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Summer Rain               by: Carol Collins


The moon was bright and full in the cloudless nighttime sky. The light from the moon and millions of stars reflected in shimmering ripples across the surface of the lake. Around the shoreline, parked in cars and sitting on park benches, people in love behaved in ways that were as old as Mankind. Some kissed. Some made love. Some talked. Some were content to simply hold hands and enjoy each other’s presence.

Jimmy and Suzy cuddled on the front seat of his cherry red 1964 Chevy Nova convertible. His muscular arm was around her delicate body and her head was on his broad shoulder. They were very much in love. Both were eighteen years old and were to go to the Senior Prom on the following evening. Life was full of promises for the two young love birds as they whispered to one another of hopes and future plans.

Jimmy was tall, dark and handsome. He had blue eyes set in a face that many of the girls in their graduating high school class dreamt of at night. His body was that of an athlete. Muscular arms and broad shoulders, narrow waist and muscular legs that were featured in many teenage girl’s fantasies. And, his grades were good enough to get him accepted in the engineering program at the state university in the fall.

Suzy was about five foot three, long flowing auburn hair, big expressive brown eyes, a pair of over-sized breasts that had figured in many male classmates’ fantasies, a very tiny waist, round, but not too full, hips and buttocks, and a pair of long shapely legs. Her hands and feet were small and dainty. Her trademark throughout high school had been her bright pink lipstick and nail polish. She was well liked by everyone and would have been asked out on many dates were it not for her steady relationship with Jimmy. She, too, had been accepted to the state university. Her major was to be art.

The couples around the lake that were not otherwise engaged in more intimate activities, were privileged to see a shooting star arcing its path across the heavens to land next to the shore of the lake. Many used the occurrence as an excuse to kiss. The meteorite barely missed Jimmy’s Nova as it struck the ground.

Jimmy and Suzy released one another as they saw and heard the impact of the falling meteor. Jimmy jumped from the car to inspect the impact site. Suzy followed. Jimmy wore jeans, running shoes and a school logo emblazoned tee shirt. Suzy wore a pink silk blouse that molded itself to her well endowed upper torso, a mid thigh length red leather skirt, stockings and a pair of matching red leather high heel shoes. She had to walk carefully across the soft ground as they examined the furrow plowed into the earth.

There was a dull red glow coming from the deep end of the small trench dug by the meteorite. Jimmy bent down and felt of the soil. It was not hot to his touch. He began to brush away the dirt from around the glowing orb with his right hand. Suzy grabbed his hand away and said, "Jimmy! Don’t touch it! It might be radioactive or something!" Jimmy’s curiosity was at a fever pitch and could not be suppressed. He used his left hand to removed much of the dirt covering the softball sized orb.

Jimmy tentatively touched the gift from outer space. It felt cool to his finger tips. He exclaimed, "Suzy, this thing should be hot enough to melt. Instead, it’s cold. This is amazing!" Suzy timidly extended her right hand, while still clasping Jimmy’s hand in her left, to feel of the ball for herself. The moment that her fingers made contact with the glowing orb, there was a complete circuit for current. Both Jimmy and Suzy were touching the ball while holding hands.

Jimmy and Suzy’s hair stood on end as a capacitive discharge took place. A crackling could be heard as energies were drained from the ball. Both teenagers were stunned and knocked backwards. As Jimmy regained control of his body his first concern was Suzy. As his vision was refocusing, he called out, "Suzy, are you okay?" Jimmy decided that the space orb must have messed up his voice or hearing because his words sounded very strangely to him.

Suzy’s response to Jimmy’s question was equally surprising. "I think so. Jimmy, what happened to us?" Whereas Jimmy’s voice had sounded unusually high pitched, Suzy’s answer sound unusually low pitched. Jimmy looked to his right to see if Suzy was okay only to find that she was missing. Then, he felt some one griping his left hand and turned his head to the left. What he saw amazed him beyond belief! He, that is Jimmy, was holding his hand!

Jimmy found himself looking up into his own eyes. Astonishment was written all over his face! How could he be seeing himself this way? This was something that had never happened to him before. Then, he looked downward. What he saw was auburn tresses of hair draped over a pink silk blouse stretched tightly over a pair of obviously large female breasts, a red leather skirt that exposed most of a pair of beautiful and shapely nylon encased legs and red high heel shoes on a pair of very small feet! How could this be?

Suzy was also in a state of shock as she realized that she was in Jimmy’s body. One minute, she had been with the man that she loved, inspecting a fallen meteorite, the next minute, she was in his body. "The meteorite!" Suzy exclaimed in her new lower pitched voice. "The meteorite caused this to happen! Jimmy, are you inside of my body?" Suzy looked questioningly down into the very pretty face that had, until only seconds before, been her own. The still confused expression and answering nod only confirmed the fact that they had been switched into each other’s body.

"Some how, the meteorite has done this to us!" Suzy stood up and reached down to help Jimmy to his feet. Suzy practically yanked his small female body from the ground. She did not realize how much stronger she was in his male body. "Sorry," she said, "I didn’t mean to hurt you. I guess I don’t know my own strength." The humor of those words dawned on Suzy and she smiled as she saw her boyfriend, Jimmy, teetering on his high heel shoes on the soft ground. She slipped an arm around his tiny waist to help support him until he became accustomed to the high heels, or, until they switched back into their own bodies.

Jimmy was completely confused. He remembered being curious about the meteorite. He remembered brushing the dirt away from it. He remembered the cool surface beneath his fingers. He remembered Suzy holding his hand as she also touched it. He remembered the flash as the surge of electricity had passed through their bodies. That must have been when their minds were switched!

Jimmy felt Suzy’s muscular arm around his waist tighten slightly, drawing him closer and causing his left breast to be pressed against Suzy’s right side. The unusual sensations coming from his breast was almost as disconcerting as the problem of balancing on high heels. He tried taking a deep breath to calm his nerves only to feel his large breasts rise and the constriction of a brassiere around his upper torso. He spoke in a worried high pitched voice, "Suzy, we have to switch back. This is too freaky!"

Suzy found herself also feeling strange new sensations as Jimmy’s large firm breast was pressed against her side. Part of her mind wanted to pursue those sensations. Part of her mind also agreed with Jimmy, even if he was very cute in her body. "Okay, we were switched when we both touched the ball at the same time. Maybe, if we do the same thing again, we will switch back? Let’s try it."

Suzy reluctantly released her hold around Jimmy’s narrow waist. She took his delicate left hand in her much larger right hand as they bent forward to touch the globe. Nothing happened. Before they had touched it the first time, it had been glowing. When they had touched it, it had discharged. Now, it was no longer glowing. Whatever the charge was that had caused them to switch bodies had evidently been depleted. The two teenagers realized that this was not a good sign.

After having stood silently for several minutes in the moon light, while still holding hands, Jimmy asked if they could return to the car to sit down. He was not accustomed to standing in high heels and the soft ground only made matters worse. Suzy slipped her arm around his tiny waist and helped him to slowly walk back to the car. Suzy even held the driver’s door open for him as he sat down in the seat. His red leather skirt rode almost up to the juncture of his thighs as he swung around in the seat and Suzy closed the door. The sight of Jimmy’s nylon covered legs had a strange effect on Suzy. Suzy felt the automatic male response mechanism of her body begin to tingle as she walked around the car to get in the passenger side.

"Jimmy," Suzy began as she closed the car passenger door, "I don’t know how long it is going to be before we can switch back into our own bodies, but, until we do, you are going to have to do much better getting in and out of a car. If we had been in the school parking lot, every guy there could have seen your panties!"

