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Shelly’s Spell        by: Pink Mia


It all happened so innocently. All I wanted to do was to run my fingers through her silky and satiny panties that called to me. They had always called to me, you see, because I’ve been a crossdresser all my life. I’ve been putting on my mother’s bra’s and panties and pantyhose and makeup on since I was a little transgendered boy. I always looked at Mom as she was putting on her makeup and felt a little exquisite pang of jealousy

I would watch how she would dress in her prettiest dresses and heels and as a little boy that is what I wanted. I wanted it so desperately that I would pray for it at night. What is it that the wise-men say, don’t wish for something because you just might get it. I envied her pretty nails and toes and getting to wear high heels that make you look like such a sexy girl that by early teens I was regularly getting into her clothes and making myself into an attractive adolescent girl.

I loved it.

I knew that I wanted to be a girl and do girl things, and I continued to secretly dress up when I knew that no one would be watching. I did this until I was 17 just before my 18th birthday when my life really changed.


Shelly was a friend of Moms and she was a knockout. She was 36 and was the type to use her sexual power against men to get what she wanted or needed. She 5’10 with ample breasts and long legs that ended in pretty red toes. Whenever I looked at her I wanted to dress like her, put on her makeup and heels and play girl, so when she asked me to watch her house for a night, I literally jumped at the chance, instantly envisioning the night of uncensored crossdressing that was surely to follow.

She took me around her house and showed me all the rooms. It was a paradise for a transgendered boy like myself. Woman’s magazines with their perfectly madeup and manicured visages teasing me from the coffee tables.

Shelly’s bedroom was full of dressers and drawers that held all of her intimates. I tingled when she opened up the door and I saw what was waiting for me and wished with all my heart that this could be my bedroom, my four-poster bed, my satin sheets and all my lovely, lovely delicate underwear.

It was 7:35pm on Thursday when I watched her car leave the carport and drive away. My heart was racing and I literally threw off my clothes as I ran upstairs. I didn’t care if she came home again, I don’t really recall thinking about it. I opened the room and stepped inside in my white cotton briefs only. They didn’t last very long on my body.

I ran my hands through her panty drawer and shivered with goosebumps as I pulled a lacy pink pair of panties out of her drawer followed quickly by the exquisite matching bra. I slid them up my legs and strapped the bra onto my shoulders wishing that I had some breasts to fill the cups.

The garter belt came next and then a pair of sheer white stockings with bows on the front of them. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought that the garter belt and stockings go on first, but then I reminded myself that I’m not a slut yet and my panties will stay on longer than my stockings.

I looked at myself in her full-length oak mirror and longed to be a woman. I moved to her closet and found a pretty one piece dress that came down just to my knees and showed off a bit of the pink bra underneath. I sat at her makeup table and pushed my hair back into a sort of bun. I smoothed out my features with her foundation, made my eyes open up wide with the mascara and eyeliner and made them come alive when I put on the purple and gold eye-shadow. A little blush and finally the coup-de-gras, the lipstick. A thick rich red that I instantly fell in love with. Smoothing it into my lips and making sexy pouts made me so aroused that my hand fell down into the pink panties and brought forth a welcome orgasm.

The warm liquid squirted through my hands and I brought one finger up to my lips to taste it. I had never done this before but suddenly the thought of wiping this cum off with a Kleenex felt very wrong. I wanted to put it all in my mouth, so I scooted my self back from the table and carefully tried to scoop up every drop that I had just let out. It didn’t taste great, but I knew that it didn’t taste horrible either.

That was the way it went all night until 2:00am when Shelly came home. By then I had explored every drawer in her room, tried on most of her underwear, and shoes and every lipstick. I felt exhausted when she came home and I’m not sure if she realized that my face was scrubbed clean and hair still slightly damp. All I know is that I was finished for the night, and a sudden feeling of loss descended upon me. I had a wonderful time that night, and I thanked her when she finally dropped me off at home. Mom was already asleep and she would be gone long before I wake up in the morning.

I did have two souvenirs with me. I stashed the pink panties and bra in my pocket to remind me of the wonderful night that I had. I hoped that she wouldn’t notice any of the changes that I made to her room that night. I don’t know what I’d do if she found out what I was doing in her bedroom earlier that night.

What I didn’t know is that Shelly was a witch and beautiful as she was this was not the lady to pull a fast one on.

