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Panty Drawer Spanking

by Spankswitch


I was at my friend Linda's house. Linda was a year older than me but we were very good friends for many years. Linda and I were going to go swimming that evening, but first she had to baby-sit a couple of neighborhood kids for a couple of hours.

Instead of going home, we decided I should just wait at Linda's house. Her Mom was at work and I could watch TV for a while.

When Linda left I waited for 15 minutes to make sure the coast was clear. Deciding it was safe; I headed to her bedroom and went straight for her top dresser drawer. With the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, I opened the drawer and beamed at the sight of my 19 year old friend's panty collection. It took only seconds of rubbing the silky materials to be fully excited. I picked up a very flimsy pair of white satin panties and held them up to my cheek.

I knew I had an hour and a half so I thought I could have a lot of fun. I slipped off my shorts and swim trunks, and eased the flimsy white material up over my butt. The excitement was way too much and I strained against the front of the panties as I rubbed myself. With one hand stroking myself, I picked up a second pair of panties and caressed the sexy material.

I have no idea how long I did this for, but in a heartbeat I was startled to hear Linda's Mom behind me exclaiming "Oh My".

I went scarlet red and quickly dropped the panties I was holding and went for my shorts, forgetting for a second I was still wearing a rather flimsy pair as well. Mrs. Brooks tried to be calm and came towards me, "Now now Ricky, I completely understand, it is perfectly normal for a young man to be intrigued by a woman's sexy undies," she said with a reassuring smile.

I quickly tried to put my shorts on but was stopped by her hand, "We can leave them off for now Ricky" Mrs. Brooks said, "We need to talk about this".

I blushed and tried to cover my erection protruding through the silky thin panty material.

"Now then young man, while I understand it is perfectly normal to show interest in young ladies lingerie, it is also very wrong of you to break my Daughters trusts. So we have a decision to make. We can either call your parents, or we can deal with this right now, which do you prefer ? "

I stood there open mouthed, knowing that I would die if my parents found out about this. Finding the courage I asked her how we could deal with it ourselves.

"Oh that's simple Ricky" Mrs. Brooks stated "As you have misbehaved in my house, then the only recourse is to take you over my lap and spank you like the naughty little boy that you are"

Even though the embarrassment of my erection showing through the thin material was present, I gave a little grin, half thinking she was joking. "Are you serious?" I asked.

"Oh yes, very serious. When was the last time you were spanked Ricky ?"

I stammered at an answer of 5 years ago.

"And have you ever been spanked whilst wearing panties Ricky" She continued.

"No Mrs. Brooks" I replied.

"Well then, I dare say you are way overdue a good sound spanking, and as you find my daughters satin panties so appealing, then you can get your very first spanking wearing panties as well, though I am sure it won't be the last"

"I won't do it again Mrs. Brooks"

"I'm not so sure Ricky, I may well consider letting Linda spank you as well young man, and after all, those are her pretty panties you are wearing"


Mrs. Brooks pulled a chair into the middle of the room. Sitting down she pulled her short skirt up over her thighs, allowing me to see her stocking tops and creamy white thighs. Then she beckoned for me. I walked to her side and stood there waiting, very conscious of the fact that she was staring at my now rock hard erection poking out through the satin panties. Mrs. Brooks smiled and took me by the wrist, leading me over her lap. It took a little moving to settle as my erection flattened on her nylon thigh, almost causing me to shoot.

Mrs. Brooks smoothed out the panties behind me, and adjusted them to her liking. I felt her hand leave my butt and waited for the slap to come. I wasn't disappointed as she started to bring her hand down. In a slow rhythm she began to alternate cheeks with her hard hand, after each cheek received 15 smacks each she paused. "Now tell me Ricky, are these panties offering you much protection ?"

The sting in my bottom assured me they weren't and I replied "Not at all Mrs. Brooks"

"Well now you know how Linda felt when she got spanked, her panties didn't protect her much either" and with that Mrs. Brooks resumed the spanking at a little quicker pace.


We had probably reached about 60 firm spanks and I could feel the heat building in the seat of the panties, almost like they were holding the warmth in. Mrs. Brooks paused for a little bit and rubbed her hand across the warm panty seat, she then concentrated on one spot on the right cheek and gave it 12 very hard slaps, then did the same on the left. This caused me to kick a little bit and squirm to avoid the slaps. "Ah, we are beginning to get through are we" She said, and delivered another set of 12 to each cheek. "You aren't going to have much fun swimming tonight Ricky, everyone is going to see that you have been spanked". Mrs. Brooks now picked up the tempo and started to spank hard and quick, this was an attention getter and I started to kick my legs. The thin panties really offered no protection at all and I could feel my bottom starting to glow bright red.

Mrs. Brooks stopped once more and started to lecture me on wearing Linda's panties, she also told me in no uncertain terms that she was going to make sure that when we came back from swimming, Linda was going to also spank me before I went home for peeking at her panties. Now while my erection had subsided a little bit, her words just about got me fully erect at the thought of Linda spanking me.

Mrs. Brooks then said "I have to be honest though Ricky, Linda has been spanked many many times herself. So don't be surprised when she takes her hairbrush to your pantied seat, because she has had her panties warmed soundly with the hairbrush a 100 times in the past." With that, Mrs. Brooks delivered a final round of hard spanks all over my bottom. By the time she was done I must have had over 200 spanks. I stood up and began to furiously rub the sting out of my spanked bottom; the silky panty material just increased the sensation as it rubbed across my tender skin.

Mrs. Brooks stood up and put the chair back. Walking towards the dresser, she picked up the light blue nylon panties that I was holding when she had walked in. "These, Young Man, are what you are going to wear tonight when Linda spanks you. I am going to talk to her in a while, and I am going to tell her that you have been a very naughty boy and that tonight after swimming she needs to give you a sound spanking. I am also going to tell her what you did, and that I have also spanked you already"


Mrs. Brooks left the room and I went to the mirror. I lifted each panty leg and studied my bright red bottom, boy was it red. Gathering up my clothes I made way to the bathroom, still wearing the panties. The thought of Linda being spanked, and of spanking me, had me fully erect once more. Using one hand to rub the well-spanked pantied seat, I used the other to pleasure myself. Tonight is going to be a really new experience with Linda I thought to myself.




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