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Poker                by: Gingerfred Man


Chapter One – Hungry

In his post-Mayberry days, Andy Griffith was a spokesperson for Ritz crackers. He popularized a terrific advertising phrase that reached into a lot of people’s heads. Andy would ask rhetorically, "What are you hungry for when you don’t know what you’re hungry for?" And then answer, "Somethin’ on a crisp Ritz cracker. It’s goooood!"

Are you hungry for something and you don’t know what? I was, until I joined the poker group.

My name is Ed Jensen. When this tale began, I was 31 and had been married for eight years to Carol. My wife was a nice woman. I’d like to do better than nice, but that’s all that springs to mind. She kept a nice home. She did a nice job at work. And was nice to me.

I guess I was hungry for more than nice. When we got married, I knew Carol was a good woman, but wasn’t particularly sexy. She used to laugh at my jokes, suck my cock (no cum-swallowing – ick, dirty), wear skirts, stockings and heels and let me fuck her twice a day. Now she thinks she’s heard all my jokes, wears pants unless we’re going to a wedding, and has disappeared off my radar screen on sex.

What happened? Who knows? But it’s all too common. Women get comfortable and think they don’t need to look out for their man’s needs. He’s expected to give without taking.

I thought about having an affair, but that’s a lot of trouble and I don’t like boiled bunny. The relationship ends up the same as a married one after a while anyway. I thought about raising sheep, but we live in the city.

What I ended up doing was spending too much time on the Internet, especially Yahoo groups, looking at incredible pictures of things I will never do.


Then one day, I caught a break. I lost my wallet and I ended up with all the sex I could handle for life.

That was a big leap; so let me tell you the story step by step, inch by inch. [Did someone say Niagara Falls?]

One way I got rid of my frustrations was to work out a lot. I would often go home for dinner with Carol, then go to the gym at around 8:30 for a workout until they closed at 10. One snowy night, there were only about ten of us in the gym, mostly guys I knew. Todd Hoff and I were the last two body-punishers and I was dressed and leaving as Todd headed for the shower.

I got about three blocks away when I realized that I must have left my wallet at the gym. Ticked at myself, I went back, hoping I could get in. Luckily, the door was open. The attendant wanted to get home before the major snowfall and had asked Todd to lock up. I came in, looking at where I had walked to see if I had dropped my wallet. No luck. I was about to enter the locker room when I saw something that changed my life.

Apparently thinking he was alone, Todd was sitting on the locker room bench, slowly, sensuously pulling on a pair of sheer, seamed, 1950s-style black stockings. He was obviously very excited by the act, because his nice, big, red prick was painfully erect. Then he put on a lacy, silky, black garter belt and slowly hooked four tabs to each stocking top.

Oh my! I saw that beautiful cock, framed by that garter belt and stockings and my mouth watered. I wanted to suck it and swallow his cum. And I hardly knew the man. Or girlieman. Or TG. Whatever he was, I didn’t care. Todd, who, I just noticed, was a very handsome man, began to stroke his prick lovingly along its entire length. He liked his hand a lot and began to tease the tip of his beautiful meat. [What was I saying? I wasn’t gay? I couldn’t remember a single homosexual thought in my life. Well. Maybe a few when I was a kid. But now?]

Todd continued to stroke his pud and I couldn’t help myself. I groaned.

Todd jumped as if shot, looking around and trying to get dressed at the same time. I had to do something. I stepped out of the shadows and identified myself, saying I had come back for my wallet. Todd’s face fell.

"Well, I guess I’m busted. Shit."

I reassured Todd. "It’s none of my business and believe me, I’ll tell no one. Not even my wife."

"You won’t? Thanks, Ed. I appreciate that very much."

"You’re welcome," I said. Then Bad Ed seized my body. "How much do you appreciate it?"

Todd seemed wary. "What?"

"Do you appreciate it enough to let me touch your cock? I’m not gay [an American male anthem], but I was incredibly turned on watching you pull on your stockings and stroke your prick. May I touch it?"

Todd smiled. "Sure, as a gesture of friendship. And, hey, I’m not gay, either. [Oh beautiful, for spacious skies….] I just wear this stuff because it feels good."

I smiled back and grabbed his cock, stroking it the way I like mine stroked. "Does this feel good?" I asked, looking at the big pole framed by nylon.

Todd groaned. "Very good. But you were just supposed to…Oh, my." Todd began shifting from foot to foot. He warned me that he was about to erupt from all the fear and excitement and my very fine stroke. I kept wanking. "Oh, Ed, you’re very goooooodddd!" And hot cum shot across the room in four athletic bounds.

I continued stroking Todd through his climax and the aftermath, milking out his last drop. I had this incredible urge to kiss him and lick the cumdrops off his prick.

My pants were on fire. I had to free my cock or go mad, so I pulled my pants off and out came Little Elvis. Like Todd, my little friend was a nice (that word again) size, but not overly large. It was red and angry from all the excitement. I reached for it, but Todd said, "Wait."

He reached into his locker and pulled out a pair of black stockings. He rolled them into a doughnut for me then slowly pulled them up my legs. Halfway through the second stocking, I came harder than I had since my honeymoon. I even clipped Todd’s face with one spurt. He ignored it, finishing his sexy task, then snapped the stockings to a garter belt he attached to my waist.

Despite a ball-evacuating orgasm, I was diamond hard again. I stood up. Todd gave me the surprise of a lifetime by dropping to his stockinged knees, taking me in his hot, wet mouth and sucking my cock better than I ever imagined possible. When I came, my knees buckled and I fell to the floor. He swallowed every greasy, gooey drop of my cum and licked his lips in punctuation.

As I recovered my faculties, Todd got up and got dressed. He handed me a business card and said, "Wear those stockings until I see you again, and these panties. Call me tomorrow at 3 p.m. Good night."

Good night?


Chapter Two – Huh?

I sat in the locker room for a long time trying to remember the license plate number of the truck that just hit me. My ears were still warm from the incredible sexual heat of what just happened. Whatever it was.

I had just performed and accepted homosexual sex for the first time in my life. All because of those damn stockings and garter belts. I held the black bikini panties Todd had given me in my hand and considered throwing them in the trash and changing gyms. Then I looked at my legs in those silky stockings and I became horny as hell all over again. Was it the sight of a cock in such an unlikely setting?

Still slick from my cum and Todd’s saliva, my prick stood tall and teased me to skin back the foreskin. I accepted the invitation. Several times. And before long, I felt another freight-train orgasm building in my stomach. When I came, I threw five sticky globs on a high trajectory onto the locker room floor. I would have to clean it up.

If I didn’t stop looking at my prick, they would find me in here tomorrow morning completely dehydrated, babbling and wanking a raw wiener.

I pulled myself together, pulled on the panties [Oooooooh] and got dressed. Just knowing I was wearing that stuff had me insane with lust. I had to force myself to drive home without pulling over for relief.

When I got home, Carol was already in bed. I had promised Todd that I wouldn’t take the stockings off until I saw him again. And held his cock in my hands. And licked its fiery tip. And kissed and sucked all over the head. [Shudder.] That last stuff was just implied, I think. But I couldn’t let Carol see what I was wearing. Luckily, in winter, I sometimes slept in sweat bottoms and socks, so that was what I wore that night. As I got in bed, my mind was racing. What if Carol, of all things, wanted sex that night? She would get a silky surprise. Form held true and she slept through all my angst.

I couldn’t sleep. At about one a.m., I went to the bathroom. I had to see my cock in those stockings again. I locked the door, peeled off the socks and sweats and gaped at my cock. There was a full-length mirror on the door and a large mirror over the sink, so I could see both my cock and my ass. My ass looked so hot framed by the garter belt and stockings that I became the first man in history to cum a bucket, just from looking at his own ass!

[Fourteen hours until I call Todd. Groooaaan.]

I took a jar of Vaseline out of the medicine chest and slathered it on two fingers of my left hand and all over my poor, distressed cock. I plunged the fingers in my butt, watching it all in the mirror. With my right hand, I stroked my greased-up, overworked rammer. Oh, no! What was happening to me? I felt that cum train again and I couldn’t get off the tracks. Oh, Mamma, I was coming. My ass felt as if it were cumming along with my cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Cum sprayed everywhere. I didn’t care. Carol was a heavy sleeper. At that point, I didn’t care if she walked in with my grandmother. I was a cum machine.

I put my sweats and socks back on with my eyes closed. If I saw myself, I couldn’t be responsible for what happened. Then I cleaned up the cummy mess and staggered back to bed. [Thirteen hours and 43 minutes until I can call Todd.]

I must have passed out until the alarm rang at 6. Carol lets me use the bathroom first, so I scooted in there and shaved. I had showered at the gym and usually didn’t again in the morning. When I took my sweats off to get dressed, though I tried not to look, I saw my cock in stockings again and had another desperate, sweating, whimpering-with-lust jerk-off.

What was happening to me? I was pathetic. I had fallen in love with myself and my sissyboy stockings. I had never been so sexually excited in my life. Whatever button Todd had pushed in me last night was staying down and in full throttle. [Eight hours and 28 minutes until I can call Todd.]

When I managed to get dressed in a suit and tie, I tried forgetting about the silky things I was wearing underneath. As I drove to work, I thought about two things: I hope I don’t have an accident and seven hours and 53 minutes until I can call Todd.

The day dragged horribly. I only had one cup of coffee because I was afraid of what I would want to do to myself if I went to the bathroom. Regardless, I wanted to see myself again and kept rubbing the little clippies where my garter belt attached to my silky stockings. At lunchtime, I walked three blocks to a library and used their restroom. My moans as I came in the stall may have frightened off a new generation of readers. I cleaned up and left in a hurry, my face turned from the librarian. [Two hours and 17 minutes until I can call Todd.]

Squirming in my chair, wild images and conjecture raging through my brain [what’s this fucking call about anyway?], I sweated through the final minute. Todd’s card had been in the center of my desk since lunchtime. At thirty seconds until three, I picked up the phone. As the second hand reached the 12, I dialed the last number. It rang twice. Please be there. "Todd Hoff" he answered. Relief. Joy. Now what?

"It’s Ed. You, uh, said to call you at three."

Todd’s voice brightened. "Ed. I was worried that you wouldn’t call. How are you?"

Panicked. Horny as hell. Terrified of what you’ll say or not say. "Fine. I, uh, enjoyed last night." I’m such a little tramp. He’s supposed to say that.

"Me too" he said. [Relief, apprehension.] "You can’t imagine how much."