Jimmy looked down at his lap and sheepishly pulled the hem of his red leather skirt down to a more modest position over his shapely nylon encased thighs. "Listen, Suzy, I don’t intend on being in your body any longer than absolutely necessary. I don’t know how this happened, but if we go to the authorities, surely they will know what to do!" Jimmy realized the futility of his words even as they were uttered from his full luscious pink lips. He was intelligent enough to know that this was something that the authorities would not understand. He realized that there was a possibility that he and Suzy might be stuck in each other’s bodies for the rest of their lives. Becoming the subjects of some government research project did not appeal to either teen.

Suzy exclaimed, "Oh! No! The Senior Prom! It’s tomorrow night! What are we going to do? We have been planning for the Prom for six months. Daddy bought that expensive gown for me to wear. Mom took me to Glamour Boutique for the lingerie and foundation garments. I have a hair appointment with Garbini himself tomorrow afternoon. I was to have an entire make over. You bought a tux and had your car painted so that it would be beautiful and you could drive it to the Prom. Now, all of that effort is wasted!"

Jimmy looked up into Suzy’s masculine face and saw tears forming in her eyes. He slid across the seat and took her much bigger body in his arms. "Baby, don’t cry. We’ll try to figure out a way to swap back before tomorrow." Suzy asked about what they would do if they couldn’t. Jimmy laid his head on Suzy’s broad shoulder as he thought. "I don’t know, Suzy. I just don’t know."

Suzy turned in the seat, causing Jimmy to look up into her face. She was smiling down at him with a weird light in her masculine eyes. "I have an idea," she proudly proclaimed. "We will go to the Senior Prom anyway!"

It took a second or two till Jimmy understood the implications of what his girlfriend was saying. "No way!" He shook his head as he thought about what she must be thinking. "No way at all!" Suzy began to plead, to demand, to threaten, to persuade her feminine boyfriend. She had looked forward to her Senior Prom since she was in grade school and was not about to let anything stop her from going. It took thirty minutes before he agreed to go to the Senior Prom as her. It was decided that they would wait to tell their families about the meteorite and the switching of bodies until after the Prom.

An hour later, they had made plans to carry out the deception with their families and high school friends. Suzy would spend the night at Jimmy’s home and Jimmy would return to Suzy’s home. It was hoped that they would be able to fool each other’s families. At least, until after the Senior Prom.

Jimmy started his car but found that driving while wearing high heel shoes was even more difficult than walking in them. Before they had pulled out onto the highway, Suzy was in the driver’s seat and driving the Chevy hot rod back to town. She went over her agenda for the next morning and afternoon with Jimmy several times before she stopped the car in front of her house. She shut off the engine, moved closer to her feminine boy friend and tried to kiss him on the lips.

Jimmy pulled away from Suzy. "Cut that out! I don’t kiss guys! What do you think I am!" Suzy began to laugh. The switching situation was not funny, but, the way Jimmy had reacted was. Jimmy indignantly added, "You’re a guy now and I don’t kiss guys."

Suzy stopped laughing as she said, "If I’m a guy, then you’re a girl. You always thought that it was great when we kissed. Wasn’t it okay to kiss when you were a guy and I was a girl? Why isn’t it okay to kiss now that I am a guy and you are a girl?"

Jimmy tried to come up with a logical argument. Try as he might, all he could say was, "It would be freaky to kiss you while you are in my body." When asked for a hug, he could not find a reason to refuse. "Okay. But, just a hug." Suzy enfolded his petite body in her strong arms. She easily pulled his one hundred five pound female body toward her muscular male body.

Jimmy could feel his large breasts being compressed against Suzy’s broad chest. He could smell the cologne that he had put on before coming on tonight’s date. Suzy drew his body even closer and he felt the front of her male body making contact up and down the entire length of his petite form. He mumbled, "All right. Don’t get carried away." He tilted his head back as he spoke. His next sentence was cut off when Suzy covered his soft pink lips with her own.

Jimmy, at first, tried to struggle. His efforts were futile. Suzy was now much stronger than he was. He began to relax a little. "Being kissed by Suzy wasn’t so bad," he told himself. "After all, we do love each other." That’s when Suzy slipped him broad tongue.

Jimmy reached behind him and found the door handle. He opened the car door and slid out the door when Suzy let him go for a second as she glanced up at the opening car door. Jimmy almost fell in the drive way as he stumbled to his feet. His knees were shaking. What had scared him the most was the desire that he had felt building inside of his female body to surrender to the intense emotions that Suzy’s kisses were creating. If he had not jumped from the car when he did, he would not have had enough will power to stop Suzy from doing anything to him that she desired.

Suzy had to reach down to her crotch, re-arrange her erection and grab her purse as she also climbed out of the Nova. "Wait a minute, Jimmy, and I’ll walk you to the door." She was embarrassed by her actions. She and her female friends had always talked about how animalistic most boys were. Tonight, she had behaved just as badly. It had seemed as if her male body had a mind of it’s own when it came to sexual matters. When she caught up with her feminine boy friend, she said, "Jimmy, I want to apologize for my behavior. I guess that I got carried away. Just remember that I really do love you."

Jimmy had spent his entire life in a male body. At least, until tonight. He knew what male hormones could do to a guy, probably even if the guy was really a girl in a guy’s body. He looked up into Suzy’s sincere eyes and his heart melted. "Please don’t say another word. I know what you are going through. And, I love you too, Suzy." He stopped in front of Suzy’s front door, stepped up onto the first step and turned to face his old self. In the soft light from the porch light, he could see Suzy’s handsome face smiling at him. He impulsively stood on the tips of his toes and kissed Suzy. Even if she was a guy, she was the one that he loved.

The porch light turned off and back on. Jimmy knew that was the signal for Suzy to come inside. Suzy whispered to him, "Don’t forget, you are me until we find a way to switch back. Here is your purse. Good night, Suzy." She had put emphasis on the name, "Suzy". He took the red leather purse, opened the front door and entered his girlfriend’s home. Suzy’s mother and father were sitting in the living room watching a movie on cable.

Jimmy stepped into the living room as Suzy’s father spoke to him, "How was your date tonight, Suzy?" Jimmy told him that it was okay. He told them about going to get hamburgers and that they had spent the remainder of the evening talking. He omitted any reference to falling meteorites. He told them that he had a busy day tomorrow and needed to go to bed. Suzy’s mother went up stairs with her "daughter".

Suzy’s mother almost looked like she could have been her older sister. She had red hair, a pretty face, a large pair of breasts, a relatively small waist, round hips and long shapely legs. She and Suzy had always been close. She had always been polite, but aloof towards Jimmy. Now, she wanted to speak to her daughter about tonight and Suzy’s future.

When they had entered Suzy’s bedroom, the mother said, "Suzy, you and Jimmy were out pretty late tonight. I know you are almost out of high school and that you are practically a grown woman, but you need to take precautions. Are you still taking the birth control pills that the doctor prescribed for you?"

Jimmy was speechless. He and Suzy had been having sex for over six months. Suzy had mentioned that she was taking birth control pills. He, like most males, considered that to be a girl’s responsibility. He figured that she still was. He nodded his pretty little head and mumbled that he was. Suzy’s mother smiled a smile of relief as she hugged him and said, "You can always come to me if you ever have any kind of problems. You will always be my daughter and I love you very, very much." Jimmy hugged her in return. He had never been this close to his own mother. If they couldn’t get the switching problem taken care of in the next couple of days, they would tell her what had happened. He and Suzy owed her that much.

Suzy’s mother smiled and said, "Tomorrow will be a busy day for you. Let’s get you ready for bed. I’ll help you undress." Jimmy froze. He was not sure how he would deal with having to be nude in Suzy’s body. How could he let this woman, that he barely knew, help undress him? Suzy’s mother sensed that he was reluctant to undress in front of her as she unzipped the back of his red leather skirt and let it fall around his high heeled ankles. "This may be one of the last times that I get to help my little girl get ready for bed. Soon, you’ll be at the university and your father and I will be alone." When stated that way, Jimmy could not refuse.

