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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

by Catherine Linda Michel


Part 2

Again, after I put the tape in and the helmet thing back on, I fell asleep and when I awoke the tape was rewinding and Cary was sitting in the chair across from me, smiling. I took off the helmet and as I did, I noticed that there were a number of packages on the coffee table. They weren’t there when I started this second tape so Cary must have brought them home with him.

First things, first, though. I had to get u from the couch and head for the bathroom. My bladder was screaming at me for relief. I made it there just in time and, after some quick re-adjustment of clothing, took care of business. WHAT a weird feeling though to have to sit down to pee. AND wipe after. Oh well, I guess I can get used to it since I sorta have to for now. "Besides," I thought to myself as I got up from the toilet and caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror over the sink, "I kinda look cute" CUTE!!!!????? Whoa!! Wait a second here!!!! I couldn’t believe what I had just thought! I was already thinking of myself as a cute girl and I had only been wearing this suit for a few hours! It had to be the tapes, I thought in a bit of a panic. I ran out of the bathroom headed for, well, I am not sure of where I was headed. Running just seemed to be the thing to do at the time, so I did it. I damn near ran over Cary who was headed towards the bathroom with a couple of bags full of stuff. As it was, I did knock the bags from his hands as I brushed past him at a gallop. Stuff went everywhere and when I saw what the stuff was, I slowed down and stopped. It was MAKEUP and Hair things.

The funny thing is, when I saw all that stuff, I looked at it and something in my brain went click and the next thing I knew, I was helping Cary pick the stuff up off the floor and examining it closely. I selected a double handful of containers, lipstick, blush, foundation, eyeliner, mascara and the like and marched right back into the bathroom! Before I could stop to think about what I was doing, I started to apply the stuff to my face! I seemed to know what I was doing and within 15 or 20 minutes, I was done. I looked at my? Face in the mirror with satisfaction and I remember thinking, "That’s MUCH better! How could I let Cary see me without my makeup?!! While I was there, I brushed out my? hair. When it was smooth and shiny and, well, cute looking, I put down the brush and opened the bathroom door and went back out to the living room feeling much better about myself. Cary looked up at me when I came out of the bathroom and I could see his eyes get wider, the closer I got to him. I stopped right in front of him and smiled at him and said, "well? What do you think? Am I foxy or what?" And I GIGGLED!!!!! I mean a cute little feminine sounding GIGGLE!!!!!!! Oh man, what was happening to me? Those tapes and this suit! Were they getting to me!?? All of a sudden I was seized by the irresistible impulse to RIP off this damned suit and throw away those TAPES!!!! Cary saw, i guess, that I was headed for panicville and grabbed my arms and made me sit down on the couch. He talked to me in a slow, calm voice and, in a couple of minutes I was feeling more in control again. I don’t remember much of what he said but, whatever it was, it worked.

Finally, I looked up at Cary and said, "Cary, what is happening to me here? Am I losing my mind or what?" He just smiled and said, "No Jim, you’re just fine. It’s only natural that you would be feeling a bit lost right now. With all that those tapes are trying to teach you and the way that bodysuit makes you look, I don’t wonder that you are a bit panicked. Just take some nice slow breaths and let the training filter back into your mind. You’ll be just fine. If not, then we will just get you out of those clothes, wash off the makeup, which looks very nice on you, by the way, and get you out of that bodysuit and call the whole thing off. I’ll understand, believe me. I would probably be going full goose bozo right about now if it was ME inside that thing." He continued, "You are really being one hell of a good friend to be doing this, and to help me and the company get going and I really appreciate it, more than I can tell you. If this company goes belly up, I stand to lose everything I have worked for the past three years. I have put every spare penny I could lay my hands on into this venture and, if it works, I, and you by the way, stand to make some really big returns on all that money. You see, I have bought stock in the company for you as well. Not a lot, but enough so that, if things go well, inside of 5 or 6 years you might never have to work again."

