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A sweeping sissy epic. Bigger than a breadbox. More powerful than a locomotive. In the tradition of GWTW. Starring Vivien T, Olivia de Have-A-Lump, Clark Gaybull and Leslie (sissy name) Howhard.


Panty Town

by Gingerfred Man


Chapter One – Jamie


Jamie Sanders did not think he was a sissy. Growing up, he played with trucks and showed his innate male aggression though soldiers games with the other boys. He climbed trees and watched baseball with his Dad and brother.

Unfortunately, by the time he was in eighth grade, his parents were sure he was a little pantywaist nancyboy. Especially his Mom. She was always talking to him about feelings and clothes and hair and all that sissy stuff.

Jamie’s Mom was always telling him to "Let go of all that male baggage and let yourself experience the joys of femininity. You’ll be so much happier."

She was partly right. He did need to be a lot happier. He didn’t really fit in with the other kids in his class. But it wasn’t because he was a sissy, was it?

A couple of times when Dad was away on business trips, Mom had suggested that he wear a pretty nightie. "You’ll sleep so much better, Honey," she said.

He always resisted until that one time, when Jamie gave in to the pressure. Dad had taken Jamie’s two-year-older brother Alec to some sports thing or other out of town and Mom and Jamie were alone in the house. Mom showed Jamie a frothy little pink negligee thing and Jamie fell in love with it. He longed to wear it to bed, but couldn’t tell Mom that he wanted to. So he fought her and let her pressure him until, in mock exasperation, he gave in. Did Mom know what he really wanted? Maybe. But she sure had a smug look on her face as she told Jamie how beautiful he looked in pink.

Jamie had to agree. He stole little peeks at himself in the mirror and liked what he saw. And the feelings! Oh. The cool material caressing his pores. It made his little virgin willie all stiff and his ball bag very sensitive to the tender scrapes of the delicate material against his wrinkled flesh. Mom at least looked away, or pretended to, when it became too much and his boy’s cream spurted out and into the Kleenex that Mom had placed in his hand before he put the gown on. "Just in case," she had told him.

That sort of sealed Jamie’s fate. And changed the Sanders’ lives for good. And for the better. Mom was sure from that moment on that Jamie was a sissy. She didn’t fault him for it. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. But accommodations would have to be made.

Jamie still wasn’t sure he was a sissy. He liked wearing nighties. His penis told him that. And the penis knows its mind. But that didn’t make him a sissy. Sissies liked boys and kissed them. Some sissies even <gasp> sucked boys’ big, hard thingees until their creamy loads leaped out. Jamie could never do that. There were lots of other things sissies did to pleasure their men, but Jamie didn’t even want to think about those.

Maybe he was thought to be a sissy because of the contrast with his brother Alec. Jamie was short, slim and girlish looking. So what? That didn’t make him a sissy. Alec was tall, muscular and very handsome. He was also a star at every sport he played. But that didn’t make Alec any more of a man.

Jamie couldn’t even hold a baseball bat the right way. How could the brothers be so different? One neighborhood rumor pointed to a very short, unathletic, slim pizza deliveryman who served the Sanders’ route some 15 years before. But how will we ever know?

They were different, but there was a strong, loving bond between the brothers. Alec defended his brother from insults and attacks. And he fretted about Jamie’s inability to fit into a culture Alec and his ilk have always dominated.

Jamie’s brother Alec was a rarity. A teenage guy who was admired by guys and adored by girls, but managed to keep his perspective. He wasn’t stuck-up. He didn’t bully the less fortunate. He was kind and decent to everyone. Alec’s Dad had told him once that there are a lot of people for whom high school was the high point of their lives. They ruled in high school because they were the best looking or most athletic. But they couldn’t make a living from either. And people older than 21 or so often value other qualities.

Alec had girlfriends and was not a virgin. A lot of girls wanted to get on their backs and spread their legs for Alec. He did enjoy that. But girls’ BS often made the sex hardly a fair trade. He wasn’t sure what he wanted, but he was sure he would know it when he saw it.

He didn’t have to wait long.


Chapter Two – Traci

The only thing Traci Simmons ever wanted to be in life was a buttfucked sissy. She wanted to wear the sissiest lingerie, walk in the sissiest manner, wear sissy-short skirts, suck boys’ big hard cocks and take those cocks up her sissy ass.

It was good to have a clear ambition.

Traci started life as a boy (Yuck!), at least that was what some people thought. Traci knew she was a girl from the time she was three and put on her big sister Sharon’s panties. Traci wasn’t shy about her gender orientation either. She told everyone she was a girl, much to her father’s dismay. Life was hard enough for Kyle Simmons as a single parent raising a 13-year-old "boy" and a 14-year-old girl. Traci’s antics bewildered Kyle. His mother couldn’t tolerate the situation and ran off when Traci was ten. Kyle loved his children too much to abandon them. But Traci certainly was a challenge.

Traci was only able to wear sissy underwear under her boy clothes to school, but at home, she always wore a full outfit of girls’ pretty things.

Traci knew she had other strange feelings, but didn’t know much about sex until she was twelve and discovered a cache of books her Dad had stored under some stuff in the garage. Sissy love must have run in the family because Traci’s Dad had a lot of books of with pictures of pretty, naked ladies with big boobies and big, stiff cocks. Traci sensed kindredship with the ladies and visited the she-male library quite frequently.

One book in particular fascinated her. It was a large-format comic book entitled "Building Erections," published by a company called Spermco. Traci could only open it with some difficulty because something dried and sticky seemed to have attached the pages to each other.

"Building Erections" was a Rosetta Stone for Traci’s life. It was a beautifully drawn tale of a sexy 18 or 19-year-old "girl" who liked to dress sexily and tease men. She passed by a job site one day and sexually teased two brawny, hairy construction workers. Traci shivered as she imagined what the men would do to the teasing girl. Then she found out. They took her in a construction shed and fucked her. A lot.

But the girl in the comic was no ordinary female. She had a big clitty and a pretty pink ball bag. Her titties were really only nipples, so some would call her a crossdresser, but Traci knew the girl was all girl. All special girl.

Traci ached to be that girl. She looked in rapt wonder as the men pulled out their huge, hot cocks and made her pay for teasing them. One of the men tongued her butt while she sucked a second’s cock. The men didn’t seem to mind that she had a cock and balls. In fact, they seemed to really like it. In one illustration, one man was sucking her balls, while the other was kissing her and stroking her to a monster cum. The book was filled with big cocks, spewing their sticky goo all over the special girl. And the girl’s clitty erupted plenty of times too.

Traci felt very funny in her tummy the first time she read the book and instinctively tickled her sissy stick and tee tees. When she came to the part where one man was fucking the girl in her ass while the girl was cumming in another man’s face, Traci clutched, jerked and spurted the first cummies of her life. It worried Traci because she wasn’t sure it was good to spill your bodily fluids, but by the third gooey, shuddering, whimpering orgasm, Traci knew she had to do what the girl in the book was doing. Often.


Jimmy Carlson was the first lucky winner. Traci didn’t really have any friends among the boys in school because they all figured she was gay. Since gayness is known to be contagious, hanging around Traci would make them gay. Or at least make then shunned by other "straight" boys.

Jimmy was a bit worried that gay spores would infect his body, but he was a paperboy and the Simmons’ were on his route. So one Saturday as he went to collect for delivering the paper all week, he was a little worried when Traci answered the door.

It wasn’t the Traci, whom he knew as the ostracized Wilbur, from school. This was a Traci with lipstick, a bit of blush and a pink barrette. It was a Traci wearing a pretty blue dress, tan stockings and high-heeled blue sandals.

Jimmy was startled. Was this how his "gay" schoolmate dressed around the house? And Wilbur wasn’t even ashamed to be seen in a dress! Wilbur sure was pretty, Jimmy thought, then deleted that thought immediately. He was going to get his money and leave.

"Hello, Jimmy," Traci said to her bug-eyed classmate. "Are you OK?"

Jimmy blinked, then cleared his throat. "Four dollars and fifty cents," he croaked.

"Excuse me?" Traci said, even though she knew perfectly well what Jimmy meant.

Jimmy stammered, "For the paper. This week. Daily and Sunday. Sunday is more."

Traci smiled. She liked that Jimmy was babbling.

Despite his fears, Jimmy liked Traci’s smile a lot. Involuntarily, he smiled back.

Traci said, "My father and sister are out, but I think the money is in the kitchen. Would you walk back with me to get it?"

Alone in the house! With this, this person! Jimmy was terrified. And his cock was completely vertical.

Traci gave Jimmy another nova-like smile, then escorted him to the kitchen. "I know it’s around here somewhere," she said. "Oh. That’s right. It’s in the bottom drawer."

Shamelessly, Traci bent over at the waist to open the drawer, giving Jimmy an excellent view of her stocking tops, her warm, milky thighs, and her pretty panties.

The greatest sight of his life mesmerized Jimmy. He gulped. Why was Wilbur taking so long to find that money? Jimmy hoped "Wilbur" never found it. He was panting and gasping in arousal.

"Oh, here it is," Traci said. "Oh, Jimmy, I’m so sorry. That wasn’t very ladylike to bend like that."

Then she giggled and said, "But, did you like what you saw?"

Jimmy considered lying and running out of the house screaming, but good sense prevailed. Sheepishly, Jimmy nodded his assent. He did like what he saw. A lot.

Traci pressed her advantage. "Do you think I’m pretty?"

Gulp. Nod. "But you’re a……."

"I know what I am, Jimmy. And I’m not one of those. Do boys have lips like these?"

And she kissed the poor, overloaded, confused, sexually stimulated boy.

Something inside Jimmy surrendered and he kissed Traci back, embracing her with his strong, young arms.

It was Traci’s first kiss too and she adored the feelings it engendered. Her little clitty was tenting her panties. Then she really got excited when she felt Jimmy’s stiffie rubbing against hers, through their clothes.

Mmmmmm. Jimmy was a naturally good kisser. And he had a slim, strong body. Traci didn’t want to scare Jimmy off, but she thought he would really enjoy getting his cock sucked.

When she proposed it, she thought Jimmy would faint. She didn’t want to giggle, but she did. Then she dropped to her knees and unzipped Jimmy’s pants. He was trembling. She reassured him sweetly, then extracted his pretty little monster from his white jockeys.

At last! Traci was holding a boy’s hard, hot cock. Step one for the rest of her life. She rubbed it all over, carefully inspecting it, then giving it sweet little kisses. Jimmy moaned and told her she was beautiful. Nice boys seem to have an instinct to give girls what they need, Traci thought.

Traci especially loved kissing Jimmy’s balls. They were just beginning to grow hair and the fuzz tickled Traci’s nose. She gave each of them a nice, slurpy bath. That did it for Jimmy. He quivered and grunted as three creamy glops of sticky cream leaped from his stiff cock and adorned the delighted face of the lovely Traci.

Traci was in heaven. She had licked a boy’s cock and balls into a tremendous cum!

Jimmy was in heaven.

Traci heard her father’s car. She zipped Jimmy up, gave him a big cummy kiss and his $4.50 and ran up the stairs to her room, leaving a stunned, half-satisfied, confused Jimmy in her wake.


Chapter Three – Angela

Angela Wilkins had led a strange life. For the first thirteen of her fourteen years, she had been a boy named Adam. Then Dad married Sofia.

Sofia was not like most stepmothers. She didn’t try to make Adam like her. She didn’t buy him ice cream and video games when she and Adam’s dad were dating.

Sofia dominated Adam from the first moment they met.

There were three good reasons for this.

First, Adam’s Dad was completely, utterly cuntstruck by Sofia. Sofia did sexual things for Stan Wilkins that Stan hadn’t even dared to imagine. Unlike Stan’s late, first wife, Gloria, and 99.99999% of the world’s women, Sofia had no limits in the sack. She loved anal sex, being rimmed, sucking cock, swallowing gallons of Stan’s cum and giggling when Stan made cum all over her face. To name some of the tamer stuff. As a result, Stan would run through a mountain for her and her sweet pussy. And ass. And huge boobs.

Second, Adam was easily led. A nice boy with a gentle nature, he wanted to please his father and his new stepmother. If a few things were uncomfortable along the way, Adam was still willing to go along. Unless they were really abominable. Then even Adam would become defiant.

Third, Sofia believed that men should be dominated. She had Stan completely under her control because no sane man would give up what she was giving him. It was clear to Sofia that Adam needed to be feminized.

Sofia began by insisting that Adam call her "Mommy." Not Sofia or Mom or even Mama. It was embarrassing for a 13-year-old boy to call his mother or stepmother Mommy. Sofia knew it.

Then she told Adam that he was an unruly boy who would have to learn some manners and discipline. Adam turned to his Dad for help, but the scent of Sofia’s pussy had infiltrated Dad’s brain and Sofia’s word was law.

Adam resisted at first and Sofia administered some severe spankings. Naked spankings, followed by standing naked in a corner for an hour. With a hot ass. The worst part of the spankings was that Adam’s little cock got very stiff and agitated by them. Sofia would hike her skirts up "so that none of your boyish mess will get on my clothes" and Adam’s little peeny would rub directly on Sofia’s stockings. Sometimes <gasp> it would even rub on Sofia’s warm, bare thighs. Sofia was a very attractive and sexy woman and little Adam was not immune to her charms.

One day, after a very hard spanking following a rare burst of open defiance, Adam had suffered through a bewildering mix of pleasure and pain. He hated the spanking but loved the rubbing of his cock against nylon and warm, womanly flesh. Sofia was aware of his arousal and it dampened her panties.

Sofia stood the naked Adam in front of her and asked him if he was sorry for his defiance.

Adam wasn’t sure about that, but he agreed anyway, sobbing very badly. "Oh yes, Mommy," the young beauty said. "I’ll never be bad again."

Sofia doubted that, but said, "I see the cause of your problem."

Adam wondered what she meant by that. Then she grabbed his stiff little penis.

An electric shock ran through Adam and he began to tremble.

Sofia pressed her case, gripping the shaft with her hand and swirling Adam’s leaking goo around the cockhead with her manicured thumb. "It’s this unruly little boy’s thing of yours. A young sissy like you needs to be milked often to rid you of all that boy’s cream that makes you aggressive and angry."

Adam was no sissy, he thought, but now was not the time to question someone about to "milk" you so deliciously.

"I think this could be your very last spanking if you let me lead you to a life of pleasures beyond your imagining. Does that sound good, Angela?"

Angela? In one way, Adam didn’t like the way this was going at all. But in another way, a life of pleasures beyond his imagining sounded darned good. Especially the way Mommy was doing that. Did she say she was going to do this often?

Sensitive to the burning of his red bottom, Sofia patted it lovingly. Then she licked the middle finger of her left hand and pushed it against Adam’s anal sphincter.

Adam gasped.

Sofia stepped up her skilled wanking and entered Adam’s bottomhole with her entire finger.