Jimmy helped Suzy’s mother unbutton his pink silk blouse. He removed it and let it flutter to the bed. He stood in his girlfriend’s bedroom, wearing a 36D lace trimmed pink silk brassiere and matching pink silk bikini panties under his ginger colored pantyhose. He also still wore his red leather high heel shoes on his tiny feet. He had seen Suzy remove her high heel shoes several times. He imitated her actions as he bent his right knee, raising his right foot behind him until it was even with his shapely bottom. He bent backwards slightly and removed each of his shoes one at a time.

Suzy’s mother was returning from a dresser with a short gauzy pink nylon baby doll night gown. She lay it on the bed as she told Jimmy, "Go ahead, remove your pantyhose." Jimmy reluctantly sat on the side of the bed as he peeled the nearly transparent nylon material down his curvy legs and off over his cute pink painted toe nails. When he stood back up, he modestly turned his back to the woman that was his girl friend’s mother. She assumed that he wanted help unhooking his brassiere and unsnapped the catches. Jimmy’s eyes grew quite large as he felt the straps loosen and his mammoth boobs begin bouncing about as if they were glad to be free of the confinement of the silk brassiere. He glanced down and saw how erect the cool air had made his large pink nipples as the brassiere cups slipped away from them. The sensations that ran up and down his curvy body were very disturbing to him. He gratefully accepted the pink see through nighty and slipped it over his head of flowing auburn hair and let it flutter down over his delectable torso.

The night gown was so short that it barely reached the tops of Jimmy’s shapely thighs. Suzy’s mother handed him a pair of tiny pink nylon panties with ruffles all over them. He took them and turned his back again as he slid his pink silk panties down and slipped into the ones that matched his nighty. He quickly pulled back the covers and was about to throw his almost naked body between the relative safety of the bed sheets when he was told to go to the bathroom and remove his make up before going to bed. "Honestly, Suzy, sometimes you get to thinking about Jimmy and forget the simplest things. I understand, though. He is tall, handsome and seems to be a very nice boy. He is a hunk, isn’t he?" Jimmy blushed. His girl friend’s mom thought he was a hunk!

Jimmy endured the embarrassment of walking to the bathroom with Suzy’s mother as company. His huge breasts wobbled slightly under the thin covering of the see through pink nylon nighty. The movement of the material against his over sized pink nipples caused them to become stiff and erect. He could even see his nipples through the nylon cloth when he looked into the large bathroom sink mirror. If he had been alone, his male curiosity might have demanded that he stand before the full length bathroom mirror in the nude and examine his new body. Since he was not alone, he was too nervous to enjoy the show.

Suzy’s mother talked to him about all of her hopes and dreams for her only child. He learned more about her in a few minutes than most guys will ever know about a potential mother in law in their entire life. As he used the cold creme to remove the make up just the way that he had seen his mother do on many occasions, he listened to the woman that seemed to be afraid of being left alone. If he and Suzy were to never be able to switch back into their own bodies, and he was beginning to think that that may happen, he would always treat her with the love and respect that she deserved.

When he finally slipped between the sheets, he was tucked in. He surprised himself when he hugged Suzy’s mother and told her that he loved her before kissing her cheek. He thought that Suzy would have done the same if she were in her own body. Besides, in a way, he meant it. She turned out the lights and softly closed the door as she left her daughter’s room.

Jimmy lay awake for another hour, thinking about the situation that he and Suzy were in. For all they knew, they may be stuck in each other’s bodies for the rest of their lives. He was so exhausted, he finally drifted off to sleep. Sometime during the night, Jimmy had a dream. He had had wet dreams every since he had reached puberty, except, those dreams had been as a boy. When he awoke, he remembered dreaming of Suzy kissing him in the car. Only, in this dream, she was in his male body and he was in hers as she had removed all of their clothing. He had just lay there, very submissively, as she had kissed every square inch of his writhing feminine body. He had awoke with his hand down in his tiny panties. His fingers had already found his clitoris and were still vigorously massaging it as he awoke. He wanted to stop, but things had already gone too far and his body was demanding satisfaction. Within another minute or two, Jimmy experienced a mind blowing female climax. It was wonderful. He slowly drifted back to sleep with a smile on his pretty lips.

The clock radio awoke Jimmy the next morning. He began to stretch and the wobble of the large pair of boobs on his chest reminded him that he was no longer in his male body. He had hoped that the memories were but a dream. Then, he remembered the sexual dream that he had the night before. He blushed and pulled the covers up over his red face until he recovered. How could he possibly look Suzy in the face after abusing her body that way?

There was a knock on the door before it opened. Suzy’s smiling mother looked in on her daughter and cheerfully called out, "Come on, Sleepy Head. Time to get out of bed and start your day. Take a shower, slip on some casual clothing and come down to breakfast. Your make over appointment is at eleven and you want to be on time." She left the room, closing the door on the way out.

Jimmy pushed the covers off and looked down to see that the short nighty had wrapped itself around the upper slopes of his bared boobs. Suzy had let him play with them many times since they had started going steady. He had, however, never seen them from this angle! He brought both of his tiny hands up to cup his over sized mammary glands. As his fingers moved across the prominent pink nipples a tingling sensation passed though his feminine body. "Wow!" was all that he could say as he used all of his will power to remove his hands from his super sensitive pink nipples and pulled the nighty down to cover them.

Jimmy slowly climbed out of bed, noticing the way his breasts swayed and shifted beneath the sheer nylon. He wondered how Suzy could ever think about anything other than her boobs as his very sensitive nipples responded to the gentle caress of the nylon fabric. His smooth bare thighs rubbed against one another as he walked to the bathroom. The erotic signals coming from his erect nipples were almost completely occupying his thoughts as he entered the sanctuary of Suzy’s private bath and closed the door.

Jimmy could feel that his bladder was full and needed relief. He lowered the tiny pink ruffled panties and sat on the seat of the commode. He correctly figured that trying to stand and pee was completely out of the question. A moment later, he pulled a short section of bathroom tissue from the roll and timidly dabbed himself dry. He was glad that he was alone. He would have been too embarrassed to have done this if anyone else were in the room. He could not imagine how several women could all go to the bathroom together and take turns peeing while carrying on a conversation. He hoped that he would never find out.

Gary pulled up his panties as he stood up, flushed the toilet, turned on the water in the shower and slowly pulled his pink nighty up over his head. He turned and caught a glimpse of his nearly nude female teenage body in the full length mirror. He had always known that Suzy had a truly beautiful body that turned on every male at the high school, but the view from this angle was something worthy of the best men’s magazines. His nipples involuntarily arose to their full height as his still mostly male libido responded to the highly erotic image in the mirror.

Jimmy turned to face the image. The huge up thrust titties dominated his vision for a moment. Then, he let his eyes slowly wander from the auburn hair on top of his head down to the tips of his delicate toes. The tiny pink ruffled panties were not much more than a triangular patch of ruffled nylon tightly stretched across his tingling vagina. The eroticism of the moment was certainly not lost on Jimmy as he bent forward to push his panties down over his hips to let them fall down around his trim ankles. His breasts had swayed out as he bent forward as if they were offering themselves to the mirror. Jimmy closed his eyes in an effort to block the image and it’s effect on his very confused mind. Even though he was in the body of a beautiful teenage girl, he was still thinking like a horny high school boy!

Jimmy forced himself to turn away from the mirror and step into the shower. The spray of water beat down on his large boobs and nipples as if to mock him and his efforts to not abuse his girl friend’s lovely body. He picked up the bar of soap and a wash cloth. As he began to rub the slippery soapy wash cloth over his sensuous body, he reached an even higher state of sexual arousal.

