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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

by Catherine Linda Michel


Part 7

As always this is dedicated to Prue and neri, my two internet angels, and to all those who think they can’t write. TRY!!! You might be pleasantly surprised, as I was.

We left the restaurant at about 830 and, by common consent, decided that the most private place we could go was to Joe’s apartment/office. We left Dana’s car in the lot and she rode with me. As we followed Joe through the city streets, Dana and I firmed up our story so we wouldn’t miss anything when we told Joe. We knew it was going to sound utterly unbelievable to him but we had all the details down and the one thing we figured would convince him, if our tale didn’t would be one or both of us removing part of the bodysuit.

I only hoped, as did Dana, that we would be able to get some answers to all the questions that were racing through our minds. When we arrived at Joe’s building, we followed him into the parking garage and I flashed that pass at the attendant. He waved me on through and I parked next to Joe. Then we took the elevator up to his place. Joe asked us to sit down and both Dana and I sat on one of those large couches. Joe fixed us some drinks and then sat down in an easy chair facing us. We began to tell our tale of woe and before we were done, Joe had refreshed our drinks three times. He looked incredulous but not so much as I had thought he might. I guess being a private investigator, he had seen a lot.

I could tell, though that he wasn’t going to really buy our story without some kind of proof and that meant partially removing at least one of our bodysuits. I reached behind my head, feeling around for the closure and when I finally found it, I gripped it in both hands and gently pulled my hands apart. There was that rrrrrrrripping sound as the velcro or whatever it was parted. I slid my fingers inside both sides of the now open in the back mask and began to pull it forward off my face. I knew that Joe was probably going to be, at the very least, disappointed that I wasn’t a real woman. I just hoped he wouldn’t be so angry that he would refuse to help us. Before I got too far, though, Joe called out to me to stop. He said he didn’t want to see me without the mask and he said that he was convinced. I pulled the mask beck tight around my face again and resealed it with a little help from Dana in getting the closure straight and sat back on the couch with my drink. Joe just sat there, his face had a blank look on it and I was very afraid that we had blown it and he was going to throw us out and maybe beat me up for good measure. I mean, he HAD kissed me. After a few minutes of silence, Joe sighed a big sigh and looked at me.

"Well," he began. "That is one hell of a tale you have told me and, I have to confess, I thought you were either putting me on or trying to run some kind of scam on me. Seeing you start to take off that whatever it is that you are wearing convinced me though. It IS a bit unsettling to know that I kissed a guy, though and I AM a bit put out that you tried to fool me like that!"

I could see that he was angry and embarrassed and I tried to reassure him by saying that the way I had acted was part and parcel of the way the programming on those tapes had made me act and also, I said, if I had told him that I wasn’t a woman, back at that bar, he probably would have left me to the tender mercies of that bunch of half drunk and horny guys there. He said that he guessed he understood that part but I could see a kind of sad look come over his face. He looked at me and then past me at the wall and didn’t say or do anything for several seconds. Then, He looked back at me and smiled a sheepish looking smile and said, "Well, ordinarily I don’t take a case without a retainer but this thing seems so weird and outlandish that I think I will look into it."

Dana and I were so happy that we actually squealed and both began talking at the same time to Joe, babbling about how grateful we were and how we really were thankful that he had believed us. He listened to the both of us for a couple of minutes and then held up his hand as he kind of chuckled. "From the sound of you two and the way you are acting, I have to see those tapes you talked about. They must be really something if they can make two guys sound and act like two excited women!" Dana and I looked at each other and then back at Joe. "I don’t know if you should look at those tapes, Joe," I said. "I don’t want you to start acting like this!

"Well, Ginny, if they are what I suspect they are, from your description of how they worked, I think they need a trigger to make the programming work on a person. In this case it is probably the bodysuit. If I am not wearing one, I don’t think the tapes will affect me. I will take precautions though and I will only view about 5 or 6 minutes of any one tape at any one time. Just in case I am wrong about the trigger for the post hypnotic suggestions, I don’t want to be swishing all over the place either!"