I went to bed that night and dreamed.


I dreamed of Shelly’s underwear that could have been mine. I dreamed of seeing myself in a little mini-dress at a bar where my little pink-laced cockette was hidden from the men in the room and that they were all interested in buying me drinks and seeing how much they could flirt with me. I did the same, of course, flirting back with each of them, licking my lips and flicking my heels to entice them to come closer to me. I dreamed I was back in my room, but it was a girl’s room and I was walking around in it looking in the drawers and closets.

I dreamed that I was licking cum again, but I knew that this time, in this dream world, I hadn’t cum. The cum that I was putting on my lips in my dream wasn’t mine, which means it was coming from somewhere out in the dream fog that I couldn’t see. Regardless, I found myself wrapping myself around the dream cock and drinking the cum. I dreamt all night that way.

I woke up with the bright sun shining through the window and vaguely thought I heard the door closing and locking. It must be 8:30am, but I didn’t normally wake up this early and normally I sure wasn’t this wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. I fondly remembered the dream and wondered if that had anything to do with it. I got up and looked out the window and watched Mom’s blue car drive away.

A little dazed, by the sun, I suppose, I slipped off the briefs that I slept in. They were ugly anyway and I had a wicked little thought that immediately sounded so right, I was off doing it before I had any real time to consider it. I slipped on the satin panties from Shelly’s last night and walked into Mom’s room where the mirror was floor length and I could get a good look at myself. The panties looked so fine on me and made my butt look much sexier especially when it caught the glinting sun. I felt like I was in heaven looking at myself, except as I looked, I began to realize things that just needed to be done.

My legs were hairy and instantly I hated the hair on my legs so I went to Mom’s bathroom and swung my feet into the bathtub as I sat on the edge. I took her pink razor and woman’s shaving cream and lathered up my legs and then carefully shaved them completely bare except for a small patch around my little pink cockette. I was gratified by the sexy shine of my legs, except and almost as if I had no input into the decision, the hair now on my chest and underarms looked out of place and ugly. I didn’t take me long to get all of the hair off of my chest and arms and by the 9:00am morning shows I was sexy-shaved and loving it.

I came out of the bathroom and looked at my toes and wanted to paint them a pretty color. Out came Mom’s very pearly, very pink nail polish that I watched her paint on her fingers and toes numerous times and I found myself slowly painting each nail. I then kept my toes very still so the polish would dry fast and without smudge. When I was done, I got a sexual shiver that went from my toes all the way to the back of my neck, though curiously my little pink cockette didn’t get a rise at all. That was fine with me, I could just as easily do without the mess.

I looked back at the mirror and the matching pink bra from last night appeared in my hands. I didn’t really question it, as putting it on was the only thing I wanted to do. Again I had the desire to fill the cups with my own breasts, but I thought that could wait. I adjusted the bra to fit snugly and went over to my mother’s middle drawer where she kept all of her pantyhose. I pulled a pair of white sheer pantyhose out of the drawer and pulled them from their package. Gently, ever so gently I pulled them over my toes, loving the way that my nails now glistened through the nylon. I was not going to get a run at any costs, that was simply unacceptable.

I turned to the mirror over the sink where all of Mom’s makeup was. I knew this makeup well, because I had watched her put it on day after day wishing that I was the one that was going to be beautiful. I thought of all the things that I love and that they were all pretty and beautiful. Absently, I turned the hot hair rollers on and opened a drawer by my side. I pulled the nail kit that Mom used whenever she had an uneven nail. I had watched her put on the nails too, time after time. So when I began to put them on my own hands and file each of the nails into fine oval I rejoiced. I have always wanted my nails to be long and painted and I got another of the sexual shivers run up and down my body as I painted my nails a pearly pink to match my nylon encased toes.

By the time that my nails dried the hot rollers where beeping and I deftly put them in my hair to give it more bounce and life. I was amazed at simply how much I was putting together just from watching my Mom for all those years. I didn’t even remember what happened last night as I thought I was far away from all consequences.

I went into the walk-in closet that had all of mother’s clothes and picked out a light blue one piece dress that barely came down below my panties. It felt so deliciously good when I touched it that I put it up to the mirror to see how I’d look. I cocked my head and winked and thought that I was doing a very good job at making myself feel and look pretty.