My eyes grew wide at that and I started to feel ashamed of what I was thinking a few minutes before. I was gonna tell Cary that I couldn’t do this. It was too much to ask! I was feeling trapped inside the feminine image I now saw in the mirror. Once I heard dwhat Cary was aying, however, I started to calm down again and thought about this whole thing. OKAY, so I impersonate a pretty girl for a bit, do what I can to help the company get going and then move up in the company and out of this suit! How hard could that be? I could feel the training take hold again and I got up off the couch and walked over to a mirror. As I stood there I looked at the Very pretty redhead looking back at me from the mirror and I remember thinking, "There IS a lot riding on this and I DO look hot!!" I tirned back to Cary and said, "okay, my friend, you’ve got me! Whatever it takes, you can count on me to do my best. Now what’s next?" And just like THAT, I was back in the frame of mind that the tapes had put me into. Cary held up a small parcel that was securely wrapped in heavy, padded paper. "Well," he said, "I guess the next thing is what’s in here." He carefully tore the package open and I saw that there were 4 bottles of some kind of liquid, each surrounded by padding so they wouldn’t break. "According to the instructions that came with the bodysuit, this stuff is supposed to change your voice to a higher pitch so you sound more like a girl."

Well, in for a penny and all that, I walked right over to him and took one of the bottles, opened it and drank it down! Cary got a weird look on his face and tried to grab it from me before I finished it but I’d had too much practice at Chug-a lugging during my college days and It was empty before he could grab it. "How long does this stuff take to work, Cary," I asked him. "ummm, Jim, you werre only supposed to take a SIP of that stuff. According to the instructions, one sip will alter your voice to a female pitch for 10 hours. I don’t know how long the whole bottle will take to wear off!" He looked at the bottle and the instructions again and his shoulders kind of slumped a bit. "Well, It says here that there are 10 doses in each bottle. Looks like it will take at least 100 hours for your voice will change back to normal!"

I started to say something like OH SHIT!!!! but right in the middle of it my voice quit working! I cleared my throat a few times but nothing happened! No sound at all! Then, gradually, things started to happen. I could feel a strange feeling in my neck and I rushed over to the mirror to see if I could see anything happening there. As I watched, fascinated, my adams apple slowly shrank until it was gone! When I tried to speak again, my voice was beginning to come back but it wasn’t MY voice! It was that kind of voice you hear if you are lucky, coming out of a phone when you call for phone sex! A breathy, high alto, SEXY sounding voice that sent shivers up and down MY spine and I was the one using that voice! I went back to the couch and sat down again, my head spinning a bit. "But Cary," I started to say but that VOICE!!!! No matter what I said, it sounded like an invitation to a wild evening of SEX!!! I even tried to sound angry but it just came out CUTE!!! As I sat there, trying to make yet another adjustment to my image, I reconfirmed my promise to Cary in my mind. Okay, I had screwed up this voice thing but it WAS only temporary, right? My voice would return to normal after 4 days or so and then I could just take the correct amount each morning to change it back to this sexy, sultry sounding one for the day. It would wear off after I got off work and I would be able to change back into Jim for the evening and do what I wanted until the next morning, right?

So I sighed, omigawd how THAT sounded with this voice!!!!!, and Cary and I talked for a while so I could get used to it. As I talked I found myself sounding more and more feminine as I went along. Those TAPES again, I thought to myself. Well, nothing for it but to go ahead. I was going to have to stay in this suit until at least Sunday night then take it off, clean it out inside and out and then put it back on Monday morning for work. Since my voice was going to stay like it now was for four days anyway Cary and I perused the instructions for the suit and found that it could be worn for 7 days before it HAD to be taken off for cleaning In the meantime, I could just take a shower or bath in it and it would be okay for that long.

Okay, I am stuck for at least 4 days in this suit and with this voice. I might as well watch the rest of the tapes and get this over with. First, though, Cary suggested having something to eat. I couldn’t argue with that as I WAS getting a bit hungry myself, so I said, "okay, but it’s your turn to cook". He looked at me and smiled and said, "Well, Jim, I really don’t feel like cooking. What do you say we go out somewhere and get some take out or eat at a nice restaurant?"

