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As always, this is for Prue and neri. God Bless both of them.


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

by Catherine Linda Michel


Part 8


I awoke before the alarm clock went off and shut down the alarm so it wouldn’t go off. I just laid there for a bit trying to get things straight in my head. I couldn’t deny that I WAS having feelings for Joe but just they were, I wasn’t sure. They couldn’t be LOVE, though, could they? I mean yeah I looked like a woman and I moved and felt like a woman but that was only on the outside, right? Underneath all of the glamour and femininity, I was still a guy! I knew that and yet I couldn’t shake the feelings I was experiencing. COULD it be love? Was it just gratitude for him having saved me from that bunch of lechers at that bar and for him taking on the task of finding out just what the hell was going on at AG Deliveries? Those thoughts were warring for attention along with thoughts about Cary, my friend. Just what was his part in all of this? Was he really my friend or was he taking advantage of me for some hidden agenda of his own? I unwound myself from the blankets and stood up slowly and s t r e t c h e d! I mean one of those bone cracking stretches that seems about to tear your muscles loose from their foundations kind of stretches. I walked over to the full length mirror on the closet door and examined this body I had been stuck in for the last 7 days. DAMN, it STILL looked fantastic! That long red hair and those beautiful curves practically screamed, I AM WOMAN!, but I wasn’t!

Then, that funny little <click> went off in my mind again and I stopped wondering and worrying about all that. I headed into the bathroom for my morning ritual. I started the tub filling after making sure the water temperature was below that magic 140 degree mark. NO WAY was I gonna get stuck permanently in that suit through some stupid mistake! I bound up my hair on top of my head so I wouldn’t have to spend an hour drying and styling it. Tomorrow I would be able to take this thing off and I was looking forward to that!

Finishing off my bath, I climbed out of the tub, all soft and sweet smelling and wrapped a towel around my breasts, once again, amazed at the sensations I could feel coming through them. Every touch, every movement, I could feel as if I had grown those things all by myself. The thought went through my mind that I would have to find a way to keep this suit if things went bad at AG Deliveries. I mean, I didn’t want to be a woman the rest of my life but it sure might be fun to wear it occasionally, after all this was over. There WERE some compensations for looking pretty, after all. Right about then, a memory came crashing in on me and I just stopped where I was and shivered. The memory was of being held in Joe’s strong arms and being kissed by him, and how it made me feel warm and safe and desired even though it scared me at the same time. What was I?! Was I actually becoming a woman by wearing this bodysuit and through the programming contained in those tapes? I knew that there WAS a chance of getting stuck in the suit and, if that ever happened, I would truly be sealed inside it for the rest of my life but would that mean that I would actually change sex at that point and if it did, would I TRULY be a woman capable of having babies? It seemed unlikely that merely becoming trapped inside the bodysuit would change my insides but it WOULD mean that I would have to live as a woman for the rest of my life!

