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Prisoner Exchange                  by: Gingerfred Man


Chapter One -- As bad as it gets

Fromage, Wisconsin

As the calendar turned to May of his freshman year of high school, Mike felt as if he had hit bottom.

Small and shy, he was the target of incessant bullying and teasing by the school’s bigger boys. He wasn’t afraid to stand up to them. In fact, many times he had punched one of the thugs; but instead of making them run to their mommas, as the legend goes, it made them harass him even more.

It was impossible to keep this from his loving and concerned parents, Marc and Genevieve Ormond. They wanted to sue the school and hang the bullies. But that never works either. The lessons of Columbine hadn’t yet permeated the thick skulls of this particular midwestern school’s administrators yet.

The jerks even made fun of Mike’s name. He tried to tell them that Michel is the French version of Michael. The bullies said it was a girl’s name (Michelle). Marc and Genevieve had come to this town from Quebec and the entire family was fluent and accent-free in both French and English.

Desperate, Mike’s parents had started him in counseling back in October and the results were very unexpected.

The psychologist, Dr. Moore, was a kind, middle-aged gentleman who wanted very much to help Mike. Mike revealed things that he believed he could never tell his parents. Dr. Moore believed that the only way Mike could be helped was to tell his Mom and Dad all. The time had come and Mike was much more nervous than he had been standing in the cafeteria line waiting for a bully attack.

Mike, Marc, Genevieve and Dr. Moore had gathered to discuss what was really going on in Mike’s life. Dr. Moore urged Mike to begin.

"Mom, Dad, I think my problem is that I feel like a prisoner. I’m trapped in this town. I’m trapped in my high school. I’m trapped in this body," Mike said.

"What do you mean, Honey, about being trapped in your body?" Mike’s Mom said. "We’re all trapped in our bodies. You’re smaller, but you may grow. It’ll be all right. Those morons who bully you will all be working for you someday."

"No, Mom. Thanks. I know you mean well, but that’s not what I mean. It’s not that I’m small. I don’t think that I really want to get much bigger. It’s something entirely different."

"What is it, Sport?" Mike’s Dad said.

Mike looked at Dr. Moore for support. Dr. Moore nodded. "It’s Nicole," Mike said to his parents.

Marc and Genny looked at each other. "Who’s Nicole?" they asked.

Mike hesitated again. Then he said, "I’m Nicole."

Marc and Genny looked very puzzled. Dr. Moore stepped in. "Like any other boy or man, Mike has both an X and a Y chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes, so even the most macho man in the world is really half female. So all men are both Ginger and Fred.

"The great majority of men suppress their X side very strongly, because they don’t want to be ostracized and called all the cruel names. But there are also many men in whom the X chromosome is very strong and fights the psyche for dominance."

"You mean gay men," Marc said.

"A misconception. Most gay men are very masculine in manner and dress and act very much like other men. I’m talking about men whose female side is so strong that it wants to take over the person, who would dress and act like a woman, even taking a woman’s name. This is what we have, I believe, with Nicole."

A glimmer of realization hit Genny. "Nicole is trying to take over with Mike? Goodness! Well, how can we suppress it?"

"I don’t believe that would be possible," the psychologist said. "And even if we could, it would harm both Mike and Nicole. Mr. And Mrs. Ormond, Mike is a very unhappy boy. His life is miserable and he is depressed. I believe you must allow him to release Nicole for an extended period. If this makes him happy, you may want to consider some permanent steps. If Mike then decides that he wants to be Mike again, we’ll deal with that then."

"Do you agree with all that, Mike?" his father asked.

"I do, Dad. I’ll need a lot of help from you both, especially you, Mom, because I don’t know how to be a girl. I’ve never even worn a pair of panties or a dress. But the idea of it sounds heavenly to me. Please let me be Nicole. Please."

"I have a lot of questions," Marc said. "Mike, will Nicole be interested in boys or girls? Are you gay?"

Mike started to answer, but the doctor stepped in. "Since Mike has never been Nicole, except in his mind, there’s no way to know Nicole’s orientation. I strongly believe that Mike’s Y side at the moment is asexual. He’s so depressed he’s not interested in boys or girls. Consider how unusual that is for a boy about to turn fifteen."

Mike’s parents ached for him. "How long would the trial period with Nicole be?" Marc asked.

"I would recommend no less than a year," Dr. Moore said.

That shocked Marc and Genny and delighted Mike.

"We want to help you, Honey," Genny said to Mike. "Maybe you could dress as a girl on weekends and stay in the house and all that. But if you just start being Nicole, how can we explain to family, friends and neighbors what happened in a way that would allow you become Mike again someday if you wanted?"

Mike’s face fell. Mom was right. It seemed hopeless.

"Actually," Doctor Moore said, "there is a way if you’re willing to really put yourself out for Mike and Nicole. There’s an international organization called Prisoner Exchange that could help you."

The three Ormonds looked at the doctor. Prisoner Exchange? Sounds like an episode of Oz on HBO.

"Let me explain. Nicole is Mike’s key to happiness, but she’s a prisoner in his body. Prisoner Exchange recognizes that many teenagers face this seemingly hopeless situation. Under the guise of an exchange-student program, Prisoner Exchange matches up kids of roughly the same age and engineers a school-sanctioned student exchange for a year. Mike is an excellent student and the school owes you. They’ll go along. The best part is that Prisoner Exchange gives you all the help you need. They’ll get you a real passport under Nicole’s name and they will help you fake school records to exchange. They also provide an excellent program of instruction on becoming a girl."

Mike was squirming with hope. "Please say yes, Mom and Dad," he prayed silently.

"Can we afford it?" Mike’s practical father asked.

"It’s around $20,000 for everything. Not cheap, but excellent.

"How did you know about this?" Genny asked.

"I used it myself when I was a boy. It saved my life."

"But you’re a man now. Why didn’t you stay a woman?"

"That year as a girl was wonderful, but it showed me that I would be happier as a man. It’s an individual decision."

Marc looked at Genny and Mike. Their expressions told him what he should do. "OK. Let’s do what’s best for Mike…and Nicole."

Mike leaped up and hugged his father. "Oh, thank you, Daddy. I love you." And he kissed his Dad on the cheek.

Marc was stunned. Mike hadn’t called Marc Daddy or kissed him in years. It felt great. I guess that was Nicole, he thought. It’ll be great to have a daughter, although she’ll be living somewhere else pretty soon.

"When can we start?" Genny asked.

"I’ll contact Prisoner Exchange as soon as you leave. They should contact you within 24 hours. Meanwhile, I recommend that you withdraw Mike from school. There are only four weeks to go and she’s going to start dressing as Nicole and being Nicole as soon as you get her home. Tell the school that you’re home-schooling Mike before he becomes an exchange student. They’ll be happy to be rid of you and your justified complaints about their inability to control their bullies.

"Anything else for now? Well, all right then. Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Ormond. Goodnight Nicole. Enjoy your new, better life."

Nicole was so excited, she was almost peeing her pants. This is going to be so wonderful, she thought. I’m going to feel and taste and smell again. I’m going to want to get up in the morning. And all because of my wonderful parents, Dr. Moore and Prisoner Exchange.



Chapter Two – French Dressing

Vinrouge, south of Paris

Yvette Boudreau hated to be indoors on such a beautiful day, but her parents had begged her not to show herself. They thought that the neighbors would look at her and say, "Regardez (Look), that pouffy Jean-Pierre is wearing dresses." Yvette knew that she was entirely different from that pathetic loser, Jean-Pierre, who co-habitated her body. She was a prisoner to that creep and no matter how beautiful she became, she would be a prisoner in this body of his and this house where he lived.

Yvette had explained all this to her stunned parents three months ago. She was going to start dressing and being Yvette full time, she announced. Her parents, Luc and Marie-Anne, were so used to the introverted, sullen personality of fifteen-year-old Jean-Pierre, that they were delighted first of all that they had produced a child who used her testicles.

Yvette had dressed in a flattering outfit with stockings and heels, styled her hair and expertly made up her face for the confrontation. Her parents were also delighted to see the first evidence of their child’s initiative.

It was Yvette’s turn to be shocked when, after a few questions, Luc and Marie-Anne agreed with her plan to become a full-time girl. They did negotiate a compromise, however. No Yvette outside until school is out. At that time, they would find a solution to which all would agree.

That night would be when Yvette’s papa had said they would discuss what he believed was a good solution. He had spent many hours on the Internet and in chat rooms. He was now ready to tell his family what he had decided.

"What is it, papa?" the sweet and sour young girl with a cock and no boobs asked her daddy. "What will we do?"

Papa looked at Mama and Yvette and said two words, "Prisoner Exchange."

He then went on to explain what it was and how they would fit into it. They loved Papa’s elegant solution.

"And the best part is, they already have a student picked out for the exchange. Her name is Nicole Ormond and she lives in Fromage, Wisconsin."

"She’s not French?" Yvette asked.

"She’s French-Canadian, so she’ll have an odd accent, but she’s fluent. You’ll be living for a year in a town called ‘Cheese.’ It’s a good thing you’ve always studied your English. Just think, Cherie, you’ll be able to go outside and live a full life as a girl. You can even have breasts."

"BREASTS!! OH! OH! I didn’t know. You would do that for me? Oh, Mama, Papa. I love you both so much." And Yvette hugged them and began to sob with joy.

When Yvette settled down, Papa said, "Prisoner Exchange gives all its girl exchange students nice new breasts. The effect is reversible, if you wish, at some point. Exchanged prisoners can’t really pass at a secondary school without breasts. You’ll still have your testicles and penis, though, Cherie. Prisoner Exchange has asked that you join them for two weeks in Paris for surgery and a whole study program on being a girl. The program also addresses social situations and gives advice on how to date boys and even have sex with them."

"I could have sex with boys?" Yvette’s mind raced. I could kiss them, I could suck them off, and they could put their cocks in my ass. What a delightful prospect!

"Do you like that idea, Cherie?" Mama asked.

"Yes I do, Mama. Yes I do."



Chapter Three – Becoming Nicole


That first night as Nicole, she got the first real stiffie of her life when she put on her mother’s nightie. Mother helped her slide the smooth material over her head and onto her slim body. It was pink, with little ribbons and spaghetti straps. She shivered when it fell in place. Right then, Daddy popped in to say goodnight. "Daddy!!" Nicole said. "I’m getting dressed. Men aren’t allowed in my bedroom when I’m undressed."

Delighted by both the modesty and the assertiveness, Marc said, "Sorry, Honey" and backed out of the room.

Mother had noted the sensual delight the nightie had given Nicole. She also noted the respectable woodie that she had never seen before. And she was very happy for her baby. She kissed Nicole good night and told her they would drive over to the mall in Oshkosh and get her lots of clothes tomorrow. Nicole fell into a sweet slumber thinking about dresses, skirts, stockings high-heeled shoes and garter belts. Unlike the other girls in Fromage, there would be no lumberjack outfits for her.

On the first full day of Nicole’s rebirth, Mother woke her at 9:30 to tell her that she had already arranged to withdraw Mike from school. There would be no more harassment and administrative indifference. Nicole hugged Mother joyfully, and then ran off to the bathroom for a shower and leg and armpit shaves. Instinctively, Nicole sat to pee and laughed to herself about how natural that seemed.

A quick make-up lesson produced excellent results. Nicole learned quickly and looked stunning. Even better, the room was radiant with her smile. Mother had found an old dress of hers that she believed would fit Nicole and she was right. She was delighted when Nicole insisted on tan stockings and a garter belt – no thick socks or evil pantyhose for this chickie. Nicole squirmed with pleasure as she eased her first stockings onto her newly shaved legs. Ooooh!

Mother styled Nicole’s longish hair as well as she could. They would have to hit the beauty parlor today. Three-inch heels completed the femmy look. Nicole balanced well in the heels and would have been happy, Mother thought, to have spent the day admiring herself in the full-length mirror. She did have killer legs!

Mother and Nicole had a wonderful time at the mall. They nattered like girl friends and impoverished the family with their purchases. Mother noticed the stares of young men and boys. She was used to such stares for herself, but these were for Nicole.

Nicole noticed the stares too. She also noticed the way that the shoe salesman seemed to take pleasure in feeling her stockinged feet and the way he tried to catch a glimpse of her pretty panties from his kneeling position. It’s a good thing she remembered when she was sitting to pretend that she was holding a jewel between her knees.