"I can imagine a lot." Hardy har har.

"Say, Ed, I told you to call me at three because I wanted to see if the guys in our poker group would accept you as a new player. They did."

Poker? I don’t want no stinking poker. I want a hot 69 with this guy, with us both wearing stockings. "Oh. Well thank you very much."

He sensed the disappointment in my voice. "Ed, if last night was any indication, this poker group will be the most fun you ever had in your life. It is for us."

Yeowie! "Since you put it that way, deal me in, Todd."

Todd laughed. "We don’t actually use any cards for our games, but make sure you wear that set I gave you for the game tonight."

Tonight? Holy shit! "Thank you so much. Where do we meet?"

Todd told me. "We meet at six-thirty every Thursday and the game usually goes on until two or so, so warn Carol."

Will I? "Todd, this is wonderful. Thanks so much."

"We’re happy to have you as a new player. See you at 6:30."

Three hours and 26 minutes until the poker game.



Chapter Three – The Group

Carol was no problem. I think she was happy to have one night a week with no small talk. I was the problem. I was a wreck. Who were these guys? What did they expect of me? Could I do it?

Somehow the rest of the day passed and I drove to the poker-group house. It was a four-bedroom colonial on a nice street. Something was familiar about it. Carol and I had been to a party there one time – Bob and Jane somebody – Carol knew them. I gulped and knocked. Bob Somebody answered. I remembered him and he remembered me. A nice-looking guy, early thirties, small build, like me. And like Todd.

Bob greeted me warmly and offered me an iced tea. Beer, he said, is not good for poker. Thank goodness the other three guys showed up then, because I didn’t know what else to say to him except, "So, we’re going to suck each other’s cocks tonight?"

Todd introduced me to Mike, Jim and Bob. They all smiled and shook my hand. They seemed relieved that I appeared to have one head.

Todd said, "Ed, I don’t mean to be mysterious, but before I tell you about our group, I want you to promise that you will never discuss anything that is said or happens in here except with a group member. Do you promise?"

"I do." Like getting married again.

Todd smiled and so did the other three guys. "Welcome to the group!" he said, and everyone slapped me on the back. No secret rituals? No body piercing?

"Now, Ed, don’t be worried that someone will walk in on us. Bob’s wife Jane ran off with a pizza-delivery man a year ago, a week before we started the poker group. Bob got everything, and she won’t be back. But I’m hedging. Would you take your pants off for us please, Ed?

Mr. Sulu, take us to warp speed. I shucked those pants in a flash, standing there in my stockings, garter belt and severely cock-stretched panties. The guys made approving noises. Of course I still had my shirt and tie on. They asked me to remove them, and I stood there bare-chested.

Mike handed me a powder-blue tank top, which I slipped over my head.

"Could you remove your panties for us too, Ed?" Jim asked.

The Final Frontier. I peeled them down and stood there in a completely unfamiliar, lewd outfit, in front of four male, virtual strangers, and I was almost fatally excited.

"Very nice, Ed.," Jim said. "You’re perfect for this group. How many times have you cum since last night."

"Seven," I said.

"Wow," Mike said. "I hope you saved some for us." They all laughed. I groaned with lust at these men all hot for my cock.

"What size shoe do you wear, Ed?"

"An eight"

Mike went to the closet and came back with a pair of black fuck-me pumps with a three-inch stiletto heel. I sat. Mike slipped them on me, rubbing my leg more than he needed to. Oooooh, they looked hot on my feet. If I hadn’t been scared and nervous, I would have cum already. I stood and the lads whistled at me. Whistled. Then they excused themselves for about five minutes and came back dressed exactly as I was, except for shirt colors.

[Shudder] Their four beautiful cocks were all foreskinned and highly erectile. They stepped easily in their heels, all of which were higher than mine. Would I survive this night?

By apparent agreement, Bob approached me and got on his knees. "May I initiate you to the group properly, Ed?"

"That would be fantastic, Bob. Thank you."

Bob was a cocksucker of exquisite skill. He adored my prick like a master. He licked around, over and through the foreskin. He tickled my balls, grabbing them at just the right time to prevent premature bliss, then bathing them lovingly with his tongue. Oh, Carol. Come take a lesson. Despite my seven previous trips down cummy lane, my balls boiled rapidly and I came a bucket down Bob’s mouth and on his face. The other three guys, I realized, had been watching and they applauded good-naturedly and handed Bob a towel to wipe his face. No licking off the cum? Hmmmm.

Bob thanked me. A hot kiss with lots of tongue would have been better, but I was trying to live within their norms. What was next?

They were a little shaky on that as well. Until now, they had used a pattern where A sucked B, while C and D sat on the couch watching. C and D teased each other’s cocks, but tried not to cum. When B delivered the mail down A’s throat, A and B would move to the couch for some prickteasing, while C sucked D. Then B would suck A while C and D aroused each other again, followed by D sucking C. A would then pair with C, and so on. It was highly ritualized, but still very erotic. The problem was, I was E.

That night, Jim and Mike stood up in their pretty heels and Mike slipped to his knees to worship Jim’s gorgeous, hard meat. I drooled. Todd and Bob sat on the couch fiddling with each other’s foreskins, but only touching genitally. I watched the sucking with great interest and sexual excitement, but I was the odd cummer out. Jim was fucking Mike’s face and his cute ass, framed by the pretty stockings and garter belt, was opening a bit on the backstroke, showing his mouth-watering little rosebud. Inspired, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I was in there less than a minute when I found what I needed – a jar of Vaseline.

Returning to the carnal arena, I heard Jim moaning lustily as he fucked Mike’s eager mouth. The other lads were becoming highly aroused by the scene and their expert attentions to each other’s pricks. Boldly, I lubed two fingers, tottered up to Jim from the rear and slowly inserted my fingers in his cute rump. It seemed like a natural thing to do. While Carol would never put her fingers up my pooper (icky bad!), anal stimulation was a charming component of my masturbation rituals.

This was the first of many poker group applecarts I was to upset and the reactions were immediate. Mike stopped sucking Jim’s lovely, stocking-framed hard-on and said, "Stop. We don’t do that in this group. We’re not gay here, Ed." [For amber waves of grain.]"

Jim groaned and said, "It feels fantastic! Keep doing that, Ed. Mike, go back to sucking my cock and mind your own business. That’s no more gay than what you’re doing. And don’t worry. We’re not gay [For purple mountain majesties]. We can stop this anytime we want. [Above the fruited plain.] Keep moving those fingers, Ed. It’s very nice. Oh. Keep sucking, Mike. Oh. Oh. Holy cow! Cowabunga! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Jim clamped his sweet ass on my stiff fingers and filled Mike’s mouth with his manly seed. He was in rapture and I was delighted that I could help bring him such pleasure. He turned around and I thought he was going to kiss me. But he chickened out. An apparent no-no among those who are not gay.

Slutty me. I locked eyes with Jim and licked the two fingers I had just had in his butt. The taste was a bit pungent, but not bad. Very manly. If I’m not mistaken, Jim gave a tiny groan. I was getting into this a lot more quickly, and was already willing to go a lot farther down the road, than any of them would. I had better hold it back a notch.

I volunteered to suck Todd off next. I was very happy when he readily agreed, mincing over to me on his fuck-me pumps. Todd had beautiful, shapely legs and his prick, framed by stockings and garters should have been hanging in the Louvre.

I hit my stockinged knees and considered the cock that had started all this for me, less than 24 hours and eight cums ago. It was a luscious piece of man. Even Todd’s pubic hair looked good enough to eat. I couldn’t wait. I skinned back his foreskin. He groaned. I looked it over from the tiny, kissable lips of his peehole to the forest of his pubes. It was engorged with blood and fiery red, except for the pink tip, which was secreting a tasty, sticky goo. I gave it a tentative lick. He trembled. My first taste of pre-cum was a delicious experience. I ran my hands up and down his silky legs. He groaned. I took his hot meat in my wet mouth. He gave a cute little wiggle. Then Todd winced and moaned because Jim, the little tramp, had just entered Todd’s butt with his lubed fingers.

Bob and Mike were cuddling on the couch, watching us and playing prickie tickle with each other. Mike seemed to worry the most about being g-a-y. Bob was quiet (but cute) and a great cocksucker. Todd and Jim seemed the most hot-to-trot, besides me, of course.

Todd was getting some nice fingering of his anus and some enthusiastic, if unskilled cocksucking by yours truly. Woody Allen once said fifty percent of success is showing up. I was on my knees showing up for Todd that night. Sucking a prick is a beautiful thing. It tastes great and it’s less filling than food. You make someone very happy and in the end, you get a big, creamy reward. Todd loved the anal icing on his cake, and really liked my stroking of his legs as I licked his enflamed balls. A few more swirls of my hot tongue on his velvet cockhead and I got the first cummy load of my life down my throat. All I could think of was "More. More cum. More cock. More musky smell. More manly excitement. More."

Todd gave me all he had and it made me a cum addict for life. What a waste my first 31 years had been. This was my destiny. In girlie clothes, on my knees. Sucking cock. Mmmmmmm!!

Todd was a happy poker player. I licking his cum off my lips and stood up. A thank-you kiss from Todd would have been very nice, but all I got was a smile.

Bob and Mike got off the couch and Mike hit his pretty knees. Jim and I were the audience this time and Todd was the free-agent. He picked up my new group tradition by lubing his fingers and giving Bob a new and delightful experience.

Jim and I sat next to each other on the loveseat. My prick was very excited, since I hadn’t come in a whole hour. Jim’s was of the stiff variety as well. Looking at his great, stockinged legs and sexy heels made me want to roll him on his back and pork his pooper. That would be moving way too fast for a group that had been sucking each other’s cocks for a year and hadn’t come up with the idea of fingers in the ass and had rejected kissing. as too queer.

I liked Jim. He was a horny toad like me and he wanted to try new things. He was also an excellent masturbator of other men’s members. He had me in a high hover in less than two minutes. I knew I wasn’t supposed to cum on the couch. It was for stimulation, not fulfillment. But, oh, baby, did Jim have me stimulated. I looked in his eyes. I looked at his legs and cock. I felt what he was doing to me. I said, "fuck it." And I kissed his lips. He drew back. Looked around to see if the others were watching. Decided he didn’t care. And kissed me back. With lots of tongue. And continued the tickling of my little friend. That kicked things up a notch. I felt the point of unlikely return. Goodbye. Then the point of no return. So long. Then the point of whimpering, moaning, knee-buckling orgasm, with sweet kisses for dessert. Mmmmmmm.

