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This story was written to compete in Fictionmania’s TG story writing contest. I enjoyed writing it. I hope everyone enjoys reading it.


Slammer Slut                by: Carol Collins


Edwin Smuck pressed the enter key on his computer and chuckled as the signals were sent out onto the Internet. He smiled broadly as he took pleasure in doing the Lord’s work. Every since Yahoo had listed the FictionMania site, he had conducted a war on the sinful Internet web page.

Edwin had hacked into over a hundred different computer servers around the world and had inserted programs that, even this second, were inundating the FictionMania server with thousands of pinging packets. The FictionMania server’s firewall would be blazing as if it were being hosed down with napalm!

Edwin’s mother had raised him to follow the Righteous Path. She had taught him just how evil it was to be a man. He still had painful memories of the times when he was a pubescent teenager and she would let him look at suggestive pictures of women and girls. She would watch for the tell tale signs of an erection, and as soon as she knew her young son was excited by the photos, she would use her paddle on his youthful bottom until his erection was gone. She wanted her son to be a "good boy" and did not want him to associate girls and erections with pleasure. It had worked all too well.

Edwin had grown up avoiding women. His mother’s training had been very successful. Edwin was short, skinny, had blonde hair, blue eyes and was a little effeminate. His mother had divorced his father when he was a baby and he had never had a male role model. Religion had been his steady diet as he had grown to become a young adult. At the age of thirteen, he had designed web pages for his mother’s church. By the age of fifteen, he was hacking into the sex site’s web pages and causing damage. It was in the name of the Lord, so, it was justified.

By the age of seventeen, Edwin had written a virus program that he had hidden on several of the evil sex web pages and news groups. When people had downloaded pictures and files, they also downloaded the virus. Edwin was responsible for the destruction of many hard drives. Since the virus was also lost when the drives went down, the owners just thought that it was a mechanical failure. Edwin felt that the sinners had gotten what they deserved.

Edwin had just turned eighteen last week and was determined to cause the destruction of the sick and perverted FictionMania web site. He had tried to hack into the server itself, but was stumped on how to damage it. The demented Mindy used an Apple computer for a server! "How diabolliquely evil!" Edwin thought as he hit the enter button again to set off another death attack of pings. If he could not get inside to destroy the system, he would batter down the gates.

He had read part of a story on FictionMania by some evil person named Carol Collins. "Stocking Stuffer" took the Holy Holidays and subverted them to the depths of depravity. Edwin had read the first few pages until he had started getting an erection. That is how he knew that the site was evil. Any time that his dinky started getting stiff, he knew that the cause was Satan and that the source had to be punished.

Unknown to Edwin, Mindy, and her minions, were tracing the pinging packets back to each of the servers. His second keystroke on the enter key was the one that allowed his computer’s address to be identified as the trigger to the hacked into computer systems. The proper authorities were notified and the police were dispatched to the Smuck home with a search warrant and an arrest warrant for Edwin Smuck.

Edwin Smuck’s trial was relatively swift. He had refused having a lawyer appointed for him by Judge Jones. He felt that the jury would see the Righteousness of his Cause and would applaud his activities. He was in a state of shock when the verdict was read. Three years in prison! Edwin jumped to his feet and screamed at the jury, the judge and the reporters in the court room. "You stupid fools! You don’t realize how important my work is. You are the Devils Disciples. Jones, you will burn in Hell for this."

Edwin was quickly ushered out of the court room. Judge Jones was not happy about being called a Disciple of the Devil. He returned to his chambers, picked up the telephone and called his good friend, the warden of the state prison. Special arrangements were made to ensure that young Edwin received the perfect cell mate.

Edwin was frightened as he was lead into the cell block that was supposed to be his home for the next three years. He was the shortest prisoner there. He was also the youngest. His facial features were feminine, his skin smooth and unblemished, his frame was small and graceful. He had big blue eyes and his blonde hair hung down over his forehead. Already, the inmates were calling him, "Fresh Meat." A very scruffy looking older man blew him a kiss as the guard escorted Edwin to his cell. Couldn’t they tell that he was a Servant of the Lord?