Well, my first reaction was something like,

"WHAT!!! LOOKING LIKE THIS?????? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND??????????" This, delivered at the top of my "cute"(ugh) sounding new voice, sort of rocked Cary back on his heels for a second or two, but he came right back at me with, "Ok, Ok, sheesh. Not so loud, willya? The neighbors will call the cops and how do you think we will be able to explain "this"? As he waved his hands in the general direction of, gulp, ME! "Uh, all right, Cary", I said in a somewhat quieter sounding voice. I sat down and thought about going out to eat. "Well", I said to myself, "you GOTTA eat and unless YOU want to cook, the only options are to order out or take Cary up on his suggestion."

Meanwhile, Cary was telling me that, on Monday morning I would receive new identity documents including a driver’s license made out in my "new?" name. These would stand up under any normal investigation and would help lessen the possibility of any of the new drivers for AG Delivery being unduly harassed by the police if they should stop any of us for any minor traffic infraction. Since it sorta made sense to me that we should have I.D. that matched our "new descriptions, I said nothing but kept listening. "In the meantime," Cary continued, "you gotta look like that for the next 7 days so you might as well get used to it and have a little fun with it. " But Cary," I interjected, "The voice thing wears off in four days. Why did you just say I hadda look like this for the next seven days. I can take this suit off Thursday night, right?"

" No, Jim," he said. "Remember that you are REQUIRED to wear the suit for the first 7 days in a row without removing it? That’s so you can get used to looking, feeling, sounding, and acting like an attractive female. We don’t want good looking drivers walking around talking and acting like guys, right? "Well, Cary, I had forgotten about the seven days thing but what you say does make sense. How about this? We call out for pizza tonight and I watch the rest of those tapes. If they do ANYTHING like what the first two did, I should have no problems leaving the apartment and going out to eat TOMORROW night, ok?"

I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing myself say but, as I was saying it, I could feel the changes inside my head! I mean, I could remember, very easily how I would have reacted to looking and sounding like, before I had gotten this way, but now, it seemed almost natural to think the way I was beginning to think, which was, well, feminine! I seemed to have no problem with "learning what those other two tapes would, undoubtedly teach me! In fast, I almost WANTED to watch them so as to complete the illusion I was supposed to portray!

I guess Cary agreed with me because he picked up the phone and ordered pizza and stuff for dinner and I went over to the VCR and inserted the next tape, which was titled, MAKEUP AND JEWELRY, THEIR MANY USES AND HAIR CARE.. "WHOOPIE!", I thought. About a half hour later, the pizza arrived and, after we cleaned up from that, I sat down, put on that infernal helmet and started the tape. As before, about 15 minutes into the tape I must’ve fallen asleep because when I next realized anything, the tape was rewinding and Cary was looking at me, from across the room. I sat there for a couple of minutes and then, the most curious thing happened, I got up from the couch and went straight to a mirror and my first thought, upon gazing at myself in that mirror was, "OMIGAWD!!! MY FACE AND HAIR ARE A MESS!!!" and I almost RAN out of the room into the bathroom where I spent about a half hour repairing the damage done to my makeup and hair from dinner and the time I had spent with my head on the couch, apparently asleep. By the time my brain caught up with what my reflexes and body were doing, it was too late to stop any of it so I just went into a kind of cruise control and let my hands do whatever they were doing. They seemed to know without any help from me, just what to do and how to do it. And then, it was done. Looking back at me from the bathroom mirror was an absolutely GORGEOUS redhead with PERFECT makeup and hair! I stared for a minute or two, not believing what my GREEN EYES were telling me. "Wait a second," went a thought in my head, "GREEN EYES? When did THAT happen?" But another thought quickly took the place of that one and it went like this. "Well, NATURALLY your eyes are green, dear. What other color could they POSSIBLY be with all that beautiful red hair?" I turned from the mirror and walked out of the bathroom and back into the living room where Cary was patiently waiting for me. "Cary," I said in an almost even tone of voice, "let’s take another look at the specs on this bodysuit, okay? I have a feeling there are some things we don’t know about it yet. So we dug out the specs on the suit and started going over them a bit more carefully than we had before. Yep, there it was. Under the heading "TEMPORARY CHANGES, SUBTITLE 2." Evidently, after wearing the suit for more than 2 hours, the eyes would change color to most perfectly accent the hair color. The change in eye color would revert to normal eye color after being out of the suit for more than two hours. Along with that there was a bit about weight loss and figure shaping. My weight would match the specs on the suit and my body would retain the shape of the suit, also for two hours after removing it. Where the weight went, it didn’t say. Whew!! As Alice said, "curiouser and curiouser."

