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Satin Love

by Georgina


Part 3


Katie and Jeremy.

(And mother too.)


Chapter 1.


I have only had love affairs with three men, as opposed to transvestites or women, in my life. I don't like men on the whole, they are boorish, brutal and full of pompous, I am the greatest thing on earth, bullshit imaginable. At the risk of alienating some of my readers, I will add that some of the many transvestites and transsexuals I have met as well as gay men, evince similar characteristics at times, however much they try to be as generically female as possible. The same applies to many women as well, in their own way. My first love affair with a man was very touching and pleasant, as well as downright hot and passionate. Jeremy was a major in the Guards, a war hero with several decorations and had, at the end of the war, as a young man of twenty six, been promoted to lieutenant colonel and held command of a battalion of the guards, fighting in North West Europe. After the war he had been demoted down to the rank of lieutenant and had to work his way back up the ladder. He was a distant cousin of mine, on mother's side and had remembered me as a young boy. He turned up at our flat one evening, quite drunk, after his wife had left him. This was 1954 and it was in the month of October. He recognised me immediately and was staggered, to say the least. Mother and I had been perfecting me for my total living as a woman and I was quite polished about it now. My actions, mannerisms and general behaviour were just those of a genteel young lady of my class and station in life. I had begun going out on my own quite happily and with confidence, but Jeremy spotted me instantly.

I had always liked Jeremy. he was a very quiet and modest man. I was told later, by people who knew him that he was loved by the soldiers he commanded. To me he was the kind uncle who always treated me as a human being, with understanding, kindness and concern. I had just had my medical, one of the few times I had had to wear male clothes, God, how rough and ugly they were, prior to my National Service commitment, and had been failed, due to what the quacks, as I called all doctors, termed, hormone imbalance. I was passed from specialist to specialist, and all were intrigued. They had seen people like me, but none as pretty, even though I had shorn off my hair and allowed my body hair, sparse though it was, to grow. In fact two of them tried it on with me. One, a very pleasant lady of about forty five was given immense satisfaction, and passed me as unfit. The other a dirty old man of thirty five had two fingers broken, and a set of ragged teeth marks on his scrotum. He bled, and screamed, like a stuck pig. He had to pass me unfit because he could never explain the teeth marks, it would have been an impossibility for him to do it to himself. But, I digress. Jeremy's wife had left him because he would not leave the army and take a job with her father's firm. He came to us with his tale of woe. He wanted space and quiet to think things over and to relax with the nearest family he had, which was us as his parents had been killed during the blitz. Mother was looking after Alyce, our new daughter/sister, and I helped her with everything, apart from suckling, though Alyce liked to suck on my nipples if I smeared a bit of jam on them, making me feel very sexy, but that is another, untold, story. Jeremy had some leave due and he took four weeks.

We had a spare bedroom in our spacious apartment and he settled in quite well. Though he took to the bottle, he was never drunk, just pleasantly tipsy, and he always ate out, even though we encouraged him to eat with us. Then, towards the end of the second week, mother had to go to a meeting in France and would be away for a week. As she was breast feeding she took Alyce with her and I stayed at home, she was quite happy as she knew that the only trouble I could get up to was with Alicia or Joanne and their sexy offspring. On the day that she went away I made myself a meal and was quietly eating a very late lunch, it was after three in the afternoon. I was sitting quietly, sipping a cup of coffee, looking out of the window onto the crowds below as they went about their shopping, when the door opened and Jeremy walked in. I was sitting at the kitchen window, we had a small table and two chairs that we used for our own meals, and it was the only window that looked out onto the main street. It was also the only window that let in the sun and The low, setting sun of that late October, was particularly pleasant, giving unaccustomed warmth through the glass. I was not especially dressed up but I had on one of my favourite dresses. I know that silk organza is unseasonal in October, but I loved its texture and its delicate transparency. It was the kind of dress that made a girl feel very romantic. My hair was starting to grow back and I had it styled a la Audrey Hepburn, very gamin in appearance, and I was feeling quite sexy and flirtatious. My dress was emerald green, with a simple scoop neck and long, billowing sleeves. Under it I wore a slip of slightly darker green and in slipper satin, with ecru lace at bust, hem, and in diagonal cut outs down the bodice. It whispered and shirred against the taffeta underskirt, making me feel warm and fluffy. With that I wore a simple garter belt, dark beige nylons and a very pretty pair of matching, slipper satin, french knickers. I wasn't aroused, just feeling pleasantly feminine.

Jeremy came in and almost stumbled. He was slightly more tipsy than usual and he was very tired and depressed in appearance. I stood up and went to him. Taking him by the hand, I led him into our drawing room and sat him down on the sofa. I turned to leave, wanting to make him a hot drink, but he took my hand and held it in his, looking up at me, a pleading expression on his face.

"Don't leave me, Tessa." He said. He had accepted me immediately as Tessa on first acquaintance, and seemed very blasé about our situation so I did bot have ant qualms about being alone with him. In fact, his gentility and kindness had made me love him in a very small, yet pleasant way.

"I don't want to be alone." He continued, then burst into tears. It is a heartbreaking sight, that of a grown man sobbing, and it broke my heart to see that lovely gentle-man sobbing his heart out for the heartless woman who had left him because he would not give up the career he loved. I sat down beside him on the sofa and took him into my silken arms, pulling his head down to my breasts. His tears flowed, soaking through the silk and satin, wetting my breasts, bathing them in the salt of despair. My heart swelled and I felt his pain, felt the whole dam of his emotions break and I hurt for him. He had, during the war showed us nothing but kindness and, when he came on leave and stayed with us, he had been a wonderful playmate for a young and delicate, quite serious, boy. Father, in fact, had always liked, even admired him, and Jeremy and he had become great friends.

Slowly, after many minutes, the sobbing stopped as I continued to hold him. I rocked gently, back and forth, comforting him as only a woman can comfort a man and I regretted the fact that mother was away. I knew that she could give him the comfort I couldn't, or could I? With that thought, I became aroused. my body, quiescent till then, stirred, elongating slightly, becoming warm and pleasant in feeling. It was not the hard arousal of desire, or lust. It was the soft and gentle arousal of love. The love of one human being for another lovely human being. I squirmed slightly and felt his cheek pressing on my suddenly hardening nipple. Then, he rubbed back, his cheek soft and I knew that he felt my arousal. Jeremy knew everything about us, about my transvestite beginnings, my seduction by mother, our lovely daughter, and he never condemned or moralised, just accepted. I leaned down and kissed his tousled head, inhaling his scent, breathing it in softly. It was pleasant, not rank and smelly, like that of a lot of men. I inhaled a soft aroma of good pipe tobacco, expensive after-shave, a faint touch of expensive cognac and a touch of leather. he was incredibly fastidious about his hygiene, and always, even when he was down like this, impeccably groomed, neat, tidy and clean. He knew that my basic orientation was towards women and had jokingly called me the most effective lesbian in the world, because my equipment was natural, not man made. From anyone else it would be a tasteless comment but from him, given the conversation at the time, was just a gentle and droll, joke.

He turned his tear stained face up to me and, unthinkingly, I bent down and our lips met in a soft and gentle kiss. I realised what I had done and froze, but he lifted his hand up to my head and pulled me back, his lips softening, opening and sucking gently at mine. My lips parted to his and tongues gently touched. I exhaled, melting and my arousal grew. He slid his hand down my cheek, slowly caressing my skin, stroking me softly. I caught hold of myself and sat up, breaking the kiss, panting with a mixture of desire and fear. Desire for this lovely man, and fear that he would reject me. He sat up, concern all over his features. "What's the matter, Tessa?" He asked.

