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The Restructuring of My Husband             by : A Happy Wife


After over ten years of marriage I had grown very comfortable in my relationship with Jim. Our sex life was, well nice. Jim is a good lover, not too imaginative but eager to please and not afraid of giving oral sex. He had become quite good at it and had gotten over expecting me to return the favor. In fact Jim’s giving me oral pleasure had become just about the only way that I achieved orgasm. Jim knew this and knew that if he expected to enter me he would have to bring me to more than one climax with his educated mouth and tongue. Both Jim and I had good careers and had chosen to remain childless. My career had really taken off and I had become somewhat of a star in my field. Jim’s was more plodding but financially rewarding none the less. So to put it mildly, we were well off.

I knew Jim had sexual fantasies, and I knew he masturbated in the shower and in front of his computer. I did think it was disgusting but it didn’t really matter that much to me, as long as his tongue didn’t receive any wear and tear I couldn’t care less about what he did with his penis. We had gone to the museum one Saturday. Jim was fascinated by the medieval section especially the chastity belt display. I said "no way buddy, you will never get me in one of those" Jim very shyly told me he had secret desires to wear one himself. I didn’t even know they made them for men. I kiddingly said, "why don’t you get one" Jim was quite for a while then said, "maybe he would". Several days later Jim showed me his device. It was in a black velvet drawstring bag, it didn’t look like much to me, just a series of rings and leather straps. I could understand what the rings did but some of the straps were puzzling to me, I got Jim to explain them, then I wanted to see it on him. He was very hesitant but eventually went to the bathroom to install it. He came back a short time later wearing a towel around his waist and looking very embarrassed. "Well drop the towel I said" Jim opened up and I called him over so as to get a good look. His penis was encased in the four rings, one just in the front of the penis, one just behind the head, one in the center of the shaft and one at the base. It was too short to allow an erection and too small a diameter to allow for much expansion. The previously puzzling straps circled Jim’s testicles and look uncomfortable. I cupped his testicles in my hand and bounced them a little; Jim had a look of both pleasure and pain. His penis tried to grow but couldn’t. I could see that the rings prevented an erection. I knew that Jim was dying to get it off and sneak off for a little sly masturbation. After about an hour I was tired of having a naked male around and Jim was tired of wearing the thing so he went off and came back came back with out the device but fully clothed. I knew he had taken care of his need, and wasn’t too pleased about it, I would have like to have his head in my crotch for a while.

I knew that Jim was wearing the devise from time to time and I knew he was masturbating after each wearing, it also seemed that he was less attentive to my sexual needs. One day I could see from the way he was walking that he had on his device. I ask him to show to me again, while he was wearing it. He blushed but opened his trousers for me and let them drop. I held his penis and heard the intake of breath. "You really like this thing, don’t you?" I said. He just nodded, very embarrassed. "Can you lock it on?" I asked. "They can be locked" he answered. "Show me how". Well he did and I really didn’t think some little toy sold in a dirty bookstore would really keep a determined man in chastity very long, and I told him so. "Let’s see softie, come over here". I smacked the head of his penis with a pencil to soften it as much as possible, and with in two minutes had his penis out of the rings and had brought him to full erection. I just leaned back and smiled. "You need a better one, and I get to keep the key" I smacked his fanny and told him to run off and play with himself like the child he acted like. A few days later Jim told me he had ordered a new belt. He was having it made and it would take a couple of weeks. I couldn’t believe he would actually have a chastity belt hand built for himself. He was very embarrassed as I quizzed him about it and made him tell me about the fitting and the measuring. I really did enjoy his humiliation and I could tell that at some level he was enjoying it also. The belt maker was a man named Helen. I found that interesting. Jim told me Helen wore a belt himself and his wife kept him dressed as a woman most of the time. "Really I said how fascinating". Jim told me Helen’s wife was a woman named Grace. When Jim arrived for his fitting Grace showed him to a workroom had him strip, climb up on a table, and clasp his hands behind his head while Helen measured him. Grace took notes, gave Jim an estimate of the cost, took a deposit and told Jim it would take a couple of weeks. Sure enough two weeks later Grace called Jim and Jim told me the device was ready. When Jim reported this news to me I surprised Jim by telling him I wanted to go with him to pick it up.

