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Sensational Swimwear - The Protection Racket       by: Jennifer Allison


It was early one beautiful morning. A meeting was being held at the house of Don Carlo.

He was part of the mob that just moved into the local area a month or so back.

"What is the news on our protection racket?" asked Don Carlo.

"Every business in town except a few have signed up for our special insurance," said Paulo, Don Carlo’s younger brother. "We should have the rest signed up by the end of the week."

"Why the rest of the week. I want them all signed up by the end of the day."

"I have only one business I might have a problem with. It seems everytime we show up to talk with the owner or the manager, nobody is there.

"How can there be no one there. How do they do any business? What is the name of the business anyway."

"The name is Sensational Swimwear. I have talked to some of the other people. No one knows much about it. One day there was nothing there. The next day, that old building was standing there."

"Which old building?"

"The one that obstructs your view. The one you told us to find a way to tear it down."

"Don’t do nothing to them, don’t even offer them protection. We’ll just use that old building as an example to the others. If they decide not buy our insurance. Burn it down, but wait until I am out of town so I won’t have to smell that burnt smell."

Three weeks later, Don Carlo left for a vacation to Florida.

Paulo decided on his own to try and buy the old building. So he sent over a couple of the boys over to have a talk with the owner.

They never returned, and no one has seen them since.

He then sent over the two biggest bruisers he had on the payroll. They never returned.

Even more strange, no one had yet seen the owner. Paulo knew there was someone there, he had seen with his own eyes a delivery truck loading up a shipment of mannequins, just two days ago.

Paulo finally decided that was enough and got in contact with a hired arsonist. He was guarantee the building would be burnt down within 48 hours.

Four days later the building was still standing. When Paulo tried calling the arsonist, there was no answer.

Finally he decided. If you wanted the job done right, do the job yourself. Gathering up the last nine members of the gang. He strolled across the street.

As Paulo entered the building a weird feeling came over him. Someone or something was trying to tell him to leave, but he ignored it. As he and the others search the old building. They found no living person. Only mannequins dressed in fine looking bikinis, or in pieces. Arms in one pile legs in another and so forth.

"Let’s get out of here. There is no one here, and I have a strange feeling about this place," said Al.

"Yes! Let’s go. We done do what we want from the outside,"

When they tried to leave they found the door locked, and were unable to unlock it. Even the windows wouldn’t budge. A few of the boys tried to break down the door with their shoulders. The only thing they received for their troubles were sore shoulders.

"I see we have more visitors," Josie said entering the room. "I hope you enjoyed the first part of your stay, cause you won’t enjoy the rest of it."

"GET HER!" shouted Paulo.

As the ten of them tried to rush Josie a light flashed. The ten men were stopped dead in their tracks.

"I want to thank you Paulo. I had a rush order for some mannequins and with your help. I just filled the order with one to spare."

"What do you mean?" asked Paulo.

"Watch and see."

As Paulo stood and watched another light flashed. Then the screaming started very low voice scream at first but gradually getting higher. Paulo couldn’t believe his eyes on what happened next. As he stood there and watched. The nine bruisers he had brought with him started to shrink. What was more they were becoming more feminine, long hair and facial features. As the screaming stopped the changes stopped.

Paulo watched as Josie removed the clothing from the young girls. They couldn’t be more than eleven. A girl in every way possible, their breasts were starting to make their appearance.

"What did you do to them?" asked Paulo.

"I am not done yet."

Another light flashed, within minutes there were now 9 pre-teenaged female mannequins in the room.

"I want to thank you again for helping me with this rush order."

"Is that what you are going to do to me?"

"No, I have a very special order to fill. I think you will be perfect for half of it."

Another flash of light.

Paulo felt his legs become very watery. The pain started as he collapsed to the floor. It was so intense that he didn’t notice what else was happening.

When the pain stopped Paulo could no longer move. As he watched Josie walk over and pick him, and took over to a mirror. "I wanted to show you what I did," said Josie.

What Paulo saw when he got his look. Josie was holding up a bra. Not an ordinary bra, with cups and straps. It was strapless, the cups weren’t even half cups. Paulo was a bra a girl would use to show off her breast and nipples.

As Paulo was being put in a box, he heard Josie say. "I hope Don Carlo returns soon, I need him for the other part of the order."

A week later Don Carlo returned. As he entered his house he started screaming. "Paulo, PAULO, where in the hell is Paulo." The only people he found were his wife whom he only married because his father wanted him too. To whom he detested so much, he wouldn’t be seen in public with her. And his sixteen year-old daughter. He asked them both.

"Have you seen Paulo?"

"No! I haven’t seen Paulo or any of the others for at least a week. The last thing he said to me was. ‘You want something done right, you have to do it yourself.’ He then took nine of the boys to that place across the street. He hasn’t been back since."

Angela his daughter said. "Daddy I hope you aren’t going to do something to the Sensational Swimwear. I have a special order with them. I have been waiting a least four weeks for it to come in."

"Don’t worry darling. I’ll make sure you get your order before I do anything."

After spending an hour searching for someone or anyone and finding no one. It seemed that all the men, who worked for him, had disappeared. The only thing he found out for sure was that they all had gone over to Sensational Swimwear before they had disappeared and no one had seen them since.

Five minutes later, Don Carlo was beating on the door of Sensational Swimwear. He finally stopped pounding when he realized the door was unlocked.

As he walked in he noticed Josie standing there waiting for him.

"So Don Carlo you finally decided to do your own dirty work?"


"Would you like to see your brother? The both of us have been waiting for your return."

"Where is he?"

"Come over here and I will show you."

As Don Carlo walked over, Josie opened up a box. When Don Carlo looked inside all he found was a bra. "You see I had a special order to fill so to help out I turned your brother into a bra."

With this Don Carlo, tried to turn and run away. He didn’t get six feet before the light flashed. As he lost his balance, Don Carlo fell to the floor. He could see and hear what was going on but he couldn’t move.

As Josie bent down and picked Don Carlo. "You see I needed a matching pair of panties to go with the bra." Before Josie put Don Carlo in the box with Paulo. She held him up to mirror. What he saw was a very lacy pair of black panties, with very little solid material. "I think my customer will be pleased. She wanted a special bra and panties set when her boyfriend took her cherry."

That very afternoon, the customer picked up the merchandise.

Don Carla could feel himself being pulled up the slender well-shaped legs. As he was moved into to place he could feel the hair of the girl’s pussy, which was already damp. She must be getting wet just thinking about this evening he thought. He heard a voice, he thought he recognized it, but couldn’t place it.

"Oh! Josie said this bra and panties would be just perfect. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! they feel so good." said the young lady. "Now it’s time for the party to start."

Within a minute of entering the living room the lovebirds were going at it hot and heavy. Don Carlo could the feel the girl getting wetter and wetter. Finally he felt a hand slipping by his waistband. As the young man started finger fucking the girl. Don Carlo could hear the girl moaning. A minute later he was being slid down her legs. Then thrown to the floor. Within two minutes he heard the girl moaning this words. "Fuck Me, stick that dick into me. Make a woman out of me."

"NO! NO! NO!" Screamed Don Carlo, he finally recognized the voice.

It was his own Daughter’s voice.



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