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by Julie


I had to admit, I envied my sisters at times. I mean they seemed to get most of Mom's attention; and she always seemed to be brushing and fixing their hair, and fussing over them, and their sissy dresses and things. Dad was in the navy, so he was away for long periods, so that just left Mom, Stephanie 11, Sharon 9, Sherrie 6, and me ... Sean. I am 7 … and adrift in a house full of girls.

There were times when I found myself jealous of my sisters' fancy clothes, and how they played girl games together ... but then there were other times, when I was with my friends, that my sisters and girls in general seemed weak and silly in their frilly dresses, pushing their baby strollers; and we made fun of their girlishness ... and made fun of them.

This all brings me to this one Saturday morning. Stephanie was going to be in a ballet performance for a women's club; and in preparation, Mom was fussing over all three of my sisters in her bedroom. They had to have their hair brushed and combed and curled, and helped to select the right dress to wear. I could hear them gaily giggling and squealing together; and I was feeling pretty left out.

Stephanie and my sisters had prattled on for days about the ballet recital; and in defense, I had teased and made fun of my sisters' sissy ballet, and ballet clothes. So what if I wasn't going? Who wants to go to a sissy ballet? I was going to stay home with a babysitter. Mom was unsure any males, even young boys, would be welcome at the Women's Club recital. And then too, she was afraid I'd be a "disruptive influence", whatever that was.

I quietly ambled into my sister's bedroom to snoop around. I was quiet, as my sisters and I didn't really like each other to be in each other's bedrooms ... our personal territory. Hanging near her bed was one of the costumes Stephanie would be wearing. It was all filmy and girlishly pretty. She was supposed to be a butterfly or something. It had vibrant colors with beautiful, filmy wings ... and it had a small silky skirt with some pink netting. I picked it up, and was looking at it while overhearing their giggles and laughter in the next room, and looked down at their large dollhouse with the tiny furniture and things so neatly arranged. … Just then I thought I heard the adjoining door jiggle. I panicked; and when I fled, I tripped, kicking over their dollhouse. When I shut the door to my bedroom I realized I still had part of Stephanie's costume in my clutches. Well … my resentment suddenly rose to the surface, and I stuffed the skirt under my mattress ... with a bit of a sly smirk.

I walked down the hall past Mom's room; and I looked in to see my sisters in their frilly, white, flounced slips, with their hair still in curlers, being attended to by Mom.

I went out to play until lunchtime. The girls were in skirts and dresses with their hair still in curlers for lunch; and they went on about their dresses and the ballet while we ate. I was pretty much ignored, and left to myself.

Everything was fine until around 1:30. I was up in my room with the door closed, and was looking at Stephanie's filmy skirt again. As I held it up to my waist ... Mom walked in!

"Sean! .... What are you doing with your sister's things?" She exclaimed.

I jumped.

"I ... uh ... " I stammered, hanging my head.

"This is part of her costume she needs tonight! What are you doing with it?" She demanded.

I could only look at the floor, not knowing what to say.

"It's all wrinkled! What were you doing?"

"It's just silly girl junk anyway." I shrugged.

"Is THAT so? Well ... we'll see about that. ... And did you knock over your sisters' doll house, scattering it all over the floor?" She quizzed.

I stood looking at the floor, and nodded ever so slightly.

"What am I going to do with you? What's the matter with you?" She demanded irritably.

She looked me up and down for a while, and then her jaw tensed.

"Well, I don't know ' ... but I don't think I should leave you with the babysitter tonight! ....' not when you act this way. I think you need to come to the ballet recital tonight."

"Eww! No Mom! …' go to a icky girl's ballet? That's for girls! They are sissy and dumb!" I protested.

"You come with me! I think you need a lesson! ... ' girl junk indeed!" She hissed. "You've always expressed such contempt for your sisters and their girl things. Well … we have to figure a way for you to come with us tonight ; and I think a perspective change is in order."

She pulled me across the hall to the bathroom, and began running water in the tub. I was undressed, and I soon found myself surrounded by bubbles, and Mom scrubbing me. She shampooed my hair, poured some conditioner on it, wrapped my shoulder length hair in a towel, and then I was pulled into my sisters' room with a towel around me. I was in a state of shock. I didn't know what was going on, but I was content to stay silent, and let the wind blow it's course.

Sharon and Sherrie were arranging things back into their dollhouse when Mom pulled me over in front of their dresser. She rummaged through some of Sharon's things, and selected a few items.

"Girls, ... if you wait a moment you will have some help setting up your dollhouse again." She announced, looking down at me.

I felt the blood ... and feeling drain from my face.