Grace and Helen lived in a nice older building in the artists loft section of town. Grace answered the door on the first ring, and warmly welcomed us into her home. Her house was a converted warehouse or industrial building, so the rooms were huge and the ceilings tall. Grace wore jeans, boots and a simple tee top. She looked to be about fifty and was very beautiful, tall, slim and lightly made up. I hadn’t yet met the husband Helen. Grace said hello to Jim in a business like manner. I could tell that this woman had a power over Jim, the little twerp was cowed by her. I wanted to learn more about that. Grace offered me a cup of tea. As she left the room to fetch it she said to Jim, "strip and assume the position". That got my attention. I watched in pleasant surprise as Jim meekly removed his clothes spread his legs slightly and clasped his hands behind his head. Grace and I drank our tea and chatted while Jim stood there blushing and wishing his penis wasn’t getting hard. I Asked Grace about her husband, I really wanted to know why he was called Helen and I told her Jim had mentioned that Helen was dressed as a woman. Grace laughed and said that it just seemed more fitting for him after the locking up of his penis. Grace explained that with the device on the male’s penis would be where a woman’s vaginal opening would be, so the wearing of panties made more sense because of the double layer in the crotch. And as he will now have to sit to pee a skirt becomes practical. I smiled at the thought of Jim in a skirt and panties. Grace went on to tell me that after Helen was skirted and pantied to complete the look she had her male shave his legs and get his toes done, "you might consider that for Jim too" "oh yes I think so" I said. She also told me that after Helen was belted for a while he would agree to anything to get some relief. When she suggested he wear a dress he balked, when she said he would get time out of the cage he readily agreed. I looked over at Jim and smiled he looked like I had just suggested he drive nails into his head.

When we had finished our tea Grace said to Jim, "it’s time to fit you up, let’s go to the work room". Hands still behind his head Jim followed Grace to a door that exited into the shop. I followed behind watching Jim's naked butt as he made his way to the workshop. Grace called out for Helen. A man younger than Grace came over. He had on a pink flowered apron worn over a long light blue dress. He was nicely made up and had short hair combed into a cute semi feminine style. He said nothing and kept his head bowed around Grace and me. Jim stood on a bench that was a height that gave Helen easy access to Jim’s privates his penis was very hard and I could see that Jim was very embarrassed about that, and that the embarrassment added to his excitement. He had a real problem. Grace nodded to Helen, he removed a silver tube, and a flesh colored little plate, some silver cable and a small lock from a black velvet bag. The tube was small, and looked to be about the length of my husbands penis when flaccid. One end was open and flared slightly, the other end was necked down with a small opening in it another small tube was in the opening. Grace took the device and explained how it works to me. Jim seemed to have been forgotten like a servant or even a slave. The tube went over a soft, lubricated penis, it would be tight, the small tube went into the opening in the end of the penis and would direct urine flow, and the flesh colored plate was shaped like a triangle and would resemble a shaved vagina. She recommended the shaving of Jim’s pubic hair and offered the services of Helen to do the deed. I agreed Jim looked horrified at this decision. The plastic device was very strong and pliable; Jim would not be able to cut it with conventional tools. It was the same material used in making crash test dummies and some prosthetics. While Helen shaved Jim Grace went on to tell me the tubed penis would be drawn back between the males legs, the testicles would be pushed up and the plastic plate that she sometimes referred to as a "cod plate" would fit over it all. The plate fit the tube and the small urine tube would exit where a woman would urinate, all neat and sweet she said. The silver cables would hold the plastic in place. A waist cable attached to the wide part at the top and circled the waist two shorter cables went up the outside of the males ass cheeks allowing room to defecate and wipe without soiling the chastity device. "Of course you can always plug his butt if you wish" she said smiling. "Really?" Was all I could say. The lock went in the back and held it all together, it was an ingenious thing indeed. Helen had Jim clean shaven except for a feminine patch that was smaller that the triangle, I liked the look Grace took a ruler and swatted Jim’s still hard penis. It shrank right now, from a stainless bowl of ice water she took a cloth and held it to Jim’s soft penis and it got even smaller after a few minutes it was hardly visible. She used baby oil to aid in inserting the penis into the tube. Jim jumped a little as the small tube entered him. I wondered how that felt. Helen quickly drew it between his legs and pushed the testicle sack up and put the triangle in place, the cables were threaded through and the lock put in place. Helen stepped back and Grace offered me the honor of closing the lock. I closed it with an audible click.