Adam panted and squealed softly.

Just like a sissy, Sofia thought. Then she told him how she would make sure he had pleasure like this and much better every day of his life. Adam whimpered, clutched his stomach, clamped his anal muscles on Sofia’s finger and spurted his virginal cream into Sofia’s soft, warm hand.

At that moment, Sofia knew Adam was hers to command.

Sofia kissed Adam on the lips and handed him clothes to get dressed. Turning her back to him, she licked his virgin emissions from her hand and sighed deeply.

Adam said, "Excuse me, Mommy. But I think you gave me the wrong clothes. These are girl’s things."

"Oh no, Angela. Those are yours. From now on, I’m raising a sweet, pretty girl, not an aggressive, nasty boy."

Adam saw the humiliations he would face. He saw no way to avoid them. But he did not despair. His fiercely hard prick told him and Sofia that a part of him, maybe the most important part, wanted to be Angela very much.

"Oh, look, Sweetie," Sofia said. "I think you need milking again. Let’s take care of that before you put your new, pretty panties on."

Angela stepped over to Mommy eagerly and offered her clitty to be milked.


Chapter Four – More about Jamie

By the end of the school year before Jamie was to enter high school and Alec was to begin his junior year, the Sanders family knew that Jamie was a full-fledged sissy. Every day in eighth grade, except for gym on Thursday, Jamie would wear his boy clothes to junior high, but always wore pretty panties underneath. Most days, Jamie would also wear stockings, sometimes with a garter belt, with boy’s socks covering his little secrets. When he got home, Jamie couldn’t resist putting on a skirt and heels, fixing his make-up and doing what he could with his longish hair. On weekends, Jamie was in full en femme mode.

The Sanders family was very supportive, especially Alec, but they all knew that the situation was volatile. Jamie lived in almost mortal dread of discovery by his peers. He also lived in mortal dread of being denied spending most if not all of his life as a girl.

Jamie was also very sexually aroused. And that threatened to make the whole situation explode. Jamie found many of the boys in his class attractive. But coming out to one would make his life a living hell. Not coming out was also becoming a living hell.

What to do?

Two days before summer vacation began, Jamie was sunning himself by the Sanders’ private, backyard pool. He was wearing a pretty, electric blue bikini that he did not fill out on top and bulged a bit in the bottom. But it made him look very edible. Jamie hadn’t had a boy haircut in over a year and his blonde locks fell to his shoulders. He had made his face beautifully and painted his toe- and fingernails in hot pink.

No one was home, so Jamie decided to give himself a little pleasure. Sitting in a lounge chair, Jamie extracted his stiff girlie stick from his bikini bottoms and stroked it lovingly. He closed his eyes and surrendered to the sensations. What if it were one of the cute boys in his class doing that? Kissing him and telling him he was beautiful? That would be incredible. He felt the good stuff start to rumble in his tummy as he tickled the gooey head just right. He was going to….

"Jamie? Is that you?"

Aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh! Jamie’s life was over. Maybe it was a bad dream. That couldn’t be Patrick Larson, the cutest boy in Jamie’s class. It was part of a really weird dream and if he just waited a minute….. But it wasn’t a dream.

Patrick said, "I’m sorry for sneaking up on you. I just rode over on my bike from my Dad’s hardware store to deliver your Dad’s order"

Patrick saw the sheer terror in Jamie’s face and did two things. First he said, "You’re incredibly beautiful. Please don’t worry. I would never tell anyone about this in any way. I’ve always thought you were pretty. For a boy, I mean. That is, if you want to be called a boy. Oh, heck!" And then Patrick kissed Jamie’s full, red lips.

Jamie climbed from the pit of despair to the peak of elation. He adored being kissed by Patrick and almost fainted when Patrick took up Jamie’s task of manipulation to cosmic orgasm. And did it very well.

Jamie was whimpering with sexual torment when Patrick kissed and fondled him to a creamy emission. With that sticky explosion, she gave up the last vestiges of Jamie’s male identity.

Jamie knew that she was more than a dress-up sissy. She was a sissygirl supreme. Full time and ready to make the boys and men very happy.

The first boy she wanted to make happy was Patrick. Her eyes were moist with love as she thanked Patrick for taking her onto the last step to girlhood. Then she really thanked him.

"It’s so hot, Patrick, and we’re by the pool. Why don’t you get naked?"

Patrick eagerly complied. Jamie gasped as she looked fully at her first naked boy. He was beautiful! Pink, glowing, soft, boyish skin. Strong limbs. A cute face. And the sauciest little set of pubic goodies. Jamie asked Patrick to sit on the lounge chair as she got on her lovely knees. She rubbed his cock all over with her delicate hands. Patrick winced in heavenly agony. She hefted his balls in her fairy-like hands, kissing and licking them until Patrick’s cum leaped from his prick and doused Jamie’s giggling face. Jamie kissed and licked the limp shaft, then turned her tonguey attention to the mushroom crown. Patrick was 14, dear reader, and did not stay limp for long. Especially while receiving the blowjob every man dreams of but few women will give. Jamie licked Patrick from his butthole (Oooohh) to his peehole, slathering saliva and pre-goo in almost equal amounts all over the enraptured boy’s beautiful equipment. Jamie returned to the head and licked with furious passion. Patrick bucked and moaned, then called out his love for Jamie as she observed a tidal wave of cum spurt from Patrick’s pretty prick.

When Patrick returned to our planet, the loving couple shared the lounge chair, rubbing cummy bodies and kissing soulfully. Patrick stroked Jamie’s clitty as she stroked his. Then, timidly, Patrick entered Jamie’s virgin pooper with one finger. Jamie winced, then realized she adored it.

"Do you have anything bigger you could put in there, Patrick?" the little angel asked.

Like any of us, Patrick could not believe his good fortune. He was a kind boy, however and asked, "But wouldn’t that hurt you, Sweetie?"

Sweetie. Jamie liked that. Jamie had read lots of TG fiction and knew something about anal sex. She said, "Not if you lube me properly. I could get some Vaseline or <blush> you could lick me back there."

The thought of licking Jamie’s secret passage gave Patrick yet another mega-stiffie. He lowered the lounger back, lay on his back, and had Jamie sit on his face. It was a gourmet delight. Patrick tongued deeply, much to the pleasure and excited squealing of a sperm-spouting Jamie. After fifteen minutes of this exquisite torture, Jamie begged to be fucked. Patrick got up, Jamie got on her back, raised her legs, hooked them on Patrick’s shoulders and the love feast moved to the next stage.

Patrick put his wet cockhead against Jamie’s incredibly tight, hot hole, kissed her for luck, and pushed. Jamie screamed with 90 percent pleasure and 10 percent pain, then reassured a worried Patrick that he was not killing her, by kissing him tonguily. Forget the first ride on the roller coaster and the double-fudge sundaes he loved, Patrick had never enjoyed anything in his life half as much.

Patrick took charge and fucked Jamie in a way neither would ever forget. He was gentle and loving, yet forceful and manly. When she came the first time, he kissed her and told her he loved her. When she came the second time, he joined her in paradise. They lay there together, kissing and cooing, for a good half hour after, with no knowledge that the entire love feast had been observed by Jamie’s Mom, who had soaked her panties four times during the proceedings and had decided that the only alternative for the family was Panty Town.


Chapter Five – More about Traci

Traci was such a little tramp. And proud of it. Her father had despaired of ever living a normal life. The neighbors all knew that Traci dressed as a girl almost all the time and they strongly suspected that she was entertaining lots of men and boys.

Traci was doing more than entertaining. She had the Greatest Show on Earth!

Kissing paperboy Jimmy’s balls until he gooied her face only began Traci’s lifelong quest for hot cum. Jimmy was very nice to "Wilbur" at school all week, which made the other kids think that Jimmy had gone faggot too. Jimmy was even hoping that he could get Wilbur alone and pull his panties down. Or have Wilbur suck Jimmy’s pink mushroom. Jimmy, who was not gay at all, wanted very much to do things with Traci or Wilbur, or whoever the boy-girl was, that would make her cum.

Jimmy got his opportunity the following Saturday. Jimmy went to Traci’s house praying that she was home alone. He would be fine if it were Wilbur, not Traci. His prayers were answered and then some. Traci came to the door in a little white nightie, with white stockings and white, high-heeled mules.

"Oh, Jimmy," the little confection said, "I must have overslept."

Even Jimmy knew you didn’t fall out of bed with perfect hair and make-up. Perhaps without panties, though, as Traci was attired.

Traci yawned, then said, "Come on in, Sweetie. The money’s in my room and my father and sister will be gone for hours."

Jimmy was trembling with lust and anticipation.

Traci sissied through the house, trailed by her ardent suitor. When they reached her room, Traci turned and gave Jimmy the kiss of his young life. Jimmy knew that it was to be his lucky day.

Jimmy dragged off his clothes and stood naked before Traci’s delicious body. Jimmy felt Traci’s soft ass and she returned the favor. The nightie made Traci seem more femmy, but to tell the truth, she didn’t need much. Traci would have been femmy wearing a grocery bag.

Jimmy’s proud boy stood unhooded and ready for Traci’s warm mouth. But the plan had apparently changed. Traci sat on her bed and took out a bottle of baby oil. She slid it on her hand, then rubbed it ever-so-teasingly up and down Jimmy’s fat prick. It wasn’t what he expected, but he was enjoying it very much.

Traci stopped well short of Jimmy cumming, which disappointed Jimmy. That was short-lived, as Traci got on the bed on all fours and gave Jimmy the greatest sight known to man – Traci’s delicious, virgin ass, with cheeks spread and hole pre-lubed, with cock and balls dangling and throbbing, framed by a white nightie and a beautiful face looking back and saying those magical words, "Fuck me!"

Jimmy got on his knees behind Traci, said several words of thanks, then put his lovely, pink pricktip at his lover’s bottom hole. Traci repeated her request for a good shagging, then Jimmy pushed and entered the magnificent regions of Traci’s divine intestines.

Ohhhhhhhhhh. That was good. Traci squealed like the world’s biggest sissy. Jimmy knew heaven must be very close to what he felt. He paused to savor the moment and enjoy the feelings. Then he reached around and found Traci’s clitty. She was hard, but her long foreskin was not all the way back. He multiplied her pleasure and gained valuable callback points by skinning her little cum-spitter up-and-down and most deliciously.

Traci was enjoying her first fuck very, very much. It was far better than she had even imagined and she was extremely happy that Jimmy had made the effort to meet her needs as well as his own. With those warm, loving feelings tucked into her angelic little heart, Traci’s gut and baby balls began to rumble. Jimmy stroked her more quickly as his own crisis approached. Traci turned her head and Jimmy leaned in to lick her tongue and kiss her lips. Traci moaned with pleasure, then screamed as the hardest cum she ever felt almost took her pretty toes off. Milliseconds later, Jimmy doused Traci’s gorgeous bottom with his hot, boyish cream.

And Traci’s father wouldn’t be home for three more hours. Imagine what fun they had.

Jimmy and Traci bonded that day as only first lovers can. Jimmy began to openly adore her, even as Wilbur in school and didn’t mind when she did some exploring with Mr. Williams the social studies teacher and Donny, Traci’s college boy cousin. Well he minded a little, but the abuse he took from the other kids was small potatoes compared to the loving he got from Traci.

Traci’s father couldn’t miss all the big signs that Traci was having sex with anyone she fancied with a cock. He knew he could lock her up until she was 18, or he could move the family to Panty Town.


Chapter Six – More about Angela

It wasn’t all pretty panties and ball-busting milkings for Angela. The morning after Sofia first made her cum until she almost passed out, things started well.

Sofia had just come from a lovely early-morning fucking by Angela’s Dad. Her pussy and bottom were all squishy with cum and she had also swallowed a bellyful. But now it was time to get to work.

Angela was sleeping like a little angel in her first white nightie. She had kicked off the covers during the night and her nightie had risen to her belly button, exposing her fine pink privates. Sofia sat next to Angela’s sleeping body, then took Angela’s clittty in her soft hand and began to make it happy. She even gave it several little kisses and tiny sucks. Angela was dreaming of heaven, then woke up and found that the bus was about to pull into heaven’s depot.

Mommy was kissing and sucking her pretty pole and, now and then, licking her pink bag. It was so exciting that Angela reached a crisis very quickly, warning Mommy, but pleased that Mommy took Angela’s thick cream right between the eyes and smiled.

That was good Mommy. A few moments later, Angela once again saw bad Mommy. Angela peed sitting down, took a cleansing bubble bath, and was about to get dressed for school when she realized that all her boys’ clothes were gone! How would she go to school?

Sofia was whistling happily, setting out a lovely girl’s skirt, top, stockings and two-inch heels for Angela.

Terror gripped Angela! "But Mommy," the little angel said, "I can’t go to school like that!"

"Nonsense, Angela. You can and will. Now sit in this chair so I can do your make-up."

Make-up!!!!! Angela began a cold sweat. She would be beaten to a pulp! She would be humiliated! She would have no friends! Of course she also knew that resistance was futile and would only lead to a nasty spanking, followed by ultimate compliance. Tearfully and fearfully, she sat to be made up.

Sofia got her to stop crying, which allowed proper application of cosmetics, by telling her that if things didn’t work out, she would find a way that Angela was sure to like. Then she told Angela to pay attention because Angela would have to apply her own make-up soon enough.

Despite her terror, Angela was very pleased with the results. She made a gorgeous girl! A model almost. And her eyes would tell men that she would delight them in ways they had only imagined. Why did she think that? She didn’t want men? Did she? She liked Mommy’s hand and mouth and that was all. But she knew what men would think when they saw her pretty face. And her little jewel was diamond stiff thinking about it.

Mommy helped Angela on with her panties, bra and garter belt, then watched with delight as Angela became so excited from rolling on her first stockings that she came, hot, hard and helpless, into her lovely panties.

"It’s all right, Honey," she reassured Angela, "I have plenty more panties for you. I’m glad you like the stockings."

Angela adored the stockings. And the tug of the garters. And the pull of her bra on her tender nipples. But she knew that wearing those things to face a bunch of eighth-grade classmates was akin to cordless bungee jumping. But what could she do? Mommy was insistent and Dad was useless.

Of course, Sofia made things as bad as possible by giving Angela a skirt that barely covered her stocking tops. If Angela made a false move, she would put on quite a free show. Sofia had Angela practice sitting and bending down a few times, then helped her learn how to walk in two-inch heels. Angela was sniffling at the tidal wave of humiliation she knew was before her today and every day. But her clitty was hard as a math word problem.

Sofia escorted Angela to school that day and took her red face and stiff thingee to the junior high principal’s office. She knocked, then the two beautiful feminine people entered Mr. Fireson’s office.

Wow, the principal wondered. Who was this? Was that the new Mrs. Wilkins? But who was that lovely, beautifully put-together little girl? Was it…..? No.