Jimmy surrendered to his emotions as he dropped the wash cloth and used his bare hands to massage the soap suds into his D cup breasts. He knew that if he still had a penis, it would be standing erect and throbbing. Instead, he could tell that his clitoris was erect and throbbing as it peeked out of his vagina cleft. As one of his hands moved to wash the auburn curls protecting his feminine mound, his fingers made contact with the head of his ultra sensitive clitoris. Jimmy’s knees almost buckled as jolts of sexual energy coursed through his beautiful body. He leaned back against the wall of the shower as his delicate fingers stroked his clit as if it were a miniature penis. The erotic sensations built into a crescendo. He couldn’t remember having a male orgasm anywhere near as powerful as the one that cascaded throughout his body, leaving him shaken and weak.

Jimmy managed to finish washing and rinsing his glowing teenage girl’s body before shutting off the water, weakly stepping out of the shower and nearly collapsing against the bathroom sink. He held on for a couple of minutes while his strength returned. Finally, he was able to pull a large bath towel from the closet and wrap it around his damp and still trembling body. He staggered into Suzy’s bedroom and nearly collapsed on her unmade bed. "Wow!" was all that he said in her high pitched voice as his breathing slowed to a more normal level.

There was another knock on the door as it swung inwards.

Suzy’s mother seemed surprised as she exclaimed, "Suzy! You’re not dressed! You’re going to be late for your appointment if you don’t get a move on. You know how difficult it was to get your make over scheduled at this time of day on a Senior Prom weekend." She paused for a second and added, "Jimmy is on the telephone. I told him that you were running late, but he said it was important that he talk to you. I know how you two can talk on the phone for an hour or more. Please don’t talk for too long this morning." She winked and closed the door as she went back downstairs.

Jimmy hoped that Suzy’s mother had not noticed the flushed look on his face. He had just had an orgasm and knew that a redhead’s face glowed afterwards. He was also nervous about speaking with Suzy. What if she found out that he had been having sex with her body while she was not there? Jimmy picked up the bedside telephone and nervously said, "Hello?"

Jimmy heard his own lower pitched male voice saying, "Well, it’s about time you picked up the phone. Mom said that you were in the shower when I called. I was afraid that you might go to Garbini’s before I called back." There was a momentary pause, then Suzy continued. "Is our little secret still safe?" Suzy could not talk freely because Jimmy’s little brother had just entered the room. A moment later, he had walked back out.

"I don’t think that your mother or father suspects anything. Your mother and I had a talk last night. Suzy, I like your mom. However, I will be very glad when we switch back to our own bodies. Yours is driving me crazy." Suzy chuckled as she asked if he had taken advantage of her sweet innocent body during the night. Silence was all the answer she needed. She, too, had succumbed to the hormonal desires of her new body and could not condemn her boy friend.

"Don’t worry about it, Jimmy. I understand. I’ll pick you up at six to take you to the restaurant to eat before we go to the Prom, just like we had planned. Wait until you see the gown. It’s beautiful! The lingerie is a little kinky, but it did wonders for my waistline. Mom will have to lace you up. I wish that I could be there to watch your reactions. Anyway, get your cute little butt down to Garbini’s so you can look ravishingly beautiful for me tonight. Bye for now. And, don’t forget, I love you, Jimmy."

"Bye, Suzy. I love you too." Jimmy hung up the telephone and moved to the chest of drawers. As he looked for some clothing to wear to the hair salon, he found several drawers of silk and satin lingerie. He recognized a peach colored satin brassiere and panty set. He had helped Suzy out of these pieces of intimate apparel on a couple of dates and thought that they were exceptionally pretty because their color accentuated her complexion and the auburn color of Suzy’s hair.

Jimmy stepped into the peach satin panties and pulled them up into position. He really liked the way they had looked on his girl friend, but now found it disconcerting that over half of his bottom was left exposed by his skimpy little panties. The brassiere was not much better. It left the upper halves of his breasts exposed. It took him about ten minutes to get his brassiere fastened and his large breasts properly settled into the low cut satin cups.

Luckily, Jimmy found a pair of jeans and a burnt orange colored wide necked tee shirt. He was in a hurry or else he would have searched for some other clothing. The jeans were so tight, he had to lie on his back on the bed to zip them up and button them. The pull over shirt was so tight that it made his boobs appear to be even bigger than they actually were. He found a pair of running shoes that actually fit his small feet rather well. The only socks that he could find, however, were pink half socks that ended at the lower part of the ankle.

Jimmy grabbed Suzy’s purse on the way out the door of the bedroom. It felt strange not to be carrying everything in his pockets. A glance at the contents in the purse made Jimmy realize that they didn’t make pockets that large!

When Jimmy reached the kitchen, Suzy’s mother and father were sitting at the kitchen table and having a cup of coffee. He was told to sit down as a cup of coffee was poured for him. Suzy’s father reached into his pocket and pulled out three one hundred dollar bills and slid them across the table to him. "Here, Suzy. This should cover your hair appointment. Let me know if you need more."

Jimmy felt bad about taking money from Suzy’s parents under false pretenses. After all, they thought that they were giving money to their daughter, not to her boy friend. He sipped his coffee as he tried to make sense out of his current situation. Everything was just so confusing to him. He certainly had a lot to talk over with Suzy when he saw her this evening. He finished his coffee, forced himself to kiss Suzy’s father as well as her mother on his way out the door.

He drove Suzy’s little red Toyota MR2 to the strip mall where Mr. Garbini had his salon. He was taken right in and placed in a chair. Mr. Garbini personally ran his fingers through the long luxurious waves of auburn hair as he inspected it. "Magnificent! Your hair will hold any style I want to give it. And the color is already perfect. And, it is natural. You, my dear, are a truly lucky young woman." Then, he turned to his assistants and began giving orders for the proper colors and textures of cosmetics and nail colors to be used on Jimmy before he spun around and hurried off to decide the fate of another female.

Jimmy slipped into the smock that was held for him. Then, he got a real treat. Many men never have their hair shampooed by a professional. Therefore, they never know the pleasures to be derived from the act. Jimmy’s pretty lips were smiling the entire time his scalp and long hair were being shampooed, rinsed, conditioned and rinsed again. The shampoo girl wrapped a towel around his hair and led him to one of the chairs at a styling station.

The name tag on the blonde that removed the towel and began combing out his long auburn hair read, "CLARA". "JANET" rolled a cart over to begin working on Jimmy’s fingernails. As his hair was wound up on large diameter rollers, the pink nail polish was removed from all ten of his finger tips. He listened to the two women discussing their boy friends. When he was asked, he told them that, "Yes, I have a boy friend. His name is Jimmy." It felt really strange for him to have to say such a thing. Then again, this entire situation was really strange.

When they led him to a hair dryer, he sat down and the hood was pulled down over the top of his head. "JANET" simply rolled her cart to the hair dryer and began to glue on very long acrylic nails to what he had thought were already long finger nails. The glue on nails extended nearly an inch past the tips of his fingers. They were already a bright pink in color with a sprinkling of gold flakes to give them a dazzling effect. The dryer made so much noise, Jimmy could not hear "JANET" telling him that the glue was new and improved and would not loosen up on it’s own for about two or three months.

By the time that Jimmy’s hair was dry, the adhesive that held on his talon-like long finger nails had fully set. He was led back to another hair styling chair where Mr. Garbini was impatiently waiting. He began to unroll Jimmy’s hair and fashion each auburn curl into a specific place and pattern until a magnificent hair-do was sculpted on Jimmy’s adorable head. He had seen such hair styles on the covers of fashion magazines at the supermarket check out lines, but had never seen a real woman wearing such a beautiful hair style. Mr. Garbini finished and sent Jimmy to yet another area of his salon.

"GEORGE ANN" looked at Jimmy critically as he sat down in the designated chair. "My, you are going to look simply amazing tonight. I hope your boy friend appreciates what he has, Honey." A cream base was applied to Jimmy’s already smooth skin. Even his neck and the upper slopes of his breasts were treated. "Your gown will probably show off your lovely assets." Making this statement made "GEORGE ANN" smile. "So, we may as well make them even more lovely."