When I came back from heaven, I opened my eyes and saw that Todd, Bob and Mike were staring at Jim and me. Mike looked very scared. Todd and Bob looked very excited. Todd said, "Kissing!!!" Then Todd grabbed Mike and gave him a four-star tonsil tickle. Mike squirmed and protested for ten seconds, then swooned and kissed back for five minutes.

The guys all slapped me on the back, then kissed me, thanking me for being a liberating influence on the group.

They hadn’t seen nothin’ yet.



Chapter Four – Origins

At around ten p.m, we took a break to have a little snack and to let our balls fill up with more tasty cum. I had had four glorious orgasms already and had assisted in three others. This was the best day of my life by a long shot.

Bob, as host, always prepared a light nosh for the poker boys, as they called themselves. From the waist down, we were dressed as girls. And we sucked cock better than any girl born. Maybe we could stretch things a bit in future sessions. Or maybe now.

I sat on Mike’s lap and thanked him for being so flexible about things. I reassured him by saying that we were miles from the line on being gay. [We passed it a hundred miles ago.] That seemed to reassure him and he wasn’t concerned when I French-kissed him greedily and stroked his prick to a squirming, moaning cum. The other lads were eating salad and watching us. Lap sitting was a new one on them too. What the heck had they been doing this past year?

They told me. When Bob’s wife left him, it was almost a relief. As Bob’s best friend, Todd came to his house to comfort Bob. They had been chatting for a few minutes when Bob excused himself and went in his bedroom. Todd began to worry when Bob didn’t return for several minutes. Todd took the law into his own hands by barging into Bob’s bedroom, thinking he was saving him from self-destruction. What he saw was Bob on his bed, wearing black stockings, pumps and garter belt, stroking his cock and moaning Todd’s name. Well, that was an eye-opener. Todd considered his options and went with the little brain inside his cock. He joined Bob on the bed and sucked him to a screaming orgasm. Thus was born the poker group.

Todd loved wearing stockings and had a seven-wanks a day habit for months from wearing them. By some miracle, and his wife’s disinterest in his sexual needs, Todd had escaped detection. Jim was lured in by Todd, who let him see his erect beauty and great legs at a couples party in the host’s bathroom. Jim joined immediately and teased Mike’s lovely cock into the group, despite his incessant "I’m not gay" pronouncements.

Todd said, "I’ve had my eye on you for some time, Ed. The opportunity was perfect last night. Oh, by the way, here’s your wallet."

Screw the wallet, Todd. I got on my knees and adored the cock that recruited me.

After the break, the lads sort of looked to me for more of those great ideas. I wanted a cock up my virgin ass, but that could wait. I suggested some nice sixty nines. Again, it was as if I had invented the steam engine. "Great idea," they all said. We paired up and, despite a fifth wheel, switched around until everyone had some moments to post in his life scrapbook.

I could never go back to my life before yesterday. I wasn’t sure if I loved those men, but I certainly loved their cocks. I loved the way the cocks stood there, enticing my attentions. I loved looking at them when they were limp, dripping cum and waiting for the next dose of love and excitement. I loved the way they made me feel. Like a desirable person. Like somebody with something they wanted. Like someone with drained, aching balls.

At around one a.m., Bob said, "Shower time!" We had to shower after all that sex or we would be busted in an instant. We smelled like the men’s room at a sex shop. Bob had two showers and the usual method was for two shifts of solo showerers. I suggested conserving water.

Todd and I were two tired poker players when we rubbed our naked bodies together in a shower built for one. We had each come six times. Add that to my frantic hours prior to the gathering, and I had come 13 times in the past 27 hours! It was time for some soothing soap and a rest. I couldn’t get another erection no matter what.

Unless Todd kept rubbing that shampoo all over my chest and my cock. Or if he would just keep moving his slick body against mine. And if he would keep those two divine fingers wiggling around in my pooper. And if he would keep stealing my air with those passionate kisses. Oh, I was going to be naughty again! And so was Todd. I stroked his fine prick as I kissed him. We excited each other until I was panting with desire. Then, with little warning, my poor overworked balls went above and beyond again, producing three creamy globs for Todd’s tummy and my pleasure. Todd gave me four. But I was prettier. Did I say that?

We staggered out of the shower, dried each other off, kissing, toying and teasing all the way. We were such little sluts! I mean, 14 cums is a lot. But apparently not enough. When I pulled on my silky stockings and hooked my garters, Todd was once more overcome by lust. He slipped to his cute knees and took me in his mouth yet again. My balls were DOA, but my brain wasn’t. I loved it!

Ever been to a hotel and gone to an empty ice machine? The machine whirs and grunts, but nothing comes out. That was the night that I found out that the ice machine still enjoys the shit out of all the button pushing. No sperm, but lots of shuddering and that great feeling as intense as ever. I also did something very strange. When I came, I squealed like a little girl playing tag. Oh my. Had we gone too far down the road to "the love whose name must not be spoken?" Of course we had. And I, for one, intended to see where the road led.

One hundred sixty hours and 23 minutes until the next poker group meeting.



Chapter Five – Follow the Road

It was a bit dicey getting up for work three hours after I got home. Carol thought that it was good for me to get out and mix it up with the boys one night a week. Little did Carol know that mixing it up with those boys was virtually the only thing on my mind.

The next morning, I wanted to call Todd and tell him I loved him and wanted to spend my life with his cock in my mouth. I didn’t call until lunchtime. He was out. Probably sucking someone else off. I thought. Oh my. I was becoming the perfect little jealous witch. Regroup. Rethink. Deep breaths.

OK. How can this poker group be even better? I hit the Internet for some ideas and came away with several.

I hooked up with Todd on the phone at 2:30. He apologized, but said he was out working. I forgave him. He spoke to me in that voice that men use on the phone when they’re talking to women. I did the same voice with him. This was getting confusing. I rubbed my garter tabs. "When can we get together?" I asked.

"I’m sorry, Ed, but I’m leaving on business and won’t be back until our meeting next Thursday."

Aaaaaggghhh! How many hours is that? Disappointed, I said, "OK. I’ll se you then."

I began to hang up the phone when I heard Todd say my name. I listened. "That was something special we had last night, Ed. I think I’m falling in love with you."

Gulp. "Me too. See you Thursday, Sweetie," I said.




Chapter Six – Changes

Somehow, I lived through that week. Plotting and planning made the time go faster. I was going to help this bunch be all they could be. Stroking myself to several furious orgasms several times a day helped pass the time too.

I began to detach myself from the people at work. There was only one real friend there anyway. Pete Ross and I had shared many a beer and complaint about our wives together. Pete was 40, four inches taller than I, and an all-around good guy. Although he tried mightily to keep his marriage to Julie together, she became indifferent to him and just drifted away. The same was happening to Carol and me and I valued Pete’s counsel tremendously. The rest of those schmoes at work were self-absorbed creeps in my opinion.

I wore my stockings and garters every day and practiced in my heels whenever I could sneak the time. I hated all this deception with Carol, but I honestly didn’t think she cared what I did. I still wasn’t ready to tell her that I’m in love with a guy who wears stockings and heels.

Somehow, Thursday evening arrived. I showed up at Bob’s with a small duffel and a painfully stiff cock.

I was the first to arrive again. In fact, I was an hour early. Bob was delighted. He was already in his attire for the evening, wearing death-defying five-inch heels and sporting a very nice sign of welcome. He was happy to see me!

I kissed him and stripped down to my stockings, garter belt and four-inch heels that I had purchased during a busy week. Then I fell to my knees and showed him how the truly hungry suck cock. My fingers in his cute pooper filled him with delight and he soon filled my mouth with something more substantial. We kissed some more and he offered to suck me off, but I told him I wanted to save myself for the general session. That was just an appetizer for the gracious host, I told him. I did let him kiss me, which he did with great ardor. Had he kept it up, I would have greeted everyone with a droopy sticker, but we stopped barely short of eruption.

Jim, Mike and sexy, delicious Todd showed up at 6:30 on the nose, proving again that I was the only rebel. I had a cause, though and that night, they began to see it.

The evening began with signs of my influence from last week. There was a lot of deep kissing and sweet fondling. When they left to change, I excused myself too. When I emerged from the bathroom, the four were hugging and kissing. Until they saw me. Then they stood up, grew the biggest erections of their lives, and drooled.

I didn’t do all that much. But it changed the group forever. Instead of that stupid unisex tank top, I was wearing a sexy, peach, babydoll nightie with matching wispy panties, atop my stockings, garters and heels. I had also inexpertly, but convincingly applied lipstick to my pouty, kissable mouth.

The lads stood there with their mouths agape. I flounced over to them, walking like a girl and shaking my ass. Then I shimmied down my panties to my ankles, stepping out of them one high-heeled foot at a time. I walked over to a chair, gripped it, and bent at the waist. My gaping tushie showed the boys my sweet, pink rosebud.

I looked back at them and said with my lipsticked mouth, "Anyone see anything he likes?"

Three frozen corpses and one action person. Todd earned an eternal place in my heart by moving to me, getting on his knees and tonguing my asshole. Girls, if you’ve never felt a tongue up your pooper, run, don’t walk to find a man generous enough to do it. The sensations are divine! I felt as if my ass were on fire with tingles. I whimpered and squeaked. I told Todd he was the best ass-licker on earth and that I loved him forever. That made him dig even more deeply. Almost to China would be my guess. With no one touching my distressed cock, I screamed in frantic, orgasmic release.

Mike was probably trying to figure out how we still weren’t gay, but the other players were horribly excited.

Then Todd crossed the last real Rubicon of the group. He stood up, put his gorgeous girliepleaser at the entrance to my well-licked hole and pushed.

Oh myyyyyyyyy! That was good. The head popped in and I could feel my virginity beating a hasty retreat. He got the rest of it in and my virtue hit the bricks too. I began to beg for his cock, using such indelicate terms as "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Please fuck me. Give me all your sweet, hot, hard cock. Ohhhhhh Fuck me!!!!"

I was filled with Todd’s hot, hard cock and it was fantastic. Where had this feeling been all my life. The incredibly intimate friction. The sounds. The smells. The feeling of fulfillment. The effect it had on my cum-filled balls.

As they watched us, Jim slipped behind Mike and reached around to stroke his cock. Bob did him one better. He stepped over to me and fed me his very excited prick. It was incredible to be stuffed with cock at both ends. Todd was stroking my prickie as he pumped my ass with his big pole of love.

