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Story Is rated XXX includes the following fetishes. Curlers, extreme high heels, FemDom, Heavy makeup, Long nails, large breasts, sissy behavior.


The Sissy Salon             by: Darlene LeQueene


Being a closet cross dresser for many years, it's always been my fantasy to be subjected to a forced sissy and beauty salon session, sort of the Ultimate fantasy for me. However being older and balding obviously I was never going to have the pleasure of having my hair and make-up done in a beauty salon. I loved the idea of dominant woman forcing me into this realm but I never found a dominant female that seemed to suit my needs. After years of surfing the Web and reviewing pages of dominant females into forced cross dressing it seemed that all they were interested in doing was punishing me, or beating me, or having me worship them. While I was not necessarily against this, it wasn't what I was looking for and I certainly wasn't going to pay and outrageous sum of money for their fantasy not mine. I may have been looking for a dominant woman but it was MY fantasy and I was paying for it. Then like someone finding the Holy Grail for transvestites there was her web page called "The Sissy Salon"

The more I read the more I liked her page. She seemed to fit my idea of what a dominant woman should be. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but certainly mine. She was older, perhaps mid 40's, full figured and perhaps a trifle overdone for a real woman but I found her to be sexy as hell. Her page advertised, "Come to us for the perfect fantasy for all little sissies out there that wish to experience the joy and humiliation of the total feminine salon experience." I sent her a brief E-Mail message of inquiry stating that while I adore this fantasy I was not young and beautiful nor did I possess hair suitable for styling, in fact I was mostly balding. Her reply arrived the next day and I thought that perhaps my prayers had been answered. Her reply was also brief and simple.

She simply stated. "Do not let these minor drawbacks stop you from experiencing the true joy of a full salon treatment." "I can easily surmount your problem." I couldn't believe it, but she was actually proposing that she could give me my fantasy. Several more E-Mail messages were exchanged. Some were lengthier as I explained exactly what I wanted. Her final message was direct and to the point. She said, "No more delays my sweet little sissy make an appointment and live your dream, you know the price for true bliss that I have quoted you." I could resist to longer I made the appointment.

On the scheduled day I prepared myself as best I could, shaving my legs and stuff. When I ar0rived at her home and she opened the door, she was every bit as good as the pictures on her Web Site. Exotically made-up, beautifully dressed and a sight to behold. "Welcome my darling, do come in." "I really do hate to be a pain but I'm afraid I must insist on payment up front." "Besides, once the nasty business end of it is out of the way you have nothing to think about for the rest of the day but how gorgeous you're going to be". The money exchanged hands and now there was no turning back.

She led me through the house into her basement. But a basement that I could only have imagined in my dreams in was loosely divided into two sections. The first section where we entered closely resembled a full scale beauty salon with two salon chairs and mirrored walls and all the accessories I imagined a real salon would have. There was an open archway leading to another section which appeared to be a large room with one wall containing full floor to ceiling mirrors and the entire length of the opposite wall appeared to be walk-in closets. She led me through the salon section into the open room section. I was told to remove all of my clothes, everything. Once naked she pointed me to a bathroom in the back and told me I would find all of the things necessary for a close facial shave in there. Meanwhile she informed me she would find clothes more suitable for a little sissy.

I did as instructed and when into the bathroom and using her razor and shaving cream shaved as closely as possible. When I returned to the large room she was there waiting for me. She inspected my face. "Much better darling", she cooed, "and now here are some nice girlie things much more suitable for our little sissy slut to be."

She started by placing a pink satin heavily boned corset trimmed with black around my waist and preceded to lace it up the back. As my waist grew smaller and smaller I thought she was crushing me. "Please Mistress", it's much too tight." "Darling, exotic feminine beauty is pain, get used to it." "That is why my Web Page said that no bondage was necessary and no punishment needed to be done." "You'll soon find that your clothes are your bondage and your new feminine beauty is your pain." This sounded very ominous, but in spite of it my cock began to get hard at just her words, a process that did not go unnoticed by her. "Yes my darling, grow excited", she said glancing down at my now stiff cock, " here we do not deny you sex like many dominate woman, we stimulate it".

