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Stocking Stuffer             by: Carol Collins


*********December 23*********

John Barlow drove slowly down the residential street as he searched for number 4287 Willow Lane. His new bride, Susan, a very pretty brunette with flashing green eyes and a beautiful smile, sat quietly in the passenger seat. John had not been to visit his older sister since she had gotten married and moved several states away almost a year before. Their parents had died in an automobile accident a few months before Sharon was married. John and Susan were going to spend this holiday season with Sharon and Bob.

When they were young, John had been close to his older sister. Having grown up in an area with no other children their own age had forced them to invent games to play together. Their mother had known about some of the games and had played along with her children. His mind was wandering back in time to those games as he drove. John’s thoughts were interrupted when he spotted his sister’s house.

The house was a large brick rancher in the middle of the block. John pulled into the drive way and parked next to the garage. As he cut off the ignition, he turned to Susan, kissed her sweet lips and asked if she was ready to meet her in-laws. She flashed her bright smile at him as she said that she was looking forward to it.

John got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side of the car. He wore a black leather jacket, a pull over shirt and jeans. He was five foot seven tall, slim and about one hundred thirty-five pounds in weight. He still played bass guitar in a rock and roll band, so he let his hair grow long. His red hair reached the middle of his back. In high school, he had been called a pretty boy by some of the players on the football team because his facial features were soft and he was small. Only the fact that he was in the band that played all the school dances prevented them from harassing him more.

Susan climbed out of the car and stretched her shapely body. Her high-lighted brown hair was shoulder length. She wore a green sweater and jeans. Five foot four inches tall, 105 pounds, 36C-22-36 and very pretty. John felt lucky to have married such a beautiful girl. He put his arm around her narrow waist as they walked to the front door.

Bob and Sharon were sitting on the living room sofa discussing their plans for John and Susan’s visit when the doorbell rang. They stood up and went to greet their house guests for the holidays. Sharon was an attractive redhead. Her hair was about the same length as her younger brother’s. She was also about five foot six tall and weighed about one hundred twenty pounds. Her shapely figure was a 38D-24-36. She was wearing a blue silk blouse, a short black silk skirt, high heel shoes, black stockings and sexy black silk lingerie, including a black lace garter belt to hold up her stockings.

Bob towered over most people. He was six foot four inches tall, about two hundred twenty pounds, heavily muscled and ruggedly handsome. He wore a black tee shirt and gray wool dress slacks. Today would be only the third time that he had met his brother in law and the first time to meet Susan. He had seen some of the wedding pictures that John had sent them and was eager to see if she was as cute as she appeared in the photos. When they opened the door, he was not disappointed.

Sharon hugged first her brother, then, her new sister in law. Bob shook John’s hand, then, he too, hugged Susan. Susan noticed that his large hands moved up and down her back a little as her breasts were flattened against Bob’s muscular chest. John noticed the predatory glint in his brother in law’s eyes as he smiled at the young bride. Sharon suggested that everyone go inside before they all caught pneumonia.

Inside the living room, the conversation covered the loss of their parents, the new life that both Sharon and John had made for themselves and their futures. Bob had a great job as a business manager, and he made quite a good salary. Sharon was now a Registered Nurse and was working for a pair of famous plastic surgeons. Susan had just finished high school and was wanting to go to college to become a school teacher. John had also finished high school, but had not made any career plans other than playing his guitar. Mostly, he was still living off the meager inheritance that he had collected after his parents death.

Wine was served with the evening meal. Afterwards, John and Susan were shown to their room where they were to sleep. The trip had tired them, so they went to bed early. They slept soundly as Bob whispered details of their plans of sexual conquest into Sharon’s ear as they made love in the master bedroom. Sharon climaxed twice before Bob reached an orgasm.


*********December 24*********

John awoke to find that Susan had already gotten out of bed. He found her sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee and talking to Bob and Sharon. The plans for the day were discussed over breakfast. Sharon and Susan would go shopping together, while John stayed home and helped Bob work on his pick-up truck. John didn’t know anything about working on cars or trucks, but his wife and sister had already decided for everyone.

John was able to hand tools to Bob, after Bob described the ones that he needed. John had never been mechanically inclined, but helped all he could. By lunch time, the truck was tuned up, however, the girls had not returned from their shopping trip. Bob talked John into having a beer while they waited. Then, a little later, a second beer. They were on their third beer when their wives returned from their shopping expedition.

Sharon and Susan had each bought new outfits. Each wore mini skirts, dark stockings, tight pull over tops and high heel shoes under their winter coats. Susan smiled at her husband as she bent over to kiss his lips. Bob could see that Susan was wearing thigh high nylons as she bent over and her skirt rode up in back. His massive man meat stiffened at the thoughts of his sexy little sister in law. Sharon winked at him as she kissed her husband.

Sharon had bought sandwiches at a fast food restaurant and a quick luncheon was served. Everyone had a beer with their sandwich. John had never been much of a beer drinker and was feeling buzzed after lunch. That’s when Sharon discovered that John’s hair had gotten greasy when he had crawled under Bob’s truck to pass him a wrench. Susan sent her new husband to the bathroom to take a shower and shampoo his hair.

Sharon and Susan carried their packages in from the car while John showered. When he dried off and went to get his clothes out of his suitcase, he found that his underwear was missing. He searched Susan’s suitcase to see if his boxer shorts were in with her clothing, but found only silky panties and flimsy brassieres. He pulled his long wet hair back out of his eyes as he leaned out of the doorway of their bedroom and called, "Susan, could you come here please?"

Sharon came into their bedroom along with his wife. He asked where his underwear was. Susan told him. "I thought you packed all of your clothes." He remembered packing under shorts, but they were missing. He sat on the side of the guest bed with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and his wet stringy hair hanging down his back as he wondered about his missing underwear.

Sharon left the room for a moment only to return with a pair of white silk bikini panties in her hand. "Here", she said, "these should fit you. You can wear them until some stores are open and you can buy some boy clothes." She dropped the dainty silk panties into his lap. His eyes followed them as they fluttered through the air. Old memories flooded John’s mind as he stared at the delicate lace edging around the waistband and leg openings of the thin white silk panties.

When Sharon and John had been very young, Sharon would dress her younger brother in her old clothes. Their mother had even helped her daughter dress her young son in little girls undies and dresses. It had went on for years. His mother had even bought him his own Barbie dolls to play with while he was pretending to be her other daughter, Jenny. It wasn’t until John had reached his teenage years that he had resisted his mother and sister’s efforts to cross dress him each evening after he had gotten home from school. His father, who had been silent about his son being dressed in girl’s clothes for so many years, chose to speak up and take John’s side. From that point on, he had not worn girl’s clothing.

