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My Wildest Dreams Come True!

Steffani St. James


Day 1 - Wednesday

One day, my wife sat me down and made me an offer I found almost impossible to believe. She offered to allow me to get away for several days so that I could experience the full gamut of my feminine tendencies.

"You're so effeminate anyway, being only 5' 7" tall and weighing a sweet 135 pounds, you'll easily be accepted as a lovely girl. I want you to fully experience what life would be like for you if you were female."

I eagerly accepted her suggestion. I would be driven to an undisclosed location where a professional transformation "specialist" would provide me with a complete makeover, wardrobe and a series of "in public" as well as private experiences. During the entire time, I would eat, sleep and live as a glamorous female. I would take nothing with me except the clothes on my back since everything would be provided by the woman who would provide the service.

My wife explained that I must take three consecutive days off preceding a weekend. She would drive me to the specialist's location, leave me there, and on the following Sunday, pick me up. I'd have four full days to live in my preferred gender. I was ecstatic and hugged and kissed and thanked her for the wonderful gift she was giving me.

I listened as she phoned "Marilyn" and made the arrangements. The next morning, at work, I scheduled the three vacation days for the first week of June. I desired that the weather to be warm but not oppressively hot nor did I want to do this when the temperatures were freezing. Both my wife and "Marilyn" concurred. The weeks and months passed quickly as my anxiety built. My spouse continually prodded me about what I'd most enjoy doing once I was transformed. I indicated that I wanted to experience feminity as a gorgeous bride, a sexy secretary, a swimsuit and lingerie model and just for fun, a luscious French Maid as well as a sweet, sissified little girl. All of my desires would be incorporated into my planned experience – at least I was assured that all would happen.

In no time, the day before my trip arrived. That night, I nervously bathed and carefully applied a feminine lather and shaved my entire body. My wife helped me by shaving the areas that I couldn't reach or see well. After almost an hour in the tub, my arms, legs, underarms, chest, abdomen, crotch and back were silky smooth. She even had me spread my legs as she gingerly removed the tiny hairs from my derriere and puckered rear entry!

"I want you to be totally and completely hairless, sweetie", she murmured.

After the shaving ritual, she gently rubbed my entire body with a sweetly scented lotion that carried the fragrance of peaches. I touched my skin and was amazed at how soft and girlish it felt, all over! That night, she gave me a pretty nylon nightgown to wear to bed.

The next morning, after breakfast, she inspected me and watched as I slipped into a pair of cute white lycra and nylon panties. A matching camisole came next before I was allowed to slip into a long-sleeved sport shirt and khaki slacks. I pulled a thin pair of socks onto my feet and stepped into a worn pair of loafers. I'd shaved my face as closely as possible but was not allowed to use and male shaving lotion or cologne.

"Today, you may use this", she ordered.

I was handed a spray bottle of "Estee", my favorite perfume and she watched as I misted my most intimate places with the sexy scent.

"Now, let's get going. 'Marilyn' is waiting for you, sweetie".

We got in the car; she drove, surprisingly. As it turned out, 'Marilyn' lived in Woodbridge, a suburb of New Haven. The ride took about one half hour and when my wife pulled into the driveway, I glimpsed a huge home, situated well off the road in a wooded area of the town. My spouse pulled up to the front door via a circular driveway.

"Okay, honey. You may get out now. Just knock on that front door. 'Marilyn' will take good care of you and I'll see you on Sunday."

I got out and strolled to the porch and the door. My wife pulled away and was gone in an instant. Just then, the door opened and a tall, rather severe looking brunette appeared.

"Good morning…..Jennifer. My name is Marilyn and I'll be your guide for the next several days as you enter the world of femme-dom. Please come in and we'll get atarted."

Once inside, I heard the front door latch. I wouldn't be leaving any time soon. I was directed upstairs to a lovely, totally feminine boudoir.

"Take off those nasty male clothes, NOW!", Marilyn ordered.

I quickly stripped and watched my new mentor inspect my body. She smiled as she ran her soft hands over my now smooth and pink derriere, my naked crotch and shriveled manhood. She also touched my bare shoulders and tummy, nodding with a knowing look.

"Your wife did a very good job. But I'll be doing her one better. Now, off with you and into the bathtub."

Off the bedroom was a huge bath, its tub filled with luscious bubbles, smelling of sweet lavender. I was ordered to get in and submerge my entire body in the sexy foam. I did as Marilyn commanded.

"I want you to soak for at least a half hour. That will further soften your skin and infuse your body with a pleasant, female scent. Then, I'll inspect you closely to insure that you're fully 'de-haired'. Pretty girls do not have hair in certain places. Once that's done, we'll begin making a delicious lady of you."

I thoroughly enjoyed the pampering of the very hot scented water and in exactly one half hour, Marilyn re-appeared.