Nicole didn’t know what to do about all this. It would take some time to sort it all out. She was attracted to the pretty girls she saw in the mall, but most of them were dressed in sloppy jeans and sweatshirts. "Don’t they like being girls?" she thought. Nicole sure did.

She also liked looking at the boys and appreciated their stares. Sometimes she would wonder what it would be like to kiss one of the boys or even touch him "down there." But then she remembered how the boys treated Mike at school and the feeling went away. Nicole was especially hurt by her memories of Brad and Bennie, the two bad boys who tortured poor Mike whenever they got the chance. They can just keep their thingees to themselves, she thought. Nicole was not a mean girl, but she hoped that something bad would happen to Brad and Bennie.

When Mother and Nicole returned home that evening, Daddy was waiting with good news. "Prisoner Exchange contacted me," he said. "I’ve paid them and we’re moving forward. They assure me they’ll find an exchange partner and they want to start training Nicole a week from today. And the best news – as part of the deal, Nicole will be getting breasts!"

A thrill of joy went through Nicole. Breasts!! She started sobbing and hugged her parents tightly. Daddy was droning on about how the breasts were reversible, yadda, yadda, but Nicole knew then that she would never go back. She was a girl forever.

Over the next week, Nicole stayed at home for her "home schooling." Mother taught her the ways of being a woman and there was a lot to learn. Mother shared some secrets about how women relate to men and even talked a little about s-e-x and how much she loved it with Daddy.

"Were there other boys and men before Daddy?" the little sweetheart timidly asked her mother.

Mother had a far-away look as she answered. "Oh, yes. There were many. But none since Daddy," she added quickly.

"Does sex hurt, Mama?" she asked.

"Our bodies are different, Honey, so I can’t really answer that. The first penetration of the vagina can hurt, as can future penetrations if they’re done without proper preparation. Generally, the rule is, if it hurts, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re going to have intercourse with boys, Nicole, it will have to be, you know, back there."

Nicole had never even considered such a thing. She was shocked, but excited too. She blushed. "You mean, in my…butt?"

"That’s right, Sweetheart. A man’s penis in a girl’s butthole can bring them both a great deal of pleasure, but it has to be done properly."

Nicole was silent for a moment, and then asked two questions. "Have you ever done that, Mama? And what do you mean by ‘done properly’?"

Now it was Mother’s turn to blush. "Goodness, yes. I’ve had quite a few cocks back there in my time, especially your father’s. Of all of them, Daddy knows best what properly means. Most of the time, he licks my butthole until it’s good and slick. He sticks his long tongue in there and swirls it around. Sometimes he uses a lubricant like Vaseline or K-Y, applying it with his fingers. Sometimes he just greases up his cock with the lubricant and eases it in my backside. And sometimes, before we even undress, I use some vaginal jelly back there myself, in case he’s felling impetuous."

Nicole couldn’t believe how frank Mother was being, but she felt so close to her that she could ask, "Do you like it, Mama?"

"Oh yes, Sweetie. I love to be buttfucked. I love sex in my vagina too. I love kissing and hugging and even just rubbing up against Daddy. But what I love most is sucking Daddy’s big cock. He loves it so and I love to please him. He always has a nice creamy load for me at the end. Sometimes I swallow it and sometimes I let him spray it all over my face. It’s dreamy."

Mother stopped herself, thinking she may have gone too far. "Nicole, I’m only telling you all this because you have so much catching up to do as a girl. You haven’t had girlfriends to talk to, so for now, that’s my role, as well as mother."

Mother had to be frank with Nicole. She kept thinking of the song, "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from "The Sound of Music." One line rang especially true about Nicole – "Totally unprepared are you to face a world of men." Nicole was almost literally born yesterday. She was that delightful combination of sweet, innocent and very sexy-looking. The boys would swarm. Nicole would have to understand her options and techniques for implementing those options.

Nicole was quivering a little with fear and confusion, but she appreciated what her mother had said and thanked her for it.

One bright morning, a week after Nicole’s rebirth, the Prisoner Exchange man pulled up to the Ormond’s house in an SUV. Mother and Nicole were expecting him and they had their bags packed. It was off to Chicago for two weeks of orientation and surgery.

The Prisoner Exchange man, whose name was Rob, was chatty during the four-hour ride. "You’re a very pretty girl, Nicole," he said. "It’s great to see you’re following your nature."

"Thank you, Rob," Nicole said. She wondered if Rob was one of those men her mother warned her about who wanted to remove her panties and have his way with her. She was beginning to wonder if that was such a bad thing. Rob was cute.

When they arrived at PE-Chicago, they checked into the safe house, went out for some shopping and a light dinner and went to sleep early. Nicole’s surgery was scheduled for 7 a.m.

The breast-creation surgery went very smoothly. One week later, she was healed and ready to face the world, she thought.

Nicole was thinking about how good her life was and admiring her brand-new titties. They were a good size for her slim body – B-cups maybe – with large, dark, brown nipples. Nicole was timidly touching them, because they were still tender. She found that they affected her balance when she walked, but she adjusted easily.

Nicole felt that the moment she and her parents left Dr. Moore’s office was her rebirth. She took joy in a life that once held no pleasures. Her love for her parents had bloomed and grown.

Inexplicably, the sweet little girl had a stiffie that would not quit. Masturbation was an unknown science to her. She had never had a waking orgasm. So much of the time, she walked around carrying wood.

The second week at the safe house was spent in training designed to promote the cover story. She was a girl from Wisconsin. She had a brother named Mike who was also an exchange student in California. Her family was hosting a French student named Jean-Pierre Boudreau (AKA Yvette). The story was backed up with documents and she was instructed in the art of plausible denial. She received a whole other unit of instruction about how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (call Prisoner Exchange at least three days ahead and they will check out your potential partner) and another instruction unit on how to enjoy your sex life as a she-male without defeating the purpose of the exchange. To do this, Nicole would have to select partners she could trust, bribe or threaten or partners whom no one would believe. Strategies and tactics were discussed and practiced.

The last part of the instruction dealt with how to have satisfying sex as a she-male. For this, Nicole was shown several instructional films from the Prisoner Exchange archives. They showed techniques for satisfying both male and female partners.

Nicole was disturbed and excited by these "instructional films." Amazingly, the films didn’t cause her to masturbate, but she had a nocturnal emission almost every night. Nicole (or Mike) had never had a waking orgasm. That was about to change.

Two days before the training was to end, Nicole reported to Nurse Johnson, an attractive, thirty-something lady who had helped Nicole through the post-surgery. Nicole liked Mrs. Johnson very much.

"Come on in, Honey," Mrs. Johnson said. "Please take all your clothes except your panties off and hop up on the examining table."

Mrs. Johnson gave her a thorough exam and pronounced her fit. She paid particular attention to the pretty new titties. Nicole thought that Mrs. Johnson was handling them in a different way than she had yesterday. Her nipples were getting stiff and so was her thingee.

"I have to demonstrate something to you today as part of our program, Nicole. The films are fine, but you need to overcome some of your fears and reservations by direct experience. Please get on all fours on the table here; that’s good."

Nicole trembled a little. What was happening?

Mrs. Johnson smeared some lubricant on three fingers of her left hand and the palm of her right hand. Why wasn’t she wearing surgical gloves?

"Now, Nicole, I know you told me you’re afraid of anal penetration, so I want to show you how pleasant it can be."

Beads of cold sweat formed on Nicole’s forehead.

"I’m going to show you by inserting first one, then two, then three fingers of my left hand into your pretty little rosebud. If it hurts, Honey, you let me know and I’ll stop, OK?"

Timidly, "OK." But why did she lubricate her right hand too?

Now pull your panties down for me. Good girl. Don’t be afraid. I would never hurt you."

Mrs. Johnson slipped her lubricated middle finger into Nicole’s virginal little poopchute.

"Ooooh," Nicole moaned.

"Did that hurt?"

"No. It’s OK." Actually, it felt wonderful, but Nicole was ashamed to say so.

The second finger slipped in. Mrs. J began a back and forth motion. "OK?"

Nicole moaned.

"I think you enjoyed that, didn’t you, Honey?"

"Yes," the sweet little girl admitted. "Please don’t stop."

"Oh I won’t. Here’s the third sister."

"Uuuuh." Nicole’s cock was as hard as it had ever been. Suddenly, she felt Mrs. Johnson’s warm, lubricated right hand on her stiffie. She was working three fingers in Nicole’s butt in unison with a very skillful handjob. It was wonderful!

Nicole enjoyed this for a while and then said, "Wait! Wait! Something’s happening!"

Mrs. Johnson knew exactly what that something was and she wasn’t stopping for a court order.

At that moment, Nicole squealed, groaned and flooded Mrs. Johnson’s hand with 15 years worth of semen. It was thick, creamy and copious. In the act of orgasming, Nicole clenched her ass muscles on Mrs. Johnson’s fingers. That made Nicole feel the fingers even more, and she shot out two more thick ropes of cum. The pleasure was indescribable. And it was all fresh and new.

Nicole shuddered with satisfaction. She looked back at Mrs. Johnson. Nicole’s eyes were humid with gratitude. She thanked Mrs. Johnson, got up from the table and, still naked, hugged her and kissed her.

Although she enjoyed the hugs and kisses, Mrs. Johnson thought, "This is very unprofessional of me." She croaked out a, "You’re welcome, Nicole" and left her to get dressed. Mrs. Johnson’s panties were also unprofessional. They were soaked.



Chapter Four – French Kissing


Yvette’s experience with Prisoner Exchange surgery and training had been very similar to Nicole’s. And different.

Yvette was still a virgin when she reached PE. But she was probably the most hot-to-trot virgin in history. There was no way that Jean-Pierre would have ever been laid. And in the weeks since Yvette revealed herself, her parents had kept her on a choke collar.

Unlike Nicole, Yvette, even as Jean-Pierre, was a wank artist. She had punished the bishop, choked the chicken and squeezed the cheese many times. But as we all know, there’s nothing like the real thing.

PE had given Yvette the real thing when it came to titties. They were small, but perky, with long nipples that erected quickly. She was intensely proud of them and sure that her lovers-to-be would find them yummy.

Like Nicole, Yvette had frank talks with her mother while at PE. Mama told Yvette that her papa liked young girls and, she suspected, the occasional young boy. He would never engage in incest, but perhaps Nicole should watch out, Yvette thought. No sleeping on her stomach, that’s for sure. Still, Mama said, Papa was a good man who loved his family very much.

Yvette told Mama that the only thing she knew about her sexual orientation was that she was oriented toward lots of it. Girls, boys, men, women, and her hand all looked good to the sweet little angel.

And an angel she was. She had a cute round face, framed by unnatural blond hair, a first-rate ass and fine legs. Her new breasts, offset by an uncircumcised flower of a cocklet, made her the perfect fuck dream for everyone whose hormones were still functioning.

She watched the instructional videos and almost dehydrated herself from serial, self-inflicted orgasms.

Then the time came for Yvette to learn first-hand that a well-prepared asshole could accept good-sized cylindrical objects. Nurse Dupree had been checking Yvette’s vitals and monitoring her post surgery every day. On the day in question, the male nurse explained that he was going to help her get over her fear of anal penetration and asked her to undress except for her panties. As M. Dupree began to lube up his fingers, Yvette sized up the situation more rapidly than her shy American counterpart and, dressed only in her pretty white cotton panties, threw her arms around him and stuck her tongue down his throat.

There is a time for professionalism and there is a time for fucking. M. Dupree made his choice. His rationale: My fingers or my cock. Il n’y a pas de quoi! (It doesn’t matter!)

After some very hot kissing mixed in with the first, exquisite boobie sucking of young Yvette’s life, Dupree had her bend over the examination table. He eased her panties down, and then slowly inserted one, then two, then three fingers into her tight, virgin asshole. Yvette’s enjoyment was obvious. She moaned and cooed, grinding her hot ass back for more. Dupree found her prostate and massaged it expertly. Without a feather touching it, Yvette’s cock exploded.

"Unhhh. Ahhhh," the little angel screamed, as thick streams of goo leaped out of her pink little prickie and splashed on the floor. "This is so much better than do-it-yourself," she thought. "I love it."

Dupree waited for Yvette’s spasm to end. Then he withdrew his fingers and slowly replaced them with his man-sized tosser. Inch-by-inch. Step-by-step. Yvette wiggled her ass provocatively and egged him on. Not that he needed much encouragement. Dupree dreamed a lot and Yvette was a dream come true. He reached around with his right hand and fondled Yvette’s soft prick until it made a comeback. With his left hand, he squeezed and teased her pink ball sack.

