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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

by Catherine Linda Michel


Part 1

Where do I begin this strange tale? I guess it begins by introducing myself. My name is Jim Matthews and I am, or was, a 5’8" 150 lb. Male. Now? Well, I am 5’4" 110lbs. And, undeniably female.

How did this happen? It all started a year ago when I moved from New York to California looking for a fresh start. My life had been one disaster after another since dropping our of college and the small town I was living in with my folks had very little in the way of career opportunities unless you wanted to work on a farm or at the local farm co-op. Somehow I knew that neither of those was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and I began planning to move "out west".

My parents weren’t too pleased with what I was planning but, after many long talks over dinner and late into several evenings, I convinced them that this move would be the best thing I could do for myself. I had to see what was out there in the "real" world, away from home and the farm and the best way to do it, I argued, was to go and DO it. I had managed to save up a pretty good chunk of money from my job at the grain elevator and had a couple thousand dollars from a trust fund from an uncle who had died a few years earlier so I decided to go ahead and make the move once the crops were in and the elevator was going into it’s seasonal slowdown.

I had written to a college friend who lived in Los Angeles and he had said that I could stay with him for awhile until I had found work and could move into a place of my own. He told me that he had a big place thanks to some investments of his that had paid off, big time, and that I could stay as long as I needed or wanted to. He also said that he might even have a job lead for me as he was currently invested in a new business that was just starting up and needed good dependable people.

Well, that pretty much settled it for me and I quit my job at the grain elevator and packed up my stuff. The morning I left, my folks were tearful, as was I, but we all knew that this was something I had to do. As I pulled away from the old homestead I felt kind of sad but, at the same time, very excited. Other than the two years I had spent at college, I had never been away from home for more than a week or two at any one time. At the ripe old age of 24 I was still a "babe in the woods" when it came to understanding what it took to get along in the real world. Hell, I had never even had a real girlfriend! Just a couple of casual things at college which never turned into anything but what amounted to "quickies". So I was really anticipating great things ahead for me in my life. If I had known, then what I know, now, I would have turned around, gone back to the farm and lived the rest of my life safe and secure with the crops and the cows.

I had planned on about a week of careful sightseeing on the drive to California and actually took a bit longer than that, stopping at the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas on the way. When I finally pulled in at my friend’s place, it was 9 days after I had left home and I was bushed. He wanted to go out that same night and celebrate my safe arrival but I was so tired from the trip that I just carried my things in, called my folks to let them know I had arrived safely, and told Cary, my friend, that I just wanted to sleep for a few weeks. He said he understood and even though he really wanted to celebrate, he showed me where everything was, in the apartment and left me to my own devices. He gave me a set of keys to the place and, after making sure I knew where everything was and how it worked, took off for an evening of fun while I just took a long, hot shower and hit the hay.

When I woke up it was 11:30 the next morning and, after a quick shower, I looked around the apartment a little more carefully. What I found, amazed me. There was a pool outside and down the stairs that I could see from the balcony! What’s more, there was a jacuzzi in the bathroom and an exercise room right there in the apartment! I thought to myself, "well Jim old boy, looks like you just fell into the sweetest deal ever!" I looked around some more, familiarizing myself with the rest of the place and found that there were three bedrooms plus the exercise room, a large living room and a combination kitchen/dining room divided by a long, low counter. On the refrigerator I found a note from Cary saying that he had gone to pick up some groceries and inviting me to take my time about settling in. It also said that he would be back in a couple of hours and was signed and time dated at 10:30 AM. Well, I fixed myself some eggs and toast and sat down to eat. The sun was shining outside and I could almost feel excitement in the air as I contemplated what my life out here might be like. I pictured parties, girls and lots of good times with new friends As it turned out, I was pretty close to right.

Cary got back just as I was finishing up with breakfast and we sat down after putting the groceries away to talk. After a bit, he got around to telling me about the job opportunity he had found for me. It was with a brand new delivery company called AG Delivery. I asked him what the AG stood for but he just got a funny look on his face and said I would find out if and when I was hired. I thought this was a little odd but then, Cary was a little odd by my New York standards so I wrote it off as just west coast strangeness that I would have to get used to.

