Crystal's StorySite



by Beverly Taff


Ever since I was a child snakes had fascinated me. Every year my curiosity for Herpetology took me into the fields and forests around our farm where I searched diligently for any amphibians or reptiles. Firstly, as a very small child, I would come home with frogspawn and toad spawn from the many ponds to be found near by, then, as I grew older and my skills improved, I would discover newts and snakes. By my early teens I had a thriving collection of assorted cold-blooded animals and just knew I was destined to take my interest into adulthood.

Inevitably I made it into college and there met with fellow zoology students who shared my passion. One of these students, Sybil, a beautiful redhead, became a partner. We set up house together after both graduating with honours and finding work as herpetologists for a large research foundation. After a few years research, we were invited to join a major expedition into the Amazon Basin to study the many snakes that the vast rain forest was famous for. Our aim was to try to research the medicinal prospects of the many species of snakes and their different venoms.

At the end of the rainy season we found ourselves deep in the rain forests setting up our research base. Local natives quickly learned of or activities and soon they were beating a path to our laboratory door with a steady stream of assorted snakes, lizards, amphibians and frogs.

Reluctantly we had to release or return most of the specimens because we were only interested in snakes but we still quickly gathered an excellent collection. No world record beaters of course, although Sybil and I lived in hope. Secretly we also hoped to discover an unidentified species but nothing untoward turned up at first. Nevertheless we soon acquired some excellent specimens to develop our ideas and research.

Gradually stories began to reach us about a remote tribe of Amazons who worshipped snakes and held them in great reverence. Other local natives told us that the tribe was comprised only of women and they were known to keep some spectacular specimens for their religious rites. All our local native snake suppliers stated that the tribe was well worth a visit.

Whilst we refused to believe the 'Amazon Warrior' side of the stories about the tribe, the part about worshipping snakes certainly caught our imagination. We could not resist the opportunity and towards the end of the dry season we mounted an expedition to seek this secretive tribe out.

Finally we located the tribe and were stunned to discover that, true to the stories the natives had related; the whole tribe appeared to be women.

There appeared to be no men around the temple and if there was a separate village where the men lived, we never found it. Still we were more concerned with their snakes so we remained content to ignore the 'Amazon' aspect of their tribal cultures because of the obvious affinity they seemed to have with every type of South American snake and Boa.

Slowly we gained their trust by demonstrating our familiarity and fearlessness in handling snakes and eventually they began to take us both into their confidence. After a few weeks two young ladies were appointed as our guides and guardians. One was a beautiful young maid whose name was Cleo. This was short for Cleopatra and it demonstrated the tribes close connection to all things serpentine. It also hinted of pre-Columbian transatlantic connections from much earlier times. Cleo appeared to be slightly pregnant with a softly rounded belly. The other maid was named Aspa, and was obviously named after Cleopatra's fatal asp. She was not so beautiful as Cleo being somewhat more masculine with heavier bones and standing slightly taller. They seemed to have a close relationship which Sybil and I concluded to be lesbian but more of that later.

The night the girls became our guardians, the tribe held a meeting to discuss our being permitted to see their reputedly spectacular 'Snake-Gods'.

Leo and Aspa had taken us under their wings and after the tribal meeting they returned from the temple with broad smiles. The tribe had agreed to allow us a visit to their secret shrine. We were not surprised to learn that there was firstly a ritual cleansing session and anointment with special oils before we were deemed clean enough to enter the shrine. Sybil and I exchanged provocative glances as we were made to stand tightly clasping each other as our naked skins glistened with the various scented oils. It was obvious that our two maidenly minders expected us to enter into the spirit of the ritual and we finally grasped their subtle suggestions. Gently Sybil and I coiled our slippery legs and arms around each other as we mutually spread the oils over our glistening limbs.

Once deemed clean enough, we eventually crossed the sacred threshold and entered the holy inner sanctum. In the dim firelight we recognised an immense natural cave that had been decoratively enhanced with further excavation. The huge hollowed out cavern now resembled a vast subterranean cathedral with assorted 'alters' cut into smaller niches in the rock whilst lesser 'chapels' led off into deeper passages devoted to different types of snakes. Sybil and I estimated it to have been the work of centuries.