Next she produced a black satin and lace bra, even holding it in her hand I could tell it was no ordinary bra. It seemed much too large. She said, "Now that we've reduced your waist it's time to enlarge your tits." She placed the bra around my chest and hooked it in back. While the straps and band seemed to be the right size, the cups just drooped there and seemed to be way to large. But then she added the breast forms. They were huge and extremely heavy. I felt as if my whole chest had just gained 30 pounds. When I looked in those wall mirrors at myself I was awestruck the cups on the bra had to be at least 50MM.

The tits stuck out like twin torpedoes, obscenely large. And there were little holes in the front where my new fake nipples poked out. I found that the weight of those enormous tits seemed to be pulling me forward. "Stand up straight, darling", she ordered. I did my best to comply, ever conscious of my huge bulging tits. And that was not the only thing huge and bulging. I penis was now hard as a rock. While I found the weight of my new tits a little uncomfortable apparently my penis did not. "yes I see we're getting very excited over our new tits." "That's good darling, they're wonderful aren't they, my own special creation, perfect for little sissy whore's like you."

She completed my outfit by adding a black lacey garters to the corset and long black seamed nylons. The feel of them on my newly shaved legs was exquisite. I was led back into the bathroom where she completely shaved my genital area leaving me hairless down there. She placed an elasticized band around my cock that had a spiral of pink lace all around it and a pink satin bow. The bow was encrusted with rhinestones. "Read it", she said. I looked down and realized that the pink bow was not just encrusted with rhinestones. The left side of the bow said "Sissy" and the right side said "Slut." "Perfect don't you think sweetie", she said, "now even the dumbest person will recognize you for what you are, a sweet little sissy slut." I looked at myself again in the mirror. The tight pink corset, the huge torpedo shaped tits, the pretty pink bow spelling out my true personality. I was so excited I thought I would faint.

Next she placed a pink baby doll on me, sliding it down my body in a swirl of femininity. It had marabou trim around my nipples and marabou draped hem. A matching pink marabou dressing gown was placed on me and she proclaimed me ready for phase two of my feminization.

I was lead back to the salon room. She added some feminine bracelets, and a pendant

necklace, and a few cocktail rings. Smiling, she said, "Just to make you feel feminine darling, but now for the fun stuff." I told her I thought that this was the fun stuff. She said, "No not yet sweetie, the real fun is only beginning."

She ordered me to bend over and I saw her lubricating a butt plug. "No, please, not that." "Oh, stop whining, you little sissy, it's only a little one." "You wanted to feel like a girl, well now you are." She slowly rotated and twisted and pushed on the plug. "Relax sweetie and just let it happen." I tried to relax and to my surprise it popped right in. She said, "There you go little girl, now wherever you go whether you sitting, standing, walking or kneeling you'll have a nice little cock in you just like a girl." "Now be a good little girl and say thank you mommy, I like getting fucked." When I didn't respond she reached under my little nightie and squeezed my dick real hard. I felt the pain shot through my groin. "Please", I said. "Say it, sweetie or I'll put a really big one in you slut." I was left with no choice I said, "Thank you mommy, I like getting fucked." "Of course you do darling, you're a cute little sissy bitch now, enjoy that cock up your ass girl."

She ordered me to sit in the salon chair and she proceeded to start on my makeup. First she worked some kind of paste over my eyebrows and sort of sanded it with some little device. She applied more of the paste and repeated the process. When I looked in the mirror my eyebrows seemed to be gone. "Don't worry sweetie", she said, "They're still there it's just a special paste I use to cover them and blend them into skin so it looks like you have none." "It can be removed later with a special chemical." She began applying liquid foundation to my face covering everything. After this she pulled out a large make-up brush and covered the foundation with loose powder. As she powdered away the smell of the powder was everywhere. "Intoxicating isn't it honey?" "Don't you just love the smells of femininity sissy?" "That's right little girlie, breathe it all in while I powder you."

When I didn't answer immediately she said, "Now be a good girl darling and play the game correctly." "When I ask you a question, I want you to repeat it back to me exactly as I asked it so I know you understand and you're paying attention." "You should preface it by saying Yes Mommy, and then repeat it back." I stated into her beautifully made-up eyes and said "Yes Mommy I love the smells of femininity." "Good girl, now remember that's what I always want you to do sweetie." She began to pencil in new eyebrows for me that where very high and very thin and arched. I couldn't see them but I could tell from where she was drawing that there were very high. I turned to look in the mirror and see what see had done, but she blocked my view. "No, no, sissy no cheating you have to wait for the finished product."