Cary told me that he was heavily invested in this new business and everything depended on it’s success. If it failed both he and I would be looking for a much cheaper and less luxurious place to live. I told him that he could depend on me doing my very best to make the business a success and he smiled at me and said that he knew I would. That was the reason he had told me about it and had invited me to stay with him. It would be much easier on me, just getting started, to not have to worry about finding a place to live AND worry about whether a new business was going to make a go of it at the same time. He also told me that I had an interview with the Manager of the place, a friend of his, tomorrow at 10 AM sharp so, today, he was going to take me shopping for some "good clothes" so I would make a good impression. True to his word, once I got dressed, we piled into his vintage Mustang and headed into downtown L. A.

The traffic was not too bad since we were traveling in between rush hours and we made it downtown in about a half hour or so. Cary found a place to park and we entered the men’s store Cary had said would make me look like a million bucks. Well, he was right. Of course it almost cost that much, or at least it seemed to me that it did! I had never before in my life paid 400 dollars for a suit, even if it DID include two pairs of pants and a vest but Cary assured me that 400 bucks was cheap for a good well fitted suit out here and that it did look good on me and besides, I could use it on more occasions than just a job interview. We spent the rest of the day sightseeing and Cary showed me some of the major points of interest. We also stopped at the Motor Vehicle bureau and switched my registration and plates for my car over to California and had my car scheduled for an inspection seeing as how California is a bit tougher on anti pollution standards than the rest of the country. We went out that night and partied but not too hard and Cary introduced me around to some of his friends. When we got home it was about midnight and we went straight to bed.

Bright and early, about 7:30 the next morning, my alarm went off and I got ready to go in for my interview. Cary was already up and we talked while I got dressed. He told me again just how much he had invested in this business and what it would mean to both of us if it worked out and also how much he was depending on me making a good impression. I told him not to worry because I knew how much he was depending on the business and me and that I wasn’t about to let him down. We grabbed our things and jumped in his car and took off for downtown at about 8:30 and got mixed into the early morning rush hour traffic but Cary didn’t seem worried so I didn’t let it bother me too much. It certainly was an experience, though, for me. I had never seen so many people trying to use the same piece of road at the same time. Cary assured me that, in a couple of weeks I would be negotiating the traffic like a pro and, while I had my doubts, I let it go rather than worry about it right then. My mind was on the interview and I wanted to make darned sure that I got the job. Cary dropped me off in front of the place and went to park his car telling me that he would be right in and would be right with me all the way but the interview would just me and the manager. He also said something that puzzled me, at the time but my mind was too busy ro register it just then. He said that I was just the right size and build for this job and with a little help I would "fit right in".

I went in and told the receptionist that I was there for an interview and she asked me to take a seat and she would call me when I could go in. About ten minutes Cary came in and sat down next to me, nodding at the receptionist. She smiled at him and said, "Good morning Mr. Jackson. How nice to see you!" And Cary replied,

"Good morning Carol. This is an old college friend of mine, Jim Matthews, and I am hoping that he will be hired here today. I am sure that he will be a great asset to the place and will help get it off the ground and thriving in no time"

Carol nodded at me and smiled an absolutely beautiful smile at me. Well, my heart just about melted right then and there. This was a gorgeous young girl of about 21 or so with lovely long blonde hair and the figure of a supermodel. I could feel myself getting aroused and so I just nodded and said hello and started thinking about other things. The last thing I needed right then was to go into the interview hunched over trying to hide my arousal. Cary chuckled at my distress and told me in a quiet voice, she is one of the fringe benefits of working here. Just think about seeing her every day and hearing that beautiful voice saying good morning. I told Cary that she certainly was an attractive incentive to getting hired but for the moment, I was more concerned about first getting the job and making good. Cary started to say something else but just then, Carol’s intercom sounded off and I heard her tell whoever is was on the other end, that Mr. Jackson was here and also that I was here for my interview. I couldn’t hear what the voice on the other end said but Carol smiled at us again and told Cary that he could go in.

Cary said thanks and stood up, shook my hand and said that he was going to be just a minute inside and then I would be called in. I said okay and he went into what I assumed to be the manager’s office and closed the door behind him. Carol said that Cary and Mr. Franklin, the manager were friends and business partners as well. It wasn’t more than 5 minutes later that Cary poked his head out and asked me to come in. I smiled at Carol and went into the office.