My God from the waist down Jim looked like a girl. Grace took two keys from the black bag and handed them to me. There was a serial number only I would know so that if a key was lost I could call and get another made. She said that I would have to call ahead and write a note if I just sent the boy over. Or the girl she added with a smile and a look at Jim.

I drove home and watched Jim trying to get accustomed to his new situation. I could see him shifting in his seat trying to get comfortable. I reached over and put my hand where his penis used to be I sensed more than heard the intake of breath and knew that what he used to call MR. Happy wasn’t as happy as he would like. You going to be OK? I asked. We had agreed upon a 24-hour test, a removal of the device, an examination for chaffing to be preformed by me, then the reinstallation for a time to be determined by me. If there was to sex during the "off time" it would my call and my preference. I wanted to stop on the way home and get my Jim his new underwear. I thought for a girls first panties it’s just got to be Victoria’s Secret! The clerk in Victoria’s Secret was very helpful She thought Jim would be about a size 6 or a medium. She selected some satin high cuts that would show some cheek and high leg area and a few pairs of flowered cotton briefs with a nice feminine row of lace around the top and leg holes. She emphasized the double padding in the crotch and told Jim how nicely a panty liner stayed in place in a cotton panty. Needless to say Jim wanted to fall in to a hole in the floor. By the time we had left the shopping center Jim owned a long skirt, two comfortable casual dresses, two bras and three pair of shoes, some white Keds, black flats, and bone pumps with a comfortable low heel. The shoes all came from a cheep self service shoe store. I had Jim try them on and walk around a bit to check fit. I noticed the clerk watching Jim in her security mirror, I saw her smile when I sharply told Jim to walk or wear them home. On the way home Jim asked to have the belt removed. I ask if he was in pain? He said no he just couldn’t take it for 24 hours. I told Jim that he had just earned 24 more hours. I would look for rawness under the codpiece but the belt would stay on. I chastised Jim for even asking to be let out; it hadn’t even been three hours since we left Grace and Helen’s home. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him but this was his fantasy and I knew that for it to work he would need to stay belted.

At home I had Jim drop his pants and lay on the bed with his legs spread wide. I looked, slid a finger under the codpiece, and had him role over so I could look at his backside and "vaginal" area. Good no chaffing and no cutting I said. I told Jim that this was his choice, but it looks like I am going to like it. The belt stays on for the full 48 hours, when it is removed it will be my choice if he fights me the belt goes and he will never see it again. When I remove it for the first time his hands will be tied behind his head. I haven’t decided if he will be allowed sex or even masturbation. He will be looked at if everything looks good the belt goes back on and when it is removed and for how long depends on how pleased I am with his behavior. "Do you understand?" I asked, a simple yes Mistress would be the right answer. He said"yes Mistress", nice I thought, very nice. Jim stood naked in the bathtub while I instructed him on the finer points of removing his body hair. He said yes Mistress after each command but I could tell he was furious and really concerned about how far I would take this. When he was all clean-shaven I had him step forward turn and bend so I could check for any missed hairs. I found a few between his butt cheeks I had him spread them while I "helped " tidy the area. A little friendly poking with a fingertip brought forth a low grown of pleasure and discomfort. I patted his vaginal area and said "poor baby" he look over his shoulder at me, I had never seen such a look of longing and love at the same time, Jim was really ready to do anything to please me, well lets test it I thought. Put on your red print housedress, wear the Keds and your white bra, and then meet me in the living room. I saw Jim peeking around the corner very embarrassed "come on I won’t bite," I said. He stepped out; he really didn’t look bad. He looked like a man wearing a dress and Keds but he looked cute I really liked the look. I had him turn around lift his skirt a little and walk for me. He was precious. Wow Jim I said I am really turned on, It’s time to get you to work. I stood and dropped my jeans, and removed my panties. I sat in the recliner, Jim’s recliner, spread my legs a little and pointed to my vagina. Jim knew what to do he knelt and went right to it bringing me to two very quick orgasms then he began long slow mouth loving. I came three more times the last two were thunderous climaxes, I gripped Jim’s head and held him tightly to me until the passion subsided and I could function again. Jim was squirming trying to find space in his tube for a penis that wanted to swell. I made him stand in front of me, I pulled up his dress, slid his panties down, and kissed the plastic cover, I could feel the heat and smell the sex under it. God what a rush this is, I own his penis!