She continued doing my eyes by applying dark purple eye shadow to my lids. This was followed by a lighter purple and then a light lavender and above that an iridescent white. Now this is really going to make you feel that feminine feeling little sissy, close you eyes. I did as instructed and I felt her applying what I presumed where false eyelashes. "Now open your eyes slowly so Mommy can inspect them, sweetie." I opened my eyes and felt the weight of the eyelashes. Even my upper vision was blocked partially by the eyelashes they felt so heavy. Little did I know that they were another of her special concoctions prepared for little sissies like me. They were two pairs of false eyelashes the lower longer one almost and inch and a half long and sweeping. The other pair was much thicker and slightly shorter. This was glued on top of the first pair. Together they formed a thick long sweeping lash that any showgirl would be proud of.

"Oh my, don't we look adorable now, bat your long eyelashes for Mommy, sissy." I batted my heavy lashes a couple of times. "Well I think we're going to have to work on that a little, you'd better get used to doing that sweetie, that's how little sissy girls like you flirt with the boys and I'll want you don't it often."

Next she proceeded to outline my eyes with black eyeliner. It seemed like she worked forever, telling me to look this way and that way, turn my head this way and then that way. Finally she seemed to me satisfied. She added one more final touch. She drew a nice long curved line with the eyeliner pencil in the crease of my eyelids to further accentuate the dark purple to lavender eye shadows. "Oh sweetie the boys are just going to cream their jeans when they see you." "You're going to make such a beautiful little slut."

She continued next with a bright red blusher applied to my cheeks. She then proceeded to outline my lips with a very dark red lip pencil. I could tell from the feeling that she was enlarging my lips by over extending my natural lip line. Next she took out the lipstick tube and slowly screwed the lipstick out. She waved the lipstick under my nose saying, "Smell it sissy, it's another of those oh so feminine smells." "Doesn't it smell wonderful?" Following her previous instructions I dutifully replied, "Yes Mommy it smells wonderful." By now I was completely caught up in the game. The feel of my silky nylons, the tickle of the marabou trim on my nightie, my jangling bracelets, my huge bugling tits in their black lace bra everything screamed ultra femininity. She smells of paint and powder took me right where she wanted me, so deep in the fantasy that the entire universe ended except for the focus on my now feminized form. "Ask Mommy to put some nice red lipstick on you little girl."

I gazed into her deeply shadowed eyes through my own false eyelashes ready and willing to obey her every command. "Please Mommy, put some nice red lipstick on me." "Oh, that was so sweet honey, but that doesn't sound like a girl's voice to me." "I want you raise your voice up much higher." I tried to comply repeating it again in a higher voice. "Higher darling." I tried to comply with an even higher voice. I sounded silly and squeaky to me. "Yes, sweetie, that's the voice I want to hear", she said. "But it sounds so silly", I said. "Of course it does darling, you're a humiliated little sissy, your voice shouldn't sound like a girl, but like just what you are a feminized little sissy imitating a girl's sound." "Now ask for your lipstick one last time."

I dutifully replied in my highest pitched voice, "Please Mommy will you put some nice red lipstick on your little girl." "Of course I will darling." She began applying lipstick to my lips covering each area and then recovering it again. The smell and taste of that lipstick was intoxicating, like a drug. I never wanted her to stop, but eventually she did. "Now you're my perfect little painted sissy", she said. "I want you to say, oh Mommy I feel so girlish wearing all my make-up." I again dutifully replied, "Oh Mommy, I feel so girlish wearing all my make-up." "That's a good little girl and now for the real reason you came here sissy". She covered the mirror so I couldn't see and told to sit patiently until she returned. "And no playing with yourself either sissy!"

When she returned she was carrying a long honey blonde wig. It appeared to be damp but not dripping. It looked like a soggy blonde rat. She applied some sort of adhesive to the inner cap of the wig and carefully placed it on my head making sure not to ruin her perfect make-up job. She tugged and pulled it down tightly until she was satisfied with it's placement. She waited a minute or two, after that time she yanked hard on the wig a couple of times and to my surprise it jerked my whole head it was now firmly attached and her pulling on it felt very uncomfortable. "How's that little cock up your ass doing sissy, wiggle on it for Mommy." When I didn't move right away she slapped my thigh really hard, "I Said wiggle on your little dick, whore." I wiggled and squirmed in my chair. "That better slut, you like that dick up inside you don't you girl?" "Yes Mommy, I like that dick up inside of me" "Good girl", she said.