I closed the door behind me and walked over to a big, middle aged man who, I assumed, was Mr. Franklin. Cary introduced us and winked at Mr. Franklin and wished me luck and left the office saying that he would wait for me outside. He left and closed the door. Mr. Franklin shook my hand and invited me to sit down which I did. I won’t bore you, the reader with the details of the interview except to say that I was impressed by Mr. Franklin and he, apparently, was pleased with my responses to his questions. When we were finished he stood up and shook my hand again and told me that as far as he was concerned I could start anytime. He also said that there was a weeks training for all new employees that would begin on the following Monday. I said that would be just fine with me and left the office, thanking him for the opportunity.

When I left Mr. Franklin’s office and closed the door, I gave Cary the thumbs up, indicating that I had the job and we high fived right there in the outer office. Carol smiled at us and said to me, "Congratulations! I think you will enjoy working here." I was so excited I almost ran over and hugged her but I stopped myself. Somehow it struck me that would not be the right thing to do so I just said thanks a lot and Cary and I left. All the way beck to Cary’s car, we were whooping it up like a couple of high schoolers and high fiving and when we got in his car, he said, "Cmon, man! We gotta go celebrate for sure now!", so that’s what we did. I don’t remember too much of it because we got absolutely pie eyed. I do remember the next morning, though because not only did I have a major hangover but I wasn’t alone in bed! I couldn’t remember where I met her, or even what her name was but she WAS a very good looking brunette and it appeared to me that we had done quite a bit more than just sleep, judging from the disarray of the sheets and blankets on the bed. I staggered up out of the bed and into the bathroom to take care of business and try to find some aspirin or something to take care of the pounding behind my eyes. When I finished, I went back into the bedroom and started getting dressed. Somewhere in there, the girl woke up and moaned a little bit. She opened one eye and glared at me for a second then said, "Omigawd, like what time is it?" in a squeaky voice. I looked at the clock radio and told her that it was 11AM. She squeaked louder and jumped out of the bed, naked, and ran into the bathroom. She came out just a few minutes later and grabbed her clothes and quickly got dressed, not looking at me. When she finished dressing, she asked me where the phone was and I told her. She ran out of the room and I could hear her calling for a cab. I shook my head in confusion, albeit gently because of the headache I still had. By the time I felt good enough to get up and leave the bedroom, she was having a cup of coffee with Cary, waiting for her cab. It seemed like only ten minutes or so before we heard the honk of a horn outside and she grabbed her purse and ran out.

I looked at Cary and he looked at me and we both started to laugh. I said, between chuckles, "who in the heck was that?" He said, "damned if I know, Jim. I think you picked her up at that bar last night but I’ve never seen her before." Oh great, I thought. My first one night stand in California and I don’t even remember her name!

Cary and I sat down to eat breakfast which he had cooked and we talked about my new job. He told me more about the business but kept talking around what the job actually entailed or what the AG stood for in the company’s name. I wondered about that, briefly but my headache drove the doubts out of my head and I just finished eating quietly. When we were done, Jim wanted to take me sightseeing again and for the next three days that’s what we did. He made me drive the route into and back from work to make sure I knew the way but he never said anything more about the job. Looking back, I probably should have been more curious and asked more questions but I was having too good a time sightseeing and looking at and drooling over the "California girls".

Monday, bright and early, I rose, took care of my morning business and left for work in plenty of time. I didn’t want to be late on my first day so I allowed an extra half hour. When I got there, I went into the office and Carol handed me some forms to fill out. It seemed like there were dozens of them and I sat there filling them out but not really reading each one thoroughly, figuring them to be just standard work forms and previous job listings and stuff like that. I WISH I would have read them, now!

After finishing the forms and handing them back to Carol, she directed me to the other side of the building where, she told me, training classes were beginning. I entered the training room and noticed a couple other people already there. We introduced ourselves and in just a few minutes, a very attractive Brunette walked into the room and began to speak. I turned around and looked at her carefully and recognized her right away! It was my bed partner from the other night!

She introduced herself and started telling us about the company and like that but my mind was whirling. I hoped she would bear me no ill will for the other night and I planned to talk to her about it when the training session ended for the day. She gave no indication of recognizing me throughout the day except to glare at me once or twice. I had a bad feeling about that but I hoped we would be able to work out any difficulties.