As unlikely as it seems, we three came at virtually the same time. I squealed Todd’s name. We looked over at Mike and Jim. Mike had cum all over his tummy and he was now on his knees eating out Jim’s very fine ass. I guess the jury brought in the verdict on Mike that night.

I stood up, breathing heavily and kissing Todd and Bob for their kind attentions.

Jim began to shudder under the anal adoration of Mike’s tongue. We were treated to the sight of five greasy ropes of grade-A cum leaping from Jim’s lovely prick. Good job, Mike.

We all looked at each other knowing that things would never be the same. They would be a hell of a lot better.

The other four looked to me for guidance on what to do next. Fortunately, I had plenty.

"Three things we need to do right off," I said. "First, it’s time for us to stop thinking of ourselves as men when we dress like this and love each other. We need to think of ourselves as girls. My name in this group and whenever we’re together is Amy, what’s yours?"

They hesitated a bit. Then Bob said, "I want to be Madison. You can call me Maddie."

Our hostess was to be named Maddie. She seemed very pleased.

Todd volunteered next. "I always liked Diane."

"That’s a pretty name, Sweeheart," I said. Diane glowed at the praise.

Jim decided on Linda. "It’s old-fashioned, but sexy."

Would Mike pick a real girl’s name or chicken into Michele or something? Surprise, surprise. "I’ll take Candy, because I have a sweet lollipop between my legs for you girls."

We all giggled and hugged Candy. Like many converts, she was to become the most zealous of the group.

"What’s second, Amy?" Linda asked.

"I have a bag of lipsticks here for you girls. Pick out a shade and wear it. If you don’t like it, try another. The next bare lips I kiss will be on a stud, not you pack of flaming sissies!" They reacted to that as I hoped, with good nature and giggles.

"And third?" my sweet Diane asked.

"I have pretty nighties for each of you." I opened my duffel and laid out a selection of eight lovely babydolls for their approval.

They loved them, playing dress-up like the little girls they never had a chance to be.

When they donned their lingerie and put on their lipstick, no one would have been elected Homecoming Queen, but they looked miles more femmy than they had been.

I stood up in front of them, lifted my nightie skirt and displayed my nasty stiffie and stocking tops. "What does a girl have to do around here to get fucked?" I asked. I soon found out.



Chapter Seven – The Right Spots

At the end of that night, my ass was sore. Each of the girls had fucked me once and I gave Diane an extra round because I was extra hot for her clitty. So five hot loads of cum were drooling out of my pretty tushie as I got in the shower with Maddie.

Maddie used to wait until the players had gone home before taking a shower, but she wanted a few more carnal moments with the group’s hot tamale. Little old me. [Giggle.]

One thing led to another and I received load number six in my formerly virgin ass. It was incredible! I enjoyed each fuck as if it were my first.

As we were getting dressed, Maddie made me an interesting offer. She said, "If you ever need a place to stay, Amy, for a few hours, a night, several weeks or years, I would love to have you here with me. Here’s a key to the house. Use it whenever you want."

I was touched. "Thank you, Honey," I said, and I kissed her. And rubbed up against her. And licked her asshole. And fucked her to a grunting, squealing climax. Wow!

I went home sore in all the right spots.



Chapter Eight – Six Too Many Days in the Week

I was going to have to make some moves here soon, because my "real life" was a sham. I needed to make my "poker life" my real life. I wore stockings and garters every day and fully expected to get caught by Carol. Surprisingly, her indifference was so great that she didn’t even notice.

The next Monday night, I took advantage of Maddie’s kind offer. I told Carol I was going to watch Monday Night Football with my new friend Bob. We never actually watched the game, although I did plan to check the score in case I was interrogated.

What we did was make incredible, cum-drenched, sissy love. We got into our frilly nighties and big heels and walked around teasing each other for a while, shaking our hot tushies and generally acting like the little tarts we wanted so much to be.

Madison decided first that she had been teased enough. She pulled me on her lap and kissed me within an inch of my life. I never knew just kissing could be so damned sexy and arousing. My stiffie was outrageous. Then Maddie stood me on my pretty heels and gave me the A-list blowjob I knew she could give from my experience the first night. She administered a wicked ball bath, complete with little nibbles on my scrotal sack skin. Owwww! So dangerous, but so nice. Then she lifted my ball sack and licked the underside, an area seen as often as the dark side of the moon, but a very sensuous place. Oh. I felt an early stirring. Maddie seemed to notice, because she moved on to the main course. Hot, wet licks of Amy’s blood-engorged clitty head. It was exquisite. She never capped the head with her mouth, saying that was for amateurs. The great cocksuckers lick and suck externally, allowing the free traversal of hot cum through time and space. Blood I didn’t know I had rushed to make my cocklet even stiffer and more in distress.

The distress ended beautifully with a 4th of July explosion in her pretty face. She wallowed in my hot girliejuice, moaning as loudly as I did when it hit her cheeks, nose and forehead. She then milked my pink balls, capping my pricklet with her mouth (permitted in this case) to capture and suck out the last drops of my creamy contribution. Ohhhhh. It was incredible!

I drew her from her knees, kissed her passionately and cleaned her cum-soaked face with my hot tongue. As we embraced, I could feel her enraged prickie rubbing against my silky nightie, demanding attention. It would have to wait, because I wanted to show Maddie something I thought she would really like first.

I asked if we could get in bed together. Madison eagerly agreed and we went upstairs. She lay on her back. I lifted her nightie and licked her left nipple. Maddie arched her back and squealed. Weren’t we sensitive? The right nipple was just as sensitive. I asked if she wanted me to stop. She strongly suggested that I torture her some more. I laid into her delicious nipples with fiery ardor. She moaned. She squealed. She arched her back. She bucked. And she came. Oh, how she came, spraying cum all the way up to her chest. I believe we had a winner there for Maddie.

All that exercise had made my clitty quite stiff again. Despite my advanced age of 31, I was finding an amazing stamina, worthy of an 18-year-old. It was the intense stimulation and the wantonness of it all, I guessed. But who cared?

I had brought some K-Y for sweet Maddie’s tushie and applied it lovingly with my fingers to a place I would be visiting soon. She squirmed with pleasure. I slipped her nightie over her chest to cover all the cum she had thrown around. She was a pretty picture, very fuckable for any man, even the more discerning. Her hair was still short and the cosmetics were limited to lipstick, but very attractive nonetheless. I was getting excited giving her a nice anal massage and she was cooing and asking me to put my clitty where my fingers were. I was eager to comply.

Madison winced a little when I entered her. After all, she hadn’t been Miss Popularity as I had on Thursday night. She had only played catch the salami three times that night, versus my six. My pretty pooper was stretching nicely back there. Still very tight, but I had learned to relax. Maddie needed more practice and I was just the sissy to give it to her.

Anal sex done right is not painful. Patience and lubrication will get you into a mouse’s butt. Maddie took my pretty six inches girlfully and began to squeak as if she were enjoying herself. I sure was. It was tighter and hotter in Maddie’s girliehole than it had been in Carol’s pussy. The grip was different too. But it felt like Christmas morning to me. She had lost her big stiffie when I entered her, but was up and running again as I plowed her pleasure pit. So warm. So enthusiastic. So darn welcoming. No bullshit and no jealousy. Maddie knew that I had the hots for Diane (Todd), but she also knew that I loved her too. Maybe the Mormons had something there. I reached around, sorted through the silky folds of her nightie and stroked Maddie’s pretty clitty. With my other hand, I rubbed the nylon against her sensitive nipples. That did the trick. She was squeaking in high decibels. She was fully in fucked-girl mode. Her eyes filled with sissy tears. Her cockie swelled and became beet red. She screamed, "Fuck me, I’m your girl!" and exploded in my soft hand. I joined her and the cum gushed from my love stick into her hot, lovely ass. Some of my goo went up into her bowels, but most oozed out of her butthole and trickled down her smooth thighs, onto her dark stocking tops and garter clips. It was the kind of mess we all hope for in life.

Breathing very heavily, we cuddled and gave each other soft, baby kisses. Mmmmm.

One of the many issues I had not sorted out at that point was the all-important question of whether I was happier being fucked or fucking my sissy sisters. I liked both a lot, but knew that it would be different if I were under a man. Covering me with his big, hard body. Mastering me. Skinning back his prick in preparation for having his way with me. Leaking manly goo as he teases me, making me beg for penetration. Wanting my complete submission and surrender. No, demanding it. Woo! Is it hot in here?

Maddie and I lay in bed making sweet sissy love until midnight. I turned the TV on to see what the score was in case Carol asked. Ooops. Monday Night Football was over last week. My guess was that she wouldn’t even notice and I was right.

When Thursday arrived, I did something that made my detection by my wife even more likely – I shaved my legs, armpits, chest and [Blush] my ass and asshole. I was probably thinking, "Come on Carol. Catch me. Berate me. Call me a faggot." Which I was not, I’ll have you know.

I was and am a sissygirl. I was not a man being a man to get men. I was a man being a girl to get men. Get it?

Maybe I wanted to be humiliated. I didn’t think that was part of my character, but until two weeks before, I didn’t think taking hot loads of cum up my ass was part of it either. It sure turned out to be fun!

Anyway, I was silky smooth when I showed up at Maddie’s house for our weekly poking session. I had been practicing with cosmetics a bit that week and when I dressed for the love-a-thon, I was quite pretty in my pink babydolls, pink stockings and garter belt, pink mule high-heeled slippers, pink lipstick and pink finger and toenail polish. I liked pink.

I had done a pretty good job on my eyes and they were large and liquid. It was clear that I was more into this than the other girls, in fact, I thought Diane was acting a bit more like Todd that week when she was with me. Not that I minded it. Diane or Todd. I loved them both.

Candy was a little girlie slut and Linda liked sucking girlie cock. Maddie, we know, was hot for sissygirl cock, especially mine. But Candy and Linda were able to shut down and go back to their lives as Mike and Jim. When Maddie wasn’t with me, she was very comfortable as Bob. I couldn’t swing back from Amy to Ed any more. I guess I didn’t want to.

My attack on the girls’ libidos was enhanced by my Angel perfume. It would take me an hour and a half to get back to passable male after all I had done to sissy up. I had come a long way from wearing stockings, garter belt and tank top.

I sissied over to the girls and held up my skirts to show my stiff clitty. Then I turned around and showed them how smooth and girlie my butt was without the hair. The other girls wore black stockings because they were too chicken to shave their legs. Hairy thighs can detract from the mood, but mine were smooth as a baby’s butt.