She proceeded to set my hair in pink plastic curlers. One by one she rolled them up pulling them tightly, pulling my scalp. After the second row was done I couldn't believe the pressure against my scalp. It was almost as if I really had a full head of long blonde hair being set in pink curlers. By the third row it was really uncomfortable. She continued until my whole head was covered in pink curlers. "Well darling, now you can add another feeling to your long growing list of feminine feelings." "The feel of wearing nylons, and a baby doll nightie, the feel of having big heavy tits, the feel of wearing bracelets, the feeling of wearing make-up and lipstick, and now the feeling of having your hair set in curlers like a girl." And oh what exquisite feelings they were.

I was awash in a sea of femininity and I never wanted to return to shore. "Oh yes, and while we're at it", she said, "here's another feeling for you sissy." She produced a pair of heavy thick large gold hoop earrings, they were not pierced or clip on. These were the old-fashioned screw on type. She placed them on my ears and tightened them down as far as dared. "Please, they hurt couldn't you loosen them a little?" "Of course not sissy, these earrings will serve as a constant painful reminder that you are no longer a boy, but a girl, wearing ladies earrings." "It's really a shame we won't be able to see them once we put your kerchief's on but you'll always feel them whether you can see them or not won't you little girl."

Well, I do think you should get a look at your pretty curlers before we cover them, so I think it time to uncover the mirrors." She uncovered the mirror in front of me and stepped aside. I have no idea how long I stared at my image in the mirror before she spoke. It could have been 10 seconds or 10 minutes. I was mesmerized by the image staring back at me. Big beautiful made-up eyes with long thick eyelashes. Highlighted cheeks, high thin arched feminine brows and large glossy red lipsticked lips. Truly a work of art, and my entire head covered in pink curlers.

I stared at that image intently as my heavy gold hoop earrings swayed back and forth pulling uncomfortably on my ears and brushing my cheeks. "Do you like it sissy?" Do you feel like the little girlish thing of your dreams?" "Oh yes Mommy, I love it." "Good darling, I'm so pleased you like my work." "Go ahead darling stare at them, raise your hand and touch them, carress them". "Don't they feel oh so feminine?" She reached down and gently stroked my cock through the pink nylon nightie. "Don't you love the way they pull on your scalp honey?" "Keep feeling them darling, feel all that lovely feminine, but painful beauty culture." "yes, yes my little sweet little thing, place both your hands on the sides of your head and carress those curlers." "I want you to say, "Mommy I am the most girlish feminine little made-up sissy in the whole world and blow yourself a nice girlish kiss in the mirror." "Mommy I am the most girlish feminine little made-up sissy in the whole world." "Very nice darling", she said. "Now lets get those curlers covered for a while honey."

She placed a pink nylon scarf over the rollers and tied in tightly in the back of my neck bandana style. This caused the curlers to pull down even more tightly. She covered this with another pink kerchief exactly like the first, but this one was tied in the traditional manner of a kerchief under my chin.

Next she ordered me to hold out my hands and starting gluing on long fake nails. They were just over two inches long. When she had them all successfully attached. She painted each one with a deep red nail polish. "Oh how sexy my little slut just think of how sweet those long red nails are going to look wrapped around a lovely cock as you stroke it." "Well now, my little sissy is all curlered and covered up and it's time to play sweetie."

She knelt in front of me and began placing the most incredible shoes on me I'd ever seen. 8" inch pink spike high heels with a 3" platform. "But I can never walk in these Mommy." "Of course you will sweetie, you'll just need lots of practice, and we're going to see that you get it."

Next she placed a little gold lame band around my still excited cock and clipped on a gold chain leash. I got one last glimpse in the mirror of myself before she led me to the playroom. My nylon kerchief covered head with a couple of pink curlers peeking out, my big made-up eyes with their huge lashes, and my beautifully shaped big glossy dark red lips. My big black 50MM tits in their black lace bra showing through my pink nightie, what a sight I was. If anybody ever looked like a sissy I guess it was me. Then she yanked on my cock leash and I wobbled on the high heels behind her into the playroom.