Twenty minutes later, Jimmy knew that he had been worked on by experts. Not only was his hair a work of beauty, but his face could adorn the cover of any of the popular fashion magazines. Mr. Garbini gave him a final inspection. "Just a little extra to make sure you are the prettiest girl at your Senior Prom," he said as he opened a small jar and pulled out a tiny puff coated in real gold dust. He sprinkled a little in Jimmy’s hair, causing it to sparkle in the light in the room. He sealed up his little jar and called for photographs to be made before Jimmy left his studio.

"ANDREA" shot some close up and even a few torso shots of Jimmy in a side room that was set up for glamour photo shoots. She asked Jimmy to sign a model waiver so that the shots could be used to advertise Mr. Garbini’s salon. When Jimmy hesitated, the offer of a discount for the make over proved to much to resist. Jimmy signed Suzy’s name to the release form. (Suzy’s mother would later arrange the two fashion magazines that had used her daughter’s photos as permanent fixtures on her living room coffee table.)

Jimmy left the salon with an unusual sense of pride. He was proud of the way his girl friend looked. He was confused because he was now in her body and had many mixed emotions. But, he was happy to have a girlfriend as pretty as Suzy, even if he was currently in her body.

As Jimmy was walking across the parking lot to get into Suzy’s car, two guys in a passing car whistled at him. At first, he did not know that it was he that was the focus of their unwanted attention. Then, they stopped their car, backed up and stopped along side of him. "Hey, beautiful! I think I’m in love!"

"What morons!" Jimmy thought to himself. He remembered riding around with his friends and them doing the same thing when they had seen a beautiful girl. He felt ashamed for his previous behavior as he unlocked the car door and got into Suzy’s car while ignoring his two would be admirers. His longer finger nails made even the simple task of unlocking a car door take longer.

He heard the words, "Stuck up bitch," and, "She’s probably a lesbian," being said about him as the two guys drove off. Jimmy wanted to apologize to all the women of the world for all of the rude behavior by uncouth men.

Jimmy drove back to Suzy’s home while thinking of his and Suzy’s relationship. He loved her with all of his heart. Tonight’s Senior Prom was very important to Suzy. She had planned all of this for tonight. Jimmy decided to make the evening as memorable to Suzy, even if she was stuck in his male body, as possible.

Suzy’s mother and father were amazed at the transformation that Garbini had wrought. They had always known that their little daughter was beautiful, just as most parents do, but now, they truly believed that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Suzy’s father left to buy some extra film for his camera. Jimmy gave him the hundred dollar bill that was earned by him signing the model wavier. He hugged his daughter before going out the door.

Suzy’s mother was grinning broadly as she reached across the kitchen table to hold Jimmy’s manicured hands. "I love the long nails. You’ll have to get used to them. The gold flakes compliment the gold in your hair. Your father and I are celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary in two months. I think I’ll have Mr. Garbini give me a make over. It will probably put a spark back into our marriage." Jimmy had never heard Suzy’s mom giggle before. He found himself smiling, too. He had never known what a mother-daughter talk was until last night. He now realized that men grew up without the close bond that existed between women. "I guess we need to begin getting you dressed for your Senior Prom." Jimmy let himself be led up stairs to Suzy’s room.

Hanging on one wall of Suzy’s bedroom was a series of large plastic garment bags. Jimmy had not seen Suzy’s Prom dress, but had an idea that one of the garment bags contained the gown that she had bought to wear tonight. Suzy’s mother helped him remove his pull over top so as not to disturb his hair do. If he had not chosen to wear a wide necked top, they would have had to cut it off with a pair of scissors. Otherwise, it would have ruined his hair. A comment was made about the foundation covering the upper slopes of his mammoth breasts. The cosmetics almost masked his blush.

Suzy’s mother opened one of the Glamour Boutique garment bags and shook out a series of satins, silks and packages of stockings onto the bed as Jimmy unzipped his jeans and peeled them off his luscious female body. A pair of pink satin panties were handed to Jimmy to put on. He turned his back before slipping the peach satin panties down his legs and stepping out of them. He quickly pulled the pink panties up into position. They were even smaller than the pair that went with his baby doll nighty. In the back, they covered less than half of the curvature of his shapely bottom. In the front, they barely covered his small auburn pubic triangle.

Jimmy glanced over his shoulder to see a pink satin and silk strapless bustier being held for him to wrap around his tiny frame. It had a demi brassiere built into the top, so, he was not surprised when he felt fingers unhooking his peach satin brassiere. He dropped the discarded brassiere to the bed as his big boobs wobbled on his chest once again in a dance of freedom.

The bustier was swung around his body and pulled together in back. Jimmy tried to pull the brassiere part up over his breasts, but found that it only supported the under sides of his huge boobs. The fronts of the cups only barely covered his large pink nipples. In fact, as it was being hooked in back, he could see pink aureoles peeking over the tops of the lace trimmed pink satin cups. He was told to take a deep breath as the rest of the hooks were fastened.

Suzy’s mother pulled the six hanging garter straps down through her daughter’s panties. She knew that Suzy might have to go to the bathroom some time during the night and wanted to make it easy for her. "Sit on the bed and I’ll open the package of silk stockings for you," she said as she ripped open the plastic bag with the black opera length seamed silk stockings. It might be difficult for Suzy to keep her seams straight, but this was just for one night and they would make her daughter’s legs look terrific.

Jimmy had to be very slow and deliberate as he used his long finger nail tipped fingers to spread open the tops of the black silk stockings, one at a time, and gather them up on his fingers to the toe before slipping them up his smooth, shapely and relatively long legs. He had to be shown how to clip the garter tabs to the reinforced tops of the black silk stockings. Suzy’s mother gave him a delicate pair of burgundy leather high heel sandals to place on his tiny feet. Because of his extra long finger nails, he had to have help buckling the strap that went around his ankles and held his shoes on.

When Jimmy stood up, he found himself teetering on his four inch high heels. It was as if he were standing on the tips of his toes. "Come into the bathroom for a second, Suzy, I have something that I want you to see." Suzy’s mother softly said with a proud smile on her pretty face. She wanted her daughter to see for herself just how beautiful she was in her sexy lingerie. Jimmy’s heart almost stopped beating in his chest when he saw the vision of erotic loveliness reflected by the full length mirror. He was truly center fold material! His auburn hair was perfect, the body shaping bustier caused his breasts to appear to be even higher and bigger than they really were, his waistline appeared to be extremely tiny, the garter straps framed the tiny pink satin triangle of his panties, and his long shapely legs were beautiful in the long black silk stockings.

A few sprays of expensive perfume were applied to his body by Suzy’s very proud mother. Whispered in his ears were the words, "I never dreamed that I would have a daughter as sexy and as pretty as you are." Jimmy was also impressed as he grinned at the reflection in the mirror. "That Jimmy is a lucky boy and probably doesn’t deserve you," was added. Jimmy had to agree. He probably did not deserve anyone as sexy and pretty as Suzy.

Back in the bedroom, another garment bag was opened and several pink crinoline petty coats were extracted. Jimmy stepped into them, one by one, and pulled them up to his tiny waist until all four were standing out around his lower body. The last bag was unzipped and a beautiful burgundy velvet evening gown was pulled from it. Suzy’s mother helped to carefully slip the dress over Jimmy’s head. Not a curl was out of place as it was zipped up the back.

The velvet dress was strapless, just like his pink satin and silk bustier. It showcased his exceptionally large breasts and the valley between them perfectly. It narrowed to hug his extremely tiny waist only to flare out over his crinoline petticoats. His black silk stocking covered legs were visible at the hemline just below his shapely knees. His high heel shoes made his relatively long legs look even longer than they actually were. He was sexy hot and he could not suppress the smile that he had when he once again looked at himself in the full length mirror. He hoped that Suzy would be pleased. "After all," he told himself, "I am doing all of this just for her," Although those thoughts no longer rang completely true to his confused mind.

