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Punished            by: Gingerfred Man


Brer Fox:  Maybe I’ll hang him. Dat’s it. I’ll hang ‘im. Hang him by the neck til he’s dead.
Brer Rabbit: Hang me if you like, Brer Fox. Go ahead, but don’t fling me in dat briar patch.

                                                                                                Walt Disney’s Song of the South


Chapter One – Early thrills

Thirty-three years ago, I was born an unruly little boy. I would kick and scream when I didn’t get my own way. My Mom was a single parent and she did the best she could to control me, but nothing seemed to work until she found a way to "humiliate" me.

Whenever I misbehaved, from the ages of about seven to eleven, my mother would grab me by the arm, drag me to her room, strip me naked, and dress me as a girl. At first, she would just make me wear red nylon panties, with lace. Nothing else. And have me stand in the corner for an hour or so. I would cry and fuss, but my behavior would improve for a while, so Mom thought that it worked. In a way, she was right.

She said if I wore the panties long enough my "peter" would fall off. I was really excited about that...

As I got older, Mom dressed me a bit more elaborately when I misbehaved. She escalated the "punishment" by making me wear ribbons in my hair, then dresses, then make-up and eventually, whole girlie outfits. I always seemed to be penitent and the punishment always seemed to work for a while.

Little did Mom know that these punishment sessions were the best moments of my life to that point. Even at seven, my little willie loved the feel of nylon rubbing against it. And the corner where mom had me stand was in full view of a long mirror. When Mom left the room, I would look at my practically naked body and my cheeks would get all hot. I would flash the panties up and down, looking at my naked little willie, framed by the drooping panties. It felt so good to rub my willie through the nylon. Nothing really happened, but I got very excited.

As Mom added items of girlie gear, my excitement increased. I would dream of going out on the street like that and having boys whistle at me. I didn’t know what came after the whistling, but that sure sounded like fun.

When I became eleven, I continued to misbehave in order to get more welcome punishment. But mom crossed me up. She stopped the girlie stuff, saying I was getting too big for all that and began to spank me. Well, I didn’t like that one bit. Punishment was now too much like being punished, so I stopped misbehaving almost entirely, longing for the days of silks and satins and whistling dream boys.




Chapter Two – Back in the Briar Patch

One day, when my best friend Jake and I were thirteen, we pulled a nasty prank at school, which resulted in some damage to the school library, cafeteria and several live frogs. We were caught and suspended and our mothers were enraged.

"I’m putting you back in panties, Mister Michael Turner," she said to me. "And this time, it’ll be for quite some time!"

Mom was manic. She was going to break me of my misbehavior or kill me in the effort. I was going to dress like a girl for at least a year and she didn’t care who knew it. If I behaved, she may allow me my pants again next April, but that was doubtful.

I begged and pleaded for mercy and some of it was even genuine. Everyone would know I was being punished and why, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be out and about as a girl all the time.

"Your little friend and co-conspirator, Jake, will be getting the same treatment, so you can face the same shame and humiliation. I hope that the girls tease you unmercifully and the boys either beat you up or make you suck their cocks."

Suck boys’ cocks? Maybe this would be OK after all.



Chapter Three – Denise and Mia

Mom dragged me upstairs and, despite my impassioned, but mostly false protests, she set about stripping me of my boyishness. First, she had me strip to the buff. I was only thirteen, but had dark hair on my legs and armpits. Mom shaved them off. Then she shocked me by telling me to stand and grab my ankles. She lathered up my butt, including between the cheeks, and shaved off all the fuzzy down.

"When those boys pull your panties down, I want them to see you as femmy as possible." Mom was just blowing smoke about all that. She didn’t want boys having sex with me as part of my punishment. Or did she?

As a last hair-free step, Mom shaved my pubic hair into a cute little patch, right above my by-now-very-excited cock.

"You should be ashamed to be excited by all this. Maybe you’re a faggot too, in addition to being a bad boy." My Mom really loved me, but her dander was up and she was liable to say anything at that point.

Mom then ordered me to take a bath, which I did. When I finished, I got out, patted myself dry and called Mom as she had instructed.

She swooped back in the bathroom and dried my short, boyish hair. "You’re just going to have to go around looking like a boy dressed as a girl for a while until your hair grows. If you behave, I’ll let you style it. Then maybe everyone won’t make fun of you. She tied two purple little ribbons on either side of my head. Then she gave me a little blusher, did my eyes and put on pinkish lipstick. It tasted funny.

Unknown to me, Mom had a whole wardrobe of frilly girl stuff that she had saved from her childhood. It was mostly out of style, but it fit me pretty well. That first day, she had had me wear a little purple dress with white buttons and white piping. I wore white, thigh-high stockings (Oooooh) and little purple Mary Janes with a two-inch heel.

I saw myself in the mirror and almost creamed my silky purple panties. I looked like a caricature of a little sissy boy. If my hair had been longer, I could have pulled it off as a girl. But I still looked very hot! I would have been Miss April on the Sissy Boy calendar. That was the look Mom was going for that first day, and she achieved it.

"Well, don’t you look nice, my little Sissy Denise. Your Sissy friend Mia (Jake) and Mrs. Kapp are coming by in a few minutes. I’m sure you two sissy boys will have lots to discuss. He’s getting the same year’s worth of girlishness that you are. Oh, there’s the doorbell now."

Mom went to the door and opened it. Mrs. Kapp came in and hugged Mom. Where was Mia? "Come in here, Mia, and say hello to your sissy friend, Denise." No Mia. "I said now, young lady, or I start adding time to your year of punishment." Mia reluctantly stepped through the door. She was gorgeous. And she was in utter agony. Jake had never been petticoat punished and didn’t know its joys as I did. I would have to show Mia the ropes.

Mia was a blonde charmer. Her hair was short, but her make-up made her very femmy. She was wearing pearls and her ears had just been pierced. She had a little pink party dress with pink stockings and pink short heels. Like me, her dress was so short that she had to be careful not to show her panties. She was crying and very upset. I pulled a long face too, so that the moms wouldn’t know my true feelings.