These thoughts and a lot of others went through my mind that Friday morning as I went about my morning routine of bath, hair, makeup and clothing choices. They were still going through my mind as I drove to work. I was very early getting there so I stopped at the restaurant across the street from the AGD parking lot for breakfast. As I sat there, eating, Dana came in, having seen my car in the lot out front. She sat down and ordered a cup of coffee and, when we were alone, asked me what Joe had thought and what he was going to do. I told her what Joe had told me to tell her about it being my imagination and all that and she looked at me like I had lost what was left of my mind. "WHAT!!" She practically screamed at me! "Do you mean to tell me that everything you and I have noticed wrong and all this bodysuit stuff is just what it appears to be, a DELIVERY SERVICE?! I had to shush her before she caused a scene inside the restaurant and, to calm her down a bit I also said, "Listen, Dana. Joe said that he had checked into it and it appeared to be on the up and up BUT, He was going to do a bit more looking into it and he would let me know what he found out. Until I hear from him, I think we should carry on as we have been doing. After all, if we raise any suspicions over there at work, we could be in serious trouble if there IS anything going on. Besides, tomorrow is Saturday and we can get out of these suits for the weekend. Then we"ll find out what, if any, effect the programming has on us when we look like ourselves again. For now, I intend to go over there, do my job, and go home. Tonight I am gonna climb out of this damn girl suit and go out and get laid by the first good looking woman I can pick up. I’ll call you Saturday morning and we can compare notes on how we feel and what effects may or may not be remaining after we get out of the suits, okay?"asn’t Dana looked at me for a minute without saying anything. Then she sighed and, in a resigned sounding tone of voice said, "Okay, Ginny but you better be right about this! My folks are supposed to be coming this weekend for a visit and I damn sure don’t want them to see me looking like this! Hey, I just thought about something! What if we have to work tomorrow morning? Oh shit! If we have to I am screwed! My folks will be coming in tonight! At that point, Dana was getting louder and louder and I had to quiet her down again so I said, Dana! Calm down! If we were gonna have to work this weekend, they would have said something by now. I think that they will want to take the weekend to look at how things are going and make any needed adjustments to our routes and charges so just relax! Anyway we’ll find out whenwe get over there so let’s not panic. Well, she finally calmed down and I paid for breakfast and we drove across the street and parked our cars. Then we went into the dispatcher’s office to see if there was anything posted about having to work tomorrow morning. There WAS a list for Saturday but neither Dana nor I were on it. Jeri, Terri, and Carla were, though and we wondered how they would take the news when they got here. About ten minutes later, all three of them showed up and we all got our assignments, and delivery schedules from Ms. Smith. Terri, Carla, and Jeri actually seemed excited about the prospect of working Saturday morning, though! They were talking excitedly about the extra money they could make and how they were going to be able to pay off all their bills in a month or two if things kept going the way they were. I did kind of wonder why Dana and I weren’t scheduled to work tomorrow morning but I didn’t raise any questions then. I wasn’t about to "gaze a gratuitous equestrian in the oris maximus" as my Dad used to say. In other words, I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I didn’t want to remain in this bodysuit one minute longer than I absolutely had to. There were too many questions I needed answers to and I couldn’t get them while I was still wearing it. I also knew that I HAD to see Joe while I wasn’t wearing the bodysuit so I could find out if the feelings I was having about him were real or just the result of the programming. So I kept quiet about everything and a little while later, we all went to our vans and started our day.

I had gotten used to that hazy feeling at the end of each day and when I found myself back at the parking lot at the end of the day, I wasn’t too surprised. I went in and turned in my log and receipts and went to the break room. A short time later the rest of the girls showed up and joined me in the break room. Then Ms. Smith came in and handed out our tip envelopes and, this time, mine came to over 400 dollars! Then I heard that word again, RUMBLESEAT!! and my whole day returned to me as clear and accurate as anything I had ever experienced. Every single stop and delivery I had made that day was there in my mind and, once again I felt that <click> in my mind. We started to leave, everyone talking excitedly about their tips when MS.

Smith stopped us, saying,

Girls! You have had a marvelous first week! We here at AG Deliveries are so happy with your performance that we have taken the liberty of arranging a shopping trip and dinner for you all! A limosine will be picking you all up here in the parking lot in about 15 minutes to take you to first to a very upscale ladies clothing store for a complete outfit and then to The Palms Restaurant for a lovely dinner. All the bills will be picked up by the company, including tips for the limo driver and at the restaurant. The spending limit at the clothing store is 400 dollars per person and dinner has already been paid for, regardless of what you order. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can buy drinks for the house, of course but anything you girls order and consume personally, will be taken care of by the company so have a ball! Now", She continued, "Terri, Jeri, and Carla, you three ARE working tomorrow morning so I suggest you keep your alcohol consumption down to a minimum and you will ALL be brought back here to pick up your cars after dinner so maybe it would be a good idea for all of you to keep the drinking down." You will have the rest of the weekend to celebrate. Now, girls, you have a few minutes to make any phone calls you might need to make to make arrangements with relatives or friends for this evening. Have fun, ladies! And with that, she left the room.