Sharon interrupted John’s thoughts. "Bob’s shorts would be too big for you. Susan’s panties would fit, but would be a little snug. These should fit you just right." John looked into his older sister’s eyes. "John, you can’t walk around without underwear. You’ll get chaffed." Sharon smiled and added, "What’s the matter, afraid that you’ll like wearing silk panties?"

John sat on the edge of the bed, looking from the panties, to his sister, and back. Susan broke the silence. "John, I think you will look hot in them." John looked at his new bride and saw the sexy wink that she gave him. He smiled back as he stood up, turned his back to them, stepped into the lace trimmed white silk bikini panties and pulled them up under the towel that encircled his midsection. Perhaps, if he had not just drank four beers, he would have refused.

Susan’s arms went around his neck as she passionately kissed him after he had turned back around. As her tongue invaded his mouth, he felt both of her hands slip under the towel and caress his round bottom through the silk covering. Sharon did not offer to leave the room, so when the kiss ended, Susan’s flashing green eyes and bright smile promised John some marital bliss later. John’s penis had begun to uncoil in the silk confines of the panties, and, he had to admit to himself that they did feel very good.

Sharon reached over to feel of John’s damp hair. "John, I have some conditioner that would help your hair. I noticed that your hair is just like mine and needs extra care. Sit down on that chair over by the table and I’ll get my hair care tray." John wanted to take his new wife to bed, but Susan insisted that he let his sister help him with his hair. Sharon returned with a large tray and a basket full of bottles, pink curlers, Bobbie pins, hair clips, combs and brushes.

Susan sat on the side of the bed and carried on a conversation with her husband and his older sister as Sharon began rolling John’s hair up onto the large pink rollers. At first, he protested, but was quiet after Susan said that it would be okay. Susan brought everyone another beer as Sharon rolled each strand of John’s hair onto a roller, wound it tightly and Bobbie pinned them in place. When Sharon picked up a spray bottle and began to saturate John’s rolled hair with a strange smelling chemical, she told him that it was just conditioner. John sat quietly and sipped his beer.

Sharon rolled the last of her brother’s hair onto the rollers as he finished his bottle of beer. He stood up and walked, unsteadily, to the bathroom to relieve his bladder. He closed the door and caught sight of himself in the bathroom mirror. His long red hair was rolled on the large pink rollers. He had been called a pretty boy when he was in high school. Now, he realized just how feminine his face appeared to be. His flat chest was the main reminder that he was not a woman. Sharon called to him through the closed door, "John, since you have had so much to drink, don’t try to stand up and pee into the toilet. You’ll spray the whole side of the bathroom. Please sit down so that you won’t make a mess." John unwrapped the towel from his middle, pulled down the white silk panties, sat down on the toilet seat and peed. It felt so good to empty his over-full bladder, he did not even think about the fact that he was peeing like a girl. He finished, pulled up his panties, wrapped the towel around his waist and rejoined his wife and sister.

Sharon had John sit down again as she blow-dried his hair. Susan had gotten them all another beer to sip on while they waited for his hair to dry. She smiled mischievously as she watched Sharon working on her husband’s red hair. Sharon began unrolling the coiled locks, leaving them in large curls of crimson hued tresses. She picked up a brush and, after only a couple of minutes of stroking her younger brother’s hair, stepped back and smiled as she winked at her pretty sister in law.

Susan was amazed at the change that a little permanent wave solution, rollers, a blow dryer and a little effort had made in her husband’s appearance. She had been attracted to him because he was so very cute, but she had never imagined that he could be so attractively feminine. She knew that with a little make up, he would be very pretty. She was almost jealous of her husband’s natural beauty.

John was drunk enough, that he almost didn’t notice that the clothing that he was given to put on was not his own. Well, he actually did notice, he just didn’t protest. A pull over gray cashmere v-neck sweater, black pants and a pair of penny loafers did not set off any alarm bells in his mind. He did notice that the sweater seemed to be a little loose on his chest and that the pants were made of thin shiny material, but he thought that he was just a little drunk.

Susan snuggled up to her husband and kissed John passionately as her hands roamed up and down his back. She loved the feel of smooth skin under the thin cashmere sweater and the sleekness of the pants and silk panties as she massaged John’s cute buttocks with her kneading fingers. Sharon moved close to the newly wed couple and hugged them. She started out with her arms around their waists, but let her hand drop to grip the cute rounded derrieres of both John and Susan with each hand. Bob’s voice interrupted the three way embrace. "Is this a private party? Or, can anyone join?" Sharon moved to her own husband, who was standing in the door to the spare bedroom, threw her arms around his thick neck and kissed him. She whispered in his ear, "Maybe later, dear." More loudly, she said, "I have to prepare supper. Susan, you can keep Johnny company for the hour or so that it will take to put dinner on the table." She ushered her six foot four husband out of the guest bedroom and closed the door. She whispered in his ear before she kissed him again, "While we were shopping, I told Susan all about how Johnny used to dress up as a girl. She was very interested in the stories. Let Susan take Johnny to bed. It will help our plans."

When John tried to push his bride onto the bed and climb on top, she turned them around, pushed him down and told him to let her be the aggressor for a change. Susan ran her fingers through her husband’s thick luxuriously curly hair as she kissed his soft lips. Her tongue probed deep into his mouth as she lay on top of him. Her hands caressed his chest through the soft cashmere sweater. Her fingers found his erect nipples and gently fondled them as her legs clamped down on one of his thighs. John lay passively as his new wife assumed the dominant role in their love making. His heart rate accelerated as he lay back and he received her passionate kisses.

Susan lifted the front of John’s sweater to plant wet kisses on his nearly hairless chest. Her lips found his nipples and she sucked on them as her tongue played across the sensitive buttons. John moaned with excitement as Susan’s hand slipped down inside the front of his pants, dipped into his silk panties and fondled his lengthening penis.

Susan massaged her husband’s growing penis and sucked on his stiff nipples for a few minutes until he was nearly delirious with passion. She climbed off the bed to remove her tight pull over top and short skirt as he lay on the bed with his stiff tool pulsing in his tight panties. Susan’s body was beautiful as she climbed back onto the bed in her black push up brassiere, black bikini panties, nylon thigh high elastic top stockings and high heel shoes. She unzipped John’s pants and pulled them off. She loved the way his erection tented the lace trimmed white silk bikini panties. She decided that he should wear panties forever as she kissed the bloated penis through the silk covering.

John was more excited than he had ever been in his life. He had forgotten how good a silky pair of panties felt against his private parts. The dominant way that Susan was acting was driving his excitement level even higher. John was so close to climaxing, he could no longer control himself. As soon as Susan pulled the lace waistband of the panties down and wrapped her sweet lips around the throbbing head of his throbbing cock, he shot his cum down her throat. He knew he should have waited on her so that she could enjoy it too, but, he completely lost control. He made a high pitched squeal as his body twisted uncontrollably and his sperm spurted from the head of his penis into the sweet sucking mouth of his new bride.

