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As always this story is dedicated to my two net angels, prue and neri, and to all those who have been told, "YOU CAN’T DO IT". I am living proof that YOU CAN DO IT if you want it badly enough. In the words of Tim Allen in his new movie, GALAXY QUEST, "Never give up, never surrender!"


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

by Catherine Linda Michel


Part 3


I awoke and blearily looked at the clock radio next to my bed. 10:30 AM. I laid there for a moment, still in that pleasant in-between place where I wasn’t fully awake and wasn’t fully asleep. As I became more wakeful, things started making their presences known. Things like breasts, and long hair in my face and um, a lack of something between my legs. Uh-huh. Not a dream. Nope. A few more seconds of disconnected thought and then I sat straight up, suddenly wide awake, as things remembered crashed in on me. The bodysuit, those tapes, the clothes.

I threw back the blankets and gazed at what had to be the most gorgeous female body it had ever been my privilege to see and another thought snuck up on me. * UH, JIM? That hot looking redhead? She is YOU!* Curiously, I didn’t freak out and start screaming. Instead, I admired the way my waist nipped in to a slimness I had never known in my entire life, and continued on down, expanding as it went to lushly curved hips and the LONGEST legs I had ever seen. And those breasts! To call them beautiful would have been damning them with faint praise.

I cupped them in my slender and feminine hands and felt their weight. I didn’t find any of this unusual and, somewhere in the back of my mind a thought niggled at me that I should find this strange since I was not a woman! Oh well, enough of this, was my very next conscious thought and I got off the bed and headed for the bathroom to attend to another pressing matter.

As I sat there on the toilet, I remembered everything that had happened to me since Friday when I had opened those boxes, right up to last nights seeming revelations about what the bodysuit and those video tapes had done to me. I could, it seemed, access all of my memories as a guy named Jim Mathews but I felt no embarrassment or discomfort with looking how I did now. I finished up and wiped and pulled up my panties, then stood facing the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Looking at my? face, I examined it critically, noticing the smooth pale skin, full lips, sensuous green eyes and cute slightly upturned nose. "Very sexy looking face", I remember thinking.

I started drawing a bath thinking that, since this would be my first full day as a good looking woman, I should be clean and fresh. I added some bath crystals that must have been left here by one of Cary’s girlfriends and, when the tub was full, I slid slowly into the hot, scented water. I could actually feel it as if it were my own skin! As I began to soap up I also realized that I could feel every single movement of my hands on my skin just as if there were nothing there but real girl! "Amazing", I thought to myself again. I never had even thought of experiencing something like this and I sure as hell never thought I would be this calm about it if I ever did have the chance to experience it! "Those tapes and this suit are, incredible, absolutely freaking unbelievable!"

Well, I spent a looong time in that tub, just feeling, and experiencing the differences. No, I didn’t do "That", even though I WAS tempted. Somehow it just didn’t seem to be very important to find out what it might feel like to have a female orgasm. It was much more important to be clean and sweet smelling and ready to face what would be, I was sure, a VERY busy day. I opened the bathroom door and went back into my bedroom and started selecting clothes for the day. I seemed to know exactly what to choose and how it would look on me. After the steamy air in the bathroom had cleared, I went back in and carefully began to apply some makeup. Again, I seemed to know just how to apply it and how much to use. With my hair wrapped up in one of those turban things that women always seem to use to get the extra moisture out of their hair after a bath or shower, I performed the age old ritual of "making myself pretty" without any wasted motions. When I was done with that, I took the turban off my head and began drying my hair. That went very smoothly and much faster than I thought it would and when I finished with that and brushing my hair out, I, as Ricardo might have said, "Looked Mmmmahvelous, dahling!"

