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My Wonderful Ones             by: Ann O’Nonymous


He should’ve been used to it by now! It isn’t like this was his first time being sold, he had been thru this before, and didn’t see his luck changing. There were bad Masters and Mistresses, and then there were worse! He remembered the beatings with whips, paddles, riding crops; being burned with cigarettes, cigars; being chained up in basements and dog kennels over small things, his back sore for days and other, much worse, "punishments" for him--"toilet training" for one!

Click, Click, Click He was pulled, dragged, along!

He was dressed in a Fench Maid’s uniform with very frilly petticoats, 5’ heels, lacy pink panties and black stockings! He was handcuffed and they were fastened to a hook overhead which was attached to a pulley system which moved the "items" for sale. A black hood covered his head and a penis-shaped gag kept him from speaking or voicing any complaints!

Click, Click, Click. Closer to his time on the auction block

He could feel the cuffs on his ankles, and could barely hear the chains as they dragged on the ground, when he moved, trying to keep up with the pulley. "Oh please," he thought, "please let me be sold to someone halfway decent." "Yeah, right, as if that could happen!"

Click, Click, Click. He was pulled into position! He felt the panties being pulled down to allow for inspection. He felt the prodding, probing, and pinching of the inspectors as they evaluated him, just like a piece of meat! To them, that’s all he was, a future slave, not human! He felt the panties being ripped, exposing his genitals for all to see, to gawk at, certainly not to admire. But, he‘s been thru it before, he knew what to expect.

The auction started, he heard some of it, barely, and idly wondered if he would fetch a good price. He wondered what price a 23-year-old male would bring on the open market. Would he get a better price if cut up into smaller pieces in some chop shop! He barely heard the auctioneer calling the bids; "I’ve got twenty, do I hear twenty-two, twenty, who’ll make it...." It went on for awhile, then. . . "SOLD!" "Pick up your purchase in the back after paying the cashier, please!"

Click, Click, Click. It was over, and he was moved to make way for another unfortunate victim. In a rear holding area, the hook holding his handcuffs lowered a bit to release him so he could be taken away. With the hood on his head he could not see, so he was lead around to another room, banging into various parts of the building. In this room, the hood was removed and the cotten in his ears taken out. Now, he, at least, could see and hear, if nothing else! "Wait here, your new owner is settling up outside," said a very large male attendant. "Yeah, like I can go anywhere," he thought.

And then, she entered the room. He immediately lowered his head, averting his eyes from her! He could hear her walk over to him. His eyes caught sight of a large bag she was carrying. "Look at me," she said in a very commanding voice. He raised his eyes and looked straight at her. She was about five foot eight inches tall, wearing a black hooded cape wrapped around her obscuring most of her body. He could not discern her face, it being hidden by a veil of black netting. Her voice was soft, gentle and soothing, yet, in a way, forceful--you wanted to do what she asked just to please her!

"That’s much better," she exclaimed "now put out your arms." He moved his arms upward, reaching out to her. "You there, release these cuffs on his arm," she said to the attendant. The man looked at her, shrugged his shoulders, fiddled with a bunch of keys and, finally, found the one he wanted and unlocked one side of the cuffs. In the meantime, she had removed a large fur coat from the bag and held it in her hands. She pulled his hands slightly back and slipped the coat on. "It’s a little chilly out tonight, and I don’t want you to get cold," she stated. Coming around in front she pulled the coat closed and fastened the belt across. She then refastened the handcuffs. Returning to the bag, she removed a leash and collar. "Remove that collar he now has, please," She asked the attendant. He complied with her request, and she placed a new collar on him, proclaiming her ownership!

Taking the leash in her hand, she tugged, saying, "Follow me, and don’t get lost!" She walked out the door, turned right and moved swiftly down the corridor with him in tow! At a large door, she was stopped by two armed men. After a short conference, they allowed her to pass with him to the outside, onto what looked like a loading dock. She moved beside him and led him towards a large van-like vehicle, while simultaneously pressing a remote entry control. "Well," he thought, "at least it’s not a car trunk, like the last one!"