We were then offered some hallucinogenic drugs but initially we balked at this until we saw some of the priestesses handling some of the most amazing reptile specimens that the Amazon basin had to offer. Naturally, following in the Amazon traditions, all the priests were women and about half of them seemed slightly pregnant like Cleo. The other half was of the taller heavier type similar to Aspa. All were absolutely naked however, and there was no doubt that none of them were men. Not a penis was to be seen, except mine.

Sybil and I discussed the spectacular specimens and noted a very rare gigantic albino anaconda that had pride of place on a large central alter surrounded by the senior priestesses. Inevitably our enthusiasm overcame our natural caution and both of us secretly agreed to try and find some way of acquiring the giant anaconda. We deemed it to be a simple task because the pale monster seemed to be remarkably placid and therefore easy to handle.

Indeed, as we watched, several of the more masculine priestesses constantly wrapped the immense boa around their necks and draped it over their shoulders. This formed a chanting chain that staggered under the reptile's immense weight as they wound their way around the huge central stone alter.

Once Sybil and I had agreed to attempt an acquisition we decided to play along with the natives and agreed to take the drugs they offered.

Amidst much celebration amongst the priestesses, we finally drank a sweet stew-like mixture of herbs prepared by the priestesses then we smoked some dried unrecognisable leaves.

The last thing either of us remembered was being led back to our guest hut and put to bed by our two young Amazonian hosts.

During the night I vaguely remembered some lascivious activity with one of our hosts while soft gasps seemed to be emerging from Sybil's side of the huge cot where the other Aspa was caring for my partner. In the morning I awoke feeling somewhat ashamed as I confessed my fears to Sybil. Her eyelids fell as she stared at the floor and also confessed her activities. We had both succumbed to our host's charms.

It seemed that the drugs were also a powerful aphrodisiac that weakened the will of the user and left them to the tender mercies of whomsoever had administered the drugs. Sybil and I ruefully confessed our blunders and approached our hosts to explain our concerns. It seemed that there had been a fundamental misunderstanding. Sharing partners was an essential aspect of hospitality amongst the Amazons. They apologised after we had explained our special relationship and they reluctantly agreed not to take advantage of our drugged state the next time.


There was obviously going to be a next time because the drugs had left us particularly alert and sensitive to all aspects of the jungle. Again, Sybil and I confessed to each other that we had never experienced such a hypersensitive condition before. It seemed that our senses had become especially responsive to any aspects of the jungle and the cave. As Sybil and I snuggled together that next night we felt particularly enervated by our increased sensitivities. So much so that we accepted another dosage of drugs after a firm promise by Cleo and Aspa that they would not abuse our heightened sensitivities coupled with our accelerated aphrodisiac state. Sybil and I would only enjoy each other.

Very soon we were coitally attached and held each other in a tight embrace for several hours before we finally parted and fell asleep. Later in the night I woke again and could not resist constantly stretching and twisting licentiously as Sybil squeezed provocatively alongside me and constantly pressed her body against mine.

Finally, morning arrived and with it the eventual realisation of our plight.

As I tried to sit up I found that I could not balance and sit properly on my bottom. Somehow my legs and arms would not exactly respond to my commands for they seemed somehow foreshortened. Settling back again I lay on my stomach and put it down to the hallucinary drugs.

Cautiously I twisted over and tapped Sybil with my partially inoperative arms. She then tried to sit up and realised her buttocks were also unable to provide a stable cushion to support her strangely elongated torso.

"My arms are stiff," she whispered.

"Yes," I agreed, "It must be a side effect of the drugs."

Sybil lay beside me and cautiously felt her legs before speaking again.

"Are your legs stiff?" She asked nervously.

"Yes, and my penis stings."

"Yes, and my pussy is itching furiously." She replied as she tried to reach down and relieve the irritation. "My God!" She gasped again.

"What?" I whispered.

"I- I cant reach my- my pussy! It's my arms! My arms are too short!"

Shocked by her discovery I tried to reach my cock and discovered the same problem. My cock was starting to burn but I couldn't reach down far enough to rub it.

"My God! What's happening to us?"