As I left the bathroom wearing just panties, my hips swaying back and forth and my breasts jiggling, I heard noises from the direction of Cary’s room, indicating to me that he was also waking up. I hurried across the hall into my bedroom and closed the door. After all, a girl can’t have her best guy friend seeing her in just her flimsies and skimpies, right? I dressed in the clothes I had chosen, basically just another of the uniforms, a pair of light blue short shorts and a very pretty white blouse with small pearl buttons, and opened the door to go to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. I stopped, briefly at the boxes and found a pair of 3 inch heels that just seemed to go with the outfit I was wearing and slipped them on and continued into the kitchen, having no problems walking in those heels and not even really thinking about it, then.

As I started cooking eggs, bacon and toast, I found myself humming a little tune and sounding, for all the world like a happy girl starting the day! About ten minutes later, Cary staggered into the kitchen, wearing a bathrobe and a thick layer of beard. Cary isn’t a morning person, or had you figured that out for yourselves by now? He started the coffee maker and looked at me. His face went from tired looking to an expression of WHAT THE -----!!, in about two seconds and finally settled down to a bemused look of curious wonder. I smiled at him and chirped, "Good morning Cary" in my new high feminine voice and he seemed to hesitate a minute before he answered me.

"Jim, that IS still you in there, right?", he said in a tone of voice that indicated to me that he wasn’t completely sure of what my answer might be. "Of course it is, hun." I replied. " It’s just a different Jim than you remember, is all. I mean, I AM still Jim, but I feel very comfortable with the way I look and feel right now. The way I am moving and acting feels totally normal to me and although I know who I am and remember all of the things that make me Jim, I still feel very feminine and, strangely enough, unconcerned about my changed appearance and actions. So, what would you like for breakfast?," I asked him, turning back to the stove. "Um, I think just coffee," he responded. Lots and lots of coffee! This is gonna take some getting used to, my friend. Oh," he added, "there are a lot of things in those bags I brought back yesterday. Clothes, jewelry, and more shoes and underwear. I figured that you wouldn’t want to wear just the uniforms all the time this week and I picked up some things while I was out.

I actually squealed in delight at that and, taking the still unfinished breakfast off the burners, I RAN into the living room to investigate the contents of those bags! I found several skirts and blouses along with some very naughty looking underwear that HAD to have come from Victoria’s Secret. I also found several pairs of earrings, some necklaces, bracelets and even rings, and a very feminine looking watch! I was actually very excited over all these female goodies and couldn’t wait to try them on but I decided to finish breakfast first. I did pick out some matching earrings, a necklace and a couple of bracelets that looked good with what I was wearing and put them on, feeling somehow more "complete". Then I went back into the kitchen to finish cooking and, on the way, I actually hugged Cary! He was a bit shocked but, after a second or two, returned the hug. "Thank you so very much, Cary," I murmured into his chest. "You have been really helpful and kind to me through all of this and I really appreciate what you have done for me in helping me get this job and everything. The clothes are just lovely and I really love them and all the other things you bought for me. I know I should be really freaked out over all of this but, somehow, I’m not. It must be the programming from those tapes and, even knowing THAT, I am still very happy right now. This whole thing is turning into the adventure of a lifetime for me and even if it doesn’t work, I will always be grateful to you for giving me this chance."

Cary and I held the hug for a couple of minutes and then I felt him tense up and he gently broke the hug, saying, "Ummm, Jim, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this. I mean, the way you look right now makes me want to hold you and, well, other things but I have to remember that inside all of that is my old college drinking buddy Jim Marshall, the guy I chased women with and got drunk with. Let’s just keep things on an even keel here and I will try my best to remember who you really are. I hope you will do the same because things could get awfully weird and complicated if either one of us forgets, and I don’t think I wanna go there.

I gave Cary a little pout and said, "Okay you old spoilsport, but don’t blame me if I find it difficult to maintain a discreet distance from you. The way I feel right now, well, I enjoyed that hug and I think I want more of it. Oh, I know what I’m saying and how it sounds to you, knowing that I am guy inside this suit, but I DO feel an attraction to you and I kinda like it! Again, Cary got that odd look on his face that I had seen a few other times this weekend. A kind of bemused/wondering/almost sad look, that I really hadn’t connected with anything but was becoming a bit worrisome to me.

