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About : This story deals with forced feminization, bdsm, humiliation, nonconsensual sex between men and other weird stuff. Some things that happen in the story which might be of particular interest to some are chastity belts, attached appliances, diverse gags and means to bind somebody. Influenced by Mother Kali's "Prison Bride" (a great story, I suggest you read it!), Lauren Westley and Chas, kudos to all of you.

You may copy this story freely, but only if you do not make any unallowed alterations to it and do not charge others for seeing the story.

Copyright 2003 Houser



The Prison Girl

by Houser



Well, where should I start? This girl's name is July. My name is July, for that matter. It used to be John though. I used to be an engineer, one in a thousand, at a rather big company. But that's history now. I am writing this now that everything has pretty much settled, to serve me as a memory and to tell people my story. It is a grey Monday morning - I will be free in a few days. There are six hours to go to 'the big event'. I am sitting here in my white wedding gown, looking the innocent girl part, have already prepared my beautiful girly self to look just darling on this big day. Anyway, this is my story ...

They had sent me to prison, and this was my first day.

The entry process was rude and uncomfortable, not something you would want to do more than once in your life.. unless you favour the idea of standing in line naked with a bunch of other men and having every inch of your body inspected as if the information gathered was used to draw a precise map of your body.

The doctor had examined me more closely and sent me off to my cell. "Looking forward to seeing you leave this prison again, girly boy", he shouted when two wardens took ahold of my arms and escorted me, "we sure do have uses for somebody as pretty as yourself in here".

That was exactly what I feared so much. I was indeed what people call a "pretty boy". I was slender, rather skinny, yet seemed to have a frame that would appear rather round than edgy. Since my earliest youth I had looked that way. At puberty, I began playing with my appearance in so far as that I had my hair grow longer and I had kept it in a pony tail ever since. Not because I fancied being mistaken for a girl - not at all. Firstly, I had thought that long hair made me look rebellious and secondly there were some girls I dated with that apparently fancied my looks that way. Or so they said.

The wardens threw me into a cell inhabited by five people. As soon as they had locked the door and turned their back two people jumped up from their sleeping mats, approaching me slowly from opposing corners of the cell.

"You will do my dick very good, girl", one of them mumbled with a greedy and violent look.

"That guy is mine. Stop it now, Kawinski or I'll tear a hole through you". The other guy stopped, but this one kept at approaching me slowly.

Scared I tried to evade backwards - but only until my back touched the iron bars. The guys that had remained seated laughed. The bigger of the two stopped in what must have been about half a metre in front of me. Welcome to prison, I thought to myself.

Suddenly he raised a flat hand to waist level.

"Greetings, my name is Dee.", he said laughing.

I was relieved. Prepared for the worst I breathed out and shook his hand.

"And yours is?"

"My.. uh, my name is John."

He grinned broadly.

"John.. John.. pleased to meet you John. How come the name?"

I was confused. It was at this point too when I figured how much adrenaline I had felt running through my veins and calmed down a little more.

"Err, what do you mean by 'how come'?"

"Why did your parents name such a pretty girl like yourself John by god?", Dee asked.

"Very funny", I said and told them that I was no girl obviously and that they please stop the joking as I was a little uneasy on that topic.


Dee looked deep into my eyes.

More silence.



I lay there, crouching on the floor, crying from the pain that Dee's ongoing hits into my stomach had caused.

"Okay, listen up. I will only say this once and I will only give you one chance at reacting the right way. Do you get me this far?"

I shyly but cramped nodded.

"Very good. To make matters short, you are in prison now. And you are - or rather used to be - an effeminate boy. From now on, for at least as long as you are in here, you are a girl. Do you understand what that means?"

I dug my head into my hands as I did not want to nod nor shake my head. I feared that Dee could become more aggravated by that.

"THIS MEANS THAT EVERY FUCKING GUY WILL BE HUMPING YOUR LI'L ASS, GIRL", he shouted. Damn, I was scared to hell. I whined harder.

I was a guy. Yes, I did look effeminate and I broke the law a little, hence I was in this fix. But I was not sentenced to be treated like this. The humiliation that lay in the situation killed me. There I was, a freshman to this prison. Oh how I had assured myself that I would - right from the beginning on! - show people that I was not to mess with. And now I lay there, crying. I would find means out of this though. I would tell the wardens, they would help me.

"Okay - okay - I'm calming down, I'm calming down ... sorry."

"Sorry", I whispered, trying to stop the whining very hard, only sobbing a little.

"Better. Now, you have two options. You see, you are lucky in that you are in this cell, with us guys. We are nice guys if you don't cross us and of course, if you get to know us a little more."

He continued: "Now, to stop talking shit, again, you have two options. You are either *our* girl or you are *everyone's* cunt. We will take it easy on you and don't hasten things. Will not beat you up if you behave somewhat. Will be nice to you. Treat you like a lady, even. The other guys will rip you apart before, while and after stretching your ass muscles. With us you will even get to sleep tonight."

He paused. "So, tell me, what option do you take, girl?"

Becoming a girl? Did he mean what he asked of me? Of course, being a girl ain't that bad, obviously a lot better than being beaten up and raped over and over again... But that is the case only if you are born a girl. I was a man and men are strong and... I could not possibly do this.

"You cannot possibly be asking me this - I mean, come on! I'm a guy. And although it's funny to say so, I do not look like a girl. Please..."

"Whatever you think, dude. It's entirely your choice."

And Dee's foot hit my groin. I cramped again. The pain was unbelievable.

With all force that I could possibly build at this point, I shouted "Waaarden!"

And he came. From outside the cell he let me know that I should "Shut the fuck up!"

And he left.

I was hit again, and again.

"Aww -- please stop. Please.. Don't hit me anymore. Please Sir."

"So you would like to be a girl?"

"Please.. let me think about it. Anything, but don't hit me anymore". I was exhausted. I could not possibly give in. I was to stay in prison for 3 years, how could they believe that I would submit to their will for this long?

"It's easy.. See, you are weak. You stand no chance against one of us, let alone five - and the thought of you standing a chance against all prisoners in here - well, that's a good one. I know that you want to give in. You do not want me to hit you another time. And another time. Eventually you would still submit to us, and if only by raw force."

"Why are you doing this to me? I can't be a girl! I'm a guy!"

"Ooh, that lies in the eye of the beholder. Yes, you are behaving like a guy right now, that is true. You got hit two times already and are practically asking for more. Only to evade a fate that no one looking like you could evade. I will ask you another time.. Will you be our girl?"

"Please.. please, no. Don't do this to me - I don't want to be a girl. Please..."

And he hit me again. It would go on like this for a few hours. I crouching on the floor, begging them to stop what they were doing. Dee would hit my groin over and over again. Eventually, barely able to speak, I gave in.

Dee's behaviour towards me changed me immediately.

He waved at a bed and told me to find some sleep, I would be introduced to my girlhood in the following days. He wished me a good night and told me that he would ask for my name again within the next days, and "that I should tell him my real name by then or ELSE."

I went over to the bed Dee had assigned me to and sobbed myself to sleep.



A few days had passed. My wounds started showing a progress in their healing and I was not doing all too bad. Until this day I would be left alone by the guys - and everybody else in this prison. At dinner times I could find an undisturbed (but not exactly tasty!) meal. I was beginning to think that what had happened to me on my first day was nothing more than, well, a prank. Something to scare the shit out of freshmen like me. Then came the day when prison life would start for real.

I woke up, attempting to take out from under my bed the personal underwear that I was allowed to bring in here. Only to find it gone, replaced by something... more 'effeminate'.

"Good morning, girl! - I believe we have not met yet?", Dee standing in front of my bed said.

I nodded, awestruck.

"What brings a beauty like yourself into such a place? Ah, nevermind, I need not know. What's your name, sweetie?"

Quiet and shyly I whispered "July".

Dee turned his torso towards his mates, gesticulating with his hands as if he had achieved something.

"Alright", he said with a customary high voice, "Hello July. I am Dee... And those around us are.."

"Joe", "Watts", "Houser" and "Ed. Kowalski Ed.", the inmates explained. Of course I knew their names already, but they were enjoying the act.

"Ah, very well now. You were looking for something sexy to wear beneath, right?"

"Yes.. but somehow my things.."