"Thank you so much for this wonderful idea, Mrs. Turner. It’s the perfect way to punish a very bad boy. It will also drive their no-good, child-support-missing fathers crazy when they see their ‘daughters.’ With the threat of added girl time, I’m sure we’ll have very little trouble from Denise and Mia over the next year OR SO!"

Mia seemed horrified by the "or so" her mother was using to make her pee her panties in fear. But I began to see the possibilities.

"Run along, girls. I left my old Barbie set out in your room, Denise, in case you and your little friend want to play dolls."

I thought I would pass on that, but I did want to get Mia to my room. I was getting a big stiffie just smelling her perfume.

Mia was still shaking and sobbing when I closed the door and locked it. "Don’t cry, Mia," I said. "This could be a great year."

"Have you gone crazy too, Mike? And my name is Jake. Not Mia! I’m a boy!" And she sobbed some more.

"I’m just saying we should make the best of a bad situation. You’d better get used to our girl names. The moms will just add on time if we don’t use them. And anyway, you look very, very cute in that outfit."

"I don’t want to look cute in this outfit, Mike!" and Mia sobbed loudly.

I stood up. "Do you think I look cute?"

Mia considered me. "I guess," she whimpered.

"Now have you or I ever had any luck with girls?"

"Not really, Mike, I mean Denise. But we’re only 13."

"What would you say if I told you that you could get lucky with a girl today?"

"I’d say you’re nuts. No sane girl would want to be with a boy dressed like this."

"Maybe. Maybe not. But I can guarantee that you will have a sexual adventure with a pretty girl today."

"Yeah, right. I…Wait a minute. Would this girl be wearing a purple dress?"

"That’s right."

"Are you nuts, Mike? I’m not having sex with you. You’re a guy. And you’re my best friend."

"You would be making love to Denise, who is very much a girl."

Mia was not fully persuaded, but the little tent forming in her dress told me that her body was getting the idea. "I don’t know," she said.

"Sit right here on the side of my bed and let me see if I can convince you."

I fell to my knees and reached under Mia’s pretty dress to stroke her prickie. It was the first one other than my own I had touched and Mia’s first touching as well. I massaged it gently through her panties.

"Do you like that?" I asked.

"It feels nice. But it’s wrong."

"What’s wrong about a girl massaging a cock? It happens every day."

Mia considered this as I lifted her skirts and extracted her hot, hard prickie from her pink panties. I was massaging the shaft with my left hand and teasing the glans with my right hand. Mia groaned. I knew I would hear no more protests.

I asked Mia to hold her skirts up and away from her prickie so we wouldn’t make a mess. She complied eagerly, wanting to deliver the mess as soon as possible.

Mia’s prickie was a beauty. Pink, long and thin, with nice blue veins marking the path to the foreskin, head and peehole. Impulsively, I licked the head with the tip of my tongue. Mia jumped a little, but didn’t protest. She looked at me and we locked eyes. I capped her prickie head with my mouth. I could taste the residue from a recent pee. It was delicious. I could smell the soap from a recent bath. Mia’s mother had sprayed a little perfume on her pink ball bag and I could smell that as well. I was enjoying it tremendously. I fondled Mia’s balls and made hungry little slurpy sounds as I licked and sucked her goodies.

Mia made cute little whimpers whenever I would make a nice long suck. She gasped when I tongued her peehole. Then, despite all her apprehensions about the future, Mia made peace with the present. She grabbed my purple ribbons with both hands, pulled my head closer, grunted softly and exploded hot cum into my wet little mouth. I loved getting the girl’s reward for a job well done and swallowed it eagerly. Its salty taste was one I would always crave.

Mia came and came. When she finished, I sucked her for a few minutes to be sure I had gotten every sweet drop. Then I backed off and looked at her. Mia’s prickie was limp with satisfaction. A drop of hot cum I had missed was drooling out. Darn! She was a little doll and at the moment she was all mine. She looked at me curiously, then asked me for a little kiss. We stood and gave each other a big kiss, darting tongues in each others’ mouths.

We would have gone further, but my Mom called up to tell us we would be joining them for a girlie tea party in ten minutes. We barely had time to fix our makeup.

After the intentionally humiliating tea party, complete with teddy bears, Mrs. Kapp took Mia home. Mia’s eyes looked at me longingly as she left and I smiled at her. That look told me that Mia had tasted the fruit and now wanted the whole basket.

A year was a long time for the kind of adventures I liked best.



Chapter Four – Housework

The vengeful duo of moms had decided that our school suspension would be no vacation. Mom got me up at seven and laid out a complete outfit for me, including my first stockings and garter belt. She gave me a long list of household chores and threatened more devious punishments if they weren’t done by the time she got home at 6:30. She also expected dinner on the table at that time. Then my real Mom showed herself when she said that if I finished early, I could go see my sissy friend Mia. Oh how I ached for that.

I ran around the house dressed only in my panties and training bra getting things done. It was my only option. I never found out what happened to my boy clothes, but they all disappeared.

At 1:30, I had finished my work, except for dinner. I called Mia. She answered in her boy voice. We would have to work on that.

"I was hoping it was you," she said. "I’ve been thinking about you all day. Yesterday was terrific."

"We can do it all again today if you want. I’m finished and I’ll be over your house in a few minutes."

"Can you make it an hour? I have to finish a few things and I want to look pretty for you."

Good rule of thumb for life. If someone wants to look pretty for you, let her. I agreed and used the hour to set up dinner and make myself look pretty. I walked the three blocks to Mia’s feeling the tug of my garters on my stockings and enjoying the breeze up my short skirt. Few people were out on that weekday afternoon, but no one seemed to be startled by a pretty girl with a boy’s haircut walking through their area.

I arrived on time and when Mia answered the door, I could see that she had used the time well. She was a doll! She stood there in a pretty yellow blouse and short black skirt. She was tottering a bit on three-inch heels, but they made her black-stocking-encased legs look fantastic. Her make-up technique had already improved and she smelled of subtle perfume and rampant lust. Her prickie had raised her skirt obscenely. She looked edible.