Susan was left with a mouthful of semen and a passed out husband. Her unsatisfied vagina was almost dripping with excitement, her husband was unconscious and his penis was soft and shrinking quickly. She lay beside John, looking at the pretty feminine hairstyle, the cute cashmere sweater that hugged his upper torso and the white bikini panties that covered his satisfied penis as she played with herself. It took three minutes for Susan to reach an orgasm that only seemed to stoke her sexual fires even more. A knock on the door and Sharon calling to them through the closed door that dinner would be ready in fifteen minutes, prevented her from seeking further self satisfaction.

Although John felt self-conscious about Bob seeing him in what seemed to be feminine clothing, the alcohol and the euphoria that he felt after his orgasm, helped over come his shyness. He went to eat in the clothing that Sharon had given him to wear. Besides, for some reason, his own suitcase, with all of his own clothing, now seemed to be missing. No one seemed to have seen the suitcase since he had searched for his boxer shorts. Bob grinned at him, but made no comments about his hair style or clothing. Sharon served a potent wine with the evening meal. By the time desert was served, John and Susan were feeling buzzed again. Neither of the newly weds noticed as Bob slipped a few drops of a liquid into John’s last glass of wine. It was a harmless sleeping potion, one that would ensure that John did not interrupt Bob’s plans for his lovely sister in law.

Poor John passed out on the living room sofa. When Bob picked up and cradled John’s smaller body in his strong arms, Susan thought that it looked as if he were carrying his wife, Sharon, to bed. She tipsily followed and saw her weight lifting brother in law gently lay John on one side of the guest room bed. When Bob put his arms around her waist and pulled her against him, she giggled because she thought that he was just joking around. When she felt his lips on hers, she knew that he was serious. Her mind was slightly fogged with the potent wine that was served with diner. She failed to protest when her mouth was invaded by Bob’s roving tongue. When she felt his hand under her short skirt, massaging her panty protected mound, she gave up any thoughts of making him stop.

John slumbered on one side of the bed as his brother in law made wild passionate love to his wife on the other side. For the first time, Susan found out what it was like to be made love to by a man that was truly well endowed and very experienced. Bob was about ten inches long and very thick. Susan squealed each of the six times that he brought her to an orgasm. John never even turned over during the hour and a half that his lovely wife was being screwed.


*********December 25*********

John and Susan both awoke with a slight hang over. John got up first. Even though he was still wearing his sister’s clothing, he could tell from the fact that Susan only wore a pair of laddered nylon stockings and a smile on her pretty face, that he must have risen to the occasion last night. Too bad, he thought, he could remember nothing about it.

John staggered to the bathroom, and, when he unzipped his pants and lowered his panties, sat on the toilet to relieve himself. Afterwards, he washed his hands and saw, in the mirror, that his curly red hair was mussed, but still very feminine looking. He ran a brush through it several times, but was obliged to brush it in the same style that his sister had set it in the day before. He now noticed that he looked like his sister with his hair styled just like she wore her own hair.

When John left the bathroom, Susan ran in and closed the door before he could try to make love to her. He heard the shower running a few minutes later. John searched under the bed, in the closet and behind the furniture for his suitcase. Where it had gone, he had not a clue. The only clothes that he had that would fit him were the ones that he wore. And, they were his sister’s clothing. He would have to ask his wife and sister to help him locate his suitcase.

Sharon knocked on the door, opened it and entered the bedroom. "Johnny, come see what the two of you have under the tree." John told her that he would wait for Susan to accompany him. He also asked if Sharon knew where his suitcase was. "Isn’t it in here? Never mind about it. Susan and I bought you some new clothing yesterday while we were out shopping." Susan left the bathroom and Sharon changed the subject. "You two hurry it up. Bob and I will wait for you in the living room."

Ten minutes later, they began opening presents. Bob got a new wool sweater. Sharon got a new pair of diamond earrings. Susan got a gold necklace. John got a box of silk lingerie. John sat in silence as he stared at the opened box of feminine finery sitting on his lap. "This must be a mistake," he mumbled. "Sharon, these must be for you."

Sharon smiled at her younger brother and replied, "No, Jenny. I told Susan about how you pretended to be my little sister when we were growing up. She was intrigued by the idea. Weren’t you, Susan?" John turned to see his wife nod her head as she looked at him questioningly. "Susan and I agreed that you should try being Jenny for a few days just to relive those fun times that we had when we were children." When John looked into her eyes, Sharon asked, "Surely, you can do this for your wife and sister just to show us how much you love us?"

John’s mind was in a state of confusion. His penis was swelling in his panties as he looked down at the assorted pink, white and black silk and satin feminine under garments in the open box. He had not even thought about the many times that his mother and sister had dressed him as a little girl more than three or four times in the last several years. Now, those long forgotten memories came flooding back. His mother had treated Sharon and him as if they were two sisters. She had even taken them out in public when she went shopping or to the movies. A few of the neighbors had even known about how he would sometimes be Johnny, and at other times, Jenny.

John looked at his young wife, Susan. Surely, she did not want her husband to wear panties and other women’s clothes. She answered his question when she said, "John, you can give it a try for a day or two. I think it would be fun." John blushed. "Please do it for me." John lowered his eyes as he nodded his head. Both Bob and Sharon breathed a sigh of relief.

Everyone opened the rest of their presents. John found that the other packages with his name on them also contained female clothing. There were blouses, skirts, dresses, slips, brassieres, garter belts, nylon and silk hosiery, high heel shoes and a case of cosmetics. He knew then, that every one had planned on him dressing as a woman for at least the next few days.

After breakfast, Sharon and Susan led John to the master bathroom where he was given a bubble bath with scented bath oils. Then, he was completely shaven, except for the hair on his head, his eye brows and a neatly trimmed triangular patch of red pubic hair. Afterwards, a perfumed lotion was rubbed into his skin to soften it even more. His penis was embarrassingly erect in front of his wife and older sister. She told Susan that he used to get that way when they were little and he was being dressed up in her old clothing.

John was give a pair of pink silk bikini panties to wear. He had to push his erection to the side in order to fit it in his panties. He wished that his sister wasn’t there. He could have made love to his wife. Sharon had him sit in a chair while she plucked his eyebrows. He jumped the first few times she pulled out an unsightly hair, but managed to sit still for the rest after both Sharon and Susan made fun of the way he acted like a baby. He never even thought about the effect of having a thin line eyebrow and how it would affect his masculine appearance after he went back to wearing male clothing.

