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Sissy Tea Party

by Sissy Billie


It was Sunday and Auntie had dressed her nephew Billie with special care for the day ahead. He had been warned that if he laddered his stockings or complained in any way or failed to behave as a sissy should, he would be punished with a very early bedtime and a severe spanking. She sat back on the sofa with a drink in her hand reading a magazine while Billie stood in the corner facing the wall in his pretty outfit with heels together and hands clasped behind his back. His delicious pink panties peeked out from layers of stiff taffeta petticoats and his stocking tops were in full view. Yes, Auntie thought, this sissy is ready for a special Sunday afternoon tea party.

Although he had several wigs which Auntie made him wear on occasions, her intention today was to show Billie off to her friends as the sissy boy he undoubtedly was, and despite all his frilly clothing he definitely looked like a boy rather than a girl. She reveled in exerting her control over the hapless sissy by coaxing, cajoling and bossing him into ever more outrageous outfits and because of Billie's submissive nature and his overwhelming love of all things lacy and feminine he was powerless to resist. She had recently had his hair permed in a short style and dyed blonde. He wore a pearl drop earring in each pierced ear. Although he wore no makeup, she had made him put on some pink glossy lip-stick. Around his neck, he wore a choker of pearls and on his wrist a matching pearl bracelet. On the other wrist Auntie had placed a silver charm bracelet. Despite his protests he had been taken him to the beauty salon the previous day for a manicure and pedicure and she was pleased with the results. As always, Billie's body hair had been completely removed by Auntie's skilful use of the razor during his daily baths so that his skin was silky smooth and soft after she had rubbed him all over with perfumed moisturising lotion. Auntie had decided that since today's special occasion was to be a tea party, Billie's outfit should be the little girl-style party dress that she had designed for him herself a few weeks ago. Although he had tried it on at the dressmakers - much to his embarrassment - he had not worn it since, so this was to be its first proper outing.

When he had finished his morning chores, which today had involved a long session in the kitchen, making sandwiches and baking cakes for the party, Auntie had given Billie his bath and then started dressing him. Normally she insisted he wear a silver chastity cage that kept his penis locked away and under her control, but this morning she had delighted him by telling him that she would leave it off all day if he solemnly promised to behave obediently. Of course he had readily agreed. He was then fitted with a white training bra and pink satin panties with white lace ruffles over his bottom. Next was a dainty white lace suspender belt embellished with satin ribbons and seamed white sheer nylon stockings. The dress had a very high bodice and short puff sleeves with a Peter Pan collar, edged in lace and a full short skirt. The material was satin of deep cerise pink with white polka dots and had a matching sash which tied in a large bow at his back, pulling the dress tightly about his waist. On top of his head she had clipped a stiff bow of matching material. The petticoat was an important part of the outfit and she had chosen one with three layers of organza that made rustling noises as he moved about and held the dress out at almost right angles to his waist due to the stiffness of the material. Lastly came his shoes and after getting him to parade around his bedroom in several possibilities, she decided on white patent leather mary-jane style pumps with low heels. The final element of his outfit was a spray of expensive perfume at each wrist and on his neck. He looked and smelled adorable!

It was just after half past two when the doorbell rang. Billie's heart lurched. He desperately wanted to run to his bedroom and hide. He had been exposed to very few people in his sissy clothes, and he dreaded the idea of further humiliation. On the other hand his Auntie was so beautiful and mesmerizing he found it impossible to defy her. His panicky thoughts were interrupted when she spoke to him gently but firmly.

"I think we might have some guests my little cherub..."

"What??...No oh no please Auntie, I can't go through with it. I can't be seen dressed like this. Oh please no, let me hide, oh please……"

Auntie's tone changed. "Get going sissy boy and answer the door unless you want a bare bottom spanking in front of our guests. GO AND OPEN THE DOOR! NOW!!..."