I clacked in on my own heels and kissed her. We kissed for quite some time, until I proposed that we remove our skirts, tops and slips. We faced each other in stockings, garter belts, bras, panties, heels and large erections.

Mia sat on the couch and patted the seat next to her. I sat. She teased my foreskin through my silky panties. I bedewed the panties with precum. We kissed and reached in to free each other’s prickies from their silky confinement.

We were an almost uniquely sexy pair. From head to toe, one saw two boy’s heads with hair cropped in a 2001, early teen boy’s style, contrasted with two lovely, femmy faces, expertly made-up with four rich, lush red lips hungrily rubbing against other. There were two boy’s torsos, with flat chests, but four puffy nipples begging to be sucked under two girlie bras. Four luscious, stocking-encased legs accented by four high-heeled pumps promised energetic delights and led up to two stiff, pink prickies and two soft, wrinkled sacks filled with four round testicles, eager to produce and dispense hot girlie goo.

Those who would see us in the few weeks until our hair grew out would not know what to make of us. Were we pretty girls with severe haircuts? Were we pussy boys dressed up shamelessly as the girls we were not? Were we some strange hybrid of boy and girl? We were two pretty, sexy bundles of contradictions -- the perfect blend of boy and girl to arouse or disgust anyone. Mia and I chose to arouse and amaze each other.

Seated on the couch, we began to kiss and fondle each other’s tender young bodies. I licked her right nipple as I skinned her foreskin up and down. She gasped, pulled away from my mouth, then pushed back for more. We kissed again, licking each other’s palates and tongues and tasting each other’s lipsticks. Mia expertly tickled and teased my balls with her red lacquered nails. I was incredibly aroused and jumped with lustful apprehension each time she rolled a testicle between her thumb and two fingers. Then she focused on my weeping cock head. She rimmed the glans with one finger, spreading my natural fluids over the peehole. Then she skinned me back hard, plunging her tongue down my throat and pushing my back flush against the couch. I was startled at her aggressiveness, but loved it. I held on to her prickiehead as she sucked my nipples avidly and stroked my cock with loving precision. I tried to match her stroke for stroke, but gave up and used both arms to embrace her as she kissed me again and again. The devotion she was paying to my cock had me horribly excited. I gasped out a warning to her that I was cumming, which made her kiss me with more ardor and stroke me more rapidly. Bam! Mount Denise erupted, pouring hot girlie lava all over Mia’s warm, expert hand. I squealed like a little girl and arched my back.

Mia was very pleased with herself as she locked eyes and licked my goo from her sticky fingers. What a girl she was going to be!

I asked Mia to stand as I sat in front of her. She kept her pretty heels on because it made her feel sexier. She hadn’t come yet and her fat little prickie was standing up against her garter belt, its red tip sticking out from the folds of foreskin. I gobbled up that sweet morsel and licked it lewdly. She groaned with enjoyment and anticipation of further happiness. I asked her to spread her legs just a little and her balance became a bit unstable, but she regained it. Then I licked the index and middle fingers of my right hand and, still sucking her fiery red pricklet, entered her anus ring with my middle finger. Mia sucked in air, then let it out. She said, "Oh, Denise, that’s so nice." Encouraged, I added the ring finger. Her pretty knees buckled slightly, but she gripped the invaders with her strong ass muscles and moaned. Moving them in and out, I sucked her delicious love pole, skinning the glans over and over and slobbering my saliva on her sticky prickie. I found her prostate with my fingers and began to massage it. Mia’s stomach tightened and the cum was WRENCHED from her in big, wet, sequential globs, dousing my throat, mouth, chin and face and drooling down to my powdered chest. She lost her balance and fell forward onto me as her cumhose continued to spout. Cum was everywhere.

I don’t know how we ever managed to clean up the evidence that day.



Chapter Five – Back to School

Mia and I had no more real opportunities for fun, because our moms kept adding stuff for us to do while we were home on suspension. So it was with some horniness that we returned to school.

Going back dressed as hot girls with boys’ haircuts and boys’ histories was a scary thought. Our biggest advantage was that our nasty prank had earned us points as truly bad boys among the kids. The news of our punishment was all over the school, so when we strode in together, we got a lot of high fives from the school’s cool guys and even some from the cool girls. We tried to strut as guys do, but it was difficult in our three-inch stilettos.

That was the first peer reaction.

The second reaction was one of disgust or lust. Many of the people we knew looked at us and made disapproving faces. Some even ventured to call us fags. Many had high-fived us when we came back to school, but were now critical, even nasty as they found we would be dressed as girls for a long time.

And we were certainly dressed as girls. Our moms had made up our faces to a sexy perfection. We smelled like a French boudoir and were wearing short skirts, big heels, black stockings and garter belts.

The people who reacted with lust, particularly boys, spent considerable time in the boys room whacking their wieners in erotic confusion. They knew we were boys. They saw sexy little girlie boys. They were horribly aroused and didn’t know what to do about it. They were too scared to talk to us and be labeled fags. So they lay in bed at night wanking their willies as they imagined us on our knees draining their balls.

Mia and I, as a result, spent the next weeks in relative isolation. Until my Mom got the prom idea.

Now I was 13 (almost 14) and a boy, though a hot, femmy one, so I never imagined I would be attending a prom any time soon, especially as a girl. But my Mom’s good friend across town had a son named Rick who needed a date to his junior prom. My Mom liked the young fellow and decided that with the right makeup and dress I could pass as a 15-year-old girl and Rick’s date.

She thought it would add to my punishment and that was her primary mission in life at the time. She never really considered that I might be excited about it and we might have sex or something. She expected that I would act as if I hated it and that’s what I did. I acted. Even though all I could think of was getting Rick’s meat up my ass. I hadn’t even met him yet and I was thinking of that.

There were several warning signs that maybe Rick was not the man of my dreams. First, here was the fact that the prom was in two weeks and Rick had no date. Second was the fact that Mom warned him that I was a boy in drag and he was OK with that, sight unseen. Third was the fact that I could have been the meanest, dumbest, dirtiest girl in the world, and he wanted to take me on faith. There were to be other signs.