"Mr. Fireson," Sonia began, "I’m Mrs. Wilkins and this is my son Adam, or Angela as we are now calling him. He’s a sissy and is going to be dressing and acting like one full time starting today. I’ll expect you to make the necessary accommodations for Angela. I don’t want him teased or bullied."

Fireson’s mouth hung open. Why do Mondays always start like this? This was a new one. The kid will be creamed, if not on school grounds, as soon as he leaves. "Mrs. Wilkins," he asked, "how did this happen?"

"Genetics and a divine plan," Sonia said. "Now will you help him or not?"

Fireson thought. "I’ll try," he said. "But it won’t be easy. We’re not set up for something like this."

"Very well. That’s all I can ask. Run along to your first class, Angela. I’ll see you after school."

Trembling with fear, Angela did as she was told.

Sofia closed the door, removed her panties and said, "Mr. Fireson, there can be great rewards for your assistance."

Fireson got the picture very quickly. He also got three previews of heaven over the next hour, with a promise of the feature-length version if he would protect Angela.

Fireson really wanted to help. And not just for the sex. But he didn’t know if anyone could help poor Angela.

Poor Angela walked into Mrs. Potter’s English class to a stunned silence. Mrs. Potter asked, "Adam, if it is you, Adam, would you like to tell us what you’re doing?"

Trembling horribly, Angela said, "My mother thinks I’m a sissy, so now I have to dress this way until I’m 18 at least."

There were raucous laughs and hoots all around the room. No one enjoys another’s misfortune like a junior high child. Angela began to cry. A lot of the kids felt sorry for her and stopped laughing. But three or four kept it up until Mrs. Potter made them stop.

That day’s lesson was a blur to Angela and when she was changing classes, there were plenty of mean kids making horrible remarks, "faggot" being one of the milder. Angela knew that she wasn’t a faggot. She didn’t like boys, especially the mean ones making fun of her.

Switching classes after fifth period, Angela couldn’t hold it any more. She had to make tinkles, but that meant the boys’ room – a very dangerous place. She slipped into one and was pleased to see that it was unoccupied. She took a stall, sitting down to do her business, then wiping her clittyhead with toilet paper, just like a girl.

Maybe she would get out of there alive she thought, but just as she made it to the door, three of the school’s biggest bullies opened it and pushed her back in.

"Well, it’s the school faggot," Darrel Miller said. Darrel was said to have several pages to his juvenile rap sheet, which, of course, made him wildly popular with the girls.

The other two mugs watched the door as Miller pulled out his prick. "I think the little fag wants to suck my prick, don’t you, fag?"

Angela did not want to suck this prick’s prick and told him so.

"Now see, sissyboy. That’s where you’re wrong. I happen to know that you want to suck this pretty thing. Get on your knees and kiss it."

Angela looked at the asshole, considered her options, then reached toward his prick.

The mug said, "See, I knew…Agggggggggghhhhhhhhh!"

Angela grabbed Miller’s balls and squeezed hard. He screamed as if he were the sissy. The other two sociopaths were about to come to their leader’s aid, when the door flew open and Bobby Bailey blasted in.

Bobby was only the coolest boy in the school. Angela knew him to say hi to, but he pretty much kept to himself. He said, "Brave aren’t you? Three against one. And it looks like she got the best of you."

He called me "she," Angela thought. And then she squeezed Miller’s balls even harder.

"Why don’t you buttbrains move along and maybe I won’t tell how she made you scream like a pussyboy."

Angela released the ballbag. Miller was crying as the other two mugs escorted him away.

"They’ll be back, Angela. But if they try to hurt you, let me know. And by the way, I think you’re the prettiest girl in school. And I loved the way you stood up for yourself. Have a good day."

And Bobby left. With Angela standing tongue-tied. And half in love.

Angela told Mommy about everything that happened that day and Sofia got a big surprise. She began to respect Angela. And even to love her. Angela might make one hell of a woman yet, Sofia thought.

The next day in school, Fireson’s security was stepped up, including in the boy’s rooms. Since Mommy dropped off and picked up Angela, the only assaults were then verbal.

There were plenty of those, but the story of Angela squeezing Miller’s balls was all over the school, and it earned her more respect than anyone expected.

As Angela’s first week at school ended, some people had begun to talk to her again. She had looked for Bobby all week, but didn’t see him until she was outside waiting for her ride home that Friday afternoon. He smiled at her and her heart melted. This time she could speak and said, "Hi."

"Hi," Bobby said. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, thanks to you. I appreciate it very much."

"You were the one. That ball squeeze was brilliant. And, uh, Angela, I meant what I said about you being pretty."

Angela blushed and thanked him. Then Sofia pulled up. She got out of the car and walked to the two kids. "Are you Bobby?" she asked.

"Yes, ma’am."

Sofia hugged him. "Thanks for being so nice to my little girl."

"Oh, she’s terrific, Mrs.Wilkins. She’s easy to be nice to."

Angela beamed. Her little tummy was fluttering

Sofia thought a moment. "Bobby, if I called your mother and arranged it, would you like to join us for dinner tomorrow? You and Angela could watch a video or something."

Bobby’s face ignited. Angela beamed. "That would be fantastic, Mrs. Wilkins. I mean, if it’s OK with Angela."

Angela immediately said, "Oh, yes. I would love that."

"Let me just call your mother now on my cell." Sofia did so and ten minutes later, told the kids that it was all set. Angela began counting the minutes.

Angela loved the way Mommy had begun to treat her. It seemed that Sofia did have some good qualities and Angela was able to bring them out.

The next afternoon, Sofia helped Angela primp and preen. When Bobby arrived at six, he was carrying flowers and wearing a stunned expression. Angela was twice as pretty as she was at school. Preparation and infatuation can do that to you. Sofia had had to milk Angela three times that day to calm her down. She was dry and serene when Bobby was admiring and praising her beauty.

They enjoyed a pleasant dinner, then went to the family room to watch a PG movie. No smut in that house! Sofia took Angela’s Dad upstairs to fuck his brains out and left the kids alone.

Ten minutes into the movie, Bobby had the courage to put his arm around Angela. She purred and put her head on his shoulder. Ten minutes later, he asked for a kiss. Angela shyly agreed. They exchanged a chaste peck, followed by a soft meeting of lips. Followed by a slight tonguing. Then a passionate, full tongue exploration that left them both stiff-cocked and panting.

Angela didn’t want to be a little tramp, but she really wanted to see what Bobby had in his boxers. So she pulled down his zipper and wormed her warm hand onto his warm flesh. It was all new to Bobby too and he didn’t know what was expected of him. So he kissed her as she let his jewel breathe free air.

Angela’s eyes were closed during the kiss, but she sneaked a peek at Bobby’s Johnson. It was a nice size for a young fellow. And very hot. And throbbing. And leaking sticky goo. Bobby kept kissing Angela and she tickled Bobby’s willie just the way Angela loved Mommy to tickle hers. Which was very nicely indeed. Bobby got even stiffer and leakier, then he groaned manfully. Angela watched with glee as Bobby pumped big, goopy globs of baby juice into the air. It was like Fourth of July, only with creamy fireworks. She loved seeing that look of joy on Bobby’s face. Angela thought she saw some real affection for her as well.

Bobby kissed the little sweetie and told her she was the most wonderful girl in the world. Then he asked her so nicely if he could return the favor. Of course, Angela was all for that.

Bobby lifted her miniskirt and stared at the wonders of a girl’s creamy thighs. He loved seeing the garter straps and the stockings framing her lovely flesh. He could also see that Angela’s clitty was tenting her lacy black panties. He wanted to liberate it immediately.

Angela scooted her bottom and suggested to Bobby that he peel her panties for her. Eagerly, he did so, down to just below her sweet, pink, wrinkled bag. Angela oohed cutely as Bobby gently stroked her little goodie sack. Her girlie pole was throbbing almost audibly as Bobby’s fingers caressed its length. When he reached the head, Angela leaned back and surrendered her privates to Bobby’s kind attentions. He enjoyed unwrapping the pretty package by withdrawing the long brown foreskin to expose the pink, moist, sticky jewel.

Bobby surprised them both by kissing Angela’s clitty head, then licking up a mouthful of thick goo. In for a penny, Bobby took Angela’s precious peeny into his warm, loving mouth. Angela squealed in rapture. She had never been that happy. And neither had Bobby. He never thought he would have a pretty girl’s cock in his mouth, let alone love it. He used his mouth to slip her foreskin up and down and his tongue to lick the head and probe the peehole. Angela was only human. She screamed out to proclaim her pleasure, then gave Bobby the tastiest treat of his life – a loving doll’s delicious cum!

The ice being broken, Bobby removed his pants and Angela her skirt. She got on her knees and sucked her beau to a staggering, creamy conclusion. Bobby sucked her balls until she whimpered, shivered and spewed, then ate her delicious bottom hole until she ejaculated from the depths of her being. Angela gave Bobby one more gut-wrenching blowjob, then the two kissed and cuddled until 9:45, since Bobby’s Dad was picking him up at ten. They got dressed just before Sofia appeared to ask them if they had a good time. Sofia already knew, since the smell of sex had permeated the zip code.

Angela kissed Bobby a chaste goodbye. When Bobby left, with an invitation for next Saturday, Angela told an excited, happy Sofia all the cummy details.

Sofia was genuinely happy for Angela, whom she had wanted to sissify against her will, but was now her greatest supporter.

That week in school, Bobby was openly in love with Angela. That made Bobby persona non grata with people he wouldn’t share an umbrella with anyway and Angela accepted by more of the decent undecideds.

They had another glorious Saturday night date and Angela hinted that maybe the following week Bobby might want to explore the pleasures of Angela’s anus.

Then the worst happened. On Sunday, Bobby called Angela. He was in great distress. His parents had just told him that the family was moving. The following Saturday. To some lame place in the next state. Called Shady Rest. The star-crossed lovers were distraught. There were tears and promises of undying love no matter what.

When Angela bawled to Mommy, Sofia said, "I thought they might do that. Well, I guess that settles it. I’ll tell your father. It’s time for us to move to Panty Town too. Call Bobby and tell him that we’ll all be joining him within a month."

Panty Town? Huh? No matter. Angela could live again. She ran off to call her Bobby.


Chapter Seven – The Best Town Ever

Alec Sanders wasn’t happy. He loved his brother Jamie, who was really more of a sister those days. But why did the family have to pick up and move to some burgh named Shady Rest, Wisconsin just to keep Jamie happy?

The family was moving from a house to an apartment too. In a way that was good. No more grass cutting or snow removal. And the condo complex was a big one, with lots of amenities, including several swimming pools. It just seemed like such a big move as he was turning 16 and beginning his junior year in high school.

The late June day that the family moved was a hot one and as the last box was unloaded from the van, Alec sat in his new room and considered the fine mess that he would have to convert into his personal space. It was a handsome, big room with an excellent view of two of the swimming pools.

Alec noticed two other moving vans moving families in the same day. Popular place, he thought.

Alec decided to take a short break and explore from his window. Oh my. That was interesting. A gorgeous, twenty-something babe in an electric-blue bikini was the only person at the pool nearest the Sanders’ condo. She was tanned and fit, with luscious titties that strained her skimpy bikini bra. Alec’s jockey shorts filled up with his growing, throbbing cock. He rubbed it just a little. Wow, she was beautiful!

Moments later, a second dishy babe in a skimpy red bikini wiggled over to the pool. Her ass, as Alec could see, was to die for. She was so femmy and pretty and she obviously knew Blue Bikini well, because she kissed her on her glossed lips! Yeow! Were they lesbians?

Red Bikini’s titties were huge – D-Cups at least – and she obviously didn’t want them to be marred with tan lines. She removed the red bra and displayed the finest boobs Alec had ever seen, even in pictures. Good golly! Alec’s wiener was bulging with blood and throbbing manfully.

Then Blue Bikini saw the wisdom of avoiding tan lines and untied the skimpy strings that held her bra. Oh my. Her nipples were dark and huge. Begging for a sucking.

Alec reached into his underpants and began to stroke his hot rammer. If these girls were representative of Shady Rest…….

Alec was young and his vision was excellent. But he thought that his eyes were lying when he thought he detected something extra in the skimpy bikini bottoms of Miss Blue. It looked like….no, it couldn’t be… was hard and cylindrical and growing. Miss Red seemed to know what it was. She sat at the foot of Miss Blue’s lounger, reached into Miss Blue’s bikini panties and pulled out a very large, leaky cock!

Alec’s sperm exploded from his own cock as he saw the beauteous Miss Blue writhe with pleasure as Miss Red kissed her and stroked her weapon. He convulsed with shock and pleasure as Miss Blue reached into Miss Red’s tiny suit and pull out a pricklet the equal of her own. These girls were beautiful, hung, stacked she-males. And they obviously felt comfortable making love in front of anyone who looked out a condo window.

What kind of place was this?

The shemale babes entwined lewdly, sucking tongues and stroking cocks. Rubbing titty to titty. Alec regrew his woodie, then spewed helplessly again as he watched Blue squeal and cum all over Red’s violently ejaculating monster! It was the most exciting thing Alec had ever seen.

The girls regrouped, pulling themselves together and resuming sunning themselves. Alec cleaned himself up and searched frantically through the boxes for his bathing suit. He found it, put it on and told his Mom he was going for a quick swim.

He wanted to make sure he met those girls. For all he knew, they were the only girls like that for hundreds of miles.

Alec was quite wrong about that.

Alec ran down the stairs two at a time. When he saw Blue and Red calmly sunning themselves for what seemed to be the long haul, he slowed his pace and strolled to the pool.

Alec removed his T-shirt, revealing an excellent, fit, 16-year-old male body. He sneaked peeks to see if the ladies were watching, but couldn’t see their eyes through their sunglasses. How would he introduce himself?

The problem was resolved when Blue said, very sweetly, "Hi. Are you from one of the three new families moving in today?"

Alec shyly said, "Yes. Do you live here?"

Blue smiled and removed her sunglasses revealing her lovely eyes and her age, which Alec now placed at around 25. "I’ve lived here for 12 years. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. My name’s Jenna and my friend’s name is Francesca."

Alec smiled and nodded at both ladies. "I’m Alec."

"Are you a junior or a senior, Alec?" Francesca asked.

"A junior," he answered, and wondered at the question.

Jenna noticed his puzzlement and said, "We asked because we teach at Shady Rest High School. I teach junior English and Francesca teaches freshman and senior math."

Oh my goodness, Alec thought. Teachers and they look like that and have big hard cocks and make love to each other in the open. Alec began to tremble.

"It’s OK, Honey," Francesca said. "We don’t bite. Was that you watching us from the window of 321-3-E?"

<Gulp> "Yes. I’m sorry."

The ladies giggled. "We should be sorry, not you," Jenna said. "We’re usually not so indiscreet, but it’s been a tough day and neither of us had been milked in hours. We were frantically in need. Understand?"