When Sharon was through shaping her brother’s eyebrows, She began applying the fake fingernails. John’s fingernails extended over half of an inch past the ends of his fingers when she finished gluing the acrylic nails in place. Susan painted the long fingernails a bright red as Sharon shaped his toenails and painted them the same color. Sharon made the statement that women loved to have long nails to scratch a man’s back while he made love to her. John blushed as he looked at the long red nails.

Sharon opened the case of cosmetics. She had bought a selection of make up that was color coded to her and her brother’s hair color and skin tones. She began working on her cooperative brother. She explained how to apply the cosmetics as she put on a foundation cream, brushed on a corn silk powder, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, used an eye brow pencil, mascara and bright red lipstick. Susan sat in awe as she saw her husband transformed into what appeared to be Sharon’s twin sister.

Sharon selected a pink silk brassiere that matched his panties for John to wear. She hooked the clasp in back. John looked down to see the empty cups hanging loosely. Sharon went to a dresser drawer and returned with two boxes. She opened one and pulled out a silicon filled breast form. She slipped it into one cup, opened the remaining box, retrieved another form and filled the other bra cup as well. John sensed the shoulder straps of the brassiere tugging downward as the weight of the artificial breasts were felt on his chest. Susan noticed that her husband had a thirty eight D cup brassiere. She was almost jealous.

Sharon gave John a pair of cinnamon colored thigh high stockings and instructed him on the proper way to put them on. He gathered them on his fingers and pulled them over his relatively small feet and up his nicely shaped legs. They ended most of the way up his thigh, leaving a few inches of smooth bare white flesh exposed between the elastic tops of his cinnamon colored stockings and his pink silk bikini panties. He noticed that his red toenails were visible through the nylon.

A pair of three inch heeled black patent leather high heel shoes were strapped to his ankles. Sharon and Susan had to stand on both sides of him as he stood up on high heels for the first time to provide additional support. Together, they walked around the bedroom for a few minutes as John learned to balance himself while wearing high heel shoes. He found that if he pretended that he was walking on his tippy toes, he could balance himself. Sharon and Susan sat down as they had John walk back and forth a few times. Sharon was pleased that the plan was progressing so well. Susan was amazed. Walking on high heels forced John to stick his cute pink silk covered butt out and wiggle it seductively as he walked. She considered asking Sharon to leave the room so that she and John could make love. Susan wanted to push her pretty husband onto the bed and screw his brains out. Just as she was about to make the request of her sister in law, Sharon produced a pink silk blouse for John to put on.

John found it strange to button the pink blouse because the buttons were on the wrong side. Next, an above the knee length red skirt was slid up over John’s nylon covered legs and zippered in back. A few more minutes were spent in teaching John how to walk, sit, stand, get up and sit down in a lady like manner.

Sharon and Susan told John how pretty he looked. He stood in front of the full length mirror for over five minutes as he turned from side to side, looking over his shoulder, smiling, frowning, winking, and making every facial expression that he had ever seen a woman make. He was startled at the image in the mirror and how much he now looked like his older sister. Sharon hugged her feminine attired brother and told him how much she loved him. She kissed his cheek as their breasts were pressed together. Sharon stepped back and Susan stepped up to her husband. John was wearing high heel shoes and she wasn’t, therefore, she had to stretch to kiss his ruby red painted lips. She was so hot and horny from watching the transformation take place, she wanted to throw her too cute hubby on the bed and have her way with him. Sharon reminded her not to smear Jenny’s lipstick.

Susan reluctantly backed away from the soft red lips of her husband. Sharon slipped her arm around her sister in law’s narrow waist as John once again turned to gaze at himself in the full length mirror. He did not notice the lustful stare that his sister had for his innocent young wife as their bodies were in such close contact with one another.

Sharon said, "Now that you are all prettied up, it is our turn." Sharon and Susan escorted John to the living room. Bob had been busy picking up the discarded wrapping paper. Now, he sat in the reclining chair as he awaited the results of his wife’s efforts. He was shocked at the similarity between his feminized brother in law and his own wife. If Sharon had not been in the room, and, perhaps the lighting were a little softer, he would have thought that Sharon was dressed up to go out or receive company. He quickly brought his chair to an up right position as he stood up.

"I don’t believe it! I never would have imagined that John, that is, Jenny, could be so pretty." John blushed as he heard the compliment. Sharon told Bob to keep his new sister in law, meaning Jenny, company while she and Susan got themselves ready. John sat on the sofa, trying to do as his sister and wife had taught him, so as not to let his dress ride up his nylon covered thighs so far that the tops of his stockings came into view. He was some what successful. He looked over at his muscular brother in law to see his eyes on his feminine appearing legs and high heel shoes.

"Jenny, you are beautiful. I married your sister because she was so beautiful. Now, you look like her twin sister." John saw Bob reach down to the front of his expensive slacks and adjust a rising bulge there. John diverted his eyes as a wave of emotion swept through him. He had always considered himself to be straight. He had had a few homosexual friends, but had never done anything with another male. Now, he was sitting in this tall handsome man’s living room, dressed in panties, brassiere, nylons, high heels, silk blouse and short skirt. Plus, the man was getting an erection from looking at his apparently female body. John’s mind was in a turmoil as he tried to decide what he should do.

"While we are waiting for the other girls to get ready, how about a drink?" Bob got up and went to the bar. John had not failed to notice the "other girls" comment. Without asking John what he wanted, Bob mixed several drinks. "Sharon loves Daiquiris. I fixed you one, too. I hope you like it." Bob brought the drink to John. John’s eyes, since he was seated, were even with the bulge in the front of Bob’s slacks. It took a moment for him to tear his attention away from the obviously swollen penis to reach out his hand and accept the offered mixed drink. Bob saw the long red nails on the ends of John/Jenny’s long thin fingers.

"I’ll take the other two women a drink too. I’ll be right back." Bob said as he picked up two glasses and left the room. John sipped his drink and found that it tasted very good as he pulled the hem of his skirt down a little more with one hand.

Bob knocked softly on the door of the master bedroom before entering. He could hear the shower running in the bathroom. He walked softly toward the open doorway. What he saw caused his penis to swell even more. Sharon and Susan were both in the over sized shower stall. Sharon had her smaller sister in law pushed up against the wet tile wall of the shower and was passionately kissing her lips as one hand toyed with her extended nipples and the other massaged her clitoris in her juicy looking slit. The erotic situation of dressing her husband in female clothing had built up so much sexual tension in the young bride that she had easily surrendered herself to her redheaded sister in law’s lesbian sexual advances.

Bob stood for a moment as he watched the lesbian action through the steam fogged glass shower door. He wanted to rip his own clothing off and join them. However, he knew that it was a crucial time in their plan for the newly wed couple. He reluctantly backed out of the bathroom, left the two Daiquiri glasses on the bedroom dressing table and returned to the living room to keep Jenny occupied while his wife worked on the cute brunette.