But Rick was eager for my body, it seemed, because he called me several times and we chatted easily. It felt funny talking with a boy as a girl, but the talk never turned to sex. We talked about our lives and our moms and friends and he seemed like a nice guy. He did seem a little braggy to me, however, talking about what a big shot he was in his high school. I figured I would find out how much of that was true when we met on Prom Night.

The idea of dressing up in a gown, dancing with a boy, and maybe even sucking his cock was very exciting to me. I remember my Mom, in one of her evil moments, had put up posters in my room of hot-looking men with their shirts off. One night after a conversation with Rick, I was lying in bed dressed only in my skimpy pink panties. I licked my right index fingertip and teased my left nipple Oh. Just like I wanted a boy to do it. I looked at the wall posters and picked out my favorite man. He was tall, muscular and blond, with a cute smile, rippled muscles and a red Speedo stuffed with his big cock and balls. We locked eyes. I knew he wanted me. If he were there right then, he would be putting his lubed fingers in my butt, just as I was doing. Unhhhh. That felt so good. Then he would be slicking back my foreskin to adore the head of my prickie, just like I was doing. He would be skinning my prickie and stroking my pretty pooper. Skinning and stroking and skinning and stroking. He wanted me. I wanted to cum for him. I did. Ahhh. Ahhh. It was so intense. The real thing would be even better.

Mia was jealous. We had been loving each other for about four weeks at that point and had advanced to the point of exquisite sixty-nines with heart-pounding simultaneous orgasms. When we got together, it was always rushed, however. We were afraid that if we were caught, we would have to go back to being boys again. Mia’s goo was my favorite meal. Mia was still afraid to have anal sex or any sex with a boy and, as such, I had not yet explored the delightful mysteries of her asshole, except with my fingers. She thought that when I went to the prom, she would be losing me forever.

I had no intention of ever giving Mia up and even to this day, we make love several times each week. But she was feeling very insecure that Friday night before my first boy date. My Mom had taken a small amount of pity on me by telling me I could wear a wig to the prom. She also allowed Mia to come over for our first sleepover as girls. Didn’t she suspect that we would be exchanging hot bodily fluids? Apparently not.

Sweet Mia and I were on our best behavior with my Mom. This had the double effect of easing her manic behavior regarding our punishment and getting her to think that the punishment was a good thing and should be continued.

When ten o’clock came, Mom sent us off to bed and told us to take our baths now instead of in the morning, since Mom and I had an early appointment at the beauty parlor on Saturday for manicures, pedicures and such.

I filled the tub and we both stripped and got in, facing each other. We soaped ourselves and made little kissy faces at each other, in teasing prelude for the night ahead. Mia ran her foot up my leg, then slipped it on my tummy and onto my prickie. It was delightful. I soaped her feet up and she continued to tease me with them. Then she soaped my feet up and I teased her. I tickled her balls with my toes and she giggled. Then I startled her by placing my big toe at her anus ring and entering it. Mia jumped a little, but she liked it a lot. I wiggled my toe in there and I was hitting something good, because she had an iron stiffie. She looked at me with raw desire, then squeaked and shot an underwater depth charge of girlie juice. It floated to the top and we giggled happily.

When we left the tub, we dried each other off lovingly. I moved to Mia and began to rub baby oil on her nipples and tummy. She took the bottle and did the same to me. Pretty soon, we had rubbed gooey oil on every part of our bodies from the neck down. We embraced and oozed against each other’s bodies. Mia’s whole body felt like a wet cunt and so did mine. We kissed and were becoming terribly excited. I entered Mia’s asshole with two oily fingers and she cooed with desire. I told her that I wanted to put my prickie in her and love her the way she deserved to be loved. She looked at me with fear, but there was lust in those eyes as well. I asked her to grab the tub and bend over. She complied, looking back at me with loving trust.

I brought my rampant charger to heaven’s gate. I positioned the peehole at her rosebud and slipped it in one oily inch. Mia gasped, but it was with passion, not pain. I slipped in the entire nut and she squeaked happily. "Oh, Denise," she said. "It’s heavenly. Don’t spare me. I want it all."

Now at 13, I didn’t have all that much more, but I gave it to her with one more strong thrust. I had never felt anything that good. Apparently neither did Denise. She began to sob with joy. She looked back at me with tearfully and said, "I love you, Denise."

"I love you too, Honey," I said and began to prove it with my steady, thrilling thrusts. Mia shook her little butt and made sissy squeaks. I reached under with my left hand and massaged her oily balls, then over her with my left hand and slid my oily hand up and down her delighted stiffie.

After a few earthshaking minutes, Mia began to quake with emotion. "Oh Denise. This is so wonderful. I love you. I…Eeeeeee!" And sweet love juice sprayed across the tub and onto the wall. That Mia could project, all right. I was right behind her, bathing her prostate in the stuff of love and life, and groaning out my love for her in gasping pants.

Goodness I loved that girl and love her today. She was and is a first class fuck. She could also deliver an excellent toss, as I was about to discover that same night.

We cleaned the bathroom and wiped off most of the oil. For the first time in her life, Mia was dealing with a leaky butt and it had us both baffled. After some constant wiping of her thighs, we decided to let her crap it out. That seemed to work. The best ways, we discovered later, are to either ignore it or to have your lover lick it out.

Mia and I brushed our hair and put on our pretty short nighties. We put on some lipstick and perfume and teased each other unmercifully, flashing our goodies at each other.

Mia wanted to repay me in kind and also wanted to feel what a hot asshole feels like wrapped around your cock. I was more than happy to oblige. Mia said, "Ever since we’ve been making love, you’ve started things and I’ve followed. I want to lead this time, Denise."

"What do you wan to do, Mia?"

"I want to lick your pooper before I fuck you."


In answer, I lay on my stomach on the bed and showed Mia my eager buttocks.