"Nice. Now step out so I can pat you dry."

Marilyn took a very large, fluffy towel and gently dried my body with tender pats, not rubbing anything. Then she instructed me to bend over and grab my ankles. I quickly obeyed.

"You must begin by learning the many sensations a genetic girl has. To that end, I will be plugging up that nasty 'hole' you have between your lovely ass cheeks. Do not squirm or complain; this is a necessary thing if you are to be a female."

I watched while bent over as Marilyn removed a huge, flesh-colored dildo from the medicine cabinet, slathered it with KY jelly and firmly placed it at my nether opening.

"Take a deep breath and exhale as this goes in", she intoned.

The bulbous head pressed against my tight sphincter and slowly and inexorably slid into me. I couldn't believe I was allowing this but it was obvious I had no choice in the matter. Inch by inch, the intruder continued until I sensed I had been fully impaled.

"Ah, that's a good girl, Jennifer. You took that like the woman you truly are. The dildo will open your rear entry and prepare you for more womanly delights as we go through the week ahead. Each evening, you'll give yourself an enema; call that your 'douching', to cleanse yourself for further sexual fun. We girls adore our men to slip into us and since you have no vagina, you'll be using your 'hole' for that purpose. You will use the dildo the entire time you are here; day and night you'll be properly plugged. You DO understand, don't you?"

"Yes…..Mistress", I squeaked.

"That's very good, sweetie. You even sound like a 'girly girl' now. Okay, it's time to give you your new breasts. Go into the bedroom and lay on your satin-covered bedspread while I prepare your sexy boobs."

I gingerly padded to the bed, my derriere aching form its filling. I noticed that with each small step, my lovely cheeks sashayed and swayed to and fro; just a like a genetic female's would. I lay on the bed on my back. I was amazed at how deep in me the dildo had been forced. When I saw my male parts, they seemed to be shrinking out of sight! Marilyn soon walked in with a shoebox sized container.

"These are yours, Jennifer. Consulting with your wife, we've agreed that you should have a minimum bust size of DD; 44DD to be specific! Now just lay there while I glue these into place. It will take about ten minutes for the adhesive to fully set. Then, I'll disguise the seams with this liquid latex and no one will be the wiser that your breasts aren't real!"

Marilyn worked her magic and in the next few minutes, I had the most realistic breasts I'd ever seen.

"Now, sweetie, it's time to make you into as 'real' a girl as we can girl!"

Marilyn removed another box from the dresser. This one contained the most unusual latex appliance of all; it was a thong panty, flesh-toned with an absolutely unbelievable artificial vagina! And, the panty had another improvement. Situated near the very narrow back, the part that would caress the area of one's testes and rear opening, was a slender dildo. Marilyn explained that the panty would be held in place by that lifelike male organ, delicately slid into my rear end. I smiled when she told me. I fully realized that I'd truly become a woman once it was in me.

Marilyn lifted my legs and spread them. Next, she gently removed the dildo she had previously put in me and worked the thong panty up my long, smooth legs. At the right point, she gently inserted my male organ in a tight latex sleeve and slid the panty's 'extra addition' into my no longer virgin derriere. When I stood up, I was pleasantly surprised to see a busty, naked female, smiling back at me in the full-length mirror.

"Ah, Jennifer, you DO make a gorgeous woman. I can't wait to get you completely made over and dolled up. We'll shoot lots of pics so you can remember your transition and then, girl, we'll have a great time for the rest of your stay."

I was amazed at how I felt then. All traces of my former masculine persona had vanished and I truly looked the part as a very sexy female. Marilyn gave me a cute ruffled nylon panty to wear and a matching satin bra. I quickly donned the luscious duo and shrugged my shoulders into a sheer nylon wrap. Marilyn then said it was time to create my new facial features.

I was told to sit on a padded stool and Marilyn drew drapes over all the mirrors in the room. After insisting I relax, she set about plucking and tweezing my male eyebrows into ultra-thin, high-arched skinny lines that left me with a wide-eyed surprised look at all times. Then, she brought out a small chest filled with every imaginable cream, powder and feminine paint. For the next two hours, she worked on me. When she was satisfied with my face, she gave me a pedicure and manicure and attached extra long extensions to my fingernails. She continued by applying a blood red enamel to both toes and fingers; two coats were followed by a coat of clear sealer. Her final task was to encourage me to allow her to pierce each of my earlobes – twice!

"Now, sweetie, it's time to get you dressed for your first 'special' event. Tonight, you'll be my very adorable, very sexy, VERY accommodating French Maid! And I hope you like being pampered as a sexy girl because my guests are all expecting such a girl to be available for them. In fact, I encourage you to avail yourself of their unique charms. Some are genetic females and some are extremely masculine males and they all enjoy encounters with my 'girls'!"