Gently, Sybil twisted around in a remarkably tight contortion and kissed my penis then stiffened with shock.

"Your foreskin! It's gone!"

"What!" I swallowed nervously.

"Your foreskin. It's disappeared, your dick is different!"

I peered down nervously and struggled to extend my arms but it was no use. I definitely could not reach my penis and it continued to sting.

"Can you scratch it for me darling?" I begged.

Sybil twisted again with remarkable flexibility and gently took my irritated organ in her foreshortened hands to examine it.

"It's got two perforations in it," she whispered nervously, "just like a snake bite. That's why it's stinging. Look, it's turning white! She gasped," its beginning to resemble a cross between a human's and a snake's penis!"

I peered down and tried to study it more closely only to discover that I could almost bend my back double. Sybil stared at my contortion with shock and raised her head with alarm.

"Oh no! Look at your back! It's bent right around, just like a- a snake. Look at yourself!"

I twisted my head to study my shape and realised with a sickening horror that my elongated body was beginning to resemble a lizard. As I groaned with fear Sybil let out a grunt of pain and jerked violently on her shortening limbs.

"Ughh! My butt is hurting. What's happening?"

I turned to study my partner and realised she was sprouting a tail even as her legs were growing yet shorter. It was like a tadpole but in reverse.

Then I felt the same sharp pain in my own spine and realised that I too was sprouting an identical long serpentine tail even as my legs had almost disappeared into my body! Sybil whimpered with terror.

"We're turning into snakes!"

I was forced to agree. Even as her cry died in her throat I watched her arms disappearing into her shoulders and the last vestiges of her once beautiful legs being absorbed into her hips. There were a few pitiful twitches under her soft silky skin as she obviously kicked her last useless protests then her skin lay still. Her body now appeared smooth and silky just like some bizarre serpent with a woman's warm soft sensuous skin and a woman's face on a graceful slender neck. The top of her head was now a beautiful russet gold where her once beautiful hair had now receded into her crown. Needless to add that I had also followed exactly the same path except that my rear limbs remained as two vestigial spur-like stumps exactly like some of the larger male pythons. These spurs helped to secure and position the female when the larger snakes mated.

For nearly an hour we coiled nervously around each other waiting for the final changes but they never came. Curiously, our faces remained human and we could still communicate in a thin high-pitched treble.

As the heat of the noon sun increased we felt ourselves becoming more active.

I stared into Sybil's tearful eyes and whispered.

"You've still got a human face, what do I look like?"

"Yes, it's human" she replied, "but your hair's gone and your head's changed shape slightly. Your lips are also much bigger. My nipples seem to be tickling! Are they still there?"

I gazed down and was pleasantly surprised to see soft pillowy little breasts capped by pink nipples about one quarter of the way down Sybil's serpentine torso. Her long body widened very slightly at this point and another again about half way down. It seemed that Sybil still enjoyed the faintest vestiges of a woman's hourglass figure and I wondered why. My body was completely serpentine throughout it's length. I uncoiled to touch Sybil's nipples lightly with my expanded human lips.

"Ah! That's nice. Oh! That's lovely. Why have I sill got nipples?"

"I don't know." I confessed. "What does it feel like further down?"

"It feel's like it always did. How about you?"

"Let's look." I invited.

She caught my eye and nodded her head with a serpentine fluidity as we mutually entwined our bodies and curled inwards to examine our reproduction organs. Being expert herpetologists we quickly recognised several discrepancies between our organs and those of a true snake.

"Look, grinned Sybil, (because she could still smile,) I've got an anus and a vagina, just like a mammal."

I gently kissed her upper aperture and confirmed it to be her vagina as I unexpectedly located a familiar little bud.

"Ooohh, that's nice!" She sighed. "I've still got a clitoris!"

"And I've still got a penis that resembles a human's, look!"

We both examined my strange erection as it emerged directly from my serpentine belly and Sybil gently examined it with her mouth. I groaned with pleasure as my coils entwined with hers and my 'stumpies' gently pressed to grip her smooth sides.

"Mmmm! That's nice. Can you thrust at all?" Asked Sybil as she positioned her self to receive my advances.