"You know what I am?" I said, a tremble in my voice. "I'm not the girl you think I am."

"From where I am," he laughed, softly and gently. "You are far more of a girl than you think you are!"

"But I - - - - -," My voice trailed off as his hand fell, light as thistle-down on my lap.

"But this?" He asked, a soft smile on his lips. "I can take it, you know." He raised an eyebrow, and it was the most endearing thing I had ever seen a man do in my life. "Remember, Tessa, I have seen many things in my life that no human being should see. Awful, brutal and ugly things." his hand gently caressed the very tip of my, by now, fully erect clitty. "The fact," He continued, his voice low and soft, caressingly gentle. "Is, that before me I see a beautiful creature who has given me comfort. I'm not trying to take advantage of you, if you think so, tell me now and I will stop. Do so and we will never speak of this again, but, I can feel your excitement, and I know it was there before I kissed you. I felt your tears fall on my head as you held me to your breast. I know who you are, and what you are, and it does not matter, at all."

He drew me towards him and I melted into his arms as he kissed me and it felt as if he was drawing all my strength out of my body, so much so, that I felt totally paralysed. He lay me down on the sofa and ravished my lips with his. I could not have escaped if I had wanted to. His hand slid up the organza bodice to capture my trembling breast. My breath hissed through my nose as he gently slid his thumb over my hard nipple, sending flashes of fire through my body. I moaned into his mouth as he fanned the flames by nipping it gently, so very gently, between thumb and forefinger. "You," He said, breaking the kiss for a moment. "Are more of a woman, despite this," he slid his hand down, off my breast and captured my twitching, highly aroused erect body and gave it a fleeting caress, then took my hand, continuing. "Than most women I have met. But Tessa, the fact is that you excite me. I can't help it. From the moment I saw you I knew that I wanted to make you feel a complete woman. I know who you are and what you are but," He placed my hand on his lap and I felt his throbbing hardness. My hand naturally curled around the throbbing penis and a new flush of heat flowed through my body. "This does not lie, Tessa. You do excite me. I have never done anything like this in my life, never envisaged the effect a lovely person like you could have on me. As far as I am concerned, you are a dream of a woman, and that is all I can say."

Tears were falling down my cheeks by the time he had finished his little speech. I knew he was genuine and I knew that if I said stop, he would honour my request. I also knew that this was one word I would never say to him.

I took my hand off his lap, brought both my hands up to his face and, holding him by the cheeks, drew his dear face towards mine, then I kissed him, fully, passionately and devastatingly, putting every ounce of knowledge and passion that I had at my disposal. This time, Jeremy moaned as my lips sucked at his very soul and my tongue flashed deep into his mouth, lashing at his. Then I broke the kiss and stood up. He looked up at me, a sudden fear in his eyes and I recognised it. It was the same fear of rejection that I had felt a few minutes before. I wanted this to be special for him as well as for me and I smiled softly at him. He relaxed as he read the message I flashed at him though my eyes. I wanted to draw this out, enjoy it, delight in it, so I said to him. "Yes Jeremy, but take me to dinner first, then we can talk before you take me to bed. I want to know more about you, and," I added, truthfully. "I want to have a whole night of you, if not more, and a hungry girl might get to be too much for you to handle in the small hours."

He laughed, the first true, happy laugh I had heard him utter. 'Dinner, Madame?" He said as he stood up. "Seven thirty for eight, if that would be convenient. Taxi will be waiting at the door at seven." he bowed and I dropped him a deep curtsey. He took my hands in his, drew me upright, pulled me towards his body and we met, my breasts crushed to his chest, my nipples, pointed, hard stabbing him with their arousal. Lips to lips we clung and his hard body was pressing against my hip and mine pulsated against his lean belly. I almost lost it then, but, at the last moment, stopped myself from pulling him into mother's boudoir. I still wanted him to have every chance to back out, even though, it would break my heart. A final, slow and languorous kiss and I left him. It was after five now and I had a meagre two hours to get ready. Little enough time for a woman on her first date, I thought.



Chapter 2


We had two bathrooms in our apartment so there was no waiting or rush. Mine was en-suite in mother's boudoir and, as I ran the water, I debated on what to wear. I didn't want to be too dressy, but I knew I had to look sophisticated. I had several dresses that I knew would fit the bill, the question was which one to choose. My hair was no problem. Audrey Hepburn was all the rage, and her hairstyle was almost de-rigeur for all young ladies, mine was perfect. I slid into the hot bath, still debating my outfit. I lay back in the hot bubbles and, as I narrowed the choice down, I idly, yet insistently, caressed my titties, my fingers toying with my hard and sensitive nipples. my clitty was hard with anticipation of this evening, but I was not close to orgasming. That could, and would, wait. I made my choice after half a hour of dreaming and I knew it would wow him. I had decided on the new outfit we had bought two weeks ago, the one I had not worn yet. I was saving it for a party in two weeks time at Alicia's and Katie's home, but tonight was extra-special. It was a lovely, slipper satin, short, coming down to mid calf, strapless evening dress with a smooth bodice and ribbon bow trimmed bust-line and a lovely matching bolero jacket that made it extremely demure, until it was taken off, when the effect changed to elegantly sexy. The skirt was full and held out by a lovely, shirring, petticoat of fine, silk taffeta, embellished with a froth of lace. The colour was a lovely shade called, rifleman green, and it glowed and shimmered sensuously when I moved in it. I would wear a pair of sexy, opera length, black, slipper satin gloves and a matching, green, evening chapeau, A tiny frippery of green velvet band, a couple of feathers as trimming and a fine net veil that descended to the level of my lips.

My lingerie would be equally sexy and I would be wearing a new guiperre that I had recently had made for me in France. It was in sensuously delectable, heavy, slipper satin and was strapless, backless and its front panel was deep enough to slide my protuberance snugly under its cover to rest against my belly. I got out of the bath and made the preparations all we 'girls' make before going out on a date, then I went into our boudoir and sat down, naked in front of the dressing table mirror. I took so much care over my make-up that it took me nearly an hour to complete. At last I was ready to get dressed. Checking the time I found I still had thirty minutes, so I also varnished my toenails the same colour as my nails, and they matched my brilliant scarlet lipstick. I then slid on the guiperre and did up the hooks and eyes, then pulled up the zip. It was a perfect fit. It should have been, it was made to measure by the same corsetiere in France who also made corsetry for 'Rigby and Peller', corsetieres to the Queen. The cunningly designed boning gave me a wonderful figure, yet at the same time allowed me great freedom of movement. My titties fitted snugly in the satin cups and my hard nipples pushed out the satin fabric quite markedly. There were no less than eight suspenders and, when I carefully slid on the black, seamed, Aristoc stockings and, after carefully smoothing the wispy fabric along my limbs, attached them to the suspenders, they held the stockings tautly and deliciously smoothly, firmly and securely so that not a wrinkle marked the sheer flow of fine, glossy, filmy nylon.