"Ooooh! I’m being fucked!!!!" the sweet young girl squeaked. "And it’s wonderful!" She thought, it’s so big and hard, but it doesn’t hurt. I’m so fuckable. If only Jean-Pierre could see me now.

Only twelve minutes after her first partnered orgasm, Yvette felt the second one on its way. A little pinch. A bigger one higher up. The biggest one, signaling the point of no return. Then those eight or nine strokes leading up to the ten when the white stuff is leaping out. "Oooooohh"

Yvette’s orgasm made her ass muscles clench on Dupree’s cock. This sent him to the Promised Land. Yvette could feel the hot cum spurting up her formerly virgin ass. She tried to milk Dupree’s cock with her ass muscles and did very well for a beginner. Dupree’s eyes rolled back in his head and he leaned forward to kiss Yvette wherever he could reach her. His fat cock popped out of her butthole and Yvette stood to embrace him.

When they had kissed passionately for a few moments, Dupree fell to his knees and worshipped Yvette’s lovely pink cock and balls. This surprised and delighted her. It felt wonderful to be sucked by a warm, adoring mouth. Yvette knew, however that there was no way she could have another orgasm for quite some time. She was wrong. In five minutes, without even getting hard, she felt an all-over glow and softly exploded three globs of cum into Dupree’s hot, wet mouth. Yvette’s body was already starting to surprise her.

Dupree licked his lips and stood up. He kissed sweet Yvette lovingly and, regaining his professional composure and his clothing, he said, "So, did that help you overcome your apprehensions, Mademoiselle Boudreau?

Yvette thought, "What apprehensions?" but she said, "Oh yes, thank you Monsieur Dupree."

Yvette stood in the examining room naked, her panties on the floor, her cockie leaking cum from three orgasms and Dupree’s cum oozing from her red rosebud. She had never been happier in her life.



Chapter Five – French Connections

Orly Airport, Paris

Yvette kissed her Mama and Papa goodbye. They had brought her from Vinrouge to see her off to America for 11 months. Six hours later, they would be picking up Nicole Ormond to take her home for 11 months.

"Now remember what the Prisoner Exchange people said to you about your cover story and how to avoid damaging exposure," Papa said. "If worst comes to worst, the Ormonds can claim that they had no knowledge of you being a she-male, but let’s not make it come to that. Write us every week. Call every month. Obey the Ormonds as if they were us. In fact, obey them a lot better than us. Remember that number to call if you need Prisoner Exchange’s help. And for goodness sake, check with them to make sure your sex partners are safe."

"I will, Papa," Yvette said dutifully. She was thinking, "Yadda, yadda, yadda. Let’s go."

"And Yvette," Mama said, "I know that Jean-Pierre was a virgin and, as far as I know, at least for the next hour or so, are you. Try not to screw everything that walks, all right? Leave some for other people."

"Yes, Mama." Yvette wasn’t looking to get lucky on the plane. Those male flight attendants are probably gay, she thought. But after landing, she was ready to rock and roll, all right.

"Nous t’aimons, notre petite chou." (We love you, sweetheart). Au revoir. Au revoir. (Goodbye)

Yvette and her mama shed real tears and even papa was misty. They loved each other now in a way they couldn’t with the sullen, depressed Jean-Pierre. Yvette was a handful, but she was alive!

Yvette boarded the plane, ate her meal and fell asleep until she reached America.

Six hours after Yvette’s departure, Nicole’s plane landed at Orly. Nicole had been crying a bit because she would miss her parents very much. She didn’t have real friends to miss, but she was afraid of what was facing her.

She looked tired but gorgeous in a flattering pink dress that was short enough to show off her great, black-stockinged legs. Pretty, three-inch-heeled, black pumps accented her best feature. Nicole didn’t realize it, but she also had the kind of ass that makes men stop and stare. For a brief, fleeting, fantasy moment, a staring man imagines his cock pumping away in her tight anus ring; then he moves on to something real.

Nicole’s long black hair was attractively styled and her make-up, which she had just touched up, showed off her beautiful blue eyes and full red lips.

Nicole grabbed her handbag, took a deep breath, and stepped off the plane. She went though customs and had no problem with PE’s passport. She collected her luggage and moved to the area where friends and family meet arrivals. There were the handsome, Gallic Boudreaus, holding a sign that said, "Bienvenue (Welcome) Nicole Ormond."

Nicole ran to the Boudreaus and they hugged her. Monsieur Boudreau brushed her ass with his hand when he hugged Nicole, but she thought nothing of it. What a nice family, Nicole thought.

After some getting-to-know-you chitter-chatter, they piled into the Boudreau’s Renault and sped off for Nicole’s new home.

Madame Boudreau kept staring at Nicole, and then apologized for being rude. "I’m sorry to stare, Nicole. It’s just that it’s hard to believe that you were ever a boy. You’re so pretty and feminine and those legs!"

Nicole blushed at the compliment. "Thank you, Madame Boudreau. I still am a boy, you know, down there."

"Please, call us Tante (Aunt) Marie-Anne or Tanti and Oncle (Uncle) Luc. And don’t be so shy about sex. You’re French now. You can say, ‘I still have my cock and balls.’"

Nicole winced. "I’ll try, Tanti."

"Good. Now let me tell you about Vinrouge and your lycee (high school). It’s a small town, but a nice one. Everyone wants to know everyone’s business, so you had better stick to the cover story Prisoner Exchange gave you. There are lots of fine-looking young men there who are going to want to sample your goodies, as well as some older men and a number of girls and women. I’ll tell you who would be good for you, if you want. I’ve already submitted their names to Prisoner Exchange to determine if they are STD-free. If you’re interested in anyone else, just let me know."

"Gosh, Tanti. I don’t know who or what I’m interested in yet and I don’t know if I could ever let a boy, you know."

"Pay attention, Luc," Marie-Anne said. "You’re listening to the world’s last, true virgin. Let’s keep her that way until she’s ready."

"Mais, oui, Cherie." (Of course, Dear.) Ah innocence, he thought. The greatest aphrodisiac of all!



Chapter Six -- Back in the US, Back in the US, Back in the US of A

As the plane descended into Chicago, Yvette fixed her make-up and primped her hair. She wanted to look good for the Ormonds and for all those deserving American boys she planned to meet. She looked great. Slim and fit, with a cute pink dress with white polka dots, tan stockings and pink pumps. When she passed customs, Yvette and the Ormonds recognized each other from exchanged pictures and waved, then hugged.

"We’re so happy to have you here, Yvette," Genny said in French.

"Oh please, Mrs. Ormond, speak English or I will never get any better."

"We will. And please call us Aunt Genny and Uncle Marc."

"I will, Auntie, thank you."

They chatted amiably during the four-hour ride to Fromage. Genny told Yvette about Mike’s miserable life and how much happier Nicole was. When they got home, they put the exhausted girl to bed.

"She’s a cutie," Marc said to Genny. "Are all the ‘prisoners’ that good-looking?"

"I think they try harder than most girls with pussies. So they look as good as possible."

"I guess you’re right," Marc said. "Speaking of pussy..."

"I was thinking the same thing there, Sailor."



Chapter Seven -- French Resistance

Nicole was lying in bed on the first night in her new home. She was very tired, but her excitement was keeping her awake.

Uncle Luc knocked on the door and asked if she was all right.

"Yes, thank you Uncle," the sweet little angel answered.

Luc moved over and sat on the bed. "You’re a very pretty girl, Nicole."

"Thank you, Uncle." Nicole didn’t like the way this was going.

He leaned over and kissed her goodnight, on the mouth.

Enough was enough. It was time for Nicole to show some cojones. "Uncle Luc, you’re a wonderful man and I’m very grateful for your hospitality, but I won’t be sexually harassed while I’m living here. So please don’t deny it and please don’t do anything I don’t specifically invite."

Luc drew back. He thought, "She has spine. I can respect that. Looks as if I’ll have to haul my ashes elsewhere."

"You’re right, Cherie. I’m sorry. And may I say, I respect the way you handled that."

Tanti, who was listening outside the door, smiled broadly. "You go, girl," she said to herself, and slipped away.

Tail firmly between his legs, Uncle joined her.

Nicole dropped off into a satisfied sleep.



Chapter Eight -- Bad Boys and a Very Good Girl

On her first full day in America, Yvette visited a key landmark -- a shopping mall. She and Genny got dolled up in dresses, heels and stockings and drove off to Oshkosh to attack the stores and get manicures, pedicures, hair coloring and new hairstyles. They looked like two million bucks after the primping marathon and, after a salad lunch, decided to split up so that they could do more damage to their savings accounts.

Yvette was shocked at how bad most of the girls in the mall looked. Little or no make-up. Frizzy, unkempt hair. Sloppy jeans. Loose T-shirts. This is America?

Feeling the garters tugging at her stockings as she clacked along, Yvette turned a corner and bumped headfirst into two large boys. Extricating themselves from the collision, one of the boys copped a good boobie feel.

"Hey Baby, the larger and apparently dumber one said. "What’s the hurry? We’re here now. You don’t have to look any further."

"I’m sorry that I bumped into you, but I’m not your baby and I never will be."

"Whooooooaaaa," they both said. "She’s feisty and she has an accent. What are you, German or something? I’m Brad and this is Bennie. What’s your name?"

Yvette recognized those names as Mike’s major tormentors. We meet already, she thought. "I’m French and my name is Goodbye." And away she went.

Drawing stares from men wherever she went in the mall, Yvette met Auntie at the designated spot. She was chatting with a very cute young lady with a heart-stopper body, tight jeans and a tank top. They heard Yvette’s heels approaching and turned to greet Yvette.

"Hi, Yvette. Was everything OK?" Genny asked.

"Yes, thank you, Auntie."

"Oh, where are my manners? This is Amber, my best friend’s daughter. She grew up with Mike."

The girls greeted each other. Amber said, "Mrs. Ormond was telling me about Mike exchanging homes with you for a year. It sounds exciting. I only hope it helps Mike. The poor guy was so down on everything."

Yvette liked Amber already. She cared about people. "That’s very kind, Amber. I’m sure Mike will benefit from this year. I’ll keep you posted about his progress."

"Thanks. I love your accent. We’ll be in the same year at school. If you need a friend here in America, I’d like to apply for the job."

How sweet? "Thank you so much, Amber. You’re hired." And they hugged and kissed each other on the cheek.

Mrs. Ormond said, "Would you like to come for a sleepover this Saturday, Amber? You girls could really get to know each other."

Amber’s smile lit up. "Thank you, ma’am. I would love that. I’ll ask my mother." She said goodbye and left.

Yvette asked Auntie, "If we sleep over, don’t you think she’ll know my little secret?"

"You’re going to have to let selected people know. Amber’s a good start. I’ll call Prisoner Exchange today to make sure she’s disease-free."

"You mean Amber and I could....?"

"That’s up to you Yvette. I set up the pins for you. You have to knock them down."

Bowling analogies are big in Wisconsin.



Chapter Nine -- The Thunderbolt

Nicole felt wonderful as she awoke on her first full day in France. She had stood up for herself last night and now she had a world of possibilities.

She showered and shaved in all the right places. She powdered her tummy, breasts and pubic hair, which had been neatly trimmed. Her stiffie was back, but she tucked her package into special panties that Prisoner Exchange had issued and she looked smooth down there.

As she eased her boobies into her bra and snapped her garter belt onto her stockings, for the first time in her life she felt lucky. Something good was going to happen. If not today, then very soon.

Oncle Luc had gone to work, so Tante Marie-Anne and Nicole ate their petit dejeuner (breakfast) of croissants and coffee together. As they were cleaning up, the doorbell rang.

"Would you get that, please, Nicole? My hands are wet."

"Yes, Tanti," the good girl said, and clacked off to the front door in her high-heeled pumps. She opened the door and the world froze. A sixteen-year-old boy with a gorgeous, kind and intelligent face was staring back at her as if he had just seen an angel.

The boy spoke first. "Bonjour, Mademoiselle. Je m’appelle Henri Martin. Comment vous appellez-vous?" (Good Morning, Miss. My name is Henri Martin. What’s your name?)