I tested my grip with my vestigial stumpies and gently levered my belly against hers as the coils of our tails tightened. To our mutual delight, my stumpies locked just below her pelvic swelling and held our bellies in line as my thrusts remained perfectly on target. My urgent penis slipped delightfully into Sybil's slippery vagina. Our 'lovemaking' felt entirely human and I secretly gave thanks that our Amazonian hosts had not completely de-humanised us. We could think, talk and make love like humans and I was sure that we were still warm-blooded.

After a spectacular bout of lovemaking we both fell into a contented slumber.

It was night time when we both awoke from our torpor as noises in the hut disturbed us. I blinked uncertainly and gently stroked Sybil's head with my neck to warn her that our Amazonian hosts were approaching. It was only then that I realised our snakelike bodies had undergone another tremendous change during our sleep.

Our body masses had shrunk alarmingly and I wriggled with fear as Cleo reached down to grasp me in her hand.

"Ah," she smiled contentedly, "so you have completed your changes."

I squirmed helplessly in her expert grip as I realised I could not be more than 60 centimetres long and perhaps one and a quarter inches diameter at my widest girth.

"What have you done to us?" I squeaked in an almost inaudible treble commensurate with my shrunken vocal chords.

I was only too thankful to be able to speak at all.

"You are my God-head now." She whispered as she brought her beautiful face close to mine and gently kissed my disproportionately large lips.

"Ah yes, my Godhead," she repeated almost with a trance-like reverence. "Our tribe worships snakes and we take an oath to become as one with their kind."

"What d'you mean?" I squeaked again as she deftly grasped my partner Sybil and held her close to her lips as well.

I noticed that Sybil was well over a meter long but slightly thinner than me except where her pelvic and thoracic swellings betrayed her female origins. The difference in length was normal amongst many types of snake; that is the female being larger than the male. Both our heads were slightly larger than an ordinary snake's but we concluded that this was to accommodate what was left of our human brains and human facial features.

After Cleo had kissed her also, Sybil turned helplessly to me and twitched her long pale slender tail helplessly before coiling it around the girl's arm. I was too short to do the same and Cleo smiled as Sybil's coils managed two gentle loops that became little more than a soft embrace. Our soft human, feminine, hairless skins also prevented any hope of slipping from Cleo's hands so we were stuck in her firm but inescapable grip.

"Why have you done this?" I begged again.

"You will find out tomorrow night at the festival. Yours is a vital part."

Once again Sybil and I exchanged poignant glances as Aspa produced a large tightly woven basket and we were dropped like two snake charmer's cobras into it's cavernous interior.

It was only then that our lack of size was made abundantly clear to us. The basket was only about four feet high, but try as we might, we could not escape.

Then the basket was placed just outside the door of the hut. No lid was needed and occasionally a strange face would appear above the open top to peer knowingly down at our tight nervous coils.

At one stage, I tried biting through the woven grass but it was too tough for my tender human mouth. Besides all my teeth appeared to be missing. I was only capable of a gummy suck, as was my partner Sybil.

The next night we learned our fate.

We were gently lifted from our basket and paraded aloft above the worshipping Amazons before being placed in a shallow pool of fragrant oils in a hollowed out stone alter. As we squirmed helplessly without any friction to give us purchase, the High Priest began to whisper to us.

"My children, you are God-heads now, servants of Gia the Earth mother."

"What d'you mean?" Squeaked Sybil.

"Your function is to redress the balance of the earth with human kind."

Sybil and I frowned uncertainly and the priestess gently caressed our sensitive soft human skins.

"You have both become the agents of the Earth mother. Mankind has increased his number too much for the Earth to sustain his ways. There is need to stop his rape of the planet. The Goddess Gia is our name for mother Earth and we worship snakes because they travel closest to mother Earth. On their bellies do they go, closest of all to Mother Earth".

I looked at Sybil then replied to the priestess.

"But we can't go on our bellies. Sybil's nipples and my penis are too sensitive. It's all we can do to move on this smooth stone alter. We can never slide over rough earth and grass."

"And you never shall my children. Yours will be the first of a special relationship with mankind. You will always be carried by them except in special circumstances."