My erection had subsided slightly, enough to slide it under the glossy covering of the front panel of the guiperre, where it rested against my lower belly. Pulling on a lovely pair of softly shimmering, silk-satin, french knickers was the final act of my lingerie dressing. I then took out, and stepped into that gorgeous, dark green, evening dress. It was all in one with petticoats so I didn't have the trouble of slippage during the evening and the taffeta rustled delightfully when I slipped on my high heeled, court shoes and walked about the room. I was almost ready, just my bolero, gloves and chapeau to put on and that would be that. I was just in time. Th clock chimed seven, I opened the door and walked out into the corridor, as Jeremy did the same. We both looked at each other in admiration. He looked awed, his eyes roamed over my figure and his eyes spoke volumes, and most of that was desire. I was struck with admiration. His slim, broad shouldered, erect figure was elegantly attired in a beautifully cut, evening suit. His shirt, of heavy silk, dull and smooth, was snow white, and he wore a white silk scarf and a black overcoat. His black bow tie was perfectly tied and he was a beautiful creature to behold. It was cold outside, so, to ward off the chill I took down the heavy, dark green, plush, silk velvet cape, lined with scarlet slipper satin, I was going to wear, and handed it to him. I turned around, both for him to put the cape over my shoulders, which he did, sneaking a soft caress of my breasts that glided unerringly over my hard, prominent nipples, and for him to admire the view I presented to his, obviously admiring, eyes.

I slid my arms through the slits and reached up to do up the large, dark green satin, buttons, but he got there before me and, gazing lovingly into my eyes, he did them up, just as the bell rang. It was the taxi. We got in and Jeremy said, "The Savoy Grill."

I was thrilled. At that time the Savoy Grill was the in place for London, everybody who was anybody went there, especially on a Friday night, when they also held a dance. It was also impossible to go there unless you booked well in advance. I turned to Jeremy, an enquiring look in my eyes, but he just laughed. "The Head Waiter at the Grill used to be my radio operator during the war. I can get in anytime I like. He always leaves two tables free for his friends."


When we got there the taxi driver got out and opened the door for me. He had been eyeing me up in his mirror and, in a teasing and flirtatious mood, I flashed him a look of my nyloned legs as I got out, at the same time giving him flirty smile. He almost fell over with shock. Jeremy, who had seen everything almost burst out laughing, but he did give him a half crown tip, a lot of money in those days. We went in, I hanging onto Jeremy's arm, my heels clicking sexily on the parquet floor. At the entrance to the grill stood the Head Waiter, a tall, grim, unsmiling man who, like Cerebus in the underworld, guarded it for his master. He saw Jeremy and I, and the change that came over him was so astounding as to be unbelievable. His grim face changed to the most benevolent, smiling, pleasant and welcoming man I have had the pleasure to meet. With a quick snap of his fingers, he summoned one of his waiters to take his place, and guided us in person to the table he had placed ready for us. As we passed through the main part of the grill, many people at the tables tried to attract his attention, but hr summarily dismissed them, intent only on making sure that the 'Colonel', as he referred to Jeremy, and his young lady would be well seated, comfortable and well looked after. The table was a delight. Set for two, in a small alcove, private and away from the main throng, it was softly lit and comfortable. he spent a few minutes chatting to us, giving me very admiring and approving glances, then summoned one of his waiters. The waiter, named Paul, was given sole charge of looking after us, no one else.

We started with Caviar and ice cold Vodka. It wasn't the rubbish they serve nowadays either. This was top of the range Beluga. The portions were large, and were served on fresh blinis, with a large dollop of sour cream on the side of the plate. The vodka was the top grain spirit, produce of Poland, made from wheat, and called, Wyborowa. It was perfection on a plate and in the glass. They do say that the best way to get a girl in the sack is to ply her with luxury. It must have been one hell of a woman to say that. I had taken my cape off when we reached the table but it was extremely warm and I unbuttoned my bolero jacket and took that off as well. I kept my gloves on, just undoing the three small buttons at the wrist and, taking my hand out through the gap, tucked the glove part under the rim. My whole body was excited, and the tiny element of danger, after all I did have a secret that real girls didn't, added a spice to everything. I was aware of everything that went on about me and my excitement grew as I sensed the admiring looks I got from the men, and the pure venom I received from the women. Jeremy and I chatted, and it wasn't inane conversation either, but every so often, I would lean forward, or back, giving him, and others around, a deep glimpse of my cleavage, or a peak of my hard and excited nipples as the strapless bodice tightened over my breasts.

Once, just as Paul was pouring the champagne we were drinking with our fish course, a deliciously tender, fresh sole, landed at Ramsgate that afternoon and rushed up by train directly to Charing Cross and the Savoy, I leaned forward, my shoulders forward and my arms on the table. This had the effect of my bodice coming forward to uncover, to someone standing at my side, viewing from above, a full view of my breasts, albeit cupped in the black satin guiperre, but thrilling to a full blooded male, especially in 1954. Jeremy was enjoying my flirtation as much as anyone, there was absolutely no trace of jealousy in that man at all. Paul, who was the one who got the eyeful, intentionally, of course, spilled almost a quarter bottles-worth of Pol Roget 1947 on the floor. He was blushing hotly as he fled back to the wine cellar to fetch another bottle, having left that one on the table. So we helped ourselves. He had to provide another bottle. free of charge, but we couldn't waste what was left of this one. Course followed course. There was a gorgeous, juicy fillet steak, from a farm in Norfolk, I was told. Then a dessert of mango, common now, excessively rare then, and a delicious selection of cheeses. We chose Stilton, with a glass of 1897 Port. The cheese was, as was the fashion in those days, made from un-pasteurised milk and had a taste that today's parodies of Stilton do not have. Pasteurised milk and cheesemaking do not mix. We finished our food, sated but not overtly so as the portions were small, and the eating of them leisurely and relaxed. After coffee and a good cognac, a single estate cognac from the Grande Champagne region, and a cigarette for me, a cigar for Jeremy, we were ready for the dancing.

We got up from our table and wended our way to the dance floor where a few other couples were jiving to the latest rock and roll hits being belted out by a small band. I had settled down as the evening wore on, but now, as he whirled me about the dance floor, I became aroused again. I was a good dancer, but Jeremy brought the best out of me as he twirled and threw me all over the dance floor. Soon, we had it all to ourselves as the other couples stood at the sides and watched us. We gave them such a show. As he spun me around, my skirts flew high, showing of my lacy petticoats and my stockinged legs, right up to, and past, the welts. Did the men get an eyeful. As the Americans would say, they surely did! I was getting quite hot and excited. I blessed that guiperre. It held me safely hidden, but it was throbbing and aching for loving. When he pulled me to him, I felt my breasts squash against his chest and my nipples tingled at the shock. I was in heaven, and loving it. The night wore on, and we danced. Several times we went back to our table and had a refreshing drink of champagne. Several men asked me to dance and Jeremy gave his permission. It was wonderful to be treated like a real girl.

Soon it was late, after midnight actually, and the music changed to soft, romantic music. Jeremy and I danced, cheek to cheek, our bodies close and I could feel his arousal as a hard lump pressing urgently against my tummy. My emotions had run from fear of rejection to pre-orgasmic ecstasy, but now I was softly and pleasantly aroused. My head was on his shoulders, my arms, now with my hands inside my gloves once more, were running up and down his chest, sliding over the rich silk of his evening shirt. I felt his tiny nipples and, as I ran the palms of my hands over them, he shuddered and, Like a lot of men, realised that he too could feel arousal through his nipples. The hardness throbbed against me, more urgently than before, he had adjusted it to a more comfortable position and now he had to hold me close or his erection would have been highly visible to every one there. Not that there were many people left, and there was only one other couple on the floor, and they were in the far corner. The lights were dimmed even further and now, only the centre of the floor was lit. the corners were so dim that all I could see of them was a dim outline. I had been teasing that poor man all night and he was on the verge of an orgasm. Not that I was in any better shape as my own body, trapped inside its delicious prison was throbbing for attention. I had prepared for that. Just before we had gone onto the floor, I had gone to the ladies and slid a durex over the hard length. I knew that I was on the verge of cuming and I didn't want to soil my wonderful garments.