John sat nervously on the sofa, sipping on the cold drink as he waited for his brother in law to return. He was embarrassed by the fact that he was enjoying wearing female clothing. He had also been embarrassed when he had noticed the bulge in Bob’s trousers. John found the sensations confusing. He began to feel light headed as he finished the daiquiri. Little did he realize that Bob had added a few drops into his drink from a small bottle that was kept under the bar.

Bob returned to the room and, after seeing that John/Jenny’s glass was almost empty, prepared his cute brother in law another drink. This time, however, he left out the additional tranquilizer that had been added to the first drink. He did not think that it would be necessary.

Bob and John sat and drank their second drinks as they chatted. John noticed that Bob was treating him completely differently than he had treated him the previous day when they were working on Bob’s truck. He was being solicitous, as if he were carrying on a conversation with a woman. John also noticed that Bob’s eyes had a tendency to roam over his body from time to time.

When their glasses were once again empty, Bob said that since the other two women were taking their own sweet time getting ready, that they should at least put the dirty breakfast dishes in the washer. He asked if Jenny wanted to accompany him to the kitchen. Not wanting to be rude, John said he would. When John first attempted to stand in his high heel shoes, he found it difficult. He accepted Bob’s outstretched hand as he stood up. Bob noticed the inch or so of bare white thigh displayed above the elastic lace top of Jenny’s stockings as she struggled to her feet.

As they approached the doorway of the living room. Bob pointed out the mistletoe that he had hung over the door frame. "As pretty as you are now, you’ll have to be careful when you walk under the mistletoe or else you’ll find yourself being kissed." John looked up into Bob’s smiling eyes before lowering his own. He felt a chill go up and down his spine as he thought about being swept up in a pair of big strong arms and being kissed! He had never even considered such a thing before now. Bob had to reach out and steady Jenny as they walked to the kitchen.

John felt it was only right that he assist Bob in cleaning the kitchen as they waited on their wives to finish dressing. Bob kept watching the ultra feminine figure of Jenny as she bent over to pick up the dirty dishes. Her large breasts caused her pink silk blouse to thrust outwards. She had a relatively narrow waist. Her hips were not as rounded as Sharon’s, but her bottom was definitely cute. He knew that Jenny was actually his brother in law, John, but, after seeing his wife with John’s young wife in the shower, he had a raging hard on. Jenny was the closest thing to an attractive female available at the moment.

Bob sat down at the table to re-arrange his stiff pole in his shorts and trousers as he watched Jenny bending over the dishwasher. Her skirt rode up in back, exposing the lace tops of her nylon stockings. Jenny turned around after she had closed the door and turned on the washer. Her long red hair was curled in the same style that Sharon had worn for the last few months. Jenny looked enough like his wife to be her twin sister. When Jenny nervously smiled at her muscular brother in law, her eyes dropped to Bob’s lap and she turned red faced as only a natural redhead can do.

Bob escorted Jenny back to the living room. As they entered the doorway, Bob’s arm encircled Jenny’s waist. Bob had never kissed another man, but, Jenny certainly did not look like a man. That, plus the two mixed drinks that Bob had consumed, and, the sight of the two real women embracing in the shower, had Bob’s libido out of control.

"Mistletoe," was all that Bob said as he swung Jenny’s small apparently female frame under the sprig of mistletoe. John’s eyes looked off to the side in embarrassment until Bob placed his large hand under his chin and tilted his head up. Bob lowered his lips to the soft ruby lips of his wife’s double. Part of John’s mind was screaming for him to stop his brother in law. Another part of his mind actually wanted to be kissed. John stood submissively as he was kissed under the mistletoe.

Each felt John’s large breasts being flattened between them as Bob tightened his embrace. John felt helpless in the thick muscular arms that encircled his body. He found himself surrendering to the passionate kiss as a large tongue entered his mouth. Just as John felt his body responding to the kiss, and was about to wrap his arms around Bob’s neck, he heard his sister’s voice. "My, my, my. we leave the two of you alone for a few minutes and we catch you making our like a pair of horny teenagers."

Bob replied as they lips parted, "Well, you two seemed to be taking your time about getting ready. Plus, you two were having some fun." John was hiding his face against Bob’s massive chest and did not see that Susan was blushing as much as he was.

Sharon said, "My turn," as she moved in closer and kissed Bob. John noticed that she was dressed in an identical outfit to the one he wore. Sharon ended the kiss with her husband and said, "Don’t forget Susan," as she pulled her sister in law under the mistletoe. John watched his brother in law kissing his bride in a long, lingering kiss. He noticed that his wife returned the kiss with a passion that he had not seen before.

Susan wore a low necked teal blue satin blouse, a black satin mini skirt that ended at mid thigh, a pair of black stockings that he correctly guessed were thigh highs and a pair of extremely high heeled shoes. Her hair was arranged in a pert ponytail on top of her head. Susan’s make up had been applied with perfection. She was beautiful. And, she was returning Bob’s kiss with a passion that completely surprised John. John was especially shocked when he saw Bob gripping Susan’s round bottom before the kiss ended.

Sharon put her arm around John’s waist and spoke to their respective spouses, "Don’t Jenny and I look like twin sisters?" Both Bob and Susan nodded their heads in assent. "Bob, you go and mix another round of drinks for every one while we girls go to the kitchen and serve the turkey dinner. Sharon led John and Susan to the kitchen. John was treated as if he were a real female as he placed the dishes, silverware and glasses on the table. He was surprised when he was told to arrange six place settings. The tranquilizer had not worn off, or else he would have asked about the extra two place settings.

While Sharon, John and Susan put the trimmings on the turkey, Bob brought everyone their daiquiri drink. He had placed a few drops of tranquilizer in both John and Susan’s drinks. He wanted them to be receptive to the advances of the other dinner guests. Sharon told her brother and sister in law that the two Doctors that she worked for were both bachelors and that they were coming to dinner. John became nervous immediately. The tranquilizer, along with Sharon and Bob’s assurances, calmed him enough to keep him from running to the guest bedroom, locking the door and remaining hidden for the duration of the evening. Sharon said that they had told Jim and Tim about having guests for the holidays and that, since they did not know that John was Sharon’s brother, they could tell them that he was Jenny, Sharon’s sister. John, Sharon said, could fool anyone into thinking that he was a real girl and this would be both a test and a lot of fun. Susan, they said, would be Jenny’s good friend that had also come to spend the holidays.