I couldn’t see what Mia was doing back there, but I could sure feel it. She licked from the small of my back all the way down my crack. She kissed my warm cheeks and seemed to love their fresh, just-scrubbed smell. Mia was in no hurry. She licked the back of my legs, then surprised me by kissing my little tootsies. She sucked each painted toe and tongued between them. I was steaming hot, moaning in lusty appreciation. Mia was enjoying being in charge this time.

When I was almost ready to come from the toe-sucking, Mia stopped and went back to work on my pretty butt. She parted the globes with her thumbs and considered my anus. It was a lovely sight, if I do say so. My ass has brought me a lot of compliments over the years and Mia praised it that night. After the praise, the licking started. What a joy it is to have your ass licked by someone who loves you. Mia worshiped my little rosebud that night. She made me weak with her licking and digging and sucking and kissing. I came twice during the half hour she treated me. I was lying there in two sticky pools of cum and hardly noticed. When my pretty pooper could take no more, Mia raised herself up, presented her iron-hard cock to the gate and eased it in.

Good gracious, it was lovely. I felt stuffed with love. I felt like a total girl. I felt as if I had to poop very badly, but that feeling went away. Mia made the experience even better by telling me her love and how much she enjoyed fucking me. I love to give great sex as much as I do get it, so those were the right buttons for me. Now I knew what being fucked meant and why girls loved it so. It was an act of giving and love. And it felt exquisite.

I knew that if I came a third time into the same spot on the bed, that I would probably float away. But I came anyway and managed to hold my position despite rough seas. Mia was so excited that she had made me come again, that she gave me what I had wanted all my life. Hot sperm in my secret place. It was to be the first of thousands, but certainly the most memorable.

Mia lay on top of me, kissing my neck. I turned my head for a tonguey kiss. Mmmm. When her prickie slipped out, sweet Mia solved the leakage problem through an act of intimate passion. She spread my cheeks and tongued out all the spendings from our bout of love. I came again. Oh, it was divine.



Chapter Six -- Prom Night

Mia and I got up early the next morning and changed the bedsheets, washing the cum-drenched ones before my mother awoke. We fucked in the shower and washed the evidence down the drain. We would have to be more discreet in the future.

Mom was in a frenzy all day to make sure that I looked my best for the prom. She didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of Rick’s Mom, am old friend, and she really wanted to see if I could pass as a girl in the LaSalle High crowd that didn’t know me.

We went to the beauty parlor for manicures, pedicures and facials. I pulled a face and complained, but I loved it all. The beautician tried several wigs on me and Mom settled on a long brown one with hair most like my own. She fitted me and pulled the wig hair up into a very elegant style. She did my make-up in a big-girl, nighttime, party style and I couldn’t wait to try the dress on and get the full effect.

My prom dress was white and long, with a big slit up to my stocking tops. I smelled of Chanel #5 and hairspray. I was wearing a waist cincher with garters and hose, regular panties and bra. I had pretty white stockings and four-inch stiletto heels. The tuck of the garters would give me a constant hard on all night.

"Slits are for sluts, Denise," Mom said, "But don’t get any ideas."

I whined and complained. "But Mom, I don’t want to go. What if everyone knows I’m a boy and teases me?" No worry about that. I looked mega-femmy.

"You look very feminine."

"But, Mom. I’m a boy. What if Rick tries to kiss me?"

Mom smirked. "Kissing boys can be fun, Denise."

Staying in character, I said, "But Mom, what if Rick tries to do other things? You know what I mean."

Mom looked as if she hadn’t considered the possibility. "Well, then be a lady and tell him no! Kissing from the neck up is fine, but no petting and no French kissing!"

"Yuck!" I said, but I shivered with anticipation.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I wanted to jump out of my skin and fuck myself. I was so hot! Mom took a lot of pictures and I frowned for the sake of my role-playing. Looking at them today, I can see by my expression that I was incredibly aroused.

Rick arrived for me at six on the dot. I was still upstairs fussing, but I sneaked a look at him when he walked from the car to the door. He was cute! Tall and thin, with a clear complexion and a nice smile.

Mom half-dragged me downstairs and I accepted his flowers. He pinned the corsage on my shoulder and got me to smile by saying that the flower had some tough competition so close to my pretty face. Mom noticed the smile and took a picture before I started frowning again.

When we got in the car, I loosened up a bit, especially when he began to tell me how pretty I was and how special. What girl doesn’t love to hear that?

When we got to the dance, however, I got another warning sign. Rick had kind of impressed me that he was some kind of big man on campus. When we got to our table at the prom we were sitting among a bunch of nerds. You know, chess club, audiovisual, Spanish club members. Could my first boy date be deceitful? And a nerd?

Going to the girls room and sitting was exciting. I could hear the girls talking while I was on the pot. I noticed that I had to redirect my cock so that I was peeing straight into the water, making a girlie splash as they were.

While Rick and I were dancing to a slow tune, I decided to forget about all those warning signs and give Rick a blowjob better than any XX girl could ever give him. And more if he wanted. When I thought about that, because of the style of my dress, you could see my hard on. It was there, sticking out as if it was at attention in a military parade. I covered it with my purse and asked Rick if we could take a walk.

We strolled to a remote spot outside. I told him I was chilly. He put his arms around me and kissed me. He knew I was a boy and he stuck his tongue down my throat anyway. Good work, Rick. It was dreamy. I was dressed to the nines, being held by a nice-looking boy in a white dinner jacket and kissed within an inch of my life.

After a few minutes of this, I told him I was going to make him very happy. I unzipped his fly and extracted his long, thin cock. It was red and angry, with a nice, long foreskin.

Rick was enjoying my skilled stroking very much and told me so between kisses. It surprised him when I hitched up my dress, kneeled and took him in my warm, wet mouth. It was so much fun giving him pleasure. It was obviously his first blowjob and he moaned with delight. In a few minutes, he grunted and dropped a nice, tasty load into my delighted mouth. Rick helped me up and zipped himself up. I moved to kiss him, but he seemed squeamish about kissing the mouth had just been filled with his cum. Another of those nasty warning signs.