After a couple of hours we broke for lunch and I tried to approach her but she left the room before I could get her attention. This bothered me a bit but I figured I would have a chance to talk to her later so I went to lunch with the other newbies. We talked a bit during lunch and we all wondered what the AG stood for in the company name but nobody knew and the few people we asked about it just gave us a funny smile and said nothing. After lunch the training continued but the brunette wasn’t there. One more mystery to figure out, I thought and turned my attention to what the new trainer was saying.

It turned out that AG Delivery was a new concept in delivery companies. The drivers, which we would all be starting out as, were paid a minimum wage but tipping by the customers was encouraged and, it was hoped, would make a big difference in our weekly pay. Through the training that week, we were told what was expected of us and how to treat customers and given maps of Los Angeles to memorize. The next three days of the training were dedicated to driving around L. A. and learning the layout of the streets.

On the last day of training, we were told to report to a different room where we would be issued uniforms. Well, we all went down there and reported in and this weird little guy came out from behind a counter and started taking all kinds of measurements. He whirled around us like a child’s top for about fifteen minutes, shouting out numbers and generally acting strangely, then he ran back behind the counter and through a door which slammed shut behind him. I looked at the other guys and they looked at me and each other and we all lost it. We were laughing so hard that we could hardly breathe!

After a few minutes of that, we were beginning to calm down when, the door reopened and that little guy came back out. He jumped up on the counter and yelled at us all to be quiet. Well, we all were sort of taken aback by this and we did calm down some. When we were more or less quiet again, he began to speak, saying, "I have all your uniforms here with me but you cannot open the packages until you have left the premises and preferably, not before you get back to your homes. You MUST wear your uniforms Monday when you report for work! If you do not, you will be fired immediately and blackballed all around this state so you will never get another job in ANY delivery based business EVER! This was all explained in the forms you filled out this past Monday. A copy of all the forms that you filled out is included in the boxes containing your uniforms. If, for any reason you decide not to report for work Monday morning, you will also be blackballed. If you do report for work, wearing your uniforms and then decide not to take the job, you will be billed for the training you have undergone and blackballed until you have paid what you owe. Any Questions?

For a few minutes there was silence in that room. We all looked at one another in wonderment for a a few minutes and then a regular barrage of questions and angry comments began to besiege the little weird guy. He shouted at us to calm down and when we did, he continued. All of the questions I heard can be answered by reading the forms included with your uniforms. I suggest you wear your uniforms over the weekend to, ahem, get used to them, and here he chuckled a little bit. See you Monday morning, GIRLS! and with that comment he jumped off the counter and ran through the door and slammed it behind him.

GIRLS? I thought in confusion! What the hell did he mean by that? A couple of us ran behind the counter and tried the door but found it locked. What we found back there, however, was a large cart loaded with boxes with names on them and directions to the loading dock. After a few more minutes of talking and wondering, we decided to wheel the cart out to the dock and load the boxes into our cars, which we did. Each of us had three rather large boxes to load and while they weren’t heavy, they were bulky, and it took a bit of judicious squeezing to fit them in our cars but we managed it and said goodbye to each other and took off for our respective homes or whatever.

All the way home I kept replaying what that little guy had said, in my mind, trying to figure out what the heck his last words had meant. Maybe, I thought, he was trying to be funny or sarcastic calling us girls like some Marine Corps drill sergeant or something like that. When I arrived back at Cary’s apartment I began unloading the boxes having to make three trips up the stairs with them Cary wasn’t home so I took the boxes to my bedroom and stacked them in a corner while I went and got a shower and fixed supper for myself. I figured I would ask Cary about all that had gone on when he got home but by 9 PM he still wasn’t back. I had looked around for a note or something that would let me know where he had gone and when he might be back but found nothing so I decided to start opening the boxes. It seemed odd that there were three boxes. I mean that seemed like a lot of boxes for just a few uniforms and I was really curious so I began opening them. Inside the first one, marked "ONE", DUH! I found a manilla envelope which contained all the forms that the little guy said would be there. I thought about reading them but was too curious about the rest of the contents so I set them aside and continued unpacking. I found a rather large sealed clear plastic kind of body bag thing only not as large as one of those. Taped to the bag was another manilla envelope which I detached and opened. It said something about body suits but I couldn’t make heads nor tails of it so I set it aside also. I DID see a section marked unpacking instructions so I didn’t just rip into the large plastic bag thinking I might damage something.