"Don't worry. Take these."

Joe pointed to what looked like girls' underwear, lingerie, below my bed.

"Err.. but?!", I did not know what to say. I had not thought that being their girl actually meant to wear girly things.

"No questions and no discussion about this. Wear it.", Dee said.

Ed rose. "We will put everything that we want you to dress in to where your old underwear was in the morning, each day, until we get you a proper locker. You will put it on without hesitation. And if you ever take something off during the day unless explicitly requested by one of us you will get to know the reason why *I* am in here. And trust me, what you felt a few days ago was nothing compared to when I really want to hurt you. Oh and before I forget: if you ever refer to yourself as something other than a girl, or with another name than your chosen one or if you say that you are not doing this voluntarily ..."

I stood up, picking up the lingerie, holding it to my torso as if I could hide them that way. As I sat down on my bed, struggling with myself, Houser grew seemingly impatient.

I undid my sleeping gear and put it next to me. I was the only person in the room that was naked.

Vulnerable and scared to death people leered at me.

"Put it on!", Houser said.

I resisted. How could they possibly demand this of me? "No! I can't do that guys! I'm a MAN!"

The other guys raised. It happened truly quickly. Houser got me from behind and chin locked me, Ed grabbed my arms and held them behind my back. "Stop! Please..", I whimpered. Joe got ahold of my feet.

Dee approached me slowly. Joe held my feet apart in a way that Dee could easily put the stockings on me. Slow and celebrating he slid them up each of my legs. An ugly, uncomforting sight appeared in front of my eyes. I had never seen my feet clad this way. The sheer black stockings made my already only a little hairy legs appear smooth. Smooth and feminine. And I did not want that. To my surprise they held very well. The elastic plastic glued on the inside of the decorative top parts of the stockings made sure they would not come off without manual interaction. Next Dee slid up the uncomfortable thong panties. I sobbed.

Then they turned me around. The bra was laid out on the bed. They pressed my torso against the bed so hard that I could hardly breathe - and slid my arms through the bra hoops. Eventually they affixed the clasp.

As they let go of me I immediately tried to undo the bra's hoops. I was hit sharply from the left side and my torso pressed onto the bed again. There was something trying to enter my asshole.

"So you bitch still want to resist? I tell you what. This time only THREE of my fingers will ram into your asshole unlubed. Next time it will be my whole HAND!", Houser shouted.

And in it went. It hurt like hell. After Houser had withdrawn his hand, walking over to the wash basin to wash his fingers they helped me to my feet. To "view my beauty in the mirror".

I had turned red in shame at my admittedly pretty girlish sight. But I comforted myself with the thought that nobody would be able to see it under my clothes. At least that was what I hoped. And if there was a chance I would get rid of them as fast as I could.

"Very well, July", Watts exclaimed. "Black is not too sexy a colour, especially considering that you want to be a sexily clad girl on your first day as a girl in jail with all those beautiful cocks around you, but this set was the only thing we could come up with this fast. If you add heels though and some sexy skirt you'll be the hit in here though. And that penis of course, that's not pretty having a penis lurk out from under your panties... Do you look forward to when you will get skirts and high heels already?"

My head had sunken low. "Guys - please.. I can't do this.. I don't want to be a girl. Please!!", I begged. Houser threw me a red prison suit - the one I had received at check-in was gone aswell. "Here, girl. That's the standard prison suit in here - altered a little to better fit your proportions. We understand that you want to dress like a girl.. but this will have to do for now."

"One thing girl", Joe added, "you are to be in your role now! If you fail it one more time I gotta hit you so hard you would not believe it. AND I will make sure a few of my fellow nigger friends will come in here and introduce you to your girlhood way before we would."

I stepped into the overall. It was awfully tight everywhere. The most at the waist. There were buttons missing at the top so I could not close it.

"But.. but, one can see that I am wearing a bra!", I explained, missing the fact that one would also spot the sheer fabricate on my legs where the overall ended.

"No more words about it. You are wearing this now and end of discussion.", Dee firmly said.

Watts laughed. "You can hold your chin with your hand if you want to hide your bra."



The next few days were hell. Luckily I did not need to leave the cell too often. I was terribly self conscious when I had to, though - to the cafeteria, for example. I felt like everyone was ogling me.

But it would get better as time passed on. What did not get better and what I had not ever experienced within my whole life was the groping.

Five days after they had started to make me wear lingerie I would find a pair of very high heeled pair of shoes and a book labelled 'being the perfect woman' on my bed. I looked at my inmates questioningly.

"Read the book. Read it carefully. The shoes are here for you to practice. You will wear high heels

24/7 shortly", a bored Ed explained.

It was an ugly book. Introductions to 'Feminine hygiene' like how to shave your armpits and legs aside it also covered how to sexually please a man.

I did not touch the shoes. They were there as a warning. At that point I believed that I could perhaps escape wearing them.



The cell's door opened.

"SUTTON!", the ward called in.

I stood up and walked out. On my way to where I was being led I told the ward what had happened to me. He did not seem to listen. When I asked him if he understood what I was trying to tell him he told me to "shut the fuck up", or he would tell my fellow inmates about my attempt at narking.

He lead me to a bigger group of people all of whose faces I remembered from a few days before, standing in the examination queue. This was the "freshman prison tour" where we would get to see the prison's facilities and where we were told what we may and may not do.

Eventually, the guard that lead us came to a topic he introduced with the term "prison bride". He said that sometimes, every once in a while there was rape inside a prison. Even more seldom the victim was feminized. And occasionally - "as in this case", he said, pointing at me - people liked being feminized because they wanted to be a girl all life long.

People were wolf whistling at me like mad.

"Don't believe me? Tear off her clothes."

After a short break there were ten guys around me, some holding me, some trying to undress my prison overall. I tried to put up as much resistance as possible, but of course after short I was standing there in girl's lingerie, in midst the prison, with crowds cheering from all sides.

The prison guard teased me if it was true that I liked to be a girl and that I enjoyed this. At first I shook my head, but after he told me that "this will interest Dee", I nodded. He asked me for my name and I said my new girly name: "July"


"See, we allow people so much freedom in here.", he explained.

I tried to run away, but they would not let me. Even the guard told me that it was not allowed to leave the tour. People padded my panty clad ass and told me that they found me sexy in my stockings and how I could suck their dick if I liked to.

When the guard told them to release me in the end, as the tour was over, I ran back to my cell as fast as I could, only clad in lingerie, accompanied by cheers and shouts all over.



I had fallen asleep as I was lieing on my flat stomach, sobbing, with only the lingerie from earlier that day on and covered up in my bed's sheets.

Sudden loudness of my cellmates returning shook me awake.

"Now, had our princess had a nice day? I understand you lost your overall.. Don't worry, we will find something else for you to wear.", Ed chanted into my direction. He went over, sat next to me and padded my head. As the others brought what looked like heavy equipment in here he removed the blanket on top of me and began to stroke my butt slowly - but not untenderly.

Suddenly a needle. They pinned my right arm down and injected something into it.

"That's for your temporary body change, sweetie", he softly said like a man talking to his girl before an operation at a hospital's bed. At first I still struggled a bit, then my eye lids became heavier and heavier and in the end I dreamt of better times.



I was lifted from the bed and forcefully jammed onto the ground facing the floor. I could hardly move. My lingerie had been removed. I was blindfolded. "Don't try to move or it will hurt. And if you move we will hurt you even more when we are done."

I felt needles on my ass. Lots of needles.

After what must have been hours the needles went along my legs too.

Then I was turned around.

More needles on my legs.

And my crotch area. A cold and slimy fluid was applied, then they glued a rather warm elastic patch there, pulling my dick through a slit in it. The blindfold was removed and my head held up for me to see.

I was hairless on my legs! And the patch looked like an albeit big, but realistically formed vagina, with my penis hanging out of it!

My eyes were filled with terror, much to the amusement of my tormentors. They let go of my head again and unable to move it drugged as I was, I faced the ceiling, trembling with fear of what might come next.

I must have fainted several times. The remaining pain from my legs was unbearable. Additionally the glue between my legs that was to hold the vaginal patch started to dry.

Suddenly a sharp sting in my left nipple. Then in my right. Something cold, metallic there. Then more coolness, a liquid perhaps?

