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Stuck in a Babies Paradise                   by: Baby Christie


"Come on let's hurry!"

Greg was excited because he was on his way to a boy, girl sleepover and there might be some making out. He's 14 and lives with a foster mom, no foster dad and sadly his parents gave him away at an early age for crack. Eventually he ended up here with a foster mom named Becky.

"Let's go! Let's go!"

"Hold on there little engine that could you need your shoes for the trip."

Greg blushed, "Hehe oh yeah."

Once in the car they were on their way. When they got there Becky asked, "How long are you going to be staying?"

"I don't know three nights I hope."

Becky said, "Okay, don't do nothing illegal!" she said messing with his head.

Once he got inside he was greeted by three beautiful girls. One was Marcelon she had long wavy strawberry colored hair and in daisie dukes. Next was Natasha she had the biggest brown eyes, blonde hair, a hellokitty belly button shirt and a loose short skirt. The other ones Jenny, she had curls going down to her neck with a cute little petticoat dress with balloon sleeves.

Marcelon said, "Hi sweetie, let me take your coat." as she did Greg could smell her perfume, it was some type of strawberry scent. he saw that this was a big house it must have at least three stories.

"Lets go to my room." Jenny said.

When they entered it he could see this was a really girly room. There's a huge pile of teddy bears, one five foot tall one and baby dolls everywhere. A pretty laced chair next to a make-up area. There was the hugest bed he's ever seen! That was good for him it could probably fit five people in it and three mattresses underneath and it was frilled all around with satin sheets and comforters. A baby doll that filled a whole side of the wall.

"Where are the other two guys that were supposed two come?" said Greg.

"Oh, they couldn't make it." said Natasha with a suspicious grin on her face.

Greg thought this is great! The more girls to seduce the better! Not knowing the scheme they had ready for him.

Jenny said, "How'd you like to play some Barbie?"

"No way!", said Greg, "That stuffs for girls!" "Oh, come on." Greg folded his arms and shook his head no.

"Fine you can be Ken."

Greg thought, might as well, all the more way to get them into bed. When they started playing they heard a slam at the front door and it was Amy, Jenny's mom. She came into the room. Greg hid his Ken doll that was taking away his masculinity.

"Oh who's this cutie?"

Marcelon said, "It's Gregie our new girlfriend."

"Hey I don't think so!"

Amy said. "Okay you girls play nice."

"Guys! Girls and guys thank you very much." Greg said thinking he cleared all that up.

Jenny said, "Hey! Lets play spin the bottle!"

Natasha got out a bottle and they sat in a circle. The first time it landed on Jenny and Natasha so they french kissed each other. Then it landed on Jenny and Natasha again!

Marcelon said, "Now you two got to kiss erotically!

Both of them rubbed up against each other and felt each others breast and then moved there hand down and under each others skirts. Jenny suddenly let go of the kiss in gasp of what Natasha was doing under her skirt! Jenny let out high pitched moans of pleasure! Finally laid down in sigh and relief when it was over. Greg was completely turned on by this. In fact Marcelon was giggling over something pointing up out of his pants. Then Jenny got and they spun the bottle again, this time it landed on Greg and Marcelon. They got up and pressed against each other, Marcelon felt something down there get harder and Greg felt something soft and cushiony.

"What's that?" "It's my diaper." Jenny said.

"Yeah, Marcelon's our babydoll. hehe."

Marcelon started cooing and sucking her thumb like a little baby.

"Wow." said Greg, it surprised him, but he was somewhat turned on by it. Suddenly something started to pop back up again!

Marcelon said, "Oh, you like it then come here!"

They french kissed hard this time and Marcelon pulled down his pants and stuck some powder down there. "Hey, what was that?"

"Oh, nothing."

Suddenly they heard some tinkling down under his pants and a darker spot was spread in between his legs. Greg has never blushed so much before!

Natasha said, "Ahhh, did wittle baby wet his pants? Come here."

She grabbed his arm and took him into the closet. It was a big closet, it even had what seemed to be a changing table. Greg realized what they where trying to do and wanted to make a break for it, but they locked the door and pinned him down on the changing table.