Edwin ducked into the relative safety of his cell when the guard pointed it out. The door slid shut and clanged as the lock clicked. Edwin gave a sigh of relief as he turned around to look over his new home. The cell was seven foot by nine foot. There was a single chair, a folding desk top, a toilet, a tiny sink, a couple of shelves and two bunk beds hanging on one wall. When Edwin looked more closely at the bunk beds, he realized that he was not alone.

Bubba Washington was six foot five inches of prison workout room hardened muscle. Being Black, he had grown up in the ghettos and was the product of his environment. Bubba was doing twenty years for bank robbery. He had already been in prison for sixteen of those years and Edwin was his seventh cell mate. He had been without a woman for so long that he now enjoyed forcing another male, especially such a cute blue eyed blonde, into being his lover. He climbed up out of his bunk and stood towering over the frightened young virginal male.

Bubba’s dark eyes roamed up and down over Edwin’s figure for a few minutes before he said, "Baby, I like your looks. My name is Bubba. You can be my bitch."

Edwin was chased around the inside of the tiny cell for the next few minutes. He had no chance of escape, but Bubba enjoyed the chase. It was his idea of fore-play. The other inmates could hear Edwin’s scream as Bubba took him into his big strong arms. Hoots and suggestions were yelled at the mismatched couple as Edwin spent the night experiencing sexual activities for the first time. His squeals kept most of the other inmates of the cell block awake all night.

The next morning, Edwin awoke with a strange after taste in his mouth. He was on the lower bunk, completely nude and lying on his stomach. When he turned over, his bottom hurt. Then, the memories of the long and seemingly endless night came flooding into his mind. How he had been made to give Bubba oral sex. How he had been the recipient of anal sex. How a butt plug had been inserted and he had been told that he would wear it at all times unless he was using the bathroom or Bubba’s cock was taking it’s place. What embarrassed Edwin the most was the memory of his own orgasm as Bubba had stroked his over sized tool in and out of his painfully stretched bottom.

A very large hand slapped Edwin on one of his buttocks. "Get up, bitch. We have to go to the chow hall in ten minutes." Edwin asked if he could stay in the cell. Everyone in the cell block must have heard what had happened the previous night. Edwin was too ashamed to be seen by anyone. Bubba insisted. After last night, Edwin was not going to make Bubba mad at him. He could feel the butt plug move around in his bowels as he climbed out of the bunk and put on his jockey shorts and prison uniform.

After the stretching that Edwin’s anus had had the night before, plus having the plug in place, the young blonde found that he had to walk rather strangely. He did not know that he was swinging his cute little round bottom at all the horny convicts as he entered the cafeteria, was served breakfast and sat down very gently on the seat indicated by Bubba. The butt plug was forced a little deeper as he sat down. He knew that everyone in the room was watching him and his face blushed a bright red.

Many of the prisoners would have liked to have a turn with the new cutie, but Bubba had a reputation of not sharing his bitches. And, Bubba was one of the top dogs in the prison. He also had a reputation for forcing his cell mates to change radically. They knew that last night was only a sample of what would happen to the youth that now shared Bubba’s cell. Edwin picked at his food without hardly tasting it. He was beginning to think that trying to destroy FictionMania was not worth what had happened to him.

After breakfast, Bubba introduced his new plaything to another pair of inmates, Spike and Chantilly. Spike was a very large muscular man whereas Chantilly was a slightly built person with long hair and two very obvious bulges under her prison shirt. Spike seemed aloof, but Chantilly greeted Edwin as if he were an old friend. Chantilly appeared to be a female with delicate features, long flowing hair and even lipstick and eye make-up. Edwin had thought that this was a prison for men only.