The doorbell rang. John felt his stomach draw up into a knot as his older sister ushered him and his wife into the living room. He was in for a shock. The doctors were twin brothers! Dr. Tim Clark and Dr. Jim Clark were identical twins and were dressed exactly alike. They were six foot three inches tall, had blue eyes, were long, lean and very handsome. They had gone though their childhood dressing alike. They had both chosen cosmetic surgery for a career. If they had only been able to find a compatible pair of identical twins, they would have already been married. Unfortunately, they had never met their match. Both, however, were truly impressed with their Head Nurse and her nearly identical sister.

Sharon had earned the title of Head Nurse in more ways than one. She and Bob had an open marriage and were swingers. Giving the two handsome doctors some extra head, or letting them make love to her at the same time, was a thrill for her. Especially since they always wanted to have sex as a team. For Sharon, it was like having sex in stereo. She had found out that they were bisexual but really wanted identical twins for sexual relations. She had remembered the times that she had dressed John up and called him Jenny. When their mother had taken them out in public, everyone thought that they were twins. It was after one of her bouts of wildly erotic sex with her employers that she came up with the plan for this holiday season.

Sharon pointed out the mistletoe to the two tall blonde men as she stood under it. Each took advantage of the situation by kissing her on the lips. Sharon stepped back, reaching to take Susan’s hand and pull her underneath the mistletoe, "Tim, Jim, let me introduce you to Susan. Isn’t she an absolute doll? Greet her in a friendly way." Each took their turn kissing the lips of John’s young and very pretty wife.

Sharon reached out, took one of John’s hands in hers and pulled his several steps forward, leaving him under the mistletoe. "Okay, guys, show my sister that you are glad to meet her, too." Neither of the two brothers had to be asked twice. Each had sampled Sharon’s charms and were anxious to find out if her nearly identical sister kissed as well as well as their nurse.

John was over powered by the aggressive way that each doctor kissed him in a long, lingering and passionate way. Each had managed to insinuate his tongue into the redhead’s mouth. John was panting for breath when the kisses ended. He also realized that his pulse was racing as one doctor took his arm and the other took Sharon’s arm to lead them into the kitchen. John was so pre-occupied by what was going on between the two doctors, his sister and him, that he did not even notice that Bob pulled Susan back under the mistletoe to give her another very passionate kiss.

The table was already set as they walked into the dining room.

Tim held a chair for Sharon to sit down while Jim held a chair for John. A moment later, Bob and a red faced Susan entered the dining room and sat down. John could not but help noticing that his wife’s lipstick was slightly smeared. He realized what they had been doing but could not say anything without giving his own secret away.

Bob carved the turkey while a fresh bottle of wine was passed around the table. Soon, every one had a full plate and wine goblet. The meal was delicious. John was almost to the point where he was able to relax when he felt Jim’s hand on his thigh under the table. He glanced over at his dinner companion to find him smiling. The hand massaged his thigh through his thin skirt as he nervously ate the rest of his dinner. John had to reach down a couple of times to prevent the hand from wandering up to his crotch. John did not wish to make a scene by telling the handsome doctor to remove his hand, nor did he want Jim Clark to find a penis in his pink silk panties.

After dinner, Tim accompanied Sharon from the table, Bob escorted Susan and Jim helped John up from his chair. Jim’s hand griped John’s arm as the others went into the living room. John found himself being spun around and caught up in an intimate embrace. Before he could protest, Jim’s lips had covered his and a long tongue had snaked between his soft painted lips. John wanted to push the tall doctor away, but knew that the man was much stronger than he was and that resistance would be futile. John began to relax and enjoy the long sensuous kiss.

Jim’s lips finally came up for air and he whispered, "Jenny, you are as beautiful as your sister. I guess that your sister has told you about us and our special relationship? Tim and I are her lovers. Bob knows about us and is very accommodating. We hope to entice you into joining our relationship. You don’t have to answer right away. You can make up your mind and let us know." Having said that, Jim kissed John again.

John’s mind was in a total state of confusion. He had not known about Bob and Sharon’s open marriage. He was dressed up in silk and feminine clothing like his sister. His wife was in the other room, probably letting Bob kiss her. Doctor Jim Clark had his tongue tickling the back of John’s throat as his large hands were kneading the cheeks of John’s bottom through his thin skirt and silk panties. John could feel his artificial breasts flattened between their bodies and he could feel the doctor’s erection pressing against his belly. His own penis was beginning to respond and he was afraid that it would make itself known to Jim at any moment. The tranquilizer and the alcohol made his thinking processes even fuzzier as he placed his arms around the neck of the tall doctor.

Jim broke the kiss to lead his pretty redheaded date for the evening into the living room. Bob and Susan were missing. Sharon, who was sitting with Tim on the sofa, spoke up, "Bob and Susan left to go to the spare bedroom so that we could be alone." Sharon shifted over to sit on Tim’s lap as she placed an arm around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

John did not know what to think. His new wife was off in a bedroom with his brother in law! The drugs and the alcohol subdued his jealously or else he would have rushed to break up what he knew to be happening in their bedroom. Jim pulled him across the room and onto his lap after he sat next to his brother. It would appear to anyone coming in the front door that there were two sets of identical twins sitting in the living room as the men kissed the women and ran their hands up under the red skirts to the smooth bare white skin above the lace elastic at the tops of their thigh high stockings.

The constant kissing and caressing was beginning to make John excited again. He had forgotten about Susan and Bob and had even placed his arms around Jim’s neck, just as Sharon was doing Tim. When Jim moved his hand from John’s bare thigh to the crotch of his pink silk panties, John could not react fast enough to prevent Jim grasping his silk covered penis.

John gasped as he looked into Jim’s face. John was afraid that Jim would become enraged and beat him up. Jim was smiling as he stroked the erect little panty covered penis in his hand. "Sharon told us all about you, Jenny. You have no secrets from us." John glanced over at his sister and Tim to find them smiling approvingly as his skirt was lifted and the front of his tented pink silk panties were displayed to everyone in the room.

John was blushing pink himself as Jim returned to kissing his ruby red lips. John’s head was swimming as Jim, Tim and his own sister moved in on him. Some one was kissing him almost constantly, even though they were taking turns, as he was laid out on the sofa. His skirt was lifted and a pair of lips were placed over the silk covered head of his erect penis. He could only squirm around on the sofa as his panties were slowly drawn down his nylon covered legs and off over one high heel shoe. They were left dangling from one ankle as his nylon covered legs were parted and someone lay between them.

John had never felt six hands, three sets of lips and three tongues working on him before. His penis was so stiff, he thought that he would go insane if he did not get release immediately. That was when a stiff eight inch penis was brought to his lips. At this point, John/Jenny did not care what happened and would have been willing to do anything to reach an orgasm. When the pre-cum leaking head was pressed to his lipstick coated lips, he resisted at first, then, only a few moments later, let it slip into his mouth. The flavor was slightly salty.

