt any more than was necessary."

He said, "Thank you. Both of you are very sweet. I could never hate either one of you. You two are probably the only two real friends I have and I appreciate it."

He had tears in his eyes and Julie handed him a tissue. They both told him they would be there for him. Having eaten, they asked him if he was ready to go back to the office. He said yes.

On the way back Sue asked him how good an actor he could be. He said he didn't know. Sue asked him if he thought he could play a woman who knew she was good looking and thought the hell with the rest of the world. He said he probably could.

Sue said, "Then go back to work with that in mind. Don't let anyone know you hate it. Make them think it is the best thing that ever happened to you."

He laughed and said that was exactly what he would do. The two girls felt better hearing him laugh. When they got out of the car at work Julie said 'go get them, Tina'.

They breezed into work. Sally met them and asked, "Julie and Sue, where were you. If you are going to take a half day off I should know about it."

Julie said, "We were doing a special job for Carol. She knew we would be gone for quite a while. We were only doing what she requested of us."

Sally said, "Oh, I didn't know. I guess that's all right then. Has anyone seen Tina? I haven't seen her since this morning. She is supposed to be helping around here."

Tina piped up, "Oh, goody. I am only an office girl but I am missed when I am not here."

Sally's jaw dropped. She then recognized Tina. She said, "I want to see you in my office. Follow me."

Julie and Sue knocked on Carol's door and then entered when they heard Carol say come in. Julie said, "Well, it's done. It didn't go bad at all. He is in a dress."

Carol said, "Good work! You will find an extra check in your pay envelope next week. It's my way of saying thank you."

Sue said, "There is one thing I must say but I don't know how you will take it."

Carol said, "Spit it out. I can take anything."

Sue said, "Tina told us about everything. We thought she was quiet because of the demotion but she told us all about how you took control of everything he had. We don't think that is fair. What you and your husband do is your business but it was wrong. We like him. He is kind and considerate. He wouldn't hurt anyone. Now he knows it doesn't pay to be a nice guy. We feel sorry for him."

Carol said, "I have given him chances and he backed off. You are right, what we do as husband and wife is our business. I thank you for being so honest with me. Your remarks won't change anything though."

The two girls left Carol's office. Meanwhile in Sally's office Sally was saying to Tina, "I know being demoted hurts, but I want you to do the best job you can. Try to roll with the punches."

Tina said, "You won't have any trouble from me. I intend on doing my job as good as possible. It's the only way I know. I'll try to be as cheerful and helpful as I can."

Sally said, "Good! That answers any concerns I may have. If you have any problems with anyone let me know. I believe in standing up for and behind my people."

He thanked her and went out into the office area. Everyone was a bit shy about asking him for anything. A couple of girls asked him to get them coffee, which he did with a smile. His exuberance was contagious and the staff was amazed at how he conducted himself.

At quitting time Carol came out of her office and was surprised to see Tina being very animated and talking to Beverly. She thought he was taking things very well. She told him it was time to go home.

They were in the car, and she asked him how things went that day. He didn't answer. He didn't say a word all the way home. At home she called him for supper, and during the meal she asked him several questions, but he didn't say a word. All evening whenever she said something he didn't acknowledge her. When they went to bed she said good night but he didn't answer her or say good night back.

The next morning he got up and when he looked in his closet he saw three new dresses hanging there. He thought, she didn't waste any time. He picked a blue one that had white lace trim. He went for breakfast.

Carol said, "Good morning Tina. Do you want me to get you a cup of coffee?"

He didn't answer, but got a cup and poured himself a cup of coffee. Then he put two pieces of bread in he toaster. As that was toasting he poured a large glass of orange juice. The toast popped and he spread jelly on it. Then he took everything and sat at the table.

Carol said, "I went over the quarterly figures I got from Barbara. We had a very good quarter last quarter. Do you think it will continue or do you think the economy will hit us like it has other businesses?"

He didn't answer. They left for work and on the way Carol asked him two questions but he didn't say a word. They arrived at work and he went about his business as if it were the most natural thing to do. He joked with a couple of the girls and they were soon all laughing. Sally noticed how he picked up the girls who seemed to be preoccupied by something. He had a talent for getting people to smile. She had never noticed how much at ease he was with all the staff.

At the staff meeting he didn't say anything. Carol asked for input on what would be good entertainment for the company picnic. She knew Jerry always had great ideas in that area. When he didn't say anything she addressed him directly. He didn't answer. He didn't move or show that he had heard a word she had said. Carol told everyone to think about it and let her know if they came up with something. The meeting adjourned and everyone went back to work.

Sally asked Tina to step into her office. When Tina was seated Sally told her that she was very disrespectful and rude to the president of their company when she did not answer a direct question.

Tina said, "The president of this company does not need any advice from an office girl. Office girls are at the bottom of the ladder and don't know anything of importance. I am doing the job I am supposed to as well as I can. If you have a problem with that then further action will have to be taken. As far as answering the president of this company there is no law anywhere that says I have to answer anything. If that is grounds for firing then fire me. I do not threaten anyone but if you do this town will be buzzing about this company and I assure you it will not have the same reputation it had before. Now, if you are done with me it is lunch time."