"Not really."

They giggled again. "We’re not laughing at you, Alec," Francesca said. "Shady Rest is a different culture from anywhere on earth. It takes some getting used to. Did your parents tell you much about this place?"

"They just said it would be better for my brother Jamie, whom they now call my sister. She’s a good kid, but has been very unhappy. I hope this will help her."

Jenna and Francesca looked at each other. Then Jenna said to Alec, "You’re a good brother, Alec, and a fine young man. We’re very happy you’re here and lots of people will make a great effort to make you feel welcome."

By silent agreement, Francesca said, "I’ve got to go do that thing. I’ll see you around, Alec."

"Yes, ma’am. Very nice to meet you." Francesca was a teacher and, even though Alec wanted nothing more than to fuck Francesca’s red bikini off, he respected her status.

The ladies giggled again and said, "Ma’am! That’s so sweet."

Francesca left and Alec was alone with Jenna.

"Do you have a few minutes, Alec? I have a computer CD-ROM that I think would be very helpful in your adjustment here. Walk me back to my apartment and I’ll give it to you."

Alec hoped that Jenna would take him to her bed and seduce him. But she was a teacher. That would never happen.

It was about a five-minute walk and Alec chatted sadly about the place where his family had lived his entire life until that day.

When they reached Jenna’s apartment and went inside, Jenna said, "Within 24 hours, you’ll feel no homesickness. Only gratitude to your parents for bringing you to the greatest place on earth. The CD is in here. Follow me."

OK. Alec had been walking side by side with Jenna. When he was able to look at her ass wiggle in her skimpy bikini bottom, it made poor Alec hard and ready. But she was a teacher. He couldn’t and she wouldn’t. Right?

There actually was a CD-ROM in Jenna’s bedroom. And it would prove to be the best CD-ROM ever made. But when Jenna showed it to Alec, he was a bit disappointed. He thought it was all just a story to get Alec into Jenna’s apartment, but since it was real….

Whoa! Jenna grabbed Alec by the hand and pulled him into the bedroom. "I’m feeling that same need I felt with Francesca at the pool. Can you help me?"

Alec started to ask what need that was, but Jenna’s lips covered his before he could talk. She was the best kisser Alec had ever been with. She reached into Alec’s bathing suit and grabbed his cock. She was the best cock-stroker he had ever been with. She rubbed her erect, but covered titties against his chest. She was the best……Oh, the heck with it.

Alec kissed her back. And removed her bikini bra. Freeing one of the world’s finest racks. Soft, yet firm, with big, dark nipples begging for kisses and sucks.

Still, Alec was reluctant. "But you’re a teach---" he gasped.

"Our school is different. Trust me," the angel said. Then she pulled his cock out and his suit down and off. Jenna pushed Alec onto his back on the bed and straddled his legs. She swallowed his cock whole and rubbed her titties on his thighs as she took him on a deluxe tour of Valhalla.

Alec arched his back and grunted with manly lust. This was the hottest woman he had ever even dreamed of. And she had a cock. Didn’t she? Or had he been hallucinating? Or was he hallucinating at that moment? No, hallucinations don’t feel as if you’re balls are on fire.

The poor lad only lasted five minutes. The best five minutes of his young life, nonetheless. But then his nipples erected, his balls drew in, he shook and erupted so hard that his eyes watered.

Jenna said it would take 24 hours to forget his past. He already was unsure of his name.

Alec wanted more Jenna. And Jenna wanted him to have it. Jenna moved up to straddle Alec’s hips. Her cock was painfully erect as she pulled it from her bikini bottoms. It was shiny with her goo and, now that he saw it up close, the most beautiful, femmiest sight Alec had ever witnessed. He drooled for it. He grabbed it and skinned back the large thick foreskin. The English teacher squeaked. He kissed the tip and licked the dripping goo. She squealed. He took it in his mouth and gave it a proper sucking as Jenna reached behind her and pinched his manly nipples. She rubbed the inner folds of her exquisite bottom against his hairy young chest. Alec sucked the first cock of his life with love and skill. Jenna squealed happily in approaching rapture, then screamed as she spurted several ounces of sissyish juices into the eager boy’s sucking, adoring mouth.

Jenna was in love. A frequent occurrence for her, but still it was love.

Alec thought he was in love. At least that was what his large, mannish muscle was suggesting to him as it throbbed with fresh blood.

Jenna jumped off Alec, excused herself for a moment, and was back in about three minutes. "I lubed myself," she said. "Please fuck me now."

Alec hadn’t had time to think it through properly, so he asked innocently, "How?"

Jenna smiled. She loved that Alec was so fresh to things. "Let me teach you," she said.

Alec was still on his back. Jenna straddled his hips, grabbed his excellent stiffie, and literally sat on it. She squealed in sissy pleasure. He moaned with manly delight.

Jenna did most of the work, bouncing up and down on her new student’s prong. Alec pitched in by kissing her beautifully throughout, tripling the intensity as good kissing always does.

Alec’s eyes were watering with joy. He never knew that anything on earth felt half that good. Jenna was also enjoying herself immensely. Her orgasm almost paralyzed her as she sprayed her shemale cream onto the young man’s chest. Alec felt the hot, intimate juice and it triggered his own convulsions. Splotchy spasms spilled into Jenna’s magnificent ass. She shuddered with delight, then lay next to Alec for some sweet kisses and conversation.

"Welcome to Panty Town, Sweetie," the gorgeous babe said.

"Panty Town?" Alec said. "I thought this was called Shady Rest."

Jenna kissed him on the lips and said, "You’re going to be very popular here, Alec. You’re sweet, kind and innocent. And there are few boys. A family can only buy a condo in Panty Town if they have an under-18 sissy. You’re very lucky to have Jamie as a sister. You hit the Lotto today and every day for the rest of your life. You’ll have all the sissies and shemales you can make love to. You’d better go now. And take the CD. It will be self-explanatory."

"Will I see you again, Jenna?" the lad asked with love.

"Of course, Alec. This is Panty Town."

Alec left Jenna reluctantly and got back to the family just in time for a dinner of Long John Silver’s family fish buckets. Yum!

All he could think about was Jenna and the mysterious things she had said. He would have to look at the CD as soon as he could.

Mom insisted that Alec and Jamie unpack all their things and set up their rooms before they went to bed. Jamie was a little fussbudget, setting up in her girlish way. Alec took the boy’s approach of stowing things with a shovel. He had gotten everything off the floor by 9:30 and was at last able to set up his laptop and see what the CD-ROM held.

It was a professionally developed piece with a rock music intro and lots of graphics, then the title: "The Girls of Panty Town."

Wow. That was interesting already. It had several sections in the menu – Young Ladies, Over-18 Ladies, Locator, and Contact Us.

Alec decided to start with "Young Ladies."

Wow. Page after page of thumbnails of the prettiest teenage girls he had ever seen! All fully dressed. Double clicking on an individual girl’s picture led to a huge gallery of modest, but beautiful pictures of the girl, a short bio, things she liked and didn’t like and her preferences in friends. Alec fell in love with every picture he saw.

He wanted to see the rest of the CD, so he clicked on Over-18 Ladies. There were fewer girls, but the approach was completely different. Each girl was shown in lingerie or some form of nudity. Every girl proudly displayed her cock. He double-clicked on Jenna’s picture and found over a hundred thumbnails of Jenna displaying her incredible assets. In 20 of the pictures, Jenna was making love, either with a shemale or a man. There were five pictures of a smiling Jenna with a face-full of cum. Oh my goodness. Oh. Poor Alec’s balls exploded and he gooied his white jockey briefs.

Was his new girlfriend a tramp? Or was he involved in something truly unique?

Despite his soggy condition, he double-clicked on Francesca’s picture. The same kinds of professionally done, sex poses as Jenna. There were 38 ladies in the Over 18 section and every one of them had a cock and little modesty. And an apparent adoration of cocks. And cum.

But that wasn’t the kicker. It said all over the CD that as a CD holder, he could contact and meet any or all of the 38 of-age ladies or the 104 under-18 ladies.

Alec had truly died and gone to heaven. He wondered how many "CD holders" there were. Then he saw a button that led him to the answer – 41, counting himself. He was already listed as a holder. They must have checked him out ahead of time. Who were they? No matter. 142 girls and 41 guys meant there were theoretically 3.46 girls per guy. And they all had cocks. At least he thought they did.

Alec got little sleep that night. He couldn’t stop looking at the girls and picking his favorites. He wanted to send an email the next morning to a Tara Bronstein, who was the prettiest 15-year-old girl on the earth. Long, blonde hair, killer legs and a body to get lost in. Would she answer? Would she want to see him? He remembered what Jenna had said. "Of course. This is Panty Town."


Chapter Eight – Tara Bronstein

Alec slept fitfully and briefly that night. His mind was racing at the incredible possibilities. Almost a gross of incredible, willing, beautiful girls and women for him to meet and, perhaps, fuck into a mutual coma.

And yet, Tara Bronstein seemed to shine above them all. She was blonde, of course. Men can’t help themselves on that score. And her golden mane was halfway down her back and styled beautifully. Unless the camera lied, Tara had the cutest face of any human being ever on this planet. Her body, what Alec could see of it with her fully clothed, was feminine and shapely. She was tall – 5’10" to Alec’s 6’2"—and had the carriage of a princess. A notation on her page said, "Living full time since age 11." What did that mean? Alec had been living full time since he was born.

It also said she loved flowers and tear-jerker movies. Alec would even watch the worst movie ever made – "The Piano" – or the second worst – "The Bridges of Madison County – if Tara were sitting next to him.

He decided to word his email very simply. "You are the most beautiful girl in the world. May I meet you sometime? Alec Sanders, CD # 41-02."

Alec sent it off at 7 am, then got dressed and had breakfast with the family. At 9 a.m., the doorbell rang. Mrs. Sanders answered it. Tara Bronstein was standing there in a miniscule bikini, covered by a T-shirt, four-inch mules and was carrying a towel.

"How do you do, Ma’am. My name is Tara. Welcome to Shady Rest. I was wondering if Alec would like to go for a swim this morning. Moving can be such a hassle and a swim can refresh you."

"You’re so sweet," Alec’s mom said. "Please come in."

Alec and his dad almost fainted. Tara was ten times sexier and 20 times prettier in person. Neither Alec or his dad had ever seen anyone like her. It almost wasn’t fair that someone could be that sexy.

Jamie smiled sweetly as Tara gave her a hug. "Welcome to Shady Rest, Little Sister," Tara said. Dad wondered what that meant. Was Tara? No way.

Then Tara turned her 50-megaton smile on Alec. He was standing when she smiled and the force of it caused him to sit. Dad never stood up or he would have been toppled as well.

"Hi, Alec. Ms. Jenna Wilson, the English teacher said she met you yesterday at the pool and that you would like to meet some of the other young people. So here I am. Would you like to go for a swim?"

Good cover story, Alec thought. "Very much. Let me put on my suit. Oh, and it’s very nice to meet you, Tara."

Tara beamed. "You have such nice manners. It’s clear that you were brought up right."

Mom beamed. Dad drooled. Jamie envied Tara. Tara offered something for everyone.

Alec changed in record time and the two headed off for the pool.

Tara said, "Thanks for the email. All those girls and you picked me. After you fucked your English teacher. <Giggle> I’m still flattered." <Dazzling smile>

Alec didn’t know what to say. So he just grinned stupidly at Tara until they reached the pool. Tara removed her T-shirt and revealed the tiniest bikini ever made, trying vainly to conceal two of the largest, but shapeliest titties, wide, luscious hips, and an ass that would start a war in 80% of the world’s countries.

Alec pulled off his Tshirt and relaxed a little when he saw Tara’s obvious approval. The little fox even gave a low whistle.

Life is good, Alec thought. Tara came over to Alec holding out her arms as if she wanted a kiss. When he walked toward the earthly angel, she pushed him into the pool, then giggled at her own practical joke.

She was playful. Alec liked that. But so was he. He pulled himself out of the pool and began to chase Tara. Tara ran, giggling frantically as she tried to escape Alec’s clutches. But, of course Alec caught her and his clutches were pretty nice. He held Tara by the waist. Giggling she turned to face him. He held Tara in his strong arms and Tara melted. Alec kissed her tenderly. Then with more vigor. Tara kissed back, slipping her new friend a naughty bit of tongue.

Tara gasped, "Let’s go to a teen room."

Teen room?

Tara grabbed Alec’s hand and walked with him to a building about 100 yards away. They went down some stairs into a suite of 16 hotel-like rooms. Some were vacant, with open doors. Five were apparently occupied, with doors closed. Tara signed a ledger, grabbed a key and took Alec to room 4. They entered a nice, Holiday Inn-type room with a bath and large bathtub. Tara locked the door. Then turned to smile at Alec. She had full eye contact as she undid her bra and displayed two, two-inch diameter, brown nipples. Were they leaking milk? Ohhhhhhhhh. Then she slowly peeled her bikini bottoms reached between her legs and untucked the longest, fattest cock Alec had ever seen. It was cut and pink, with two huge balls in a long, dark, wrinkled bag. Tara pouted her glossed, puffy lips for a kiss.

Alec pulled his suit off, revealing his own, respectable rammer that was at least an inch and a half shorter than his new girlfriend’s. Oh, well. That was no big deal.

Tara was waiting. Alec encircled Tara’s spectacular, naked body with his arms and rubbed his burning cock against Tara’s. Ohhhhh. He kissed her, rubbing cock to cock and nipples to nipples. Tara gasped squealed softly, and sploogeed hot sissy cream all over Alec’s tummy, cock, balls, thighs and erotic spirit. Alec was learning that the girls of Panty Town often had hair triggers. He liked that. Tara took some of her cum and rubbed it on Alec’s thick rod. She kissed his lips, tonguing the inside of his mouth. She rubbed his cock with her sexy, skilled, warm fingers. Kissed. Rubbed. Maybe Alec was getting a hair trigger too. He felt the early rumble. This girl was unbelievable. And she was one of 142. Could he survive Panty Town?

Tara said, "I want to see you cum and I want to taste it." She fell to her knees and took Alec’s big tool deeply into her mouth. Alec got the point-of-no-return warning and Tara sucked harder, running her tongue in tormenting swirls around the head of his little friend. Alec felt the cumstorm moving toward him. It was a force ten gale. His balls were on fire, then they exploded. Jerking. Convulsing. Spurting. Groaning. Glob after glob of hot goo entered Tara’s eager mouth. She squealed happily and gulped it all down. Alec wanted this girl to share his life and grow old with him. But not right away. First he wanted to suck her big, delicious cock. Then fuck her perfect ass.

Luckily enough, that was Tara's agenda as well.


Chapter Nine – Shopping

While Alec was off "meeting another young person" in Shady Rest, Mom, Dad and Jamie were getting things organized in their new home. When Alec didn’t come home by noon, Mom and Dad were happy that he was having a good time. They wished Jamie had the same kind of exploring spirit.