I decided to take the poor man out of his misery and slid my right hand slowly, delicately, down his chest and belly, to feel, and gently caress the hard and trembling flesh. He groaned and stiffened. "No, Tessa darling." He panted. "If you do that I will cum."

"Shhhhh." I whispered to him. "I want you to cum. You're too aroused. I've teased you far too much."

My fingers deftly unbuttoned the fly of his evening trousers and, like an agile snake, my soft, satin gloved fingers slid in to caress the silken flesh through the fly of the boxer shorts he wore.

"Ohhhh GOOOOOOD!" He whispered into my ear. "What are you doing you beautiful, deliciously dirty girl?"

What was I doing? He was soon to find out. I gently eased the throbbing length, happy to see that it was about the same size as mine, not too large, not too small, just right. I could just see it in the deep gloom. It was lovely to see, hard, upright, circumcised and oozing a drop of pre-cum that glistened on the bulbous glans. He threw his head back, then forward and his lips savaged my neck, just below my ears. my black satin gloved hand held it gently in an underhand grip and my other hand was placed over the very tip to catch his seed when he came. I was just debating how to bring him off without staining my dress, emerald satin does show stains very easily, when a better idea came to my head.

I turned him so that he was facing the corner of the room, kissed him sensuously on his panting lips, then knelt down on the floor in front of him. He looked at me, a protest forming on his lips, but I knew a way to forestall him. I leaned forward and engulfed his hard sex with my hot, voracious, sucking mouth. All protest stopped as he felt the heat and suction that I applied to the very head of his magnificent body. He looked down at me and his hands caressed my auburn hair, mussing it gently, his breathing harsh and ragged. He was so close to his orgasm that whatever I did to try and delay it, he just urged me on. My head now bobbed back and forth as I took him deep into my oral cavity.

"Tessa, Tessa, Tessa." He kept murmuring softly. "Sweet, sweet Tessa."

My own body was on fire and my hardness trembled with wild desire. I put every trick I had ever learnt in the art of sucking and loving into that short space of time. My body swayed to the rhythm of my actions and the sweet rustling and shirring of taffeta and satin and nylon was just audible to both of us above the soft and melodious music. My breasts ached for his caresses, but they were out of reach, so I pressed in towards him and rubbed my hard nipples against his lower thighs, exciting them even more. It was very risqué, what a scandal if we had been caught, and the danger intensified my, and his, feelings.

I felt his penis twitch in my hands, and the glans, held deep in my mouth seemed to swell, then shimmer, then, as he gave a low groan only I could hear, he came in a torrent such as I had never seen before in my life. I pulled back slightly so the spasming, spurting head was just within my mouth and, as I lashed the sensitive head with my tongue, my mouth filled with, spurt after spurt, of pungent, salty, thick and gooey, seed. I swallowed it, every last drop, enjoying the taste, feeling as if he had given me his very soul. It dribbled to a stop, but I still held him in my hot mouth, licking him clean and he staggered slightly as the last, weak, spasms ceased. For a few more seconds I held him there, taking in the last few drops, then, as he pulled me to my feet, and drew me into his body, I slipped the limp organ back inside his fly, and did up the buttons.

I moulded my hot, orgasm craving, body to his and wound my arms round his neck, my breasts aching for his caress and my body so hot that it felt ready to explode at the slightest stimulation. He leaned down slightly, he was ever so tall, over six feet, and he kissed me. I melted, my limbs weak, as he murmured into my lips.

"I wish I could do that to you." He drew back, looking deeply into my eyes, continuing. "I have never done this before Tessa, will you teach me?"

"You don't mind?" I asked.

"Having met you," He answered, shaking his head. "And after what you have done for, and to, me, how could I? Even if I had wanted to object. But you are someone special, a one off." He kissed me again and his hand slid up to cup my aching breast. "This feels to me like a woman's breast, you look like a beautiful, sophisticated lady, you act like an accomplished mistress. You have this-------." He slid his other hand down and caressed the hardness that pulsated against my belly. "My soon to be ex-wife liked me to make love to her anally when she had her period. Are you any different?" He asked.

"No," I shook my head.

"You told me about Pippa, Katie and yourself and what you got up to. I didn't mind that, so why should I mind this. Tessa, my sweet," He smiled at me again, as his hand continued to slide against my pulsating, overlarge, clitty. "You are a hot, amoral, wickedly sensual, child. I love you for it. You have," He looked directly at me, his eyes gazing softly and lovingly into mine. "Awakened something new in me, something only you can extinguish. I am not a homosexual, as you well know." His hands were driving me to distraction and I was trembling now on the last, teetering verge of my incipient climax. "But to me, you are a woman, and I will make love to you as a woman, and now-------" His hands became more insistent and, once more, the shirring, taffeta and satin inspired rustle became louder as he truly brought me to my orgasm. "Come, Tessa, my sweet, come for me."

I felt a scream of fulfilment rising within me and I knew that, once the wild spasms started, I would let it out, unless I did something to stop it. I did by burying my face into the lapel of hid dinner jacket as my body trembled, then froze. I came, and it was not the usual type of climax. My whole orgasm consisted of one, piercing, intense and flowing outpouring of my seed in a long, intensely pleasurable, climax that seemed to take me over and hold me in a long, intensely heavenly, high. Time lost all meaning, as did everything else. I didn't scream, the lapel muffled that, but I know that I should have done so if we had done this in the privacy of our apartment. Everything had darkened around me, even more so than before and the roaring in my ears was so intense that I heard only whispers of his speech as he goaded me verbally and, with his hands, physically, to greater heights of ecstasy.



Chapter 3


I really awoke back in my chair, he had guided me back. After a few minutes of getting my breath back, having experienced one of the most amazing orgasms of my life, I made my excuses and went to the ladies rest room where, in the privacy of the cubicle, I cleaned myself up and placed my, by now totally limp, clitty back under cover, and flushing the full durex down the loo. I was amazed at the amount of fluid it contained, but it was an extremely intense cum. We left soon after and arrived back at the flat. Though it was well after the hour of one in the morning, neither of us was tired, and, by the time we got back, Jeremy's hands had, along with his kissing lips, awakened my body again, albeit only slightly. Having dismissed the grinning taxi driver, who had been observing every thing in his mirror, and almost crashed the cab twice, we tottered up and I slid off my cape and went into the kitchen to make us a cup of coffee.

When I came back into the drawing room, Jeremy was sitting on the chaise-longue and he patted the space beside him. We sat and drank our cups of coffee, silent, just looking at each other, smiling and my thoughts were full of what was to come next. Finishing at last, I got up, then leaned down and kissed him on his lips. Before he could pull me down onto his lap, I stood back.

"Come to mother's room in fifteen minutes." I said, and he nodded.

With a swish of satin and taffeta, I left the drawing room and into mother's boudoir. There, I switched on the two, dim, bedside lights and drew off the mink canopy, leaving the bed made with only the black, duchesse satin sheets. I then went into the bathroom and repaired my make-up and made sure I was clean and ready for him. Then, I slid off my dress and, still in my lingerie, I took out and put on my favourite, black, slipper satin peignoir. I was excited again, my body stiff, but I didn't hide it under my guiperre, just left it tenting out my french knickers. I slid onto the bed and lay back, my head on the satin pillow, the peignoir closed at the bust but open and flowing around my lower, nylon sheathed, limbs. I bent one of my knees up and turned partly on to my right side, facing the door. I was just in time.