I left Jim at home with instructions to clean both bathrooms and get the washing started and if he still had time to get a grocery list going. The last thing I told him as I left was to keep his dress on for me; I like him as a sissy. While I was out I bought, at an adult bookstore, a pair of bondage handcuffs, some short chain and a leather collar. The cuffs and collar were black leather with a Velcro closure. I wanted to make sure Jim couldn’t touch himself when I removed his device for inspection. I also called my friend Mary Beth and told her what was going on, we set up a time and date for her to "drop by" and meet the new and subdued Jim. Jim had done his chores even getting a grocery list started, I checked the bathrooms and wasn’t happy with the toilet bowls, I had him redo them. I enjoyed watching his skirted fanny bent over the toilet as he cleaned. I decided that I would allow Jim sexual intercourse when I did the inspection then I would lock him back up and escalate the feminization program a little bit further. I really was wondering how far I could take this until he put his foot down and said "no more". There was the possibility that his sex drive would allow me to extend this humiliation to great lengths. He was already very docile and although I could see he was resentful of my demands he was careful not to risk angering me and having any time added to his penance. Jim and I both knew that his time would come tomorrow afternoon. He was being careful not to piss me off and I was being careful to sweetly ask and not demand oh but the things I asked what fun, what fun. "Jim I want you to paint my toe nails for me, please". "Oh they look so nice. Why not do yours too? You will won’t you? For me". Of course he did and they did look nice, that would be a keeper. Tomorrow was a workday for Jim so he wouldn’t wear a dress but he could wear panties, stockings and a bra under his suit and tie outfit. I knew he would be self conscious about it but he could handle it. That night I had Jim tell me about his workday. Jim sat at my feet giving me a nice foot massage while he told me that he thought his secretary noticed the bra and he was sure that two or three people saw his hose. I said that we needed to get some nicer shoes to wear with those stockings. Jim shuddered a little but didn’t break stride; he’s good I thought. I watched Jim at my feet as he tried to get comfortable but just couldn’t do it. His penis was trying to swell but the device prevented it. Jim was excited by the handling of my feet, I knew this was considered a humiliation but erotic at the same time, I also had learned than Jim seemed to be excited by small humiliations. The control I held over him was a major humiliation as well as a major turn on. Jim was really entering a new realm, I was sure he had no idea how far he would be taken, but I also thought he would go there led by his restrained penis.