The dress went on and I managed to zip it up from the back. I bent down to get a pair of 4" black high-heeled sandals. I unbuckled the little clasp and slid my pretty feet and toes into the shoe and then buckled the straps. I did this to both shoes and then looked back in the mirror.

I smiled again as I pulled out the foundation and liberally applied the cosmetic to smooth out my features and let the pretty girl that was inside come out and play.

Like last night, though I didn’t realize it, I painted my eyes with a combination of purple, gold and blue and gave myself very long lashes to match. I put on a hot pink blush and blended it into my hairline and chin. Finally I took the lipliner and lined my lips, but didn’t fill them. I needed that to be last.

I took the rollers out of my hair and combed out each curl as it cooled down. The effect was amazing and I simply let my mouth open a little bit as I saw myself in the mirror. My auburn hair was styled and free and I looked like one of Charlie’s Angels. I tossed my hair back and forth just to convince myself that it wasn’t going to fall. Then I took a step back to look at myself. It was 10:15am

I stood there in a short blue-flowered dress that came down half way in-between my hips and knees. I had on white sheer hose with pink toes and nails. You could see the lines of the pink panties on and when I bent over the cleavage that was shown was encased in the pink satin bra. I reached for the lipstick

There was a fuschia-pink lipstick called "Wild for Pink" that I was in love with. I loved the feel of it and the taste of it, but especially the look of it. I applied the lipstick and watched my lips become the color of hot pink cotton candy, though they were wet and very kissable. I looked at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t tell that I was a boy. In fact, I looked like a 22 year old college student home from school and that made me weak in my knees and I sat at the edge of my mother’s king-size bed and wondered what I should do.

In a flash I knew what I wanted to do. I needed to talk to Shelly again. I didn’t know why, but in an instant my pink-tipped fingers were dialing her number.

"Hello." She said.

"Hi Shelly. How are you this morning?" I asked realizing that my voice had a sexy draw to it that I didn’t even know I was doing.

"I think the better question is, how are you doing this morning Mark?" She said and I just wrapped the cord around my fingers being careful not to damage the paint job.

"Uh…uh… I’m doing… uh…" I stammered.

"Have you felt my call this morning, Mark?"

"I don’t understand." I said

"Oh I think you do," she said. "I think you’ve been having a very good time this morning haven’t you. Just like the kind of night you had last night."

I was having trouble with my thoughts then, as I could feel the blood rushing between my ears. She continued with the conversation.

"Did you think that I wouldn’t notice all of my clothes ruffled through? Did you think that I couldn’t tell that you were trying on my clothes and God only knows what else."

She let that thought sink in for a moment.

"Do you think that I don’t know that you’ve got my panties and bra on right now. Let me ask you again, Mark, have you felt my touch this morning?"

"Yes." I said almost whispering it.

"What are you wearing my little girl?" She asked and I could almost feel the emotion through the phone line. I was compelled to answer her.

"I’ve got on a very short blue dress with white hose and black heels." I said becoming a little apprehensive about the way that things were going this morning.

"Are you pretty?"

"Yes, I’m pretty. I’m very pretty. I’m wearing eyeshadow and nail polish and lipstick and my hair is even styled." I said regaining some of my composure. I crossed my legs like a girl and stared at my toes through the nylon.

"Let me talk to Mia." She said and instantly at the mention of the name Mia my head rushed and it sounded like there was a train between my ears. I continued to stare at my sexy toes until like a boot dropping I could hear Shelly’s voice again. She was talking normally like she didn’t know that I had just faded out.

"…and when you’re done you should fix yourself up and come over here to my house for the rest of you lesson. I’ll see you in a bit." She said and then cut the line. I didn’t have a clue of what the first part of the conversation was about, but I thought that it wasn’t such a good idea to try and walk around in these clothes. What if someone saw me or something. Somehow, though I didn’t know if I was really to have any say so in the matter.

I sat back onto Mom’s pillows after I replaced the phone in the cradle and looked at the clock. It was 10:40 am. I let my left hand begin to trace little circles on the outside of my dress right on my little cockette. I felt the sexual surge that I had felt earlier and as I was laying on mother’s bed I slid my hand underneath the dress and began to rub little circles on my cockette through the nylon and silk of my underwear. My right hand dropped to the side and seeming on it’s own volition opened up my mother’s bottom drawer and reached inside. The feelings of pleasure were wafting through me and I hardly noticed what my other hand was doing until I touched the soft molded plastic.