Oh well, I couldn’t think about that now. I was feeling too good about just being alive on this first morning of my new life. The thing is, I never felt out of place or weird about what I was doing through all of this. The programming in those tapes wouldn’t let me. It made me feel comfortable with looking and feeling and acting like a woman! So, once breakfast was out of the way and Cary had showered and gotten dressed, we decided to go out and do a little shopping and getting used to me looking like I did. All through the rest of the day, I did notice the differences between the way I was doing things as I was now, as opposed to the way I would have done the same things as Jim. Just walking was different, with my hips swaying back and forth drawing looks from men wherever we went and it seemed to me that every time I noticed some guy watching me, I put a little bit "extra" into my walk making my hips sway just that much more. I noticed the jiggling of my breasts, but not as much as you might think. After a couple of hours, I actually forgot about it, or at least paid no more attention to it.

Cary and I shopped a bit, and I embarrassed him a couple of times in places like Victoria’s and Fredericks where I loudly asked his opinion on one flimsy piece of underwear or another and gaily laughing at him when he’d turn red. I just felt great! I was actually having fun as a woman and didn’t think anything about it. We stopped and ate at a nice restaurant and I had my first chance to use a ladies room. The stories are right, by the way. For the most part, ladies bathrooms are much cleaner and larger than men’s rooms. Offsetting that is the occasional line one has to wait in and pray that the "hold it in" muscles are in good shape! Anyway, after being out for about 6 hours, we headed back to the apartment to wind down and prepare me for my first day of work. We got back at about 6 PM and, while I put away the few things I had bought along with the things Cary had gotten me the day before, Cary went about ordering dinner from a really nice place he knew about that actually delivered things like prime rib! Dinner arrived about an hour later and after we ate and cleaned up the dishes, we sat and talked about this and that. We went over exactly what we knew and didn’t know about the bodysuit and the programming on those tapes. Then we both showered, SEPARATELY, thank you, and got ready for a quiet evening of television. Around 11 PM I called it a night and went to bed. Yes, I DID experiment with my "new" body that night. It was.......interesting, and ‘nuff said about that! I awoke with the alarm clock beeping at me and as I reached out to shut it off, I took notice of the smooth and very feminine hand and nails at the end of my hairless arm, but other than noticing it, I paid no real attention to it. I padded into the bathroom and began drawing a bath. I wanted to be as fresh and feminine as I could possibly be for my first day at my new job. I was very excited and anxious to begin work and as soon as I felt I was clean enough, I jumped out of the tub and dried off. It took me about 45 minutes to do my hair and makeup and then I dressed in the wool skirt and white tie off top that I had worn the first time I had tried on the uniforms and added earrings, bracelets and a matching necklace along with a few rings. Then I grabbed my keys and headed out the door to my car.

Taped to my steering wheel, I found a note from Cary. It said, "Best of luck on your first day. I’ll be pulling for you but I KNOW you will be great at your new job and in your new role." New role? I wondered what he meant by that, exactly. I mean, ok maybe you could consider posing as a woman to get work a role but somehow I didn’t think Cary meant it that way. Don’t ask me why I thought that but there was a small something niggling at the back of my mind. I just couldn’t put words to it. Oh well, it was a beautiful day and I was going to my first day at a new job and my mood improved quickly until I forgot about that small something and just enjoyed driving with the wind in my hair.