I had Jim sit on the couch beside me, I felt the device under his panties, his panties, that was something I had gotten used to quickly, I liked it. I whispered in Jim’s ear "I am ready, are you?" Jim jumped up like a puppy dog, I guess he was ready. "Go in the bedroom, strip, kneel and wait for me" he left without question. I gathered up my newly purchased bondage things and went into the bedroom myself. Jim was kneeling at the side of the bed, a nice touch; he is a good boy. I placed the Velcro cuffs on Jim and a collar around his neck then I hooked the cuffs to the collar with a short chain. Jim’s hands were now in front of his mouth, I thought we might be able to take advantage of that. With Jim standing in front of me I undressed to just panties then I removed the cod piece and heard a little gasp from Jim when the small urine tube slid out. Jim’s penis sprang to its forward position and I unclasped the tube's holders I needed ice to shrink the penis before the tube would slide off. Once the tube was gone Jim’s erection came back with force. I was impressed and Jim was looking at it like something he had really missed. I removed my panties and stood behind Jim, my breasts rubbed his back. I reached around and placed my panties over his penis. Within seconds Jim erupted into them. I whispered in Jim’s ear, "ok lover let’s get serious" I had Jim lay on his back I put a short chain from the collar to the head board, Jim could move around but not touch anything that wasn’t right in front of his mouth. So I put something there, Jim didn’t disappoint me, he was really good and he enjoyed giving me this pleasure. When Jim was hard again I sat over him and slid down over his member. "Let’s ride" ride I did I orgasamed hard at least three times before Jim let go. Jim and I made love for most of the night I awoke Jim in the morning with one more session then with him still tied I washed him and the device and secured his penis once more. I had him stand while I attached the cod plate.

Jim was quiet as I handed him clean panties and a nice bra. He wasn’t surly but he wasn’t as obedient as he had been just yesterday. He wore the bra and panties with resentment, but he wore them. He watched me as I put on my own bra and panties; I slipped on jeans, a tee shirt and sandals. "Wear your denim skirt, your Keds and a white tee sweetie, I want you to learn make up today, OK?" He glared at me but when I looked at his smooth crotch and smiled he complied. I think he knew that after last night he might be spending a long time locked up. And he knew that even though he wasn’t excited yet in a few hours he would be so he didn’t want to make me angry and risk an extended time in chastity. Jim cooked breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen while I read the newspaper and made a short phone call. When Jim was through in the kitchen he joined me in the living room neither of us mentioned the makeup lesson I had talked about earlier. Then the doorbell rang. Jim looked around the room franticly (you can run but you can’t hide) "answer the door girlie" is all I said. "Please no, please" "Answer it Missy!" Jim opened the door kind of hiding behind it as he did. It was the woman I had called while Jim was working in the kitchen It was Mary Beth a makeup professional from the salon where I have my hair done. She is very good I have seen her work and know she is experienced at working with men. In fact she has a large crossdresser client base. Jim of course didn’t think of himself as a crossdresser but after he saw how pretty I thought he would be, well he might change his mind. I had shown Mary Beth some photos of Jim and she had an idea of colors and style that would work for him. With Jim hiding behind the door and Mary Beth asking for me Jim was paralyzed with fear. I took the door from him and ushered her in, she gave my skirted husband a casual glance then said to me "this the girl?" I nodded in the affirmative and she told us it was time to get to work. She had Jim go and shave very close while she got her stuff. Mary Beth and I had coffee while Jim sat at the makeup table and waited. He still had on the skirt but Mary Beth had him remove the tee shirt, his bra now had nice B cup inserts in it. These seemed to hold some fascination for Jim he kept touching them and looking in the mirror at them. Mary Beth outlined her plan for Jim. She thought a total feminization process was in order to bring Jim to a state of complete submissiveness. With his genitals effectively out of reach and under my control Jim should be more than willing to accept his status and be glad to become a pretty boy/girl for the promise of some moments of sexual contact.


A Year Later

I watched Jim as he approached. He looked adorable in his ankle length floral print skirt. He wore a plain black scoop necked top with long sleeves. The simple gold chains at his right wrist and neck were perfect with the gold hoops in his pierced ears. His black sandals looked cute with his painted toenails. His makeup was fresh and he had his purse with him. "Mistress, with your permission I would like to run my errands. I have the shopping to do, the car to get washed and dry cleaning to drop off and pick up." "Very well sweetie you may go." "Oh Sissy, how long has it been?" "Three months, four days and nine hours Mistress" " you look especially lovely today, in fact it excites me to see you like this. Would you like to be let out for a while tonight sissy?" He knelt at my feet and slipped off my tennis shoes, he began kissing my feet and toes, using his tongue to clean between the toes and give me the pleasure I liked. "You silly girl, I take that as a yes."

A Happy Wife


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