Mom dragged me back to the bathroom where she took my towel and made me step into the white nylon panties she held. I looked down as my sister's panties ascended up my legs. I gasped as I noticed the pink lace flower on the panties ... and the pink ribbon bow. I squirmed in the girlie panties as Mom readied another white girlie garment to go over my head.

"No Mom! Stop! What are you doing?" I pleaded.

"You can't go to the ballet as a boy. … Besides, you told me you didn't want to be seen as a boy at a 'sissy' girls' ballet anyway. …Well, fine … you will join your sisters in a dress, and go as a girl then. Raise your arms!" She directed.

I wriggled in fear, dread and embarrassment as I felt the Mom force the cool, slippery girlie fabric over my head, and down over my twisting body. I looked down at shiny, ribbon straps over my shoulders, lace across my chest with a ribbon bow, and a lacy flounce floating just above my knees. My legs felt rubbery, and my whole body went cold.

I was dragged back into my sisters' bedroom then; ... and I was so embarrassed as my sisters let out surprised squeals and giggles at the sight of me in one of their frilly, beribboned slips.

"Girls, ... you have a new sister for today." Mom announced. "She'll be going with us tonight."

My sisters gathered around me, giggling gleefully. Sherrie felt my slip hem, and then the bodice, with the silliest grin, unsure of what she was seeing.

"Mom .... how come.... why is he wearing a slip?" Stephanie asked with a wide grin.

"Your brother was bad, and I'm not leaving him here tonight. He is coming with us, and that means he will have to put on a dress and join us girls for tonight; … and I don't think he'll be fussing and making trouble, not while in a pretty dress of his own."

"Oh good!! Can we help pick out a pretty dress for him?" Stephanie squealed.

"Yes, ... you can help." Mom replied.

"Isn't that nice ... uh ... Susan dear? Your sisters want to help pick out a pretty dress for you." Mom cheerily announced.

My stomach was doing somersaults, and my heart was pounding up in my throat. ... Susan?

The towel was removed from my head, and Mom asked Sharon to bring her a set of curlers. She began combing my damp hair out, separating strands, and rolling my hair up in curlers ... to the sheer delight of my glowing, giggling sisters.

"Are you going to make him all pretty?" Sharon asked.

Mom smiled.

"Well, yes honey. Your new sister Susan has to wear a pretty dress and look nice, like the rest of my sweet daughters tonight." She giggled.

Stephanie, Sharon and Sherrie all squealed girlishly.

"...' hair ribbons too?" Sherrie inquired.

"Mmmm .... yes, ... I think a pretty hair ribbon would be nice ..... don't you think?"

My sisters giggled and clapped uproariously.

"Oh YES!" They shouted in unison.

Stephanie and Sharon went to their closet to sort through their dresses for me as Sherrie just sat watching Mom winding my hair in curlers, in tickled fascination. Stephanie and Sharon had selected several possible dresses as Mom wound the last curler, snapping the last pink plastic holder over the cylinder in my hair.

Mom had me stand as Stephanie came over with two dresses, so they could be held up to me. I was completely mortified, and shivered as if I were standing inside an ice box. The first dress was of thin, white linen with embroidered pink flowers. The rounded collar was trimmed in dainty ruffled lace, and was lavishly embroidered with pink, yellow and blue floral scenery. The self-ties that hung from the waist were wide and sheer, and I shuddered at the large wispy bow they would make in back. It had long sleeves and the cuffs were trimmed with dainty lace as well. My sisters squealed and giggled at how I'd look wearing it. Next was a filmy dress of semi-sheer light blue material. The skirt was fuller than the first and it had a similar collar trimmed in narrow ruffled lace as well. This dress had a shiny ribbon sash of pale blue. The sleeves were short, puffy, and gathered with ruffled lace edging. My sisters squealed when this dress was held up to me as well. Sharon brought over her picks, and they held up a shiny yellow dress with a large, square, white, lace trimmed collar with embroidered flowers. It had a wide, white, satin ribbon sash with a bow in front with a flower bouquet and ribbons. The girls were intoxicatedly giddy in anticipation of seeing me dressed as a sissy girl in these frilly dresses. Despite my protests and squirming, each of the dresses was carefully slipped down past my curlers to see how they looked and fit. My sisters squealed and giggled as Mom forced me to turn and model each prissy dress. My face was flame red as Mom and my sisters fawned about how "pretty" … "sweet" … "cute" … and "darling" I looked as a girl in each of the dresses. The dresses were each in turn returned to their hangers without a decision as to which one I'd have to wear tonight. Instead, Mom selected a yellow and white daisy print gingham dress with a lacy white bib. She slipped it over my head, buttoned it up the back, and tied a bow at the small of my back.