"And what will that be?" I demanded, expecting to spend the rest of my life as some sort of stage act being produced from our basket like a conjurer's rabbit.

"You will see," smiled the high priestess as she motioned to the acolytes.

Sybil and I both reared up like cobras as high as we could in the slippery oil bath. Above the shallow rim we watched Cleo now totally naked and moving willingly forward in some sort of trance. The acolytes then gently lifted the maid up onto the alter and stretched her on her back whilst parting her legs.

Then the priestess washed her hands in some special sort of fluid that neutralised the oil's slipperiness and gently took Sybil by the neck. Sybil was helpless in her grip and the Priestess then presented Sybil's head to Cleo's lower lips whilst gently parting the folds of her labia.

Sybil let out a squeak as she squirmed helplessly but the oils made her helplessly slippery against the girl's lubricated vagina. The High Priestesses hands still maintained their firm grip thanks to the neutralising fluid. With a shuddering wriggle I realised Sybil's destination. Slowly and inexorably Sybil's squeaks became more and more muffled as first her head and then her whole body was forced steadily into Cleo's wetted slippery sex. I watched terrified as Cleo started to moan and squirm lasciviously while Sybil's entire body slowly disappeared. Eventually there was no more of Sybil to be seen and Cleo released a satiated groan of pleasure. It was obvious that she had orgasmed.

My eyes must have stuck out on organ stops as the priestess then turned to me wriggling helplessly in the shallow bath of oils.

She dipped her hands in the neutralising fluid again then gently grasped me by the neck and held me to her lips as she made a few last explanations.

Your partner Sybil is now stuck inside the Cleo's womb. After a few hours Sybil's tail will bind like a foetus as Cleo's womb responds to Sybil's special pheromones and develops a placenta. Sybil will never again be able to escape from Cleo's womb because her tail will always be attached to Cleo's special permanent placenta. However Sybil will get all the nutrition and oxygen she needs from that same placenta. She will have no more need to breath or feed and all she need do is produce eggs made fertile by you.

Inside that warm protective womb, Sybil will nurse her eggs like a pine snake until those eggs will hatch in the maid's womb. Then your young will be born viperously from Cleo's vagina like any ordinary mammal.

Do not worry however for Sybil will always be able to talk to you when you wish. She will simply extend her head outside Cleo's vagina to breath air and whisper sweet nothings whilst Cleo sleeps. Thus Sybil will always be able to share your company. Sybil will always be 'at home' to you inside Cleo's womb.

You however will only rarely enter Cleo's womb, for that is Sybil's domain. You will live in the vagina and serve Cleo's needs as well as Sybil's. You will become a cunt-snake!

Your new snake libidos are now ten times stronger than your previous human ones and you will constantly want to indulge your passions. , This you can always do inside the warm soft safety of Cleo's vagina. Sybil will pass most of her body through the maid's cervix and make her own vagina available to you as you mate with her inside Cleo's vagina.

Your conjunctions with Sybil will also excite Cleo however and invariably she will need relief. It will be both your jobs with your enhanced lips and toothless jaws, to attend to Cleo's clitoris.

Another of your tasks will be to guard Cleo's purity in that you will defend her vagina from any attempt by a man to penetrate her."

"How will I do that?" I asked. "I have nothing to defend it with."

"Ah, there you are mistaken," smiled the priestess, " deep down inside your throat are two sharp fangs well away from your soft tender lips and gummy jaws. Your jaws and mouth are not dissimilar to that of the egg-eating snake except that the 'egg tooth' is in fact a pair of fangs. Cleo has taken an Amazonian vow of chastity and will never willingly succumb to male advances. If a penis is forcibly introduced to Cleo's vagina it will be your job to embrace the invading member and swallow it down your throat until it reaches those deadly fangs.

Your rubbery lips and throat exactly resemble the permanently moist lining of a hungry vagina so the offending rapist will be utterly convinced he as entered a particularly lascivious and appreciative virgin. Your job will be to excite the rapist by embracing his penis in your throat until he reaches his orgasm. You swallow his seed because you are programmed to do so and this will prevent any chance of conception by Cleo. Simultaneously as the seed spills down your throat, your special deep-set fangs will automatically erect and pierce his penis with your special venom."