We spent another hour or so talking and planning strategy and then Dana said, "Hey, we gotta go! If we stick around much longer we won’t be getting home until way late and I don’t want to be late for work tomorrow morning!" We finalized our plans and told Joe that we would bring him the tapes tomorrow. Then Dana and I got up to leave. Joe gave me that funny look again. It was a kind of a sad look and I knew that he was wishing that I was a real woman. I had felt something from him these last couple of days and I knew that he was hoping for some kind of a relationship with "Ginny." To tell the truth, with the way the programming made me act and feel, I was almost hoping for the same thing!

With that somewhat scary thought echoing around in my mind, Dana and I went to the elevator and got in. Joe was still sitting in the easy chair, a kind of half smile on his face. Then he jumped up and ran over and got in with us, saying he wanted to walk us to my car, just for safety’s sake. On the ride down to the garage, he kept looking at me as if searching my face for something.

"You know," he said, "those bodysuits are really amazing! Maybe after all this is over I might have to look into getting one to use in my work. It could be a big asset to me to have a perfect disguise to wear when I am trailing someone.

I told him, "If this works out and you get us out of this, you can have this one. I don’t think I will ever want to see it again. This has just been too weird for me. I can’t wait for Saturday so I can climb out of this thing and be me again for awhile. I have almost forgotten what I really look like under here."

The elevator finally reached the garage level and the doors opened. We got out and headed for my car and Joe walked us all the way there. He stopped me before we reached my car though and said that Dana should go on ahead, he wanted to talk to me privately for a second. I gave my keys to Dana and asked her to wait in the car for me and she agreed to do so. When she walked away, Joe took me by the elbow and led me behind a support pillar and, once we were out of sight of Dana, he grabbed me and pulled me to him and kissed me!

I tried to pull away but he was stronger than I was and part of me didn’t WANT to pull away! I was actually beginning to enjoy that kiss when he stopped and pulled his face an inch or so away from mine.

Then he said,

"Look, Ginny or Jim or whoever you really are. I don’t know what is happening to me and right now I don’t want to know! I only know this. Ever since I saw you at that bar I have been falling for you! I know, I know, you say that under that suit you are a guy but you know what? I don’t CARE! You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen and all I can think about is getting you between the sheets for some serious sex! I don’t know what this makes me, whether I am turning gay or what but I can’t THINK about anything else! Look, don’t say anything," (AS IF I COULD!) "I gotta think this out tonight and when I see you tomorrow to get those tapes from you, we can talk more about this. It’s crazy, I know!" And he turned away from me.

I could almost SEE the tenseness in his body and I swear I saw his shoulders shake a time or two as if he were crying! I was speechless! I mean I didn’t have a CLUE as to what I should do or say or if I should do or say ANYTHING! I mumbled something like, O..o..okay, Joe. And fled for my car. I didn’t look back until I got there and when I did look back, it was just in time to catch Joe entering the elevator. He looked at me across the garage and I swear I could see tears in his eyes, even from where I was! I started the car and peeled out of that garage like I was trying to set a record. Dana kept asking me, WHAT’S WRONG? All the way back to the restaurant where we had left her car but I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t! My brain was an absolute chaos of thoughts and none of them were making any sense! I dropped Dana off at her car and I still hadn’t said anything! I finally managed to say, it’s nothing. Just drop it for now and maybe tomorrow morning I’ll be able to tell you.

She looked at me and I could tell she wanted to know more but I just closed the door after she got out, waved at her and left the parking lot. All the way home my mind kept replaying that kiss and what Joe had said. MY GOD! Came the thought. Could it actually be that Joe was falling in love with Ginny!?" But, I am a GUY! Joe can’t be falling for me, I am a GUY! But another part of my mind was saying, "Gee, I really enjoyed being held and kissed by a strong handsome guy like Joe," and, to tell the truth, I HAD enjoyed being kissed by him. It had made me feel, I don’t know, wanted, loved even desired! Fortunately, enough of my brain was on my driving that I made it home without any incidents. I noticed that Cary’s car was nowhere in sight and I parked my car, got out my key and went inside the apartment.