Then pressure on my chest.

Needles on my face.

And then I lay there. Outpowered. For a long time.



I woke up on my bed, Dee just withdrew smelling salt or something alike from my nose.

I looked at myself. I had BREASTS! I jumped up. They bounced! Up and down! I could feel their weight!

I tried to pull on them, it hurt. All my body hair from the nose down but a little girly patch above my crotch was gone - a girly patch of hair above a PUSSY!. I touched my body.

Pulling at the breasts and at the patch that resembled my pussy yielded nothing. They would be there a long time!

"WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE! How long will it take to undo this? Why do I need to have BREASTS??

AND A VAGINA???", I shouted loudly - no, I shrieked! With a girl's voice!

Laughter from outside the cell.

"You have not seen all changes yet. Look into that mirror we brought in for you to admire the new yourself..."

I stood before it. In front of me was myself - but like a girl! There were lifelike breasts dangling from my chest - seamlessly fitted to my torso. They looked one hundred percent real - with exactly my skin colour they looked as if I had grown them for real. Only the nipple, erect and overly big seemed extreme to me, though it still matched the size of my new, ample breasts.

I touched them. I felt my nipples underneath the fleshy appliances.

"They are very real, aren't they? They are glued to your chest with a strong surgical adhesive.

They won't be coming off in less then a year", Ed laughed.


"We have put great emphasis on detail", Dee continued. "The big, gorgeous nipples that display your lust for cock so much are directly connected to the new piercings in your former nipples - those underneath those gorgeous tits. So that you get a real feeling when your tits jiggle."

"But that's not all yet, darling", Ed took over, "using electrolysis we have removed all body hair beneath your eyebrows. And of course we have shaped those nicely too, in that sexy questioning-dumb-bimbo-look that you see. And of course your new hairstyle must also be a surprise to you, it looks *so* sexy. When the barber asked us what we would like him to do for you we told him that we'd want the typical cocksucking-cunt-look and this is what he came up with."

"Oh and.. there is this nice tattoo we had done on you. No sweetie, on the left side of your butt."

A huge tattoo depicting a mouth about to suck a penis (including the penis) was there. Underneath the picture there was the text: 'This girl has ridden 250 cocks and sucked twice as many. Knows what it's like to be covered in cum'


"Oh my god, how could you do this to me! It can't be removed!"

"And neither - at least for some time - can the lipliner on your face and that stuff on your eyes.

It should hold for 7 years flat the guy said. We thought we'd do you a big favour as you would spare some time when applying makeup each morning.. and refreshing, when it's all gone again because you have sucked too much cock again. You'll still need eye shadow and mascara and lipstick and all every day, though, to make it look complete. And of course, I hope you will like your vagina, July..."

"And the best thing, girl - I think - ", Dee said, "are the big silver hoop earrings. Look sexy, don't they? Will dangle a lot when ya give head sweetie... Been my idea. Try to remove them!"

I tried, but they.. they had no means to be undone!

"They are soldered, July."

I sank to the floor, sobbing and whining. I would run around like a gorgeous, sexy girl in an all-men's prison for years! I yanked at my new 'feminine attributes', but they would not come off. It only hurt. Even when I would come out, some things would still be hard to get undone.

"What's next, will you remove my penis?", I sobbed.

"Actually, yes, that's what we will be doing. Stand up."

I was lifted onto my legs.

"Noooo!", I cried, exhausted from the happenings.

They held up a chastity belt, a Neosteel TG chastity belt as I learned later, for me to step into. Again my eyes widened with fear.

"What, a chastity belt??", I cried. "It's because it makes a smooth crotch. And we will simply laugh our ass off because you will have to sit to pee. Not to forget about the good feeling knowing that you will give a lot of men pleasure by servicing them with your lips and pussy, cunt.. without being able to receive pleasure yourself BUT that girly way of course."

My penis was pulled back between my legs and inserted into the sheath. They fastened and locked the iron. It was strong and skin-close. "Click!"

It did indeed make a flat front. The lips of my fake vagina were everything that remained visible of my previous penis-vagina setup. With it my front looked like that of a girl locked into a chastity belt.

"You will beg us to let you out of this thing after short", Houser emphasized, "because you will be so fucking horny not even being able to masturbate. If you were a good girl we might even let you.

Maybe when you put up a nice show where several people watch you suck a guy while you rub your clitty in a girly way... Don't count on it though."

I ran to the cell door and shouted after a prison guard, absolutely out of me. A knock on my head from behind and I again lost consciousness.



As I woke up, there was a makeup table and a closet in the cell. Next to my bed I would find what I supposed I would need to wear that day. I did not look at it, because frankly, I did not want to know yet. I needed to take a leak.

Positioning myself in front of the cell toilet, I pulled out my penis and - no, there was no penis.

Remembering yesterday's happenings, I turned around and sat down, looking into the direction of my crotch where I could now only see two big tits. I would not pee any differently for a long time.

"Get dressed and put on make up, cunt. If you take more than ten minutes I will put a penis gag into your mouth for the hole day. You need training anyway.", Joe moaned from within his bed still.

Joe threw me some nail polish. "Paint your toenails that colour and put on false nails on your fingers, too."

"And then kiss each of us good morning."

I went to my bed and for about 10 minutes I was busy painting my toenails. When I was sure the polish had dried I slid into stockings, a motion that I was now used to. I was still repulsed by the fact that I needed to wear girly lingerie. But now it would be worse than the days before - today the underwear would emphasize my assets. Assets I had not had yesterday. The blue polish would shine through the black stockings.


"Use one of the long lasting lipsticks and gloss today, slut. Oh and don't forget to swallow a piece of chalk, so your voice will be as high as yesterday."

I pulled up a sexy, french cut set of panties. They looked nice. And they hid nothing. I came to believe that they even emphasized my degrading tattoo. Then came the bra. A push up bra, amplifying my already ample tits. I was more comfortable with that today than the days before: I even thought

I could forget about the itching due to the comfort it would give by lifting weight from my shoulders.

Next came a pleated skirt, the first skirt I would ever wear in my life. It was a little puffy (like those you see on old TV shows) and it stopped right above the hem of my stockings. The material was different to those skirts you know from TV in that it glittered quite a little. Then a low cut spaghetti-strap top. I tried to hide the bra's straps underneath the spaghetti straps until I figured that it would not work as the spaghetti straps were far thinner. I did not like that these five people would see the lacy ruffles of my bra straps and the lacy upper outline of my bra.

A pair of insanely high (later I learned that they were 5" heels) stilettos and I was set. Those were weird though, they had a lock at the strap that would go around your ankle.

"Should I close the locks?"

"Of course, stupid bimbo. Thank god we only need you as a cum slut and not for anything that involves a brain.", an awaking Dee said.

Joe jumped up, picked up a hairbrush lying on the makeup table. "Slut, didn't you learn anything from the book we gave you?", Houser asked sternly heading into my direction, "forget once more to address us as Sirs and I'll really beat the shit out of you". And he hit my ass three times.

I shut the locks closed. After assuring that nobody looked, I yanked a little at the strap and locks, to see if I could get them off later on. They would not give in.

Wobbly, because I was entirely unsteady on the shoes due to me not having walked in heels ever, I went over to the makeup table.

"WOW! Do those Come Fuck Me heels look good on that cunt!", an awaking Ed shouted.

I applied lipstick - it was not too difficult because the outline, the lipliner had already been tattooed onto my lips. Eye shadow, mascara. I must say, I looked decent when I was done. And I hated that!

"Somebody looking like a sexy girl, a sexy fuck slut, somebody I would have no chance in ever getting laid by, outside, that's what I look like! And I'm in an all men's prison! And the changes they made me commit to won't go off anytime soon. I don't want to be sexually abused, don't want to be forced to suck cock or having it up my ass, yet I would do that to somebody looking like me!", was what my mind could not let go of.

A bored Dee reminded me to glue on fake nails too ("until your own ones are long enough") and to put polish on them. And of course I was not to forget to swallow some chalk.

After my fingertips had dried and I was (yes, it's weird that I cursed about that detail then) done cursing about the fact that they had me put on lip gloss too - as if I had not endured worse things - I went over to Joe to kiss him good morning as instructed.