While Bubba and Spike carried on a private conversation, Chantilly asked Edwin, "Is this a frightening place, or what?" When she saw tears beginning to well up in Edwin’s big blue eyes, she hugged him to her bosom. Edwin was amazed when he felt how well developed Chantilly’s breasts were. He was now very confused about whether he was being hugged by a man or a woman. He was frightened and Chantilly’s concern was genuine. Edwin returned the embrace.

"Don’t worry, Honey. Bubba may seem to be a big mean man when you first meet him, but all you have to do is every thing that he tells you to do and it will be okay." Edwin blinked his eyes a few times to control his tears. "Bubba’s last girlfriend and me were great friends. And, I am sure that we will be, too." Edwin did not want to be any man’s girl friend, but remained silent.

Edwin followed the others back to his cell. His bottom was sore and the butt plug was a constant reminder of how much his life had changed. Several of the other inmates saw the exaggerated way in which Edwin was forced to walk and thought that they would love to spend a little time with him, too. Edwin kept his eyes lowered so that he would not see the hungry stares being cast in his direction. Back in their cell, Bubba went through Edwin’s belongings. All of his jockey shorts were given to Spike to dispose of. Edwin objected, but became quiet when both Bubba and Spike gave him a menacing look. Except for the shorts that he had on, Edwin had no other underwear.

Next, the four inmates went to Spike and Chantilly’s cell. Chantilly had a chest of drawers that she opened and picked out several pairs of silk, satin and lace bikini panties. She smiled as she offered them to Edwin. When Edwin refused the lingerie, Bubba ordered him to accept them and to say a thank you. Edwin meekly complied. Next, Bubba ordered him to remove his pants and shorts and put on the pink silk bikini panties and model them. Edwin’s face turned red and he exclaimed, "No! I won’t do it."

Bubba and Spike both moved in on Edwin. He did not stand a chance against either of them. Together, they handled him like a small child. A large hand was held over his mouth as he was held down on a bunk, his pants were striped from his struggling body, his jockeys were ripped off and he was told to put the panties on or else he would be severely punished. Edwin surrendered. He slowly accepted the panties, stepped into them and slid them up his almost hairless legs. All the activity had caused the butt plug to shift around and Edwin’s prostrate was excited. As the silk settled around his small genitalia, he was surprised by the smoothness of the silken material. Every one in the cell noticed that Edwin’s penis had become erect, which only added to Edwin’s embarrassment.

"There now, you like wearing panties," Bubba stated. "I told you that you are my bitch. All of my bitches wear panties. From now on, your name is Edwina. Understand?" Edwin had tears in his big blue eyes as he looked up into the faces of the huge men that towered over him so menacingly. He meekly nodded his head. Bubba grinned from ear to ear.

Spike picked up a bottle of pills from the chest of drawers and poured a small hand full into the palm of his large callused hand. Chantilly fetched a cup of water for Edwin to use to wash down the pills. He asked what they were but was told to not question his orders. He swallowed them, one by one. Chantilly took the nearly empty cup from him and gave him a friendly hug. Edwin had no idea of what the pills were. He only knew that he did not wish to be beaten up by the two giant men.

A group of inmates had gathered outside the cell door to observe what was being done to the teenage inmate. Bubba turned towards them and told them to get going. All averted their eyes as they scrambled to obey. Bubba and Spike went to collect protection money from some of the other prisoners while Chantilly talked to Edwin in private.

"You’ll find that having Bubba for your man isn’t so bad. He was good to his last girlfriend and he will be good to you too. Just don’t make him angry. He has a powerful temper." Chantilly told Edwin about prison life and what he would be expected to do to satisfy "his man" each night. In return, Edwin would have Bubba’s protection. Otherwise, the entire population would be taking turns on the young blond teenager. Edwin imagined what that would be like and decided that it would be worse than his present situation as he wiggled around on the bunk, trying to find a position where the butt plug would not be forced so deep up inside of his stretched intestines.