"You can wear this until it's time to get ready tonight. We don't want you to get your good dress dirty." She said.

She pulled a pair of white anklets from my sister's dresser then. I looked at the lace tops as she pulled them on my feet. Next came a pair of my sister's shoes, white with a strap that she buckled.

"Now ... you can play with your sisters till supper. You can start by helping them arrange everything back in their dollhouse you knocked over."

My sisters giggled.

"You make a nice looking girl, Sean." A tickled Sharon commented.

"Oh yes, you are going to look so pretty tonight in your dress." Stephanie added.

I felt sick.

They continued their girlish giggling and teasing compliments as I kneeled on the floor to begin arranging the tiny furniture. Sharon and Sherrie were quick to tell me where each piece should go. My sisters would squeal, and giggle loudly, and I'd blush when I had to adjust and arrange the skirt of my dress as I moved and slid over the floor. I was careful in my dress, and very quick to push my hem down to keep from exposing the sissy lace-trimmed hem of the slip I wore. Once the house was put back together the girls got out their dolls. Sharon shoved a doll into my arms; and I had to play dolls with my sisters. We were playing when Stephanie noticed my hands.

"Oh Susan", she giggled. "You need to have your fingernails polished. Mom polished ours this morning.... see."

I shuddered.

"No, I don't have to." I protested.

"Oh yes! Come on ... I'll paint them for you." She laughed.

"NO!" I yelled.

Stephanie yelled for Mom as she headed downstairs. I knew my resistance was not going to do me any good.

"Mom said I should paint your fingernails... and your toenails too if you aren't good."

I was dead. I followed my sister over to their vanity table where Stephanie picked out a bright pink polish, and began carefully painting my nails as Sharon and Sherrie watched and giggled.

"Sharon, Stephanie, Sherrie, Susan, .... come on girls, time for supper." She called about 10 minutes after my nails had dried.

My sisters were all smiles and giggles as they showed me how to scoop my dress under me to sit, and eagerly pointed out my pink nail polish.

"Very pretty Susan!" Mom gushed.

The dishes were quickly put in the sink when we were done, and Mom followed us upstairs to get us ready.

Mom took the curlers out of Sherrie's hair, and began brushing and combing it, while Stephanie began unbuttoning my dress, and letting it slide to the floor. Stephanie selected the light blue dress with the full wispy skirt and satin ribbon sash. This was carefully slid over my head, and Stephanie gleefully buttoned it in back and tied the ribbon sash in a neat bow. My sisters were all smiles and giggles as I turned for them.

"Very pretty Susan ...' good choice." Mom commented.

My sisters were giddy..

I watched as Mom slipped a shiny pink and white dress on Sherrie. Her crinoline slip held her dress out, and her skirt kind of bounced as she walked. Mom clipped a pretty pink and white ribbon and lace barrette at the back of her head, with the ribbons streaming prettily down over her hair. She slipped white anklets with pink lace and a pink ribbon bow on her feet, followed by shiny black Mary Janes.

"Ok Susan, ... you're next." Mom announced, motioning for me to come over.

Mom began removing my curlers as soon as I sat, and she soon began combing and brushing my hair.

"You have pretty hair Susan. It's nice that you kept it long. Your hair holds a curl so nicely. You're going to look so darling in pretty curls." Mom purred, teasingly.

"Here Mom, I think this light blue ribbon would look pretty.... and match her dress." Stephanie giggled, holding out a pale blue, shiny, satin ribbon.

Mom slipped it under my hair in back and tied a prissy bow on top of my head, to the delighted squeals of my sisters.

Stephanie and Sharon led me by the hand to stand in front of the mirror. ... I didn't recognize the girl between my sisters. She looked pretty in her dainty, filmy dress with her sissy straps and lace-trimmed top showing through the sissy material. Her hair was all loose curls, accented prettily with a neat, satin ribbon bow. The ends of the shiny pastel blue ribbon draped long over her curled bangs, and looked so very sissy-girlish.

"Oh Susan, you make such a pretty girl." Stephanie cooed.

Sharon and Sherrie giggled. ... I was shocked speechless, staring at the blushing girl in the mirror.

"Yes … nobody will see anything but a cute little girl." Mom commented, obviously pleased.

Sharon was next, and Mom set about fixing her hair, while Stephanie found a heart necklace and bracelet for her new sister to wear. She slipped the necklace under the Peter Pan collar with the dainty white ruffled lace, and then fastened the girlie bracelet around my left wrist.