As I bent over to him I felt my big hoop earrings slide forward. I kissed him on the cheek and was about to go on when he put his hand around my waist and pulled me down in his lap, tongue kissing me. I tried to resist, stemmed my hands against his torso, but to no avail.

It must have been a pathetic sight. A small, tender girl, rocking back and forth in the lap of a huge guy to avoid his rock-hard penis underneath his bed sheets, stemming two thin arms ending in two fragile hands with long, blue painted fingertips, against a huge torso, sexily made up eyes wide open of shock. And it wasn't any different with the other guys ...



After the "good morning kisses" which the guys named to be "another introduction to them" I sat on my bed looking over a few "adult girls' magazines" which Ed had put out for me to read. It featured mostly naked guys, muscular ones at that, but some pages had a girl's face on them too. On these pages, the sexy girls' faces were cum-smeared and the boys had written witty comments around them.

Phrases like: "This is what you will look like by tomorrow too, when we will do your initiation". Or arrows pointing at cocks with things like "Wouldn't you crave that cock in your ass today already?", "Can you imagine opening wide enough for him?". One page was particularly repelling, it featured guys masturbating into a bucket. My new cellmates subtitled the original title "Do you swallow?"

"It's 10 minutes until we need to leave for work", Dee said to Joe. "Yeah, we better get going."

"Stand up, walk over here, bend down and wrap your mouth around this penis trainer gag. Don't worry, we will not put it on you."

I walked over, bent down and waited. The idea that I would wrap my lips around a penis, if only a plastic one, was repulsive.


I did as I was told, hastily. I did not want to mess with Dee. Suddenly all guys jumped up. As a reaction, I withdrew my head a little, but not without letting the penis slip out of my mouth.

Immediately the four straps of the trainer were fastened. A pump was attached to the penis. While Ed held me down by simply holding my huge dangling hoop earrings, Dee inflated the penis. I tried to move my head away, but only as far as Ed would allowed me.

"Very good, looks promising what you do with your mouth. Been reading some of the 'how to please your man' articles, right? You will be reading more of them tonight, before going to bed", Dee exclaimed.

Then pain! Somebody behind me thrust a dildo into my ass! Lubed, but still very painful I could let out only high (due to the chalk) and muffled screams. So this was what it felt like to have a penis in your mouth and one in your ass. I pleased myself with the thought that they were only plastic.

In shock I reached behind me, tried to pull the plug out, but it was locked onto the chastity belt. One of them slapped my ass, making a wolf whistle. I remember how I did that to my secretary. I guess I can understand now that she did not like it and why I should have stopped doing it.

I wasn't being fucked. I don't know why, but that helped me a little. Maybe I hoped they would not fuck me at all, ever, despite their announcements that "tomorrow would be the day".

"Girl, come with me, laundry work for you today", a guard shouted from outside the cell. And the door opened. He did not seem to mind my shocked eyes, nor my o-shaped mouth filled with a penis gag.

The guard lead me off to the laundry. The heels were killing me after short. I would have taken anything into account, just to be able to take them off. I now understood why they had locks on them. Obviously I was very ashamed at the girlish sight that I gave. Today I wonder why. If a man is forced to wear a skirt, it is shameful to him. Yet I did not resemble a man anymore at that point.

Of course at work people would touch me and rub against me all the time, some even pulling on my breasts and one even on my hair. I could not even protest that verbally, but the gag saved me from rape. No doubt they would have fucked me, if they could. I was protected. Busy with two dildos already.

At the end of the day my throat was sore. From the dildo, keeping my mouth open the whole day in a most unnatural position and from my muffled screams of protest.



In the next morning the guys were awake before I was, obviously they had been busy preparing what was to come that day. Before I had to do anything Ed would undo the front panel of my chastity belt so that my only hairy patch above my crotch was clearly visible. The belt remained on, of course.

While I put on clothes and did my morning routine (makeup, nailpolish, chalk, kissing), Dee instructed me for the future again.

"You, girl, are here to please us. I want you to transmit that to the world. And the first way to do so is in by altering your speech: speak of yourself only in the third person from now on, giggle, sound more girly. Also, I do not want to hear you question what we tell you ever again", and so on.

Dee had instructed me to give up that final vestige to my manhood that was available to me, the way

I talked. I would have to give up any manly tone and speak "girly". Also, I was to encourage them to do things I do not want to do.

"You cannot possibly want this from me, guys! You have forced me to wear girly clothes, ruined all masculinity of my body and now you are telling me that I should be all positive about it and run around behaving like I indeed was some cock hungry whore??"

"Well, yes sunshine. We want that from you. And we want it now", Dee explained. "You will have your initiation today, which basically means life is business for all of us after that. There will be no more lapses on your side. If you don't start behaving like a good cocksucking slut NOW you will get your first real punishment."

"And trust him, it will be nothing like a beating. You would wish it were a beating if you fail us this time.", Joe added.

"But guys, I.. I.."

"That's it. You deserve no mercy, cunt. We will see if we can make a good price with the sadists that wanted to, err, 'rent' you. Your fault, our opportunity."

"But.. what did I do wrong??"

"We are to be addressed as Sirs, or Masters. Not guys."



"Open wiiiiiiide", Watts commanded. An o-ring gag was inserted into my mouth to "help me open up".

I went over to the make up table and saw a damn hot girl with her lips permanently formed to what is called "cocksucker lips", her arms bound behind her back by a strict armbinder and there was a chain dangling down from the collar around my neck that was labelled "cum slut".

They put shackles on my feet and we left to the cafeteria. I put up as much resistance as I could, I did not want to be seen like this. Consider that being forced to be a girl is about the worst thing to happen to a guy.. forcing him to be a sex object more than any girl would ever be, that's another story.

So they led me down the aisle, hobbling along in my heels with lips held wide open by the o-ring gag, displaying in advance already that I would be sucking cocks shortly. And I could not do a thing about it. I felt helpless.

I almost fell a dozen times due to the shackles, the chain and my 5" stilettos. What was unnerving too was that my skirt rode up all the time. For some reason unknown to me the two guys walking next to me, catching me when I almost fell, also pulled down my skirt aswell. I was beginning to think like a girl. So vulnerable. Knowing that she was sexy. Yet vulnerable, displaying her assets involuntarily - breasts are always there.

Then we stopped before the cafeteria's doors. Only Joe went in. The room grew silent. Joe was preparing a little speech.

"Dear gentlemen of this prison, what you thought could never been done, the un-happenable, happened.

On behalf of our dear Dee, on behalf of cellblock five, for your very enjoyment, I would like to present to you a girl that would make Pamela Anderson envious, a girl that craves dick like nothing else, a girl there solely to please us.

But how and why? Well, because she must - she is our slave. Worth nothing, degraded like a dog, and submitting to our will this girl that had been a boy just two days ago is now more girl than any female object in this world. She is the most sluttish, the kinkiest, the ultimateeeee.... CUNT! - Bring the horny cock hungry bitch in, boys!"

And I was lead into the room, on the leash. There was an empty table - empty but a piece of cloth that looked somewhat like a pyramid. The leash was bound to the table. I still tried to run away, but could not of course.

The crowd cheered. Dee cleared his throat.

"Let us get right to the point. Before we dine tonight, we will have a little fun with this vixen here - she is the object that we created.. The sex object, that is.

But before we start out, would anyone of you get a preview of a service that might be rentable in the future?'

The crowd cheered.

Dee pointed at a guy. He went next to me. Dee commanded me to kiss him passionately. And so I did.

That was probably the first time this guy had kissed a girl with her mouth held open by an o-ring gag. I could feel his stiff member as he pulled me close to him.

More cheering.

Then Dee and the rest of the crew sat down. Dee pulled me onto his lap. Ed would stand on the bench next to him.

"Let the fun begin!"

Ed undid his belt fast and point a rock hard dick directly at my face. "SUCK, SLUT!", he shouted and the crowd cheered in, shouting "SUCK, SLUT!" louder and louder.

I brought my mouth that was already held open by the gag closer to his cock. Slowly I would shove my head forward and eventually wrap my lip over Ed's big tool.

Then I pulled my head back, then forth again, slow but surely speeding up the motion, giving head, giving a blowjob to a man.

Then Dee started lifting me, with his hand around my waist, reaching up to my tits, kneading them.