I was actually glad that Cary wasn’t home. I needed time to gather my thoughts and come to grips with the conflicting emotions that were raging inside my mind! On one hand, I still knew that, under all this feminine outer shell, there was a guy! I knew that it was totally ridiculous to even think about kissing another guy even looking the way I did! If I enjoyed what Joe and I had done, did that make me gay? But, at the same time, that damned programming was giving me hot flashes over the way I felt when he kissed me! I was actually getting turned on just thinking about it!

I must have gone on autopilot just then because I found myself in bed undressed and cleaned up and I didn’t remember doing any of it! I laid there, thinking for quite awhile, not really paying attention to much of anything else when I felt my hand massaging my breast! My other hand was between my legs, massaging something else and before I could think about anything else, I was exploding into a massive orgasm! One after another they came, until I couldn’t think about anything but the pleasure I was feeling and the emotions that were racing around in my brain! When I finally came back to earth, I quickly fell asleep and my dreams were of Joe and being held and loved by him, but, in those dreams, I wasn’t wearing a bodysuit. I was a real woman and we were making passionate love! It was a strange night, to say the least! I never heard Cary come home.



I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock buzzing near my ear. I rolled over and hit the damn thing once or twice until it shut up and then sat up in bed. My dreams were rolling through my head like a runaway freight train and my thoughts were scattered. For a second, I didn’t know for sure where I was or WHO I was but as I began to fully wake up, those dreams began to fade and before too long I was able to think again. I staggered into the bathroom and took a shower. I didn’t have time for a long hot bath although that was exactly what I wanted to do. I finished my shower and scurried back to my room for my clothes. I grabbed some things that looked right and went back to the bathroom. Then I did my hair and makeup and got dressed. I felt like I was still on autopilot and, just then, it felt good to NOT have to think. I just let the habits and knowledge that those tapes had put into my head, take over and before too long, I was ready to leave for work. Grabbing my purse and keys and slipping into my high heels, I went out the door and towards my car. I noticed that Cary’s car STILL wasn’t anywhere in sight and that made me wonder. Where in the hell was he, and what was his part in all of this? I didn’t want to believe that he had any knowledge of any of the shenanigans that were going on at AG Deliveries but how could he not know? He was an investor and knew the people there. Surely he MUST know what was going on but how could he do this to me, his old college pal? All the way in to work I was thinking like that and, when I arrived in the parking lot at work, I noticed that, once again all the other girls had beaten me there. I saw Dana just going into the building and I hurriedly parked my car and ran after her. I caught up with her just as she was about to go into the dispatcher’s office and I grabbed her arm and steered her towards the break room. Once there, I closed the door and whispered to her, "Meet me after work at the Stumble Inn. I need to talk to you about last night!" She looked at me, alarmed and whispered back.

"Are you okay?" I’ll meet you there but I gotta know if you are ok! Last night you looked scared to death!"

No, I’m okay, Dana, I just need to talk to you and find out if what I have been feeling, you have been experiencing as well."

Just then, Ms. Smith came into the break room and called to us, "Let’s go, girls! Time’s a’wasting and there are deliveries to be made! You two gals can gossip AFTER work, now SHOO! And she made motions with her hands like she was shooing flies off or something. Dana nodded at me ad winked, indicating to me that she understood and would see me later. I nodded back and put a bright smile on my face for Ms. Smith’s benefit. Dana and I both went into the dispatcher’s office and got our paperwork for the day and went out to our vans. The other girls were already on their way out so we didn’t have time to say any more to one another.