He left her office and went with Sue and Julie for a sandwich. He was glad he had money in his wallet before all of this started. At lunch he told the girls about his meeting with Sally. They both told him bravo, he was doing right. The two girls said everyone was talking about him and how surprised they were at how he was taking it.

He said, "I am not taking it well. I am reacting to the situation as only I see it. I have not said a word to Carol since this happened. I do not plan on saying anything to her until she changes back to the loving wife I married. If she doesn't change back I don't know what will happen."

Julie laughed and said, "Spoken like a true woman. You sound more like a woman now than a lot of women do. You just hang in there and you will come out on top."

He laughed and said, "On top of what, the stove on one of the burners."

They all laughed and Sue told him as long as he kept his sense of humor he would do all right. She also told him she saw a change in him that she didn't think possible that he now exuded a confidence that the old Jerry didn't have but that Tina now had.

He thanked them for their support and for being his friends. They could tell he meant it and that he meant it to be special. It gave both of them a warm feeling. They both gave a kiss of reassurance on his cheek.

The afternoon went fast, as some of the girls now asked him if he would help them with some filing and other such office duties. He happily helped them.

At quitting time he got into the car with Carol but didn't say a word. He sat quiet all the way home and at home didn't as much as utter a peep. Carol was disturbed by his not talking to her but thought he would get over it. He knew she was bothered by his silence but was determined to continue the path he had chosen.

The next morning at work he was surprised when the paychecks were distributed. Sally handed him one. He opened it and was surprised that he was being paid in the top end of the pay scale for office help in the area.

Five minutes later he was in the staff meeting with the rest of the staff. Carol started it by asking if anyone had any ideas for entertainment for the upcoming company picnic. One woman said something about getting a DJ to play music. Three other women shot it down saying it was too hard to dance on the grass. Carol knew that in every previous year Jerry had come up with prize-winning ideas.

Carol asked, "Tina, every year you have come up with a great idea for a theme and entertainment for the company picnic. Share your thoughts with us. What do you say?"

He sat there with a blank look on his face. It was as if he hadn't heard a word that was said. Carol overlooked the silence and asked if anyone else had any ideas. She said if they were afraid to say them openly they could drop them in the suggestion box outside her office. She continued the meeting, covering small matters. It was winding down when she got an inspiration.

Carol asked, "Tina, inasmuch as you can't seem to talk at these meetings would you like to be excused from attending them?"

He just stared blankly at her. She repeated the question. He didn't budge a muscle. She was getting angry and he saw it. She asked a third time in a very icy tone. He didn't answer.

She said, "Answer me or you are fired!"

He stared at her as if she didn't exist. She excused everyone but Sally and Tina.

She asked Sally what else could be done with him. Sally recounted her conversation with him yesterday. Carol said that was a threat he had made. He was fired. Not only fired but also without a home. He sat and stared.

She told them to leave. Outside Carol's door Sally asked him if he was happy. He told her it didn't make any difference. She told him he had to leave immediately. He said he would leave after he got his final check. Sally went back in to Carol's office. While she was in there Julie came up to him and told him to meet them for lunch. He was given his last check and he left with a smile on his face.

At lunch the two girls told him how sorry they were that he got fired. He assured them that he would do all right. He didn't know where he would go or what he would do but he wasn't worried. He said things have a way of working out.

Julie offered to let him sleep on her couch if he needed a place to stay. He thanked her and told her he might have to take her up on it if Pastor Mike didn't come up with something. After a pleasant lunch both girls kissed him on the cheek and told him they were going to miss him at work. He headed to see Pastor Mike.

He told Pastor Mike the whole story as he saw it from when Carol had said he didn't satisfy her in bed to his getting fired. Pastor Mike said he wanted to talk to Carol. Jerry sat there as Pastor Mike asked Carol to come over and told her to bring the papers that Jerry had signed.

Ten minutes later Carol came in Pastor Mike's office. She handed him the copies of the papers Jerry had signed. He quickly glanced at them then asked Jerry to wait outside while he talked to Carol.

Pastor Mike said, "Carol, the story Jerry told me is very disturbing. I have heard his side now I want to hear your side. What happened for it to get this far?"

Carol said, "He was slipping in his job so as president I demoted him. He hasn't been much of a man so I figured he could maybe function better as a woman. But he was insubordinate to me and I had to fire him. That's the whole story in a nutshell."

Pastor Mike asked, "Then this didn't start when you told him he didn't satisfy you in bed in he lovemaking department?"

Carol said, "Maybe that was the starting point. He has never been able to satisfy me in bed and I told him so. I guess I started things rolling by making him wear a pair of panties because his little member didn't belong in men's boxers."

Pastor Mike then asked, "You didn't buy the first dress and have a couple of your employees get him dressed and done up, did you?"

Carol said, "Yes, I bought everything and had two friends of his help get him in the dress and make-up. It was only to see if he would act like a man should or not."