A discreet tap on the door. "come in." I said. The door opened and Jeremy came in, shutting the door behind him, and approached the bed. He stopped at the side and slowly sat down. His eyes had never, not even for a second left my body as he had slowly approached the bed. They were soft, warm and loving on my skin and made me melt. I had raised myself on one elbow as he had knocked on the door, a position many men see as attractive to view, and he was no exception. He had taken the trouble to change, and, I noticed, have a shower as well, and was dressed in a silk, dark blue dressing gown and had on a pair of matching silk pyjamas as well. As he walked towards me I had noticed that he was quite excited, the evidence of that being his body, which was erect and free, tenting out the dressing gown at the front. As he sat quietly facing me he raised his eyes to mine and looked deep into them. He was always so direct, his honesty and integrity painfully obvious to all. If he had any faults then I had not discovered them as yet, and I certainly was not about to start looking for them at all.

"I've never done this before, you know." he said in a soft tone. I raised an eyebrow enquiringly. I knew that, he'd told me. "Committed adultery, I mean."

"Oh, " I said. "And are you about to start now?"

He nodded, a soft smile playing on his lips. "Yes, and the funny thing is, I haven't any guilt about it at all."

He reached forward with his right hand a slid it onto my ankle, just above the shoe and, with his forefinger, stroked the nylon sheathed bone of my ankle. Tremors of desire seemed to radiate from that spot and the heat seemed incredible. I had quietened down and my clitty had been almost limp but that one touch made it rise slowly. His eyes were drawn to the burgeoning of my clitty and he gazed at it raptly, fascinated at its slow thickening and enlargement.

"I've never done this either." he murmured. "I have always been a moral man, so I thought." He brought his eyes back to my face and I thought he was going to try and justify his actions to me, one who never needed to justify any actions at all. I lived by one creed, and one creed alone. Anything goes, as long as physical or psychological force is not used. Do not hurt anyone, either physically or mentally, and what you do is totally agreed upon by whoever you are doing it with. Finally, and above all, most definitely, no pain. But, he wasn't trying to justify anything as he continued. "You, my sweet child," He smiled at me, his finger now moving up my calf. "Have made me see how stupid and senseless morality is." Who," He asked. "Am I hurting if I act as I please, with the full consent of whoever I am with. My wife left me after I refused to give up my career, saying that she would only come back if I gave up, resigned my commission. I am being blackmailed. You, on the other hand are giving yourself to me, freely, happily and fully. You are worth far more than she ever could be." His full hand was now caressing my thigh and, incidentally, driving me crazy. I had to put a stop this chatter.

I fell back onto the bed, my breathing ragged and hoarse, my desire for him evident in the vibrancy of my hard and trembling penis.

"Take me, Jeremy." I pleaded, holding my satin gloved arms out to him. "Stop talking and take me. You've made me so hot for you!"

"Do you really want me?" He asked, his face hopeful.

I knew that I would have to take him. He was too frightened to take me the way a man takes a woman. It wasn't moralising or justification. I knew in a flash that he, an older man, was frightened of the consequences if he had been caught with a young transvestite boy. But at that moment I wasn't a boy, I was a hot blooded woman, dressed for sex, and wanting it desperately. I sat up, ripped the dressing gown and pyjama jacket off his body and threw them onto the floor. With another flick of my wrist I undid the cord of his pyjama bottoms. He sat, rigid, amazed as I stripped him naked, just lifting himself up so that I could tear off his pyjama trousers. I then fell back onto the bed, pulling his unresisting body on top of me. Oh, it was heaven to feel his slim, fit body on my lingeried flesh. I pressed him to me and my eager hands wrapped themselves around his back, my tender titties pushing against his hairless chest.

Our eager mouths met in a mad kiss of hot, sucking passion. my erect body was trapped between our bellies, throbbing underneath the satin of my knickers and his proud, steel-hard penis was prodding the very rosebud I wanted him to take. His hands came into play and he slid them up my satin corseted body to glide over my satin cupped breasts. I screamed into his mouth as his hands found, caught and then nipped my hard and sensitive nipples, the scream was of intense pleasure, not pain.. My hands slid down my flanks and found the waist band of my french knickers, and I pulled them down, and off my limbs, all the time without breaking the hot, wet, panting, kiss. As I exposed my body to him, he slid between my outspread thighs raised himself up on his arms, looking down on me. Our two hard erections were touching and the heat of our contact was incandescent. I was ready, and so was he. There was no more doubt in his mind any more, my actions had more than convinced him and his desire filled features gazed down at me with awe. I was being adored by him, and what woman doesn't wish for that. It was time. I had prepared myself in the bathroom by inserting some lubricant, to mimic the wetness and lubrication of a woman's body. I was so relaxed down below, and he was such a perfect size for me, that I knew I would feel no pain, unlike when Pippa and I made love.

I lifted my lower body and felt his eager hand take his erection and place it at the very portal. I grabbed a satin pillow and stuffed it under the raised cheeks and we were in a perfect position. He pushed, I opened to him, and his body started to slide into me. I threw myself back onto the bed, a cry of lascivious pleasure torn from my lips, as he pushed harder till his whole length was fitted snugly inside of me. I felt him start to move in and out and knew that my muscles were squeezing him as tightly as he had ever experienced, bringing him enormous pleasure. It was then, at the height of my passionate lust that I used the 'F' word I stay clear of in everyday life. I abhor it, but in the context of the action, it was perfect. As his body massaged my prostate, and the orgasm I had eagerly wished for, started to rise, I started to talk dirty to him. I only do this when I am approaching a state I can only describe as nirvana and I was doing that fast now.

"Fuck me, Jeremy!" I cried out, my whole body writhing, twisting, shuddering in my ecstasy. "Fuck your hot girl, my sweet, fuck me till I cream!!!!!"

He moaned at my words and he fell back onto my body, pinning me to the slick, sexy, black satin sheets. His buttocks moved, faster and faster, and I encouraged him by wrapping my legs around his slim waist and spurring him on by pushing down on his slim buttocks with my stiletto heels. He was panting and moaning in his passion, his body slamming into me with an ever increasing frenzy. His lips searched for, and found my eager lips and we kissed. I love kissing, it drives me wild. Soft lips to lips, exchanging panting moans, sucking, licking, tongues duelling, teeth nibbling at bruised lips. Jeremy and I did it all, and all the time the pleasure mounted in me, far more than at the Savoy. His hardness flashed in and out of me, exciting me in a way I had never been excited before. I was going out of my mind with pleasure. I felt filled, complete and fully possessed, and by a man.

Every time he moved his belly crushed my hardness between itself and my satin sheathed belly, giving massive jolts of carnal delight, and the fullness that slid deep into me gave me pleasures such as I had only dreamed. I truly felt like a woman just then, the very apotheosis of my inner fantasies. Yet, I knew that I would feel like this only very infrequently, and only with the right person. As I have said before, It must be a very special, and extremely rare, man who can get me like this. Suddenly, just as my own passions reached their peak, he raised himself on his extended arms, looked down at me with a glazed look in his eyes, shuddered, froze and slammed deep into me. I felt his buried manhood shudder, swell, become larger, and then a warm feeling swept through me as he spasmed into his climax. He gave a hoarse cry of utter and complete fulfilment as he spurted his hot seed deep into me and, just at that moment, I became sorry that I could never carry a child. That regret still lives with me to this day. My own, long awaited orgasm, burst upon me as his started to wane and my body, without any fondling, spurted a long streak of creamy white semen, so powerful that it spattered my face and lips, followed by several more, coating my face and lips completely. At the same time, the rapid contractions of my sphincter bounced him back into another, weaker, but still intense, orgasm.