The routine held that day. It seemed as though I had just left on my route when, the next thing I knew, I was pulling into the lot with an empty van, my deliveries all having been made. I parked the van and went in and turned in my receipts and tips and went into the break room where the other girls, including Dana were already sitting. I just sat down and was staring at nothing when Ms. Smith came in and began praising us on another great day. The receipts were up and so were the tips. She handed out our tip envelopes and mine came to 365 dollars! Jeri, Terri, Carla and Dana were oohing and ahing about how much they had made in tips that day when Ms. Smith shouted out, RUMBLESEAT. The next thing I remember I was walking out of the building with a complete memory of my whole day that I hadn’t had a few minutes before. I got into my car and followed Dana to the Stumble Inn and we parked in back of the place. We went in and sat down and I began to tell her what had happened last night between me and Joe and how I had felt about it. Dana seemed sympathetic and was trying to calm me down when the waitress came over and asked us if we wanted to order. We both said we just wanted coffee to begin with and she said ok and off she went, leaving us alone again. Well. After a few minutes she came back with our coffee and we ordered dinner. When she left again, we went back to our conversation. Dana told me that she kind of understood what I was talking about. She said that she’d had those same kinds of feelings and we attributed it to that damned programming on those tapes.

After all, those tapes had inserted into our minds how to walk, talk, move and even emote the way a real woman would so it was only natural that we would feel attracted to guys while we were wearing the suits. It was still scary to the male part of me that I still seemed to be able to access, though and I asked Dana if she could do that too. She said that yes she could, sometimes but only when something happened that was so far out of her experience as a man that it overloaded the female conditioning somehow. We talked a bit more and finished our dinner and then we parted company. She headed for home and I headed for Joe’s apartment with those tapes. I had remembered to grab them as I went out the door that morning and had them stashed in my trunk.

When I pulled in to the parking garage at Joe’s building, I parked next to his car again and went up in the elevator. When the door opened, Joe came rushing across the room at me and grabbed me and held me tight. He asked, "Are you okay? I followed you on your route today for a bit and it looked like you were spaced out or something! I even hollered to you a couple of times but you ignored me and just went on with what you were doing! I was worried out of my mind about you!" And then, he kissed me! AGAIN!

My brain went into overload and I leaned into Joe, not caring anymore that we were both men, only caring that I was being held and kissed and comforted! My male self that I had been able to call upon, retreated somewhere into the deep recesses of my mind and I was reacting only as Ginny. For a few precious minutes Joe held me in that wonderful embrace. When we finally came up for air I managed to remember that I was here to drop off the tapes and, reluctantly, I pushed away from Joe. My head was spinning but I managed to hand Joe the bag with the tapes in it and then I kind of staggered over to the couch and just sort of fell onto it. He didn’t say another word, he just went over to the bar and fixed me a drink and brought it over to me. I took it in mostly numb fingers, carefully, and Joe went over to his TV/VCR combo and turned it on and inserted tape number one. I averted my eyes and tried not to pay attention to what was being shown on the TV screen. I didn’t want to give that programming any more of a chance to take a firmer hold of my mind. After a few minutes, Joe shut off the VCR and just sat there for a bit. When he looked at me, there was a look of pity on his face and when I asked him what was wrong, he just kept looking at me with that look on his face. Pretty soon I couldn’t stand it anymore and I excused myself to go and use his bathroom. I needed to go after the coffee at dinner anyway and I knew that my makeup must be a mess after that Kiss!

When I returned to the livingroom the tape was on again and Joe was in the kitchen area preparing something. I called out to him that I had already eaten but he just went on with what he was doing. I heard a clicking noise and the VCR shut off. Joe came back into the livingroom area and sat down next to me on the couch and took my hand in his. Then he began to speak, saying, "Don’t talk, just listen. When I first saw you in that bar I was instantly taken by your beauty and seeming helplessness. A little while after that you impressed me by following my lead and helping defuse that situation that would developed had you missed my cue. Then outside the bar you asked for my help and as I looked at your lovely face I knew right then that I was falling in love with you. I know you are a male inside a female bodysuit but I don’t care! I only know what I feel and that is, I want you! I know that can’t happen right now, if ever, but you have the right to know how I feel. It’s wrong and crazy, but there it is. Ginny, I love you! If you were a real woman I would ask you to marry me and even though you are not a real woman, I still want that!" He started to say more but I could see tears in his eyes as he made that confession, and the Ginny part of me took over again and I put my finger to his lips and shushed him.