Jimmy slowly turned from side to side in front of the mirror. He had fallen in love with Suzy almost the first time that he had seen her. She had been so very pretty and had the biggest set of knockers in the tenth grade when her family had moved to town. He had become friends with her and had wanted to ask her out on a date. However, her beauty had so intimidated him that he had not asked her to go out for an entire year. By the end of the eleventh grade, however, they were going steady. Six months later, they were having sex on a regular basis. He loved her, but, had never actually wanted to be her. Now, it did not appear that he had much choice but to be her for their Senior Prom. He smiled demurely at the mirror as he thought to himself, "I suppose things could be a lot worse."

Suzy’s mother saw the smile on her daughter’s pink lips. She had been re-living her own Senior Prom in her mind as she had helped her little angel prepare for her date. She had never told Suzy, but her daughter had been conceived the night of her and Suzy’s father’s Prom. When she had found out that she was pregnant, she had been afraid that her boy friend would tell her to go away. He was too good of a man for that. They were married three weeks later. Seven months later, Suzy was born. Her mother had never regretted having Suzy. She loved her husband very much and would do everything all over again. She hugged her daughter and told her how beautiful she was. Jimmy returned the embrace.

The front door bell rang. It was Suzy. She was dressed up in Jimmy’s tuxedo and looked very handsome when her father opened the front door to let her into her own home. She was invited to sit in the living room as they awaited Jimmy’s grand entrance. They carried on small talk while waiting. Suzy’s father was aware that his little girl had grown up and was about to leave the nest but was uneasy about the situation. Suzy was the reason that he was married to her mother. He had never met a woman that he would have preferred being married to and had never regretted his decision to get married and raise his daughter. He had grown to love his wife and daughter very much. He wasn’t sure about the teenage boy in his living room, though. Few fathers ever felt as if their daughter’s boy friend was worthy of their little princess. He was no exception.

Upstairs, Jimmy was almost ready to leave Suzy’s bedroom and go down stairs when Suzy’s mother asked him if he had remembered to take his birth control pill. Jimmy blushed a deep scarlet. "Little Lady, march yourself into the bathroom and take your birth control pill before you leave this house. Go on, I left them next to the sink to help you remember to take them." She had been lucky when she had married Suzy’s father, but she wanted Suzy to have a choice.

Jimmy had to walk very slowly on his four inch high heels. He found a round pink compact case on the side of the wash basin. He opened it up to find pills arranged in a circular pattern. About half of them were already gone. Being extremely careful with his inch long pink finger nails, he popped out the next pill in line. He held it between his finger tips for a moment before placing it on his tongue and washing it down with a drink of water. Like most guys, he had always thought that birth control was something that only girls really had to worry about. He realized, "I guess that now includes me!" as he looked at his beautiful face in the mirror.

Suzy knew what her father’s interests and hobbies were, so, they were carrying on the longest conversation that her father had had with what he thought was his daughter’s boy friend. He was beginning to take a liking to the young man when his wife called out to them from the top of the stairs. Both got up to walk out into the foyer. Jimmy stood at the top of the stairs. From Suzy’s low angle, she could see the multiple layers of crinoline petty coats which held out Jimmy’s velvet skirt. Suzy’s mouth fell open as she saw Jimmy descending the staircase. She had known that the strapless burgundy gown was gorgeous. She had known that the foundation garments from Glamour Boutique would enhance her already good figure. She had known that Garbini’s salon would make her more attractive, but she was amazed at the total effect as she watched her female body slowly descend the stairs.

Jimmy was nervously smiling the entire time it took him to negotiate the steps in his ultra high heels. He had been afraid that he was going to trip and roll all the way to the bottom step. He sighed in relief as he stepped onto the floor to stand in front of his girl friend. He looked, expectantly, up into her blue eyes. Suzy sounded like an awkward teenage boy as she stammered, "You are absolutely beautiful!" She almost called Jimmy by his name, but caught herself in time. "Suzy, Garbini out did himself! The dress is fabulous! Everything is great!" Suzy’s parents smiled proudly at one another. They both agreed with the young man that was about to escort their beloved daughter to her Senior Prom. Maybe he wasn’t a bad choice after all?

An entire roll of film was exposed as Suzy and Jimmy were made to pose for Suzy’s dad’s camera. Everyone swapped positions until every one had been in front of the camera and every one had been behind the camera. Suzy would have offered to pin the corsage that she had bought for Jimmy on his evening gown, but decided to let her mother do it instead. She did not want to take too many liberties while still under the watchful eye of her father. Eventually, it was time to leave for the restaurant. The older married couple watched as the younger couple walked, hand in hand, out to the polished and shined Chevy Nova Convertible. There were tears in Suzy’s mother’s eyes as her husband put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the cheek.

Suzy opened the passenger door for Jimmy to sit down. She reminded him to smooth his skirt behind him before sitting down on it. Jimmy even managed to keep his legs together as he sat down and turned in the seat. Suzy swung the door closed and moved to the driver’s door. She waved bye to her parents as she got into the driver’s seat and started the car. A gentle summer rain started as they pulled out of the drive way and drove toward town.

"How did it go?" Suzy asked as soon as they had pulled out onto the street. She pulled the knob that activated the wind shield wipers as she listened to a description of Jimmy’s experiences as a girl. Jimmy omitted any reference to his sexual dream and his masturbation in the shower earlier that morning. He did tell her that he liked her mother and father. Then, he asked about her day. She had also had a sexual dream. She had awoken with the solution in hand. Of course, she did not tell Jimmy that she had learned that she enjoyed masturbating her stiff penis and was wondering what sex with a beautiful auburn tressed girl would feel like. Maybe a return to their favorite parking spot at the lake could be arranged after the Prom ended? Suzy described her day to her Senior Prom date.

Suzy had heard that it was supposed to rain while she was waxing the Nova, so, she had placed a large umbrella in the back seat. She parked in the parking lot of the fanciest restaurant in town. The food was expensive, but they only graduated from high school once. Besides, Jimmy had set aside a hundred dollars for spending money for tonight. She unfolded the umbrella and escorted her beautiful date into the higher class restaurant. Every one noticed the handsome young couple that passed between the tables as the hostess showed them to their table.

Jimmy realized that he had not eaten all day! He mentioned to Suzy that he wanted the biggest steak that the restaurant had. "Oh no you don’t!" she informed him, "I worked hard exercising and staying on a diet. I will not allow you to blimp out my body!" She lowered her voice slightly, "You will have the Ladies’ portion of steak. And to show you that I am sympathetic to your situation, I will eat the smaller portion, too." Jimmy sat quietly and sulked as he waited for the waiter to bring their dinners.

As it turned out, Suzy need not have worried about Jimmy over eating. The combination of his smaller stomach size and the restrictive bustier that he wore under his evening gown caused him to stop eating before his diminutive steak was eaten. Suzy, who had decided to also eat the smaller sized rib eye, devoured all of hers and the last three bites of Jimmy’s steak. Jimmy found, much to his concernation, that he was too full to even order a dessert. He did get revenge when he ate three bites of Suzy’s apple pie.

Suzy behaved as a gentleman as they walked back out to Jimmy’s Nova. She held the large umbrella so that not a single drop of rain fell on her date. "It figures," she muttered to Jimmy, "I spend all morning washing and waxing your car, and, it rains." Jimmy could not control his smile as he gazed up into Suzy’s eyes. He impulsively stood on his toes and kissed Suzy’s lips. Suzy wrapped her free arm around Jimmy as she returned his kiss. An elderly couple, on the way into the restaurant, paused to watch the beautifully dressed teenage couple, standing in a parking lot, in the rain, under an umbrella, kissing passionately. Both remembered the days of their own passionate youth as they held hands and continued into the restaurant.