I had to bend my neck a little due to Ed's dick. Slowly Dee put me down, impaled me with his cock.

"SILEEEENCE!", Dee shouted.

"Now, July, don't you feel wonderful now? Now that you have two cocks in you? Do you like that, bitch? Are you our cum slut? Answer!"

"Yesssh, I likshh shucking dicksshh and shetting fucksheeed..."

The crowd cheered and then the fucking began: My ass and my face was abused by two big cocks. Dee would thrust me up so that I rode up his cock only to have gravity pull me back to impale myself.

The motion making me jump around made it that pretty much all I had to do to suck Ed's dick was to to keep my lips wrapped around his shaft.

With every thrust my tits jiggled. They rode up so much that my bra would hold them already. And my huge hoop earrings that were soldered were dangling against my face.

I tried to escape over and over, but the sight of that only turned them more on. Not that it was possible with the armbinder and the feet shackles, on my high heels. Even their dicks held me back - the impalement affixed me to them. I could not move my hips forward due to the penis in my ass, my "pussy". And I could not even turn my head due to the penis in my mouth that slid in through the o-ring gag.

I was their whore, their cunt, their slut. And I was a woman now.



The guys took turns in fucking me and having their dicks sucked. But then, suddenly, the ordeal was over. My face was cum smeared and I had swallowed a lot of it too. When I was lifted from the last person impaling me cum immediately started trickling out of my wide open cunt. They took off my gag.

"Please, allow me to wipe my face, Sirs!"

"No. But you can try to lick up the cum around your mouth, slut."

They led me over to the small pyramid and lifted the cloth. A rubber penis was attached onto the bank. They forced me to sit onto it and bound me to the bank using rope. A plate with normal prison food was placed in front of me. It was covered by cum.

I looked at Dee, with a questioning expression on my face.

"Eat it, slut, it was cut in advance for you."

I bent forward and ate my dinner not much different than dogs eat out of their bowls. The crowd was amused.

After I had the dinner finished I was released from the bench.

"Time to clean up, eh, cunt?", Houser said.

But they would not let me go home, yet. Houser took my chain and attached it to the bank so that my mouth was impaled by the dildo I just sat on. "Clean it up well", he said. I tried to lift my head off the dildo but the chain held me there.

They placed another dildo attached to a long bar between my ass cheeks. It was slid in slightly.

Then they went about to leave.

"Oh and one more thing, slut. In your dinner were some really kinky drugs. They will make you horny in a few minutes. Have fun with that chastity belt of yours... I'm looking forward about the stories on your relief I will hear tomorrow."

And so they left me there.

After ten minutes I indeed began to become horny. I moved around nervously, the crowd reacting to my obvious unease introduced by my horniness.


After another ten minutes I could not stand it any longer. I humped the dildo and pumped my ass as much as it would go. Just to gain relief.

When it was there, the humiliation crashed in on me. People around me were laughing their ass off about my 'girly wanking'.





I woke up with the horror of today being a 'special' day racing in my mind. Bad dreams and all. I guess if you are the average guy, sent to prison and within a few days you are everything that resembles a girl, hell, a submissive girl and actually have to live that role in every aspect, you don't sleep too well.

Everything about me was feminine now. The big hoop earrings were dangling against my neck. They had been soldered as they had put it on me, so I can not take them off, not even for sleeping.

My real nipples hurt from the strain of the breasts glued to my body. They are internally connected to the nipples of the fake breasts. I guess I would have been glad for the invention of bras, if it were not for the fact that they were a typically female garment.

Like a girl. In every aspect. It did not feel good, I felt humiliated every second of the day.

Already sitting, I turned my body to put my feet to the ground. Oh how feminine that looked! I cannot help but notice that my knees are touching each other: the Neosteel TG chastity belt, designed to make a man look like a woman "down there" (a woman wearing a chastity belt, of course!) and the constant wearing of skirts gets you used to that kind of sitting, I guess.

"Good morning, sunshine!"

"Good morning Sir!", I giggle in a girlish way.

I inspected the nailpolish on my fingertips and on my feet. Highly feminine again. The act alone.

But they were of a flawless matte blue colour.

Houser walked over, a collar in his hand. "So that leading you the way won't make us any trouble later on, girl", he said as he attached it around my neck, locking it with a padlock. "Are you ready for some girl action as discussed yesterday?"

I nodded my head yes, "I do Sir! I can't wait to be a naughty girl again!"

Grabbing down below my bed I took out some lingerie. And hell were those things skimpy! I understand that I, as a man, liked girls to be dressed that way - it just looks damn sexy! But as a girl in an all-men's prison, where people are leering at me constantly, each and everyone lusting to push his cock down my throat, to grab my tits and to impale me with their cock I tried to hide my assets as much as I could. In reality though I knew that I could not. My breasts were way too ample - and even if I was allowed to skip makeup one day, my face had permanent makeup tattooed to it. Not to speak of the unremovable dangling hoop earrings or my absolute lack of body hair. How do you hide C cup sized breasts?


Of course I did not wear any men's clothing either. Only girl's clothes. Oh the horror of my situation!

I stepped into the stockings provided. Then the g-string which was indeed only a string. Eventually the bra - a model which I hated. It would amplify my cleavage but give little support and hide nothing. In fact it did not touch my breastbone. That should tell you something if you are a girl, or if you have ever worn a bra (why would you if you were not a girl?).. and yes, jiggling tits is an understatement.

Again I grabbed for below my bed, taking out the dress I was supposed to wear. I stood up and put it over my head. It was a silvery short dress that would closely align to my body. The hem of it would stop slightly below the top of my stockings.

"July! Becomes you!", a waking-up Watts sneered.

Smiling at Watts I went over to the makeup table. Full treatment today, as every day, only that it was supposed to look even "more sexy than usual", they had explained yesterday. I knew what they meant by that, from the book they had me read. I put on two shades of blue eye shade - a dark one and a light one. Looks great on me, they had constantly said. Then the lash mascara, taking particular care there, men like long eye lashes. Due to my permanent make up I could spare eye- and lipliner and proceed to a long lasting dark red lipstick. I hated that kind of lipstick - that kind which you coat your lips with, which dries and after your lips have gone a little numb it is practically irremovable without makeup remover. Houser insisted I take one of these today.

"Get going girl! We don't have all day! Geesh, why do girls always take so long in the bathroom?"

Satisfied (albeit still terrified) of the beautiful and sexy image of a female I hurriedly added a little lipgloss to my lips, swallow some chalk and run over to my bed to put on heels. That day I had the pleasure to wear 7" platforms with a spiked heels - see through ones ... those that strippers wear. I strapped them to my ankle.

I hurried over to our cell toilet and sat down (I can't pee standing due to the chastity belt), raising the hem of my skirt. Falling almost into the toilet - your feet are much higher if you wear high heels - I peed. After wiping my crotch with toilet paper I presented myself to Houser.

"I am done boss, Sir!", I said and blinked and smiled as femininely as possible.



"Click, click, click!", the sound of my heels was audible. Not because the prison is a quiet place, by far not! But because it was a rare sound in there.

I walked down the hallway, my toes pointed and my feet having little support, all arched up, wiggling my hips seductively, with no restraints but the chain attached to my collar that Houser held. I had not walked the prison so free since the freshman tour. That day was the first day I had worn women's clothes: a bra, panties and stockings. Remembering that day now makes me wonder: what would I have thought as they teared off my clothes if I had known that already the next day I would be almost fully female with almost no way of ever changing back, and if ever, then certainly not for the three years in here - would I still have thought that this was the most humiliating moment in my life?

I had run down exactly this corridor I am walking along now, only the other direction, trying to hide the feminine gear I was wearing. I would have taken it off if I had not feared the worst from my cellmates. Today I walked the other direction. And I had to walk seductively, in a "girlish way", no fault ever tolerated. I could not hide the fact that I was a girl in every respect.

We arrived at the prison principal's office. A male secretary greets us and announces us to the principal. He greets Houser and waves us in.

"July, be a good girl and get down to the floor there", Houser said, pointing to a bolt in the floor.

Smiling at him I answer "Yes, Sir!" and get down.

"A little more down with you, girl."