As I pulled into the parking lot at AG DELIVERY, I noticed some of the cars that belonged to the other new men that I had met in the training program. I parked my car, grabbed my purse and locked the car doors. I walked unhurriedly into the building and found Carol waiting there with a clipboard. She looked at me and smiled. "I’m glad to see you Jim. I told everyone that YOU would be one of the ones who didn’t back out of this job just because it was too weird to be impersonating a woman. Now, the first thing we have to do is find a feminine name for you. I t seems ridiculous to be calling a beautiful woman Jim!" and she laughed a little bit at that. "Well, I said, "how about Ginny? That’s pretty close to Jimmy and that’s what a lot of people have called me over the years. That way I won’t be surprised or confused when someone calls me Ginny." Carol smiled at me again and said, " That’s just perfect. From now on, when you are at work or in your suit, you are Ginny," and she wrote something on that clipboard she had. Then she looked up at me and said, "Why don’t you go ahead in to the briefing room," and she pointed towards a room behind her, "and meet the rest of the new "girls"." I smiled at her and said thanks and moved around her and into the room she had indicated.

As I entered the briefing room I saw 4 other women seated around a table and I walked over to join them. We re-introduced ourselves and while we all had what I would call a sheepish smile on our faces, no one seemed to be the least bit uncomfortable with looking like we did. Carl had become Carla, a very attractive blonde just a bit taller than I. Jerry had become Jeri, a dynamite brunette just the same size as I.

Danny had become Dana, a knockout with long, lustrous black hair and Terry had become Terri, an absolutely gorgeous blonde about 4 inches taller than I now was. We sat there and talked about our experiences over the weekend and our expectations about our first day at this new job. I wondered when we were going to actually bet started but I felt quite at ease talking with these women who, just last Friday had been men just like me. No one seemed to be the least bit concerned or embarrassed about their sudden sex change and we chatted like old friends. Just then I realized that Frank wasn’t here. He HAD seemed really disgruntled about all the things that happened last Friday and I had wondered if he would show up today, even considering the veiled and not so veiled threats that had been leveled at us when we had picked up all our boxes full of stuff. I knew, or at least I assumed, that all those threats were probably just so much smoke to get us to at least TRY to do this job and see if this wild experiment would actually work or not Certainly no one could "blackball" anyone for not showing up or for deciding not to take part in what was certainly a strange kind of job. I had figured that if anyone had decided not to show up, the company would just get their bodysuit and clothes back and the person would be able to go on their way. Surely nobody would be prevented from trying to get another job just because they didn’t want to impersonate a woman!

We talked about Frank and some other things for a bit until Carol came in with another woman, a very attractive redhead with slightly darker hair than mine. She was introduced as Ms. Smith the dispatcher/driver’s representative. Carol told us that she would be our representative with the Union which we all would have to join and for any disputes with management, she would be our liaison. Carol then began to fill us in on our new duties We would be assigned routes in different areas of L.A. so there would be no duplication of effort. Our hours would be from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Mondays through Fridays with an occasional Saturday morning if some deliveries couldn’t be made during the week for one reason or another. We were required to wear our bodysuits constantly during work hours and, additionally, might be asked to wear them at certain other times if the company needed us to any P.R. work like commercials of public meetings. We were instructed to be very polite to ALL of the customers we delivered to and, as a matter of fact, we were told to be always smiling and happy appearing because it would reflect well on the company. Our time off was our own and we could spend it any way we wanted as long as we did nothing that would make the company look bad. We would be allowed to wear our bodysuits, if we wanted, while off duty, but if we did, we would be under even closer scrutiny because we would be recognizable as drivers for the company. We were also told a few more things about our bodysuits. First and foremost was the fact that they were as tough and resilient as our own skin. If they got cut, they would heal much the same as our own skin as long as the cut wasn’t too large or deep. I mean, they wouldn’t regrow a cut off finger or anything like that but for smaller things like one would get as a consequence of everyday living, they were just as resilient as our own skin and maybe just a shade tougher. They would tan as our own skin would so we could even wear them to the beach if we wanted to. They were, however highly resistant to the cancer causing rays of the sun so, in that sense, they were actually BETTER than our own skin. Other than that and a few small matters of maintenance they bodysuits could be treated as if it were our own skin. Then, Carol spent some time explaining about the business and it’s goals. We first new hires were to be the vanguard, as it were, of more like us. If we proved to be successful, a lot more people would be hired. The ultimate goal was to have over 100 drivers and delivery people working at AG DELIVERIES, and we would be delivering mainly to the downtown business community where, obviously, the money was. Since we 5 were the first hired, and were the ones upon whom the success of the company would hinge, we were offered all the incentive packages that I mentioned earlier, like full hospitalization and dental plans, a full participation 401K plan and stock options as well as travel and meal allowances. The fact that we were really men wearing female bodysuits was to be kept a deep dark secret for obvious reasons. If the word ever leaked out that we weren’t really women, all kinds of flak would come down on the company from Women’s groups, the ACLU, and the State Government. The idea was though, with our own male strength and the shapes of good looking women, the work and lifting involved with the job would be easier and we would be better able to handle ourselves in any kind of physical emergency like self defense. I know, I know, some of you out there are saying, "well that is a really sexist thing to say and think", and I can’t argue with you. I only know what they told us and it seemed to make sense to us at the time. It was lunch time by the time Carol and Ms. Smith finished with their briefings and so we all trooped across the street to a nice little restaurant and ordered. We used the time it took for our food to arrive to get to know one another a little bit better, and by the time our food did arrive we were all a lot more comfortable with one another, seemingly on our way to becoming friends.