My hot, sticky clitty was an appetizing morsel for Candy this time. She got on her stockinged knees and slurped, licked, sucked, and kissed my sissystick. My sweet Diane got behind me and kissed my neck and shoulders. I whispered huskily to her that I had lubricated myself with vaginal jelly, just in case she was feeling impetuous. She was. I felt the firm, steady pressure of my favorite visitor as it entered my slick canal. Oh, Diane’s clitty was made for my pussyhole! It felt just right there. Candy increased her fond attentions to my clitty stick and I was soon the happiest girl in town. Candy tickled my ball bag, and massaged my glans with her talented tongue. Diane held my hips and fucked me with love and skill.

Try though I might, it still felt like Todd fucking Amy, not Diane fucking Amy. Was that what I wanted? Todd fucking me? I think I think too much.

My ass was sending orgasm signals to my clitty and the signals were being answered vigorously. It was pure heaven. A double shot of sissy love. The train picked up speed and hit Mach One. Whoa, Nellie, it was a ball-draining experience.

It’s fun to be the most popular girl.



Chapter Nine – Dreaming and Doing

One night of real love each week was not enough for me. I visited Maddie at least one night a week for dehydrating fun. We really liked each other, but knew it wasn’t love. My heart belonged to Diane [or was it Todd?] and Maddie was fine with that. A full sissy lifestyle was not for Maddie, or the other girls for that matter. I was out on my own limb on that one.

I found myself thinking more and more about sex with men. Whenever I was home for an hour by myself, I would engage in delicious self-abuse. One time I got a GQ magazine and lay on the bed in just my pink panties. I looked at all the hot-looking men and tried to imagine that they wanted me. I picked one out and looked at him really intently. He stared back at me. I wet my fingers with my tongue and lightly teased the tip of my stiff prickie. Hey, dream man, want some from Amy? I have nice, long legs, don’t I? Do you like my panties? They’re very girlie, I know. But so am I. Do you like my sissy stick? It excites you. I know. All the boys say that. [Faster, more intense clitty rubbing]. Do you like rubbing it? If you want, you can touch my pussyhole. Like that. Ahhhh [I inserted two fingers "down there."] You’re very cute. Oh, thank you. I try to take care of myself. Diet. Exercise. Fucking nice men. Oh, that’s very nice what you’re doing in my tushie. Mmmmmm. Oh, my clitty is going to be naughty. Keep stroking. I’m going to make a mess on my pretty pantieeeessss!!!!! Uh. Uh. Agghhhh! So good. You’re so cute. Ohhh.

Other times I would look at my growing collection of pictures from the Internet. I had pictures of good-looking men completely dressed, in their underwear, or completely undressed. In some of the nude pictures, the men are erect, some are soft. I found a site with just pictures of men with big, hot, creaming cocks. Yummy! Several others had pictures of pretty, sexy, stacked she-males entertaining their men with their mouths, hands and girlie-holes. I would pretend I was those girls. The men in the pictures wanted me, not them. They knew I was a "special" girl and it turned them on. They wanted to splurt their cream on my pretty face. They wanted to rub their big cocks up and down my lovehole. Oh my. I was up to a seven-times a day habit. It was time to act.

I told my friend Pete at work that the time to break off the marriage had arrived. He spent hours with me helping me make sure it was the right thing to do. I felt bad about not giving him all the information about my life, but I was afraid to let it all out to anyone. Plus, I had vowed never to discuss the poker group.

After three months of poker playing, I chose a Sunday, sucked up the courage, and told Carol I was moving out. She cried a little, mostly because of the embarrassment she would face in telling people. I hated to hurt her, but I could see that it was a relief to her too.

I gathered my things and drove to Maddie’s house. She greeted me at the door in her stockings, garters, heels and nightie. She was crying with joy to have me live with her. We made soft sweet love all afternoon and into the night.

I didn’t enjoy being a man any more. Although I was a latent sissygirl, discovering my bent at 31, I was no less sure that sissyhood was who I was and what I wanted.



Chapter Ten – On the Prowl

I still went to work every day in male drag, but I was looking for a way out of that too.

I found myself looking at every man I saw and evaluating him as a potential sex partner. I spent a lot of time thinking about Pete. What was he packing in those pants?

One day, I was at the urinal in the men’s room at work. I began to stroke little Amy. She was getting all excited as I was thinking about Pete giving her a nice kiss. Then Pete walked in and stood at the urinal next to me. There I was, aroused and erect and the reason was pulling out his cock two feet away. Grooaaannnn.

I stopped stroking and pretended I was pissing. Pete said, "How’s it going, Ed?" in his sexy voice. At least I thought it was sexy. Little Amy was getting outrageous. I tried to stuff her back in my pants.

I answered, "Better, thanks, Pete. I’m starting to get over the past and thinking of the future. [With you on top of me and that big cock making me a happy girl.] I sneaked a peek at his equipment. Oooooooooohhh. I wouldn’t sleep tonight thinking about that hot meat. It was beautiful!

"Good, Buddy. Call me if you need anything. Anything at all," Pete said.

Oh my! Did he mean what I hoped he meant? He couldn’t have. Could he? "I appreciate that, Pete. You’re a good friend."

"You’re welcome. I’m always there for you."

I don’t want you "there," I want you here. On top of me. "Thanks, Pete."

I stayed to comb my hair. Pete washed his hands and left.

I went into a stall and dropped my pants. I saw my stockinged legs and garters and they accelerated the effect of my conversation with Pete. I was in a flaming need for relief. I shut my eyes. In my mind, Pete was kissing me, his tongue down my throat. He was telling me how special I was and feeling my ass. Then he turned me around and entered me, as if it were something we did every day. It was incredible. I tickled and teased my little darling until she blew a hot eruption of lava. Since I was in a semi-public place, I had to stifle my moans and squeals, but they were there.

The following weekend, I ventured out for the first time completely en femme. No one stared. I was not arrested by Jerry Falwell. I used the ladies room without incident. And I bought tons of beautiful girlie clothes. And shoes, shoes, shoes. High heels and higher heels. Sandals and pumps. I loved mules, because I have very pretty ankles and heels.

When I got home to Maddie, I suggested we take a night out as girls. She and I were the same size (nine, if you can believe it). After some coaxing, sexual, of course, she agreed.

We were both scared, but horny as hell. Our hair was beautifully styled. We had perfect make-up and had given each other pedicures and manicures with beautifully lacquered nails. I was wearing a little black dress with breast forms. Madison had a lovely miniskirt and sweater top. She had great legs. So did I.

We weren’t scouting for men. We just wanted to feel the breeze up our skirts and sample what it was like to live in the world as a woman. We decided to do ordinary things. We went to the grocery store. It felt wonderful to walk up and down the aisles and have people pay us little attention. We knew that day that we were passable.

As we continued looking for our week’s rations, we saw that we hadn’t escaped the notice of everyone. There were two young men who appeared to be in their mid-20s who had taken an interest in us. It was very flattering and they were cute. Maddie and I giggled like schoolgirls as we speculated on what their cocks would be like. We thought that they were looking at us because we were the only girls in the place who were wearing skirts, stockings and heels. The other women were dressed for athletic competition or panhandling.

As we neared the checkout, the young men got behind us in the line. The taller one, who was the one I planned to have in my mind when Maddie was sucking me off that night, spoke to me.

"Nice day, isn’t it?"

Not very original, but he had the guts to say it, I thought, giving this handsome young piece of man the full benefit of every doubt. I shyly replied, with equal originality, "Yes, for this time of year."

Maddie and the shorter man were eying each other with interest.

We checked out our groceries and then stood outside for a bit, pretending to look for our keys. Surprisingly, we found them just as the men were coming out of the store. They helped us with our groceries, but their attempts at conversation fell short. One of them even asked me what my sign was. Couldn’t they even come up with one of the classic pickup lines like, "My name is Bruno. Remember it because you’ll be screaming it before the night is out" or "Those are great earrings. How would they look next to your ankles?"

Maddie and I gave each other the look, thanked the boys and left them there with unfulfilled stiffies. Thank goodness we still had our standards. That night, we rented "An Affair to Remember" and cried all the way through it, stopping every hour or so for some exquisite porking and cocksucking.

That Monday at work, Pete said good morning and asked me how my weekend was. I told him it was dull. He said, "It would have been a lot duller if you and your roommate had picked up those two jamokes at the grocery store. I’m glad you didn’t." He walked away.

Oh my! Pete knew. What else did he know? A few minutes later, in my manly clothes, I walked manfully over to Pete’s desk and said, "So, how long have you known?"

"I knew there was something you weren’t telling me, but I didn’t know it was that until Saturday when I saw you and your pretty friend at the grocery store. I watched the little drama unfold outside and was very glad you blew those guys off. You don’t need some casual fling right now. You need a man who cares about you. Someone like me."

My heart fluttered. Never in my dreams did I dare to imagine that Pete would be interested in Amy. I blushed. I stammered. "Thank you," was all I could say.

Pete asked if I would like to go out with him sometime. I agreed eagerly to a dinner date that evening. He would pick me up at 7:30 at Maddie’s. Joy!

"One more thing, Ed," Pete said. "What’s your name?"

"Amy." [Blush]

"Amy. A pretty name for a pretty girl. I’m very excited about meeting her."

[You’re excited? Ten hours and 12 minutes until our date. My first date with a man!]



Chapter Eleven – Pete

I rushed out of work at five and ran home to primp. I had just shaved my body the day before, but did so again. I powdered and perfumed myself. Fiddled with my hair. Did an excellent job on my make-up, especially my eyes. And tried not to get too excited about what might happen.

Maddie was all giddy for me too. She helped me with my breastforms and into my little black dress. It was very short and if I sat the wrong way, Pete would see a lot of leg, my stocking tops and maybe even my lacy panties. I planned on sitting the wrong way a lot.

We had just finished preparing Princess Amy for her Prince Charming when he arrived. Maddie answered the door and let Pete in. He looked scrumptious in his blue suit, red tie and handsome face. He whistled when I sashayed in to greet him. Whistled. I guess I was a hit. Without hesitation I kissed him lightly on the lips in greeting and he kissed me back. Maddie glowed for me.

We went to a fancy place and ate something. I didn’t care, because I only had eyes for Pete, who looked as if he wanted to drag me under the table, peel my panties and fill me with his big cock. At least, I hoped that was what he wanted. I had only gotten a glance at his cock in the men’s room. I hoped his cock was big. Not huge. Big.