Chaos ensued! Everyone was talking at once and I couldn’t make heads nor tails out of any of what was being said! It was just a babble of excited voices! Dana and I joined in, of course, not wanting to draw any attention to ourselves but the thoughts going through my mind were, to say the least, not happy ones. I had been looking forward to getting out of this bodysuit and spending an evening as myself again! Now that would have to be delayed until we were done with dinner! Well, there was nothing for it but to go through with it so I went to a phone and tried to call Cary. There was no answer so I left a message on the machine and hung up. All the other girls were on the phones so I went out onto the loading dock and, sure enough, there was a long white limo waiting there.

In a few minutes the other girls came out and we all piled into the limo and headed for a shopping excursion on the company’s nickel! We arrived at the chosen store, Brantson’s, in an upscale neighborhood and were escorted into the store by the limo driver who presented the store manager with a credit card which bore the name of the company. We girls spread out into the store looking at this and that and Dana and I found ourselves together in the lingerie section. We tried to maintain the same level of excitement that the other three girls were evidencing and picked out some beautiful bra and panty sets and then headed for the dressing rooms to try them on. We kept our conversation to what we were doing and didn’t discuss any of our suspicions at all while we were in the store or the limo.

The set I had picked out was agua in color with lots of lace on the panties and in the center of the bra which had a front closure. Dana had chosen a powder blue set with lots of lace as well and everything fit very well, indeed. We changed back into our other underwear and left the dressing rooms as the other girls were coming in. They were giggling and talking excitedly about what else they were going to buy and showing each other the underwear sets they had picked out. Dana and I headed for the dress section and began looking for something to match our new undies. When we had made out choices we returned to the dressing rooms and tried things on. Aagain, everything fit very well and we changed into the new clothing. Then we went to the shoe area and were assisted by a very anxious young guy who was more than happy to help us try on several pairs of shoes each. I am sure that he got more than an eyeful, helping us and the other girls and before too long we all were fully outfitted in new clothing from the skin out including new hose and garter belts. We all headed into the salon area of the store where we were all treated to quick but thorough makeovers of our makeup and freshening of our hair, and then through the fragrances area where we were spritzed with what smelled like very expensive perfumes, a different one for each of us. Then, we headed back to the limo while the driver settled up with the store. The sounds of all those high heels clicking on the pavement was strangely exciting and the chatter that was going on was almost hypnotic and Dana and I couldn’t help joining in on the fun. I figured, what the hell. I might as well try to enjoy this, and I’m sure that Dana was thinking the same thing. The driver came out finally and we headed for our dinner. When we pulled up in front of the restaurant, a uniformed man opened the door for us and assisted each of us as we exited the limo and then we headed into the restaurant like a group of movie stars or something. I could almost feel the eyes of every guy we passed as they looked us over and while a small part of me resented it, a much larger part was reveling in the attention I was receiving! All through dinner, we were beseiged by men with drinks and offers to dance and lights for cigarettes. So much so, in fact that I can’t recall to this day what I had to eat! I know I had fun and when the time came to leave, I was actually sorry that it was over. To my amazement, I had almost accepted an offer to go out on the town that evening with a very good looking guy who seemed fascinated by me! I finally remembered, however, that I wanted to get home and out of this bodysuit and be me again and that overrode any temptation I might have otherwise have given in to. I whispered my regrets in his ear and gave him a look that promised better things at some future time and we all got up and left the restaurant.

The limo met us outside the front door and we all piled back in and we were taken back to the parking lot of AGD. Ms. Smith met us there and complimented each of us on our choices in clothing and then told us that the official evening out was over. She also said that if any of us wanted to meet her and some other members of the office staff for some more partying, we could accompany them to a dance lounge and party the night away. I know that this offer was directed at Dana and I because the others had to work in the morning and I could see that Ms. Smith seemed disappointed that Dana and I declined the invitation. Dana made her excuses and jumped in her car and left and I did the same thing.