Sharon stood beside the sofa, with one hand in her own pink silk panties, as she watched Jim sucking on her brother’s slightly under sized penis while Tim was feeding more and more of his long cock to Jenny’s sucking lips. She had worked for the twin brothers for over six months and knew all about their sexual desires. She knew that John, as Jenny, would be perfect for the relationship. John had gotten married before she could get him to visit so that she could teach him to enjoy the new type of love with her, Jim, Tim and Bob. Now, she felt that Susan was an added bonus for all of them.

John was just about to reach an orgasm when the cock in his mouth began to spew spurts of thick sperm. He swallowed as fast as he could as his orgasm approached. The lips pulled away from his own organ before he could cum. Tim moved out of the way so that Jim could take his place above Jenny’s head. As soon as John felt a pair of lips engulf his own penis, he began licking and sucking the one that was being feed to his ruby red lips. Sharon could no longer just stand there and not get involved. She dropped to her knees and began sucking Tim’s already satisfied cock. She knew it may take a few minutes, but he would get hard again.


*********December 26*********

John awoke to find himself in the middle of the two blonde nude doctors. He looked down to see that he still wore his nylons, although they were torn and laddered, his high heel shoes were still strapped to his ankles, his panties were still around one ankle as well. His brassiere, with the silicone filled breast forms were also still in place. His blouse and skirt were missing.

One of the doctors, he did not know which, was nestled up against his back. John could feel a large soft penis pressing against his rounded bottom. The other doctor was laying on his back and his big penis was lying on his stomach. John was amazed at the size of it. He was also very embarrassed to be in bed with two nude men. He slowly, and very carefully, climbed out of bed. He managed to put his panties back on and went to the bathroom to relieve himself.

John found Sharon, Bob and Susan sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee. He found it amazing that they could be chatting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened last night. Susan saw him first and blushed as she looked down at her cup of coffee. John’s long curly locks of hair were tangled, his lipstick was smeared and he was standing at the doorway to the kitchen in his worse for wear pink silk lingerie and hosiery. He truly had the "just been well fucked" look about him.

Sharon greeted him with, "Good morning. I’ll get you your clothes to cover yourself with." She hurried to the living room, taking him with her. "How do you feel this morning?" She asked.

"Like ten miles of very bad road," was the answer. Sharon had been there and understood how a person could feel if they woke up questioning what they had done the night before. She led her younger brother back to the kitchen table, where Bob had already poured him a cup of coffee. Susan had been so embarrassed by what had happened that she failed to notice that Bob had administered a few drops of tranquilizer to her husband’s coffee.

John sipped the hot coffee and enjoyed the way it seemed to wash the worry and the guilt from his mind. By the time that the cup was empty, he was no longer upset about the fact that he and his sister had had sex with a pair of twin six foot three men all night long. Susan was relieved to find that her husband did not seem to be upset with her for having sex with her well endowed brother in law.

Jim and Tim entered the kitchen in search of a cup of coffee. Each of them came over and kissed Sharon, then Jenny, before sitting down at the table. Susan was a little surprised to see that her husband was still acting this way even in the morning.

After a quick breakfast, Sharon, Susan and John went to take a bath. After last night, John had no secrets from his sister. The tranquilizer also made him not worry about being nude in front of others as he bathed, shaved his legs again, got Sharon to help with his make up and hair before donning a black satin lingerie set of black satin garter belt, black nylon stockings, black satin bikini panties, and black satin brassiere. The breast forms added weight and a realistic look to his brassiere. A pair of three inch high heel shoes were strapped onto his relatively small feet.

After Sharon’s bath, she dressed in identical matching lingerie. Both also wore matching black wrap around dresses. Bob brought everyone another drink while they were getting ready. John’s had the extra drops added to help him relax during the events that were planned for today.

Susan stayed home with Bob while Jim and Tim escorted Sharon and Jenny to their Lincoln Town Car. Jenny was sitting in the back seat with Tim as they drove the short distance to the clinic that they owned and operated. It was a good thing that the windows were darkly tinted or else everyone that looked at the car would have seen the couple making out in the back seat.

The clinic was a three story building that Jim and Tim owned. They were very wealthy and paid Sharon three times more than she would have made anywhere else. They had made most of their money the old fashioned way. They had inherited it. The cosmetic surgery business was booming, so they could afford to pay Sharon an exorbitant salary without taking a loss.

Tim, Jim, Sharon and John entered the building from the private underground parking garage. John and Sharon’s high heel shoes clicked on the tile floors as they followed the two doctors to the elevator, up to the second floor, down a hallway and into an operating room.

John was given an injection to sedate him. Jim and Tim took great pleasure in removing his clothing as the pain killer began to take effect. John was laid out on the operating table and strapped down. Sharon worked efficiently to assist the two doctors as they prepped her brother for the procedure. Eight hypodermic syringes with rather large needles were laid in a row on the sterile tray. A large jar of thick white viscous fluid was retrieved from the locked storeroom refrigerator. A tray of antiseptic gauss was set on the roll around cart. An IV was inserted in his vein.

The doctors washed up as Sharon coated her brother’s body parts with disinfectant. The procedure was really very simple. Jim and Tim were filing for the patent rights to the process. Since so many women wanted lipo-suction to remove unwanted fat, the brothers had discovered that the fat cells could be dehydrated, then injected into another part of the body where it could be rehydrated with their special solution in the IV bottle. The cells would be accepted by the body where they were injected and would not move around very much.

Jim started with John’s chest. Two pounds of dehydrated fat cells were injected in a pattern of concentric circles centered around each nipple. After they were rehydrated, John would have about ten pounds of breasts. An ounce and a half was injected in his lips to make them even fuller and softer to kiss. The IV was started using a few special chemical additives in a glucose solution. The fat cells would all be rehydrated before the sedative wore off. John would wake up with a nice plump pair of tits!

John was rolled over and a couple of pounds of dehydrated fat was injected in a pattern designed to make his bottom as shapely as any woman’s. A greased butt plug was inserted into his bottom to make it easier for him to accept anal sex. He was rolled back over and two small incisions were made at each side of his already narrow waist. A lipo-suction needle was stroked in and out many times to remove any fat cells residing there. The small incisions were taped up to that the scars would be unnoticeable. A quick procedure was performed to raise the pitch of John’s voice to a more feminine level.

Sharon was pleased to see that John’s breasts were already a B cup and were still growing. A special breast shaping brassiere was strapped around his chest until the fat cells permanently linked up together. A pair of tight shorts with loose bottom and side pockets to make sure that the fat cells collected and formed in the correct anatomical locations were slid up John’s unconscious body. A mixture of female hormones and testosterone suppressant was injected directly into the IV that was supplying the fluids for the dehydrated fat cells.