His new owner opened the rear door, "Can you sit on the floor and wriggle back," she inquired. He managed to enter the rear cargo area, and she go in, too. She pointed to a large blanket on the floor, and asked, "Can you manage to get on that mat?" He wriggled over, onto the mat and lay there, waiting for her. She moved beside him, and pulled one side of the blanket over him, then the other. She then pulled some belts around the blankets and fastened them with buckles. He was now wrapped up rather tightly. She took some cords that were attached to the vehicle frame and pulled them thru loops on the belts and tied the cords to rings set in the vehicle for the purpose of securing cargo. Reaching in back of her, she got a pillow, and placed it under his head. "I do hope you aren’t too uncomfortable, ‘cause I want to make sure you are safe and secure back here," she said, and left the rear area shutting and locking the door behind her.

Entering the front, she enquired of him," I do hope you like classical music," while starting the car. In rapid succession, she fastened a seatbelt, tuned in a local music station and backed out of the parking place. He lay there, feeling the vibration of the car, and listening to the glorious sound of a symphony; he lost track of everything, traveling down the highway to his new home (or cellar floor, kennel or cage).

At first, he didn’t know where he was! Then it all came back--the auction, the sale--all those idle thoughts! "I wonder how much I was sold for?" "Did I get a good price?" The big one, "WHY ME?" He felt the shaking.

"Here we are, your new home. I hope you like it!"

He looked up at her, and felt free! All the wrappings had been removed, and she had taken the cuffs off his leg.

"Come on! Let’s get you out of here and into the house. I’ll get those handcuffs off in there," she exclaimed, pulling him to the rear door of the van and out into a large garage. He saw several other cars--Taurus, Lexus, Saturn and another van--and two pickups. Judging by the cars, she was fairly well off, if not quite wealthy. She took the leash and lead him to a door, down a covered walkway and into the main house.

"Janice, Dot, Paula, come see what I got!" she said rather jauntily, "Hey, you hungry? Oh, that’s right--you still got that gag, don’t you. We’ll soon fix that, as soon as I find the blasted key!"

As she busied herself with removing the cape and veiling, three very attractive women ertered the room. The first was tall, twenty-something, blue eyes, with honey-blonde hair cascading down to her shoulders and back! She was wearing a regular maid’s uniform, not some frilly concoction design to sexually excite men! "Welcome home, Sandra," she exclaimed, "looks like you got us a present!"

"Yes, I even had him gift wrapped for a while!" she said. "Here, take these keys and get that gag and handcuffs off him for me, will you, Jan!"

While Jan removed the gag and cuffs, he was able to see the other two women. One, about five foot six with a friendly smile, brown eyes and fairly short reddish-brown hair, appeared to be older than the others! "Hi, my name’s Dot! I do hope you’re hungry! I’ll have a meal ready shortly," she said, "I’m the cook here if you‘re wondering."

The other introduced herself: "And I’m Paula, I’m sorta the extra help around here! Welcome to your new home!" Paula was one of those people that seemed to be always smiling. She was tall, at least six foot, with deep-set blue eyes, brown hair and a figure to die for. Her body was well-toned, like that of an aerobics or possibly a martial arts instructor! She wore a uniform similar to Jan’s.

He turned to look at his new Mistress. "Well," she said, "that’s our little group!" He could now see her, and knew why she wrapped herself in a cape and covered her face! There was a profusion of jet black hair cascading, for want of a better word, down to her shoulders and back, a glorious black waterfall that he wanted, desperately, to run his hands thru! And her eyes, oh her eyes, an emerald green clearer that even the most precious stone--words are inadequate to faithfully reproduce the effect they had on him! Her nose was regal, her mouth sensuous and her body was as well-toned as a woman could get! On the internet, she would be banned to those under eighteen!

"Well, I guess I’m the last! My name is Sandra Chase. You are to call me Sandra--not Mistress Sandra, Ms Chase or Ms Sandra. I want you to look at me at all times, please! Now, what feminine name would you like?"

This startled him! No one ever considered his feelings before--this was all so new to him. "She really thinks about me! Maybe, at last, I found a decent Mistress," he thought. "Ma’am," he politely said, "I think I would like to be called Susan! Yes, Susan, if you don’t mind," he stated!