"Don’t do this to yourself, Joe!" I murmured, softly. Don’t torture yourself over something you have no control over! I am beginning to feel the same way about you and I know that it can never be! Right now, I am all Ginny and there is nothing I would like better than to melt into your arms and say yes, yes, YES! But you know I can’t do that!" Then I began to cry, knowing that this was wrong yet wanting it so badly I could taste it! He took me into his arms and just held me for what seemed to be hours but was only really a minute or two. Then he let me go and stood up and walked over to an easy chair and sat down again. We didn’t look at each other for several minutes and when we finally did, we were both under a bit more control of our emotions. Joe said, "Okay, Ginny, or Jim, or whoever you are, here’s the deal." Those tapes definitely contain hypnotic suggestions and are highly illegal. That tells me that there IS in fact, a LOT more going on at your workplace than just a simple delivery service. So, I am going to dig into this with a vengeance and help you, if I can, get free from there and find out what the hell is going on there! I have some contacts in the technical world and I want to touch base with them to see if the know anything about the technology that is behind that bodysuit. I have heard rumors of things like that but I had no idea they were so advanced as the one you are wearing. What I need you to do is just go along with things the way you have ben for a few more days. By tomorrow night I should have more information and this weekend I am going to try to get inside the place to look at their records and whatever data I can get out of their computers. You say they work on Saturday mornings so I will look the place over tonight and tomorrow. Then, Saturday afternoon or evening, when I think I can get in without being noticed or caught, I will go in and find what I can." Joe paused then, getting up and taking the tape out of the VCR. Then he continued. "For now, let’s keep all of this, and I mean ALL of this ,just between you and me. Don’t even tell your pal, Dana about what I intend to do. It’ll be better if as few people know as possible. That way, if something happens, no one can come back on Dana. As for you, well, you are going to have to trust me and I will have to trust you. If ANY of what I intend to do gets out, BOTH our gooses will be cooked." I told Joe that I understood what he was saying and then I stood up, saying, "I’d better leave now. If I stay any longer, Ginny is going to come over there and grab you and I can’t be held responsible for what she might want to do after that. How do you want to stay in touch with me?" Joe looked at me and I could see that he was fighting to keep his emotions and libido in check. He said, "I will get hold of you when I have something on the company. Don’t worry about how I’ll get hold of you, I just will, and you are probably right. You might better leave now while I can still control myself as well. Listen now, I AM going to help you get out of this crazy company and keep you safe in the process. First of all because of how I feel about you and second, because this whole thing stinks to high heaven and I am pissed off at them for putting both you and me in the spot we’re in emotionally! For now, just go on about your normal routine if you have one. Don’t do ANYTHING to draw attention to yourself or your suspicions. If you have to, tell Dana that you were wrong about what you thought and that I investigated and found the place to be on the up and up. Now, you better go because I have work to do!" Joe escorted me to the elevator and down to the garage. I wanted him to hold me again and never let me go but I also knew that it was the programming that made me feel this way ans so I kept a lid on my emotions until I got in the car. I watched Joe go back into the elevator and the doors closed. Then, I lost it. I must have cried for 10 minutes. Great big gulping sobs like my heart was broken.

When I calmed down enough to drive, I wiped my tears with a hanky from my purse and started the car and drove home. If I had been stopped by the police for any reason that night, they would have thought I was racoon woman. My mascara was all over around my eyes and down my cheeks from crying. When I got home, still no Cary and it shows my state of mind when I say I wasn’t even worried about him. I just went inside, washed up and went to bed and cried myself to sleep.///////////


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