He fastened the chain from my collar to the bolt leaving my head a maximum of 1/3 metre to move above the floor.

"Very good! Now lie there and look sexy, July!". I smiled. "As you can see, Sir, she is submissive by nature - and she always wanted to be a girl and pleasure men like us."

The principal laughed: "Yes, I can see that. Anyway, good training, Houser!"

"So, if I may leave the keys to you, Sir, please feel free to study her case a little closer ...", Houser said and handing out the keys to the principal, left.

"My, my, little vixen.. You do look the 100% female. And 100% hot female indeed!"

I saw my chance in this opportunity. "Sir! I was forced to all this and I don't like it! Please, you must help me!"

"ENOUGH OF IT!". Shuttered I tried to move my head back, but the chain would of course not yield.

"But.. Sir??"

"Aww, shut your mouth, bitch. I'm not stupid, of course I know that you did not want to be a girl. But it deserves you fucking right, considering what you have done. I'll tell you something: I will do everything that you will at least suck ten dicks a day while in here and when your three years are over I will make sure that you'll be running the streets as a girl.

And don't even consider falling out of your role as the obeying submissive sex object ever again - I promise you, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! AM I CLEAR??"

"Yes, Sir.."

"Now that's better. So you like to be a submissive girl, you like to be humiliated and treated worse than one would treat an animal, yet you would like to look pretty... Tell me, what do you like about being a girl?"

"Everything about it. That I only need to do girly things and not think too much, that I can be pretty for strong men, that.."

"Do you like the sexual aspect of it too, girl?"

"Oh yes, Sir! I like that very..."

"So, do you like dicks? What do you like to do with dicks?"

"Ooh, dicks are wonderful! I so much like them in my pussy, but I love wrapping my lips around a cock too! If I see one, I can't help but want to feel it in me!"

"What about sperm?"

"Cum! I love cum! I love it when it trickles out of my pussy, or it's taste, or if it runs down my face or if smeared on my tits ..."

With a grin, the principal opened his fly and takes out his boner. "So... would you like to suck this dick?"

"Oh yes, very much Sir!"

He approached me, sat down and as soon as his dick was in close proximity of my mouth I thrust my head forward as much as I could and wrapped my lips around his shaft, my head going up and down.

"So you indeed like to suck dicks, eh? And you said you love them in your pussy too?"

"Yesh, Shir!", I muffled. "Mmm, what a tashty dick!", I tried to moan and look as delighted as possible, looking up into his face.

"Have a good go at sucking it, then we'll see what we can do about your cunt."

I had blown him for about ten minutes when he unlocked my collar. "We will move over to my table where I will fuck you. Until we are there don't even consider letting my dick slip out of your mouth. Don't worry, I'll move slowly."

As he proceeded to walk to his table I crawled backwards. As we were there I tried to raise myself to my feet (quit difficult with the heels that I wore!), still not letting his dick slip out of my mouth.

"Shir, would you pleashe fuck meh?"

"Of course dear.. Get in position, slut!"

I bent over the table, trying to raise my ass as high as possible. He put the tip of his slippery wet penis between my butt cheeks and told me to hop onto it myself.

Slowly, with one hand trying to spread my butt cheeks wide, I thrust my hips backwards, always trying not to lose balance on my heels, until he was finally in. Thankfully my hole was stretched far enough by then due to the buttplugs I almost always had to wear so that his dick would go in without causing me pain as it was, only lubed with my own saliva.

One of his hands went around my waist, the other firmly grabbed my right breast. With that he would raise me a little, my already pointed high heeled feet losing contact to the ground. I struggled a little, my feet tried to reach the ground but to no avail. Until he would lower me a little - my feet still not catching the ground - and thrust his big manhood into me.

He fucked me, he fucked me hard. I was humiliated by the fact that I moaned for real, but as my ass got used to having something in it, something even bigger thrust into me caused me to moan. My penis squirt a little cum, even without being erect, but because of the constant chastisement and the implied lack of relief, his penis massaging my prostate was actually a nice feeling, if not lustful.

I did not orgasm, of course, but I felt that one day I could be able to climax having sex this way.

As his pumps became faster and I sensed his orgasm, I faked mine. And then he came, pumping his warm semen into my body


As I was standing there, recovering from the physical exhaustion being fucked like this meant, the principal showed me a broad, large ring.

"I would like you to wear this ring in your pussy for a while. As I hear, you will have your first two customers shortly and you will service them orally, so please wear this in your pussy."

The broad ring was a little smaller in the middle so that it would not slip out of my ass easily. I spread my butt cheeks and inserted it. It would indeed be hard to remove, I thought as I felt my sphincter close around it. Obviously I was not fond of the ring, especially as it meant that his sperm would run down my legs shortly.

"What is that goo on the ring please, Sir?"

"Oh, just a little adhesive that will help to keep it in your butt for a few hours. Don't worry. Do not try to take it out until after one hour is over, though, girl.

Alright, you are free to go to your cell to dress appropriately for your first customers. I need you to sign this contract here first, though."

"What is it about please, Sir? I am only a silly girl and don't understand too ..."

"It is an explanation in your name that grants contractual rights to your cellmates and gives up a few of your personal rights.

Basically it says that it's okay for them to humiliate you, make you a girl, make you do girly stuff like sucking cock, tieing you up, and so on. It makes you their slavegirl.

Please sign here..."

I did as I was told.

"You leaked some cum there, girl!", the secretary announced, "be sure to lick up every drop that runs off your body until you are in your cell."

Accompanied by the usual wolf whistles I strut back to my cell the principal's cum running down my legs...

I kneeled down and again did as I was told.






"Hello guys!"

To my surprise nobody was in the cell.

Back in the cell I took off the dress I was wearing and sat down at the makeup table to refresh my eye makeup and add a little lipgloss again. I guess I could have taken off the shoes aswell for the while, but I must have been so used to wearing heels by then that I did not get that idea.

There was a note on my makeup table. It read:

"July, welcome to a life as our slavegirl! There is no turning back now ever, you will stay a girl for the rest of your life.

As you have heard already, you have two customers today. The good news for you are that you will do them at once and they only want blowjobs as far as pure sexual action is concerned. The bad news is that they are sadists and want to play with you.

Your closet is stocked now, please take out the vinyl hobble skirt and a vinyl top. Wear it, together with lockable heels, above your current lingerie.

Do not take out the ring the principal gave you. We will know if you did. No need to wash yourself down there either. It's okay that cum will be trickling out of your cunt while you are on your way to your customers - to the toiletblock B2, by the way.

No need to bring any equipment with you, the guys will have everything they need, girl.

Except: Gag yourself with a ballgag trainer, also in your closet, the biggest one in there (the black one) and put on the handcuffs on your bed, behind your back.

Don't fall."



Wobbly and not always graceful I slowly made my way to the toilets on the second floor of block B.

I could only make about a metre every 30 seconds due to the harsh restraint of skirt and heels.

As I walked a crowd would gather, tweaking my butt and touching my tits. I tried to shake them off, but with the handcuffs and my limited walking speed, I could not.

"The girl can't flee because she has overdone herself with these heels", "May I touch your tits?

Say no if you don't want it really much" and similar were most comments.

Then, at one point, I noticed a slight itching in my asshole - itching powder! The principal had put itching powder on the ring!

The biggest problem, however, would be the stairs. I could not get up there alone possibly, as my ability to raise a foot enough was so little. I tried to gesticulate to the crowd around me that I needed to go up there, but of course my attempts to talk were muffled by the huge ballgag.

They bloody well knew where I had to go though and eventually carried me up.

The itching became stronger and stronger.



As I arrived at the toilet block I was surprised to not find anybody following me in there.

"Look, look, what do we have here? A man that was forcibly feminized.. how sweet", the first of the two commented on my hobbling in.

"Is it true? Have you been a man once, a sissy, a wimp that was feminized and is now a female slave?", the second taunted.

I nodded my head yes, lowering it to the floor. I had not been talked of as a man since this ordeal started. An unfunny coincidence that exactly now I would try to finger my asshole, my "pussy", due to the hellish itching in it.

"Speak freely, do you like being a slave girl?"

I shook my head.

"Would you like us to release you and be a man again?"

I nodded.

"Well, this is unattainable!", both laughed out hysterically, "you know it can't be done! You will stay a slavegirl for the rest of your life!"