At one p.m. Alec returned. He looked a little tired from all that swimming, but he was very happy. He even told his family what a nice girl Tara was. They were going out for pizza the next evening. Very nice.

By two thirty, the condo was pretty shipshape. The doorbell rang. Mom answered. It was a very attractive woman in her late fifties or early sixties. She introduced herself as Ellen Garza.

"Please come in, Mrs. Garza," Mom said. Mom introduced her to Dad, Alec and Jamie.

Mrs. Garza was very sweet. She brought a nice cake that everyone shared. She smiled at Jamie and said, "You’ll be very happy here, Sweetheart. Girls like you find themselves here."

Everyone smiled at Jamie, who beamed happily.

"And Alec, I understand you’re already out and about. Good for you."

Alec blushed a little, but thanked her.

"Mrs. Sanders, could you bring Jamie to a traditional Shady Rest welcoming party three days from now at the condo meeting hall?"

"I’d love to, Mrs. Garza, if it’s OK with Jamie."

Jamie nodded enthusiastically.

"Very good, Mrs. Garza said. Now we have a tradition about how girls dress for the party. It’s all in this pamphlet. It also tells you where you can get the clothing."

Mom thought that a little odd, but she was happy to see Jamie get out.

"There are two other pretty little new girls coming to be introduced. I’m so happy you’ll meet them. Their names are Traci and Angela. Such sweet, lovely girls, just like you. We don’t have any of that horrible, cliquish, backbiting stuff that other girls do. We all get along here.

"I founded this place 25 years ago because my daughter Jill, whom some called my son, was having an awful time from her cruel classmates. We came to this community because it was a suburb of Fromage, Wisconsin, which has always been friendly to the transgendered. Jill found happiness here, as have hundreds of girls and their families. I hope you’ll meet her. She's 38 now and has a loving husband and two adorable adopted kids. They both started out as boys. Will, 16, is still a boy and loves being one in this community, right Alec?"

Alec nodded and blushed.

"Alan knew when he was eleven that he was a sissy and he’s become the lovely Tara, the jewel of Shady Rest. Their father, Barry Bronstein, loves it here and would never leave."

Holy shit, Alec said to himself. I’m fucking the princess of Panty Town. And a native.

Mrs. Garza and the parents chatted amiably and she left around 5 p.m.

Alec went to his room and sent an email to a lovely named Inge, and yes, she was Swedish, blonde and eager to show Alec a teen room. Alec completely forgot that he had ever lived anywhere else.

The next day, Mom took Jamie shopping. Jamie wore a pretty dress, very high heels and tan stockings. A girl has to look her best at the mall. They went to the store Mrs. Garza suggested, Petticoat World.

It was like Disneyland for sissies. Frothy creations with petticoats and crinolines. Lace and ribbons and chiffon everywhere. Jamie had to get a traditional little girl party dress for the reception. There were about a hundred in her size to choose from. And pretty, lacy, fancy, white socks. And Mary Janes.

Poor Jamie. She was so confused. Mom and the nice saleslady helped her pick one out, but the poor girl was horribly overexcited. Her willie was stiff and throbbing from all the petticoat contact. The salesgirl noticed and whispered to Mrs. Sanders, "Your little sissygirl really needs to be milked. She’ll injure herself if she doesn’t get those awful boy toxins out.

Mom had never milked Jamie. Jamie was too ashamed to milk herself in the store. The salesgirl said that there was a Sissy Milking Station next door to Petticoat World.

That was a mall feature Mom hadn’t seen anywhere else, but it was certainly convenient.

Mom felt badly, as Jamie was clearly in some distress. She hustled Jamie over to the milking station and was pleased to see it was a clean, well-appointed facility, with all sorts of certificates and documents on the walls.

The pleasant-looking middle-aged woman at the desk greeted the Sanders ladies warmly. "Hello. Welcome to the Shady Rest Mall Milking Station. You’re new here, I see. My name is Mrs. Campbell. And you are…."

"Mrs. Sanders and Jamie. I’m sorry for asking, but could you please reassure me. I’ve never brought Jamie to a ‘milking station.’"

"That’s perfectly all right. Many families do all their milking at home. We’re fully bonded and all our milkers are middle-aged men who volunteer their time and pay for the rent and upkeep of the facility. They’re all trained and Sissification Institute of America-certified. And they’re all sweet and love the girls. Some even drive hundreds of miles to work here every day, without pay. Excuse me, Jamie, Honey. You seem to be in some distress. When was the last time you were milked, Sweetheart."

Jamie thought for a moment, remembering her wonderful last night of love with her Patrick. Patrick had taken her to heaven eight times and filled her bottom with his hot loads five times and her mouth four times. She began to cry when she thought of Patrick, who right at that very moment probably had his cock in that Jeannie Quinlan’s trampy mouth. Jeannie was just waiting for the opportunity.

Jamie answered, "Five days ago."

Mrs. Campbell gasped. Then shot dagger looks at Mom. "Five days! It’s a wonder this child isn’t in the hospital. Once a sissy begins spurting her cream, she must be milked a minimum of five times a day!"

Mom said, "I didn’t know." She looked at Jamie and said, "I’m sorry."

Mrs. Campbell softened. "It’s not common knowledge. It’s not your fault. I’ll just get Jamie back to one of our milking counselors and I’ll fill you in on everything she’ll need while she’s being attended to. She’ll need a full milking and that takes around two hours, so you can just go home and we’ll bring Jamie home in our courtesy van, which also makes complementary pickups. We call them ‘milk runs.’ Just our little joke."

Mom seemed OK with that as Mrs. Campbell hustled Jamie back into the station. At door five, she introduced Jamie to the sweetest, nicest fifty-something man named Harry, who glowed when introduced to the sweet girl. He was so nice that Jamie wasn’t worried when he closed the door and asked her to strip down to her garter belt, bra, heels and stockings. Harry hung everything for Jamie carefully. The room was clean and well appointed, with a small bed, small table, an easy chair and a straight chair.

Jamie’s poor clitty was outrageously stiff and throbbing. "You poor baby," Harry said, "You’re in great need. Come sit on Harry’s lap and give me a kiss."

The little angel put her bare bottom on Harry’s thigh and leaned into him for a kiss. It was very nice, but she still needed that milking.

Harry broke the kiss and said, "Wow! You’re the prettiest, sweetest doll." He gently pulled at Jamie’s painfully stretched foreskin and said, "Do you have a boy friend? A beauty like you must have a boyfriend."

Harry was very good at what he did. Jamie gasped and nodded.

Harry smiled. "What’s the lucky boy’s name"

"Patrick," Jamie whimpered.

"And does Patrick do this for you?" Nod. "And this?" Nod, nod. "And does he kiss you like this when he's doing it?"

Harry expertly wanked the little sweetie as he kissed her better than she had ever been kissed. Jamie’s poor little plums blew a gusher and her clitty spewed five days worth of sissy cream all over Harry’s hand and arm. Harry said, "Cum for Harry. That’s a girl. Cum hard. Oh, isn’t that lovely? Another spurt? So good. Oh, Honey. You needed that so badly. But you’re not empty yet. You need a full milking."

Harry was a perfect angel to Jamie. He asked her nice questions about her life and Patrick and how she liked to make love and before they knew it, she was hard and needy again.

Harry stood Jamie up and fell to his knees. He licked Jamie’s delicious balls adoringly. She whimpered. She could get used to this milking stuff. Then Harry took Jamie’s sweet stick into his mouth and sucked her with the experience and passion of his years.

Jamie saw the sun, the moon and the stars. She groaned in ecstasy. Harry sucked her sweet pricklet, looking at her adoringly all the while. She held her little hands up in sissy fists and, with a squeal of joy, ejaculated helplessly into Harry’s delighted mouth. She spurted almost as much sissy cream as the first time. Harry was right. She needed a full milking. And Harry would give it to her.

Jamie’s good manners kicked in. "Would you like a milking too, Harry?" she asked politely.

Harry beamed. "Thank you. That would be wonderful."

Harry rose from his knees and removed his trousers, shoes and socks. He sat in the easy chair and held out his arms for Jamie to sit in his bare lap.

Jamie sat and cooed with affection as Harry kissed and hugged her and stroked her little peeny. Jamie stopped kissing and took a good look at the area of Harry’s cock and balls. It was a nice size and, like Harry, very hairy. She ran her pretty fingers up and down its length, making Harry squirm with delight. She tickled his fat ball bag, giggling when he groaned.

The milking station was such fun. And she could come over there any time she wanted. Panty Town was a wonderful place.

And so was Harry’s crotch. Jamie rubbed and teased and tickled every square inch of it as she kissed Harry. He wet one of his fingers in his mouth and wormed it into Jamie's warm, secret place. That was very nice too. They were making each other squirm happily. Jamie hated to lose that finger in her bottom, but she wanted to thank Harry properly. She kissed him sweetly, then got on her knees and took Harry’s glans into her warm, wet mouth. She was a terrific cocksucker; the best Harry had ever seen, and he had been a volunteer at the milking station for twelve wonderful years. Harry surrendered to the incredible feelings, clutched his stomach, moaned his loving thanks to Jamie, and filled her sucking, swirling mouth with his sticky cream.

Jamie adored making the nice man happy and she kept sucking him for a good 15 minutes after his cumstorm, producing another respectable stiffie. Jamie wanted to feel Harry in her pooper. When she stopped sucking, she sat on his lap and told him so.

Harry was in heaven. He took the sweet girl to the room’s cot and lay on his back. He had Jamie straddle his shoulders facing his feet and lower her bottom onto his face. Harry had eaten hundreds of pretty girl’s bottomholes over the past 12 years, but none so tasty as Jamie’s. Nor had he been with anyone so appreciative. Some of the sissies come in for a milking, set their packages down, lift their skirts, drop their panties, let you rack them off a couple of times by hand and then they’re on their way. Without even a kiss or hardly a thank you. Thank goodness there have been lots of sweet girls like Jamie, who appreciate the value of a full milking. And who return the love he gives them. And plenty of mothers who have had Harry give them a full treatment of a different kind while their daughters were shopping. Harry’s doctor always wondered why he needed all that Viagra.

Eating Jamie out was pure pleasure. She came three times, whimpering, squealing and shaking. Finally, she got off his spectacular tongue, turned around, kissed him deeply and sat on his fine cock. Mmmmmm. Jamie rode that steel rod like the Lone Ranger. Hi yo, Silver. Away! She came twice more, spraying Harry the last time with only watery dribbles of cum indicating that she had been almost fully milked. Harry was very proud of his good deed as he filled Jamie’s darling hole with his hot, sticky seed. Miraculously, the angel came one last time, completely dry, but like getting hit by a bullet train in intensity.

Fully milked! A proud and happy moment for Harry and the staff at the Shady Rest Mall Sissy Milking Station.

Jamie and Harry kissed and hugged for a really long time and, Harry said she didn’t have to, but Jamie sucked him to one more cum typhoon. Harry liked this girl.

Harry walked Jamie to the door and to a smiling Mrs. Campbell, who escorted Jamie to the van that took her straight home. Jamie finally felt comfortable in Panty Town and she knew why. She needed frequent milking and she had gotten it. Jamie wondered when they would be at the mall again.

Jamie felt sorry for Mom when she got home. Mom felt so badly that she had let Jamie suffer. But who knew?

Mom gathered the family. They were lucky to find Alec. He had just gotten home from "taking a walk" with a girl named Alicia and he was going into his room to do something with his computer and probably go out again after dinner. Mom and Dad couldn’t figure out why Alec was so popular. But they were glad he was.

Mom explained what had happened at the mall and told Alec and Dad that everyone had to do their part in keeping Jamie reasonably well milked. Sissies shouldn’t have to bear that burden themselves. She expected Dad and Alec to milk Jamie at least twice each per day. Mom would fill in in emergencies, but Mrs. Campbell was insistent that sissies should be milked by men.

Dad and Alec seemed quite pleased with the idea. Mom tried to tone it down by saying, "It’s no big deal. It’s not sexual. It’s like giving someone in the family an injection."

Dad and Alec’s expressions didn’t look nonsexual.

Jamie lowered her eyes and thought about strong, sexy Alec skinning her clitty until she came into his warm hand. And Daddy!!!!

Thinking about it made her need a milking right then. She told the family that and Alec took her to his room and obliged. Twice. Nonsexually. Of course.


Chapter Ten – Traci’s Family Update

Kyle Simmons made a big sacrifice bringing Traci, who was then 14 and about to enter high school, and Sharon, who was 15 and a new sophomore, to Panty Town. He had to give up his job, although the Panty Town administration had helped him find a new one just as good. But the worst of it was that he didn’t know if Sharon would do well in the new surroundings. Girls sometimes find adjusting to a sissy environment very challenging.

Kyle wasn’t worried about Traci. Like a cockroach, Traci would survive thermonuclear war. In the three days the Simmons had been in Panty Town, Traci had already discovered the Sissy Milking Station. The van had taken her back and forth twice a day for full milkings and she was telling her Daddy that she needed at least three more milkings each day from him. What would he do with her? He felt funny milking his child so much, but that Mrs. Campbell at the mall was pretty insistent. It wasn’t all that bad really. Traci certainly seemed to enjoy it and, well, Kyle did a little too. He only wondered how she was able to cum so much. Was he like that when he was 14? He wasn’t wearing panties and being milked by his father, that was for sure.

Traci had also found, in an area where the girls outnumbered the boys almost four to one, boys willing to take some of the milking burden from Kyle. Boys clustered around Traci like dogs in heat. Even in Panty Town.

When that Mrs. Garza invited Kyle and Traci to the reception, Kyle was glad Traci would be meeting some other girls like her. He also didn’t mind the prospect of meeting some of the beautiful women and shemales he saw walking around the condo area and prancing around the pools. Kyle had always been an ardent admirer of ladies with something extra, although his admiration to date had been only theoretical.

Kyle sometimes despaired at his ability to raise someone like Traci. How would he ever find the right dress for that reception, for example? He didn’t know the first thing about petticoats and Mary Janes. But the thought of more than 100 sissies with short skirts and teenage-boy sex drives in one room did put lead in Kyle’s pencil.

The lady at Petticoat World was very helpful and Traci was very happy with the final ensemble. Her peeny was extraordinarily stiff and red after trying on all the sissy classics. Kyle dropped Traci off at the Milking Station, where she was becoming a regular, and went home. Sharon was out somewhere and there was a package for him from Mrs. Garza. What did that bossy old broad want?

Kyle opened the package. It was a CD-ROM with a note from Mrs. Garza. "Enjoy," was all it said. Hmm. He was about to ignore it and do other things, when his curiosity grabbed him. He inserted the CD in his computer and the title page popped up – "The Girls of Panty Town -- Over 18 Edition." And then, "Welcome, Kyle Simmons, CD holder 42-02."