"There now, these diapers are special and magic. The more and more you walk in these, the more a baby girl you'll become also, the more sexy you start to feel. So you get more horni with every step, or stronger and longer orgasms. Hehe, you'll be a slut baby girl from now on."

They made him raise his bottom up they so can slide the diaper under. As he let down he loved the soft cushiony feeling caressing his skin and finally they lifted it up over his bottom and taped it together. Right after that he got an incredible sensation through his body like it was already working. He would protest but this was feeling too good!

She patted his pampered bottom and said, "There you go sweetheart. Does that feel good?"

He didn't know what else to say except, "Ga ga goo goo."

She giggled and said, "Come with me!"

She grabbed him and made him walk, but he mind, he really was feeling more horni and baby girlish with every step! By the time they reached downstairs all his body hair was gone and his skin was soft and smooth he stopped a minute to feel his skin.

Then she said, "Come on were not going to stop now! Hehe."

She tugged him and they went on. He could feel his hips felt more and more wide and his waist get smaller then he started to walk more petite and perky almost like he was on high heels. Then he started to feel horni in a different place until he couldn't feel the old place anymore.

"Stop! Wait a minute."

They stopped and to his surprise his voice was extremely feminine and high pitched!

"Oh, you sound so pretty! You have a lovely voice! "

"I, I don't feel any baggage in my diaper if you know what I mean!"

Natasha said, "Let me see." So she stuck her hand down the diaper and felt nothing!

So she decided to put it even more down there and felt a pussy! He, I mean she squeaked at a feeling of pleasure of her touching it.

"Your a baby girl now sweetie!" Natasha slapped her on the ass.

"Oh!" They both started giggling.

"Your name's Baby Doll from now on okay?"

"Oh yeah, I love that name!"

They ran to the living room, you could notice a little bulge coming out of her chest and pouting her lips.

"Can I kissie you?" Talking in a baby voice. They french kissed for 15 minutes straight!

Then Natasha said, "Hold on, you'll like this!"

She got something out of a drawer and said now bend over so I can see that sexy ass! She did and felt Natasha take off her diaper. Suddenly a dildo was being caressed along her sweet pussy and words couldn't describe the that was running through her body being an extremely horni baby girl. Suddenly at the climax of her orgy two huge sexy boobs popped out of her chest! They instantly increased to a 33 dd and Natasha pulled it out as Baby laid down sucking her thumb in total ecstasy of her orgasm! Natasha replaced her thumb with a pacifier and gave her a teddy bear.

She tried to say she wet her diapie but all she could say was, "Goo gie gaa gaa."

This time she wasn't just play baby talking any more! She really was talking like a baby!

"Oh!" Natasha said, "When you talk like a baby that means the diapers done. Now you can and have to wear diapers from now on!"

She took off the old diaper, got some baby wipes, rubbed it all over her little tuckus and especially her pussy, which made her feel so good! Grabbed baby oil and rubbed it all over her bum and belly button and smelt really good! Then she powdered her generously and said, "Lift your pretty booty up!"

When she did she felt the exact thing she did before with her first diaper except a hundred times more cause now she feels much more sexual. When she pulled it up over her bottom she was delighted to find out that this was much more thicker than the other. So much that it made her waddle like a little baby!

"There you go pretty pampered baby. Now your our little baby girl from now on! Becky already knows about it. Amy signed the adoption papers. Which is why you were sent here."

Baby Doll didn't know what to think. She was really happy she could now be there little baby girl from now on, but she was mad at Becky for dropping her off knowing full well about it and didn't say anything.

"Come on! Jenny and Marcelon are waiting to see what you look like upstairs!"

She grabbed her arm again thinking "She's pushie!"

Baby got up and walked like the most petite girl you've ever seen! She loved the way the diaper swirled back and forth across her vagina! Baby doll walked in the door and Marcelon and Jenny freaked at how beautiful she looked! They quickly ran up to her and tickled her tummy! Baby giggled and giggled like a little baby! Then kissed her on the cheek.