Pete was sneaking looks at my shapely, black-stockinged legs all night. They are my best feature (except for my clitty). He told me several times that evening how pretty I was. Not how pretty I was for a guy. How pretty, period. That sort of attention has removed millions of panties over the years and I was hoping to add mine to the pile.

I told Pete pretty much my whole story, except for the specific facts about our poker group. It was such a relief to share my feelings with a real man. He asked good questions and was genuinely sympathetic. What a sweetie!

Pete was the perfect gentleman and I was the demure lady, until we got to his place. We entered the house. He removed my coat. I turned to face him. He held out his arms and I slid into them. I held my head against his strong chest. He rubbed my back. I was so happy I became emotional, sobbing softly in his arms.

"It’s all right, Amy. It’s all right. Pete’s here for you now. Nothing is going to hurt you."

My heart melted. I held my face up and pouted my glossed lips for a sweet kiss. Pete kissed me tenderly. Slutty Amy slipped a tongue in Pete’s mouth and his tongue answered. Pete held me tightly. I could feel his big, hot cock rubbing against my tummy. It was heaven. I rubbed my hot, hard clitty against Pete’s stomach. He didn’t throw me out the door. It was going to be a great night.

Impatient, I unzipped Pete and rubbed his briefs over his cock. He was soaked with sticky pre-goo. I fished around in the flap and found Mr. Richard. What a big boy he was – at least two inches longer than my sissypole. As I stroked him and kissed his lips, Pete lifted my skirt in front and rubbed my clitty through my lacy panties. It was very exciting and I was dripping goo like an ice-cream cone in July. Then he reached in and pulled little Amykins out. She was a naughty girl and about to get naughtier. With his big right hand, Pete gripped both our shafts and began to rub his up and down against mine. Up and down. Goo from both stickers mixing. Up and down. Sweet friction. Skin to skin. Kissing. Tonguing. Dreaming new dreams.

I felt a tingle in my tummy and knew that I was going to be bad. I whimpered a little and said, "Oh, Petey, you’re all man. I want you so bad, Petey." I felt the second twinge and told Pete that I was going to throw hot cum over his pants and my dress if we didn’t stop right then. At least, that’s what I thought I said, but it probably sounded like, "Aaaaaaaaah! Oooooooohhhhh! Eeeeeeeek! Squealllllll! Soooo goooooodddd!"

True to my word, on the third twinge, I was powerless to stop the semi that was about to hit me. I squealed and moaned and shifted from one high-heeled foot to another, then came a bucket all over Pete’s cock, our clothes and the carpet.

Showing a brutish side I didn’t expect (but could only dream of), Pete didn’t pause a bit. Without even removing his pants, he turned me around, moved my panties out of the way and lubricated my eager ass with my own cum. How degrading! How sexy!

I was bent at the waist and those big cummy fingers in my butt had me hot, hot, hot. I was getting another stiffie. Pete’s big plunger was all red and angry looking. I would have loved to have sucked it into submission, but my masterful lover was on a mission. Who was I to stop him? I was just a helpless little girl, mastered by his big muscles and hard cock.

To prove it, the brute [Giggle] aimed his plum-sized cockhead at my tiny, wrinkly, brown and pink, tight pussyhole. All that cum I supplied him made me all gooey for him and he slipped the head in rather easily. We each moaned with pleasure and lust. I looked back at him, smiled, grunted and pushed my ass back to engulf his entire shaft. Whoa! I felt that down to my high-heeled toes. Pete reached around and held my invigorated clitty. He manipulated it with great love and skill as he gave me a preview of heaven with his big cock in my hot ass. In and out. Rubbing so nicely. Clipping my prostate. Oh, that’s nice. Tickling my prickie like he meant it. Where has he been all my life?

Then, out of the blue, he said, "Can I cum in your pussy?"

I was thinking, "Cum wherever you like, Honey. My body’s all yours."

But before I could say anything, he said, "I don’t want to get you pregnant."

On its face, it was a dumb thing to say. But it really excited me. He knew that and went on.

"Unless you want me to get you pregnant. If your belly was up, we’d get married and your breasts would get big and full of milk."

All the while, he was royally fucking my ass and stroking my clitty better than it had ever been stroked. I got this image of myself in a wedding gown, with a big, pregnant belly and big, dripping titties and I lost it. I orgasmed so powerfully, I almost fainted. Pete knew how to excite a woman. Yes, I felt like a woman that night, not a sissygirl sucking my girlfriend’s cocks. I was all girl that night.

Seconds after I blew a queen-sized load over Pete’s fingers and the beleaguered carpet, Pete made good on his promise to come in my ass. Oh, did he come in my ass! Pete’s hot cum ran out of my pussyhole, gooeyed down my thighs, and onto my stocking tops and panties, which the naughty boy had not yet removed. I fell to my knees, finding an un-cummed spot and lay on my back, breathing heavily. I had been thoroughly and beautifully fucked by a kind, loving man. I could now die happy.

That kind, loving man didn’t take much of a break. He peeled my panties down, gently easing them over my pretty, stockinged legs and getting a lot of feels along the route. Then he helped me take off my dress, which I had to stand up for. I left my bra, garters, heels and stockings on.

Then he stripped himself to just Pete. What a sight he was! Better than any of those old stroke pictures I had of men. He was hard and soft in the right spots. And he was hot for me.

We moved to his bedroom and lay on his bed. His smell was all around me. I hoped he liked my White Shoulders. My clitty was a limp little sausage and covered with cum. Pete kissed it, then gave it a nice sucking to make it hard and ready again. He gently removed my bra and those breastforms and kissed my real titties like a starving man. I never liked that much from my sissy friends, but I sure liked what I was feeling from my man. Tingles. Electric shock. Passion.

My poor clitty was now outrageous all over again and naughty Pete began to skin it up and down as he exquisitely tortured my nipples. I was bad again all over Pete’s loving fingers. He chuckled, then moved down to lap it up. Mmmmmmm.

When I was cleaned up, Pete rolled over on his back and said, "What’s next?"

I knew what I wanted. A mouthful of Pete’s cock. So I stuffed that big banana in my hot little mouth and sucked. And licked. And fingered Pete’s previously unexplored asshole. Pete liked that a lot, if grunt, moans, back-arching and wild bucking can be relied on as indicators.

Pete got a hold on himself and regained control of our lovemaking. Gently, but firmly, he moved me to my back and put my head on two pillows. He straddled my shoulders on his knees and fed me his darling cock. He fucked my face and I sucked him greedily. I put a finger back in his hot ass and he grunted with approval. I kept sucking and licking him through a very violent orgasm. [He likes me! He really likes me!]

He fell to his back and we kissed and cooed and spoke of love. What a beautiful sight a man is when he’s fucked out. So content. So powerful, and yet so harmless, because his woman has worn him out. His cock was a long, limp tube. Its pretty foreskin covered its red head, which was drooling tasty cum.

I admired him for a while then decided I wasn’t through with him. I nursed on his meat until it got very red and stiff yet again. He fought back by putting a pillow on the floor at the side of the bed. Pete put my shoulders and the back of my head on the pillow, then, sitting on the bed, he hooked the back of my knees onto his shoulders.

In this degrading, almost upside-down, uncomfortable position, my neck was bent, my cocklet and ass were exposed to Pete’s mouth and I looked like a helpless little girl, being dominated by a man. Mmmmmm. Pete chose to love my ass, which he did with great skill. He licked and tunneled, lapping up a lot of his own cum in the process. It was so "dirty" that my poor prickie got all excited. I was afraid that if I made cummies, gravity would spray it all over my chest and face. I conveyed that to Pete, who just chuckled. That was obviously his evil plan.

Pete had me as hot and bothered as I was when he first kissed me. He was an expert ass-eater, a critical skill for any sissylover, and I was falling in love and into another raging orgasm. I didn’t want to degrade myself with a shower of my own cum, but when the big wave hit, all I thought of was that talented tongue up my sissy butt. I splurted and sploogeed all down my tummy, chest and onto my pretty face. Yucky! But before I could think much about it, Pete had two pillows under my ass on the floor and had joined me. He covered me with his body and rubbed against my cummy torso. I was all ready to welcome that erection I had generated into my well-licked butt and I was not disappointed.

I could smell Pete’s sweat, cum and skin. His hairy chest was rubbing my cum into my nipples. He was kissing me passionately. I put my stockinged ankles on his shoulders and said, "Fuck me, Lover. I’m yours to master." Then I winced in anticipation of a face-to-face insertion of that big tree. I had been fucked and licked so well, that my tiny pussyhole greeted its new best friend in an entirely accommodating manner. It slipped in as if it were a scabbard made for Pete’s sword.

It was a glorious fuck. Full of passion and love. Not rushed. And certainly drawn out, given our previous exercise. It was entirely different to be a girl loved by a man, than a girl loved by another sissy. The equipment was the same, but the feelings were unrelated.

When Pete filled me with the fruit of his testicles, I cried out my love for him. He kissed me and returned the sentiment.

What a night that was!

We slept the sleep of the innocent. I woke up at seven with a hot, hard, creaming cock in my ass and a stubbly beard surrounding sweet kisses.

Pete scurried to get to work. I took the day off. It turned out that it was my last day there, because I decided to quit my job. I began working at home as a consultant. From that day forward, I dressed as a woman full time.

That lost wallet was the best thing that ever happened to me.



Chapter Twelve – Healthy Competion

Nothing is ever simple in my life. I was deliriously happy with my decision to live full-time as a woman. But I had other decisions to make. Did I just want to dress, or did I want to change my body? I thought about just getting boobs, then seeing where I went from there with surgery and chemicals. But I made no immediate decisions.

Sorting out the people in my life was much more difficult. I wanted to stay a member of the poker group. I loved Candy, Linda, and especially Maddie and Diane. But I loved them as girls, not guys. Still, when Todd walked in each Thursday before he changed into Diane, I got a stirring in my groin. Anyway, Todd was married. Pete was single and if our fuck-a-thon was evidence, he liked me very much. But did I want to commit to him or anyone?

The day after my Pete marathon, those thoughts were running through my head as I took Maddie’s cat to the veterinarian for a 4:30 appointment. I was dressed very sexy, with tan stockings, white garters, black fuck-me pumps, a black mini and a hot pink top. There were two other males in the vet’s waiting room, an older man and a teenage boy. I made their day by showing them a lot of leg and giving them my third-tier smile. Anything brighter would have been too encouraging to them. I had enough on my mind.