Two hours later, he was in the apartment of an angel named Francesca, fucking her perfect bottom with deep strokes as he skinned her to multiple orgasms. OK. Well. Maybe Mrs. Garza was all right after all.

Sharon Simmons was very lonely when she first arrived in Panty Town. And very pissed off. As usual, her faggot brother Wilbur was getting all of Daddy’s attention. This whole move was because of that little queer. He could dress himself up in panties and prance around and take boy’s cocks up his ass all he wanted, but he would still be a boy as far as Sharon was concerned. Traci! Hmmpphh. Wilbur could call himself the Queen of Sheba, but he was still Wilbur the faggot.

The faggot who was getting all of Daddy’s attention instead of Sharon, who, as the girl of the family deserved the starring role in Daddy’s eyes. Now Daddy had even bought into that "milking" crap and was tossing Wilbur off two or three times a day. Was Daddy dumb? Or was he a faggot too?

It was just awful.

Now they were going to some sissy faggot cotillion the next day and Wilbur had this ridiculous outfit with petticoats and Mary Janes and frilly socks. Sharon wouldn’t have worn that when she was any older than nine. Real girls wore jeans and flannel shirts and looked like homeless squeegee men.

What an awful place she was in.

Dad was over meeting one of Wilbur’s teachers named Fran-something-or-other and Wilbur was over getting fucked in the ass by some pervert middle-age creep at that hokey "milking" place at that ridiculous excuse for a mall. The clothes there! Yuck!

Sharon put on her Ray Romano outfit, jeans, tshirt and open flannel shirt, and went out to walk and clear her head.

She was outside mumbling to herself when she turned a corner and almost bumped head-on into the prettiest, sexiest girl she had ever seen.

The girl was blonde and tall, five inches of which were stiletto sandals. Her skirt was tiny, her legs silkily stockinged, her boobs large, with erect nipples, her lips glossed and her eyes made up deliciously. Where was she going dressed like that? Sharon was 100% straight, but her panties dampened when she saw Tara Bronstein for the first time.

Tara giggled at their near collision. The delicious sound and Tara’s dazzling smile made Sharon’s panties sopping wet. She was startled at the intensity of her arousal.

"I’m Tara," the earthly angel said. "You must be Sharon."

How did she know that? "Hi," was all Sharon could say.

"Welcome to Shady Rest. Are you all moved in?"

"Pretty much." Why was Sharon so tongue-tied?

Tara was well aware of the effect she was having on Sharon. "It’s tough on us girls to move into a new community. I’m sorry you had to move because of your brother, who’s now your sister. I’m 15 like you. Can we be friends?"

My goodness. This Tara knew everything about Sharon and her family. And yet, Sharon felt she could tell Tara everything. "I would like to be your friend very much."

Tara smiled and gave Sharon a big hug, rubbing their titties together in the process. Inexplicably and earth-shatteringly, Sharon shuddered and came in her panties. She trembled and moaned. It was the single most humiliating moment of her life. And yet, one of the best.

Tara understood. "It’s OK, Sweetie. We all have urges. We spend most of our lives suppressing them. Imagine how happy we would be if we gave in to some of them."

Sharon was imagining. Though she was humiliated and confused, she wanted to see what would happen next. Sharon had had no idea that she would ever be attracted to a girl. But this one, this Tara, had her panting with desire. Was she losing it?

"Come with me," Tara said. Sharon followed meekly and expectantly.

Tara took Sharon to a nearby "teen room," checked them in, and locked the door. Sharon was quivering from fear and sexual excitement.

Tara kissed Sharon, licking her tongue as they embraced. Sharon came again. Harder this time. Ohhhhhh.

Tara took charge. She pulled off Sharon’s unbuttoned flannel shirt, then pulled Sharon’s tshirt over her head. Sharon had an excellent body. Tara unhooked Sharon’s bra, exposing two sweet love pillows with large, painfully erect nipples. Sharon watched, drooling, as Tara took off her own blouse, revealing the best looking breasts Sharon had ever seen. Tara kissed her again, rubbing bare breasts, and swapping spit. Sharon orgasmed for the third time in 20 minutes. She was panting and gasping – frantic with desire.

Sharon pulled off her jeans, then her sopping panties. Her pubic hairs and thighs were soaked with her love juices. Tara kissed Sharon, moving her to the room’s bed. She placed the naked, willing Sharon on her back, then kneeled between her legs and ate her pussy through three titanic orgasms.

Suddenly, Panty Town didn’t seem all that bad to Sharon.

Sharon then had an overwhelming need to lick out Tara's pussy. She shouldn’t have been surprised when Tara removed her skirt and filmy panties to reveal a huge, thick, hot cock. Sharon knew the story about Panty Town. But she still was incredulous that a feminine masterpiece could have a world-class rammer.

In a way it was comforting to Sharon. She didn’t feel so "gay."

No matter. She still wanted Tara.

Tara was kneeling over Sharon, titties flopping and big cock standing tall against her black garter belt. Sharon wanted Tara more than anything in her life. She touched Tara’s cock. It throbbed to her touch. All those cums Sharon had experienced and poor Tara had not yet cum. Sharon felt selfish.

Again Tara understood. She moved up to straddle Sharon’s shoulders and offered her cock to Sharon’s mouth. Sharon accepted hungrily. She licked Tara’s clitty head furiously, frantic for a mouthful of Tara's cum.

Tara was delighted. She liked girls almost as much as she liked sissies. Boys, of course, were best. With the occasional man thrown in for a naughty dessert. She liked Sharon and was glad that she could help Sharon adjust to Panty Town. She fucked Sharon's face with wild abandon squealing and cumming plentifully and joyfully.

Sharon had never been happier. She came again, just from the joy of drawing goo from Tara. Would Tara fuck her next?

Tara kissed Sharon sweetly for several minutes, then reached into her purse for a pregnancy-preventing condom. Slipping it on, Tara said, "I’m going to fuck your pussy now and then your bottom. Have you ever been fucked in your bottom?"

Sharon trembled with joy and fear. "No," she said in a small voice.

"Then you’re in for a treat," Tara said, smiling beautifully.

Sharon was in for several treats that day.


Chapter Eleven – Angela’s Family Update

Sofia Wilkins didn’t know how to shape Angela’s expectations. She knew that Angela was pulsating with excitement about being reunited with Bobby in Panty Town.

Sofia knew that after spending a month in Panty Town before the Wilkinses arrived, Bobby would probably be delighted to see Angela, but would almost certainly not want an exclusive relationship with her sweet stepdaughter.

Boys with the array of beauties available to Bobby want to sample the buffet line.

Sofia explained that to Angela in every way she could. Perhaps Angela understood it intellectually, but she ached for Bobby’s favors.

Literally ached. Thank goodness Sofia had had the good sense a month before they moved to consult a pediatrician about Angela. He wisely cautioned her about the absolute need to milk a sissy several times a day. Sofia didn’t want her husband to milk his daughter. Maybe she was jealous. Maybe she just thought it was too weird. So before they moved, she asked her father to come by the house and rid the sweet girl of her toxins. Step-Gramps was eager for the task. He wanked little Angela eight or nine times each day. They grew very close and both cried upon parting. With promises to get together at every holiday. Including Gingerfred Man’s Birthday.

Sofia would have tossed Angela off herself, but the doctor insisted on the male milkings. He even did two very nice ones for Angela in his office. Gooey ones. With his lubed, ungloved fingers up her bottom.

The first day at the condo was devoted to putting things away, but the next morning, Bobby showed up right after breakfast. Bobby and Angela spent the whole day, until 9:30 that evening, in Angela’s room. Sofia was delighted to hear Angela’s constant moans, squeals, and screams. But she knew it wouldn’t last.

Indeed, after Angela kissed Bobby farewell, she ran crying to Sofia. "Oh, Mommy. You were right. He has other girlfriends. <Sob> He won’t see me again until the day after tomorrow! <Bawl>"

Sofia held Angela in her arms. Angela looked so cute in her white babydoll, less panties. She had been taking hormones for about two months and her little boobies were sprouting. "It’s all right, Sweetheart. Bobby’s a fine boy. But he’s no saint. Let him go and enjoy him when you can. If the two of you are meant to be, it’ll work out. Besides, you can see other boys too."

Angela sniffled. "But I don’t want to see other boys."

Sofia said, "That’s too bad. I was just looking at this magazine the condo complex puts out. It’s kind of a catalogue of the boys who live here. Most of them are really cute."

<Sniffle> "Really?" Angela moved forward for a better look.

"See?" Sofia said. "This one is really cute. And so is this one."

Angela looked intently. Despite a day of titanic fucking, Angela was once again packing wood.

Maybe she wouldn’t need Bobby EVERY day.

The Wilkinses got their reception invitation from Mrs. Garza and bought Angela’s odd, sissy-party outfit. They even tried the milking station, which Angela liked very much.

Sofia called her Dad that night. He decided to move to the Shady Rest area and volunteer at the milking station. You have to go with your strengths.

Angela had another wonderful "date" with Bobby in her room and the next day, she got a call from Jennifer, Bobby’s 15-year-old sister, who was once his brother.

Jennifer’s need for panties and boy’s cocks was what made the family move to Panty Town. Jennifer said Bobby had spoken very highly of Angela and Jennifer wanted to meet her.

Jennifer came for lunch the next day and the two became fast friends – the first sissy friend either had had.

Sissies can’t stay just friends for long, of course and before you knew it, Sofia was hearing those screams, moans and squeals again from Angela’s room. Except that this time there were two sets of girlie noises.

Angela was going to enjoy Panty Town with or without Bobby. And a bellyful of Bobby's sister’s cum was some comfort for the moment.


Chapter Twelve – Welcome Reception to Panty Town

The new Panty Town sissies, Jamie, Traci and Angela were very excited on Friday, the day of their first reception. Their male milkers were working overtime to keep them calm.

Alec had been milking Jamie whenever he was around, but the lad had a rich, busy social life, including dates with three different girls and women on most days as he worked his way through the CD-ROM catalogue of rapture. He still managed to milk Jamie at least twice a day and both enjoyed it more than they would care to admit. On Thursday, Alec added anal tickling to the milking procedure. That seemed to make the milking conclude much more quickly, but also seemed to create an immediate need for further milking. And further. Alec was thinking of adding kissing to vary the routine. But would that be stepping over some line? There didn’t seem to be many lines in Panty Town.

Jamie’s Daddy was Alec’s substitute. At first, he was uncomfortable. Especially when he saw that Jamie was enjoying it so much. And batting her eyes at him. And telling him she loved him. But he relaxed when his wife seemed to keep giving him a brighter and brighter green light. He had begun tickling her balls when he milked her and had even lightly touched her anus ring. That had ended that milking spectacularly, but brought the need back almost immediately. Dare Daddy kiss Jamie’s doodle as he milked her? So much to consider.

Jamie was wearing what some would consider a strange outfit. She looked like a nine-year-old going to a birthday party, in a very short pink party dress with puffy sleeves, petticoats, crinolines and lots of white, lacy accents. Her ultra-frilly, short, pink and white socks and white satin Mary Janes made her look, well, edible. If she were anywhere but Panty Town, she would have had to be taken somewhere in an armored car. Men would overwhelm any other devices in their need to have her.

Mom escorted her to the large meeting hall where, on the first Friday of every month all of the more than 100 under-18 sissies in Panty Town assembled, usually with their mothers, for the tribal meeting.

Mrs. Garza was greeting everyone, of course, as Jamie and Mom arrived. Mrs. Garza hugged them both, gave Jamie a "Hi, I’m Jamie" badge, then asked Jamie to remove her panties. "No girls wear panties at these gatherings, Sweetie. They just get in the way. Your Mommy can put them in her purse for you later."

Going along, Jamie removed her pink teasers. Despite three milkings by Alec and two by Daddy earlier in the day, Jamie was rampant and her little plums were simmering with sissy cream.

Mom and Jamie entered the hall. About half the crowd had arrived. And an incredibly beautiful crowd it was. Fifty, beautiful, sexy, teen sissies, all dressed as Jamie was. Talking and laughing. Hugging and kissing each other too, with hands disappearing under dresses to stroke pantiless pricklets.

Jamie was very aroused. She looked around the room and saw about thirty sofas.

"Kissing couches. That's what they are," said a lovely woman approaching Jamie and Mom with her gorgeous sissy in tow.

"The girls ‘use’ them after we old folks leave. I’m Ellen Bridges and this is my daughter Lizzie."

Mom smiled. "Janet Sanders and Jamie. So nice to meet you."

Ellen hugged first Mom, then Jamie. Then the blonde, 14-year-old stunner Lizzie kissed Mom, then lifted her skirt, exposing a stiff, wet, formidable cock. She walked toward Jamie with it. Jamie looked at Mom.

Ellen said, "Lizzie, Jamie’s new and doesn’t know our customs. Would you explain?"

"Yes, Mommy," Lizzie said. "I’m sorry, Jamie. At our monthly sissyfests, when sissies meet each other, they rub their clittyheads and kiss. It reminds us who we are. It’s also one of the reasons we don’t wear panties to this. May I?"

That sounded pretty good to Jamie. "Yes, please, Lizzie," she said, and she lifted her skirts and petticoats to reveal her throbbing jewel.

Lizzie gently grasped Jamie’s peeny and put Jamie’s hand on hers. The girls rubbed cockheads, mixing their juices as they kissed each other tonguily. The intensity of her feelings surprised Jamie. In moments, she was quivering and spilling her sissy sperm all over her new friend. Lizzie kissed Jamie harder, then blew her own load in six powerful spurts."

"So much sticky cream, Lizzie!" Ellen said. "Did Daddy and your brothers milk you today as they were supposed to?"

"Yes, Mommy," the little doll said. "They love to milk me and would never miss it. It’s just that Jamie is so sweet and pretty. Would you like to join me on a kissing couch later, Jamie?"

Jamie was still gasping from her cum, but that sounded very good to her. She readily agreed.

On the other side of the room, Traci had arrived. Since Traci didn’t have a mom, Dad Kyle escorted her. Traci’s Dad found himself in a room with almost 100 lovely, perfectly made-up, randy, underage sissies in party dresses and no panties. He would remember that moment for the rest of his life. He trembled with lust. Despite the fact that he had been getting his ashes hauled and would be getting them hauled by many or all of the 38 over-18 sissies in town, and was therapeutically wanking his own sissy daughter several times a day, Kyle Simmons was only human. This was a FEAST!

Kyle calmed down and suppressed every urge he had. But he vowed that Renee McCarthy, whom he would be meeting for dinner and shagging that evening, would be walking funny for several days after their date.

Traci picked up on the clitty-rubbing and kissing custom without prompting. She was already "meeting" a little creampuff named Cindy when Kyle figured he had better run into the gents’ and calm himself down if he was ever going to make it through the party with his sanity. He told Traci he was going, but she was approaching an orgasmic haze. Kyle went out the door to find the men's room, but didn’t know where it was.