Billie gulped and with a supreme effort of will forced himself to move from the corner of the room, nervously smoothing down his skirt. He walked as if in a dream to the front door, feeling now more embarrassed than ever and with butterflies dancing in his empty stomach. He reluctantly opened the door as his aunt stood by him with arms folded. Present at the door were two people he really did not want to meet dressed as he was - two of his aunt's friends, Sue and Kathy. Here he was in an outrageously sissy outfit standing before two extremely attractive women. He swallowed hard. "Ask the ladies in", prompted Auntie.

"Won't you ladies please come in..." Billie managed to whisper hoarsely.

"Why thank you. My you are a pretty boy." smiled Sue.

Billie felt he was about to faint as the ladies came in to the hall.

"Hello Helen. Thanks for the invitation. Who is this delightful creature?" asked Sue.

"Ladies let me introduce you to my little pet. He's my nephew Billie, you remember him don't you? But he has another special name sometimes. Tell the ladies what your name is poppet" Auntie ordered, fixing him with a stare.

"Baby Doll", Billie replied sheepishly.

"How sweet" laughed Kathy.

"Give him your jackets and he'll hang them up. He loves to help around the house. Let's go to the drawing room, shall we?"

Billie took the ladies coats and went to hang them in the hall cloakroom. He caught a glimpse of Sue smirking at him from the corner of his eye before she disappeared into the drawing room. He went back to the drawing room where he found the ladies sitting on the sofas. They stared at him as he made his entrance. The women were giggling and Billie, who was blushing furiously, looked steadily down at the floor to try to regain his composure.

Auntie ordered Billie into the middle of the room.

"Ladies, I'm sure you would agree that too many young men are thoughtless, selfish and very disrespectful of women". The two guests murmured their assent. "Well when Baby Doll came to stay with me I decided that here was an opportunity for me to ensure that at least one young man would go through life making himself useful to all ladies. So I've been training him to show proper respect to all women and he'll be grateful for the chance to practice his good manners by doing whatever you order him to do. His training has been made easier because he had a shameful secret when he first arrived here – didn't you darling? I discovered he loved ladies underwear so much he had a collection of panties hidden away in his bedroom. So I decided to help the poor boy to get in touch with his feminine side - as you can see. His part of the bargain is to do exactly as he is told. Isn't that right Baby Doll?"

Billie nodded dumbly.

The women looked him over from head to toe with renewed interest and Billie felt his face turn a deeper pink to match his dress. Sue called him over.

"Come here Baby Doll; let me have a look at you. Oh my, such a lovely party dress and so, so short! Are those real seamed stockings? I have never seen them before they are so shiny. Ooh - they feel good too. You have lovely legs for a boy!...."

Everyone except Billie laughed, as Sue continued commenting on his outfit. "Tell me Helen, where did you get such a lovely dress for him - and those petticoats? I love how they rustle."

"Oh, I had a local dressmaker custom make this special outfit to my own design but he's got lots more upstairs in his wardrobe. You've got lots of dressing up clothes, haven't you Baby Dolly? Dressing up is one of our favourite games. As well as his pretty dresses he's got lots of very tight shorts to show off his cute little bottom. Most of his things are made of satin or velvet - I just love those materials – and so does he! Tell the ladies which is your favourite dress, Baby Doll". Choking back a tear Billie managed to blurt out, "This one Auntie."

"There we are ladies, he's wearing his favourite dress for you!" Auntie exclaimed laughing.

"Can I can see pink panties?" Kathy asked. "Yes! He's wearing frilly pink panties. HAHAHAHA". Kathy's laugh echoed round the room. "Baby Doll you're wearing pink panties and a lovely white lace suspender belt. How very girlie!"

"How often do you dress him this way Helen?" Sue asked as she rubbed her hand over his panty clad bottom and lifted the layers of ruffled lace with her long fingernails. Kathy watched and continued laughing.

"This is a very special party dress, but I keep him dressed in something pretty all the time nowadays. He is such a sissy he loves it! We got rid of your horrid scratchy boy clothes a long time ago didn't we, my poppet. For a while he used to go out to work in a nasty business suit but wearing all sorts of frilly lingerie underneath – it was our little secret! Then I realised that I needed him at home to be my full-time house maid and I burnt all his male clothes and bought him lots more pretty dresses. He does all his housework - the cooking and cleaning and that sort of thing - dressed in one of his lovely maid's uniforms and he's got lots of those too".

