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The New Little Stepsister

by Little Bobbi


Before I tell the story of the day that changed my life, I should give some history. I am Bobby and my mommy left me and my daddy when I was 6. My parents are not big people, my mommy is only 5' tall, 92 pounds and my Daddy is only 5'7", 129 pounds. So I was probably not going to be very big to begin with, but when I was 10 years old I got a form of mononucleosis in my glands that lasted for almost 6 months, 2 of which I spent in a hospital. When I left the hospital I was 4'8" and weighed 52 pounds, just slightly below average for a ten year old. Because I missed so much school I had to repeat the fourth grade. It was not until the beginning of sixth grade that my Daddy took me to the doctor because I was still 4'8" and weighed 60 pounds. The doctor ran some tests and said my pituitary gland and the glands that produce testosterone were barely creating any hormones but my thyroid was overactive so I had stopped growing and had not gone through puberty and probably would not. My thyroid was going to make it hard for me to ever put on any weight. He said he could treat it with hormones and get some results but that my Daddy should have brought me in sooner. Well Daddy had borrowed so much money for my hospitalization two years earlier and we had no insurance now or even then so he told the doctor that we would have to think about it. We never went back to the doctor.

Sixth grade was tough, being the smallest kid in my grade other then one little girl, Julie, who was an inch shorter than me. Having been fairly small most of my life, I was pretty good at dealing with bigger kids, but it was hard, knowing that I was a year older than them. The next big change was junior high school. Entering seventh grade I was still 4'8", 61 pounds and now the smallest kid in the school (Julie was now 4'11" tall). I had to take showers with the other boys that were all my age and younger. I was the smallest boy in other ways too, an inch and three quarters long and a half inch across. I also had no hair on my body other than my head. I looked about 8 or 9 years old. I avoided being pushed around by being almost invisible. But when I was 15 and in eighth grade, a seventh grade girl started pushing me around after school in front of her two friends. It was humiliating but I was still grateful it was just in front of the three of them. I wonder what she would have thought if she knew I was actually two years older than her. She made me cry and I think that was all she wanted to do, because after that they walked away laughing.

Towards the end of the school year my Daddy starting seeing this lady Vera a lot. So the second to the last Friday before school ended my Daddy brought Vera home to meet me. "Bobby this is Vera", he said. She was a giant, 6'1" I found out later, 6 inches taller than my Daddy and 17 inches taller than me. She was not skinny but not chubby, I guess solid would be a good word. She had really big boobs, a D cup (I later checked), which I could not miss from my view point. "Hi", I squeaked out. "You are a little cutey", she cooed. "Bobby we have a little surprise for you", Daddy said, "We are going to get married". I was shocked, I did not know what to say, on the one hand I had wanted a mommy for a long time but on the other I did not know her. "I know you don't know me but your Daddy loves me very much, don't you baby"? "Yes Mm...Vera", he answered. "See, so I told your Daddy, it would be a good idea if I spent a weekend with you to make sure we could live together. Do you like that idea"? After a little thought I said, "I think so". "Good honey, I bought you a small present. I hope its OK; your Daddy said you like comic books". She handed me a present wrapped in Power Rangers paper, I did not want to tell her I did not watch that show anymore but I did not want to hurt her feelings. I opened it up and it was super heroes' underwear. "Cool, I never got these before". She smiled and opened her arms for a hug, and I jumped up, without thinking, for my hug. I had wanted a mommy for so long. When I hugged her the top half of my head was in her boobs and the bottom half was in her upper stomach, which was really hard. She leaned down and asked," Would you like to call me Mommy"? "Yes", I said with tears in my eyes, this was like a dream come true. She gave me another hug and we spent the rest of the night together talking, watching movies (Superman) and laughing. She even tucked me in after she made me model my new underwear for her.

Saturday morning she made breakfast and then said she had an errand to run and would be back soon. My Daddy came in after she left and asked," What do you think Bobby"? "Ooh Daddy she's so nice and pretty, I have always wanted a Mommy". "So have I", he said. "Daddy when are you getting married"? "The weekend after school ends in Las Vegas". "Who will stay here with me"? "You will stay at her place with her daughters, Stephanie and Laurie" "She has two girls"? "Yes, but you will be her first little boy". "Oh yes, I will, how old are they "? "I believe 10 and 13". "So I am the oldest"? "Yes, I guess you are".