My mother’s dildo.

I wrapped my hand around the large dildo enjoying the feel of it in my hand. I pulled it out of the drawer and lifted it up to my eyes. It was gorgeous in a manly way. It was strong, and hard and soft at the same time. My left hand was continuing to rub circles on my little cockette and I continued to move the latex dildo closer to me to get a better look at it. Something about it was so hypnotically enticing and I felt a little bit of saliva at the corner of my mouth. I opened my mouth ever so slightly and that’s what my right hand was waiting for. Me, to open my mouth to let the dildo make it’s way inside.

I put it in my mouth and started to wrap my lips and let my tongue do its dance around the solid head of it. I enjoyed pulling it out and seeing all the pink lipstick that was on it as if that signified in some way that this cock was mine and I was going to suck it for all it’s worth.

I slid it down my throat as far as possible while I continued to frig myself through my panties and nylons. Back and forth, back and forth I put the dildo in my mouth and kissed it and gave it little love bites and truly hoped somewhere on a primal level that this perfect cock would cum and fill me up the way that I desperately wanted to. Finally my own cockette exploded and without a single contrary thought I lifted my dress and pulled the panties and hose down and dipped the lipstick stained dildo in my own mess and then put it into my mouth like it had really cum. Seeing the cum drip out and down to my waiting mouth was something that I had to do and I spent what seemed like hours worshipping this latex cock repeatedly dipping it in my own jism and then putting it into my own waiting mouth.

I looked at the clock after the post-orgasm timeout and noticed that it was 11:15. I looked at the dildo and knew that there was absolutely no way that I was going to hide this from Mom, so I swung my feet off of the bed and strolled into my room. Catching a glance of myself I noticed that everything was fine except for the lipstick marks on my chin. I gave myself a girly-knowing smile happy with the fact that I’d messed my lips on something so manly and took it to my own room. Mom was just going to have to replace her dildo, because I wanted this one and I was going to keep it.

I came back to her room and pulled down a black handbag which I put a supply of makeup into it and a few loose dollar bills. I cleaned my own chin, reapplying the foundation and putting a perfect set of fuschia-pink lipstick onto my lips. I loved the feel and the taste of it. I grabbed a brush and fixed my hair and didn’t think that anything was wrong until I got downstairs and realized that I was just about to walk out the door.

My pink fingers were turning the knob, as I wondered for just half a second what I was doing and where I was going. I was just about to stop everything that I had done when I had the most overwhelming compulsion to walk out the door that I’ve ever had. Much stronger than anything this morning, I didn’t even realize it until I had closed the door and locked it behind me.


The wind blew up my dress and tickled my crotch. This is how girls feel, I thought and I loved it. I turned around and saw my next-door neighbor looking at me. I knew he was sizing me up and didn’t realize I was a girl with a cockette. I flashed him a sweet smile and looked at his crotch and wondered what kind of cock was underneath his bluejeans. Maybe later I’d get a look at it, but for now I wanted to just tease him, so I licked my lips and said

"Hi." I said with my sexy draw. "I’m Mia and I’m Michelle’s niece. I’ll be staying awhile." Then as I was walking away feeling his eyes on my ass I said ".. and I hope that I run into you again."

I walked down the sidewalk , smiling, letting my hips and arms swing with the rhythm of my heels and purse. I listened to the clacking of my heels on the sidewalk and the breeze was making my pink cockette twitch with pleasure.

I saw the local guys playing basketball and I grinned wickedly as I realized that they stopped the game and were looking at me. I thought about each of the 11 guys holding their cocks in my face and cuming on me as if I were a fuck doll. The thought gave me chills and all I could do was to dream of the day when I could make it happen. I was such a dirty girl I thought as I heard the game pick up, but not before I heard a couple of catcalls and some flattering comments towards the way I was walking.

I loved it.

I finally got over to Shelly’s house and rang the doorbell. I inspected my pink nails for any chipping, but found none. It didn’t take long before she came to the door and let me in. She was beautiful again, but this time I couldn’t tell if she was mad at me or happy. I could see some mixed emotions in Shelly’s face. She invited me in.