Chantilly got out her fingernail polish and convinced Edwin that it would make Bubba happier if his nails were painted a bright red. A few minutes later, Edwin’s’ trimmed nails were crimson in color. Chantilly told him that he would have to let them grow out to be as long as her own inch long nails. She fluffed his medium length hair and sprayed it to give it more body. A little eye make up and lipstick and Edwin was actually very attractive. When Bubba returned, his eyes got big and he whistled at his new cell mate. Edwin blushed as Bubba led him back to the privacy of their cell.


Bubba arranged for a birthday cake for Edwina’s twentieth birthday party. It was a small celebration. Just Edwina, Bubba, Spike and Chantilly were in the cell. Edwina’s long blond hair was arranged in a very feminine style. She wore a cute pair of hoop earrings in her pierced earlobes. Her make up was done to perfection. The blue of her eyes were accentuated by the colors of her expertly applied eye make up, her pink lipstick coated cupid bow lips were so kiss-able, her shirt was tied around her midsection just below her unsupported C cup breasts. It was unbuttoned to allow the horny men in the prison a chance to peek at her cleavage. Her cut off prison trousers were hot pants length, showing off her shapely smooth legs.

Most of the prison inmates thought of Edwina as they masturbated at night. Edwina took pleasure in that knowledge. She wanted the other men to desire her, but she belonged to Bubba. She opened a gift from Spike and Chantilly to find that it was a matching set of satin lingerie. A black push up brassiere, black garter belt, black bikini panties, long length nylon stockings and a pair of stilleto high heel shoes. She knew that when she modeled them for Bubba, later that night, he would be very impressed and would make passionate love to her.

Bubba took his sweet thing into his big strong arms as he held her close. "Baby, my present is this. Tomorrow, Doc will check you into the infirmary on the excuse that you have appendicitis. Instead, he will perform surgery to make you into a complete woman." Edwina squealed happily as she threw her frail arms around his muscular neck and kissed his lips. Chantilly was jealous, but was happy for her friend.

That night, Bubba and Edwina made mad passionate love. Edwina was proud of the way she could swallow over half of Bubba’s gigantic ebony tool. Her bottom had been so well expanded with the butt plugs, she was able to let Bubba have her back pussy while deriving pleasure from the act. She had lain on her back, with a pillow under her well padded butt and her nylon encased legs around the waist of her lover as he stroked in and out of her intestines. They had looked into each other’s eyes until each had cum.

Two days later, Edwina awoke from the medication induced sleep. The prison doctor had been a plastic surgeon until his specialist license had been suspended for unethical behavior. Now, the prison was the only place that would hire him. He had performed the sex reassignment surgery operation before and he had surpassed himself with this patient. He had performed liposuction on her waist to make it smaller, used some of the fat to puff up her lips and buttocks. He felt that her butt would be so sexy that the men would probably still prefer it over her new but perfect vagina.

The good doctor had considered giving Edwina a set of breast implants, but decided against it. The hormones would cause them to be D cups within another year. She would be the best looking slut in this prison and Bubba would have a hard time keeping the other men away from the pretty blonde as it was.

Edwina was up and walking on the third day after the operation. She was sore, but was happy that she and Bubba would become a real man and woman. As she was lying in bed, recuperating, she only wished that she could have access to a computer and the Internet. Edwina had a strong desire to cruise the Fictionmania site and read all of the delicious stories there. She wanted to finish the Stocking Stuffer tale. She wanted to read every story posted there. She now knew what a wonderful place Fictionmania was.

Two weeks later, Edwina was allowed to return to her cell. She fell to her knees and performed fellatio on her dark skinned lover. It would be a few more weeks before she could accommodate him in the way that most men and women made love. Bother were eager to try out her new equipment, but had been warned to wait. All of the other prisoners knew of the sex change operation and were talking about how to get a piece of pussy from the new girl in the cell block.

Three weeks later, as they were going to the showers, Bubba and Edwina were jumped by about ten other inmates. A free for all ensued. By the time that the guards called in reinforcements and quelled the riot, one inmate was almost dead and five others were hospitalized. Bubba was bruised, but otherwise, unhurt. Edwina had been protected from injury the entire time. However, both were put into solitary confinement for four weeks.