As he completed his question, Henri extended his hand to Nicole. She took it and suddenly she heard and felt rushing images. She and Henri were kissing passionately. They were walking hand-in-hand on a beach. She was giggling as his hot cum spewed over her beautiful face. They were dancing in the moonlight. She was in a wedding gown, lying on her back on a bed in a bridal suite; she was squealing with pleasure as Henri fucked her.

It was too intense. She broke the handshake. Henri looked stunned too. Had he seen what she saw?

"Nicole Ormond," she managed to say.

After a long pause, Henri said, "I brought the groceries Madame Boudreau asked for. Are you the exchange student from America?"

"Yes. I’ll be here for a year." Too much information, she thought. Don’t look too eager.

Henri brought the groceries in, never letting his eyes leave Nicole. He started to leave, then said, "Mademoiselle, I’m sorry to be so forward, but would you..."

"YES!!!" she said, too quickly and too loud. "Oh, sorry."

Henri chuckled. "Would you like to go to the cinema with me sometime or have coffee?"

"How about tonight?" Nicole said. Smooth, Nicole, she thought. Very smooth.

Henri’s smile almost made her wet her panties. "Wonderful!! I’ll pick you up at seven. Au revoir!"

"Au revoir, Henri." I just met my soulmate, Nicole said and we’re going out tonight. This is my lucky day. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.



Chapter Ten -- Red Means Stop, Amber Means Go

Amber showed up for the sleepover at 7:30 p.m. with a small suitcase and a big concern. She was not a girl who kidded herself; she knew she had sexual feelings for Yvette.

That put her greatly in the majority. In the past three days, Yvette had been introduced to many of the fine citizens of Fromage, almost all of whom, young or old, male or female, wanted to jump her bones.

If you asked them to explain why, they would find it difficult. The fact that she made herself up and dressed like a sexy young girl was part of it. The French accent too. She was friendly and cute and intelligent. But it was almost as if she was giving off unspoken "Fuck me signals. Many a solitary load had been dropped dreaming about Yvette in Greater Fromage.

What would Amber do if Yvette made a sexual advance tonight? Even worse, what would she do if she didn’t?

Yvette greeted Amber with a 1,000-watt smile. Amber’s heart was already lava.

The girls chatted amiably with the Ormonds, then went to Yvette’s room, closing and locking the door. Yvette was wearing a short, tight black skirt, black stockings held by a lacy garter belt, three-inch black pumps and a pink top that showed off her three-week-old titties to full advantage.

Yvette’s eyes shone with lust as she considered Amber. What a pretty girl! Amber’s outfit was almost identical to Yvette’s except her legs were bare. Amber’s D-cup floppers were fabulous.

"We’ll be more comfortable if we get into our nighties," Yvette said. "Then we can gossip and do our hair and stuff."

That was a far cry from Yvette’s true plan of knock-down-drag-out sex, but it sounded good.

Yvette then removed her skirt, top and bra, standing there in her panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. Amber was drooling as she stripped down to her panties. Yvette made the first verbal move. "Oh Amber, what a beautiful body you have!"

"Thanks, Yvette. Your body would stop a train or two as well."

"My boobs will never be as nice as yours. May I touch them?"

Sweet Amber hungrily agreed. Yvette gently stroked Amber’s titties with both hands, looking directly into Amber’s eyes. Yvette tweaked Amber’s nipples and smiled when Amber shivered with lust. Yvette threw her arms around Amber, drew her to herself, and kissed her deeply. The girls’ tongues dueled. Their boobs, rubbed against each other. Still kissing, they fell on the bed.

It was time to show the value of a good Prisoner Exchange education.

Yvette broke off the kiss, got on the floor, moved into a kneeling position, and peeled down Amber’s pink panties. Yvette scrambled between Amber’s legs and began to gently blow on Amber’s pussy. Amber squirmed. Yvette kissed Amber’s inner thighs and pubic hair above the pussy. Amber moaned. Yvette licked Amber’s asshole. Amber squealed. Yvette teased Amber some more, kissing and licking all around but not on the pussy. Amber grunted and thrust her pussy at Yvette’s mouth. Yvette plunged her tongue directly into Amber’s delicious pussy. Amber levitated. Lick, lick, suck, and suck. Amber was in heaven. Yvette noticed the timid emergence of Amber’s hooded friend, her clitty. Yvette touched it with the tip of her tongue. Amber sucked in her breath. Yvette licked and sucked the clitty gently. Amber screamed, thrashed and came hard. Yvette dove back into the pussy. Amber came again. And again. Yvette got Amber’s clitty between her lips and tickled it with her tongue. Amber had a fourth orgasm indistinguishable from a stroke.

Concerned about the neighbors calling 911, Yvette stopped for now. She got on the bed to cuddle with Amber, who covered Yvette’s pretty face with passionate kisses.

Amber was sobbing. "Never in my life...."

"I know, Honey. I know," Yvette said.

The girls silently held each other for twenty minutes until Amber stopped crying and her heart rate came back to normal. Then Amber decided to satisfy Yvette in like manner.

Amber broke the embrace, knelt on the floor and began to peel down Yvette’s panties. They were stuck on something. It’s a... "Oh my!" Amber said. "Yvette, you have a cock!"

"I know, Amber. It’s a birthmark. Does that upset you?"

Amber considered that. "No. It’s strange. But my main concern is that I do something nice for the best pussy-eater in the Western Hemisphere so she’ll like me and want to do it again real soon."

With that, Amber completed the panty removal and considered Yvette’s "birthmark." It was a beauty and Amber had seen a few. Six inches long with nice veins and a long foreskin. It was standing at attention and asking for a kiss.

Amber licked Yvette’s cock all over. Yvette moaned softly. She teased the little pink ball sac with her tongue. Yvette squeezed Amber’s head gently with her stockinged thighs. Amber gave Yvette’s balls a sloshy bath with her wet tongue. Yvette dug her spiked heels gently into Amber. Keeping eye contact with Yvette, Amber ran her tongue around the enflamed cockhead, giggling with delight. She then began to lick and suck in earnest. Yvette’s cock tingled. This was only her second blowjob and Amber’s technique and enthusiasm were superior to the Prisoner Exchange nurse’s.

No human could endure an assault like Amber’s for long. Yvette gave a girlie scream of joy and gave up her goo. Alert to the possibilities, Amber swallowed the first greasy rope, sprayed the second on her face and aimed the third, fourth and fifth at her ample titties. Amber was covered with cum and she had never been more beautiful.

Yvette pulled Amber to her and kissed her passionately. They licked the cum off each other’s faces. Then Yvette licked the cum off Amber’s boobs. As Yvette’s tongue circled the large, brown, right nipple, Amber shook with her fifth orgasm of the evening. And they hadn’t even fucked yet.

That detail was next on the agenda.


Meanwhile, downstairs, Marc and Genny were on their couch, discussing the orgasmic screaming coming from Yvette’s room.

"Marc, isn’t it wonderful how quickly Yvette and Amber have become friends?"

"Yes, Dear. Wait, don’t move, I don’t want to come yet."

The party of two upstairs had raised a froth with the thirty-something couple and Genny was sitting on her husband’s lap, bouncing on his boner.

"I think this will do wonders for our sex life," Genny said. "We were so worried about Mike’s depression that we hardly had sex four or five times a week. Now we’re doing it two or three times a day. Isn’t it wonderful?"

"That it is. I’m thinking about quitting my job, so we can up that to six or seven a day."

"Oh, you silly. Kiss me."

Marc did and Genny bounced some more. In a few minutes, she said, then screamed, "Ooooohhhh, Aaaaaah. Yesssssss!!!!!!" Marc clicked off the stop sign in his groin and joined her with a wrenching orgasm.

After a few minutes of rest, Marc said, "That was wonderful, Honey. And I love the garter belt and black stockings. It’s been a while since you wore those."

"I know. I feel so naughty now that Yvette is here and Nicole is finding herself in France. Marc, Sweetie?"

Uh-oh. Tough question coming. "Yes, Dear?"

"Do you find Yvette attractive?"

"She’s a very cute young girl. With a cock and balls."

"Would you like to, you know, fuck her?"

Marc hesitated, so Genny helped him out. "I mean, because I think I would," she said. "She gives off this, I don’t know, something, that makes me want her. I’ve already started imitating her with this garter belt. So would you want to fuck her?"

Marc said, "You mean if it weren’t immoral, because it’s adultery, unethical, because she’s an exchange student in our home, and illegal, because she’s only fifteen years old? Sure I would. She’s extraordinarily sexy and the thought of sucking that cock between her legs drives me wild. I’m not gay, as you know, but I sure would like to swallow her goo. I can’t explain it."

"I can’t either, Marc, but it makes me very horny. Is Mr. Happy ready yet? Oh, I see he is. Would he like a little tongue bath? Oh look at that little spurt when I said that. I think he is."

And Mr. Happy enjoyed the rest of his evening.



Chapter Eleven -- French Letter

Dear Nicole,

Well, the first week in America has been very exciting and I hope it’s been just as good for you in Vinrouge.

Your mother and father are wonderful people and so attractive for being so old. Your mother seems to have developed a healthy glow since I arrived and your father smiles all the time. I love them!

Your mother and I have been shopping for the femmiest clothes and girlie items, getting our hair and nails done and having a grand time being girls. She says she can’t wait until you come home so you and she can do that sort of thing together. Aunt Genny and Uncle Marc (that’s what they want me to call them) love you very much, Nicole. I can’t wait to meet you myself. They’re talking about getting both families together in London at Christmas. That would be terrific!

I met your friend Amber and we became friends too. Actually I fucked her. Several times. It was great. Your Mom introduced us and invited her for a sleepover. I think your Mom knew I was going to fuck Amber. We did it in your house; your parents were home; Amber screamed loud enough to wake the dead; your parents never said anything. What great people!

Amber is an angel. She’s pretty and sweet and has those big American titties! We started getting undressed for our girlie sleepover and I saw those big floppers. We started kissing and before you knew it I was eating her out.

Of course I had never kissed any girl, eaten her out or fucked her before that night, but Amber didn’t notice and she didn’t even ask. I was nervous, but I had paid attention to the Prisoner Exchange instruction and I did what they said. Plus, I had put a lot of effort into visualizing how to do all this. It went very well.

Eating pussy is a delight. Amber had taken a shower before she came over, so her bush smelled of soap and powder, with just a hint of sweat and urine. I teased her a lot, and then moved in for the pussy hole with my tongue. She squirmed and squealed and pushed up for more. It tasted divine!

When her clitty emerged from behind its hood, the fun really began. I gave her four hard orgasms. It’s a good thing she’s young and healthy. She was seriously worked out.

Then came the moment of truth. Amber wanted to lick my pussy as well, so she began pulling down my panties. Surprise, surprise! She was staring at a beautiful young girl in black stockings, garter belt and fuck-me pumps, with perky titties and a nice, big cock. It threw her off for less than ten seconds. We discussed it briefly. Then I could almost hear her say to herself, "What the heck" and she gobbled my prickie. Great technique and marvelous enthusiasm! I shook all over as I sprayed gillie-goo in her mouth and all over her face and boobs. When I licked it off her nipples, she came again, for the fifth time!

For future reference, it appears that if you get your sex partner all fired up, the Big Surprise is no big deal. Just watch whom you choose.

I was worried that I might get her pregnant, but she said her mother had had her on the pill since she was thirteen. Anyway, Amber and I then started seriously hugging and kissing, rubbing our bodies against each other full steam, and it wasn’t long until my cockette was ready for some pussy. Again, this was going where I had never gone before, but I was up to the challenge.

Amber lay on her back and spread her legs wide. Is there any more beautiful sight in the world?

Her clitty was all red and erect and I couldn’t resist giving it a rub with my thumb. Amber shivered with desire.

I eased into the missionary position and rubbed my little titties against her big, brown nipples. She moaned. I held my prickhead against her enflamed clit and rubbed gently. She bucked twice and came hard. What a girl! And what a hair trigger!

Before Amber stopped cumming, I plunged my cock into her soaked pussy. What an indescribably delicious feeling! You must do this soon and often. Her cunt walls closed around my prickie and gripped it hungrily. She pouted her full, red lipsticked lips for a kiss. I covered her mouth with my own full, red lipsticked lips and picked up a fucking rhythm. Little squeaks and grunts were coming from her mouth, but I had her tongue occupied.

I was home. This was where I belonged. In Amber’s cunt, my tits rubbing against hers. My manicured, lacquered nails stroking her pretty cheek. My toes curling up with an impending orgasm.