She detached my cock leash and left me standing in the middle of this huge mirrored room. She made herself comfortable sitting in a chair and began issuing her orders. "Alright sweetie, starting parading around in your adorable outfit for me." As I tried to walk around in those incredible pink heels she issued all kinds of corrections. "You're wobbling to much darling, shorter steps." "Place your hand on your hip." "Hold your other hand out with a nice limp wrist." "That's it little sissy sluts mince and swish for Mommy."

As I paraded around following herself instructions I delighted in the joy of being a sweet little sissy girl. Every couple of commands she would order me to look at myself in the mirrors as I minced and swished around for her amusement. "That's right sissy look at yourself in the mirror and see what a pretty little fairy you turned out to be." "Play with those big tits, run your 2" long nails across them." "Stand up straight, thrust those big boobies out so the boys can see what a slut you are." "Stand in front of the mirror sweetie, closer, that's it." "Now look at your pretty made-up face and your lovely pink curlers." "Run your long red nails all over your curler covered head sissy." "Go ahead play with yourself through your little pink nightie."

The corset was crushing me. The huge tits were heavy. The screw on earrings were biting into my ears, the curlers were pulling on my scalp hard enough to be very uncomfortable and walking in those heels was beginning to cramp my legs. But still as I stood in front of the mirrored wall stroking my cock through my pink nightie I was so excited I thought I would cum any second. Of course me immediately ordered me to stop. I was allowed to sit down in a comfortable chair but this, while giving a rest to my tortured legs only drove that butt plug in my ass further.

Rest period was really anything but a rest, oh sure my legs and feet were getting a rest but she continued issuing her commands. "Light a cigarette, hold it like a lady, hand held back daintily." "Caress you nipples with your long red nails." "Touch your kerchief and feel your curlers press down and feel the tightness." One command after another to have me practice my feminine gestures, mannerisms and deportment. "OK sweetie, rest period is over." It was back to mincing and swishing around in those 8" heels. "I think we need some accessories darling, girls love accessories." She handed me a long lavender nylon scarf. "Now continue parading around dear, and while you do wave your little scarf like the little faggot you are." I was forced to mince and swish about with one hand on my hip the other daintily holding my lavender scarf from a limp wrist with 2" long red nails.

Always being ordered to look at myself in that mirrored wall to see what and adorable little sissy I'd become. ""That's it sweetie, wave your scarf daintily and say in your nice high pitched sissy voice, Yoo Hoo boys, sissy Darlene is here to please you." She made me do that over and over. Waving my dainty little lavender scarf and mincing about in my 8" high heels. " Yo Ho boys, sissy Darlene is here to please you." More waving, " Yo Ho boys, sissy Darlene is here to please you.", more waving. It went on and on while I humiliated myself for her enjoyment. But deep down inside I really had to admit that being forced into this type of behavior is what I really wanted.

She continued this for over an hour with little rest periods of course. She kept constantly changing accessories telling me I needed to practice with all of these feminine objects so I would know how to hold them and use them. The scarf was followed by mincing about holding a purse. First an evening clutch type purse, then a gold lame shoulder evening bag, and then an old-fashioned 50's style black short handle purse. It didn't even seem to matter to her if any of these accessories or things matched. All she was intent on doing was having me feel the glorious sensations of using each of these feminine objects.

Folding little fans followed the purses, and these were followed by long jeweled ladies cigarette holders. Anything that she could think of that symbolized ultra femininity she tried out. Always telling me to watch myself in the mirrored wall as I swished about like a little sissy girl. Always speaking in a high-pitched girlish little sissy voice. Blowing kisses to that adorable girl in the mirror. Always holding out my hand with a nice limp wrist to display my 2" long red nails. In the end I was nearly exhausted.

"Oh sweetie, you've been so good parading around for Mommy and entertaining her it's time for a real rest, back to the salon room darling." Back in the salon chair which was actually quite comfortable on my tortured feet and legs. She removed my kerchiefs and started taking the curlers out of my hair. Soon she was busy styling my hair into a beautiful curled feminine hairdo. Now framed by the golden honey blonde curls my severe make-up was starting to look quite attractive rather than outrageous. The hoop earrings where replaced with long chandelier rhinestone earrings. When I look in the mirror again I was truly a feminine dream. I looked like an exotic showgirl from Las Vegas with my heavy eye make-up and glittering jewelry. "Well now that my sweet little girlie is all beautiful it's time to put you to work." "Of course a little sissy who looks like you can only have one type of work, sucking cock, but this causes a problem because we're all much too girlish and feminine here to have any boys around." As she lead me back to the playroom section I thought she was joking but as we entered the room this time I was totally shocked.