Well, nothing for it now but to watch the final tape and see what IT would do to me. I was almost getting used to feeling and looking like I did now, and I WAS curious to see how that last tape would affect me. I knew that all these changes would fade and vanish once I was out of this bodysuit. The Spec manual that came with it said it would, and they can’t lie, right? I mean that would be bad for their business! So, reassured that I could still quit this at any time I wanted, I popped the last tape in, sat down on the couch again and put on that damned helmet. " I am gonna have to talk to the people that make these tapes," I thought. "Don’t they realize how this stupid helmet thing messes up ones’ hair?! Four hours later, I woke up. I sat there for a moment and then I took off the helmet and stored it away in the box it came in, along with the tapes. When I was done with that I straightened up and looked at Cary. He was giving me one of those, "WHAT THE HECK?" looks. As I walked away from the living room and into the kitchen, I noticed that I seemed to be moving differently. I mean, I was swaying and mincing along on those heels that I had forgotten I was wearing, just as sexily as any natural born woman would and it seemed strange for a second but then I thought, "Well, how else would I move? I AM a woman, right?" I mean, look at me. I am one foxy redhead with a dynamite figure and a face made for modeling. I am GORGEOUS!!!

I looked back at Cary and he still had that dumb look on his face. I giggled at him and said, "What’s the matter, Cary boy. Haven’t you ever seen a woman before?" He kind of gurgled a little bit at me and seemed to be having problems finding his voice. When he finally did, it sounded like he was going through puberty all over again, kind of cracking and all over the scale. "My, Gosh, Jim. I can’t believe what I am seeing and hearing. I mean, I was at the test sessions of these bodysuits with all the other investors in AG DELIVERY but, WOW!!! To actually see it happen right in front of me like this is absolutely AMAZING!!! You look incredible!! If I didn’t KNOW that you are old pal, Jim inside a bodysuit, I SWEAR, I would never believe it!!! I mean, the way you are MOVING, your VOICE, even little things like the way you hold your arms and hands, I, I, I", and here, my old college buddy, Cary, shocked me and shook me to the foundations of my psyche, "You are SEXY, my friend", he said in an wondering tone of voice. Even through the programming that I now realized was on those tapes, I felt a bit lost for a minute. I actually stopped and thought, "He’s right! I mean let’s not kid ourselves here. With this suit on, and these clothes, the makeup, and hair, and all of it, I AM HOT!!! and I’m a GUY!!!" At that point, some more of the programming must have kicked in because my very next thought was, "NO! I can’t be a guy! Not with this body and face. Not looking like I do! For about ten minutes, this conflict raged through my mind. I sat down on a kitchen chair to try and settle my thoughts and remember who I really was. Then, something else clicked and I could now think of myself as BOTH a guy AND as a woman!! I mean they were almost like separate parts of my mind, one side with female thoughts and one side with my male thoughts. I could, seemingly access either side at will!!! This led to a series of dizzy spells as my mind attempted to make sense out of nonsense. It’s a good thing I was already sitting down or else I would have fallen down!

Cary and I decided, at that point that I had gone through enough for one day. Maybe too much for one day! We packed everything else back into the boxes and called it a day.




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