When Edwina was released from solitary, she thought that she would be able to return to Bubba’s cell. Instead, she was led directly to the warden’s office. He stood up as she entered the room and welcomed her, "Good afternoon, Edwin, or, is it Edwina? Please have a seat." Edwina sat down in the offered chair.

"I have talked with Judge Jones on the telephone. We have agreed that your presence here is a disrupting influence on the men that are incarcerated in this prison. He has decided that you will no longer be an inmate here. Congratulations, Edwina, you are getting out of this prison." At first, Edwina was thrilled. She could go home! Then, she thought about having to leave Bubba. The guards escorted a saddened girl back to her cell to collect her belongings.

Bubba was already back in his cell and hugged her cute curvy little body to his as they kissed. He had already heard the news and did not want to see his "bitch" go. Edwina tearfully packed her bag with her clothing and cosmetics. Bubba took her in his arms one last time as they kissed their farewell kiss. Edwina had tears flowing down her cheeks as she was led out of the cell block.

Bubba sadly muttered to himself, "Damn! I loose more bitches this way! I just hope that the next one is as cute as Edwina." Edwina sat in the back of the prisoner transportation van as she dabbed her eyes with her lace trimmed hanky. She saw the handsome young guard sitting across from her. He was staring at the cleavage of her prominent breast and her smooth legs as she glanced into his hungry eyes. Edwina knew that she would have to learn to live as a woman. That meant that she had to learn how to flirt with men. She smiled at the young Hispanic guard.

Julio was entranced by the beauty of the blonde that they were told to transport from the men’s prison. He did not know why such a pretty girl would even be at such a vile place, but he was certainly interested in getting to know her better. Her shy smile emboldened him as he moved to sit beside her. He moved closer and when she turned her face toward his, he kissed her soft puffy lips.

Bob and Joe were sitting up front in the van. They knew that the blonde was a transsexual and they would tease Julio about having sex with a man ever after. This was set up to be a joke on the rookie guard. They were each surprised to see how truly beautiful the prisoner was. Both had to hide their erections as they glanced back at the young guard stroking in and out of the young slut. Her big boobs were shifting around on her chest as she met each stroke. If they had been alone with the blonde, each would eagerly have had sex with her as well.

After each had had a couple of orgasms, Julio and Edwina lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes before putting their clothing back on. Edwina and Bubba had not had normal intercourse because her new vagina had not healed before they were put into solitary confinement. Julio had taken her "virginity". They smiled at each other as they straightened their clothing. Edwina loved the feeling of semen leaking out of her vagina and wetting the crotch of her pink satin panties.

Edwina thought back to how she had tried to destroy the Fictionmania site. She now realized how very wrong she had been. She would have to apologize to the web mistress. Maybe, she could contact Carol Collins and get her to write her own story. She so wanted to share it with others.

The van pulled into the Women’s State Correctional Institute. Edwina had thought that she was being released. Judge Jones had simply transferred her to the women’s prison. Her heart sank in her stomach as Julio led her out of the van and into the prison receiving office. She was strip searched, showered and given a new set of women’s uniforms.

As Edwina was escorted to her new cell block, some of the women called her "Fresh Meat". A scruffy looking older woman made a kissing face at her. When they got to her cell, she ducked inside to get away from the lecherous stares. Edwin had never been with a woman. His mother had trained him all too well for him to have gone out on a date with a woman. Now, he was a woman and other women were obviously sexually excited by his new very feminine body.

Edwina noticed that she was not alone in her new cell. A very large woman that was over six foot tall and had the figure of a refrigerator climbed out of her bunk to tower over a frightened Edwina. Her short black hair was cut in a mannish style. She smiled at the pretty little blonde as her eyes swept up and down her curvy figure. She said, "Baby, I like your looks. My name is Bertha. You can be my bitch."



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