The bigger one took me and carried me over to a stool where he held me. Without further comment he started beating my ass. "Does that feel good? I bet it does help against the itching, fuckslut!"

I moaned into my gag at every strike with his hand. Then the second came and beat my ass with a small paddle, after some time with a bigger paddle, eventually with a riding crop. The pain was unbearable. I shouted into my gag, I would have done anything to make them stop.

And suddenly it did stop.

"Stand up bitch. We will show you what being a slavegirl really means. You will see that as soon as

I open my fly you will kneel in front of me and suck my dick like there was no tomorrow. And you will be glad that you are wearing the girly skirt and top and the heels and have such a girlish prettily made up face and blue nail polish on your fingertips.. glad that you look good for us and we enjoy you as a fuckslut too."

True to his word he opened his fly. Without hesitation, and as fast as possible I threw myself close onto him, sucking his big and veined cock. I sucked more emphorically than any girl I ever knew had done.

The other man approached me and started masturbating close to my face. First came the one masturbating, then the one I sucked. I licked both of them clean as good as I could.

"Please masters, thank you for your cum masters, I enjoy being your girl, may I be of other sexual service to you, masters? ..."


"You aren't exactly lucky that we came already, slavegirl. That's bad luck for you."

"huh? What will you..?"

I was carried over to the pissoirs and bound there in a kneeling position.

"What will you do to me? Noooooo!", I shouted, trying to escape with all my strength. They inserted a mouth spreader into my still cum smeared mouth (my whole face was cum smeared still and I could not wipe any of it off!).

"What do you say, the bitch liked it, right?"

"What havesh I done wrongh, Shirs?", I screamed in terror as they left through the door.



It was not after short that the door would open again and somebody to enter. Obviously I was not even slightly entertained by the thought of somebody seeing me in this predicament - and what they would do to me, if they found me like this. So I held still.

"Good god, what's that!"

Of course, if you are chained to a pissoire and somebody comes in to take a piss your chances of remaining undetected are slim to none. A young, slim and tender man approached me. In a way his facial figures were similar to what mine had been - before I had been turned into a bimbo.

"Are you the guy they made a girl?"

"Yessh", I tried to answer with my mouth opened wide.

"Woohw. I must say, I'm impressed. I did not think you would look.. like .. like THIS!"

"I didh noth ashk to be a girl"

He put his elbow into his palm, displaying that he was thinking. "Hmm... - "

"You know", he broke the selfintroduced silence, "what happened to you was one of my primary fears when I was taken to prison. Being of slight build myself I was afraid that some stronger guy would rape me if he felt like it."

"This must be like hell for you, right?", he asked.

"It ish hard to shpeak 'or me like thish, but yesh, it ish! Can you imagineh what it ish like to 'e made a girl?" - I could not believe it? Had I found one who was sympathetic with me? Somebody that could be... a friend?

"But you do look sexy.. unbelievably sexy. Will you stay a girl when your time is over?"

"NO! OF COURSH NOT!", I immediately shouted.

"But is it actually possible to reverse some of the things done? Don't you take hormones?"

"Yessh, I do.. 'ut I will find a way" - he unzipped his fly and stood in front of me. "What are you doingh??"

"I will be using you as a toilet, what do you think?"

"But.. but.. I shought you were differenth than the othersh!"

"Ah, shut up bitch. You have bad luck to be in this predicament, and I will use you - in fact, I

might even have Houser whore you out to me one day, to see if your oral skills hold up to what your

prettily made up face promises", and he let go.



I had been kneeling there quite some time. My jaw ached a lot - and I had drunken a lot of piss and cum. It must have been at least 10 guys that used my mouth as a deposit. But finally I was freed.

Thanking the man, I hurried into the connected shower room and washed myself very probably like I never did. The smell of urine was in my nostrils and it made me sick. Taking out the ring from my ass, I also tried to rid myself of the itching power that had tortured me so long.

When I was done I went over to my clothing. In agony I picked up the hobble skirt and the heels and slipped into them.

With all my force left I slid into the hobble skirt, fastened the heels and slowly hobbled back into my cell.

I was rambling about the world - my world, in fact - and how I would end up as the prison prostitute and do this (or at least sexual acts) every day. There was still this hope glimmering inside me, and after all, after three years this would be all over. Once out, I could go back to be a guy again. Sure, I would start out as a girl, with the permanent make up, the breasts and the chastity belt - but I could go back! There was a chance. I hoped.



I made my way back to the cell. It was difficult, of course, with heels and skirt hobbling me as much as possible. Needless to say there were a dozen offers for 'help' - but those involved me kneeling, with a dick inside my mouth.

It took me ages to get back to our cells. I was worn out. I needed sleep badly.



As I woke up the next morning the cell was almost empty. Houser was the only one there.

"The other guys have gone to work, already. You have slept a long time, girl."

I looked around dazed.

"You and I, we need to have a talk, girl. But we will take things easy today. Take your time to wake up, then we'll chit chat, July."

I nodded my head in agreement and headed to the toilet. Sitting there, I tried to relax.

Talk? What could he want from me? I smelled trouble.

"Okay girl. Now come here, sit in front of me", Houser pointed in front of him, sitting on his bed.

He wanted a blowjob. Please, no!

"Don't worry girl. Take it easy. Come here."

I came over and kneeled on the spot that he pointed to.

"Right. You see, I feel there are a few quirks in how this thing runs. This girly thing, I mean. Ah wait, I know. Tell me how you feel about this. I know you don't like this too much. Please be open. How do you feel about this?"

Houser surprised me. He was - like the other guys - a ruffian most times. Practically all the time. Unless, of course, he was sleeping. I wondered: Does he plan to ask me out on a dinner?, and grinned at the thought.

"Well, Sir.."

"Spare the 'Sir'. Only for now. I want you to be comfortable. We will go back to normal when this talk is over... Please, continue!"

"Okay. Well, of course I do not like what you did to me. I hate it. You are destroying my life and I..."

He nodded.

".. I.. I don't know what to do! I'm no girl. I look like one though! I want to go back to being a man again! In a few weeks my girlfriend will be allowed to pay me a visit by prison regulations! I can't face her!"

He nodded.

And it continued spurting out of me: "Even if I am allowed with manly clothing, there is still my breasts, the permanent makeup and the soldered hoops in my ears! I am no goddamn slave! And especially no good damn female slave!"

"Alright. Stop it now. Stop... You see, we thought so, girl. I mean, we believed that you thought so. And this is a problem for us. A big problem. This is not what we intended."

"So you see your errors and want to let go of me?"

"No! Of course not. You are misunderstanding what our intentions are.. or mine, right now. I don't want to apologize or anything, I just want to make sure what we intended will work out as we anticipated. We do not feel in error at all. And we don't want to make life easier for you either, we want to make sure YOU WORK OUT AS WE PLANNED."

I gulped. A dim shine of hope. Vanished.

"What do you think this is?? Okay, okay. Let me explain to you why I am having this chat with you.

We ware unsatisfied with how fast you 'learn'. Your bodily transition has gone smoothly and we are very pleased with that. Face it, you're a hot chick. But we want you to live the part too. I mean sure, your manners, your walk and everything: that improved. Yet we are unsatisfied. You do this because if we spot you acting contrary to our commands we will punish you."

I nodded.

"And this is the problem. We want you to be proactive about this girly thing. We want you to flirt with the other guys in the prison, that you will proactively talk seductively to everybody in here, that you will wiggle your hips more, that you will put your hand into one of our hands when walking along with us, that you lean on us when we stand. We want you to be open about this girly thing.

When asked, we demand that you tell them the story about how we feminized you. And that you will append the sentence 'and may I perhaps do something womanly for you, strong man?'. That you call us

'Sir'. And so on. Live the role!"

Houser stopped. He looked into my eyes. Fearful I let mine drop to the floor.

"Sir... I am not sure.. I think I can't live the role. Please...", I begged.

"You are not quite listening, July. We are not asking that of you. We demand that you live the role."

"And if I don't - or if I can't obey? You will let the sadists have me again?"

"I am glad you ask, girl...", Houser said with a twinkle in his eyes, "give me your hand."