When Jimmy and Suzy arrived at their Senior Prom, they were greeted by their friends and fellow classmates. Becky, June and Dora, Suzy’s best friends, grabbed Jimmy’s arms and, while chattering something to Suzy about borrowing his date for a few minutes, pulled him toward the Ladies’ Room. Jimmy had never been in a woman’s restroom in his life. He tried to resist, but the other three girls were so intent on talking about his evening gown that he had little opportunity to object.

As the group passed through the forbidden portal, Jimmy found himself in a comfortable lounge. There were two sofas, two make up tables, with lighted mirrors, and, one entire wall was almost a solid mirror. There were girls sitting and talking. There were girls renewing their lipstick. There were girls smoking. One girl had pulled her skirt almost up to her waist and was proudly showing her friends that she was wearing a matching set of black silk bikini panties and garter belt. Jimmy also noticed that she wore old fashioned stockings almost like the ones that he wore.

Jimmy was propelled through another doorway into the inner sanctum. All of the stalls had doors. Since Jimmy now felt the urge to relieve his bladder, he ducked into an empty stall. He finally, after a moment or two, figured out how to lower his panties, hold up his velvet evening gown and four layers of crinolines as he sat down. Becky continued to carry on a conversation with him from outside the stall door. In the next stall, he heard Dora asking questions of him. He tried to answer as best he could under the circumstances. It required nearly five minutes before he could relax enough to empty his bladder. Five minutes later, Becky was taking his place in the stall as he washed his hands at one of the sinks. Before they returned to their dates, they all hugged each other in the outer lounge room as they swore to keep in touch with each other over the coming years. Jimmy could not imagine him and his male friends giving each other a huge in the Men’s Room.

Jimmy saw Suzy waiting for him outside the Ladies’ Room door. He said goodbye to Suzy’s friends as he placed his hand on Suzy’s offered arm. Suzy leaned toward him and whispered, "Well, how was it?" Jimmy only smiled up at his very handsome girl friend. "Yea, I know what you mean. I went to the Boy’s Room to drain the Old Water Lizard while you were gone. It does give us a different perspective, doesn’t it?" Jimmy had jokingly used the "Old Water Lizard" phrase once when talking to Suzy. Hearing her say it now, made him blush.

Jimmy and Suzy posed for the Senior Prom photographer. He told them that they were the best looking couple there and were probably going to win the Prom King and Prom Queen titles as he had them take different stances for the photos. Jimmy thought that they looked really nice, but that the photographer was just flattering them.

Dancing was truly weird for both Jimmy and Suzy. Suzy had never had to lead and Jimmy had never had to follow before tonight. When they had first reached the dance floor, there was even a little confusion on where they should place their hands. A glance around the room at the other couples, however, was all the reminder that either of them needed. By the end of the first song, both of the switched teenagers had begun to relax and enjoy being in each other’s arms as they swayed to the beat of the music. The next couple of hours passed entirely too quickly.

The band stopped playing as the high school’s assistant principal walked up onto the stage. She moved to the microphone and said, "It is nearing the end of this year’s Senior Prom. Some of you will go on to a university. Others will go to a community college. Still others will choose a trade school. Many will go directly into the work force. Tonight, however, is your Senior Prom and we have yet to name the Prom King and the Prom Queen. The judges have selected the two people who are both impeccably dressed for tonight and that have been well liked by both the student body and the faculty. Those two students are--- Jimmy and Suzy! Come on up to the stage for your coronation."

Jimmy was almost in shock. He knew that he and Suzy looked great, but this was unexpected. Suzy took his hand and wrapped it around her muscular arm as she led him up to the stage. Jimmy had to be careful climbing the steps in his high heels. He certainly didn’t want to trip while the entire senior class was applauding. The Assistant Principal used some bobby pins that she already had in her hand to pin the tiara onto his waves of auburn hair. He was told, "Congratulations," as the Assistant Principal hugged him, then moved to place a crown on Suzy’s head.

The crowd began to call for a speech. Suzy stepped up to the microphone and said, "Suzy and I want to thank the judges for this title. There are a lot of great looking couples here tonight and I am sure that the decision must have been a very close call. Most of all, I want to say that we will miss all of our friends that we have made here. Most of us will go separate ways. When we get wherever it is that we are going, we will make new friends, but we will never forget the friends that we have here." There were tears in some eyes as Jimmy and Suzy descended from the stage to the middle of the dance floor for the spotlight dance. Half way through the dance, Suzy waved the other couples out onto the floor to finish the dance with them. A few dances later, the Senior Prom came to a close.

Jimmy and Suzy stood around wishing their friends goodbye for half an hour. It was something expected of the Prom King and Prom Queen. Jimmy found it ironic that he was ending his life as a high school student and as a male in the same twenty-four hour period. Eventually, they were able to leave. The summer rain was still falling as Suzy used her umbrella to shield Jimmy from the rain drops as they silently walked out to the Nova. Suzy held the passenger door for Jimmy as he sat down inside of his car.

The wipers swept the rain from the windshield as they drove back out to their favorite parking spot at the lake. Their parents would not become upset if they were late getting home tonight. Besides, they needed to talk about their uncertain futures. Suzy parked about fifteen feet from the furrow that the meteorite had plowed into the ground during impact. She turned off the lights and wipers before shutting off the engine. Part of the moon peeked around the clouds, giving just enough light to barely see each others’ facial expressions in the darkened car. The only sound to be heard was the pitter patter of rain drops on the convertible’s vinyl roof.

Suzy was the first to break the relative silence as she spoke softly. "Jimmy, I want you to know that I love you. I have dreamed of us getting married and spending the rest of our lives together. However, I never dreamed that we would end up spending the rest of our lives as each other. It may take some time before we begin to feel completely comfortable in our new bodies. I’ll help you as much as I can, and, I am sure that you will help me. I guess we will be bound to one another for as long as we live."

Jimmy listened to what his girl friend had said. There was no denying the situation. The switch seemed to be permanent. When Suzy slid across the seat and took him into her big strong arms, he felt better. He knew that he could depend on her to protect him from harm. He felt warm and safe in her strong arms. When she kissed his soft pink lips, he kissed her in return. If he was going to be a female for the rest of his life, he figured that he might as well learn to enjoy it.

Suzy’s male libido began to control her actions as her hand moved to cup one of Jimmy’s massive breasts. He felt that he should stop her, but simply lay back in her muscular arms as her hand massaged his breast. When Suzy met no resistance from her boy friend, she moved her hand up above the bodice of the strapless velvet evening gown and slipped her large fingers into the cups of the dress and bustier. Her fingers found and began to toy with the large erect nipples. Jimmy gasped for breath as Suzy’s tongue invaded his own sweet mouth. The build up was even better than it had been in the shower earlier this morning.

Suzy’s free hand found the zipper of the Burgundy dress. She had picked out the dress and knew just where to look. A moment later, Suzy shifted her hungry lips to the large sensitive pink nipples of Jimmy’s very large and very excited mammary glands. He breathed heavily as her wet tongue and suctioning lips encircled his swollen nipples. He was so enthralled with excitement that he involuntarily parted his luscious thighs as Suzy slipped her hand under his dress and moved it in slow teasing circles up the inside of his quivering black silk stocking covered legs.

Suzy moved Jimmy until he was laying on his back on the front seat of his car. The jewels in the tiara crown that was still firmly fastened to his beautiful hair do were reflecting the small amount of moon light that penetrated the fogged up windshield. His evening gown’s top was pulled down below his D cup breasts, leaving both of them and their erect nipples, exposed. Suzy had shifted the bottom of his dress up to his waist, the four crinolines spread out as if they were the petals of an exotic flower and his black silk stocking covered legs and pink satin panties were the coloring of the petals and pestle. The erotic visual effect was not lost on Suzy or her penis, which she thought was much harder than the laws of physics would allow.