"You are so pretty." She said as the door closed and just looking at me. Her almond eyes were flashing and she was smiling as she looked me over. "Oh Mark, you are going to make such a pretty girl. Now I know why you were into everything last night. You need to be pretty, you are a much prettier girl than you ever were a man."

She pulled me up to her bedroom and sat me on the bed.

"Now Mia, I want you to answer everything exactly true. Do you understand?"

I nodded, but I wasn’t the one nodding. I felt like I had just taken the back seat in a car and someone else, Mia, was doing the driving.

"That’s right Mia, you are compelled to do everything I say. It’s a little spell from last night that you deserve. But don’t you worry your pretty lips about it, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it for the most part. Now tell me what is you favorite item from my bedroom. What is it that your feminine heart longs for. Go get it for me now." She spoke it and I felt myself get up and start to walk around.

How much things had changed in 12 hours, but I knew what I wanted. It was the pair of pink high heels that were in her closet. Uncontrollably I walked into her closet and found the pink open-toed heels and returned them to her.

She smiled at my taste and complemented me. "Put them on dear. It’s what you want to do anyhow." I did and I slid off the black sandals and put the 5"pink patent shoes on that seemed to light me up as a girl.

"Come over here Mia." She said as she beckoned and she stood me in front of the mirror. She slid her own hand into my panties and pulled my cockette out and just let it dangle.

"Soon, you are going to want cum worse than ever. Soon there will be nothing else for you in the world except for a good hard cock." She was slowly pulling my cockette hard as I stared into the mirror looking at my beautiful self not even noticing that there was a Barbie Doll on the basin and that she was directing my cockette to loose it’s orgasm over it. She kept on talking. "Soon you will crave the taste and feel of a cock in your mouth. You won’t be able to sleep well if you haven’t made a man happy with you lips. You will always dress pretty from now on, as if this were the most natural thing to do in the world. When you leave your lipstick on a man’s cock you will feel like the best girl in the world and all you will think about will be the next time that you can taste cum."

My cockette was getting very hard from listening to her talk about what a wonderful girl I’ll be and how much I’ll enjoy the feel of a hard cock in my mouth when it finally erupted. I dripped all over Shelly’s red fingernails and down to the Barbie Doll that had one of the pairs of underwear that I was wearing last night tied around the base of it.

When the cum hit the Barbie Doll, I cried out as I felt a sexual surge hit me so hard that it knocked me back and then forward. It was only Shelly standing behind me that kept me from falling. I could swear that I felt the cum all over me and that I just had a bath in it. I felt somehow dirty, but ever so delicious as I wished that I could really be bathed some day. While I was standing there in here pink open-toed shoes Shelly slipped my little cockette back into my panties and let me sit down marveling in my own reflection.

I looked like Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels and sat there and adored myself in the mirror as Shelly went over to the phone and made a phone call. I didn’t listen to it, because I was putting another coat of lipstick on and fixing my face. I had to touch myself to realize that it wasn’t a dream and somehow I was this girl named Mia and Mark had gone off to somewhere else.

"You had better get ready, because I just called your new boyfriend and he’ll be here soon." I looked at here eager after having heard the word ‘boyfriend’ and asked her with my eyes.

"Yes," she said. "Your boyfriend is named Randy and he’s a contractor that works for me sometimes. I think that you two are just made for each other. Now fix yourself up before he gets here." She chided.

I sat and primped myself for the next 20 minutes, putting perfume on, adorning myself with 2 rings and clip-on earrings and then glossing my lips getting them to literally shine. I heard the doorbell ring a second time, but by that time Shelly was out of the bedroom leaving me alone with my image and I could hear talking coming up from the living room.

Shelly came back a few minutes later and told me to come with her. She checked me over like a big sister would before a first date and I felt so lucky to have Shelly doing this for me. She guided me downstairs to meet Randy

Randy was a big man and he was sitting on the couch with a vacant look on his face. He might have been listening, but he certainly wasn’t watching. I immediately was riveted to his crotch and it looked like he had an enormous cock. It was practically bursting out of his zipper, and I felt myself getting hungry like I did with Mom’s dildo earlier this morning. I just stared at his cock imagining what a unit like that looked like.

"Yes, Randy is blessed with a cock so big that ‘normal’ women don’t want to have anything to do with him. He’s just too big."

"I agree." I said, then licked my lips.

"But he’s not to big for a girl like you, is he?"