At that moment Mommy walked in with two hands full of bags. "Hello you two, have you been behaving yourselves"? "Yes". "Yes". "Bobby I bought you some new summer clothes, if that's alright with you"? "Yes, Mommy"? "Come here and give Mommy a big hug, you little sweetie", she said with a big smile. This was the greatest, I ran up and gave her a big hug, boy, was she strong. I tried on the clothes, they were mainly shorts that seemed kind of short and snug but it was the thought that counted and she said I looked really cute in them. There were also a lot of different colored tee shirts that were also a little tight with sort of shorter sleeves. And some ankle socks, more cartoon underwear (even one package of sesame street characters?) and a pair of white and a pair of light blue tennis shoes (she called them keds). After trying them all on, she picked her favorite outfit (white shorts, light blue tee shirt and shoes) and I wore it the rest of the day. We spent the whole day together, it was so nice. Sunday when I woke up she had laid out my clothes for the day and we all three went out to breakfast together and then we dropped my Daddy off at home (he said he needed to clean the apartment) and me and my new Mommy went to the mall and to the movies together. She had to go back home that afternoon so she said goodbye and gave me a big hug (she lifted me off the ground) and a kiss. Then she leaned down and gave Daddy a kiss, I think he blushed. Then she walked out the door.

"Daddy, this has been the best weekend of my life". "I am so happy you like our new Mommy so much, Bobby". We hugged and spent the rest of the evening together. The last four days of school went by really fast, Thursday being the last. Thursday night my Daddy helped me pack, because I did not feel well, and told me he was going to work early so Mommy was going to come get me in the morning. It was all just too exciting, a new mommy and two new sisters, a real family.

When I woke up Mommy was already there. "I laid out your clothes and I put your bag in my truck. I need to run some errands real quick, sweetie, its 10:30 so you take a shower and get dressed I will be right back. Ooh and here's some aspirin and a big glass of water. I heard you didn't feel well last night so take these and drink the whole glass of water.". "O.K., Mommy". She gave me a little peck on the cheek and said goodbye. I took my aspirin. Then I got in the shower and got dressed. She had laid out the Big Bird underwear, my new white shorts, yellow tee shirt, my ankle socks and white keds. The underwear was kind of weird but no big deal since she already had my other stuff in her truck. I finished my water. It seemed like forever before she got back. She hustled in the door. "I am still running late so let's hurry up, Sweetie, its 11:30". "O.K.". We hurried outside and there was this big black four wheel drive truck. Mommy came around my side and helped me up. "Sweetie, I got you a cheeseburger, fries and a soda. Is that O.K."? "Yes, Mommy". The soda was huge and as I took a drink I realized I needed to pee. We arrived at her house in no time. "Sweetie I have more errands to run so I am going to just drop you off. Laurie is expecting you; she will show you around and you two can get to know each other. Stephanie will be home in about an hour and I should be home around the same time. Sorry this can't be helped; me and your Daddy need to leave by 2 pm. and don't forget your soda." "O.K., bye Mommy".

I walked up to the front door with my soda in hand and rang the bell. "Come on in", I heard through the door, so I walked in. "I'm in here, is that you Bobby"? "Yes", I answered as I walked through the entry into the family room. A young girl walked out of the kitchen in a t-shirt and her underwear. She was taller than me (by 4 inches at 5' tall), a little more filled out than me (at 95 pounds compared to my 61), had long brown hair and eyes and had breasts (A cup). It was going to be hard; I could tell by the way she was looking at me, having a 13 year old sister who was bigger than me. She reached out to shake my hand, "Hi, I'm Laurie, nice to meet you". "Hi, nice to meet you too". I think she was nervous because she squeezed my hand pretty hard and I think I winced. "Umm, how old are you…?" "15". "That's what Mom said, well me and you are going to share a room, so let me show you". She walked down another hall past a door on the left I thought would be a bathroom. "Can I use the bathroom"? "Sure in a few minutes, but come see our room first". So I followed her into a fairly good sized bedroom with two beds, two dressers and two desks set up like two bedrooms right next to each other. One side of the room had a full size bed with a maroon bedspread, 6 drawer dresser (2 wide 3 high) and a full size student type desk in oak with red accents. The other side of the room had a small pink painted brass type bed (the kind that uses a crib mattress) with a sesame street bedspread, a small 3 drawer dresser and desk combo thing all in white with pink accents. "This is your side of the room", as she pointed at the little furniture, "Mom said 'this was all we have for now but she will get you new stuff when they get back'". I guess the disappointment showed on my face because she said, "Well, this used to be my bedroom set, but at least the bedspread matches your underwear". I looked down at my shorts in humiliation and noticed that they were slightly see through. "Well, I didn't pick these out, Mommy did". She looked at me really funny, in a way that suddenly made me feel about 5 years old and said, "That's really cute sweetie". I did not know if she was talking about my underwear or me saying mommy. "How long has Mommy been picking out your clothes"? "About two weeks", came out of my mouth before I thought and now her look made me feel about three years old. To counter her look I said' "Do you always run around the house in your underwear"? She thought for a moment and answered, "No but I think you will today, my old ones will probably fit you". She grabbed my hand and bent my wrist with her right hand. I grabbed her hand with my other hand, but even with both hands I could not stop her as she twisted me to my knees. It hurt really badly and my eyes started to well up. She noticed and in a firm voice said, "Take off your clothes before I have to spank you, wimp", then she threw me to the ground and walked over and locked the bedroom door. "Please, no", I cried in terror. "Do it now or I will take them off myself and then spank you till you cry like a little girl". I stood up and started undressing as tears ran down my face. "Oooh my god you don't have any hair and look at how small your dick is, I think I will call that your little wiener from now on". She went over to the little dresser and pulled out some white cotton panties and a white training bra and smiling told me, "Put these on". I was sobbing in humiliation as I put them on. I had some trouble with the bra and she laughed as she watched and then reached in the closet and pulled out a little girl's pink and white lace party dress. "Nooo…", I protested in a pathetic sort of whimper. "Do you want a spanking little girl"?