Jeremy collapsed on top of me, totally spent, his hardness wilting, then slipping out of me, a dribble of his seed pooling on the satin pillow case. he was so heavy eyed that he would soon be asleep so I slid out from under him, kissed the top of his tousle haired head and covered him, as he lay, face down on the bed, with the satin sheet and then, the mink counterpane. I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up, repairing all the damage done to face and body. I too was totally satisfied, my body still wracked with flashes of pleasure. I took off all my lingerie and dressed in fresh, new nightwear. I kept on the stockings, miraculously, they were not damaged at all, and fixed them to a dainty little, cream silk, suspender belt. I then donned a gorgeous, cream silk-satin nightgown, full of skirt and a slim fitting bodice, with bootlace straps. It was a present from Alicia and I adored it. We had christened it that very night, then not used it till this night. I went back into the room and slid between the satin sheets, cuddling up to Jeremy, basking in the warmth that emanated from his body. Within seconds, I was asleep.



Chapter 4


I awoke to he light of day, alone in mother's bed, snug and warm between the sheets, a languorous feeling of wellbeing suffused my body. The memories of last night and the early hours were so vivid that I could still feel them, as well as see them, My body felt light, warm and loved. If this was what a loved woman felt like after a night of dancing, wooing and loving, then they were a blessed race. I stretched, writhing within the perfumed, satin sheeted cocoon that was the maternal bed and threw out my arms. My hand brushed something on the pillow and I turned my head. A long, cream envelope, of luxurious paper, lay on it, as well as a small, yet beautiful, deep, dark red, rose. I lilted the tucked in flap and took out the folded letter it contained. In Jeremy's elegant, italic writing was a missive that was short, yet sweet.


Dearest Tessa.

Thank you for a night of comfort, help, love and passion.

You are a woman of unparalleled beauty.

A human being of rare compassion, and,

the most passionate and sexy creature

I have ever met.

I love you.




I lay back on the pillows and reread the little note several times. I savoured the words, but a small worry nestled within my mind. I loved Jeremy, but I loved others as well. I did not want him to fall totally for me as if I was a real woman. I was really not a monogamous person at all. I fervently hoped that he was not confusing me with a real woman and as an available lover. I was determined to live my life on my terms, and not as the permanent, and only, lover of someone else. I loved him, he was a lovely man, but I loved women, as entities, far more. This, to me, was an interlude, and one that could be repeated whenever I wished, but not with exclusivity as a prime rule. If this made me sound cynical, I was not. Jeremy and I had been thrown together by circumstances. His overall sexuality was orientated towards the female. I passed as a female, and his eyes told him that I was a female. His mind was open to other suggestions, but I knew, for a fact, that if I had been a real man in appearance, then he would have run a mile in one direction and I in another, at lightning speed at that. I had to fix him up. Then, a lightning bolt crashed through my brain. I could fix him up with mother.


I knew that Jeremy did fancy her, he had told me himself, and mother did have a yen for a generic man at times and had an occasional lover, but that had cooled lately. I also knew that she had though about seducing Jeremy to try to get him out of his gloom. The way she made that suggestion, with a gleam In her eyes, made me now realise that she actually quite fancied him. I decided to bring the two carnally together. Maybe we could actually share him between us, that would be most interesting, I thought. But, that was in the future, she would not be back for another four nights, and that gave me plenty of scope for more sheer, unbridled pleasure. I got up out of bed, slid a gorgeous, cream silk-satin peignoir over my nightgown and ambled into our kitchen. There was another little note on the table. It said.


Dearest Tessa

Had to go out on legal business.

See you at seven.

Full formal, your choice.

Going to the Regimental Ball.

You will be a wow!




My heart leapt. I was going to one of the premier social occasions of the season. The Guards Brigade always put on a sensational ball, and his regiment gave, in my opinion, the best. This was going to be good. having the confidence to go was no problem, I had been living completely as a girl for over a year now, and had never been suspected as being anything but what I appeared to be. I looked at the clock, I had slept late, but it was still before mid-day and I had more than enough time. Luckily for me, I had very little facial or body hair, and what there was I easily removed. But, I thought, what to wear? Apart from the obvious answer any comedian would give such as 'Clothes, of course, silly.' I knew I had to look good, if not perfect. This called for a total raid on mother's wardrobe for many things, especially jewellery, so that was my first port of call.

After a few minutes of browsing, I decided on a lovely gown by Susan Small. This, unlike my usual sophisticated and sexy, strapless dresses, which I adored as it showed off my cleavage, and left my perfumed shoulders and upper chest available for kisses and other forms of pillage, was more demure, but still looked exceedingly sophisticated, and was elegant. In a way it made me look about five years older, which was necessary as I wanted Jeremy to feel that he was taking a mistress to the ball, not a young girl just as a companion. Little did I know what complications that would cause, but more about that later. It was a velvet and satin gown, with a satin bodice, sleeveless but with a scooped neckline, and this was in a heavy, dully gleaming, duchesse satin that ended just below the bust in a wide band . the bodice continued in heavy, plush silk velvet and the colour was a deep and rich blue, almost, but not quite, navy in shade. The long skirt was full, but not excessively so and I I would match this with a pair of black satin, elbow length gloves and two and a half inch heeled, stiletto court shoes, also in dull, black satin. For my jewellery I would wear a simple black velvet choker, with a tiny cameo brooch in the centre and two gold and diamond, drop earrings. I had had my ears pierced and so could wear them at last. they had been a present from Joanne and Pippa. this would be their first outing.

My lingerie would also have to be appropriate, but only in its ability to camouflage, and conceal and we had recently devised a way of doing so. It was impossible to hide my frequent hardnesses by confining my body by strapping it between my legs, that caused too much pain. Instead I had a small undergarment made which had a small amount of padding on both sides of a satin tube into which my clitty fitted and left it snugly against my belly. there were several hooks and eyes in strategic places which enabled me to free myself for various reasons without disturbing the rest of my lingerie and corsetry too much. My foundation garment would, of course, be sexy. I would wear a strapless satin basque, a la merry widow, in luscious and sexy black satin. It was another of my favourites and pushed my breasts up nicely indeed, and had some delicate padding under the breasts to enhance my size. It gave me a very respectable B cup and certainly improved my image. By this time, a year and a half into my feminine dressing, I had amassed a very large collection of lingerie and had over thirty items of corsetry, ranging from full and elegant coselettes to wispy brassiere and garter belt sets, along with nine of my favourite garments, basques and guiperes. The difference between a guipere and a basque is that one is cut much higher than a guipere, and the guipere is almost backless, relying on far more boning for support. Tonight, due to the, what I called a reinforced pantie, I could get away with wearing a basque. It was much quicker to remove as well. Four hooks and eyes, and the whole lot fell away, yet if caressed by anyone, it appeared to feel like a woman's soft belly.