With the operation a complete success, the only thing left to do would be to wait for John to recover from the effects of the pain killer. Afterwards, they would take John/Jenny home and put him to bed. By the next day, after the fat cells had set up, the surgical training brassiere and shaping pants could be removed. To pass the time, Sharon dropped to her knees and earned her title of Head Nurse.


*********December 31*********

Jenny awoke cuddled up to Susan. Susan was still jealous of the fact that her husband had bigger boobs than she did. The hormones and chemicals that John had been given meant that he did not get much of an erection, but, after Bob had been stretching Susan with his thick ten inch long tool, she wasn’t sure that John’s much smaller penis would have satisfied her anyway.

Jenny kissed Susan tenderly as they lay in each other’s arms. Last night was the first time that they had slept with each other alone since the first night of their visit. They had made love as two females would. It had been a night of tender passion. Tonight would be the swinger’s party that Bob and Sharon were hosting. Jenny and Susan were to be the honored guests.

Both Jenny and Susan had had all of their unwanted body hair permanently burned off with the LASER’s at the clinic. Jenny had to spend twice as much time in the chair as Susan had, but neither of them would ever have to shave their legs or underarms again. John’s face was now as smooth as Sharon’s and Susan’s. As they took their morning bath, Susan could not help but admire Jenny’s feminine figure. Perhaps, she would let the doctors work on her figure as well.

Jenny was already lined up to go to work at the clinic as a receptionist. People would be shocked when they saw what appeared to be two sets of twins working in the same medical offices. Susan would attend college to study for her RN License instead of becoming a teacher. She had already sucked off both doctors and they had approved her for part time work and they would pay her tuition while she was in school.

When Jenny and Susan had both bathed, they helped each other dress for the New Year’s Eve party planned for later in the evening. Each expertly applied their cosmetics. After their outfits were selected, they picked up their garter belts and hooked them around their narrow waists. Jenny had chosen a emerald green satin ensemble to compliment her red hair. Susan had chosen virginal white silk lace lingerie.

Jenny pushed her small penis and balls back between her legs as she pulled up her panties. Jenny fitted her large 38 DD breasts into the green satin demi brassiere. Her breasts may be new to her, but she was very proud of them. Jenny had gone to the mall to have her hair professionally styled the previous day. As the men stopped what they were doing to watch her strut her stuff as she wiggled along in her mini skirt and on her four inch high heel shoes, she felt proud of the effect that her new figure had on men. One man had been staring so blatantly that his wife had slapped him.

Jenny selected the green button front sweater dress for the party. Sharon had an identical outfit that she would wear. Jenny loved the attention that she and her older sister got from all men, but especially from Jim and Tim. Now, each time she saw one of the tall handsome blonde twins, her heart fluttered. She knew that she was falling in love. Both of the doctors were supposed to attend the party this evening. Jenny was eager to drag them back to a room and let them use her any way that they wished, just as they had done several times already.

The party was in full swing a few hours later. It consisted of all couples, except for Reginald White, who was the African-American Police Chief for their fair city. His presence meant that no police cars would interrupt the evening’s celebrations, no matter how loud they became.

Sharon sat on Jim’s lap on the sofa while Jenny sat on Tim’s. She could feel his stiff tool under her well padded bottom as they watched tiny little Susan sitting on the Police Chief’s lap as the six foot six, two hundred eighty pound and very muscular black man kissed Jenny’s wife. Everyone in the living room was able to see that his long thick tongue must be reaching half way down the young brunette’s throat as his huge coal black hand spread the bride’s thighs, allowing half of the people in the room a view up her skirt and of the crotch of the her white silk lace panties.

Jenny could feel her penis beginning to stiffen for the first time in days as she watched her wife willingly submitting to the large black police official. The fact that Tim was nuzzling her neck and her triple pierced earlobes helped her small tool to swell even farther. One of Chief White’s coal black hands moved up under the skirt of the petite newly wed until the long fingers made contact with the damp white lace silk and she began squirming. Reginald picked up the tiny white girl and carried her to a bedroom. They would not be seen again until the next morning. Susan would be too sore to get out of bed the next morning and would be walking slowly for the next two days. It would also take her that long to get the smile off her pretty face.

Bob had disappeared downstairs in the den with several couples that were forming a daisy chain. Sharon and Jenny, being the hostesses of the party were happy to see the last of the couples paired up. That meant that they could have a little fun with the twin brothers. Each sister took a doctor by the hand and led them to the master bedroom. As they passed the guest bedroom, they heard a high pitched squeal as Susan was being stretched to her absolute limits.

In the master bedroom, the Clark brothers removed the matching sweater dresses that Sharon and Jenny wore. The low cut green satin brassieres supported the pairs of oversized breasts. Kisses were rained on the upper slopes and long masculine fingers dipped into the fronts of two pairs of green satin panties. Sharon and Jenny both spread their legs to give their lovers better access to their nether regions.

Sharon and Jenny were placed side by side on the king size bed where they lay as Jim and Tim removed their own clothing. From the long curly red hair on their heads to their make up and lingerie, Sharon and Jenny looked very much like twin sisters, the doctors knew that they had found their natural mates. It did not matter that they were married or that one was genetically a man. Tim and Jim were in love with Sharon and Jenny.

Jim and Tim unhooked the satin brassieres and began sucking on the pink thimble sized sensitive nipples. Sharon and Jenny moaned passionately as they ran their long red fingernail tipped fingers through the blond hair of their lovers. The doctors kissed their way down the smooth tummies of the redheaded sisters. Both raised their bottoms from the bed so that their satin bikini panties could be slipped down their nylon covered legs. Two blonde heads moved between the legs of their feminine partners as they each gave their lovers head. Sharon and Jenny held hands as they approached their orgasms.

Jim and Tim brought their partners to a forceful climax and moved up to lay beside the two sisters. They cuddled them as the four lay on the king size bed. Sharon and Jenny’s hands sought out the eight inch erections and began stroking them. A minute later, the redheads were moving lower on the bed to orally satisfy the handsome blonde haired men. Jenny had developed her skills until she was as good as Sharon at sucking cock. Neither man had anything to complain about as each received an excellent blow job. Both were deep throated until their sperm was sucked from their bodies.

With both of the twin brothers temporarily out of action after their massive orgasms, Sharon and Jenny cuddled up against them as everyone rested. Within a year, Sharon and Bob would be divorced. Susan would also get a divorce from John, who would not contest it. Bob and Susan would live together, and still host swing parties, as Susan pursued an education and career as an RN while working for the Clark brothers. Sharon and Jenny would marry Jim and Tim. They would all sleep in a specially made extra wide bed and would swap partners almost every night. Sharon would produce the babies for both couples. Jenny would be a loving mother as they raised their children. Luckily, it would be sets of twins.



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