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One Way Out

by: Anne O’Nonymous


It entered the room carrying a tray with two drinks and assorted snacks, dropped into a deep curtsey (rather difficult to do wearing 4" heels and carrying a tray) and proceeded towards the bed!

"Where in the hell were you, you damn idiot! I wanted these drinks an hour ago, you fucking slut!"

"I’m sorry, I couldn’t find one of the bottles." With that, it placed the tray on the bed, moved back, and dropped its head, in a subservient manner.

In bed, there was a male, on the left, and female that had obviously just finished a round of screwing around! The man laughed at the sight of it! Approximately 6’ 2" tall, wearing a French Maid Costume with permed bleached Blonde hair and very heavy, slutty make-up.

"So, sissy, how does if feel to watch your wife get fucked by another man, a real man, not a god-damn, fucking sissy like you!"

It stood there, taking the abuse!

"Oh leave the poor baby alone, Sam! Next time, you can bring a boy for him!" his wife said, with a laugh.

"Mistress, please, may I go now?" it asked.

"No, idiot! You don’t go anywhere until I tell you, you hear me, you damn whore!" his wife screamed at him. "Oh, get the hell out of here, go do the dishes, and mop the kitchen floor! You make me sick!"

It left the room, and went downstairs to wait. Joe Parker estimated that it would take at least 20 minutes for the drug in their drinks to put them to sleep! He went to work. First, he got the disposable rubber gloves, and put a pair of them on. Getting the .32 revolver, he loaded it, screwed on the silencer, put it in the pocket of the uniform. He had removed the gloves he was supposed to use when serving. Mentally reviewing all he had to do, he waited.

Joe thought back to when it all started! He really loved his wife, and when her friend, Peg, suggested a little "fun" would perk up their marriage, he was all for it! It was fun at the beginning--he didn’t mind! Then, Peg suggested Joe try wearing panties for "kicks." "What the hell," he thought at the time. From that little start it went downhill from there. She took over his life--he lost his job, lost because she circulated rumors at work that he was Gay! With him at home, she suggested he do some of the housework, and that soon became ALL the housework. Now, since he did housework, he should become the house"wife" or at least the maid. Soon after, he was the maid--with several uniforms, all frilly! Now, he was no longer "the man of the house," and the last of his boxers was used to clean the kitchen floor! Soon the only male clothes in the house came from outside, when she brought a man home which she was doing more and more! He was increasingly neglected, called names, embarrassed, humiliated, and ignored as to his feelings!

"Well," he thought, "that will soon change!"

Joe walked up the stairs to check on his wife. In the bed there were two sleeping figures. He went over to them, and gently shook them. "Good," he said, "they’re both out!"

Using his gloved hand, he removed the weapon from the pocket of the uniform. The room did have a hidden camera for her use, so he checked it and removed the film from it. Next, he carefully looked the pistol over. Using the sheet on the bed, he wiped the pistol clean.

Going over to the male in the bed, he checked the man’s right hand. He could see some calluses.

"Aha, he’s right-handed," Joe noted.

He placed the weapon in the male’s right hand and closed the fingers around the trigger. He then rechecked to make sure the fingers were properly positioned. Placing his own gloved hand over the other hand, he pointed weapon at his wife, and thought, "now, if I was drunk and shooting in a drunken stupor, I would not have a perfect aim, so," pulling the trigger, he put several rounds in various parts of her anatomy, making sure at least two were fatal. Leaving the gun in the man’s hand, he gathered up the tray from the bed, took it downstairs and thoroughly washed the dishes and put them away.

"Let’s see now," Joe mused, "I’ve got two thousand in another bank I can get to make a new start somewhere."

Joe proceeded to the basement, where he opened a trunk. In the trunk were some male clothes he had hidden for an escape. Finding a large shopping bag, he put the male clothes in and took it upstairs.

"He should be out for another four or five hours," Joe thought, putting on the maid’s cloth coat. "I would love to see his face when he wakes up!"

Using his gloved hand, Joe opened the front door, looking like a maid just going to the store. He walked over to the ten year old car, opened it, got in, put the shopping bag on the seat beside him, started the car and took off!

After driving about ten or so miles, he pulled into a shopping center. There he removed the maid’s uniform, and dressed as a male, for the first time in years! Tossing the uniform into the bag, he drove to a dumpster. Finding the rubber gloves, he tossed one in! He then drove to another shopping center and repeated the action. The maid’s uniform and coat received the same treatment, only over a longer distance, one piece here and one piece there.

For some reason, Joe felt like singing: "I’ll be glad when you’re dead, you rascal you!" He laughed, "Ding, Dong, The witch is dead!"





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