"Okay, Susan it is! Jan will take you upstairs and give you a good bath, sone clean underwear and a nightgown. You’ll come down later on and, by that time, Dot will have a meal ready. I think it’s spaghetti and meatballs with some type of cheese," she replied.

"Come on, Susan! Let’s get you cleaned up!" Jan replied, rather enthusiastically, as she took him by the hand and lead him to a staircase going up to the second story. "Since you and I appear to be about the same size, I’ll give you some things to wear, including some of my uniforms. Sandra didn’t tell you yet, but you and I are going to be sharing quarters. I think you’ll make an attractive addition to the staff once we get through, and I know Susan has some very definite ideas about your future," she confided to him!

"She seems to be rather nice. I would like, at least once in my life, to have some owner that had some feelings!" he said, as he walked up the stairs with her.

Jan squeezed his hand, and stated, "I don’t know of anyone nicer!"

Jan lead him to a bedroom, thru it to an adjoining bathroom where she started water running. "This is our bedroom and bath," she exclaimed, as she added bath salts to the hot water. "You take off that flimsy excuse for clothes and I’ll put things out on our bed," Jan said with a smile, emphasizing "bed".

Susan stripped off everything, and stepped into the hot bubble bath! "God, this feels good! I could soak here for hours," he thought! Jan re-entered the room, and said, "I’ve put a pair of clean panties, a bra, slippers and a nightgown on the bed! Would you like me to wash your back?"

"Please!" Susan basked in the feel of the bath, Jan’s fingers as they washed and massaged up and down his spine, and the fragrant odor of the bath salts!

"How did your back get all these scars?" inquired Jan.

"When I didn’t do something right, or move fast enough for my owner, I got hit with whatever was available. A whip, a skillet, it didn’t matter! I was once thrown down a flight of stairs when I broke a 5" heel on a pair of pumps. I was carrying a tray of hot coffee at the time, and I got a rather bad burn!"

"Stand up, and I’ll wash you in front, if you like! I notice you don’t have much hair on your body! Your arms and legs are really soft and smooth. Ummm, I like a man like that," Jan purred, as she continued to work on him.

"I’m not really much of a man," Susan replied, rather sadly. "Hell, I can’t even get an erection anymore, my last owner saw to that! Cock cages, whips, cigarettes--they all hurt and you just want the hurting to stop," Susan spat out!

"God, I’m sorry Susan! I didn’t realize how badly you were treated. Come on, let’s get you all nice and clean and we’ll have a bite! Okay," Jan enthused. "He seems to be a nice guy, why would anyone do those things to him," Jan wondered. She finished washing him, then helped him out of the tub, patted him dry and powdered him all over! With a towel wrapped around, female-style, Susan followed Jan into the bedroom, sat on the bed and dressed: first, slipping the silky-satin pale blue panties over his feet pulling them around his waist; next, the matching bra, Susan slipped her arms thru the straps and over her shoulders, letting the breast forms fall naturally into the cups.

"Can I help you with those straps," Jan asked.

"Yes, please, it’s a little hard for me to reach back there!"

" ‘A little hard?’ And you said you weren’t a man, tsk, tsk!" Jan said, with a grin.

Jan got to the back of him and adjusted the shoulder straps, and hooked up the fasteners. "That fit okay?" Susan answered with a soft "yeah, feels fine" and Jan knelt down and put his feet in a pair of soft pink slippers. "Okay, you can stand now," Jan said, going to get the flannel nightgown. "I think this will fit you. I usually prefer something utilitarian, rather than some provocative little number that I’m trying to use to get some idiot of a man to propose to me!"

"After seeing you, I would think he would be an idiot not to propose. Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize... Did I say anything wrong?"

"Put your arms up, and let’s your gown on. NO, it’s not you. Most of the men I’ve met were either jerks, too macho or, well, idiots!" Jan replied, as she slipped the gown over his arms, then his head pulling it down around his waist. It fell almost to Susan’s ankles. "Sometimes I think I would prefer to be a Lesbian," muttered Jan.