To go under the velvet skirt I would wear a lovely, matching, silk taffeta half slip, with a small amount of stiff lace to hold my skirt out. This was in black, of course, and whispered softly against the acetate lining of the dress. As it was a full ball, I would not wear an evening chapeau. These sexy little items were only worn if going out to dinner, or the theatre or opera. Pity really as I rather liked their frivolous appearance, and, with their gauzy veils, gave a mysteriously sexy appearance to whoever was wearing them. I was really looking forward to my first ball, and the fact that it was Jeremy's regiment meant that he would look especially dashing in his mess dress, with all his medals and accoutrements, and he did have the figure for it. The time passed fairly quickly and soon it was time for me to bathe and get ready for the ball.

I ran my bath and luxuriated in the hot, perfumed suds. I was in a dreamy state of relaxation when I heard the door to the flat open, then a soft knock on the door of the bathroom.

"Tessa, it's Jeremy." he said. I managed to come back early, so I'll bathe and change here."

"Come in, darling." I said languorously. "I'm in the bath."

The door opened and he came in and sat down on the buffet chair beside the bath. We chatted in a desultory fashion, but his eyes kept being drawn to the vague shape of my titties as they nestled under the soft cocoon of bubbles. The heat of the water had made my nipples swell and they took on a soft and rosy hue, peeping through the white soap suds. Suddenly he shifted slightly and I knew he was getting excited, and the knowledge of that fact started to arouse me.

"Jeremy?" I whispered, cupping my hands over my swelling titties. "The bath is big enough for us both."

'We don't want to be late." He replied, but he was already taking his sports jacket off, then, in rapid succession, the rest of his clothes. His naked body was superb, he was, after all, an army officer, and very fit. Tall, slim, wide shouldered and almost hairless apart from a small tuft of hair on his chest, and a large bunch of, surprisingly silky, hair on his groin. But what fascinated, and aroused me was his gorgeous erection that throbbed as he looked down on my, suds covered, body.

My own clitty responded in kind, growing swiftly to equal his in size, and poking its hard, ruby tinged head above the layer of foam. I was so excited that my foreskin could not cover the glans and was almost completely pulled back. I was trembling with passion and knew that soon this man would be making me scream with fulfilment. I moved across the bath, it was big enough for two, and, with a delicately crooked finger, beckoned him in. Within seconds he was in with me and we were lying in that hot, soapy water, kissing madly and his hands were delicately and gently caressing my pouting titties. I moaned my want into his hot, sucking lips and my hand was running over the throbbing penis that was pressing urgently into my belly. I was so hot and I knew that I wanted to take him now, not after a while, but NOW!

Still kissing him, locked, lips to lips, sucking on his flickering tongue, I turned him onto his back, straddling him, aiming his hardness at the fluttering rosebud that was, at that moment, spasming in anticipation. He stopped me.

"No, Tessa, NO!"

I stopped, unsure, wondering what had changed. He saw my expression of desire change to confusion, and smiled up at me. "No," He repeated, then added. "I want to feel what you feel when I, or Katie, or Pippa do it to you. Take me as you would take them."

I was astounded. "But," I asked him. "You've never had a love affair with a man before?"

"I want to know." he replied, moving me gently off his body and then, lifting his strong, clean limbs, he parted them around my body so that I was kneeling between his thighs. "I want to know and to understand. Tessa, I've always had this curiosity." He stopped for a moment, then, thoughtfully, continued speaking. "I saw it all around me in public school, and it never bothered me. I did not like boys, had no pull to them. You in my eyes are not a boy, you are a wonderful amalgam of man and woman. I want to know." He insisted, then sat up and pulled my body on top of his. I felt his hardness against my belly, and my titties were crushed to his chest.

His lips found mine again and, once more we were kissing passionately. My own engorged clitty was resting against the small, hard buttocks and seemed to have a mind of their own. It was Jeremy who started talking dirty to me and as he tried to get me into position, started panting out obscenities. It really turned me on and, as I felt the head of my clitty push against the opening, I, involuntarily almost, pushed forwards with my hips. The hot water, slippery with soap made my entrance easy and I slid into his hot, trembling hole, right to the hilt. God, he was deliciously tight.

"Fuck me, Tessa darling!" he cried out as he took me right in. "God!" He screamed as I reamed him. "God, its beautiful." His penis was crushed between our bellies and it was juddering and spasming, trembling with a wild passion. "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck meeeee!"

But really, this wasn't my scene and, as pleasurable as it was, it was not what I had wanted. I was saved any more problems by his sudden plunge into a climax. it wasn't anything major either, he just simply stiffened and I felt his erection spasm against my belly and he gave a low, hoarse cry. I slid out of him, still hard and still wanting him to slide into me. I lay beside him, cuddling him in my arms, holding him till the spasms stopped and he lay, quiescent and still. After a few moments he roused himself and looked at me.

"You didn't cum?"

"No," I shook my head. "It wasn't my wish."

"You did it for me?"

I nodded, then asked. "Did you like it?"

"Hmmm, Yes, it was nice." He nodded, paused, then continued. "For myself, once was enough. I would much rather do it to you."

'I'd much rather you did it to me as well."

Would you like me to?" He grinned. "I can still manage something for you."

He took my hand and placed it on his body. I was amazed, he was still hard. I gently caressed it and he gave a soft sigh, then pulled me up so that I was kneeling astride his body once more.

This time, he gently placed the very tip of his hardness against my willing and tender rosebud and I made a, deliciously erotic, writhing motion against the pressure. The water was still hot, and my muscles pleasantly lax. As I pushed down, relaxing totally, he slid full into me. This is what I had wanted, and now I had him, deep inside me and pulsating gently, as I started to post myself up and down on his invading shaft. It was lovely. The urgency I had originally felt, was gone and now I could enjoy the slow and languorous session, without the frenetic need to achieve the orgasm I had prayed for. This was my pleasure, and he realised it. As I slid up and down on his hardness, his hands captured my overlarge clitty and softly, gently, he frigged me, sliding soap slicked fingers over the sensitive flesh. I started to pant and moan as the inexorable passions rose in me. This was a slow, enjoyable and deeply satisfying, loving and I was in heaven.

A slow roaring in my ears, and piercing sensations in my loins announced the start of my orgasm. My hands slid up to my neglected titties and I caressed them, increasing the pleasures that I felt coursing throughout my slim, gyrating, writhing body. I looked down at him and he smiled up at me.

"Yes, child," He panted, his handsome face a mask of pure pleasure. "I like this better too. Now I'm going to get you to cum with me."

With that, he took hold of my hips and, holding me steady, started to slide his body actively into me. I threw my head back and screamed out in total ecstasy as he rammed me, and that was the exact way, into a screaming, writhing and demented orgasm. My clitty, without any direct stimulation from any of us, spasmed, fluttered, then exploded into a wild, sperm shooting climax, and the sheer pleasure that flashed through my body sent me into a dark pool of total satisfaction. he joined my scream of fulfilment with a hoarse, deep cry as he came violently into me.

I felt him suddenly expand inside of me and the heat of his orgasm flooded my lower body. It intensified my own wild feelings and I cried out again, then fell forward onto his chest, sobbing out my final pleasures. I lay, panting, on his chest and he held me close. He had softened and slid out of me, but the fullness was still a distinct feeling, one that would not go away at once. I roused myself and kissed him gratefully, then, got out of the bath and started to dry myself. I looked down at him, he was dozing, a soft smile of contentment on his lips.

"Come on, Jeremy." I chided, "We have only an hour to get ready."