Standing there was another older dominant woman dressed in a skin tight exotic latex outfit and standing next to her was another little sissy dressed completely like a little 10 year old rich girl. I have no idea how they got into the room there must be a hidden door or something at the back of those big walk-in closets or in the bathroom because they certainly didn't walk past us in the salon room. The other little sissy was dressed in a pink little girl's party dress, very short and flaring out with all the white taffeta petticoats underneath. She was at least 6 foot tall in her stocking feet and while her entire outfit was for a little girl she was wearing the same pink 8" spike heeled platforms I was. Between her shoes and her hairdo she must have been over 7' tall, yet there should stood like a demure little girl her long false eyelashes lower to the floor. "Well darling, meet my sister, you may call her Auntie Vanessa.

I just stood there in shock not knowing what to say, as the two ladies talked. "Oh, darling, your little sissy turned out so nice with his huge tits and pink nightie and beautiful make-up." Oh yes, and yours did too Vanessa, what a charming little 10 year old sissy girl and what an adorable pink party dress." "You see darling, we've solved your problem." "We wanted you each to learn how to suck cock just like the little sissies you are, but we couldn't stand the thought of any men intruding into our little feminine world so we solved the problem, you can my love to each other."

I started to back up saying "No, no I'm not going to make love to him." "Of course your not darling, you're going to make love to another girl just like yourself, another adorable little sissy." I tried to back away further but of course running in those pink heels was out of the question. Both women grabbed me and dragged me back into the playroom. They forced me to my knees and Vanessa held me down while her sister produced a wicked looking black leather paddle. The first of the blows started to rain down. I pleaded and begged but to no avail. "You embarrassed me in front of my sister you little faggot and now your going to pay." She kept spanking my butt-plugged ass with that paddle over and over. "Tell me you're sorry and you can't wait to make love to pretty little Nancy." I resisted for a while but the blows kept raining down and it was useless eventually I agreed. "Tell me sissy I want to hear you." Alright I'll make love to Nancy." Several more blows came down. "Not good enough, say I'm a little sissy cocksucker Mommy and I'd just adore sucking little sissy Nancy off." "I'm sorry Mommy I'm a little sissy cocksucker and I'd just love to suck little Nancy off."

"That's better, now stand up and straighten yourself up darling." I stood up and straighten my outfit up as best as possible. The thought of sucking off Nancy, who was anything but little seemed better than more punishment. I was led over to stand in front of Nancy I thought she would tower over me but I guess I didn't realize that I was just as tall with those heels on and a big hairdo. "Apologize to Nancy sweetie." "I'm sorry." "That's no apology, stupid slut." "Say, sissy Nancy I'm so sorry I was such a bad girl I'd love to suck your cock." I Dutifully repeated, "I'm sorry sissy Nancy I was such a bad girl I'd love to suck your cock." Vanessa removed Nancy's cock leash and Nancy moved her eyes up to mine. Her face was not made-up as heavily as mine, but her eyelashes were certainly as long and thick and she was certainly wearing way to much make-up for a 10 year old girl. Vanessa gave her a shove forward until my huge tits were pressed up against her.

"You're very pretty sissy Darlene and I'd love to have you suck my little sissy cock. " "Oh how sweet girls, now kissy, kissy!" We were ordered to give each other a little sissy kiss. I kissed her glossy pink lips and tasted her lipstick. It tasted very good mingled with mine I was sort of getting into it. Mommy made me kneel in front of Nancy and Vanessa held up her petticoats and dress. I saw that like mine her whole pubic area was shaved and she was wearing the same pink sissy bow with the rhinestone words "sissy slut" spelled out. "Remove her bow Darlene." I fumbled with her bow but couldn't seem to get the tight band off due to my long nails. "No problem darling Mommy will help you, we know you're not used to those lovely feminine nails yet." She helped me to remove the bow. "Now stroke Nancy's cock darling, just like a good little sissy girl should. I grasped Nancy's cock and began stroking it. The sight of my long red nails stroking that shaved cock was very exciting, my own cock began to grow hard again. I slowly curled by long red nails around Nancy's cock gently stroking it. It felt so good. "Oh look", Vanessa said, "She likes it, she's getting all excited, that's it sissy stroke it just like the girl you want to be, get it nice and hard for us." My long exotic red nails slide up and down Nancy's shaft. "Time to go to work darling, suck that cock little sissy!" I tentatively put the tip of Nancy's cock between my lipsticked lips but Mommy pushed my head forward and Nancy's cock slide entirely into my waiting lipsticked mouth.