"Ahhh, this feels nice!" Susan felt warm and, for once in his previously miserable life, loved and cared for. "Oh, please don’t let this be a dream," he thought.

"Alright, let’s put on the robe, and we’re all set. We’ll go down and get our tummies filled, then we can get a good night’s sleep, okay," Jan said, "I hope you don’t snore!"

Susan donned the offered robe, pulled it around her and tied the belt in front. "I don’t snore!" she sniffed, "At least, I don’t think so."

Jan hooked arms with Susan and proceeded to the staircase and down to the dining area. Sandra and Paula were waiting at the table for them. "Well, you do look a lot better," Sandra said, "Okay, Dot, they’re here!"

Dot emerged from the kitchen with a very large bowl of spaghetti, and Paula went into the kitchen, emerging a little later with a bowl of tomato sauce on a tray. "Careful, it’s hot," she warned, placing it on the table. Meanwhile, Jan busied herself filling glasses with a red wine. Dot returned to the kitchen and soon came out again with a bowl of meatballs and a smaller bowl of cheeses. "We like the sauce and meatballs separate," she told Susan, "and I prefer to grate the cheese, while they like theirs shredded!’s mixed."

Sandra told Susan, "you’ll sit here on my right, Jan sits on my left, Dot usually will sit next to you and Paula across from her. The vacant chair is for guests! Well, what are we waiting for, start passing the plates and dig in! Susan, take as much as you want!"

He took her at her word and filled his plate! The food was better than any he had had for a long time. He ate and drank his fill!

"So," asked Dot, "how is the spaghetti?"

"Mmph, wery Gwwd," Susan replied, his mouth half full. He swallowed and exclaimed, "I’ve never been so full! Usually I just get whatever is left over, if I get fed at all!"

Sandra leaned over to him and said, "We try different things out--tonight it’s Italian, tomorrow Chinese, maybe. After dinner, we’ll have a cup of coffee in the other room and discuss your future here!"

Soon the dinner was over, the dishes cleared away by Paula and Jan to be done later. "Come on, Susan, let’s take our drinks and we’ll talk," said Sandra, as she lead him to a couch in the living room.

He sat down, Sandra sitting to his left and Jan joined them, sitting on his right, her left arm around him in a comforting way. "Okay, what we are going to do is this! Over the next couple of weeks, Jan will train you to be a maid and teach you how to be a lady, not some slut or sissified male! Dot will help you with cooking lessons, she’s very good at what she does. Paula will work with you perfecting your make-up; she was once a cosmetologist and still licensed. We, all, will teach you knitting, sewing and crocheting, voice, mannerisms and whatever else it takes to make you a lady with a little something extra!"

He sat, mulling over what she was saying. What would happen to him if he tried to re-assert his manhood! What would be his future then! Probably he would be sold again. Did he even have a "manhood" anymore? He would be, essentially, a woman--but what kind? He wouldn’t mind the clothes, was used to the frills of petticoats and such! In fact, in time he could accept them, maybe even "like" them, but that was a remote possibility. She did say "a lady" and they’ve been nice so far. He started listening more intently when he heard Sandra say. . .

"I’ll have my Gynecologist come out and look you over! It’s okay, she’s a friend and will be very discrete. I think you’ll like what we’re going to do!"

After a while, Jan came over. "I don’t know about you but I‘m ready to hit the hay," she said with a barely stiffled yawn. "Come on, let’s get to bed. We’ve got a big day ahead of us--no fooling around tonight!"

That night, Susan slept better than ever. Over the next months a pattern emerged. Mornings were spent making beds, doing laundry, washing dishes and all the other necessary household chores. Afternoons: sewing and cooking lessons; make-up, hair care and styling; walking in various height shoes (with emphasis on "effortless motion") and gestures. And the evenings? When Sandra came home, he was to have a drink waiting for her. Nothing alcoholic, usually juice or tea or, rarely, a soft drink. He would then follow her to the livingroom where she would sit. Kneeling at her feet, first he removed the shoes, then he would push up her dress or skirt and release her stockings, removing them for washing. This done, he would take her bare feet and carefully, oh so carefully, massage each foot working up to the ankle as she sipped her drink. He would work his way up each leg kneading her tired (or so he liked to think) muscles. When he finished, he would take a pair of slippers and place them on her feet. Occasionally, she removed her blouse and skirt or dress and he would get a robe and put it on her. He loved doing this for someone like her, someone who rescued him from, possibly, a fate he would not like to think of!