It was a beauty. Amber groaned loudly and quivered. My balls pulled in and the cum was WRENCHED from them. When Amber felt me come, she came again. I felt the cum from my boobies to my pretty red toenails.

We fucked twice more that night, but I don’t want to bore you with details.

The weather here has been very nice.

I was a major loser as Jean-Pierre, but it appears that I am an alpha-female. I suspect you will discover the same. School begins next week. I’m hoping to meet lots of boys. They need an alpha-female to guide them.

Love and kisses.




Chapter Twelve -- A Good Laugh at Prisoner Exchange Headquarters

"Hey Charlie, get a load of this. This Yvette Boudreau kid in Fromage, Wisconsin sent us a list of potential sex partners she wants us to check out for STS."

"Yeah, so?"

"It’s her class list of 35 boys. She just crossed off two names, this Brad guy and this Bennie guy."

"Man, I wonder what those two jamokes did to get on her bad side. She’s very dishy. Have you seen her pictures? There’s something about her that gets me excited. You know what I mean?"

"I sure do, Charlie. She gets me too. It looks as if you’re working on some major wood there. Can I help you with that?"

"Thanks, Melanie, that would be very nice. Just bend over your desk there. That’s it."



Chapter Thirteen – French Postcard

Dear Yvette:

Thanks for the letter. Sorry I only have time for a postcard. Your mama and papa are great. Henri Martin and I are becoming good friends, if you know what I mean. Must stop now. Something just came up. Love. Nicole.

Indeed, Henri’s cock had just made an incredibly quick recovery and Henri was begging Nicole for another fuck. Nicole was giggling and teasing him as she thought about the wonderful events of the last week.

Henri had shown up for their first date ten minutes early. Eager was too mild a word to describe his feelings. He was totally, inexplicably hungry for Nicole. Every instinct ached for her. She was beautiful, sweet and seemed to want him too. And there was that crazy moment when they touched and he seemed to see their future together. Do things like that happen?

He knocked. Madame Boudreau answered and smiled at Henri. She knew love when she saw it. Henri came in and was greeted by the heart-melting sight of Nicole descending the staircase. She was wearing a white summer dress, with white stockings and white shoes. Her long black hair was up. She had dark eye shadow, long lashes and perfectly applied eyeliner. Her cheeks were rosy and healthy. Her full, red lips promised delightful kisses. Her legs were firm and shapely. Her ass made men weak with desire. And at the moment, she appeared to be all Henri’s. How did he get so lucky?

"Bon soir, (Good evening) Nicole," Henri said. "You are very beautiful this evening!"

"Thank you, Henri. So are you." Giggle.

"Have fun, children," Marie-Anne said. "Be home by nine."

"Oui, Madame," Henri said, but he thought it odd. Since it was not a school night, he didn’t need to be home until midnight.

Nicole and Henri strolled through Vinrouge. Many pairs of eyes followed the handsome young couple as they walked hand-in-hand, ate ice cream, and then walked back to the Boudreaus’. They had a wonderful evening telling each other’s life story and laughing about the silliest things. Nicole, of course, omitted certain aspects of her story, but was for the most part truthful.

They arrived back at the Boudreaus’ home precisely at nine p.m. and Henri was worried about that uncomfortable moment where he would ask her for a kiss. Instead, Nicole invited him in. "I had to be home, by nine," Nicole said, "because I want three hours to make love to you before you have to go home. Come. Let’s go to my bedroom."

Sometimes life deals you aces, Henri thought.

Holding hands and giggling softly, they ran up the stairs to Nicole’s bedroom. They entered and Nicole locked the door. She asked Henri to unzip her dress. She removed it, then lay on her bed and invited him over for a kiss.

A white garter belt she’s wearing! Henri thought. And stockings! She’s incredible!

Henri stripped to his fleur-de-lis boxers and joined her on the bed.

He was excited, but so scared that he was not hard yet. Nicole was in no hurry. "Kiss me, my soulmate," she said.

Their first kiss was electric. Henri and Nicole were on fire with love. Their second kiss involved tongues. That fanned the flames. Henri broke the kiss to whisper, "Je t’aime." (I love you.)

Nicole kissed him again and said, "I know. I love you too." And she extracted his cock from his boxers. "Oooh. It’s so big. And hot. Is it all for me?"

Was Henri dreaming? "Every centimeter. And just keep doing that thing with my foreskin. You’re making it bigger and hotter and harder."

"Let me kiss my new friend," Nicole said. The sweet little girl got up on her knees on the bed and closed her precious red lips around Henri’s cock. With her left hand, she stirred his stones a bit. He liked that. Nicole tickled the cockhead with her tongue. She probed his peehole with her tongue and giggled when a little spurt of pre-cum popped out. She then began licking the head in earnest, with long, slow slurps on the underside. Henri moaned with pleasure. "Do you like that, my Sweet," she asked.

"Oh yes," Henri groaned. "Oh yes."

"Then you’ll really like this," Nicole said. She began to suck the entire cockhead and four centimeters of the shaft with a steady motion. She paused for a moment, licked two manicured fingers, resumed sucking and inserted the fingers into Henri’s very surprised asshole.

"Yow!" he said. This was an entirely new feeling for him. Upon reflection, it was extremely pleasant. Nicole fingered his tushie in rhythm with her sucking.

There are limits to human endurance, thank goodness, and Henri had reached his. Nicole felt his asshole grip her fingers. His balls drew up. He shot his goo down Nicole’s throat.

This was Nicole’s first blowjob, so she was only prepared in theory for the amount of cum she would have to swallow. She only was able to capture about half of it. The rest spilled out and stuck to her cheeks. It was a very sexy look.

Henri was in permanent love. Nicole was still gently sucking him as his orgasm subsided, maximizing his pleasure. He drew her up to him and kissed her deeply, heedless of his own cum rubbing off on his face. They licked the mess off each other, and then held each other closely, kissing sweetly.

"Why was God so good to me to give you to me?" he asked Nicole.

"I’m the lucky one, Henri. You are my dream come true."

"May I do something for you now, Sweetheart? I’ll try to please your sweet pussy with my tongue as well as you pleased my cock. All suggestions are welcome as we do it."

Nicole gulped. How would he act when he saw her cockie?

"Would you suck and lick my titties first, Henri?"

"Of course, Cherie." Henri removed Nicole’s bra and feasted on the little nubbers. Nicole was in ecstasy.

"Oh, that’s very good, Henri. Very good……..Unnh………Ohhhh." and Nicole made a big cummy mess in her pretty panties.

"I think I did that right, Nicole. Let me see what you did in your panties, you naughty girl." He began to remove them. Out popped the evidence. Out popped Henri’s eyes.

Nicole threw back her hands in surrender. If he were going to beat her up and call her a queer and a nancy boy and storm out, she would recover from that. In ten years or so.

Henri looked at her cock. He looked at Nicole’s sweet, fearful face. His heart melted all over again. "Oh, Nicole. Don’t be afraid. I never want you to be afraid, especially of me. If this is who you are, it’s who you are. I love you, not an inventory of your body parts."

Industrial-strength tears poured out of Nicole’s beautiful eyes. She grabbed Henri and hugged him as if her life depended on it. Maybe it did. She sobbed with pure joy. All those awful years as Mike were worth it to bring her here today. She shared a love with a wonderful young man.

A wonderful young man who was now dying to fuck her sweet, tight, little sissy ass.

"Would you like to fuck me now?" she asked in the sweetest, little-girl voice."

"Very much, Nicole. But I’m not sure what to do."

Nicole blushed. "It’s very tight. I’ve never been fucked before, but I’ve had fingers up there. You have to lubricate it and relax it first."

"How can I lubricate it? Do you have something?"

"Actually," blush, "I was hoping you would want to lick it to relax it." She saw his puzzled look and added quickly, "It’s very clean. I douched it twice before our date."

Lick it? That sounds very dirty. And very sexy. Henri was game, all right. "That sounds wonderful. How should we do this?"

"You just lie on your back," she said. "I’ll reverse myself on top of you and you can lick my rosebud while I reinvigorate Henri, Junior with my mouth."

"Henri, Junior loves your mouth. I think he’ll love your derriere even more."

Henri peeled off Nicole’s cummy panties.

They got into position. Nicole’s ass and her pendant cock and balls confronted Henri. How beautiful they were! Her ass cheeks were two soft, smooth, fragrant moons. He softly kissed them several times each. Her cock and balls were small and pink –feminine and very sexy. Mixed with her perfume and powder, the musky scent was a beautiful contrast. He licked her balls and pulled her cock to his lips for a brief suck, tasting her pre-cum. Nicole gave a little femmy wiggle that Henri loved. This was even better than pussy, he thought.

Nicole closed her mouth on Henri’s soft cock. She began to suck for excitement, not orgasm. Henri set to the task of lubing his lover. He pulled her sweet globes to him and tongued her musky hole. Nicole quivered with lust. Henri dug more deeply. Yum. It was like chocolat dulce (sweet chocolate), he thought. Nicole’s sphincter relaxed and welcomed the invader. Henri’s tongue licked the inner walls of her canal.

"Henri, I’m ready," the sweet little virgin said. "And you’re as hard as les pierres (stones)."

Nicole got facedown on the bed, with her perky little titties pressed against the sheet. Her back half was raised up on her knees. Her sweet, loving face smiled at her lover. She felt an overwhelming urge to suck her thumb, so she did it. Her little brown hole winked at Henri in welcome.

Henri accepted the invitation. The sixteen-year-old’s sixteen-centimeter weapon was aimed and cocked. He entered the gates of paradise slowly and gently. Three centimeters in and he felt a little pop as the sphincter stopped resisting. "Are you all right, my princess?" he asked.

"It’s heavenly," Nicole croaked. "Don’t stop."

Six centimeters. Seven. Eight. Halfway. "OK?"

"Wonderful. More!" Nicole felt no pain, but she did have a full feeling, as if she needed to poop very badly.

Nine centimeters. Twelve. "Aaaaaah," Nicole said.

Henri was concerned. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, Darling. You’re rubbing against my prostate. It feels wonderful. Is there more?"

"For you? Mais oui," he said and he plunged to the hilt.

Nicole grabbed the sheets with ten lacquered fingernails. Her pretty red toenails on their little piggies curled. Her cock had gone soft with the shock of the invader, but she was drooling out a stream of girlie-goo and shuddering with the force of her first intercourse orgasm. Tears filled her eyes as she looked back at her man and smiled bravely. "Don’t stop," she said. "It’s awesome! I want you to fill me with your seed. I want to be yours forever."

Well, Henri was having a night most guys wouldn’t even dare dream of. Everything he was doing in the sack worked. He was hopelessly in love. It was enthusiastically reciprocated. He was fucking the sweetest, prettiest girl he had ever met and she was begging for more. Who cares about the cock and balls? Those are a plus, anyway.

Henri found a rhythm and kept it going. Each time he came forward, he was nipping Nicole’s prostate and she would grunt or moan appreciatively. With that kind of praise and in those hot, tight, delicious quarters, his cock couldn’t hold back for long. He felt the pinch. Then the bigger pinch. "I’m coming, Sweetheart," he announced, and picked up his pace.

Nicole squealed then screamed, "I’m coming too! Oh. Ah. Oh." Her ass muscles gripped his cock and milked it for cum. Three ropes, four, six. He groaned and yelled, "I love you, Nicole," then fell onto her back, exhausted, but delighted.

They were both breathing as if they had just completed the mountain phase of the Tour de France. Nicole even had a glow of cold sweat. She had never been happier in her life. Nor had Henri. Henri withdrew his cock from the wet place and turned his love to face him. Her eyes were wet with adoration. They kissed and exchanged soft words of love.

They hugged, rubbing limp, drenched cocks. Nicole’s satisfied asshole leaked cum onto the bed sheets and her white stockings.

"Everything in our lives gets better from here, Honey," Henri said. "Everything."



Chapter Fourteen – Where the Boys Are

It was the first week of school when the postcard made it to the USA.

Yvette finished reading Nicole’s postcard to Amber. "It’s pretty short. I guess I’ll have to read between the lines on that one," she said. "Henri is a good choice for her. Steady, intelligent and loyal. Now I like more of a variety."

Amber stopped sucking Yvette’s cock enough to ask, "So you’re going after the boys now?"

