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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

by Catherine Linda Michel

Part 6


When I awoke, It was about a half hour before the alarm was due to go off. I laid there for a few minutes trying to get my brain working properly. I finally decided that it wasn’t doing any good, just laying there so I got up. It was very quiet and I could hear birds chirping merrily in the trees off to one side of the apartment building. "Yeah, little do they know!" I snorted to myself. I wasn’t feeling very humorous that morning.

I went into the bathroom and drew a bath. While the tub was filling, I took a long look in the full length mirror and once again, the thought sent through my mind, "What a body!" Even after 4 days inside this bodysuit, every time I looked in a mirror, I was still shocked by what I saw, at least for the first few seconds. After that, it seemed like I adjusted my thinking and what I saw looking back at me seemed normal. I knew it had to be the programming from those tapes but, knowing that didn’t seem to make a difference. I began to pose in front of that mirror, kind of like how I thought a nude model would do, turning half sideways and licking my lips like a beautiful woman, winking at myself and I remember thinking, " Man am I HOT!" Looking back at it now, I can see that, slowly, the suit and the programming were preparing me for acceptance but back then, I didn’t see it.

When the tub was full, I climbed in and once again I marveled at the feelings of this bodysuit. Every day it seemed that I could feel more and more. After four days of continually wearing this thing, it seemed like my regular skin. I could feel every small touch of my fingers and every time I would pinch a bit of skin, it felt just like there was nothing on my body at all! It felt silky and smooth, just like a real woman’s skin would feel. It might seem weird to you but in all this time I had never really LOOKED at the way I looked in this suit. I guess there had just been too much going on what with getting used to it and then the excitement and mystery of the new job and AG DELIVERIES.

Now that I had a few extra minutes, I started really looking at the body I was now occupying. First, I examined those large breasts. Now I had seen a breast or two before but I had never really had the opportunity to see a pair at this range and at my leisure. I guess the first thing I really noticed were the nipples. They were very large and kind of brown and about the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil. I touched one of them and a shiver went up and down my back as it began to GROW in size! I sat straight up in the tub and a gasp escaped from my lips! I FELT THAT!!! As if that nipple and the breast it was attached to, were actually a part of me, and the other one was responding now as well! I began to notice, at the same time, a kind of warmth between my legs and I felt kind of , I don’t know, quivery. I laid back in the tub and began an earnest exploration of these parts of my body that I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to before this. Gradually I realized that I was fondling my breast and massaging between my legs and feeling very tense but good. As I continued, the warmth grew and the feelings intensified until I was rubbing and fondling for all I was worth and moaning low and deeply in my throat. I recognized those sounds as the sounds that an aroused woman makes in the throes of sexual passion. Part of me was screaming at me to STOP, this wasn’t natural but a bigger part was saying, "This feels too good to be wrong!" So I kept on with what I was doing. In a distracted way I noticed that I could feel every little touch of my fingers with those long nails, on my skin. That fact registered on my brain but, but that time, my hands and my body were on autopilot and I don’t think I could have stopped if I had wanted to. Faster and faster, my fingers seemed to move of their own accord and I actually could feel the fingers of one hand penetrating my? vagina! A feeling began to build at the base of my spine and gradually moved up my back and down my legs until I thought I would burst! I felt warmer and warmer and that feeling became all encompassing until it seemed that every remaining vestige of my masculinity was pushed into some small corner of my mind and I felt incredibly feminine. All of a sudden, it seemed as if a dam had burst and I lost myself in what had to be a completely female orgasm! Wave after wave of pleasure chased each other up and down my body and for a few seconds that seemed like hours, I quivered and shook and moaned in release!

After things calmed down, I just laid there in the slowly cooling bath water, my mind absolutely stunned by what had just happened but my body was tingling in what I guess is the afterglow that women talk about. I remember thinking, when I COULD think again, "Oh my GOD!!! What did I just do? I had just masturbated as a woman and, though I hate to say it, I had LOVED it! I had no idea that orgasms felt that way to a woman. My whole body had been involved in that orgasm and it seemed that it still was! Every once in awhile, a shudder would travel the length of my body and with every one of them I felt a shadow of the larger feelings I had just a few minutes ago! Then, as if a switch had been closed I lost all interest in what I had just been doing to myself as my male mind seemed to reassert itself.