"And kill him," I finished speculatively.

"Oh indeed not," smiled the high priestess as she gently massaged my vulnerable form. "Your 'venom' is much more subtle than a simple poison."

"Go on," I squeaked curiously.

"No my little pet, once your venom is injected into his penis it will slowly begin to shrink. He will not notice at first for the effect will take a few days but eventually, his penis will have shrunk into a clitoris. Simultaneously his scrotum will have retracted deep into his groin to form an extremely sensitive and erotic blind vagina. He will not change sex completely but for all practical purposes his groin will be that of a woman's. Additionally, his skin will soften, his buttocks will fill out and of course his breasts will grow so that he will resemble a maid in all but stature."

"Is that what happened to Cleo's partner Aspa?" I squeaked.

"Of course," smiled the priestess, "but it was completely voluntary. Aspa chose to go the woman's way for he was already that way inclined as a man. Indeed many of the men in our tribe are inclined to femininity. That is why our tribe have become Amazons. You will notice that many of our priestesses seem to be slightly pregnant but that is not their true condition.

If you look now at the sleeping Cleo's belly you will see already that it is beginning to swell slightly. That is your partner Sybil's pheromones beginning to take effect. Already, Cleo is growing a placenta and Sybil's tail is attaching itself to Cleo's womb. Look carefully, can you see Sybil wriggling inside Cleo's belly to get her position just right. Sybil is already programmed to adopt exactly the right position to facilitate egg-laying, nursing and of course copulating with you."

I studied Cleo's tummy and was stunned to see Sybil's serpentine coils twisting inside Cleo's soft ripe belly as she arranged herself comfortably for a permanent life as a captive resident of Cleo's womb. At this stage Aspa approached the High priestess and spoke affectionately to me.

"That is not all my little friend. Cleo and I are also now lesbian partners but I of course, no longer have my male parts. I am the true Amazon warrior. When we make lesbian love from now on, you will become our shared penis and pleasure us both when we couple."

I stared at Aspa's shining eyes then squeaked plaintively to the High Priestess.

"Is she right? Do I become nothing more than a cock, a dildo?"

"Yes, that is another of your duties but do not fear. There will be endless variation. You can choose to live in either Cleo's or Aspa's vagina as or when you wish. You can swap sides whenever they and you choose. Usually you will live in Cleo's vagina for she is the one at most risk from rape. Aspa is a strong warrior and can well defend herself. Nor can she get pregnant for her man-cunt is blind."

"But what if they refuse? What if they deny me contact with Sybil?"

"They cannot. The only food you will be able to digest is milk and that only from Sybil's breasts. If Sybil's breasts are not regularly relieved of their milk, Cleo will feel a sympathetic pain and swelling in her own breasts."

"The breasts! Of course!" I gasped.

"Yes, her breasts. Now she is living as a womb-snake she will never have need to go on her belly ever again. Cleo's blood will feed Sybil via the placenta and Sybil's breasts will grow larger. Those breasts will be topped by those delightful nipples you saw before Sybil took up residence in Cleo's womb. At least once a day you must enter Cleo's vagina, for Sybil to let down through Cleo's cervix and make her swollen nipples available to you."

This was getting more and more bizarre but at the same time I was becoming steadily hornier. The High Priestess smiled knowingly as my erection sprouted from my belly and she gently caressed it with her lips.

"There my pet, it's not as bad as it seems is it?"

I nodded my head resignedly and she handed me to Aspa who immediately started to insert me into her warm sweet smelling vagina.

For some strange reason, I was immediately attracted to Aspa's warm cosy aperture and squirmed thankfully inside to explore my new home. I realised that I had been genetically altered to find Aspa's evocative odours attractive. After twisting and squirming experimentally I found that I could lie with my tail coiled to prevent me slipping out. With sixty centimetres of muscular body to secure me I could now lie with my head protruding to give Aspa the appearance of having a cock.

Provided Aspa refrained from wearing any underwear I could study the world from this unusual level whilst allowing myself to breath.