Weakly, he got out of the bath and wended his way to his own room to get dressed. The taxi came for us at seven, sharp, and we went to the ball.



Chapter 5


I was, I admit, nervous at the prospect of going to such a public event on my own, without mother I mean. We had prepared me well for my chosen life, and I had been out alone almost from day one, well, a month after day one, but this was the first time I would not have the comfort of mother. The taxi came for us at seven, and we were entering the ante room at seven fifteen for pre-dinner drinks. The ball, as all regimental balls, was an invitation only affair, but, due to the prestige that the Guards regiments, and remember, there are five regiments of foot guards in the brigade, engender, the list of invites is fairly large, and quite exclusive. It did of course mean that there would be several people there that I had met, at one time or another, the circles we move in, everyone knows everyone else, at least vaguely. Tonight was no exception and two of the younger subalterns I had known at school when they were seniors and I was a young sprog. One of them had been involved in the tryst I had witnessed that day, that had so intrigued me. Another young lady, she was married now to a captain of the regiment, had originally been involved in a torrid, but extremely discreet, affair with my mother and I had spied on them as they had made each other scream in ecstasy. Another, older, lady, she was in her forties, had once tried to seduce me when I was twelve, I had been too naive, and frightened, at the time to respond. If anyone would recognise me it would be she, as she was a friend of mothers, and, I suspected, a more than intimate friend at that. I would have to be careful as I didn't know how she would react if she recognised me.

I was sat between Lord D-----, a former senior officer of the regiment, and a young captain who was engaged to a model who had featured in Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. In those days models were not the spoilt darlings of today, but very respected members of society. The late Barbara Goalen, a woman of such extraordinary poise and beauty as to stun anyone, was a heroine of mine. She was there too, along with her second husband, her first having died in a plane crash, and in the flesh she was far more beautiful than the photographs in the fashion magazines. She was also an extraordinary human being with a wonderful intelligence, a perfect personality and a very funny, yet gentle, sense of humour. People who met her in real life found her a wonderful person to talk to and all fell under her spell. I myself, after just a few minutes of listening to her talk, and watching her elegant behaviour, fell in love with her. I was so shy I never even opened my mouth to talk to her. I daren't anyway. Apart from Pamela, the lady of forty, who was mother's friend, she would have instantly spotted me as soon as I opened my mouth. The dinner went well and I made small talk with the two gentlemen on either side of me, and Jeremy who sat opposite.

After dinner we went dancing and Jeremy soon had me in his arms, but within minutes there were officers queuing up to be introduced and begging for the next dance. This, I started to think, was turning out to be fun. Soon I was being waltzed about the floor by a succession of young gentlemen, all desperate to know more about me. I Turned most of their more searching questions aside, until they desisted. I was Jeremy's girl, and that, as they soon found out, was final. I finally had to go to the bathroom, I used the one in Jeremy's suite of rooms in the mess, As a senior major he was entitled to one. We can't get away with drinking champagne and not go and visit that at certain intervals. I did what I had to and then walked over to the mirrors to touch up my make-up when a gentle hand fell caressingly on my shoulder. I turned round and looked at the woman. It was mother's friend, Pamela.

"Does Dianne (That was mother's first name) know you are out?" She asked, a soft, knowing smile on her lips. " And looking so svelte and sophisticated at that."

I shook my head. I knew that she wouldn't mind, and that she would be happy that I was in, relatively, safe hands, though that too is a slight exaggeration. "No." I answered her back. The hand hadn't left my shoulder, and now it slid down and gently caressed my collar bone. "I know all about you, Tessa." She whispered, and a hot look came into her eyes as her satin gloved hand slid hissingly over my satin bodice to cup my trembling breast. "I knew you as a little brat, and have watched you from afar, with interest. I do like the change."

She slid her other hand up to my other trembling tittie and then gently pushed me up against the wall. I glanced across at the door, she had bolted it, but the door to Jeremy's bedroom was open. She had quietly followed me in. "I remember how pretty you looked when I had you on the bed that day, it's such a pity you ran away from me then. I so wanted you, soft, virginal, open to me." The words seemed to excite her even more and her magnificent body seemed to quiver with her intense lust. She was an incredibly beautiful woman, having matured well, and had kept her figure well, even after having four children. She was slim, but not overtly so, with a curvaceous body, and a pair of delightfully full, and firm, breasts. Her heart shaped face was wide eyed and delicate, but she had an exotic cast to her that denoted a small amount of eastern blood in her, she was, mother later told me, of an European father and a Eurasian mother. Her long, dark hair was up in an elaborate coiffure, held in a Grecian knot at the back of her head, and the mane fell down to her shoulder blades, glossy and wavy, like a fall of dark water. Her gown, of rich, Chinese brocade, was strapless, in a lovely shade of cyclamen pink, with a long, slim skirt and her gloves were of matching cyclamen satin. She was a stunner, and she excited me totally. My body, stiff and throbbing already from all the excitement of dancing, was threatening to burst out of its satin prison at her insistent caresses. I threw my head back against the wall as her hands found my hard nipples, nipping them between her knowing fingers, sending flashes of fire through my body.

"How did you get in?' I gasped. "I thought I had locked the door."

She laughed softly, then said. "Jeremy gave me the key to his rooms. He will be along shortly." She smiled, gently caressing me, sliding her hands down my satin bodice, getting me into the room and leading me to the bed.

Slowly, sexily, Pamela laid me down on the double bed, at the same time disrobing me of my gown and slip, leaving me in just my guipere, nylons, gloves and my little cache-sex, as mother called my restrainer. At that moment, as Pamela unsnapped the hooks and eyes that held my modesty in place, the door opened and Jeremy walked in, a soft smile on his face, leading mother by the hand. I gasped, it was put up job, it seemed. They had all connived at making my first ball a truly memorable one.

"when did you get back, mother?" I asked, astonished. "I wasn't expecting you till Monday."

She laughed. This evening, just after you left. I changed and came here just about twenty minutes ago. Pamela had orders to get you ready, just in time, I see."

I watched as Pamela walked up to mother and the two, exquisitely gowned ladies embraced hotly and Jeremy, still resplendent in his mess kit, joined them at the foot of the bed, to embrace and caress them both. I watched avidly at the three way embrace, taking in the erotic scene, my body rising proud, free and unfettered. Mother looked truly glorious in a green taffeta gown that shimmered and rustled softly, glistening in the soft lighting that bathed the room in a gentle glow. Sexily, seductively, the two women disrobed each other till they stood in front of me clad only in sexy garter belts, stockings, gloves and shoes, swaying their bodies sensually in time to the beat of the music that wafted up from down below.

They then turned to Jeremy and slowly stripped him of all his clothes to leave him standing naked, his body hard and fiercly erect, as they literally fought over his body. His gaze locked with mine, and his eyes were dark and filled with lust. I felt that, although two most beautiful females were seducing him with every bit of cunning and expertise they could muster, and between them there was a wealth of that, he was still obsessed with my body, and the strange dichotomy I presented him. I meanwhile, was more interested in Pamela and mother. I watched avidly as they both took his throbbing manhood in their begloved hands and kissed the hard length. Their respective lipsticks, cyclamen pink and deep, dark red, mingled on the soft skin as their lips met to exchange sucking kisses of sheer passion. It was Jeremy who pulled them off his trembling body and threw their bodies onto the bed. They landed one each side of me and without a moments hesitation mother and Pamela turned onto my body and I was buried under a veritable cloak of sweetly perfumed, softly welcoming, feminine flesh.


To be continued.




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