Pastor Mike asked, "What happened then?"

Carol said, "I saw him being a pal and talking with the workers but when I said anything to him I got nothing. He hasn't said a single word to me. I have asked him many questions but I get nothing, not an answer or shrug or any indication that he has even heard me. That not responding is what led to him being fired."

Pastor Mike called Jerry back in. He sat quiet for almost five minutes. Then he said, "Communication is the most necessary tool in any relationship. You must talk to one another otherwise the relationship dies from neglect. Now. Jerry. Carol tells me you haven't said a word to her since this all started. Is that correct?"

Jerry nodded and Carol sat smiling. This was going better than she expected.

Pastor Mike asked, "Why did you stop talking to her? You must have had a reason."

Jerry replied, "Yes, I did. She had a paper that said she had power of attorney for me. In other words she could speak for me in legal matters. So, I figured if she was going to speak for me then she could speak for me all the time. I found out she was just jealous of me."

Pastor Mike asked, "How so? Why is she jealous of you?"

"Because she found out I am more woman than she is and more man than she can handle. That's what her problem is."

Carol got a look of pure shock at that. She never thought she was jealous of him. Pastor Mike looked at her and said, "I don't like to have to say this but everything you did is wrong. You are supposed to work as a team, as husband and wife. It appears you have broken that bond that makes a husband and wife one person."

Carol was getting flustered. She didn't expect this to go this way. When she wanted him to stand up for himself she never thought he would be like this. Then she calmed down a bit as Pastor continued. "In any situation or conflict there is no one all wrong or all right side. Both sides have to share the blame. It looks like it is up to me to try to get you two back together on the same track."

Carol said, "Pastor I know what you are saying but I am not going to take him back as an employee. It would ruin the morale of all the rest of the employees of my company. If he won't talk to me at all I can't see our marriage continuing. If it is to continue all I ask is that he talk to me."

Pastor Mike looked at Jerry and asked. "Is it too much for her to expect to have you talk to her?"

Jerry said he guessed it wasn't too much but reminded him that she had power of attorney so she shouldn't expect very much. Pastor Mike looked at the papers Carol had brought. He asked her these were copies of all the originals and she said they were. He excused himself as he made a phone call. They both heard his side of the call.

"Herman, Pastor Mike here. I am looking at a power of attorney here. It has the signatures of the two people involved.... No, no other signatures. What about dissolving a partnership?.... What about removing one person from a joint bank account?.... What about removing a person from a deed or auto title? That's what I thought '... Really?.... In fifteen years as a minister you are the first person to tell me one of my sermons was stimulating. Thank you."

He hung up the phone, then sat looking at nothing in particular. Finally he said, "I afraid to tell you these papers are worthless. In this state you need two witnesses for everything except the transfer of title—then you need one person to witness the signing."

Jerry said, "So I still own 52 per cent of the company? And I still have my name on the deed to our house and I still own my car?"

Pastor Mike said, "Yes to everything."

Carol said, "I had forgot that we set it up with you having the fifty-two and I the balance. I suppose you want to fire me, as you have controlling interest."

Jerry said, "No, keep your job. I'll let you know where to send the profit check. But I am afraid you are going to have to move. I am going to sell my half of the house. You can stay until it sells though."

Carol asked, "Does this mean we are through as husband and wife?"

Jerry said, "You divorced me this morning when you threw me out. Did you forget you said I didn't have a home? That is what I came to see Pastor Mike for, to see if he knew of a place I could stay. I never thought it would end up like this."

Carol asked, "Can't we give it another try. I'll change, you'll see."

Jerry said, "No, I saw a side of you that I never knew existed. It is a side that I could never live with. You have shown me that no one stands a chance when you get an idea in your head. I'm sorry but you are not the woman I loved and married. I am going to file for a divorce."

Carol started crying and left. Pastor Mike said he wished Jerry could forget what she did and forgive her. He said he forgave her but she wasn't the person that God wanted him to spend the rest of his life with. He said he thought he knew who that was and her name was Julie.

Pastor Mike said he was sorry things had to turn out that way, but he understood. Jerry said he almost forgot something and took a checkbook out of his purse and wrote a check to Pastor Mike for one thousand dollars to be used at the homeless shelter that Pastor Mike was championing.

Jerry called Julie at work and asked her to meet him for supper. She agreed. At supper Jerry told her what had happened with Pastor Mike and Carol. Then he told her he was going to stay at the hotel for about a week until he found a house to move to.

Then he shocked her saying, "I hope you will help me find a house that is worth buying. I have an idea and it is that you should like it also because I intend that you will be living there with me as my wife."

Julie got tears in her eyes and said, "That sounds wonderful to me. I never thought you and I would ever have a chance to be together. I have always thought you were special and I knew you have a lot of love and caring. You were always my ideal as man."

He said, "You all ready know I am not overly endowed."

She said, "With those breasts, no one is more endowed."



Post-Script: Six months later his and Carols divorce was declared by the county judge. He sold his share of the company at a good price and bought the top dress shop in town. That way he could get his dresses at cost.




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