At the same time I could savour the delightful fragrance of Aspa's altered sex, which I now realised I was genetically programmed to enjoy. Gently I turned my head and clamped my knowing lips onto Aspa's clitoris causing her to give a long gasp of delight as she sank helplessly to her knees. She swayed with delight then fell forward and kissed the high priestess's lower parts in thankful supplication. I continued working my rubbery lips around the core of Aspa's delight until she collapsed in ecstasy and squealed with delight. For a moment her frenzied fingers dived to her crotch and grasped my neck to press my lips harder against her bud. Strangely her urgent grip didn't hurt me for I had developed the powerful musculature of a small boa beneath my soft feminised skin. Although I felt soft and silky to the touch, I could make myself stiffer and stronger than any human erection. I accepted now that I was forever destined to spend the rest of my life as a cunt-snake but somehow the prospect did not seem unattractive.

Aspa moaned and squealed with satisfaction as her second orgasm rolled in on the back of her first and caused her to stiffen in a shocked paroxysm of helpless paralysis. I knew my work was done and gently slid back into my protective secret place deep within her inviting loins. Once inside I gave a few final squirms and coils to send shockwaves of ecstasy through her belly and create the final crescendo of rapture that tipped Aspa into unconsciousness.

I knew it would be nightfall before Aspa and Cleo joined each other in bed again and therefore I might as well pass the remainder of the day sleeping in my warm damp home. Yes, Aspa did secrete some sweet oily scented vaginal fluids, but nothing like the volumes of a natural born female.

I was to meet with my beloved Sybil again early that evening as Aspa and Cleo prepared for bed. As they showered together, I carefully extended my head beyond Aspa's labia and gave her the appearance of having a penis. To my delight Sybil had also extended a couple of inches beyond Cleo's love-lips and we exchanged knowing glances through the rivulets dribbling down the Amazon's bodies. The suds smelt sweet and did not sting our eyes.

At first the Amazons seemed not to have noticed our emergence so we each kissed their clitorises to remind them of our arrival. Both Cleo and Aspa gasped with pleasure then they stared down to study their new tenants. Quickly the Amazons dried themselves before delicately traipsing naked along the jungle path from the waterfall back to their own tribal hut. Both Sybil and I savoured the motion as we savoured the Amazons graceful swaying gait. Additionally we both studied the world from our strange new 'crotch-high' perspective as our glistening heads protruded like penises from the Amazon's vaginas.

Once there inside the hut, they flung themselves on the large cot and Aspa gently invited me to come all the way out. Simultaneously, Cleo carefully encouraged Sybil to extend her whole length from her vagina and gently snake her way up Cleo's belly to latch her lips onto Cleo's nipples. We all three stared in mesmerised delight as Sybil accepted the invitation. Slowly she emerged from Cleo's sex and brushed evocatively against Cleo's clitoris as she gently wound her way between Cleo's breasts before finally locking onto one of Cleo's nipples. Cleo gave a gasp of delight as Sybil simultaneously stiffened her body to caress Cleo's clitoris and then tugged gently with her permanently anchored tail. This last twitch sent a delicious twinge of delight deep, deep inside Cleo's most female place. Cleo let out a low groan of pleasure and slumped in lascivious abandon across the cot.

At first I lay gently twined around Aspa's fingers as she lay beside Cleo but then Aspa reached across to latch my lips onto Cleo's other nipple. Then with a deft twitch of her fingers Aspa slipped me off her hand and I coiled my body around Cleo's other breast. Thus Sybil and I lay across each other between Cleo's breasts, exchanging affectionate caresses while we waited for Cleo to recover.

With a delicate sigh, Cleo finally recovered and reached across to embrace Aspa. This was signal for Sybil to return to her domain and I gently glided down Cleo's beautiful body as I followed my mate into Cleo's intimate parts. Cleo gasped then giggled with delight as Sybil left a final gentle kiss on Cleo's clitoris before retracting herself deep within her host's sex. I hesitated then Aspa gently grasped my body and fed me delicately into Cleo's vagina. Cleo squeaked slightly as my slightly larger head and thicker girth tested the receptivity of her vagina and labia lips. Fortunately they were still slick from Sybil's previous attentions and with a soft plop, my head slipped past the portals of Cleo's desires and met again with Sybil's beautiful body. Delicately I drew all of myself inside Cleo then coiled around to twine my serpentine body tight with Sybil's. Slick with Cleo's passion we quickly coupled and our urgent action soon transmitted itself to Cleo's libido. Soon Cleo was thrusting and grinding herself against Aspa as they both called to us.