I thought I’d better leave that bag alone until I had a chance to read the instruction book or whatever it was that came with it, so I turned my attention to the other two boxes. They turned our to be, uniforms ! Wow, imagine my surprise! But seriously, they were uniforms all right but obviously not for me! Let me explain what I found. In the first box was that large plastic bag. In the second box I found, well, they were SKIRTS and BLOUSES!!! In the third box which I opened with more than a little trepidation, I found, gulp, undies! I mean cute little, feminine undies!!!!! Bras, Panties, that kind of stuff!!!!! Well, I figured there HAD to have been some kind of MAJOR error made and there was NO WAY I was gonna wear that kind of stuff!!!! In the first place I had never in my life EVER wanted or dreamed of having to wear any of that female kind of stuff, and, in the second place, It all looked kind of, well, small. I mean SMALL!!! There was NO WAY I would ever fit into any of that stuff even if I had wanted to, which I didn’t!!!

Soooooooo, I waited until Cary got home. Or at least, that was the plan, but at three o’clock in the morning Cary came in, roaring drunk and in no mood to talk about anything. He gave me a bleary eyed look or two and actually GIGGLED once or twice and passed out somewhere near his bed. Well!!! Big help he is, I thought to myself. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until he wakes up and sobers up later today. So I left a note on the door leading out of the apartment so that Cary would be unable to miss it and went to bed.

As it turned out, I had no cause to worry about Cary leaving before I woke up. When I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, it indicated 10:00 AM and when I jumped out of bed to go and see if Cary was still there, he was still sawing logs. I fixed myself some breakfast and waited around for Cary to awaken. Finally, around 11:30, he began making noises in his room that indicated to me that he was preparing to rejoin the world of the living, however reluctantly. When he finally emerged from the bathroom after about another half hour and trudged into the kitchen, he looked like death warmed over and I wondered how long it would be before I could get any sense out of him.

After he had some coffee and some of the leftover food from my breakfast he looked a bit better. He looked at me and said, "Did ya ever have one of ‘those’ nights? Well, I did. I must have hit 8 bars last night and I don’t remember coming home. I hope I didn’t drive! I got up and looked out at the driveway and didn’t see his car and turned back to Cary, saying "you must not have. I don’t see the ‘stang. He looked relieved at that and after another few minutes I told him I had to talk to him about the "job".

He got a pained look on his face and kind of hemmed and hawed for a couple of seconds and then looked at me and said, "I wondered when this would come up." I guess I must have looked puzzled because he then said, "I guess you want an explanation, huh? I mean, I saw the unpacked boxes in the living room but it doesn’t look like you got very far with unpacking them. My guess is that you saw the clothing and freaked out, right?"

I looked at him for a second or two and then, in a very sarcastic way said, "Gee, YOU THINK?? Just what the hell is that, and I gestured towards the boxes, all about? I mean obviously, there has been some kind of mistake made at the delivery company. There is no way in hell they could expect me to wear the clothing that was issued to me! That is all woman’s stuff!"

"Now calm down, Jim. I can explain what happened and what all "that" is about. You might not like it and you might even want to hit me for it but, just maybe, you will understand and maybe even thank me for the job opportunity when I am done." So for the next hour, Cary explained to me just what, exactly was the deal here. He told me that AG Delivery was a totally new concept in delivery for this area and probably the whole world. The idea was that all the drivers would be males but they would all appear to be sexy females, thus becoming the "Hooters" of the delivery world, kinda. The idea was that guys would have fewer problems and absences. Also guys would be better able to handle "rough" situations more easily because of their greater strength. In addition, the pay would be more than twice the standard beginning rate of pay and tips would be solicited via the ads that would be starting on radio and TV, Monday. With the starting pay and tips, the drivers could conceivably be making upwards of $20.00 per hour! In addition, there were full medical and dental plans in effect the minute we started training as well as a full 401k plan and stock options for varying lengths of longevity in the company.