I looked up at her and asked, "Isn't your little sister supposed to be home soon"? She started laughing and then looked down at me (she had slipped on some shorts and her 3" sandals and was now 7 inches taller than me), "I don't have a little sister just our big sister Stephanie". I suddenly felt very cold and shaky and asked, "How old are you"? "10 years old and I can beat you up, easy. Put the dress on now. When you see Stephanie you will really be afraid". I do not know why but I just started crying uncontrollably like a baby while I slipped the dress over my head. She just shook her head and handed me a pair of pink Mary Janes and some lacey white anklets. "Put these on and stop crying before I spank you and really give you something to cry about". She grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to the full length mirror on the back of the door. In the reflection was my new 10 year old stepsister who looked about 13 or 14 and me, her 15 year old stepbrother who looked like a crying, prissy 8 year old girl.

That was when we heard the front door close. I was thinking that even though I was 5 years older than her I really did look like her little sister by about 5 or 6 years. I looked like a little girl, it was really sinking in when Laurie started to open the door and I suddenly realized I was about to meet my 13 year old stepsister who I had been thinking Laurie was, but Laurie was only 10. It was like I was afraid all the way down to my bones and it was never going to go away. Laurie grabbed my wrist again and pulled me into the living room, where Stephanie was standing in her black bikini. She turned around, she was 5'9" tall (6' with her sandals on), weighed 131 pounds, had long black hair and eyes and had D cup breasts at 13, she looked 20. I stood there in my pink party dress as she towered 16 inches over me (my eyes were at breast level), my new 13 year old stepsister looked like she could be my mommy and I, her 15 year old stepbrother looked like I could be her little girl. "Who is this"? "This is Bobby". "He's 15? No way, if this is a boy why is he dressed like this"? "She made me". Laurie scared me with a stern look and said, "Lift up your dress little girl". I obediently raised the hem over my waist and Laurie commented, "I think she likes you, look her little wiener is hard". "Yes it is sticking out a little bit isn't it, how adorable". I was so humiliated my eyes welled up so I lashed out at Laurie, "I'm a boy!" She immediately cocked her hand back to slap me; I dropped the hem of my dress and raised my hands to protect myself when I felt a little trickle down my leg. Stephanie had grabbed Laurie's hand to protect me. "Stop, isn't it bad enough you made him start to cry"? "Look at her leg. Lift up your dress again, now!", Laurie demanded and I obeyed, now with tears running down my cheeks. "She is such a baby, look she wet her panties". I was frozen by their gaze until Stephanie finally said, "Do you need to pee more, Sweetie"? I could not answer so I just nodded yes. "Laurie take him to the bathroom and let him pee and get him out of those wet panties. In fact Mom and Pauly will be home soon so get him dressed in his own clothes". "Oh, O.K.", she said as she grabbed my wrist and guided me to the bathroom.