"Don’t ask how, but I happen to know there are twenty-two boys in our class who have no police records and are free of sexually transmitted diseases. Oooh, that feels nice, Honey. Just like that. Ooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Deep breaths. "That was so nice. Thank you, Sweetie." Kiss. Kiss. Hug.

"Does that include Brad and Bennie?" sweet Amber asked.

"They weren’t on the list of potentials. Are you OK with this? I mean, I was thinking we could take over as alpha-females together. The girls in this town say they dress for comfort, but I find a boy drooling after me as I walk down the street in heels, stockings, garter belt and a mini-skirt to be very comforting. The girls in this town won’t suck their boyfriend’s cocks or fuck them. The bar is pretty low if we want to raise it."

"I’m in," Amber said. "My Mom has been after me since my first period to ‘dress like a girl.’ My Mom dresses very hot and it seems to keep my Dad close to home. We’ll still have each other, right?"

"Always. I mean that. Most boys will be just exercise. What we have is real."

"Let’s do it. Who are the first targets?"

"Let’s surprise them. Are there any guys on this list who are really ugly or hygienically challenged? No? OK. Then who are the nerdiest, but decent-looking guys on this list?"

Amber considered that. "How about Roger and Stan?"

"They’re in our English class. OK. Tomorrow, we flirt with them. Roger or Stan, Amber?"

"I’ll take Stan."

The next day in English class, the boys had dual-drool targets. Amber was wearing a tight, short skirt, stockings and heels. Her ample breasts were straining at her light sweater. The erect nipples were visible. Not to be outdone, Yvette was crossing her long, stockinged legs frequently, exposing the stocking tops and garter hooks each time. The teacher, Mr. Smithfield was trying to discuss Romeo and Juliet, but was very distracted. The other girls in class were very comfortable in their unbuttoned, plaid long-sleeve shirts, T-shirts, jeans and logger’s boots. The boys were also ignoring them.

The bell rang and Yvette thickened up her accent to speak to Roger. "Oh Roger. I am having so much of the trouble learning the English. Can you help me?"

Roger looked around to see if he was on Candid Camera. "Sure, what do you need?"

"I am having trouble with the verb conjugations English. Can you come by my house at 7 to tutor me? We could call it a conjugal visit."

Roger would run through a stone wall for that. "Uh, sure. Where do you live?"

Yvette told him and added, "And Roger, take the shower before you visit me. The hygiene is very important to me."

Roger would scrub himself raw after school so he would be clean enough.

Amber gave Stan the same treatment and it was fish in a barrel.

That night, Roger showed up on time with twelve books on English verbs and a ream of similar information downloaded from the Internet. "Come in, Roger. Oh how sweet. You did the research for me. Say hello to my aunt and uncle. That’s enough, now come to my room and we’ll study."

They walked up the stairs and into Yvette’s room. She locked the door. Roger gulped.

"Just put all that information on the desk over there, Roger. We’ll study in a minute. I want to talk and get more comfortable. You’re a good-looking boy, Roger. I don’t know why people call you a nerd."

"Well, I like computers and stuff and sometimes I’m not careful about my appearance."

"You took a lot of care tonight. You look terrific."

Roger beamed. "Thanks. I really tried, because, well, I like you and I think you’re pretty, Yvette." Roger blushed very deeply.

"Thank you, Roger," Yvette said and lit up the room with a 500-watt smile. "You’ll find that in high school the girls like the jocks, but when they get older, they like the nice guys who will have good jobs and take care of them and their children. I’m different. I like a man for what I see in his soul and I see a lot in yours."

Something in the back of his mind was telling Roger that he had not yet heard one false conjugation or one incorrect idiom, but he dismissed that. Instead he said, "Thanks, Yvette. That’s very kind," and he lit up the room with his own smile.

Yvette arose. "Would you just sit over there on the bed, Roger? I need to do some things before we start working. Is it hot in this room?"

"It feels OK to me, OH!!" Yvette had just removed her blouse.

"You Americans are more concerned about nudity than we French are. When we are hot, we accommodate." And she pulled off her skirt. She minced over to her vanity table and sat on the stool. She had on her black garter belt, tight panties (with concealed package), stockings, four-inch fuck-me pumps and black bra. She combed her blond hair fifty strokes on each side as she was asking Roger about his life. Roger seemed happy with what he had and had big plans for a successful future. Jean-Pierre should have paid attention to this guy, Yvette thought. She stood, then dropped her brush. She bent at the waist, giving poor Roger a perfect view of her pantied butt. I’d better stop, she thought. Don’t want the boy to explode.

Yvette put on a see-through peignoir coat, then wiggled her way back to Roger and sat on the bed next to him. "Do you like me, Roger?" Yvette asked.

"Very much," Roger said. "You and Amber are the only real girls our age. The rest are more like boys with bad attitudes."

"That’s very perceptive of you, Roger. I’m getting to like you too. Let me prove it to you." And she put her arm around him and gave him big, wet kiss. He was a good kisser and very enthusiastic.

"Was that your tongue I felt there, Yvette?"

"Yes it was, why?"

"Just checking. Thank you. That was wonderful. Should we start studying now, Yvette?"

"What time do you have to be home tonight, Roger?"

"Ten on school nights. Why?"

"Oh I just wanted to make sure that you’ll have enough time to fuck me properly. We had better get started." And she kissed him again. This time he returned the tonguing and put his arms around her. He shook a little, because it was clearly his first time. Yvette was very gentle and understanding. Aside from the PE nurse, Roger was her first male sex companion. Roger was a sweet, kind boy and she was going to give him the time of his life.

"Don’t be afraid, Roger. I’ll show you and we’ll both have a wonderful time. It’s everyone’s first time once. Relax and enjoy it."

Roger did relax and he was certainly enjoying it. Still sitting on the bed, Yvette asked Roger to stand and take off his clothes. He then came over to her and she smiled at him. "You have a nice slim, body, Roger. If you worked out a little, you’d be perfect." Roger would remember this as the day he became a bodybuilder. Yvette held his cock and gave it a couple of sucks. "How was that?"

"The best. Can I do something for you while you’re doing that?"

A gentleman, she thought. "Roger, please go sit in that chair." He did and Yvette stood in front of him, unhooking her bra. Her pretty titties flew out and Roger drooled. Yvette sat on Roger’s lap, straddling his chair and instructed him in how properly to lick and suck a girl’s breasts. Smart people make great pupils, she thought. Roger was an excellent boob man already. Every few licks, he would reach up to kiss her full, red mouth. Delicious!

After ten minutes of this, Yvette fell down to her knees and skillfully sucked Roger’s cock. Even though it was her first, she had watched Amber and learned the technique.

Roger gasped. Although he had read about them, he had never had an orgasm. So he was totally unprepared for the fright train that hit him in the form of Yvette’s hot, wet mouth. It was as if Yvette were draining his DNA. "WOWWWWW", he screamed, and then was terribly sorry because the Ormonds could hear. Yvette was too busy swallowing fifteen years worth of sweet, creamy goo to comfort him, but gave him an "It’s OK" thumbs up. Roger’s entire body took the full force. How had he ever lived his life without doing this before?

Yvette was delighted. She loved giving pleasure to this nice young man. She was a bit messy as a result, having spattered the peignoir with six big globs of cum. She had swallowed two globs and two were on her pretty face. Ever the gentleman, Roger thanked her and offered her his handkerchief.

Yvette asked Roger to stand, shucked off the peignoir, then gathered the cum on her face in two fingers and gently inserted them into Roger’s asshole. Her prostate massage had him moaning with joy. And in no time, his tosser was rejuvenated.

"I want you to fuck me now, Honey. Please take my panties off."

Roger was eager to do so. When he saw the big surprise, he put it out of his mind. I’m not going to ruin this over anything petty, he thought.

"So?" Yvette asked as he was holding her cocklet.

"On the most beautiful girl in Wisconsin, it looks sexy. Can we fuck now?"

A-plus, Roger, Yvette thought. She had lubricated herself with vaginal jelly and was all slick back there, a fact she shared with young Roger. She gripped the chair and bent at the waist. "Be gentle, Roger, you’re only my second."

This high screw order thrilled Roger even more and his confidence was building. As he pushed in the last hard inch he was touched by Yvette’s little sobs. "Are you all right, Yvette?"

"It’s just that you’re such a nice guy and such a good lover. Nice guys deserve so much more from girls. And also, I’m crying because it feels so darn good. As you move back and forth, would it be possible for you to reach around and frig my foreskin? Oh that’s good. Just like that. Thank you sweetie, now keep fucking. Mmmmmm."

Roger fucked Yvette beautifully and when he came the first time, Yvette joined him, splashing her goo on the chair and screaming out his name. Amazingly, Roger stayed hard and was ready to fuck her again without withdrawing. This time they were on the bed lying on their left sides. From this position, he was able to kiss her shoulders and neck, fondle her boobies and, when she turned her head, to kiss her delicious mouth.

As Roger was nearing his climax, he heard a loud scream from another part of the house. "What’s that?" he asked Yvette.

"Oh that’s just the Ormonds fucking again. They’ve been so frisky since I got here."

"Oh," he said. Then he grunted twice and flooded Yvette’s gorgeous ass with lots more goo.

Roger was exhausted, but he eased out of Yvette and moved to her other side for some loving kisses and afterglow. Then he saw some evidence he didn’t like. "You’re still hard," he said.

"I know," she said.

"That could be painful."

"It could." Small whimper. Batting of eyes.

Roger then proved that he was a man, not just a male. He put his lover’s needs first. Roger moved down and took Yvette’s cock between his lips and sucked deliciously. When he woke up this morning, he never thought he would end the day sucking a beautiful girl’s cock, but here he was and he was loving it. So was Yvette.

Yvette held Roger’s head gently between her stockinged thighs. What Roger lacked in experience he made up for in loving attention. In moments, Yvette’s problems were over and Roger had his first tasty mouthful of girlie goo.

Yvette drew Roger to her bosom and kissed him lovingly. "What a fine man you are, my Roger. We will have many wonderful times together in the next year."

"You mean there will be more?" Roger thought. "All right!!!" Roger dressed, kissed Yvette thoroughly, and floated home.

Yvette picked up the mess in her room, changed the sheets and put on her pink, shortie nightgown for bed.

Stepping out in the hall to go tinkle, she met Auntie. The ladies smiled in conspiracy. "It sounds as if you had an interesting night with Roger," Genny said.

"He’s a sweet boy. I heard a little yodeling from you too."

They giggled. "Yvette, could you do me a favor? Uncle Marc has signed off for the night and I think I would like one more round. Would you just go in there and kiss him goodnight? When he sees you in that outfit, I may not sleep all night."

Yvette was a vision. She had that just-fucked glow and her pink, diaphanous nightie with spaghetti straps was so short that you could glimpse her cockhead and her balls as she walked.

Yvette giggled again. "I would be happy to."

She walked in and saw the dozing Uncle Marc lying naked on top of his sheets. His big, soft-but-red cock was oozing cum and flopped over on his stomach. Yvette would like to see how that little fellow looked when he was angry. Uncle Marc looked very sexy for an "old" man, Yvette thought.

Yvette leaned over and brushed his face with her blond hair. He stirred and opened his eyes. She kissed him on the cheek and said, "Good night, Uncle Marc. I hope you sleep well." Then she turned, looked over her shoulder at him, gave him a little toodle-oo finger wave, and walked slowly out of the room, giving Marc a fleeting glimpse of her ass and her goodie basket.

Yvette went to her room and got in bed. Moments later she heard a bed squeaking, moaning and pre-orgasmic squealing. "How is anyone supposed to get any sleep around here?" she asked herself. Then she giggled and fell off to a satisfying slumber.



Chapter Fifteen – French Revolution

Dear Nicole:

What an interesting September and October it has been here! As I wrote you before, my plan was to "sample" some of the young men here and decide who was worth the investment of a relationship. When Amber and I fell in deep lust, we decided to make it our mission to raise the bar for the boys in this town. They’ve put up with uninterested, self-absorbed girls long enough. If we dressed like girls and made love to the boys with reasonable frequency, they would expect more from the other girls, who would either have to get their act together or die clutching a bankbook with one name on it.

So I found out from PE that there are 22 of 35 boys in our class who are STD and police-record free. Brad and Bennie’s names we didn’t even submit to PE. The 22 are what we call a target market. Looking more closely, Amber and I eliminated six boys who are mean or jerks or hygienically challenged. Yuck! So we had 16 boys between us to entertain. Well, they say you never grow until you leave your comfort zone and two girls to sample 16 boys seemed like a lot. But alpha-females can meet challenges and we did. It took us five weeks for each of us to have an evening of sex with each boy. Not one turned us down (Duh!) and not one made a smart-ass comment or an issue about my extra goodies.