Suzy lowered her lips to Jimmy’s as her fingers toyed with his swollen nipples. A few minutes later, she moved her lips to his ultra sensitive nipples and her fingers to his pink satin bikini panties. Jimmy gasped again as he felt large masculine fingers slip beneath the waistband of his panties and dip into his moist vagina to play with his stiff little clitoris. He squealed softly as a long thick finger penetrated deep inside of him and stroked in and out several times. He even raised his hips slightly as Suzy lowered his panties, leaving his womanhood unprotected. All of his conditioning as a male for his eighteen years was forgotten as the automatic responses of his sexy female body took over control of his actions.

The sound of the zipper of Suzy’s tuxedo trousers could be heard above the sound of pelting rain drops on the roof. Part of Jimmy’s consciousness wanted to call a halt to what was about to happen. The lower portion of his brain, however, was eager to surrender his female body in the same way that women had voluntarily surrendered to their mates since the beginning of time. His only apparent physical reaction to Suzy moving into position between his thighs was to move them farther apart give his girl friend more room to maneuver.

Jimmy’s full pink lips gasped as he felt the domed head of Suzy’s very stiff penis nuzzling into the moist entrance to his excited vagina. He held his breath as Suzy shifted her weight, forcing her erect member to penetrate Jimmy’s trembling female body. It went in a fraction of an inch at a time, spreading his moist sensitive tissues, until it was all the way inside of him. To feel her erect flesh penetrating and expanding his own feminine flesh was amazing to him. He wrapped his silk encased legs around Suzy’s waist as her big cock hit bottom. He had thought that having sex as a guy was good, but, when Suzy began a slow up and down hip movement as she thrust and withdrew from her lover’s body, Jimmy thought that this was the best sex that he had ever known.

During the times that they had made love, each had found certain things that the other did that greatly added to their sexual pleasure. Now, each had a chance to use those little tricks on one another. Suzy pushed Jimmy’s silk covered legs up until they were doubled as she stroked in and out of her boy friend’s sexy female body. She made sure that the head of her long penis rubbed against Jimmy’s G spot on each inward stroke before bumping into the entrance of his womb as Suzy would reach the bottom of her strokes. Then, she would give her hips a little flicking motion, causing her pubic bone to come into contact with Jimmy’s stiff little clitty, making Jimmy cry out in pleasure. At the same time, Jimmy would use a rocking motion from side to side to provide extra sensations to Suzy’s hard sensitive cock. The car windows had become fogged and the car was rocking back and forth on it’s suspension as Jimmy and Suzy made love.

The summer rain increased in intensity as if it were trying to drown out the moans and excited cries of the two teenage lovers. Their passion built to higher levels as they answered the mating call that had kept the Human Race from becoming extinct. Their knowledge of what felt great to each other increased their abilities to please one another. Their eyes were locked on each other as their orgasms approached. They truly loved each other, whether they were in their own bodies, or even if they were switched with one another. Jimmy felt the penis inside of him expanding before it began to pulsate as it shot it’s load of semen deep inside of his trembling belly. It sent him over the top as he also had a mind blowing climax. Both bodies writhed and shuddered as they experienced the best orgasms of their lives.

The two lovers lay, locked together as one, still panting for breath, on the front seat of Jimmy’s 1964 Chevy Nova convertible. Neither spoke nor moved for almost fifteen minutes as they enjoyed the after glow of their intense climaxes. Each had decided that they could live the rest of their lives in each other’s body as long as the sex was any where close to being this good.

When Suzy finally pulled out and shifted her body off of Jimmy, he felt sexually satisfied, but, "empty". He decided that as long as he was a female, he would try to get Suzy to make love to him each and every night. He would do what ever it took to be the best girl friend that Suzy could ever hope for.

Just then, a bolt of lightning struck the ground only twenty feet from where their car was sitting. The boom was almost deafening as the lightning bolt and thunder rocked the old Nova. As if the lightning had sapped all of the energy out of the storm clouds, the rain stopped almost immediately.

Suzy raised up, stuffing her deflated, but still wet, penis back into her tuxedo trousers and carefully pulling up the zipper. She opened the car door, looking up at the clearing sky as she stood up. As she got out of the car, Jimmy was sitting up, rearranging his clothing and trying to reach the zipper of his dress. Suzy motioned for him to get out of the car where she zipped up his evening gown for him. His little pink satin panties were left, momentarily forgotten, on the front floor board of his old Chevy.

Jimmy held onto Suzy’s muscular arm for support as he slowly walked the twenty feet across the soft wet ground in his four inch high heel shoes. When they reached the place where the space orb was buried in the soft ground, Suzy bent down and brushed the moist dirt from around the glowing sphere. The lightning had recharged the body switching orb.

The orb had been developed by a race of highly intelligent extra terrestrial beings so that they could experience life in another body. On an interstellar flight, the orb had been mistakenly jettisoned with the trash. That had been over two hundred million years before. It had drifted through space for all of that time before finally coming to rest beside the two young lovers in the old Chevy Nova convertible. Fate had brought the body switching orb and the teenage couple together.

Jimmy and Suzy realized that they now had a means of switching back into their own bodies. Both felt relief. They would be able to return to their own lives. However, in each person’s mind, there was a discordant thought. Each had found that they had begun to enjoy life in one another’s body.

Jimmy had found that he loved the close bond that existed between Suzy and her mother. He had also begun to enjoy wearing the silks and satins that his girl friend normally wore and took for granted. He loved it when people told him how beautiful he was. He would miss his sexually responsive, but soft and curvy feminine body. He had enjoyed sex as a female much more than he ever had as a male. It was no wonder that he was some what reluctant to switch back into his own male body now.

Suzy had also begun to like being a male. She had never had a brother or sister. She had found that Jimmy’s little brother was a nice kid and she would miss their friendship. She would miss never having to worry about PMS or periods. She would miss the fact that she did not have to be the one worrying about becoming pregnant. She would miss having this powerful muscular male body. She had actually enjoyed sex more as a male than as a female. It was no wonder that she was reluctant to switch back into her own female body now.

Each of the young lovers looked at the glowing orb. Each thought about the consequences of refusing to switch back to their own bodies. Each decided that such an action would be a selfish act. Each figured, incorrectly, that the other eagerly wanted to switch back into their own body. It was the fact that they loved each other so much that caused Jimmy and Suzy to silently hold hands as they bent forward and each touched the cool surface of the glowing orb. There was a crackling sound as it discharged it’s energy through their bodies.

As Jimmy’s eyes refocused, he glanced down to see that he was wearing a tuxedo. He looked down into the big brown eyes of his girlfriend before hugging her close. They now understood each other better than any other couple on Earth. They would attend the university together. They would live together in an apartment as they did so. They would marry and have several children during their more than fifty years together. They would always love one another. Their lips touched as they tenderly kissed one another. They were happy to be together. Yet, each felt some what saddened. They had been given a gift that had not lasted quite long enough.

Jimmy, since he now knew how difficult it is to walk on the soft wet ground with high heels on, helped Suzy back to his car. After she had gotten into the car’s passenger seat, she found her pink panties still laying on the floor board. As Jimmy went back to where the space orb was half buried in the ground, she slipped them on.

Jimmy opened the trunk and gently placed the "meteorite" in his trunk. He thought that since he was going to be studying electrical engineering, he just might find a way to control the charging process for the gift from outer space. It would take him over two years to do so. It would allow him and Suzy to switch places many times during their more than fifty years of marriage.

The gentle summer rain began to fall again as Jimmy drove his old convertible back toward town. In the glow from the dash board, he could see Suzy’s beautiful face surrounded by the soft auburn curls and still topped with the jeweled tiara. He figured if he was to be a man, that he could not ask for a better mate. Suzy lay her head on his broad shoulder as she wondered if they would ever be able to switch back again.

The 1964 cherry red Chevy Nova convertible drove through the summer rain on it’s way back to the lights of town.

The End



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