I sat straight up in the tub and I felt like I was blushing, all over! I felt ashamed at what I had just done! I quickly finished my bath and got out, wrapping a towel around my body and pulling the plug from the tub. I padded back across to my bedroom and quickly closed the door behind myself. I plopped down on the edge of the bed and tried to get myself together. What did this mean? Was I becoming so comfortable with being inside the bodysuit that It was beginning to take over from my male feelings, those that were left? I was glad that Cary was still asleep and hadn’t heard my moaning and groaning in the bathroom. I didn’t think I could have faced him just then if I would have known that he had heard me in the bathroom. After a few minutes of sitting there, I glanced at the clock radio next to my bed and noticed the time. SHIT!!!! Unless I got myself together and moving, I was going to be late for work! I finished drying myself off and began to get dressed in a hurry. Putting on my bra, panties, and pantyhose, I grabbed my blouse and skirt and headed back into the bathroom to do my makeup and hair.

Doing a quick but adequate job on my face and hair, I quickly finished dressing and ran out of the bathroom into the livingroom. I grabbed my purse, practically jumped into the heels I had worn yesterday and headed out the door. I jumped in my car and backed out into the road and took off towards L.A. and work. My mind was still on that incredible experience I’d had in the bathtub but some part of my brain was paying attention to my driving so I had no problems making it to work ten minutes early. I parked in the lot noticing, as I did, that everyone else was already there. I climbed out of the car, locked the door and ran into the building, managing to get punched in just in the nick of time. I peeked in the break room but there was no one in there. I headed down the hall to the dispatch room and just managed to catch Jeri coming out with her route sheets. She looked at me and said, "Running a little late this morning, hon? Ms. Smith has all your stuff ready and waiting for you. You’d better shake a leg, or a hip and get it in gear, girl!" She giggled at me and headed off towards the garage.

I walked into the dispatcher’s office and found Ms. Smith waiting for me, route sheets in hand. She glanced up ad I walked in and said, "Oh, Ginny. I am glad you made it on time. I was getting a bit worried about you. Here are your route sheets and delivery schedule for the day. You will be pretty much in a different part of town today so we included extra maps and directions as best as we could. Now, get going, girl. Time’s a’wasting!" She handed me the paperwork and clipboard and turned me back around and practically pushed me out of the office. On the way out to my van, I saw Carol, the secretary I had met when I had first interviewed for this job. She smiled at me and I said, "Hi Carol. We haven’t had much of a chance to get to know one another, have we?"

"No Ginny, we haven’t." She replied. "How about we get together tonite for dinner somewhere. Then we could talk and, things."

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! I didn’t think she was interested in me at all, especially considering that I was just as pretty as she, at the moment. I started to say, "Sure, that’d be great," when it dawned on me that I had to meet Joe this evening. Damn! Just my luck! Oh well, I wouldn’t have enjoyed an evening with Carol quite as much as Ginny as I would have as Jim. Still, she was awfully attractive and as I thought that, something clicked in my head and I just said, "Maybe another time, Carol, I have plans for this evening." And I walked away!

I remember getting into my van and checking my route sheets but not much else for that whole day. The next thing I remember was parking the van back in the garage, empty, and walking back into the main building. Terri was going in just ahead of me and we handed in our sheets and money and headed for the break room. Dana, Carla and Jeri were already sitting in there and we joined them. Ms. Smith came in and, if possible, was even more enthused than she had been yesterday! She said, "You girls are really getting into the swing of things! Together, today you brought in over 15,000 dollars in fees and over1500 dollars in tips! Oh, ladies, I think this thing is going to work out just wonderfully!" She handed out the envelopes containing our tips and waited while we opened them and checked the contents. Mine contained 295 dollars! The other girls seemed pleased with their tips and then Ms. Smith said, in a very loud tone, "RUMBLESEAT!" And again, my head cleared and I could remember every stop, and every flirtation from the whole day! I tried to keep my face impassive and not let on that I had heard and understood what Ms. Smith had said. I somehow knew that if I let on that I knew about what had to be a post hypnotic suggestion, I would be in a worse mess than I was obviously in now. After a few seconds, Ms. Smith said, "Okay, girls. That’s it for today. You are all doing great and I can see terrific things in all your futures if you keep this up! Have a good night ladies and we’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning!" Then she turned and left the room. The other girls and I talked for a few minutes and then we left the break room and headed for our cars. I looked closely at the faces of the others. They all seemed unconcerned and happy at getting so much money for what seemed to be an easy job. Dana, thought had a thoughtful look on her face and I caught up with her and, in a quiet tone of voice, I asked her if she was okay. She looked at me and whispered, "Not here. Wait till we’re out in the lot. Something is weird and I think you have noticed it too."

I didn’t say another word but, once we got to our cars, and we had done the female bye bye routine with the rest of the girls, Dana motioned at me to follow her. We got in our cars and headed out of the parking lot and I followed her to the Stumble Inn. We parked in the lot there and Dana came over to my car. I popped the lock and she got in, closing and locking the door behind her.

"What’s up, Dana?"

"I don’t know for sure, Ginny but have you noticed that you can’t seem to remember much about your day until after we are back and Ms. Smith is talking to us?"