Well, all that sounded real nice to me BUT! There was that "little" problem! Something about looking like a sexy female?!! Cary told me again about all the money he had tied up in this venture and how important it was to both of our futures that it succeeded. By this time, I had gotten up from the kitchen table and was pacing back and forth casting murderous glares at those damned boxes. Cary said, "Look. Lets go in the living room and go through that stuff and I will try to explain how all this is gonna work. If you still think, after that, that you don’t want to do this, well, I will get you out of your contract, somehow, and pay for your ticket back home, deal?" I glared at him but was somewhat mollified by his offer and said, "O.K. but I don’t guarantee anything! I will listen to what you have to say but it better be good! I don’t see any way you are gonna get me into those clothes, let alone make me look like a sexy female!

"That’s what those boxes are all about, Jim", Cary said. "Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last five years. What once was considered to be impossible is now either totally POSSIBLE or has already been accomplished!" While he was talking he had gone over to the largest of the three boxes and picked up that large plastic wrapped package. He held it up with both hands and shook it at me, saying, "This little beauty here is the KEY to the whole thing, JIM!!!. In this package is the most up to date, state of the art BODYSUIT that has EVER been made!!" He went back into the kitchen and found a pair of scissors and came back and began carefully cutting the package open.

Well folks, when Cary got that thing out of it’s plastic wrap I just lost it! I mean falling down laughing!!!!! It looked like the worst example of those blow-up dolls you see advertised in some of those sleazy men’s magazines. "There’s NO way," I thought to myself, "that this thing is gonna make anybody look like anything but ridiculous!!!" Cary waited until I had stopped laughing and pointing at that thing and when I had, he told me that he was gonna show me just how the thing worked and help me with every step of the process. I figured, by that time, what the hell. I might as well play this out. After all, there was no way I would ever look like a sexy woman wearing that thing, Right?

So I followed Cary into the bathroom where he started filling the tub with fairly hot water. He explained to me that the "bodysuit" had to soak in water hotter than 105 degrees but no hotter that 130 degrees for fifteen minutes before it was "ready to wear". In the meantime he instructed me to shave all the hair below the neck off my body! By this time, I was thinking that this whole thing was stupid but I had said I would go along with it until I figured I could prove him wrong. Besides, hair grows back. So the worst I figured I would get out of this was a few hairless weeks. I also had to shave my face and then treat all the shaved areas with a cream Cary gave me. He said it would prevent any rash from showing up from the shaving. Okay, so I went and did it. I have to admit, once I was done, being hairless was very weird. My legs and arms felt very naked and smooth and, well, kinda sexy. Anyway, by the time I was all done with that, Cary said the suit was ready so I went over to the tub to look at what I thought was gonna be a sorry looking, soggy excuse for a woman’s shape. Imagine my surprise when I looked into the tub and saw a naked, sexy woman apparently floating in the tub!!!!! She had long red hair and one hell of a shape and her face was gorgeous!!! For a second I thought something had gone wrong and Cary had drowned some poor girl in our bathtub but, as I looked closer, I noticed that the girl looked kind of, well, deflated. Cary began to drain the tub and when it was pretty much done, took that deflated looking woman skin out of the tub to let it drain thoroughly. He told me to use the package of powder, that was on the sink, all over my body especially in my groin and underarm areas. He said this was to make sure that the suit would be easy to get off at the end of the day. Otherwise it might stick in those areas and maybe even damage the suit. So I did what he asked me to do and then we started getting that suit on me.

At this point I could go into a lot of things very closely and in fine detail to titillate you, the reader, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that after a bit of struggling trying to fit my 5’8" 150 lb frame into that 5’4" slender woman suit we finally got to the point where Cary was helping me pull the head over mine, it was somewhat stretched but had not torn the way I thought it might. It WAS tight, but not overly so and I began to have doubts about what I had thought earlier. Maybe this silly thing WOULD work!!! What then? But since I had kind of promised Cary I would go through with this, we continued. Now my hair was kind of a long brush cut and Cary didn’t think this would be a problem inside the suit so we hadn’t had to cut it. That might have called this whole thing off before it ever started! There was no way I would shave my head bald for this! Anyway, we pulled that head over my own and for a few minutes I was blind and deaf and breathing got a bit tricky but we got it down and began to fit it to my face. I could feel it stretching my own face back, compressing it a bit but it wasn’t uncomfortable, just weird feeling. Finally the eye holes on the face lined up with mine and I could see again. Then, with a little fussing the ears slipped in place over mine and I could hear as well. Cary then did something in the back of the neck of the suit and I heard what sounded like a zipper being closed.