I was the last one called and the cat and I went in to see Dr. Grant Howard. What a studmuffin he turned out to be. I had no idea. I automatically checked for a wedding ring. None. Hmmmm.

I put my pussy on the table. The cat, you dirty minded person. And chatted with Dr, Howard. He gave me his Grade A smile and sneaked good looks at my legs. I wanted to suggest that he take a picture, it would last longer. But I just looked for evidence of his own package.

As luck would have it, the doctor’s little friend was making a nice bulge in his khakis. Seeing that made me drool [I was such a little tramp. I had just been fucked thoroughly. Did I really need more cock? Of course I did.]

Something happened then that I had not prepared for. I began to think about pushing the cat off the examining table and hopping up there on my back for Dr. Grant Howard. And whoever else walked in. I was a woman with a man’s sex drive. The perfect creation of nature.

Something else happened. I began to get a raging stiffie. It was tenting up my sexy skirt and I was intensely embarrassed! What if the studmuffin notices? Of course he did. And he groaned.

What kind of groan was it? Disgust or lust? I looked at his face and knew right away that it was lust. For me.

Grant spoke first. "Miss Jensen. You have a big clitty!"

He knew the lingo. Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing?

I replied, "I know. Would you like to see it?"

His mouth went dry, but he was able to stammer, "More than anything."

Dr. Howard, it turns out, was a lifelong admirer of bulging miniskirts, but I was the first he had ever met. He told me later it was better than hitting the Lotto.

I lifted my skirt. My stiffie was crowding my pretty panties. "Would you like to touch it?" I asked.

Grant gulped and gently lifted my panties up and over my clitty. He lowered them to mid-thigh, then trembled as he handled my hot girlie stick. "It’s beautiful. May I…."

"Do anything you want, doctor. I want a full examination. And please call me Amy."

"Oh, Amy," he said as he fell to his knees and kissed and licked my foreskin. I stirred. His passion was very intense and I was getting very hot and bothered. He was licking my pole from my balls to my pee-hole and it was very stimulating. I squealed and squeaked encouragingly and he pressed on. This was a man who truly adored my cock. He bathed my balls in his hot saliva. I hopped on one high-heeled foot, whimpering like the sissygirl I am. Then he moved his attentions to my prickiehead. Oh how he adored it. I hopped on my other high-heeled foot, trembling with lust and sexual fire. Life is good.

I felt the familiar tremble and warned Grant. If he heard me, it didn’t deter him one bit. Lick, slurp, suck, groan, smack, kiss. I was tied to the tracks and the train was speeding up. Then it hit! I screamed as if I had been smacked on the bare ass by my Daddy. I doused Grant’s face with six big splurts of my Grade A girlie juice – a big reward for a job very well done. He lapped it up furiously, trying not to spill the precious fluid. I assured him that there was plenty more where that came from and he laughed.

I think he wanted to see me again. Especially after I almost stopped his heart with a payback blowjob for the record books.

My life was so much better as a girl.



Chapter Thirteen – Fresh Juice

That night, I got to thinking that perhaps what the poker group needed was some fresh blood. Actually, some fresh cum. And Grant would be the perfect candidate. I called the other members and got their approval. Diane may have been a little reluctant, because she wanted as much of me as she could get. Of course she always put that wife of hers first and never seemed to have the time to see me, except on Thursdays. Am I jealous? Maybe. But women are really very little competition for a pretty sissygirl. We only have two pussies to a woman’s three, but we use ours to satisfy our man. Not to tease him.

Anyway, the next morning, a Wednesday, I dropped a package off at Grant’s office and returned home. When I walked in, the phone was ringing. It was Grant, of course.

I told him that I enjoyed yesterday very much and asked if he would like a lot more of what we shared yesterday with me and other girls with bulging skirts.

"It’s all I can think about, Amy." Grant said. "Why did you give me the stockings and garter belt?"

"Wear those until tomorrow night and meet the group at 6:15 at Maddie’s and my place."

I could feel Grant trembling with anticipation as he eagerly agreed.

I added, "And Grant, two things. First, I know you’ll be whacking your wiener when you put those stockings on. We all did it. But save a lot of cum for tomorrow night. You’ll need it."

He shuddered. "What’s the second thing, Amy?"

"Think of a girl’s name for yourself."

"Is Emily all right?

He had been thinking of this. "Sure, Emily. We’ll see you tomorrow night, Honey."

I knew Emily would be counting the hours. I hoped he wouldn’t forget which were the cats and which were the dogs.

The next night, Grant was the first to arrive for poker. Maddie and I greeted him in the uniform of stockings, garters, heels and pretty nighties. He quivered with nervousness and desire. We found some pumps to fit him and decked him out in a lovely pink baby doll outfit with matching panties. As I applied pink lipstick to his luscious lips, he began to cry. "What’s the matter, Honey?" I asked.

Sniffle. "All my life, this is what I wanted. And now it’s here."

"You must have been a very good girl and now you’re being rewarded. Enjoy it."

When the other girls showed up at 6:30, Emily greeted them with a shy smile. They hugged and kissed her, welcoming her warmly. Then they went off to sissy up for the night ahead.

When they returned in their girlie finery, even I was moved by the sight of my poker group. Now six strong and sexy as all get out. Linda took the initiative with Emily, kissing her sweetly. Emily trembled and slipped her tongue down Linda’s throat. Linda rubbed Emily’s panties as they kissed, then rubbed her pantied prickie against Emily’s. The excitement was too much for Emily’s hair trigger. She squeaked, groaned and made a big cummy mess in her pretty panties. Linda continued to kiss her sweetly, then got on her knees to remove the soaked panties. They would be a treasured memento of that night for Emily.

Emily’s goodies were all covered with cum and she was a bit embarrassed. Until Linda scooped up the cum with her long fingers and used it to lubricate Emily’s anus ring. No one’s fingers but her own had been up that sweet little place and Emily was in rapture. Linda gave loving licks to Emily’s reinvigorated cocklet and before long, Emily was wincing and dancing the cummy shuffle. So much hot juice!

After all that good work, Linda deserved Emily’s cherry, so she took it. Emily got on all fours on Maddie’s living room floor and offered her virgin ass to Linda. We all watched this historic moment. Linda’s prickie was tall and straight. She was panting with desire. Emily was eager, but apprehensive. Linda presented her prickhead at the gate of paradise. She touched it to the rosebud of bliss. Emily, the little tart, shuddered and came a third bucket, just from penile contact on her ass. What a hot number she was!

As Emily spasmed out her girlie juice, Linda pushed on. Emily groaned loudly. She was crying again. Linda pushed it all in. Emily squealed and croaked out, "So good. More!"

Linda pistoned in and out. The delicious friction had us all very excited and we paired off, Diane and me; Maddie and Candy. Diane lubricated me with her hot tongue, put me on all fours and had just entered me when we heard Linda cry out with her joyous orgasm. Emily felt the hot cum in her butt and screamed with passion and her release of her fourth, shuddering, ball-draining orgasm of the evening. And the night was young.

What a great club we have!

Diane fucked me with eagerness and skill. I loved her in a way I couldn’t love the others and she knew it. I thought I saw jealousy when I brought Emily into the group and I knew she was jealous of Pete. But I wasn’t going to spend six nights a week knitting while Todd/Diane was with his wife, who didn’t even know he was a flaming sissy every Thursday. Hmmph.

As I often did, when Diane and I were making love, I often wondered what it would be like to have ball-busting sex with Todd. That night, I closed my eyes and pretended it was Todd fucking me. I was getting very overheated quickly. I was about to feel the first little warning sign of powerful orgasm, I felt a wet cock rubbing against my face. I opened my eyes and saw Emily. Her eyes were pleading me for a good sucking. Where did she get the energy? Was I ever so horny? Only every Thursday.

A good sport, I took her sweet meat into my mouth. I was now plugged at both ends and it was divine. I humped back on Diane’s cocklet and felt her balls stir. She was ready. I felt the divine little cramp that says, keep going forward, there’s no turning back. I kept sucking Emily’s red, sore-looking cocklet and, despite all odds, it grew big and strong again! It was going to be very naughty again! Oh, Emily! Oh Diane! Oh my goodness! We all made BIG cummies and made each other very happy indeed.

At our 10 p.m. break, nosh and get-together, we were all kidding Emily about how horny she was. I thought she was as cute as a speckled puppy and wanted to fuck her sissy ass for the rest of the evening. Emily said, "I wish I was a big cunt so you could all fuck me at once."

The group took that as challenge. We cleared off the dining room table and laid Emily on her back, supporting her head with a pillow. There was no need to lube the little darling and the thought of fucking her had me very excited. I slid my engorged little beauty into her tight hole. She winced, then purred with pleasure. Candy got onto the table, straddled Emily’s head, and fed her her clitty. Emily made yum yum sounds and sucked with gusto. Maddie leaned over sucked Emily’s soft cocklet. Emily arched her back, then cooed and grunted. Linda and Diane lifted Emily’s pretty nightie and each worshiped a nipple. Emily erected strongly and wiggled delightedly. She whimpered and began crying, but continued to suck Candy’s sissypole. The new girl summoned unknown strength and after ten minutes of concentrated, focused, distilled carnality, she shuddered and drooled out three tasty globs of hot girlie goo into Maddie’s mouth. I continued porking her gorgeous ass until I could hold back no more, adding my load to Emily’s well-spermed butt. Candy squeaked like the Thursday sissy she is and filled Emily’s mouth with the sauce of life.

The nipple suckers stopped. Candy pulled out her limp sissypole. My soft sticker retreated from Emily’s sweet spot. The girl was trembling badly. Had we gone too far? Emily opened her eyes and said, "This is the greatest day of my life. I love you girls!" Group hug. Lots of kissing. Leading to, well, you know."



Chapter Fourteen – Beautiful Me and the Todd

Pete continued to pursue me and I pursued him back. We had two dates a week and my little pooper has the rough edges to prove it. Pete wanted me all to himself, but I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Two Thursdays later, I went all out for poker night. I spent the day in a spa and got a full makeover. I got a beautiful new hairstyle and went BLONDE! Sexy, sweet blonde, not hooker blonde.

I was sex on the hoof when I showed up at Maddie’s fashionably late at 6:35. I wasn’t just a girl. I was a beautiful girl, perfumed, powdered, lacquered, mascaraed, you name it. I was wearing a simple white minidress, with white stockings, four-inch-heeled white mules and gold hoop earrings.