"Oh no" I said with a sexy whisper.

"Why don’t you go sit in front of him." She said.

I sat in front of him, with my legs underneath me. He still looked straight ahead forward. I put my pink-nailed fingers on his cock through the jeans and felt it. God, it was big. It stretched all the way down into his pant-leg. His cock was much thicker and longer than my little pink cockette and instantly I adored it as I began to unzip his zipper and undo his belt trying to unleash his monster.

Shelly began to whisper in his ear, loudly enough for me to hear it.

"Randy, the next blow job you get will be the best blow job you’ve ever had. You will fall deeply in love with the next girl that gives you head and will do everything in your power to make her happy, as she takes pleasure in making you happy. When you see lipstick on your dick it will act as an aphrodisiac to you and you will feel horny and happy and all you will want to do is cum again. You are too large to have ‘normal’ relations with a girl, that’s why I’ve sent you Mia, who is a special girl. You will never have the desire to copulate with her, preferring to let her give you blow job after blow job. Each blow job will be better than the last and you always cum as hard as you can."

While she was talking, I was pulling the large cock out of his pants. His cock dipped cruelly at the end and the head of his cock looked like a helmet. But, I couldn’t stop from kissing it.

I held it in both of my pink tipped fingers and began to run my tongue down the length of his cock back and forth reveling in the taste of a real man’s cock. I kissed it on the soft spot under the head and left a perfect pink lipstick mark that aroused me to no end.

I heard him let out a little moan and then I looked up into his eyes, still holding his cock. He smiled a kind smile at me and then put both of his hands on the back of my neck to ensure that I wasn’t going anyplace. I wasn’t going anyplace because I wanted his cock in my mouth so bad I would have begged for it.

Shelly was smiling a broad smile as it looked like both of her spells had gone off without a hitch. Her almond eyes were flashing and this time, with a huge cock in my hands, I didn’t feel envious, I felt lucky. I thanked her with my eyes and began to suck Randy’s cock with a hunger that I didn’t know I had.

I wanted to feel him deep in my mouth so I began to slide it back and forth in my mouth getting it at least half way down my throat before I couldn’t breath. I licked and sucked back up the length and then went back down leaving ‘Wild for Pink’ all over his cock.

He groaned and pulled me down onto his cock as if he hadn’t had sex for quite some time and I could hear him calling me a cocksucker.

"Oh you little cocksucker. You are beautiful and I want to see my cock cum in your face and have you drink it all down."

I had already thought the same thing and I was eagerly waiting for his orgasm, although, I was having such a magnificent time making his cock stand up tall and purple, just for me.

I wanted to taste his cum and have it flow down into my tummy and have the girls reward for a job well done. I already knew I loved Randy, now it was time to consummate the relationship with his semen.

I could hear his grunts take on a different tone and I began to use my fingers and lips in concert, knowing that it wasn’t going to be long before I had my first taste of real man-cum.

When he came I had just the head in my mouth, which filled me up quite a bit, but the amount of jism that came flowing out caught me by surprise. He grunted once and held my head with both of his hands as I felt the cum flow out in waves.

It was wonderful, that sticky white cum that flowed into my mouth and dribbled down my chin. He was loudly orgasming yelling my name "Mia, you beautiful cocksucker, Oh Mia, you are so gorgeous."

I was flicking my tongue back and forth tasting the salty cum and gulping down what I could. I took the first wave in the back of my throat and swallowed it all. I wasn’t prepared for the second bigger wave and it splashed out onto my neck where he gave me a warm bath of jism on my neck and it ran down like a pearl necklace.

The rest of the orgasm was in my mouth as I was determined not to let another drop be wasted. It was too precious and I was in the midst of a sexual thrill that had no equal. I was truly being the girl that I had dreamed about. If there was ever any doubt about it, all I had to do was to look at the foot long cock in front of my face that was loosing it’s blood and going back down to it’s normal huge size covered in my lipstick that I had put on this morning.

Randy looked at me and I could tell that he was in love with me. I excused myself to go get fixed up again. I had a feeling that after Shelly’s house we were going back to Randy’s house to have more fun. I thought about that as I repaired the lipstick and looked at the jism that was drying on the front of my neck. I fingered it, putting my pink nail in it and then lifted it to my mouth.

I smiled and for the first time looked forward to the day in lipstick




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