I was reaching out, presenting my hand to him. He grabbed it. And in an instant he had buried out a knife from below his pillow and held it to my veins.

Our eyes met. Mine filled with fear, his wide of lust.

"Sunshine... what happened to you was something we planned. We spent a lot of time and effort into making you what you are today. If you continue to act up we might cancel the project. Cancelling such a project means losing a lot of effort. Cancelling means losing you."

"But.. but.. you would not get away with killing me!! Please! Let me go!"

"Are you this stupid? Look at you. You are a girl as it lives and breathes. Did you consider what would happen to you something else that we could not get away with? What do you think?? The guardians get a fair share of money for supporting us. Well, some were promised a fair share of your mouth and pussy. Anyway, we are not the only ones interested that you work out. We are paid our fair share by R.F., I suppose you have heard of him, who runs the drug business at large in this prison.

That's how it works out."


I gulped once again. He still held my hand. Now he pulled me close to him and put the knife's blade directly to my throat.

"We are the ones deciding on life or death in this prison. Our primary interest is money. And you are somebody or something that brings us money. You get to wear these pretty clothes because that brings us money. We do not care for you. You are our whore and we are your pimps. And trust me, we control everything in here. And we don't hesitate to kill."

With that, he threw me away. I breathed heavily.

"I will show you" - "GUARD!", he shouted. And immediately there was somebody at the cell door.

"Bring me Meiser."

The guard nodded. After two minutes of uninterrupted silence the guard had returned, opened the door and threw an elderly looking man into the cell. "Meiser..", he whispered.

"Please! Houser! I have paid R.F.! I don't understand what you could still want of me old man, Houser!"

Houser turned his head away from the sobbing creature kneeling in front of him and pointed at the man's eye clap. With a large grin he told me: "My work. He owed us only 50$. Only. But he owed them one week too long. We got even by takin' his left eye. Nobody is late about paying back his debts anymore."

With that he turned his head, nodded to the guard and by which the guard took the old man's arm and led the simpering him out of the cell.

Houser approached me.

"Alright... Sunshine. Don't say a word. I guess you do believe now."

I nodded. I was scared to death.

"Our little chit-chat is over now. We expect you to fulfill our expectancies now. Start now."

I stood up, approached him with swaying hips and rubbed his breasts with my flat palm.

"Ooh, such a strong breast, Sir. A girl like me gets weak when she sees something so handsome as yourself..."

"Very good, July. I knew that you would learn."

"Please.. put your arm around my waist and pull me close to you. I would love to do anything you demand of me."

"Excellent, girl. Keep going that way. But you are lucky. You have the day off. Have a beauty day.

Undo the glue-on nails, prepare your own. We have a job for you tomorrow."

"What will it be that I will be allowed to do for you, Sir?"

"You will go over to the public meeting room with some stuff that we will give you.. Mostly ropes, but also a ballgag, some stuff to suspend you in the air and a dildo. Oh yes, and a sign that you will have to prepare yourself in public. You will get to know all details tomorrow. Your older self would have hated that stuff."



With swaying hips, dressed in a sexy vinyl dress, 6" (!) high heels and smiling red lips, I seductively strutted down the prison halls with the small feminine bag that I had been given. Wolf whistles everywhere.

Wherever I went men where flocking around me. Today would change much in my brain, I thought. How I would think of myself. And my real life of course. My real life outside the prison.

As I arrived at the public meeting room I addressed my audience - or the spectators: "Good day,

Sirs! I am happy to be allowed to announce that today I will be offering a free entertaining service sponsored by R.F.! I am to be of service sexually to no more than everybody currently in this room - let me count - gosh! that's at least 30, 40 men!"

"But before we can start", I continued, "I will need to make some preparations. Would you strong men please be so kind and help me?"

The audience was excited. Lewd but affirmative shouts from everywhere.

"Very well, thank you Sirs! I will need a few people to have one of the longer ropes fixed to the staircase up there, so I can be suspended to it. Would you do that while I prepare this little sign here that will be affixed to it? Thank you!"

With a fat text marker I labelled the sign 'To be abused as you pleasure'. I handed it to the guys affixing the rope to the staircase, they would use large paper clips to affix the sign to the rope at about two metres above the floor. I asked two men to bring me a table and to position it closely.

I put out the remaining pieces of rope, dildo, ballgag, lube and condoms.

Standing spread eagled leaning to the table, I carefully lubed a condom and then, after extending it on two fingers of mine, I lubed my asshole, much to the pleasure of my audience.

"Very well, now almost everything is done to get started. But I still need a few men to tie me up properly. Would you do that? Thank you, men. Yes, please. Tie my hands doubly, and please tie together my arms. Very good! Yes, it can be strict - so strict that I am unable to escape and a helpless girl only at your whim... ... Thank you. Now please tie each of my legs to my arms, so that I am hogtied. No, not the feet themselves, otherwise you would miss out a chance to take me from behind, like the slut that I am."


As I was eventually tied up, lying on the floor, I tried to get free, struggling a little, but the prisoners had done their job well.

"Now, please lift me up and tie my hogtie and the belt around my waist to the suspension from the ceiling. Excellent, thank you. So... before you start taking me, I ask you to hear me. Please grant me a pause of fifteen minutes every two hours. When each of you is done, please gag me and insert the dildo into my ass, I am meant to be a cum smeared advertisement for R.F. after that. Also, I have been told that my outside girlfriend has visiting rights today - please allow me to talk to her when she comes in, I am instructed to ask her for something."

"Aren't you talking much for a sex toy, slave? Looks like you aren't in the position anymore to tell us how things will go."

"Oh yes, Sir, you are right. Please feel free fondle my breasts, to touch me, do anythi... *uumpf*


And the first cock was rammed into my mouth.

Slurping noises. Then my ass was impaled aswell. I was rocked forth by the dick in my mouth and then back by the dick in my ass. Balls hit my chin. Cum was running down my red lips, down my chin, dripping into a pool that has started to develop at the floor below my head.

My sexily made up eyes, with their pretty batting eyelashes had looked every way excited, I had been told at a later day. And so I was fucked and fucked for hours.



My former girlfriend. I tried to answer, but with a rock hard dick in my mouth that did not work out.

"John, is that truly you?"

I nodded. The guy in my mouth withdrew his penis, the other guy stopped fucking me from behind.

"Yes dear, it's me."

"What have they done to you!"

"They have made me a girl. A cumslut, they say. I am sorry I am talking this way, but they will punish me if I do not."

"Away, away with you scum from her.. him. Away! John, I will get you help immediately! You will be free this instant."

"No! No dear, don't! They will kill me if you do. Please leave it at that. I understand that it must sound and look weird, but I am meant to be a female slave while serving in this prison."

"But.. but! Don't you want to fight back?", my former girlfriend started to sob.

"Don't cry. I know this is hard, but there is nothing that can help me. I am in here to suck and grind cocks and that is what I will do."

"What.. what can I do for you? Is there anything?"

"Yes dear. First off, don't cry. And ..."

"But John" - "Now I am 'July', dear, please call me that, I must insist." - "I fell in love with a man. How can I ever love you again? No man would let something like this happen to him!"

"I understand, honey. I do. But I am requesting a last thing from you, please promise me that you will fulfill this request. They mean to humiliate me by this request, but if I don't get what I will be asking of you, they will punish me severely."

"What is it, John.. er.. July?"

The sheer insolence of asking what I was about to ask made me shiver. They indeed only meant to humiliate me. Houser had explained to me that before I was set free, I would need it. So that my life as a whore could continue outside prison walls. It was a perverted plan. Of course I could get it; but they must have thought that me requesting that from my love would forever part our ways.

"I need a bridal gown and I cannot get one in here. Would you buy one for me and send it? They tell me that when my sentence is nearing its end I will need to marry a pimp that will be released together with me. That way they can continue to whore me out outside and I..."

My former love looked stern now. She had the ball gag in her hand. "Enough now! Please", was all that she said.

"But love, please list.. *mmmpf*", and she had gagged me.

"I will buy that bridal gown for you and send it in here. After that our ways are parted, you fucking pussy. Every fucking woman today is more of a man than you, wimp, you had been more of a fucking sissy girl than any _REAL_ girl in this world even before they had transformed you."

With that, the man still impaling me from behind started fucking me again.




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