"Well, Dana, now that you mention it, I do kinda know what you mean. It seems like I am fuzzy and my thoughts are hazy until after she does her after route pep talks. I just figured I was the only one. Why? Are you feeling the same things as I am?" "Well, DUH, girl! Why do you think I had you follow me here instead of talking to you back at work?" "Okay, okay Dana, take it easy! I have been noticing what you are talking about since yesterday and I didn’t say anything because, well, I thought I might get in trouble or something!" I was kind of playing dumb trying to draw Dana out a bit more before I told all I knew or suspected. As paranoid as I was getting, I couldn’t be sure that Dana wasn’t a company narc or spy. I knew SOMETHING was up though so I just kept quiet and let Dana talk.

"Listen, Ginny," she said, "Something is wrong over there at work. I don’t know what it is but I just know something is wrong! I’m getting scared, girl, and I don’t know what to do or who to talk to. The only reason I’m talking to you is that I sorta thought I saw the same kinda puzzled look in your eyes that I have seen in mine in the mirror. I mean this whole thing seems crazier and crazier with every day that goes by and I just know that there is a lot more going on than just a simple delivery service! Listening to Dana I could tell that she was getting more and more upset and I tried to quiet her down. "Look, Dana, I know what you are talking about! I just don’t know what we can do about it! Listen, I have a, ummm, well, kind of a date tonite with a guy I met yesterday. He might be able to help us or at least tell us what we should do about this. Do you want to come along? It might help if there are two of us telling him this crazy sounding story." "You got a DATE??! Damn, girl you ARE a fast worker! You are taking this whole girl suit thing pretty seriously, aren’t you? I mean, you ARE a guy under there, remember?"

"I know, Dana! This isn’t a date, kind of date. I met this guy who is a Private investigator and a damned good one by the looks of things. He kind of rescued me from a bad error in judgement I made last nite. We talked for a while and he took me back to his place. Well," I said quickly, trying to head off her comments, "It was his office AND his apartment, and, Oh it’s hard to explain but I trust him and I think he might be able to help us. Are you in or what?"

Dana fell silent for a few seconds, apparently lost in thought. Finally she looked over at me and said, "Okay, Ginny but I gotta go home and change. I am NOT going out anywhere looking like I just crawled out from under a car! Where and when are you meeting this guy?"

I told her the name of the restaurant I was supposed to meet Joe at, and the time and I told her not to be late. I didn’t want to be alone with Joe any longer than I absolutely had to. He seemed like an okay guy and I didn’t want him to get his hopes up about me. Nothing could or should happen between him and me. We were both guys, for christ’s sake! I also thought it was a good idea to have Dana there because I figured that if Joe got angry when he found out I was a guy, there’s be both me and Dana to deal with. Dana said she’d be on time and she got out of my car and went back to hers. I hoped I wasn’t making a mistake by including her in on this but I was desperate and I wanted her help. I waited about 5 minutes after Dana left the parking lot before I went ahead and left. I made the drive home with no problems and parked in the lot there. I saw Cary’s car in the lot and I thought again about talking to him about my suspicions but decided against it. I could talk to him after I met with Joe and might have a better handle on what to do to get out of this mess. I walked into the apartment and saw Cary sitting in the living room watching TV. I stopped and talked to him for a few minutes and then I said, "Listen, Cary. I would love to sit down and have a good old fashioned bull session like we used to have in college but I have to shower and change and get back downtown. I’m meeting someone and we’re having dinner. I shouldn’t be too late and if you are still up when I get back, we can yak for awhile, okay?" He looked at with an amused look on his face and said, "Gee, a date, Ginny? Who is she? Or maybe I should ask, who is HE? You’re really getting into this eh?" And he kind of chuckled at me.

Well, I blew my top at that!

"Just what the hell are you talking about, Cary." I yelled at him. I’m doing all this crap for YOU. You think it’s been easy looking like this?" I indicated my body. "You think I’m enjoying all of this? Maybe YOU should try on one of these damn bodysuits and see what it’s like to be programmed to look and act and sound like a sexy woman for awhile! You know, I have just about had it with this whole thing and if it weren’t for the money and the fact that I promised you I would do this, for YOU, I’d tell you exactly what to do with this suit and the job and the whole damned thing!" I stormed off towards the bathroom, figuring that, with that little tirade, I would have thrown Cary off any scent he might have had about me getting suspicious..