He heard, "Looking for the men’s room?" from a girl almost six feet tall and dressed as an underage sissy. She was breathtaking and Kyle actually gasped when he saw her.

"You must be a single dad. There are only five of you. My dad is one too. My name is Melanie. I know I’m big for this outfit, but I’ll be 18 tomorrow. So I won’t need it after today. I know why you’re going to the men's room. And it’s not to tinkle. My dad had the same problem at his first sissyfest. And every one after."

Kyle stared at Melanie like an idiot. She was almost 18! Tall. Blonde. Willowy. Big, milky boobs. And she wasn’t wearing panties.

Melanie laughed. "I know. I have that effect on men. I’m sorry. Anyway, why should you spill your delicious cream in some urinal? Let me help you."

Holy Mother! Kyle could only say "Thank you," as Melanie led him off to a nicely appointed room with a couch. Melanie said, "Would you like to fuck my pretty bottom? I always pre-lube it before a sissyfest." She lifted her petticoats to reveal a stiff, thick, long cock, with a foreskin so tight that only the peehole was exposed. She then turned around to expose two soft, milky globes of bottomflesh atop legs that, though bare, were the texture of silk.

Kyle turned Melanie around and kissed her for a long time. She was warm and passionate. Then he turned her around again and entered her perfect bottom with his long, thin cock. In minutes, he found paradise. Then he got on his knees and managed to use his mouth to expose Melanie’s entire, sensitive, pink cockhead. He gobbled her cock through two joyous screaming cums, then put her on her back, her Mary Janes locked behind his neck, and fucked her twice more, making her spray three loads of her hot cream onto the party dress on its last day. They made a date for Sunday.

Why had Kyle waited so long to come to Panty Town?

As Kyle and Melanie returned (separately) to the main room, Angela had been "meeting" quite a few cuties herself. In Panty Town, everyone loves to welcome the new people and that day was no exception. Angela had rubbed her pretty clittyhead against maybe 50 sweet mushrooms, trading pre-goo with them all and cumming hard three times. She didn’t want to overdo it, because the second part of the program, the kissing couches, looked awfully good to her.

The three new girls, Jamie, Traci and Angela, had not yet met when Mrs. Garza stepped up to the microphone on the dais.

"Good afternoon, everyone! Settle down girls, ladies. And you five handsome gentleman."

Kyle looked around and was able to spot the other four single fathers. Was there anything better to be – a single father in Panty Town? He thought not.

Mrs. Garza continued. "I have a few announcements. "First, we’ll be raising the garbage assessments by four percent next year. We had to add that much to the new contract. Second, we’ll be upgrading the snowblowers in the east sector, so that assessment will only affect the 46 families living there. Third, I would ask people having sex in the pool area to please not cum in the pools. In the summer, so much cum goes into the pools, that it’s clogging up the filters."

A groan went up from the crowd. They didn’t care about assessments, but freedom to fuck anywhere was a big issue.

"All right, everyone. All right. You can still fuck your little bottoms off around the pools. Please, just not in the pools."

Good luck enforcing that one.

"Now for the best part of our meeting. I want to introduce you to the new girls and their mothers and in one case, father. Angela Wilkins and her mother Sofia come to us from the Ragweed State. Angela’s father, Stan, is also part of this lovely family. As I’m sure many of you stiff-clittied little girls already know, Angela is an absolute doll. Come on up here, Angela and Sofia."

<Wild cheering> Angela blushed, but waved sweetly. Sofia waved with motherly dignity.

"Stay there, please ladies. Next from the Snakeeyes State, we have Traci Simmons and her father, Kyle. Traci has already ‘made’ a lot of friends here I see. And her Dad has already met some of the single ladies, including, I believe people in this room. We love when newcomers get in the spirit of Panty Town. Traci’s sister Sharon, a genetic girl, has been welcomed by some of you young ladies, I know, including my lovely granddaughter Tara. Please welcome the Simmonses!"

Traci and Kyle waved to everyone. Kyle kissed Sonia and Angela on the cheek. Traci reached under Angela’s dress and rubbed her clitty very nicely. In front of everyone, they gave the traditional greeting, rubbing cocks and kissing to a stunning mutual cum. Traci was a carnivore.

"How sweet!" Mrs. Garza said. "Our third family is from right here in Wisconsin, the State with the most per capita sissies. We welcome the Sanderses – Mom Janet and daughter Jamie. Jamie will steal your hearts girls. I expect her to be very popular on the kissing couches and around, but not IN the pools. The family also includes Dad Joe and sixteen-year-old son Alec, who, I’ve heard, has already made himself very welcome with a few of you young ladies. <Titter>. Please welcome, the Sanders ladies!"

<Cheers> The three new girls kissed and groped each other under their pretty dresses until they squealed and gooied. Tradition being satisfied, the formal portion of the program ended and the adults left.

Within seconds, a delicious sissy orgy broke out. Pretty girls fucked and sucked other pretty girls, and cum was everywhere. The three new girls found a large kissing couch and got to know each other. Traci was very aggressive – what the sissies would call a top. Angela was definitely a bottom and Jamie had elements of both. What happened was logical. Angela got on the couch on her pretty knees and offered her bottom to Jamie’s tongue. The standing Jamie’s bottomhole was licked and eaten by a kneeling Traci. When everyone was excruciatingly moist, Angela held up her skirts and Jamie entered the first bottom she had ever punctured. It was delicious! So warm and the friction on her pretty clittyhead! Oh!

Traci pulled up sweet Jamie’s skirts and pierced her pooper. The three began an intense, erotic rhythm. Jamie had the best of it all, fucking a sissy ass with deep strokes as a girlish cock rubbed her prostate and tickled her anus. But Angela came first, throwing her sweet cream a good three feet. Jamie bedewed Angela’s buttocks, then Traci soaked hers. It was a nice introduction for the three new friends.

Lots of other nice girls came over to introduce themselves over the next four hours.

Life was good at Panty Town.


Chapter Thirteen – Settling In

Sharon Simmons was settling in quite nicely. As one of only 24 genetic teenage girls in Panty Town, she learned the facts of life quickly.

FACT ONE: Femininity is not to be squandered. As an XX girl, Sharon was born with all the feminine body goodies and femmy traits. Like most girls, she had let them atrophy, allowing sissies, who worked hard at being feminine, to streak past her in the race for boys and their cocks. Despite only being in Panty Town a week, Sharon had ditched her squeegee man outfits and was dressing as well as any sissy in Panty Town. Heels, garter belts, stockings. Even sexy lingerie and very short skirts to show off her excellent legs. How did she find all that stuff in a short time? Easy. She borrowed them all from her trampy "sister" Traci, who was the same size as Karen, except that Traci’s hormone-induced breasts were only beginning to sprout.

FACT TWO: Girlish petulance and brattiness win you no friends. Sharon was genetically programmed to aggravate every man she met. She was fighting very hard to overcome that. It was all about competition with the sissies. She had to act nice or sit home alone every night.

FACT THREE: Panty Town boys like pussy, but they love ass. At first, Sharon thought that her pussy gave her a big advantage with the local lads. The boys would come to love her sopping pit, but they worried about pregnancy. And they were used to anal sex. Again, Sharon had to overcome her programming, but she offered her ass willingly to sissies and boys alike.

FACT FOUR: The night of Sissyfest is the best night to meet a new boy. On the night that Traci was introduced to the community, Sharon was getting her pootie pounded by Alec, Jamie’s brother and the new Panty Town heartthrob. Alec was a keeper and when Sharon saw an opportunity, all the sissies were in their own orgy, she took it.

Alec liked Sharon a lot. She acted as Alec thought a girl should. Like a sissy, in other words. And while she didn’t have a cock, that pussy of hers was a playland all itself.

They agreed on a regular Friday night date. Everyone in Panty Town had scheduling issues with sex partners. The Palm Pilot was invented there, it’s said.

Now all Sharon needed was some boys for the other six nights. She shouldn’t say that. She did like making love to many of the sissies, especially Tara. But boys were better.

Still, it was awfully nice of Tara, who had made love with both Sharon and Alec, to introduce them and suggest that they date on Sissyfest night. Tara was very good-hearted. Or very controlling. Or both. Anyway, all in all, Sharon was pretty happy and she knew her "sister" and father were delirious.

The three new sissies, Jamie, Traci and Angela, became great friends. Traci was unquestionably the alpha-sissy of the three and took charge of most activities, especially sex. Angela and Jamie were happy to allow Traci to be the mistress of ceremonies when the three sissy babes got together once a week or so for a triangular tussle.

Traci truly loved her two sister sissies and they loved her. And Traci was terrific at procurement of Panty Town’s most precious and scarcest commodity - boys and men.

It was a lot of fun playing tickles with your sissy friends. Getting milked by brother, Daddy, and step- Granddaddy was even more fun. The girls couldn’t help but giggle about how the men pretended to be doing some medical thing or something for the girls. The milkers would always get really hard in their pants, even step-Granddaddy. And they would tickle the sissies bottomholes as they milked them, sticking their wiggly fingers in there and making things even more heavenly. Jamie’s Daddy even massaged her prostate most times he milked her. That was fantastic! She would tremble and shiver and blow gooies sometimes three times in fifteen minutes. Then she would kiss her Daddy very sweetly. Right on the mouth. With a lot of tongue. He would tremble himself when that happened and leave the room. When he came back, his face was always flushed, but his lump was gone.

Milking made the girls want boys even more, although Jamie and Angela were still a bit loyal to their first boyfriends.

"You always remember your first," Traci told Jamie and Angela. "But they may not remember you. You have to get out there and test the waters."

It was clear to Jamie and Angela that Traci was getting wet quite frequently. With girls outnumbering boys in Panty Town more than three to one, how was Traci doing it?

"Simple," Traci told the slow group. "I go to the B, C and D lists."


"The A-list is NICE brothers and single dads of sissies who live here in Panty Town. Jamie’s brother and my Dad are on it and they’re getting laid by three or four different sissies every day. But there are lots of other nice boys with hard cocks on the other lists."

"What other lists?" Angela asked, with avid interest.

"The condo complex isn’t big enough to be its own high school district, so there's another part of the Village of Shady Rest outside the complex. There are boys and girls there who go to our high school. Nice boys can apply to get on the B-List of boys we’ll be in high school with and can date."

"Wow!" Jamie said. "How many boys?

"Nearly sixty. That evens things up a bit, doesn’t it? Then there’s the C-List. That’s boys who don’t go to our high school, but live in neighboring towns and want to date us girls. They apply to the condo administration, who checks them out very carefully. That’s another 80 plus guys approved right now."

"Fantastic," Angela said. "What about the D-List?"

"The condo administration doesn’t sanction a D-List. That’s just every other male in the world I want to admit to my tiny hole."


The girls worked all four lists very well all summer and were very happy. One father who wasn’t delirious was Joe Sanders, Jamie and Alec’s Dad.

He was happy for Jamie, he really was. He was very happy to see her feeling good about things for the first time in years. And he knew that Alec was getting more ass than a toilet seat. But that made Joe very jealous.

His wife, Janet Sanders, was a good sex partner, for a woman. In his late 30s, Joe was making love to his wife about as much as the average guy – anniversary, his birthday, maybe forty or fifty other times during the year. But Alec was getting that much ass every week. And it was Grade-A prime ass.

After two months in Panty Town, with school starting in a week, Joe Sanders felt like a guy who had brought a baloney sandwich to a feast.

That wasn’t quite right. He loved his wife. But he wanted to fuck every sissy he saw. And he saw quite a few of them.

Then there was the issue of "milking" Jamie. Jamie was a little angel, and he knew it was a necessity for her to be milked, either by him or by Alec. But it was driving him crazy. Joe would skin the little cutie’s cockhead up and down as she gasped with pleasure. He would use his other hand to tickle her pretty pink bag or even <gasp> wiggle his fingers in her delicious bottom. Lately, Jamie had even taken to kissing her Daddy as she blew her sissy goo. Poor Daddy would get very excited. Lately, after Jamie had been lovingly milked, she would usually give her Daddy some sorely needed manual relief. That was not what he thought he should be doing. But it sure was terrific.

Joe didn’t like where everything was going. Well, he did, but he didn’t. But something was going to have to change. Maybe if he asked Janet for twice-daily pussy…… Even once daily. Maybe he could become dictator of the United States too. And fly off the roof with his magic power ring.

That day, Jamie and her Mom had just gone off to the mall for school clothes and, he was sure, a visit to the milking station, Alec had just gone off with yet another stunning sissy masterpiece, and Joe was alone. He was considering a thorough punishment of little Elvis, when the doorbell rang.

It was Jamie’s best sissy friend, Angela. Joe thought Angela was the sexiest person on earth. And Angela knew it.

Angela was dressed as tantalizingly sexy as ever and her titties, which lately could be discerned through her tight blouse, had grown to a full A-Cup and showed no signs of abatement.

"Hi, Mr. Sanders!" the little sexpot said. "Is Jamie ready?"

Joe was puzzled. "I’m sorry, Honey. Jamie and her Mom just went shopping and won’t be home for some time."

Poor Angela looked so sad. Joe’s heart ached for her, especially when she began to cry.

Joe said, "Come in, Sweetheart. I’ll take you over to the mall and we’ll find them. I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding. Jamie would never stand you up."

No one with a functioning brain cell would stand Angela up. Poor Joe’s cock was rock hard as he hugged Angela to comfort her.

"Oh, Mr. Wilkins, I can’t do that yet. I thought Jamie and I would be playing tickles right away. I haven’t been milked in HOURS! I need it right now! It hurts! <Sniffle>"

Joe didn’t know what to do. Then he did. "Well, Angela. Uh. I could milk you."

Angela stopped sobbing, then looked at Joe. Did she bat her eyes when she said, "Oh, could you?"

"Sure," Joe said. Then he sat in the easy chair where he always sat to milk Jamie.

Angela’s panties were off in microseconds. An instant later, she was rubbing her bare bottom through Joe’s trousers onto Joe’s stiff pork. They must do the milking thing differently at the Wilkinses, he thought.

Joe, it must be clear, could be dim at times

She kissed Joe really nicely, then pulled his zipper down. She pulled his stiff rod out, rubbing her silky fingers up and down its length as she kissed him.

Who was milking whom?

Who cared?

Joe kissed Angela back, in respect for the Wilkins milking technique and because her tongue was halfway down his throat. How aggressive Angela had become. It must have been the daily fuckings by two or three A-, B-, C- and even D-list boys. And her step-Granddad’s excellent milkings. And the tickles games with all the other sissies in Panty Town.

What a place! It’s easy to find. Just three miles due west of Fromage. You should visit.