Jenny said, "We have to get you out of that icky boy shirt and into some pretty sissy dresses!"

They led her to another room filled with baby stuff! "This is your new room sweetheart!"

It had the girliest adult baby crib with pink satin sheets and lacing all around it. Cute little bunnies on the walls, teddies, baby dolls and barbies all over the place! A pink changing table. Pretty lace curtains all around a big window.

"Marcelon and Natasha's rooms are to the left and right of yours and your closets are connected so you can share clothes! Amy's there foster mom too! Isn't she sweet to take so many foster children."

Marcelon replied, "Yeah you can tell she really loves children. She has a big heart!"

They took her into a big closet filled with baby girl clothes. Not a thing in there that would even resemble boy clothes! The most thing would be short shorts and even they were white satin with lace trimming at the bottom and a cute little bow in the back that bunched it together in the prettiest little way.

"Here put this on Baby." She handed her some pink plastic panties.

Natasha looked at the endless pile of girlie clothes and pulled out a short dress that had frillies all over and petticoat under. Baby loved the feeling of a puffy cloud like of ruffles around her dainty waist! It had a big opening at the neck line that accented her breast and was short enough to see her plastic panties and diaper.

Marcelon slapped her on the butt and said, "Your so sexy!"

Then she put two frilly white gloves on her hands. Baby giggled at how pretty they were! They made her sit down on a pile of lingerie as they slipped on some frilly white socks then some pink, shiny, 4 inch tall high heels. The feeling of lingerie her gave her such an orgasm! They helped her up.

"Now try and walk the these high heels!"

For some reason she was a natural. She was swaying her hips back and forth and walking so elegantly!

"Our Baby Doll is a natural!", yelled Jenny.

Marcelon said, "We need to go out and show everyone our new baby girl!"

They quickly took off those high heels, "You won't need these right now.", they said.

Then they put some little baby booties on her that had lace on the top with cute little baby teddy bears all around them. Then stuck her in an adult baby carriage.

"Here you go."

They gave her a teddy bear. Then baby started to pout her lips like she wanted to suck on something. They stuck a pacifier in there. During there walk they would pass by people and they would coo at there little baby and say there so cute, 4 pretty girls playing babies. Suddenly they came across a group of boys.

They walked up to them, "Well, if it isn't Mark, I mean Marcelon the little sissy boy!" Trever, one of the boys, said in an insulting way. Marcelon said, "That's little sissy girl now and Miss Marcelon to you!"

He started to laugh and push her into a puddle of mud! The other three girls were ready to lay some baby smack down! Then Marcelon said, "Wait!" she got up, walked very seductively towards him, looked him in the eyes.

Trever even started to get a boner at how sexy she looked. Then suddenly she kissed him right on the mouth! While Trever was distracted she got something out of her purse. It was the same powder they used on baby earlier! She pulled out his pants and dropped a whole lot in there! When she walked away from him he had already wet his pants! He just stood there embarrassed!

Marcelon said, "Come to my house when you think your ready to wear diapers!"

The other guys stood there laughing at Trever! When they got back to the house Marcelon really felt the need to take a bath. Amy started a fresh hot, fruit scented bubble bath. She called the three other girls to come in the bathroom. Baby saw it wasn't even a tub it was more like a small pool how big it was!

"Take off those clothes sexy were gonna wash each other all over!" Jenny said to Baby.

All of them participated in taking off Babies clothes. Then Baby got shy about getting into the bath tub with them.

"Come on Dolly, were all girls here!"

She got in and one rule of Amy's is everyone has to wash each other. So they started with Marcelon sense she was all muddy. Jenny was washing her pretty hair, Baby worked up here neck then down her breast, which made them start to get hard. Natasha was rubbing her bum then moved it a little more down and rubbed it all over her pussy. Marcelon got so turned on.

"Oh, its really dirty down there I guess I got to rub it some more!" said Natasha.