What a wonderful five weeks that was! We could have moved more quickly, but Amber and I make love ourselves three or four evenings a week and we don’t want to give that up. Just think of the fun you and I can have in that London hotel room at Christmas! Woo-hoo!

Amber and I compared notes, of course, and we rated them all on personality, care for partner, sense of humor, sexual enthusiasm and looks. I’ve enclosed a complete statistical analysis for you, with comments, but the funny part is this. Amber and I both agreed that the best lovers were Roger and Stan – the two nerdiest kids in the class. Some of the boys were narcissistic or boring or selfish lovers. So now we have an A-list of six boys who can pound my poopchute anytime. When we told them, the six almost cried with joy. Roger is my favorite and we have a permanent Friday night thing now. You should see how he’s buffed up all because of a little suggestion I made. And clean! Is he clean!

Every girl should do this kind of analysis. It’s lots of fun. And you meet lots of people…and suck their cocks.

Anyway, you’ll never guess what happened. OK, I’ll tell you. The girls in this town, instead of doing something about it, just complained. They told Amber that we were going to have to stop fucking and sucking the boys in town because they had no boyfriends anymore. When Amber passed this on to me, I gave an answer that would have made Marie Antoinette proud: "Let them eat cock!"

The crazy thing is that they took my advice. Do you remember the movie Pleasantville, where everybody was in black and white, but when they became self aware, parts of them were colored? That was Fromage.

That Monday, Mary Jane Debs wore a denim skirt with knee socks and penny loafers. She still wore an open flannel shirt with a T-shirt, but Fromage isn’t curdled in a day. The next day, two other girls wore denim skirts and Mary Jane wore an actual blouse. On Wednesday, Mary Jane wore hose, make-up and one-inch heels. The boys noticed. So did the girls. On Thursday and Friday, ten of the 36 girls in our class were wearing makeup, stockings, garter belts, skirts and tight blouses or sweaters. On Saturday, Mary Jane went with Carl Smith (one of our six finalists) under the stands at halftime of the Fromage-Oshkosh football game. When they came back, everyone noticed, but no one asked her why she had grass stains on the knees of her stockings and what appeared to be a glob of a milky substance on her chin.

Since then, things have changed in Fromage. The girls (or most of them, anyway) have risen to the level of the competition (Amber and me) and we applaud them for it. The really funny thing is that the boys in surrounding towns, Cheddar, Gouda and Edam, have heard about the babes in Fromage and are hanging around here like hounds. Some have hit on Amber and me, but we ignore them. Well, except for Tommy from Edam. I did fuck him. And suck his cock. But he has a cute smile.

I hear that the girls in the surrounding area are getting with it too, so that means they’ll start drawing from as far away as Oshkosh or even Milwaukee.

Have Amber and I damaged the ecosystem or improved it? .

Is Mrs. Johnson, the chemistry teacher, always so mean?

So that’s the news from Fromage, where all the women dress sexy and all the boys get their balls drained.

Love and big, wet kisses




Chapter Sixteen -- All the News from Vinrouge

Dear Yvette:

Awesome letter! You and Amber rule in Fromage. It may even be livable when I come home. Thank you.

Well it’s hard to believe that it’s mid-November already. Only four more weeks until we all get together in London. I can’t wait, because I know that you and I will be the best girlfriends forever.

It’s been a wonderful four months – the best of my life. But I have to tell you. Your schools here are tough. And they expect you to know all this stuff about Napoleon and DeGaulle. They’ve been pretty easy on me because I’m an exchange student, but I guess things must be easier for you there at Fromage High.

Anyway, things are going really well with Henri and me. He’s even been talking about the M-word. Giggle. I know he’s serious about marriage because he’s already taken a mistress. It’s Louise Declerc, you know, the redhead with the big, well, you know. But that’s OK, because he loves me and I have a mistress too. Tee-hee! I’ve been making love to Monique Crevet for about four weeks now. And her friend Leslie. Everyone has something on the side here. What a country!

Henri and I have been making love four or five evenings a week. He’s dreamy! Two weeks ago, he even sucked my cock for the first time. I’m like, what kept you? But now he can’t get enough of my love juice. Boys have so many hang-ups. Being a girl is so awesome. I don’t think I want to put my peter in his poopchute, however. That would be too confusing about who is the boy.

So four weeks ago, Henri has to go with out-of-town with his football team. Monique invites me to her house for a pajama party with her friend Leslie. Now I know these girls have boyfriends on Henri’s football team, so I’m not expecting anything other than painting toenails and eating bad French pizza (sorry). I take one of my less sexy nighties. It’s blue, knee-length and has little white ribbons. I tuck my package in really well, like they taught us at PE. And I pack up all my cosmetics and brushes and go to Monique’s house. We’re chatting away, as girls do, when we start talking about our boyfriends. Monique says nobody fucks like her boyfriend Jean-Paul, so Leslie brags about Louis and I say how great Henri’s bad boy feels in me. After about ten minutes of this we’re all so randy, we start kissing each other. One thing leads to another and I’m eating out Monique while Leslie is kissing her. I use the approved PE technique so she has this 9-1-1 orgasm. After Monique calms down, she says, lets switch places. She’s going to eat me out while I kiss Leslie. This will be quite a trick with my fine friend between my legs, but I agree and Monique starts to remove my pretty panties. When Mr. Lucky pops out, the girls whoop with laughter. Then they hug me and say how wonderful it is. They want to know how it happened, but first, Monique wants to suck it while Leslie kisses me, sort of sticking to the original agenda.

Wow can that Monique suck cock. Jean-Paul will die young, but happy. She gave me the best blowjob I ever had and she sprayed cum all over her own face. Leslie licked it off Monique’s face as I licked Leslie. Leslie goes off like the fire whistle and I’m afraid Monique’s parents are going to rush in with paramedics. But this must be relatively normal in a French house or they play TVs really loud here. Not to bore you with details, but Monique and Leslie named me the best pussylicker in Vinrouge and environs and promised to get me in the next Michelin Guide.

Oh. And I fucked them each twice that night and got them to come six times each. I love pussy so much. Being the girls we are, we get to do it all, don’t we? I’d like to see their boyfriends top that!

Does it always rain so much here in November?

Henri says he’s going to die from loneliness when I’m in London at Christmas, but I know he’ll be back here pounding Louise. I don’t mind because I know I’m his first choice. I prefer him over the girls too. By a lot. I guess my orientation is resolving itself. I’m a girl who likes boys. And the occasional girl.

I let your papa suck my cock. Four times. Sorry, but he wanted to do it so badly and your mama asked me to let him. The poor guy’s balls were blue looking at me. As your mama predicted, he hasn’t really shown an interest in doing that any more, now that he’s done it a few times. He’s pretty good, but Henri and the girls are better. Oh and I sucked him twice. He seems to like that better. They’ve been so kind to me, so I’m returning their kindness where possible.

I know what you mean about that Mrs. Johnson. She needs a good cock up her all right.

My mother tells me that Daddy wants you very badly. Please don’t hold back on my account. I think a good roll with you would be great medicine for the old guy. He’ll be 40 next year!!!

All my kisses and love!!!




Chapter Seventeen – Your Daddy is Hot!!

Dear Nicole:

You sucked my Papa’s cock? You little tramp! Good for you. You are getting to be as adventurous as I am

I was glad to hear you say that I should fuck your Daddy because I kind of already did. Here’s how it happened. Your mother, whom I call Auntie, and Uncle Marc have been fucking their brains out ever since I arrived. Sometimes, when your Daddy is tired, after he gives Auntie several bone-crushing orgasms, she wants her bones crushed some more.

Auntie knows that Uncle Marc wants to fuck me very badly, so she asks me to tease him a little to get him ready for more action. The first time, I just walked into his bedroom in my shortie pink nightie and kissed him on the cheek. Did I mention that it’s a very short shortie and that you can see all my little-girl goodies, including Roger’s cum that was oozing out of my pink little hole? Well that stirred him to two hours worth of hard fucking and Auntie was walking funny the next day, but happy.

The second time Auntie asked me, I went into his bedroom and sat on his lap to say goodnight. I was wearing the same cute nightie, but this time I was wearing pretty little pink panties to hold in my sweets package. He told me I was a very pretty girl and he kissed me goodnight…as he was slipping two fingers through the back of my panties and into my heinie hole. It was a very stimulating kiss, followed by a lot of questions about how I liked boys and what I liked them to do with me. All the while, he was massaging my prostate and feeling my titties with his other hand. I told him that I especially liked when they put their big cocks where his fingers were right then, but he didn’t get the hint, I guess. So I escaped with most of my virtue. I made a big cummy mess in my panties, but I thought for sure he was going to fuck me that night. Darn! But he sure took it out on Auntie. She was smiling ear-to-ear as she stood to eat her breakfast.

The third time Auntie asked me, I knew we would go "all the way." I told Auntie that, but she said that it was OK with her, as long as we stuck to about once a month. I told Auntie that I didn’t think I would do it more than once. She said that Uncle Marc was addictive.

Well, that night, after entertaining Stan for three very nice, fuck-filled hours, I was getting ready for bed when Auntie reminded me of what I had agreed. I put on a knee-length, white cotton nightgown and white cotton panties and put my hair in two barrettes. I almost looked like a virgin, except for Stan’s gallon of cum, which was still oozing from my butt. I took a good, long tinkle and tried to poop out most of Stan’s gooey stuff. Then I washed off my make-up except for some pink lipstick. I spritzed a little perfume on, powdered my tummy and my crotch and went in to kiss your Daddy goodnight. And maybe do other stuff.

He and Auntie had had another night of glorious love and he was resting on his back after several jobs well done. He looked yummy. He has a nice, hard body, toned up by four months of vigorous fucking, a handsome face, hairy chest and a monster cock. It was looking at me from across the room as I entered. Its one eye was crying goo. It was limp, but full-bodied.

Uncle Marc was snoring lightly. Maybe I can get out of here unmolested, I thought. But it wasn’t to be. He felt my breath as I bent over to kiss him on the cheek and he reached up and put his arms around me. He wasn’t grabby or forcing, just loving. I liked that. I sat on the bed and said, "Did I wake you?" His answer was nonverbal. He gently moved me so I was lying beside him. Then he kissed me. Big time. This is a man who knows how to kiss. At this point, I was ready for anything and he knew it. He asked me to take my nightie off and to straddle his body, facing him. He also knows how to kiss and lick titties! When he had me almost peeing my panties with lust, he peeled them off and asked me if I had used anything back there. I blushed and admitted that I had used a large dollop of vaginal jelly. I had put it on with my fingers. It had felt cold when I applied it. I told myself that something hot would be in there soon enough.

Uncle Marc kissed me some more and maneuvered me so that my butthole was directly over his helmet-headed monster. I eased it in. Ooooh it felt good. It was so big and hard and it warmed me all up inside.

Now Uncle Marc is a man who knows his way around a girl’s asshole too. He was rubbing that big red helmet against my tender little prostate and my stiffie was all red and excited. I was so stirred up that when I came, my cum shot on Uncle Marc’s hairy chest and all the way to his face. He was delighted and licked it off his lips. Then he came like Christmas. How he ever produced that much man-gooey at his age and after three earlier cums with Auntie, I’ll never know, but I felt as if I were getting an enema. I did have to make big poopies after that, but that’s a different story.

He kissed me lots more, hugged me tenderly, and thanked me profusely. Then he asked me to go to bed, because his wife required his services now.

Your Daddy is a role model if I ever saw one!

I think a lot about you fucking my sissy ass every night in London. Rest up!

Love and big wet, sissy kisses!




Chapter Eighteen – French Fried

"Well Amber," Yvette said, "we have one more important task before school lets out for Christmas."

"Buy presents for everyone?"

"I’ve done that, haven’t you? Have you been spending all your free time in the sack fucking and sucking cocks, you naughty girl?"

Amber put her head down like a bad girl and looked at Yvette penitently. "Yes I have," she said.

"Good! But now we have to do something about those two idiots Brad and Bennie. I still owe them for the way they treated Ni.. Mike and for that free feel they gave me at the mall the day I came to America. Plus a day doesn’t go by when they don’t make a lewd comment to you or me."