Sue gasped, "What fun! And I love his nails. Have you seen them Kathy? He has beautifully painted nails. They are gorgeous!"

"How cute. I like the sweet charm bracelet too!" Kathy exclaimed.

Auntie sat back taking all this in and revelling in their comments. She could imagine the excruciating embarrassment that they would produce in Billie. She also knew that he would also be experiencing the strange shameful excitement that was the basis of her power over him. "Now what do you say to the ladies for their lovely comments, Baby Doll?"

"Thank you, Mistress Sue and Mistress Kathy." Billie said with a curtsey, still blushing furiously.

"Oh, 'Mistress Kathy' – I've never been called that before. I like that – and the curtsey. You've certainly got him well trained Helen." Kathy said with a gleam in her eye. Then to Sue she said, "Come on Sue, you've been hogging the poor boy for long enough. It's my turn I think. Come over here, Baby Doll"

Billie approached Kathy and stood next to her. She ordered him to spin around so she could admire his outfit. Then her hand began to roam about in the layers of his petticoats, seeming to enjoy the swishing sounds they made. All the while Billie stood to attention by her side, staring straight ahead. Kathy then placed her hand on his nylon clad leg with out comment. After a minute or so she began to stroke him in a seemingly absent-minded way. She started with a soft delicate touch, almost a tickle at first, rubbing back and forth along the smooth exposed skin above his stocking tops. Billie gasped. Then he felt her trace the lace at the edge of his panties. He struggled to stand upright as his legs became weak. She traced his stocking tops and pulled on the suspenders, gently snapping them against his legs.

He looked over at his aunt who raised an eyebrow ominously at him. Kathy began to move her hand extremely slowly over his panties, chatting all the while. She came across his now throbbing erection and continued stroking softly and deliberately as his penis grew, poking the material of his panties out in front of him.

Auntie decided it was time to intervene. "Baby Doll! What on earth do you think you're doing! I told you what would happen if you did that disgusting thing! You will be punished for such wicked behaviour right after you've served tea. That is a promise young man! Now get the table ready for tea. Get moving you little madam!"

"I'm sorry Auntie" Billie wailed as tears welled up in his eyes.

Billie's heart was pounding as he rushed off to the kitchen. He put on the lace trimmed apron Auntie always insisted he wear for all kitchen duties and brought out the special tea set and dessert dishes as he had been trained to do. Taking deep breaths, he tried to calm himself as he set out the napkins and cutlery very carefully, and prepared the tea. He brought out the cake stand and stacked it with sandwiches, cakes and pastries, placing it in the centre of the table. He brought out milk and sugar and filled the milk jug and sugar bowl. Everything was ready. He went back to the drawing room and waited politely until there was a pause in the conversation, then he announced;

"Excuse me ladies. Tea is ready to be served."

It felt strange marching back to the dining area with the ladies following him. He could feel their eyes watching him and he tried to walk with as much dignity as he could. He heard Kathy giggle again and whisper to his aunt. He heard Auntie whisper something back and wondered what was being said. The ladies sat and Billie tucked their chairs in and handed each lady a napkin. Auntie thanked her penitent sissy boy.

"Thank you Baby Doll! Let me straighten out your apron, you look a mess," she said. "Little boys are such a handful when they are all dressed up", she said to Kathy. " And he's got his pretty petticoats all tangled up too and he knows that's not allowed" She continued to have him move about as she straightened out the layers of frothy petticoats. "I will not warn you again. Be careful of your dress young man, understood?"

He replied with downcast eyes. "Yes Auntie"

Then Sue asked. "Could we take Baby Doll with us when we go shopping, Helen? Kathy and I were just talking about a trip into town to buy some new undies. We could take him into the fitting rooms with us and get him to try on some new frillies. If he's such a sissy he'd love it! And we could get one of the girls at the make up counter to give him a make-over!" This produced a gale of laughter from the ladies at the table while Billie's blush deepened.