"That's it, suck it good darling, show Mommy how much you love being a little sissy cocksucker." As Nancy's cock slide in and out of my mouth I really was beginning to enjoy it I was now truly fulfilling the fantasy of being a little sissy. "Oh isn't that sweet Vanessa, she's leaving red lipstick all over Nancy's dick." I glanced down and saw through my long lashes that it was indeed true Nancy's cock had lipstick all over it. "Oh yes", Vanessa said, "But I think she's wearing all her lipstick off, I think she needs some more." "I do believe you're right sis, stop for a minute sissy Darlene." I stopped and was ordered to turn my head to the side. Mommy liberally applied some more of my lipstick and then I was ordered to continue. Soon I could feel Nancy's cock tensing up and I knew she was going to cum. The women must have sensed it to because Mommy held my head in place and made sure Nancy's cock remained firmly in my mouth as she shot her load into my waiting throat. The salty taste filled my mouth. "Swallow it sweetie, just like a little sissy should." I swallowed, I really had no choice. "Oh, girl's that was so nice." "What wonderful little girlish sissies your were for us."

"Alright Nancy now it's your turn. Nancy was obviously more experienced and a willing participant. She immediately got to her knees and started stroking my cock. As soon as it was hard she slide it into her luscious pink lips. After all I have been through tonight I was actually now looking forward to this blow job and I didn't even care anymore than Nancy wasn't really a girl her hot mouth and pretty pink lips sucking my cock was all I cared about. However it was over before it started, having been on a sexual high the entire night it took less then a minute before I was spurting hot cum into Nancy's expert mouth. The look on her face seemed to say she was disappointed. "Oh, we're so sorry Nancy, honey", Vanessa said, "but little sissy Darlene was so excited it being her first time and all." "That's alright Mommy", Nancy replied, "Maybe She'd like me to do it again sometime." "Yes, I'm sure she would honey." "Now you girls help each other fix your lipstick, because now it's our turn."

Nancy and I still kneeling put fresh lipstick on each other and watched as our two Mommy's peeled off their outer costumes and proceeded to help each other insert into their pussies what appeared to be very long vibrating cocks with heads at both ends. The cock was threaded through a black leather harness attachment and one side was inserted into their pussies the harness was secured around their hips and buckled with tiny straps and the fake cock protruding from the other end now looked normal with half of it buried in the ladies pussies.

A tiny little switch was turned on at the base and the vibrators began churning. Both women turned to sissy Nancy and I kneeling side by side and said, "OK, little sissies time to suck Mommy's cock." Nancy was the first to move sliding the vibrating dick right into her mouth. Apparently she had done this before for Vanessa. I followed her lead and slide my Mommy's cock into my mouth. I thought it would be cold hard plastic, but it was actually slightly warm and very pleasing. The vibrator tingling my lips and massaging my mouth in much the same fashion I'm sure it was tingling Mommy's pussy. The women switched places several times. First I would be sucking my Mommy's cock and then in a heartbeat Auntie Vanessa's cock was in my mouth, and then a few minutes later they switched again. "That's right my little cock sucking whores give us a good blowjob."

Several times I felt Mommy or Auntie Vanessa tense up and sigh obviously experiencing an orgasm. I was nice with the vibrating cock but not as nice as receiving that creamy reward from Nancy. Boy was I wrong. Both women removed they cocks from our mouths but held our heads in place with one hand with the other they reached down and pushed in that little tiny switch at the base of their vibrators. Hot cum shot into our faces. Covering both of our beautifully made-up face with hot cream. I even seemed to have the same salty taste although I knew it couldn't be the real thing. "Oh girls, that was wonderful, Vanessa look at our two little cum covered sluts, don't they look so pretty they faces covered with cum." "That's called a facial girls and we hope you liked it." "Welcome to our feminine world of sissy love"


The End


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