After lunch we all went back across the street and were taken, by Carol and Ms. Smith to the garage where our new delivery vehicles were parked, for our first look at them. They were sharp, I must admit. Sleek oversized vans, much the same size as a UPS ™ truck but much more streamlined and painted, well, bright pink! It’s a good thing that the programming on those tapes had me feeling so comfortable with being a woman or I, my old male self, would have been terminally embarrassed to be seen anywhere is the vicinity of one of those, waaay too feminine, vehicles. On the side of each one of the vans were the words, A.G. DELIVERIES, and underneath the words, the company logo which consisted of a very pretty cartoon of a lovely woman in the A.G. DELIVERIES uniform handing a package to a business suited man. Both had big smiles on their faces and the male figure seemed to be looking directly at the delivery girl’s, well, chest.

I wondered if this cartoon might not be a bit too much as I figured that it would draw the wrath of many civil liberties groups but I didn’t say anything. I assumed that the powers that be in the company would have made sure that everything was kosher, legally and I didn’t feel it was my place to question their decisions, at least not right then. Maybe later I would ask Cary of Carol about it. We got in one of the vans and Carol and Ms. Smith showed us the layout of the dashboard and where all the controls were. Every van had a full communications setup and they were all air conditioned and equipped with state of the art built in AM/FM/Cassette/Disc stereo systems designed to automatically lower the volume whenever a call came in on the two way radios. After our familiarization with the layout of the vans, we each drove one around the parking lot sor awhile to get used to the handling of such a large vehicle. There was a sort of driving course, laid out on the pavement of the lot and we all had to drive that course until we could all maneuver the large vehicle without problems. Automatic transmissions and power steering helped a lot. Once we mastered the course, we all went for a drive in the city, itself for further training. Inside each van was a booklet describing exactly what to do in the case of an emergency whether it was just a flat tire or a traffic stop right up to and including what to do in the event of a major accident. Every van was also equipped with a satellite tracking system and a fully stocked first aid kit. It seemed that nothing had been overlooked. There were even three fire extinguishers located strategically about the vehicle. "Very impressive", I remember thinking. The rsst of our first day was spent going over procedures and signing paperwork. Some of that paperwork was,, apparently, to legalize our identities for the purposes of obtaining drivers licenses for all of us with our female names and pictures on them. We were told that they would be ready for us when we came in for work the following morning.

Now, I imagine it has crossed all of your minds that it seems that an AWFUL lot of money had been spent with NO guaranty of any kind of commensurate return. I know it did cross my mind a time of two. Hell, looking at this thing logically, the cost of the bodysuits alone had to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, right? Well don’t overwork your logic circuits. All will become clear as I progress with my tale of my journey towards womanhood.



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