Then Cary said, "DONE!! In a triumphant sounding voice. I looked in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and started to laugh again. "See, Cary," I said, "Does that" and I pointed at the image in the mirror, "look like any kind of sexy woman to you? It sure doesn’t to me! I told you this was dumb......but about that time I felt something happening. The suit was shrinking and tightening on me!!! I began to panic but Cary hollered at me to not worry, this was normal and it wouldn’t hurt. So I calmed down a bit and watched in the mirror, fascinated, as the suit began to shape my body into one I had never dreamed of having. In just a short time it was done and Cary had been right. It hadn’t hurt or even been more that a little bit uncomfortable, but when it was done!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! There, in the mirror, was the most beautiful red haired, sexiest woman I had EVER seen looking back at me!! She, I mean me, I mean, well I don’t know exactly what I meant at that point, had the most gorgeous shape and her red hair went all the way down past her shoulders, part of it hiding one breast from view. I just stood there and looked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I looked at her, I mean my face I guess, but I couldn’t see any lines around my eyes that would indicate that this was just a mask! But the suit wasn’t quite done YET!

It began to tighten just a bit more and the lips seemed to mold themselves to mine, completely changing the way my lips looked. They became full and, well, I guess pouty is the word. Also my cheekbones looked higher and my nose and chin were smaller and much more feminine looking. Hell, even my TEETH were different! Very even and very white. Then, the most frightening thing about this whole experience happened. As I turned to look at Cary, one of the breasts brushed against the partially open door of the bathroom and I FELT it!!! I mean I felt a short little jolt of pain and more from that breast!! I stopped, about one inch from absolute panic and looked down at those lovely protrusions. My hands seemed drawn to them and I touched them carefully. I could feel both the fingers moving on the breasts AND I felt the breasts being touched!!! I guess I must have greyed out about then because the next thing I knew, I was laying down on the couch in the living room with a blanket over me.

I looked around and saw Cary sitting in an easy chair not too far away and he was grinning like an idiot. "Well, Jim. Welcome back to California!" He said in an amused sounding tone of voice. I came off that couch like an Air Force Missile coming out of it’s silo, shouting questions at Cary all the way! He kind of shrank back in his chair, looking a bit frightened but he shouted back at me until I finally ran out of steam. I kind of slumped back down on the couch, noticing that I was feeling every single thing I would normally have felt in my own body and in a few places my old body didn’t have! Cary got up from his chair and walked over to me. "Cover yourself up a bit, would you?" He said. "Seeing you, well, naked, is a bit disconcerting".

I grabbed the blanket and covered myself from the neck down, somewhat embarrassed at being naked in front of my friend, looking the way I did now. Cary began to explain that the bodysuit would give me all the feeling, that a real woman would feel. I could even feel a slight breeze on my face from an open window in the kitchen. The skin of this suit was just as sensitive as my own! Now I was getting scared! I started to babble at Cary again but he stopped me and said, "Before you get any more freaked out by this, that suit comes right off by soaking it in hot water again with NO problems. This calmed me down quite a bit and I began to listen more to what Cary was trying to tell me. He said that I would wear this suit for as long as I worked at AG Delivery which, he told me stood for All Girl Delivery, as would all of the people employed as drivers and delivery persons. Off duty we would not be required to wear the bodysuit AFTER the first full week! He said that this one week "break-in period" was so we could become used to appearing and acting like the women we would seem to be. The suits allowed for all bodily functions and were self regulating as far as body temperature was concerned. We could even bathe in them and actually get clean!

Then Cary told me the rest of it. In the box with the clothes were some video tapes that would teach me all the things I would need to look and feel feminine. Gestures, movement, fashion sense, even makeup and hairdressing knowledge. Well, now let me tell you. I thought about this whole thing for a loooong time, sitting there on that couch. I knew that I could just pack up my stuff and head back home and work on the farm or at the Elevator for the rest of my life and be safe, and secure, and protected. BUT Cary was depending on me and the other new hires to make this new company a success. Add to that the fact that I would MUCH rather live in California where there are more women per square mile than there are anywhere else in the world. So, I figured I would do this for a while, until it became a success or went bust(no pun intended) and then I could move on. Meanwhile I would be making good money and Cary even told me that if I did this for him, I wouldn’t even have to pay rent or buy food! So with a lot of apprehension and reluctance I accepted Cary’s offer and we went ahead with our examination of the rest of the stuff in those damned boxes.