I pulled off my panties and she pointed to the sink and while I was peeing she told me, "rinse your wet panties out in the sink and hang them over the bathtub, then come back to our bedroom and change your clothes. While I was changing my clothes Stephanie walked in (she had changed into a tight blue short t-shirt, jeans and her 3" black Keds) and commented, "Ooh he's so cute, how come you are so mean to him Laurie, look his Big Bird underwear match the bedspread". "He started it by giving me a hard time". I was not about to argue, so I finished dressing. "So help him put those cute little baby blue Keds on. If she is mean to you Bobby you let me know, O.K.?" "Yes", I meekly replied. I felt helpless like a little baby, I was a 15 year old boy and my new 13 year old stepsister was protecting me from my new 10 year old stepsister because I really needed her to. Again the front door opened. "That must be, Mom and Pauly", Stephanie said.

Before I could ask who Pauly was I was interrupted. "Hello", we could hear Mommy from the other room, "Where are you three?" Stephanie pushed me out the door by lightly patting my butt and all five of us arrived in the living room. "Hi, Mom", the girls chimed in unison. "Hi girls and hello you, can I have a hug?", she said to me and held out her arms like always. She looked bigger some how and I realized she was wearing 5" heels which made her 6"6", 22 inches taller than me, and 11 inches taller than my Dad. So I walked over for my hug and she picked me up and held me like a toddler. She whispered in my ear, "I love my little boy" , and kissed me on the cheek. "Hello Pauly", Laurie said and my Daddy said "Hi". Stephanie stood next to Daddy and I noticed with her high shoes on she was 5 inches taller than Daddy. She looked down at Daddy and said, "Hi Sweetie". He looked up and quietly said, "Hi". Mommy was still holding me and I started to feel kind of weird about it. She reached into her purse with her free hand and gave Stephanie some money and said, "We need to leave right now, use the money for whatever you need. Stephanie you have the number to reach us at the club if you have an emergency. Behave yourselves and we will be back Sunday night late." "O.K. Mom, enjoy yourself. Bye Pauly", a replied Stephanie. Mommy kissed me on the cheek again and said, "You be good and have fun", as she set me down again. Before I could say a word Mommy said Bye-bye and they walked out the door and she closed it behind them.

Stephanie turned to me and Laurie and said, "Why don't you two go in the bedroom and play"? She said it like she was much older than us and I realized it looked and felt true. I must have had a pleading look on my face, because she added, "Laurie play nice with your littler brother". I was about to protest when I realized she said littler, not little which was true. Laurie grabbed my wrist and drug me into our bedroom before I could utter another word of protest. I heard the television go on kind of loud. Laurie pushed me into the bedroom and shut the door. She turned on the radio loud and walked over to me. "I'm going to prove something to you". She grabbed me and wrestled me to the floor. I screamed but with the radio and television, I doubt I could be heard. We wrestled on the floor while she proceeded to totally undress me and then got up, grabbed me and pulled me onto her lap. By now I was really scared and started to cry. "Now, you remember how bad this hurts the next time I tell you or ask you to do anything". "Please", I screamed, but it did not matter. She spanked me hard, I had never been spanked before and it hurt soo bad all I could do was scream and cry. She kept doing it and I was crying buckets and screaming for Stephanie but she did not hear me. Suddenly she stopped and let me up. I was sobbing and she handed me my underwear and told me, "Dry your face off and stop crying". She looked at me sternly and I looked down at the floor in subjection and my sobs turned to sniffles. "Are you going to do what your big sister says from now on without any back talk?" I did not answer I just nodded yes. "No, you say it out loud, now!" "I will do whatever my big sister says without back talk", I meekly replied between sniffles. "That's a good little sister. Now go get some dry panties out of the top drawer of your dresser and grab the bra off the top there and put them on". I did as I was told then she said, "In the bottom drawer are some white tights and a pink leotard put it on, you are going to be my little ballerina". As I was doing it tears started to well up again. When I turned around she said, "Are you starting to cry again. If you keep crying and wetting your panties like a little baby, I'm going to have to treat you like one. So stop. Besides you look so adorable like that. Now pull on the white tutu and bring me your pink ballet slippers from the drawer". As she was tying them, I looked at her and felt like I was about 3 or 4 years old. "Now go look at yourself in the mirror". I walked over and there in the mirror was a seven year old ballerina with short hair. "Grab the edges of the tutu and curtsey for me. No, watch yourself in the mirror when you do it. That's better but bend your knees more. Yes, excellent you look so pretty when you do that. Now, come here and do it for me". I noticed she had just turned the radio off.

I did it for her and then heard Stephanie at the door say, "How adorable. Did she make you do this"? "No, Bobbi wanted to play dress up didn't you Bobbi"? "Yes", I said with enthusiasm as I felt Laurie rub my sore butt with her hand. I knew then that I was now Laurie's new little sister and was a little scared about the rest of the weekend.




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