Anyway, Joe had sort of lost control of things as Angela stroked his hot poker. She was kissing him so sweetly and her hand felt so good and …..ohhhhh……oh, my……Poor Joe lurched and blew a man-sized load of goo all over a giggling Angela’s hands and stockings. A good thing she had removed her skirt before the milking session began.

Joe’s eyes filled with tears of love as he looked at Angela licking his cum from her pretty fingers. Then he noticed that she was still stiff and ready and he felt badly that she was still in unmilked distress.

Angela may have omitted part of the truth, since she had had an A-list boy, Bill Jenkins, sleep over the past night and he had sort of fucked her eight or nine times, including twice, an hour and a half earlier. And Granddad had sort of milked her to two crushing cums a half hour before knocking on Joe’s door.

But those were minor details. She still needed relief. Sissies always needed relief.

Joe had always wanted to….but he was….then he said, "Could I suck your little doodle, Sweetheart?"

Angela beamed. "Oh thank you, Mr. Sanders. Did you enjoy your cum just then?"

"It was heaven on earth, Precious. Now stand up for me and sissy over here on your heels. That’s it. Mmmmmm."

And Joe swallowed his first sissy clitty. It was incredibly wonderful! Salty, but very tasty, with a mushroom head that was velvety smooth, yet hard. There was so much goo oozing out. Joe licked her cock lovingly and Angela squealed with appreciation. Jamie had warned her about Joe’s skill in anal massage, but her head almost blew off when he entered her pootie and rubbed her prostate just right. Angela screamed, a very common sound, thank goodness, in Panty Town. She sobbed and trembled and blew a river of cum into Joe’s eager, but inexperienced mouth. Much dribbled, but much was swallowed. Joe kept up the prostate massage and Angela kept cumming. She went soft, then hardened again, screamed and made another big goostorm. Angela finally had to beg Joe to stop or she would faint.

Angela kissed Joe passionately, thanking him for the intense pleasure he had just given her. Joe was never happier. Then he got happier yet. Angela got on the floor on all fours and, crying and whimpering, begged Joe to fuck her pre-lubed bottom.. Joe got on his knees and eased his manly cock into the tightest, sweetest place it had ever been. Now it was time for his eyes to tear up. This was the best thing on earth. Joe stroked her with a firm, but loving motion, telling her she was a beautiful angel. He reached around her right hip and tickled her balls, around her left hip and spanked her doodle. Angela was keening like a banshee and she came three times in eight minutes, dribbling drops from a limp clitty the last time. Joe was seized by a wrenching spasm and blew his spunk as his toes and fingertips exploded with pleasure.

Holy cow!

Angela was almost senseless. Had he killed her? No. She was smiling and breathing. Joe didn’t know that he was the first actual man to fuck Angela after a herd of boys. Granddad never went that far. Joe felt some guilt, but a lot more lust. When were Jamie and Janet coming home? Could he get his friend in shape for another round?

Angela came to, smiled beatifically, and sucked Joe’s cock to a harder stand than the previous go. He fucked her again. Then again. Joe was going to have to get to the gym more. Or get more rest. He almost called an undertaker, but survived. Barely.

Angela excused herself from the fucked-out Joe, then went off to make a cell phone call. Then and only then did Jamie decide that she had enough clothes for school and wanted to come home. Angela kissed Joe, dressed and left in plenty of time to avoid any consequences for her or Joe.

Sissy teamwork is a beautiful thing.


Chapter Fourteen – School starts – the story ends

Joe felt a lot better about things in the following days. Angela and he were able to meet three or four times a week. And she promised to introduce him to their voracious friend Traci’s sexual prowess soon. Joe was really going to have to hit the gym.

But not everyone’s mood was better. Summer was over and the kids would have to give up the idyllic life of vacation in Panty Town and go back to school.


In truth, Shady Rest High School was one of the best in the state.

Part of the reason was the close bond between teachers and students. Alec Sanders had bonded with Ms. Jenna Wilson on at least 30 occasions during the greatest summer of his or any other guy’s life. And Ms. Francesca Rios. And eight other shemale teachers. None of the male teachers, though. He was no faggot.

The male teachers did not have to worry about keeping their wrinkled bags dry over the summer, however. A great perk of Panty Town was that all male teachers are on the B-List. Some even get bumped to A. So none of Angela’s, Jamie’s or Traci’s teachers were strangers to them when school started. The sissies three knew their teachers, male and shemale, intimately and often.

Of course, some of the students still tried to suck up to the teachers. For example, some girls would forget their panties and sit in the front row of Mr. Matt Taylor’s class. Mr. Taylor’s younger sister was a Panty Town sissy, so he grew up there from age 15 and, not being insane, never planned to leave.

Mr. Taylor was very CUTE and only 28, so the girls would wiggle when they thought he was watching them and lift their skirts up to distract him with their stiff, dripping clitties during class. By local custom, male teachers would often keep one lucky sissy after school and fuck her until she walked with a wobble.

Traci LOVED Mr. Taylor and he seemed quite infatuated with her. She would spend three or four "after-schools" a week with him, sucking his big cock, screaming with joy as he pumped sticky cream into her perfect bottom. Life was good.

Even for Traci’s sister Sharon, who had gotten rid of her XX girl bad habits and was now almost accepted as an honorary sissy. She had three times as many dates as the other XX girls and was even getting porked on Saturday nights, which are usually reserved for a guy’s best girl.

Sharon was proof that XX girls can be feminine and sweet. They just need white-hot competition to be motivated enough to try.

Joe Sanders discovered that a lot of pretty little girls love being milked by someone else’s Daddy and he was happy to oblige. He was a little worried about being discovered by his wife, but not enough to stop.

Angela and Jamie looked forward to lives of joy and fulfillment. Following the Panty Town tradition of settling down in their late 20s with one of the men who would crawl to them, begging for their hands in marriage. Then babies, adopted from Panty Town’s extensive, powerful, sex-starved and motivated contacts.


A good life for all.


Want more stories about Panty Town? Woodville? Kevin and Molly? Miss Cynthia’s? Let G-Man know.



Front cover page – "Building Erections"

A Spermco publication

Illustration – A very pretty, late teens/early twenties girl dressed to thrill and sissying past a construction site and two hairy, muscular men, both of whom have hard hats and hard bulges and have stopped to admire the girl. The girl is wearing a pink, plain top, very short black miniskirt, silky black stockings, five-inch stiletto fuck-me sandals and a very teasing expression. She is swinging a tiny sissy purse and her tight, delicious bottom. The men’s eyes and crotches are bugging out.

Inside front cover – An ad for Spermco’s Spermstorm 3000 (Lovingly described in "Acting Out")

Page One

Illustration – A pretty, girlish-looking young man has discarded his boy’s clothes and has just eased his white Jockey briefs below a very respectably sized set of cock and balls. His body is slim and almost feminine.

Caption – "I hate these awful boy’s clothes!"

Page Two

Illustration – The young man has fixed his hair and is making his face up to a glowing, feminine beauty, applying the last touches to his eyes with one hand as he manipulates his cock to a creamy cum with the other. He is obviously very excited by his transformation.

Caption – "I cum just looking at myself!"

Page Three

Illustration – The young man, now truly a girl, is wearing a pretty bra over her flat but puffy nipples. She is lovingly drawing a silky stocking up her right leg. Her cock is back at full rigidity.

Caption – "I am so hot."

Page Four

Illustration – The girl is completely and sexily transformed. She is standing in front of a mirror, confident and practiced in her impossibly high heels. Her cock is bulging her dress a bit, but otherwise, she is a four-star wet dream come true.

Caption – "Time to tease the boys at the construction site."

Page Five

Illustration – The pretty girl has stopped at the construction site and is bending over to fix an imaginary stocking wrinkle near her ankle. She is sneaking a leering peek at two beefy, sweaty, hard-hatted men, who appear to be nearly fainting with lust. The tops of the girl’s stockings are clearly visible, as is the lovely pale skin of her right thigh.

Caption – There goes that Wilson boy again playing a dangerous game – dressing like a girl and teasing construction workers.

Page Six

Illustration – The girl has stood up again and she is now between the men, who are chatting her up. She is looking shyly down, but has inched her skirt up a little to reveal a hint of pink panties and a lumpy bulge.

Caption – This time, the construction workers have decided to teach Tommy Wilson a lesson.

Page Seven

Illustration – The men each take one of the girl’s elbows and hustle her to a nearby construction shed. She is smiling, but looks a little afraid.

Caption – "There’s something very interesting in that shed we think you’ll like, Honey."

Page Eight

Illustration – In the construction shed, one man is removing his trousers. Both men are still wearing their hard hats and are sporting big, visible erections. They are very buff, hairy and masculine. The other man has raised the girl’s skirt and is starting to put his hand down the front of her panties. The girl is looking very fearful.

Caption – "But I was only teasing."

Page Nine

Illustration – The man who first removed his pants is now slowly peeling the girl’s panties. His huge, dripping cock is clearly visible to the girl and the reader. The other man is removing his pants, revealing an even bigger, wetter cock. The girl is showing real fear now.

Caption – "But I’m really a boy!"

Page Ten

Illustration – The girl is now lying on a plywood board supported by two sawhorses. Her cock is drooping from fear and drooling goo on her thigh and pretty black stocking tops. She is quivering as she looks at one stiff, huge cock poised an inch from her glossed lips. The other man has placed her manicured, soft, warm fingers around his rammer.

Caption – "That’s OK. We’re not particular."

Page Eleven

Illustration – The girl’s eyes are big and wide and her mouth is stuffed with one man’s cock. The other man is kissing and licking the toes of her right foot through her stockings. Her clitty is once again stiff and dripping copiously.

Caption – "Mmmmpppphhhh"

Page Twelve

Illustration – The first man is vibrating in ecstasy as his cum spills from the sides of the girl’s mouth. She has given up her struggle and her clitty is exploding with her own sticky cream as the toe-sucking man drives her mad with lust.

Caption – That’s more like it.

Page Thirteen

Illustration – One man begins to suck the toes on the girl’s other stockinged foot as the man who just came in her mouth licks every drop of the girl’s cum from her balls, clitty and tummy. She is apparently squealing with pleasure.

Caption – "Squeaaaalllllllll!!!!"

Page Fourteen

Illustration – The girl eagerly takes the toe sucker’s cock into her warm, wet mouth, tickling his balls with her long, red nails. The other man is making a delicious meal of her fine anus, tonguing her to a frantic distraction.

Caption – "<Whimper> <Gasp> <Suck>"

Page Fifteen

Illustration – The girl is cumming hard from the enthusiastic ass-tonguing and simultaneously swallowing the other man’s huge, hot, sticky load.

Caption – This is heaven!

Page Sixteen

Illustration – The man who loosened the girl’s tiny hole with his tongue is poised to enter it with his huge cock. The girl looks scared yet again.

Caption – "Don’t hurt me. Please."

Page Seventeen

Illustration – The girl’s expression has changed to one of sexual frenzy, as her pretty pooper is plowed for the first time in her life. The man’s cock is in to his hairs. The other man is stroking his cock and looking on in wonder as he sees the huge meat consumed by the girl’s wet, warm place.

Caption – "Amazing!"

Page Eighteen

Illustration – The girl is cumming a bucket and her pretty face is scrunched in ecstatic torment as the man she is entertaining is straining through a massive cum in her pretty bottom. The second man is rubbing his stiff, drooling cock through the cum pool on her tummy.

Caption – That’s what teasers get.

Page Nineteen

Illustration – The man who just fucked the sweet girl has removed his cock from her bottom. It is dripping goo and so is her bottom. She is rubbing the goo from her tummy over the head of the second man’s stiff cock. She is looking at the fresh cock hungrily.

Caption – "I feel so empty back there. Can you help me?"

Page Twenty

Illustration – The second man rams his cock into the girl’s gooey pit. The first man is kissing her and stroking her wet, sticky cock.

Caption – Teasers get good things too.

Page Twenty-One

Illustration – The man who is fucking the sweet girl is stroking her prostate with his cock and straining toward his own cum. The other man has removed the girl’s blouse, revealing a flat chest, with erect, puffy nipples aching for attention.

Caption – "Ohhhh. Please suck my titties!"

Page Twenty-Two

Illustration – The fucking man has attained his climax. His head is thrown back and he is in rapture. The other man is sucking the girl’s right nipple and tickling her pretty ball bag.

Caption – "That’s it. Just like that. Ohhhhh!!!!"

Page Twenty-Three

Illustration – The fucking man has withdrawn and is sucking her left nipple as the first man continues sucking the right. One man is stroking her cock. The other is plowing two calloused fingers in and out of her delicate pooper. The girl has reached another plane of existence.

Caption – "Oh, you wonderful men!"

Page Twenty-Four

Illustration – The group has moved to the floor. The girl is on all fours. The men are on their knees. She is sucking one man’s considerable cock, while the other man is wildly fucking her asshole. Her own clitty is soft, but spurting huge globs of sticky cream.

Caption – Look what you can accomplish when you give up your inhibitions.

Page Twenty-Five

Illustration – One man is sitting in a chair with the girl in his lap, kissing her and stroking her cock. The other man is on his knees, bathing her balls with his tongue. The girl is cumming yet again.

Caption – "I can’t stop shooting my cream!"

Page Twenty-Six

Illustration – All three are standing. One man is behind the girl with his huge cock entirely into her bottom. The other man is facing her, kissing and rubbing naked bodies, especially cocks.

Caption – "Why do you have to go back to work? Let’s do this all day!"

Page Twenty-Seven

Illustration – All three have just cum huge loads and are standing in a three-way embrace with creamy goo in hair, faces, limbs and the girl’s drooling butt.

Caption – "I think I know what I want to do with my life now. Thanks for the counseling session."

Page Twenty-Eight

Illustration – The girl and the workmen have repaired their appearances somewhat and are waving goodbye. Drools of cum are still visible on the girl’s face, but she seems unconcerned.

Caption – "Same time tomorrow? OK."

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3. What’s the joke about the name "Gingerfredonia" in "Pantied?"

4. In "Sabbatical," why is Nicole’s law firm called "Howard Fine & Howard?"

5. In "Kevin & Molly Go to Camp," G-Man puts a lot of effort into setting up a chapter-ending joke based on an encounter between Sissy and Wally. G-Man wonders why no one has ever commented on it. Can you?

6. What’s the joke about Fromage, Wisconsin? (A frequent location for the stories)

7. In "Better Business," all the principal characters are "endophilologists." What is an endophile?

8. In which stories do Fred Gingerman, Ginger Manfred and Manfred Ginger appear?

9. In "Sabbatical," there is a scene in an exclusive French restaurant called L’Ile du Diable." What’s the joke?

10. In which G-man stories are Vinrouge and Vinoblanco featured? What’s the joke?

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The girl is on her knees holding the drooping, dripping, drooling cocks of the two men. She is smiling and looking straight ahead at the reader. Her face and chest are drenched in cum. She has a teasing, inviting smile directed at the reader as cum dribbles from her lips.




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