Mom finished with Sharon's hair, and then let Sharon finish dressing herself as she called for Stephanie. Mom spent extra time fussing over Stephanie's hair ... as she was to be our "star" tonight. She fixed Stephanie's hair fancy, swept back at her temples and arranged so her curls cascaded down the back. Mom fixed a large, white satin bow at her crown, and the shiny V cut ends looked so pretty mingled with her hair.

Stephanie and Sharon set about getting into their dresses then, as Mom left to get herself ready. I watched as Stephanie slipped into a peach and white pinafore dress. It had white puffy sleeves gathered and trimmed in narrow lace ... like mine. It had ruffled edges on the peach apron part, and the skirt had a flounce at the hem. Sharon put on a satin yellow dress with a white lace trimmed collar and cuffs with pink embroidered flowers. It had a satin sash that Stephanie helped tie in a neat bow in back.

My sisters then spent the next fifteen minutes picking out accessories... necklaces, bracelets, .. and even purses to go with their outfits. Sharon and Stephanie handed me a small white vinyl purse with a short strap to carry. It was Sherrie's and had a couple tissues and a crayon in it.

Mom came in all dressed up, and announced we were ready to go, as she scooped up Stephanie's costumes and looked us all over.

"Come on girls! ... You all look so pretty!" Mom bubbled.

I was reluctant to go anywhere dressed like this, but Mom put her hand firmly at the back of my dress, and pushed me along with my sisters.

I grudgingly allowed Mom to push me out our front door; and I trembled a little at being outside looking like such a sissy girl.

We all slid into the car, Stephanie in front with Mom, and Sharon, Sherrie, and me in back. The seat felt cold on my bare legs, and I lifted to scoop my dress under me ... to giggles from Sharon and Sherrie. I sat nervously between my sisters in back with my purse and girlish looking hands on my filmy skirted lap, and Sharon and Sherrie giggled and primped at my dress the whole trip, telling me how pretty I looked as a girl.

I was afraid and embarrassed as I reluctantly got out of the car in the filmy, sissy dress. We followed the crowd of women and girls, all in pretty dresses, into the large building.

Stephanie left us to get ready, while we mingled among the crowd of pretty dresses. My sisters would look at me and giggle; and I was terrified the sea of femininity was going to discover the sissified young male in their midst. Mom stopped to visit with a couple of other mothers, while I spent most of the time blushing, looking down at the floor over my delicate dress, and over my full filmy skirt, and my white purse dangling at the end of my pink fingertips.

Mom herded us to our seats about twenty minutes later, and I sat next to Mom, who watched to see I sat properly with my knees together.... like a girl. I was careful to copy my sisters, more fearful of discovery than acting like a sissy girl.

I watched the ballet recital. Stephanie wore one of those leotards with a pink tutu in the first performance. It was in the second performance she wore the beautiful bluish-green costume with the filmy wings and silky skirt. She looked so pretty ... and fluid ... and soft ... graceful ... and ... feminine. I didn't know what the word meant .... until then. ... I fluffed the light filmy skirt over my lap.

Mom took us to the women's restroom afterwards. Boy, what a crowd! We had to stand in line before we finally went in. Mom directed me to use a stall, and whispered a reminder to sit while I peed ... like a girl. When we came out Mom fussed over our dresses, and primped my hair, along with Sharon's and Sherrie's, to see that we looked nice as we waited for Stephanie. Mom straightened my hair ribbon, kissed my cheek, and told me what a nice girl I was being. I was embarrassed ... and quiet, and content to be seen as a shy, meek girl … and undiscovered.

Stephanie finally came out, and we all told her how good she was; and Mom made a fuss over her performance, saying how beautiful she was and how proud she was of her.

We all returned home. Mom escorted me upstairs. She stood me in front of the mirror in my bedroom.

"You look so pretty, and were such a good little girl today." She cooed softly. "Maybe we should put you in a dress occasionally."

She helped me out of the dress and slip, and then produced a blue and white nylon knee-length nightie. It had a large blue satin ribbon at the ruffled bust. I was a little flabbergasted as she proceeded to slip it over my head. Mom told me how pretty I looked after she primped at it. I looked in the mirror at the girl in the soft blue nightie ... with a matching hair ribbon in her curls. She walked with me over to my bed to tuck me in, when Sherrie came in in her pink nightie, carrying a teddy bear in a flowered dress.

"Here Susan, you can sleep with Sandi tonight." She said, holding out her teddy bear, smiling.

I slid into bed, and Mom snuggled Sandi in next to me. She smoothed my nightie before pulling up the sheets and kissed me goodnight.

I felt the shiny ribbon at my chest, and the smooth satin ribbon in my curls. As I was drifting off in the silky nightie I was wondrously confused.... would I be Sean or Susan tomorrow?




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