We went back to the dance and shuffled through some slow ones. Rick told me that he was really having a good time. But he never asked if I was. Hmmmm.

Thinking at that time that women could improve men, I pressed on, inviting him to his mother’s Buick for some more and different fun. Rick eagerly complied. I kneeled on the back seat, cars were much larger back then, and he lifted my dress. He lowered my panties to my knees and saw my sweet butt. He wanted to enter me, but I needed some lubricant. I had a small tube of Noxzema in my purse that would do nicely. Rick did not want to apply it to my delicious pooper. Big warning sign. So I lubricated my own asshole.

Despite all this, when he put it in me, I was in heaven. The feelings that were going through me were amazing. I felt my nipples tingle in my bra. I felt the silkiness of my panties against my skin and the tug of the garters on my hose. I felt the pinch of the earrings. I could smell my perfume, taste my lipstick, and smell the feminine deodorant (Ice-Blue Secret) on my shaved armpits.

He pumped my pooper and I kept telling him, "More, more." Then I really got into the girl thing by saying, "Please give me your cum." I even said I wanted him to get me pregnant. I guess that did it because he came. HARD! When he pulled out, I felt the cum ooze out of me. I was worried about stains, so I shoved some tissues in my ass.

The real problem that night was that he kissed me, fucked me and felt my tittie bumps, but that was all. He didn’t touch my dick or butt hole. And he didn’t care whether I came or not. Which I did not, by the way, until I got home and locked eyes with my lover on the poster in my room.

He kissed me good night and mumbled something about calling, but the more I thought about it, I wanted a more giving lover.

Thank goodness for Tim.



Chapter Seven – Planning

Mom asked me all about the date when I got home. I told her it was awful and that Rick tried to kiss me.

"Did you let him?" she asked.

"Not at first. But he was so pathetic, so I let him."

"Did you like it?"

"NO!!! He tried to put his tongue in my mouth."

Mom chuckled.

"Then he tried to put his hand in my panties and rub my privates."

"That little pervert. Well, you won’t have to go out with him again. I’ll find you a nicer boy to date."

"Mom, I hate to ask, because I know I’m being punished, but if I have to date a boy again, could I pick this one. Please?"

"You really are becoming a nicer, more reasonable person, Denise. Maybe being a girl, agrees with you. All right, you pick the next boy, but if I have reason to dislike him, he’s gone."

"Fair enough, Mom. Thank you."

The next morning, Mom went shopping. Mia came over and nursed on my prickie while I told her the details. It was so nice to be with someone who loved me again and cared about my needs. That included Mom, of course. Though she had been harsh at times. I guess I deserved it.

When Mia had sucked me to a stunning orgasm, I held her in my arms and told her that we were going to plan this carefully and find some boys worth keeping.

"What are you thinking?" she asked as I stroked her foreskin lovingly.

"I think we should aim at Tim and Doug," I said.

"But Denise, they’ll be juniors next year and we’ll only be freshmen. And they’re the two cutest boys in the high school we’ll be going to."

"We have to aim high, honey, just like I’m doing with your pricklet. Oh, that was a big spurt. Another one. And another? You naughty little girl."

Mia giggled and kissed me.



Chapter Eight – Tim

The school year ended with Mia and me still in love and making love frequently. But we both said that our stars were too bright just to shine on each other. We wanted BOYS!

Both moms had backed off a bit on making our lives miserable. We were now being well-behaved girls and the moms didn’t want to rock a leaky boat.

At that point, we found it hard to believe that the moms didn’t suspect that we LOVED being girls. We must have been great actresses or they wanted to believe that we still wanted to be boys when our sentences were served. We were actually dreading ever having to go back to boxer shorts and belching.

Our hair had grown in a bit and we could now give it some style. Our moms took us shopping for nice clothes and they must have noticed how our fashion senses had improved. We had lots of pretty new things, but no pants and no pantyhose. Our moms had standards.

They took frequent pictures of us and sent them to our fathers, who sadly did not respond or come to see us during the whole time of our "punishment." I lost a lot of love for my Dad over that.

The kids we knew had become pretty cool about us. Everyone called us by our girl names and we started hanging out with some nice girls our age. Not romantically. We wanted boys for that.

The boys who thought we had become fags avoided us and the boys who whacked off nightly with our pretty faces in their brains were too chicken to approach us.

Except for Tim and Doug.

Tim and Doug started the summer by teaching a two-week swimming class to little kids. Mia and I made it a point to show up at the pool every day when those classes were going on. We would slink through the pool area in our one-piece suits, with a deep back cut, and high-heeled sandals. We were tanned and thin and fit and our hair finally looked more girlie.

We would do the whole repertoire of girlie pool tricks – lying on our tummies with our asses in the air, wiggling suggestively – applying sun block slowly and sensuously to ourselves and each other – sitting at the side of the pool, kicking the water lightly as our heads were flung back to face the sun. Tim and Doug weren’t made of stone. By the second week, they were chatting us up a lot. We played a little hard to get. But not too hard.

After the swimming class ended, Tim began his job at an ice-cream parlor and Doug started working as a bag boy at the supermarket.

On the second day after swimming, I dressed in a lovely white summer dress that showed off my tan to perfection. I kept my legs bare and wore strappy white, high-heeled sandals. At 3 p.m. I wiggled my way from my house to the ice cream parlor. It was a hot day, but the stares I was getting from men were even hotter.

When I arrived, the place was empty, except for Tim. His eyes bugged a little when he saw me, but he coughed out a hello. I lowered my head in apparent shyness, but actually I was checking to see if Tim was getting a bit of wood. He was!

"Could I have a double scoop of praline in a cone, please, Tim?"

Tim hopped to it. I tried to pay, but he said it was his treat. I was planning on treating him later.

He stared at me as I licked the cone. He was undressing me with his eyes, I thought. I hoped he didn’t just like praline ice cream.

I licked the cone sensuously with my long, red tongue. I sat in a chair and crossed my legs, showing tanned thigh almost up to my pretty white panties. Tim was drooling!