Well, like I said earlier, there was a lot of women’s underwear, Bras and Panties and other things I didn’t know what to call ‘em. There was also a funny looking VCR with a helmet attached to it by a long wire. Kinda like a space helmet/headphones combination. Cary said this was the thing that would help me adjust to looking and acting like a woman. So we set it up and put the first tape in and I put on the helmetphones and watched the first of 4 tapes. I guess I must have been more upset and weirded out than I thought because about 15 minutes into the tape I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until it was over.

When I woke up the tape was rewinding and I took off the helmetphones and walked over to the pile of underwear that we had folded and put on the coffee table. Cary was nowhere around and I thought, "well maybe he went out for something". Anyway, I walked over to that underwear and started looking through it again, a little more careful and interested this time. For some reason, I couldn’t see anything really wrong about wearing it if it would help Cary and the delivery company. Besides, I told myself, It IS only underwear. Nobody else is gonna see it besides me and maybe Cary if he happened to walk in on me while I was dressing. I picked up a pretty light blue bra and found panties in the same color. I thought, "what the hell" and went ahead and put them on. I somehow seemed to know just how to do it and it didn’t occur to me that this was unusual. Then I went over to the uniforms that were also stacked on the coffee table,(big coffee table, that) and looked at them. They seemed pretty straightforward to me and, without hesitation, I picked out a matching set and put THEM on! A short brown wool skirt and a skimpy top that didn’t cover much at all. I went and looked at myself in the mirror. "That’s not too bad at all," I said to myself and I admired how nice the uniform fit me and how good it looked on me.

Well, since that tape was 4 hours long and Cary and I had talked for a couple of hours before that, I decided to get myself something to eat. I started to walk into the kitchen but something seemed wrong. I stopped and thought about it for a minute and then it came to me! SHOES! I was barefoot. I walked back to the boxes and found some pantyhose and some shoes that went with the uniform. Just some normal looking shoes that any female delivery person would wear, if you consider 3 inch heels normal, but once I had them on, I felt much better. After all, a girl’s outfit and shoes and stuff have to match, don’t they? It wasn’t until I had started cooking some soup and making a sandwich that it dawned on me that I was wearing women’s clothes and it didn’t bother me! I quickly went back into the living room and picked up the tape I had just watched. The title on it was, "CHOOSING APPROPRIATE CLOTHING, WHAT EVERY WORKING WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. VOLUME ONE" "WOW!" I thought, if the first one did this for me, I am almost scared to find out what is on the others. I looked at the titles of the other tapes. They were; CHOOSING APPROPRIATE CLOTHING VOL.2, MAKEUP AND JEWELRY (ACCESSORIES) THEIR MANY USES, HAIR CARE; and the last one was titled, DEPORTMENT, MANNERISMS AND MISC. Well, seeing what the first tape had done for me I was almost scared to see what the rest would do and that MISC. just frightened the hell out of me! What the hell could MISC. be?

I decided that could wait until I had eaten and viewed the other tapes. Evidently the helmetphone thing was some kind of advanced sleep learning device because I didn’t remember hearing anything of the first tape I had watched but, from the looks of what I was now wearing, my brain certainly heard and learned. I thought no more about that as my stomach decided to take the opportunity to grumble at me. " OKAY, okay! Lunch is coming down in just a second!" I thought at it, and into the kitchen I went. Curiously, though, when I sat down and began to eat, I couldn’t eat as much as I thought I would. I ate slowly, chewing carefully until my hunger pains were gone and then I stopped. I had only eaten half a bowl of soup and half of my sandwich! Normally I would have polished off twice that and gone back for more!

When I had finished and put the dirty dishes in the washer, I sat down and looked at those tapes again. Did I want to watch the next one in the series or wait until Cary got back from wherever he had gone? I went ahead and set up the next tape in the VCR and put the device back on.


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