Gently Sybil exposed her head and found Aspa pressed hard against Cleo as they sought their desperate satisfaction. She slid back inside again and we discussed how we would help our hosts.

"You extend yourself like a penis because you are more muscular and thicker than I," advised Sybil.

"And what will you do?" I asked.

"I will be your anchor. As long as we are coiled together and coupled as we are, then you cannot be pulled from Cleo's cunt.

I can simply extend my head and suck both their clitorises while you work yourself up ad down as you fuck them and me. Fortunately, despite my being longer than you overall, my length is mostly in my tail where my eggs are made. You will notice that you are quite a bit longer than me from your cock to your lips. That means you can extend that big head of yours further into Aspa's cunt and really do the business whilst I titillate their clitties. See, if I kink my thorax a bit, my jaw rubs against Cleo's clit while my lips suck Aspa's. Listen to them mewling with delight. Believe me, I was a woman and I know exactly what turns women on. Now go to it!"

Without delay I took a deep breath then locked my spurs about Sybil's abdomen and thrust into her with delight. Sybil responded by thrusting her whole body back and forth from her anchor point deep within Cleo's womb. This compounded the in and out motion of my stiffened body into Aspa's cunt and I heard Aspa squealing in ecstasy as her squirming became even more urgent.

By now I had nearly fifty centimetres of my entire length rammed rigidly into Aspa so I coiled tightly around inside her stretched 'man-cunt' and poked my head out again. This coiled contortion only added to Aspa's delight as my kinked double thickness of body twisted and squirmed inside her. Aspa let out a wail of delight as I met my partner Sybil's knowing grin while she worked urgently on Aspa's clitty. I whispered to Sybil to let me pleasure Aspa and Sybil smiled as she immediately retreated slightly into Cleo's cunt then concentrated her lips on Cleo's clitty. Each girl now had two thicknesses of cunt-snake sliding between them like a double-headed dildo whilst our enlarged thickened lips each attended to their clitties. The bend in my body acted like the knot in a dog's cock and the two Amazons discovered that they could not separate as Sybil and I drove them to paroxysms of delight. Throughout this conjugation my own penis remained firmly lodged inside Sybil's cunt somewhere deep inside Cleo whilst my coils locked around Sybil's tail inside Cleo's womb.

Never before had two Amazons ever enjoyed such delight and their wails of ecstasy could be heard all around the tribal village for hours before they fell unconscious with exhaustion.

Sybil and I could finally relax, as our hosts were totally satiated. This done we each released their clitties from our knowing lips and retreated deep into Cleo's pussy. Aspa twitched and whimpered as I uncoiled my body and gently released her from the 'knot' whilst Cleo squirmed unknowingly in her sleep as Sybil and I completed our own pleasures. Finally we were ourselves satiated and I began to feel hungry as Sybil prepared to settle sleepily inside Cleo's warm protective womb. I made my hunger known to Cleo who immediately recognised my plight and invited me to join her in her own private lair.

There she gently arranged her coils carefully about mine until I found my face resting directly onto her delightful breasts. I quickly scented the delightful aroma of Sybil's sweet milk as she 'let down' and she gasped with pleasure as my knowing lips quickly accepted her invitation. I found that I didn't even have to suckle. Sybil's milk contained sugars that sweetened the milk whilst paralysing my swallow. The milk flowed directly down my throat and straight into my stomach. I could even feed whilst sleeping. This was how I would have to feed for the remainder of my life. I wondered at first why I didn't feel the need to breathe, then I realised that my metabolism was essentially snake. Despite being warm-blooded, I could live for many hours without the need for oxygen as my metabolism closed down.

Despite it being completely dark I knew that Sybil was smiling down at me. I was smiling too as we each gently drifted off into a deep rewarding slumber. Our lives as 'cunt-snakes' had begun.




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