She moved the soft cloth up and down her vagina. Slowly caressing it and felt a surge of energy flow through her body. Marcelon moved her hands up and all around her breast. Then Baby doll pressed her against her lips. They were in deep tongue kissing! Then Marcelon reached her climax and she let out a shout of pleasure! She laid under water in the ecstasy out her tremendous orgasm and Baby followed her under. They french kissed until they had to go back up for air! When they were up they repeated this process with everyone else. Once they were out, they wrapped themselves in the softest, prettiest, pink towels. Baby suddenly was blushing! "Did little baby wet herself?"

Baby said, "Goo gee tee hee hehe!".

"Ah, well lets pamper you pretty!" said Natasha.

They went into Baby's room, put Baby onto the changing table, but also Marcelon and said, "I think Marcie's ready to be treated like a baby! When we transformed her, we made it to be a more slower change than Baby Doll's, but eventually she'll be as much a baby as Baby Doll!"

They wiped them over with baby wipes, then wiped them over with baby oil on there back, booty and especially there vaginas. They giggled at each other cause of the feeling. Then powdered there butts. They lifted the diapers that were extremely thick and made them waddle like a baby.

"Now we'll be back in a minute you two babies play nice."

Natasha and Jenny left the room. Then Baby and Marcie stared into each others eyes and french kissed passionately until they came back in sexy lingerie and had two baby dolls for them.

"Put these on sweetie!"

They stuck them on them Baby got an orgasm over the thought of something so pretty, smooth, soft and cushiony around her big sensitive breast. They had frillies all over. Baby's is see through pink Marcies is white satin.

Jenny said, "Now for the fun!"

She opened up a big shelf underneath Baby's crib. It was full of sex toys! She grabbed an enema kit.

"Bend over sexy! Let me see that pretty butt!"

Baby bended over lifting her butt in the air. Natasha pulled down her diapy. Then she slowly inserted it in her rectum. Baby let out moans of pleasure!

"You think that feels good, then how's this feel?"

She pumped the formula into her body. She felt it shoot up all through out her body and gave her such an orgasm! Then she noticed it smelt really good.

"This is perfumed water it'll make your pee and poop smell really pretty."

Then they stuck her diapy back on and already was feeling little pressure down there. She let go and a rush of water came out. She loved that pretty flowered scent that was swishing around in her diaper!

"I think we'll leave that diaper on for a while, it'll make her butt smell good too." said Jenny.

Then they got some pretty looking panties out of the drawer and had something funny looking in between the legs. They stripped Marcie of her diaper. Then stuck it on her.

"Oh that looks pretty on you sweetie!"

Jenny got out a remote control and said, "Now these panties have three levels feeling good, have mercy and finally who needs a man!"

She turned it up one notch. Marcie gasped! She was feeling herself all over and her breast got really hard! The next switch and she was licking her breast. Natasha started kissing her all over especially around her breast! Then Marcie pulled down Natasha's panties. Natasha bent over, then Marcie licked her horni pussy.

"Oh! Mmmmm..." said Natasha.

It didn't take long for her to climax and some juice came into Marcie's mouth. Then Jenny turned it up to the very last notch and Marcie's heart was beating really hard. Her breast moved up and down with each breath and then she screamed in pleasure! They looked under and she wet her pretty panties!

"Oh, I wettie! Hehe!" said Marcie noticeably starting to talk like a baby!

"Yeah you need your diapy!" said Natasha.

They took off the panties, wiped her pretty butt and stuck a thick comfy diapy on there.

"You and Baby can both sleep in the same crib together since you like each other so much!"

They crawled into the crib shut it and turned out the lights, kissed both of them on the cheeks while there cutely cuddling each other.

"Good night Baby kins and Baby Marcie!"

The next morning the two babies were woken up by Amy cooing at them. She opened up the breast part of her shirt and had on a nursing bra. She pulled them both into her arms and started to breast feed. They liked it! They both got really big orgasms when doing it and it tasted a little more fruity than regular milk! Then they heard the doorbell ring and Jenny and Natasha answered it. It was Trever!

He said, "Um, I had an accident."

The two girls looked at each other and said at the same time, "Here we go again!"




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