When teatime was over, Auntie turned to her charge. "Now I want you to clear the table and then report to the drawing room, Sit on your stool until I am ready for you. The ladies will keep you amused I'm sure. Get going sissy boy!"

The ladies departed for the drawing room and Billie cleared the table. He could hear gales of laughter coming from the living room. After washing the dishes and setting them to dry he hung up his apron before reporting back to the living room as Auntie had commanded.

Billie noticed an excited expectant atmosphere in the room and wondered what the ladies had been planning. His stool had been placed in the middle of the room. He sat down on it in a flurry of rustling organza petticoats. As his panties touched the cold vinyl of the low stool a shiver shot up his spine. Once again he was subject to stares and laughter as Sue and Kathy took full advantage of the situation making comment after embarrassing comment on his appearance.

It was not long before Auntie re-entered the room smiling grimly and carrying a long handled hairbrush. She had changed out of her casual trousers into a pencil skirt in dark grey satin. She was also wearing black high heeled shoes. Billie noticed the glint of shiny metal in her other hand. She was holding his chastity cage ! Billie's stomach took a sickening lurch.

"This," Auntie said, dangling the gleaming contraption in front of Billie's face while addressing her friends, "is what I use to train sissy boy here to get some over his inconvenient impulses. It seems I mistakenly thought he was at the stage where he would be able to keep his little willie under control for the afternoon, because he promised me faithfully that he would behave himself while you ladies were here. But I'm afraid he's proved himself to be incapable of sticking to his promises and I am very disappointed in him".

"Oh, Auntie that's not fair!" Billie exclaimed. "Mistress Kathy was tickling me and I couldn't help myself!"

"How DARE you contradict me, young man!" Auntie glared. "You promised me you would behave and you failed to keep your promise. Now get this thing on – and quickly. Then I'll show the ladies how I can lock it up so we don't have to bother with your unruly 'bits' again."

Billie looked from his aunt's implacable face to those of the two other women, who watched with wide-eyed expectancy. Realising he had no other option but to obey, Billie reluctantly reached out and took the chastity device. With a sigh he lifted up his froufrou skirt at the front and awkwardly pushed down his panties with one hand. There was a gasp from Kathy and Sue as his erect penis thrust forward for all to see.

"Get on with it!" Auntie growled at him. Billie opened up the straps of the metal device and forced it over his straining member. On other occasions Auntie had used baby oil to ease his penis into its prison, but Billie realised that this was not the time for such refinements. He grunted as he pushed and tugged the chastity cage into position and clicked the straps shut.

"Now up on your stool – and keep your skirts up." Auntie ordered. Billie climbed up onto the stool as best he could with his panties round his knees. Auntie took the tiny padlock and after showing it to the ladies, threaded it through the fastening at the top of the device. There was a click.

"There we are – all safely locked away" Auntie said mockingly.

"Right, you bad little sissy boy, get down from there – and over my lap if you please. Auntie must correct you now" she said sitting herself on the sofa. She smoothed her skirt over her lap. Billie looked over at the two other women, both watching in keen anticipation. Billie's lower lip began trembling like it never had before seeing his aunt's scornful dark eyes.

"Oh Auntie, please don't –not in front of our guests!" Billie wailed.

"So you're defying me, are you? You've just earned yourself another whole load of trouble! Now I won't ask you again – GET OVER HERE – and present yourself properly for a spanking, you wicked boy!"

With a sigh Billie went over to his aunt, and after gathering his voluminous petticoats around his waist he lowered himself over her smooth satin-clad lap. Auntie snorted with scorn as she pulled her reluctant nephew into position.

Auntie expertly tugged at Billie's ruffled panties, pulling them down until they were round his knees. She stroked his bare bottom for a moment. "Auntie is very sad that she must punish her naughty boy", she said in a quiet steely voice. Then she reached for the hairbrush and began to administer the punishment to Billie's bare bottom.