All the way home I kept wondering what might have happened if I had taken Ms. Smith up on the offer to go partying but the need to get out of this suit was growing with each moment that passed. When I finally got home I parked my car and practically ran across the lot and up the stairs, no mean feat in those new 4 inch heels, let me tell you. I looked around inside the apartment but no Cary so I found the instructions for removing the bodysuit and began the preparations. I filled the tub with water above 120 degrees but not over 130 degrees as it said in the instructions and while it was filling, I stripped out of my pretty new clothes. I took care of them because they WERE expensive and, well, I did like them. When the tub was ready I double checked the water temperature with the thermometer I kept in there expressly for that purpose and then I climbed in, sat down and laid back in the water. It seemed hot but I figured that it was because I was anxious and worried but it had to be the right temperature. I double checked it, right? As I laid there in that hot water, my thoughts drifted back to Joe and what he might find out this weekend when he did his investigation inside the AGD building. I actually hoped he would find nothing wrong there but I knew that it was too much to hope for. I mean, let’s face it, this was really a good job and it paid damn well even though I had to wear a bodysuit and pretend to be a woman. Add to that the fact that I was making new friends in the forms of Jeri, Terri, Carla and Dana and it really was a dream situation, except, again, for that woman thing. Oh well, I sighed and relaxed back into the hot water, waiting for the suit to loosen up, already planning the next two evenings out as myself again. After about 20 minutes I could feel something happening but it felt strange. Almost as if the suit were tightening instead of loosening! I sat up, frightened and my mind was going around in circles wondering what I could have done wrong! I had followed all the instructions to the letter, even double checking the water temperature, hadn’t I? I climbed out of the tub and started to run across the bathroom to the door but I slipped and fell, hitting my head on the counter as I went down. I must have knocked myself out because the next thing I remember was being shaken and someone slapping me gently on the face!

As I came to, I saw Cary with a worried look on his face. He was sitting on the floor of the bathroom with my head in his lap, calling my name. "Jim, Jim, are you all right? Oh man, this is all my fault, I should never have gotten you involved in this thing! C’mon, Jim, wake up and let me know that you aren’t hurt! I swear to God I never meant for you to get hurt!" After a few minutes my head began to clear a bit and i said, "Okay, Cary, okay! Jeeze, quit hitting me in the head! Where does it say that you should hit someone with a head injury in the head! He stopped and kind of shuddered and started to CRY!

Oh Jim, I’m sorry! Jeezus, Jim, I never meant for you to get hurt. It was only supposed to be a test of the bodysuits! I don’t even know what for! All I know is what they told me and they said that if the test was successful, I would be able to triple or even quadruple my investment in just a couple of months!" He babbled on like that for a few more minutes before I finally stopped him and said, Cary, just what the hell are you talking about? Ooh, my head hurts! Get me up off this cold floor will ya?" He helped me to my feet and we staggered out into the living room where Cary covered me with a comforter and sat me down on the couch. He went over and fixed me a drink and brought it back to me. Then he sat down next to me and took my hand in his and looked into my eyes. Before he could say anything, though, The door to the apartment burst open and three huge guys came rushing in! Two of them grabbed Cary and the other one grabbed me and wrapped me up tightly in that comforter. I could hear the sounds of fighting going on but I couldn’t see anything that was happening, I was so wrapped up in that damned comforter I couldn’t do ANYTHING! Pretty soon, all was quiet in the apartment again and when I finally got my eyes clear of the comforter I saw Cary, apparently out cold, being carried out of the apartment by the two guys that had attacked him and the other guy slung me and the comforter over his shoulder and followed them. He warned me to be quiet or they would hurt me and Cary very, very badly so I kept my mouth shut as I was carried outside and dumped unceremoniously into a van along with Cary. The door slammed shut and the van accelerated away from there quickly. NOW what the hell was going on?!! I had thought I was in trouble before but that seemed insignificant compared with what was happening now!

As the van sped through the night i laid there, helplessly wrapped up and scared to death both for me and Cary! I didn’t know what was happening but I was afraid that it wasn’t going to go well for either of us! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////



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