I took a quick shower and redid my hair and makeup. Then I looked through the clothes that Cary had bought for me to use this week while I wasn’t at work. I found a dress that looked like it would look good on me and I tried it on. It fit like it was made for me. I found some matching jewelry, earrings, bracelets and necklace and put them on as well. Then I found a purse that more or less matched along with some 4 inch high heels and a light wrap. I turned out the lights in the bathroom and my bedroom and walked back out into the living room. I still acted like I was angry at Cary and I said, "Well? How do I look? Good enough for a special date with a her OR a him? You know, Cary, I thought we were friends, but you sit there and make fun of me? That’s pretty low, my friend and I don’t like it one damned bit! Maybe we’ll talk tonight when I get back and maybe we won’t! Don’t wait up for me!" And I stormed out of the apartment.

I walked rapidly to my car, listening to the tap, tap, tap of my heels on the pavement and feeling the swish of the dress on my legs. I gotta admit, It felt good even though it was a lot different from anything I had ever experienced before. Come to think of it, this would be the first time I had been out anywhere dressed to the teeth as a woman except for job related times. I guess I should have been a bit nervous about that but, somehow, I wasn’t. Instead I felt relaxed and confident that I looked good! Yep, you guessed it. That programming again. It seemed, though that I could access my male side whenever I really wanted to and I knew that wasn’t the way it was supposed to be just by having watched the other girls at work. They seemed totally caught up in being women and showed no signs of their male selves that I had seen. On the way back into L.A. I did a lot of thinking about what I was going to tell Joe. I now had no doubt that I needed his help in getting out of whatever it was I was into and I hoped that he WOULD help. I had a little bit of trouble finding the restaurant but, with Joe’s directions and a friendly cop, I eventually did find it. I pulled up in front of the place and a guy in a uniform came out to help me from the car and park it for me! "Wow," I thought. "Pretty fancy place!" I walked inside and was met by a Maitre’ D who asked my name. I told him and that I was meeting Joe Parsons. He escorted me in to the restaurant proper and seated me at a table saying that Mr. Parsons had left instructions that whatever I wanted, I should have and price was no object. He also said that Joe was going to be a bit detained but would be here as soon as he could. I told the Maitre’ D that I was expecting one other person and described Dana to him. He said he would watch for her and escort her to the table when she arrived. I said thank you and then he called a waiter over to the table and I ordered a drink. I didn’t want to get drunk tonight but I felt I needed a little fortification for what was to come.

It wasn’t too much longer until I saw the Maitre’ D comint my way and he had a dynamite looking dark haired woman with him. I guess I was surprised at how good Dana looked even though I shouldn’t have been. She looked GREAT! All dolled up and wearing an off the shoulder gown that left nothing about her figure in doubt. When they arrived at the table, the Maitre’ D seated her and called the waiter over again and Dana ordered a drink. When the waiter left, Dana and I engaged in that female thing of telling each other how great the other looked and all that, but also giving each other looks that were worried and wondering about our situations.

About ten minutes later, I saw Joe come in. He looked in our direction and I could see a puzzled look on his face when he saw two gorgeous women sitting at the table waiting for him. He walked over to the table and stood there for a few seconds looking at me, questioning me about the presence of Dana with his eyes. I motioned for him to sit down and when he did, I leaned over and told him that I had something to tell him and I wanted my friend here to kind of give me courage. I introduced the two of them to each other and we sat and talked until the waiter came over and took our orders. When he left, I motioned Joe and Dana to move in a little closer so I could talk without having anyone around us hear what I was saying.

I knew this wasn’t going to be easy and I hoped that being in a public place would keep Joe from losing his temper. The first thing I told Joe was that Dana and I needed his help. I knew that Joe had thought he was going to have dinner and a night out with a good looking woman and this was the first step towards letting him down as easily as I could. We talked until dinner arrived and then took time to enjoy the meal. I could tell that Joe still had hopes but I was going to have to squash those hopes before this evening was over. Dana hadn’t said much, merely nodding once in awhile to emphasize something I had said to Joe. Dinner was delicious and when we finished, Joe suggested we go somewhere a bit quieter to talk. I asked Dana to come along and I saw a disappointed look come over Joe’s face. He spoke up, saying, "Look, Ginny, I thought you and I were going to have a nice dinner and then maybe go for drinks and dancing. No offense, Dana, but even though you are a beautiful woman and under any other circumstances I would have loved to have taken you out for dinner and dancing, this was supposed to be just me and Ginny. Whatever problems you two have, can’t they wait until tomorrow?" Dana finally spoke up, saying.

Look Joe, I know you must be a bit disappointed but Ginny and I REALLY do need your help and I think we should get out of here and talk about it. It’s really important and we are desperate for your help." That’s true, Joe." I added. "We DO need to talk about this! I’m sorry if we spoiled whatever plans you might have had for you and me tonight, But it IS important that we talk about this!

"Okay, okay," he said, resignedly, "I give up for now. Let’s go somewhere quiet and talk. You’ve got my curiosity up now." ////////////////////////////



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