Over a period of time, the housework actually became a pleasant routine with Jan and Paula. The "chores" were no longer the drudgery insisted on by his previous owners. Often in the evenings, he would sit with Paula, Jan, Dot and Sandra, brushing or combing their luxuriant hair and enjoying some music, or a movie on television, or even just their company. Sleep was usually with Jan, occasionally with one of the others. Sandra and Dot like the top, while Jan took either way. Paula experimented--at first, he thought she was working on a twentieth-century version of the Kama Sutra!

There was the occasional party, with business people. Susan would be a maid, along with Paula and Jan. She would circulate the room with drinks, canapes and snacks, picking up empty glasses and plates. Sometimes, she was a cohostess wearing gowns similar to Sandra’s. Sandra often went out to other parties, but she didn’t want Susan with her. Susan knew exactly where she went, and was glad not to be with her!

Time, as it does, went swiftly--Susan noticed that she seemed to be growing in a place she never expected! "Jan, I seem to be getting boobies!" Jan looked and replied, "Yeah, isn’t science wonderful," as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged tightly. He also noticed the results of some late night wrestling matches! Both Jan and Sandra appeared to be putting on weight, and when asked, they just smiled. Sandra remarked, "Well, I know I’m pregnant! Jan has been eating a little too much lately, so..." Jan said, a little miffed, "Hey, I resent that. Only a little chocolate cake once in a while!"

He had been there almost a year, when it all happened! First, Sandra’s Gynecologist, who had been treating Susan, told him, "I’ve been giving you drugs to help your breasts develop and lactate. Now, you can breastfeed as well as any female!" He didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad, knowing he probably has lost his "manhood" forever! The doctor went on to say, "The dosage is such that you can still produce sperm and, more than likely, this will not be the last child you father!"

Next, Sandra gave birth to a healthy 8 lb. girl, she promptly named Joanne, followed, a day or so later, by Jan’s baby, a 7 lb. 8 oz. girl, she named Cathy--not Catherine. Paula wasn’t the least bit jealous, she was also in the family way! As Dot took in the news, her first remark was, "You really been keeping them beavers busy, aintcha!" Susan blushed, said, "I didn’t think I had it in me." Dot replied, "If you had it in you, we wouldn’t be having this population explosion!"

It was several days later, Jan and Sandra were home again with their bundles of joy and the house, once more, was filled with excitement.

"Okay, Susan, you ready!" Sandra called.

"I’ve been waiting a long time to show you how I feel. I’m as ready as I will ever be!" replied Susan.

He lay back on the couch, unbuttoned his blouse, and pulled open the snaps on the 38C nursing bra. Jan brought over Cathy and placed her on the right teat, where she went to work! Sandra placed Joanne on the left, and she promptly took off, suckling, trying to catch up with the other. The two smiling, and very happy, mothers sat on either side of him. "At this moment, I’m so happy I don’t have sufficient words to express how I feel!" Susan said, with tears of joy running down her cheek. "How many men get to father and mother their children!"

Sandra looked at Jan, and then looked at Susan. Finally, she said, "Very few men should be accorded that privilege! It takes a very, very special person. Someone as kind and gentle, as loving as you!

Jan chimed in with, "I know that this does seem unusual for both of us to have your child, but we do love you and decided to share. We don’t feel it’s right for you to have to take one or the other!" "Sooo, you got all four of us," Sandra said gleefully!

Susan looked down at the two nursing babies, then at Sandra, then Jan, and exclaimed, "Oh, I love you all! All my loving, wonderful ones! I cannot imagine life without you!" At that, Susan broke down and cried even more, this time it was happy!!



Finis--That’s all folks. Annie (aka Susan)


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