Eventually, I licked the ice cream into the shape of an erect penis. I looked at Tim and began to tease the end of the ice cream with the tip of my tongue. We locked eyes. Tim walked over to me, wrapped his strong hand around my hand on the cone, brought the ice cream to his mouth, and deep-throated it!

I lost it. I pouted my mouth for a kiss. Tim dove in, ice-creamy tongue first. He was a phenomenal kisser. I was just about to extract his love pole and create a 32nd flavor, when a group of young kids came into the store. We broke off, but we agreed to meet at 7 that night. Tim agreed to rustle up Doug and bring him along as Mia’s date, which would please Doug no end, Tim said.

I wiggled home to appreciative stares and wolf whistles and set things up for that night. The Moms were fine with it. Mia was ecstatic. We considered what to wear.

I showered, and put myself together as well as I could in the only three hours I had to get ready. A girl needs her time.

Mom cornered me as I was checking my garters and putting the finishing touches on my make-up. "You want to date this boy, don’t you, Denise?"

I considered lying, but my eyes filled with tears and I nodded a yes. Mom cried too and hugged me. "It’s OK, Honey. You can be a girl as long as you want. Mia just confessed to Mrs. Kapp. She called me. We’re both just so happy that you’ve turned into such sweet, nice girls. Now go have a nice time with that nice boy. Suck his cock if you want. Let him put his cock in your gorgeous ass. Goodness knows I did when I was your age and it was heavenly!"

It was the perfect moment. Mom and I bonded forever that night and she’s still my closest friend. After torrents of happy tears, she wiped my face and helped me fix my make-up.

I was wearing a white sundress, pretty tan stockings and white strappy sandals with stiletto heels. I looked edible and I knew it. Tim’s eyes got big as saucers when he saw me and his heart melted. He handed me a bouquet of wildflowers he had picked and I kissed him on the cheek. I could feel his huge erection. I hoped I could stretch to take it all. Giggle.

Mom wished us well and we drove off to Mia’s house to pick up Doug and her. They were holding hands and cooing at each other when we got there, so things were good. Mrs. Kapp wished us a good evening and we drove off. Mia and Doug were in the back seat.

"Tim, could you take us someplace private please. I’m feeling very affectionate tonight, aren’t you, Mia?"

"Very affectionate, Denise. Do you boys know any place like that?"

Doug pointed out that his Mom and Dad were out of town for the night. How would his house be?, he asked.


We entered the comfortable home and the boys took charge.

They surrounded us with their manly arms and kissed us deeply. I almost fainted with the passion of the moment. My man was possessing me. I was his to do with as he wished. And he wished a lot.

Tim and I sat on the couch. Mia and Doug went to the love seat. Tim told me how pretty I was and how desirable, as he smothered me with sweet kissies. I glowed with love, lust and anticipation. His hands were exploring my body from my pink, pedicured toes to my pink-baretted hair. His right hand moved to my thigh, then inside my skirts, then to my sweet panties. Then he touched my hot little prickie, rubbing it through the silky nylon. It was hard as stone and already in distress. I cooed and thanked him for thinking of my needs before his own. That seemed to spur him on. Tim fell to his knees and moved my knees as far apart as they would go. He asked me to hold up my skirts and scoot my pretty backside up. I did and he slowly peeled my white panties down my smooth thighs. Unlike Rick, Tim knew what a girl wanted – loving attention to her pink prickie.

Tim didn’t just touch my pubic area; he adored it. Tim was everything that Rick wasn’t. He licked my thighs above my stocking tops, kissing his way to my balls. He lifted them gently with his hand and kissed and licked the underside of my scrotal bag. Oooooh. I was so excited I was almost peeing myself. I looked over at Mia and she was getting similar attention from her Doug. I smiled at Mia and she beamed back. We had found two A-list boys all right. And the agenda was all theirs.

Tim bathed my balls for a good ten minutes. I wrapped my stockinged legs around his back and moaned with pleasure. "Tim, Honey," I managed to say. "Please suck my prickie now. I’m going to cum any second."

Tim was a gentleman and granted the lady’s request. He held my prickie in his warm, strong hand and brought it to his lips. He skinned the head and applied a soft wet kiss. My gut tensed, I squealed and hit his face with four jets of hot girlie juice. I panicked, thinking he would be repulsed, but the opposite was true. He smiled as if I had given him the world’s greatest gift. He sucked me until I was limp with satisfaction. Then he joined me on the couch to share a big, cummy kiss. I licked his face clean and he squirmed with pleasure. It was time to get serious, so I looked over at Doug and Mia, who were engaged in the same cummy exchange. I asked Doug, "Can we move to some beds now, please, Doug?"

"Oh, sure, Denise," Doug said, never taking his eyes off sweet Mia. "We’ll take my room and you and Tim can have the guest room. But, I have a question before we move. Are you girls with cocks or pretty boys with great asses and luscious legs?"

"Whichever helps you sleep nights, Honey," I said.

Tim and I raced upstairs and into the guest room. I turned around and he unzipped my sundress. I stepped out of it and he folded it on the chair. Tim removed his clothes and placed them neatly on the same chair. He stood there before me naked. I had seen most of Tim’s body at the pool, but that didn’t prepare me for the sight of his gorgeous nudity. He was tanned and fit, with broad shoulders and a manly chest. The part that wasn’t tanned was spectacular. I hate to measure, but his cock was at least nine inches long and very thick. It was standing hard against his flat belly and oozing sticky fluid. I moved to kiss it, but Tim asked me to wait.

He approached me and considered my beauty. My sweet, girlie face and kissable neck led down to my training bra and swelling, 32-AAA titties (I was flat chested, but hopeful). My nipples were hard with desire. A white garter belt stretched across my flat, soft tummy and my wispy white panties held a sweet goodie package that was there for my man’s pleasure. My cute, tiny butt was wiggling in anticipation of the evening’s pleasures. My legs were two of my best features – long and shapely and sexy in their tan nylon cases. My feet were slim, with painted toenails peeking through the film of sleek nylon. My heels were high, shaping my legs and making my ass stick out invitingly.