Billie squealed and kicked his legs around as the ladies laughed and cheered Auntie on to continue. At first Billie was able to take the strokes without complaint, but they began to come ever harder and faster.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! That hurts!" Billie cried, but Auntie was just getting started. Billie's legs began to kick and he tried to wriggle his bottom to avoid the strokes, but the hairbrush kept coming down with smack after smack after smack.

"Owww!" Billie howled and moaned as he began to feel his defences breaking down. His last attempts at behaving with any dignity in this outlandish situation were, it appeared, soon to fail. Lying there over his Aunties lap in his little girl's party dress he began to cry just like a real little girl. His tears flowed and he found himself suddenly with no control over them at all. More smacks followed as his legs thrashed and heaved about and Billie wailed and sobbed.

"Now are you ready to apologise for your appalling behaviour?" Auntie asked. "Nod yes if you're ready"

Billie nodded dumbly and choked on his sobs. His nose was running and tears streamed down his face. He felt himself being hauled to his feet by Auntie.

He stood sobbing and rubbing his eyes with his fists. His legs felt too shaky to support him. Looking over at the two women who had just witnessed his humiliation he noticed their eyes were wide and their faces were flushed with excitement. Auntie ordered Billie to pull his panties back up and straighten his party dress.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it, Baby Doll?" asked Auntie.

"No Auntie". Billie knew better than to disagree with Auntie in such matters.

"Now thank Auntie nicely and then say sorry to Mistress Kathy and Mistress Sue for your naughty behaviour"

Billie swallowed hard. "Thank you Auntie. I'm sorry for being naughty, Mistress Kathy. I'm sorry for being naughty Mistress Sue"

"That's better. But I'm afraid your punishment isn't over yet Baby Doll. Now stop snivelling and tell the ladies what time you normally go to bed"

"Eight o'clock Auntie" Billie whimpered. Sue and Kathy both exploded in laughter.

"Exactly. And that's the proper time for a little sissy like you to be tucked up in bed, isn't it? But today you're going to be going to bed even earlier. In fact, right now! What do you have to say to that?" Auntie eyed him fiercely.

"Nothing Auntie…, I mean thank you Auntie"

"Very good. Now dry your eyes and go up to your bedroom and change into the pale blue nightie that I've put out for you on your bed. Then you can come down and say good night to our guests before they leave. Then it's BEDTIME for you Baby Dolly! Off you go and be quick or you know what will happen".

Billie raced up the stairs to his bedroom. There, lying on the satin bedspread of his canopied bed was his pale blue baby doll nightie with matching panties. With a sinking heart Billie remembered that these panties had been specially embroidered with the word 'sissy boy' at the front. Oh dear, that was bound to cause more hilarity for the ladies downstairs, he thought.

Ripping off his party dress and underwear as quickly as he could, he slipped the nightie over his head and pulled the panties up his smooth legs and over his staining chastity cage. At the last moment he remembered to retrieve the matching blue marabou high-heeled slippers from his wardrobe that Auntie insisted were part of this outfit. He stepped into them and walked carefully down the stairs to re-enter the drawing room.

Sue and Kathy spontaneously cheered and applauded as he made his entrance.

"Oh yes – what a darling little nightie! Come and let us have a closer look" Kathy exclaimed.

Billie tottered to the centre of the room in his perilous footwear.

"And you can see now why he's called Baby Doll, ladies." Auntie said. "Don't you think he looks cute in this short nightie?"

The three women stood around him fingering the silky material and examining the lace-edged hem.

"And what's this?" Sue asked archly, holding up the hem to expose Billie's panties. "'Sissy Boy' it says here. Well there's no arguing with that is there Baby Doll?"

"No, Mistress Sue", Billie replied in a whisper.

"Okay Baby Dolly, time to say good night to the ladies" Auntie ordered.

Billie somehow managed to mumble "Good night Mistress Sue. Good night Mistress Kathy." Despite his total embarrassment he was then kissed on the cheek by both ladies. Auntie then grabbed him by the ear and led him to the bottom of the stairs.

"BEDTIME, sissy boy! Up those stairs, into bed and lights out. And you had better stay quiet up in your bedroom because if I hear any noise at all I'll be up there to spank you again. So …MARCH!"

The End




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