"The big jerks are horny and none of the girls are interested in them."

"Well, we’re going to take care of them. Now let’s get Roger and Stan and here’s what we’ll do…."

Two days later at school, Yvette walked seductively up to Brad, pressed a note in his hand, smiled and wiggled off.

Brad read this: "I want you, but I think Bennie is a putz. Amber will arrange a meeting, but don’t let Bennie know. If you do, you will never forgive yourself for what you missed."

After the next period, Yvette approached Bennie and gave him a similar note.

Both jamokes, of course, were willing to sell out their best friend for some pussy, so they sneakily saw Amber, who told each that Yvette was really shy, that she wanted to have sex with Jamoke One, but didn’t want Jamoke Two to know. Could Brad come to Yvette’s house on foot, so there would be no car evidence, at precisely 7:30 tonight (7:45 for Bennie) and do what Amber tells them? They eagerly agreed and managed to keep it to themselves until at least tomorrow, when they would tell everyone in school about their conquest of that stuck-up Yvette.

Brad showed up on time and Amber took him to Yvette’s bedroom. She told him to undress completely and she took his clothes. "Sit on the end of the bed here. When you hear the door open, it will be Yvette. Stand up. Don’t move. She will be naked and will come over to you and kiss you. Then you two can do whatever you want, Brad[wink]."

Brad sat there for about ten minutes planning how he was going to use his three-incher to best advantage. Then the door opened. He stood up and a figure moved toward him in the dark. The figure threw its naked body at him and they hugged and kissed. Then the lights came on and cameras were snapping from six angles around the room. The moment of Brad and Bennie’s torrid, naked embrace was recorded for posterity.

Yvette and Amber were in the room, laughing hysterically. "Are you lover boys having fun?" Yvette asked.

Bennie roared. "Gimme that film!"

"Too late," Amber said. "The pictures are digital and they’ve already been forwarded to Roger and Stan, who are e-mailing them to every kid in school, the teachers and the parents. You guys will look adorable."

The two apes knew when they were beaten. They collected their clothes and left.

When their parents saw the pictures, they decided that the best way to straighten Brad and Bennie out was to send them to military school. In that all-male environment, the lads’ previously dormant homosexual tendencies flourished and they ran away together.

Brad and Bennie now live in the Village. They do interior designs, write a lot of fan letters to Cher and have a timeshare on Fire Island.



Chapter Nineteen – Reunion

The Ormonds and Yvette Boudreau arrived seriously jetlagged in London on the morning of December 20. They were able to check in early and catch a nap before the 6 p.m. arrival of the Boudreaus and Nicole Ormond from Paris, a short hop away.

The party had three rooms – one for each set of parents and one for the girls. Yvette was humming to herself in her room as she got ready for the arrival of her parents and the sweetie she had been longing for from a long distance. "Nicole is the only one who truly understands what it’s like," Yvette thought. "To go from a miserable existence as a boy to a wonderful life as a girl. We feel each other’s pain and joy. Soon I will feel her she-male cock up my sissy ass!"

The girls had left behind some sad lovers – Amber, Henri, Roger, Monique and too many others to list. But it was only for two weeks and all the girls’ attention would be on their families …and each other.

Yvette dolled herself up. Her miracle bra gave her the most cleavage she ever had. Her black lace panties screamed, "Remove me." She made up her face as she would for a prom – dramatic, dark eyes promising many delights. Her little black dress and long, stockinged legs would draw drooling attention from many men before the night was out. She shaved, powdered and perfumed herself exquisitely. She stepped to the mirror and liked what she saw. Her willie liked the image too, because it pressed hard against her powdered tummy. Yvette didn’t want to, but she changed into PE-approved panties that would cover arousal. Nothing is to go wrong tonight.

A knock on the door. It was the Ormonds, ready to go downstairs for dinner. "Your parents and Nicole called us an hour ago from their room, Sweetie," Auntie said. They wanted to freshen up before we all met. The Ormonds looked spectacular. Auntie had a Chanel suit and Uncle Mark was in Brooks Brothers’ best.

Yvette’s butterflies leaped. What if Nicole doesn’t like me? What if I don’t like Nicole? What if my parents don’t love me anymore? That’s it, Yvette thought. I really am becoming a woman. I think like one now.

Yvette spotted them across the large main lobby. She streaked to her parents and hugged them and kissed them. Halfway there, she passed the streak that was Nicole heading for her mother and father.

Yvette was crying and her eye make-up was running. She didn’t care. It was wonderful to be back in the loving embrace of her wonderful parents. At the other end of the lobby, a similar scene was unfolding with the Ormonds. Genny and Nicole were sobbing, smiling and laughing. Marc was misty and hugging his girls.

After a bit, the families moved together and met each other. The parents were instant friends. Of course they had been in communication regularly the last few months and liked each other from that interaction.

The girls fell in love with each other at first sight. Despite destroyed eye make-up, each found the other the most beautiful sight of her life. They hugged openly and kissed chastely. Then they chattered away about everything and nothing.

Dinner was set for eight, so there was time to talk. At 7:15, Marie-Anne suggested that the girls go to the ladies room and fix their faces. They got up and walked there very demurely.

Once inside, they rushed for the biggest stall and locked the door. Their kissing, hugging and fondling were frantic. "Tu es tres jolie, (You are very pretty,) Yvette."

"Merci, Nicole, mais tu es la plus jolie de tout le monde. (Thank you, but you are the prettiest in the world.)

Nicole was afraid that she was going to come and ruin her pretty new white dress. She said so to Yvette and that calmed her down .. for about ten seconds. After a short discussion, it was agreed that Yvette would show Nicole hers and Nicole would show Yvette hers.

Each began to pull down her panties, slowly and teasingly. They giggled as they did it. Nicole’s little friend poked its head out first. Yvette sat on the toilet seat, asked Nicole to hold up her dress and slip in the front and proceeded to give Nicole a four-star, five-alarm, two-thumbs-up blowjob. Nicole’s knees buckled and she found it hard to keep her balance in her four-inch heels. She squealed with pleasure, but managed to avoid screaming out loud. Ladies may have come in to use the bathroom during that time, but Nicole and Yvette were too focused to notice.

With two big globs of cum on her cheeks, now Yvette really needed a make-up repair. Nicole pulled Yvette to her feet and kissed her passionately, Nicole was crying. "That was wonderful. I love you so much. Let me do you."

Just then the ladies room door opened. It was Genny. "Everything all right in there girls? Oh, I see that you’re chatting. I’ll just go tell everyone that, but we don’t want to miss our dinner reservation in 15 minutes, OK?"

"OK," the girls said in unison.

"Yvette, we’d better go, but I’m sure we’ll need to use the ladies room again tonight and we will be sleeping in the same bed for the next two weeks."

"Saying that got me even randier. If I just hold my dress up like this can you toss me off? Oh. That’s it. Very nice. Where did you ever learn to do that? Oh my. Ooooohhhh!"

No one ever found out why the wall in one of the ladies room stalls was completely covered in spunk.

They fixed their faces, kissed hungrily, and rejoined the happy group.

What a lovely evening it was! Good food. Fine wine. Excellent companionship. The Brad and Bennie story had everyone howling with laughter. Nicole’s loving description of Henri touched everyone’s heart. Under the table, Yvette’s stockinged foot touched Nicole’s panty-enclosed goodies.

At 10:30, everyone was tired (they said) and agreed to break up until gathering for a full English breakfast at 9:30 tomorrow. The parents kissed the girls goodnight and left them to their own amusements. Where to begin?

Nicole closed the door behind her and locked it. Yvette kissed her hard, rubbing titties. They began removing each other’s clothing, leaving only stockings and garter belts, black for Yvette, white for Nicole. They shared a loving embrace, kissing sweetly, then stepped back to consider each other.

"You are so hot, Nicole. Your pink little prickie and little pink ball sack drive me wild."

"Your goodies are so much bigger than mine, Honey. I wonder how they would feel, I don’t know, up my little puckerpit, maybe."

Yvette lay down on the bed and asked Nicole to lie on top of her in reverse. She asked Nicole to suck her pricklet, but only to excite her, not to make her come. Nicole’s gorgeous, creamy ass, framed by her white stockings and garter belt, pink prickie and ball sack were inches from Yvette’s face. If this isn’t heaven, Yvette thought, it’s in Heaven’s suburbs.

Yvette slurped a glob of precum forming at Nicole’s peehole. She then licked broadly with her entire tongue from the tip of Nicole’s prick, along both balls, up to her little brown and pink rosebud, entering it with two inches of hard, wiggling tongue. She repeated this three times. Halfway through the last lick, Nicole shuddered, groaned and launched a considerable amount of cum along Yvette’s sexy titties and tummy. Always thinking, Yvette scooped the goo with her fingers and used it to enter, relax and lubricate the walls of Nicole’s girlie tushie. Nicole whimpered with lust and pushed back for more of the invading fingers. "Yvette, I’m ready now," the sweet little angel said.

Yvette asked pretty Nicole to lie on her back. She propped Nicole up with three pillows at the small of her back. It looked awkward, but was very comfortable. She asked Nicole to spread her legs and bring her knees up as far as it was comfortable. What a beautiful sight the little sweetie was, in position and ready and willing to be fucked.

Yvette’s stiffie was very hard and very red. She drew herself on top of Nicole and entered her gently, but firmly. Nicole drew in her breath. This was incredible! She reached up to massage Yvette’s perky titties. Yvette gasped appreciatively. Nicole asked, "Is it all in, Cherie?"

"Just two more inches, Nicole. Aaaahhh. That’s all of it. How does it feel?"

"It’s paradise. I never want to leave this room."

"If you hold your head up, we can kiss. That’s it. Mmmmmm."

The lovers got into a beautiful sexual rhythm and took each other around the world. Yvette was softly frigging dear Nicole, who had inserted two fingers in Yvette’s stunning backside. They whispered words of sweet love to each other and, with little warning, had simultaneous 50-megaton explosions. They sobbed with the force of their joy, holding each other.

"I’ll never be able to come again," Nicole said. "But it was worth it."

"In about 15 minutes, I think I can prove you wrong on that." And she did.



Chapter 20 -- French Toast

Nicole awoke to soft lips on her cock. Mmmm! "What time is it?" she asked.

Yvette interrupted her sucking to answer. "Eight o’clock, Miss Sleepyhead. We only have one and a half hours until we need to be down stairs for a full English breakfast."

"Keep doing that and I’ll give you a full French breakfast."

And Yvette did.

After a few minutes, Yvette said, "I have to pee."

"Me too, but I see you have a big, red stiffee. All your pee would go straight up in the air. What can we do?"

They looked at each other and said together, "Shower!!!"

The giggling, naked girls jumped in the shower and turned on the warm water. Nicole kissed Yvette and stroked her stiff prickie. Yvette tittered and sprayed her with a yellow stream of girlie pee. "I’ll get you," Nicole said, and sprayed Yvette’s titties with Nicole pee.

The shower was washing the pee off quickly, but it was nasty enough to make them both even randier. Surprisingly, Nicole took the aggressor’s role. She soaped Yvette down with a wash cloth, then began to soap her dark, slippery place, making it even slicker. She then pressed Yvette’s body against the shower wall and entered her quickly from behind. Yvette was trapped. She was dominated, She was delighted.

Nicole reached around and, with soapy, expert hands fondled and caressed Yvette’s goodies until Yvette quivered, squealed and came like a firehose. Yvette milked Nicole’s cockie with her ass and Nicole joined her almost immediately after.

What a great waker-upper!

"Wow, Nicole! What got into you?" Yvette asked.

"I believe it was something that got into you, Sweetie."

They each thought, 13 more nights of this and I may need organ transplants.

The girls quickly dressed, talking as they did about their lives and how, despite the many uncertainties, they were happy now and looked forward to lives in which they once despaired.

Nicole and Yvette joined their parents at breakfast, swishing into the room and lighting it up like no utility ever could.

They were surprised that the English breakfast included champagne. Luc Boudreau ordered it because he was French and because he had a toast to offer.

"Mesdames et Monsieurs (Ladies and Gentlemen), to us, the Ormonds and the Boudreaus. May God grant us full, happy lives and the knowledge that we have done the right thing for our girls. And especially to Nicole and Yvette, the most wonderful girls in America and France. May they always prosper and always have all the love they want and need."

Everyone drank. The girls kissed. Their lives would be wonderful indeed.




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