Tim embraced me, inhaling my perfume. I moaned and whimpered as he kissed me all over my face and neck. I ran my hands over his naked body and melted in his strong arms.

Tim carried me to the bed and lay me on it on my back. He covered me with his body, kissing me and rubbing his skin against mine. My stiffie was back and it was raging.

Tim was overpowering me. I felt like a helpless little girl; a prisoner to a man’s disgusting needs. He was going to do whatever he wanted and I couldn’t stop him. I sure didn’t want to stop him.

He could put his cock in me, on me, over me and under me. I didn’t care, but I hadn’t touched the star of the show yet and I wanted it in me soon. Tim rubbed his big monster against my little prickie through my skimpy panties. I moaned with excitement. Tim pulled my bra up and kissed my puffy nipples expertly. They became rock hard. He kept kissing them and telling me how beautiful I was and, suddenly, I made a big cummy mess in my panties. Just like that. What a lover he was. Tim smiled with self-satisfaction, the rogue. When was he going to let me touch his cock?

Tim helped me out by removing my cummy panties and tossing them to the side. I was glad Mom gave me the green light or I would have had some ‘splainin’ to do the next day. He lapped up the remaining cum, what a gentleman, and my pubes were all squeaky clean again. I made two little sissy fists and held them at my shoulders in a posture of complete surrender. I was ready for whatever Tim wanted.

Apparently, Tim felt an urgent need, because he straddled my shoulders and fed me his cock. It was totally unexpected. I hadn’t touched it and now my mouth was full of it. It was awesome! It was big and hard, but with a velvet head. The skin was back and it tasted clean and fresh. Male hygiene is important, girls. I could barely hold it all in my little mouth, but I was determined. I slid my red lips up and down its considerable length. Mmmmm. Oooooooo. Being a naughty girl, I inserted a finger in Tim’s gorgeous pooper. He jumped a little then groaned and complimented me on my initiative. Since my mouth was full, Tim did all the talking. He told me his love and how he was attracted to me the first day at the pool. One of his friends said that Tim was a fag because he looked me, but it cost the boy’s father a fortune in dental bills. Other boys kept their counsel.

Things became too hot for further discussion and Tim began to fuck my face steadily. My mouth was a big, wet pussy for him, ready to swallow his baby juice. I added a second finger and found his prostate for a nice massage. That did poor Tim in. He groaned out, "I love you, Denise" and proved it by his creamy donation to Denise’s memory scrapbook. My first load of Tim’s cum was scrumptious. There would be many more over the years.

I kept sucking, smiling at Tim with my eyes and he got hard again really fast.

"You’re the most exciting girl in the world, Denise. No man could resist that body and that face. I’m going to fuck you now and you’re going to love it."

Tim pulled his cock out of my mouth and I squealed with anticipation. He placed two big pillows under my back and ate me out until I think I fainted. I came twice during the excavation, drooling out goo from my soft prickie. Then he got on top of me, covering me with his body and dominating me completely.

I begged him to fuck me. He found the spot with his one-eyed best friend. He pushed forward. I felt a slight burn and cramp. It was too big! I started to panic, but he sensed this and pushed it all in with one long thrust. I screamed in surprise and delight, not pain. It was heavenly! I felt full and womanly. Tim smiled at me and made a kissie with his lips. I did the same. He proceeded to fuck me royally, in a series of divine strokes that literally robbed me of breath. I let it out in a big squeal and began crying and sobbing with naked lust. Tim was terribly aroused by my excitement. He fondled my foreskin as he fucked me and I, unbelievably, came for a fifth time that night. With two fingers, he scooped up my cum from my tummy and fed it to himself. What a man! I dug my nails into his back and wrapped my stockinged legs around him. He began to shudder and groan. Then with a loud, "Oh, Denise" he shot a load worthy of Guinness into my hot, ready ass. My pooper burned with love and hot goo. He was shaking with raw emotion – unusual for a boy – but very becoming, I think.

I was the helpless one, but Tim became mine for life at that moment. He wanted me then and he wants me today.

We lay there pantless and panting with a thin sheen of sweat covering our bodies. It was the happiest moment of my life. We kissed and cuddled.

Doug and Mia joined us 20minutes later. They were naked and very much in love, like us. They said they had heard us having a good time. We all agreed that it had been a night we would always treasure.

We had to scurry a little to meet our midnight curfew. Thank goodness we didn’t have to make up a cover story. I told Mom exactly what happened and she giggled like a schoolgirl.



Chapter Nine – Life Update

Soon after, Mom took charge of her life, found a nice man and married him. Many were the nights that I could hear them down the hall enjoying married life. I didn’t mind, because I had Tim over the house three or four evenings a week and he kept me very satisfied.

Of course, there was the occasional pizza delivery boy or a teacher I wanted a better grade from, but mostly it was Tim and I, Doug and Mia, all the way through college. At the end of high school freshman year, Mia and I added nice boobies to our sexy bodies, as well as some other surgical and chemical enhancements along the way. We were in big demand and we strayed now and then, but so did the boys. It was a workable arrangement.

When Mia and I were 24, we had a lovely double wedding. Tim is a stockbroker and Doug is a lawyer. Mia and I have fulfilling jobs, but our first priority is to keep our hubbies happy. I start Tim’s day off with a migraine-quality blowjob or a knock-down-drag-out-fuck. Sometimes both. As soon as he gets home, I greet him in sexy lingerie and we fuck our brains out. Then I feed him an excellent dinner, high in cum-producing protein. When we go to bed, I give him what very few women would give him on a regular basis – whatever he wants.

We’re very happy and so are Mia and Doug. Mia and I still love each other three or four times a week. I love sucking her DD titties and her pretty prickie and eating out her sweet ass. Her girlie squeals get me all excited for when Tim comes home.

And just think. We owe it all to my Mom and her delightful punishment.



I would like to offer a special thanks to Mike from Texas, whose real-life experiences, which he generously shared with me, formed the basis for this story, particularly Chapter Six.




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