When I walked in, I saw Emily, Maddie, Linda, Candy and Todd. Wasn’t Todd going to become Diane and play tonight? I was very disappointed.

The other girls went instantly erect when they saw me. And I believe I saw some drool on their lips. Todd’s face was that of a man in love. It occurred to me that I would be spending that night with Todd, not Diane.

I was right. Todd asked the girls if they would excuse us. We went to my bedroom and closed the door.

"I want to make love to you as a man, Amy. I love the group, but I love you more. You’re the most exciting woman I’ve ever known."

I blushed. I thought, isn’t there more? There was.

"Being a sissy was fun, but I’m really a sissylover. And you’re the sissy I love."

"And your wife? I’m not a homewrecker."

"You’re right. But I’m not giving you up." It was a dilemma. Then Todd reached in his pocket and shyly produced a wrapped package. "I got you something, Amy." He handed it to me and kissed me on the cheek.

My goodness. Todd was romancing me! He hadn’t even tried to tongue my tonsils and all my clothes were still on. Even better, I was getting a sudden, unexpected present, something that warms the pussy of every girl on earth. It was a gorgeous string of pearls. My eyes filled up and I gave Todd a big lipsticky kiss. With lots of tongue. I asked him to put them on me and, while they would have looked a lot better with a black dress, they were beautiful. I would wear them to make love to the sentimental rascal.

Todd turned on the radio and found a slow, Gershwin number, "Always." Then he asked me for a dance. The floor was carpeted and I didn’t have the right shoes, but what the heck?

We danced through four songs until the commercial. Neither of us said a word. I felt so good and safe in his big strong arms. The pearls were warm on my neck. I smelled his Canoe.

As the commercial played on, I looked Todd in the eyes. "Will you make love to me now, Todd?" No gentleman turns down a request like that.

Todd and I made knock-down-drag-out love for two hours. We were sweating and drained when we finished. It was two of the best hours of my life. I hoped that Diane would never return. Making love with Todd was much more fun.

At 10 o’clock, I insisted that we join the others for the break. Todd was reluctant, but I told him that the group was very important to both of us.

When we showed up, Todd in his boxers and me in my stockings, heels, garter belt and nightie, the other girls were all atwitter. "How was it, you lovebirds?" bold Candy asked.

I reached in Todd’s boxers and withdrew his limp, dripping cock. "Draining," I said, and we all giggled. The girls all kissed us with good humor.

As we sat and chatted, I made a suggestion to the group. "I think it’s time we brought some men into the group."

They looked at me strangely. Maddie said, "But Honey, we’re all men."

I disagreed. "I don’t think so, girls. Todd’s a man, but I’m a girl and we’re going to stay that way seven days a week. The rest of you are Thursday girls. I’m suggesting we get some men who want to make love to Thursday girls."

They looked at me and each other. The thought had their clitties up. "But, Amy, where will we find these men?"

"One is sitting next to me being fresh with my clitty. Todd’s still coming on Thursdays, but as a man. And he’s going to make love to all of us, not just me." I looked at Todd for a reaction. He seemed to be OK with it. Why not? All that pussy was a very attractive proposition.

"But Todd can’t [Blush] love us all, Amy," sweet Emily said.

"I know. Much as he would like to. I’m offering the services of my other special friend, Pete. That should improve the odd a little to five girls and two men. I’ll also ask if Pete has any nice friends. We won’t meet here, but at Pete’s house, just in case things don’t work out. Next week, with luck, we’ll each have a man on top of us, grunting and sweating and shooting his big, hot load up our tiny pussyholes. How does that sound, Ladies?"

The girls were more excited than they had been since I joined the group. The orderly meeting dissolved into a muddled orgy of cliities, pussyholes and Todd’s popular manmeat.



Chapter Fifteen – Men

I spoke to all the girls by phone during the following week and their questions were always the same. Will there be enough men for all of us to have one make love to us? Will they be cute? Who will they be? Will they have big cocks?

It was amazing how Candy, for example, had changed from that homophobic guy I met on my first poker night to the horny little Thursday cupcake she had become. She wanted a man on top of her spilling his seed in her tight pussyhole and she didn’t want no for an answer.

It was also amazing to see how our group had changed since I joined from four guys dressed as girls from the waist down, calling themselves by guy names, sucking each other’s cocks, while protesting their heterosexuality. No kissing. No pooper tickling. And no fucking.

Today, our group stood tall with two new members, Emily and me, and a beautiful man, Todd, as a full-time male. Cosmetics, female dressing, kissing, fucking, fellatio, anal stimulation, and exquisite masturbation were now practiced skillfully and lovingly.

That Thursday, the girls hoped to be getting beautifully fucked by true admirers of their unusual feminine charms.

I was so proud of my group and its members and especially pleased that I was able to bring them so many delicious new practices. Now that I was dressing and being a woman full-time, I had never been happy and knew I was a woman for life.

As Thursday arrived, I hoped that my plans would come together and every girl would have a perfect night.

The girls took the afternoon off from their jobs and arrived at Pete’s place at 1 p.m. I helped them get dressed and made up completely as girls for the first time. They were dizzy with excitement.

The girls were all gorgeous. When I was Ed, I would have had an instant woodie, followed by a powerful orgasm from seeing them and fantasizing about them. I told them so and they were touched.

At 6:30, the doorbell rang. The girls stood nervously I their sexy heels and shifted from foot to foot. We all took a deep breath and I answered the door. There were Todd and Pete. Only Todd and Pete. The girls would be so disappointed, I thought, but we’ll pass the men around and …. Those bad boys were hiding three more men to the side of the house. Three cute men! In suits. Carrying flowers.

"Come in, gentlemen," I said. The ladies took a deep breath and sighed when they saw the three. Those bad girls were picking their favorites.

Pete stepped up. "Ladies, I would like you to meet my brother George and my cousin Harry." George was tall and blonde with a cute smile. Harry was shorter, but had classic good looks. He looked very sexually excited.

Then Todd. "Ladies, this is my friend Al." Al was a winner too. Broad shoulders and a nice bulge in his crotch. I think I’ll try Al first, I thought.

The ladies giggled and flirted, hiking their miniskirts up a notch as they jockeyed for the cute guy of their choice. Candy, the little flirt, threw herself at Pete. She kissed him and made lewd suggestions, all of which were enthusiastically accepted. They went off hand in hand to Pete’s bedroom.

I was pitching Al and he was catching, but nosy me wanted to see who paired up. Emily had her eye on Todd and he eyed her right back, toddling off arm in arm to one of the two other bedrooms.

That left George and Harry and Linda and Maddie. I knew Maddie liked blonds (she sucked my cock at least once a day) so she cut George out of the herd and grabbed the last bedroom.

Maddie and Harry were making major goo-goo eyes at each other and were not embarrassed having to share the living room with Al and me. Maddie and Harry kissed deeply. If he had any reservations about Maddie’s gender, his tongue down her throat didn’t seem to send that signal.

Al grabbed me around the waist. I pouted my glossed lips for a sweet kiss, which Al delivered beautifully. Sex with men is so much better than with my sissy sisters.

Al undressed me slowly and kissingly. He was an exceptional smoocher. Maddie was getting an excellent dose of lip from her Harry. In a few minutes, we were standing there in our bras, stockings, heels, garter belts and pretty panties. We acted shy, covering ourselves with our hands and looking down. That seemed to fire up our lads even more. They stripped to their boxers and moved in for more kissing and fondling.

I reached in and felt Al’s big, hot meat. It was smooth, very hard and soaked with evidence of his excitement over me. I teased the dark red head as I kissed him. He stroked my ass and slipped his hand down my crack. His naughty middle finger found my pussyhole. He tickled it and entered to the depth of a nail. It was so nice. With his other hand, Al reached into my panties and gently stroked the shaft of my clitty. No shyness there either. Nice. I disconnected from the sweet embrace and sissied over to the dining room table, leaving the couch for Harry and Maddie. I leaned over the table and presented my world-class but for Al’s pleasure. I have a very giving nature.

Al was a very happy man. He joined me and slid down my panties, negotiating the difficult problem of panty removal over a stiff clitty. Al dropped to his knees and took me to a higher existence by worshiping my ass, first with kisses, then with fantastic tonguing. I peeked and saw that his big cock was hard during the entire process. He loved licking my pooper! As he licked, he tickled my balls. Mmmmmm. My prickie was becoming distressed.

Al stood up and presented his cock at my secret place. He teased me with it, slipping it in a centimeter, then withdrawing. "Stop that, you bad boy and fuck me now," dommy me said. Just as he was about to push, I heard a loud squeal from the couch. Harry had Maddie on her back with legs raised and had landed on the objective. Intermittently, I heard squeals, groans, moans and screams from the three bedrooms. Can I plan a party or what?

Al fucked me with intense passion. I was his first "special girl" and he was experiencing the joy that all men find with us. He loved stroking my leaking clitty as he plunged in and out of the only pussy I’ll ever have, need or want. And I loved being stroked. But the time was upon me. The sweet meat of my third man (there would be more as long as pizzas are delivered to homes) had me in a proper dither. His stroking of my foreskin accented my distress. I gratefully lost control and put a new kind of polish on Pete’s tabletop, screaming like the sissy I love to be. Maddie joined the chorus and I heard my sisters in the other rooms as well.

What a wonderful night it was. The first of many with our handsome lads.

I haven’t picked the man I want for life. Maybe I don’t want any on a permanent basis. It’s different as a girl. You can get laid any time you want. And I want to several times a day.

My sisters are still once-a-week girls, except for my roommate Maddie, who goes sissy all the time at home. I’m trying to get her to go full time. She wants to, but is holding back.

Todd, Pete and Al are all hot for my body and I enjoy them whenever I can. They participate every Thursday and are very popular with the girls. Emily and Todd seem to have a thing going. I would be jealous, but the planet teems with men.

Harry says he’s ready to switch teams on Thursdays; wants to be a girl. The beauty of our group is that you can do that. Of course we’ll need two more men. I have no doubt we’ll find them.

Our group has ten members now and will probably have twelve when Harry becomes Vicky. But you can really start a group with two girls. Now you’re one, right? So all you have to do is find one more man who wants to wear stockings, garters, heels, a nightie and lipstick one night a week. You can start out just watching each other dress. Then you can masturbate in the same room. Then [gasp] touch each other until the cream pours out. From there, let your imagination be your guide.

It’s lots of fun and any number can play. Enjoy!




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