I wasn't sure what my wife expected of this offer she had made me, but I quickly realized that what she knew and what I was discovering were two extremely different things. For the duration of my stay, it was obvious that I would truly be living all facets of a female life. I would be enjoying sex as a female; I would be with men and with lesbian females and there would be few limits!

I still hadn't seen the new me, fully made up. I did know what I looked like, naked but I had yet to see the full effect of my feminization. Marilyn began by handing me a teensy white thong with a black lace ruffle across the front. Next, Marilyn helped me roll a pair of ultra-shiny, sheer nude stockings up each of my long legs. Then, she wrapped my abdomen in a white satin and lace steel-boned corset. She encouraged me to breathe in so that she could close the garment's busk and lace me as tightly as possible. Practically gasping for breath, I finally was fully laced, the sides at the back of the corset being pulled together.

"Well", Marilyn sighed, "that took almost eight inches off your waist. Now you have a sultry waspish tummy; just like a lovely French miss should!"

Marilyn showed me the maid's dress I would wear. It was short, shiny black satin; the neckline was a scoop one that would reveal my busty charms. The hem would barely cover the cheeks of my ample derriere, the better to show off my gartered stocking tops. I stepped into the dress and Marilyn zipped up my back. Then, she held the luscious ruffled Can-Can petticoat so I could step into it. She next tugged its elasticized waistband up and adjusted it at my slender waistline.

"There! Now for your saucy wig; it's a raven-hued straight 'bob'; the perfect color and style for my saucy maid."

She pinned it in place and turned me around and removed the drapes from the mirrors so I could finally see myself.

"Oh my! I love me! I look sooooo sexy and desirable; just the way I've always dreamed I could look."

Marilyn agreed. She then laid out the ground rules for the evening. I was to act as her personal serving maid. Anything any guest wanted, I was to provide. She explained that of her five guests (three females and two males), one female was a lesbian who adored transsexuals and one male was a gay who adored girls like me. I was to make it my goal to be available to orally satisfy the lesbian and to do the same for the gay fellow.

"And here's the rest of the deal, Jennifer. Regardless of what you may think your wife thinks. Tomorrow, you and I are going shopping. One of the stops is to get you fitted for 'your' bridal gown! Tomorrow night, my gay male friend will propose to you and you WILL accept! On Friday, we'll pick up your gown and accessories, completely altered. That same evening you will be the honored guest at a special 'batchlorette' party. Your wedding will take place on Saturday afternoon with a reception and 'honeymoon' to follow. Your wife is scheduled to pick you up on Sunday afternoon. However, she has agreed, and I'm telling you this now, that if you decide to go further and become a woman, full-time, she'll let you do that. So, enjoy the next several days and learn whether you are a real man…..or meant to be a sexy, curvaceous, glamorous female forever!"

I could have broken down right then and cried tears of joy; but I didn't want to muss my pretty face. I might end this week and weekend by becoming a real woman and remaining one and experiencing all the wonder of femininity from then on. Quite frankly, that thought truly appealed to me. Then, gathering myself together, I prepared for my exciting evening of serving and servicing Marilyn's guests. I was really anxious to see the woman and man I would make oral love to, later on.

Marilyn led me out of the bedroom and downstairs so I could familiarize myself with the kitchen layout and where I'd be taking care of her guests. She also showed me the spare bedroom where I would privately "entertain" any guest who wanted to avail themselves of my 'charms'.

"You look absolutely ravishing, sweetie. Just enjoy being a sexy female and we'll see where it goes from there, right?"

"Right", I acknowledged.

Soon, the doorbell rang and Marilyn indicated that I should answer it, greet the guest and take his or her coat or wrap and hang them in the hall closet. I should then take the guest to the large living room, see what they anted to drink and prepare their beverage and serve them. I nodded my understanding and went right to work.

Answering the door, I saw the first guest was a man, taller than me in my heels and quite handsome.

"Good evening Sir. I'm Jennifer; may I take your coat and show you to the living room?"

"Certainly; thank you Jennifer", he replied.

After seating him, I asked what he preferred to drink and he told me a double scotch on the rocks. I went to the kitchen and poured him the drink and returned with the glass on a silver tray and gave it to him.

"Thank you, Jennifer. My, you are a very pretty maid. You know, I very much enjoy pretty girls like yourself. Are you attracted to me?"

"Yes Sir, I am; very much."

"Wonderful! Later, I believe we may get to know one another, more intimately. Is that all right with you my darling girl?"

"Yes Sir, I would love getting to know you better."

"By the way, Jennifer, my name is Mr. Scott, but you may address me as 'David', okay?"

Yes David; as you wish", I answered demurely.

The bell rang again and this time, two very attractive women stood on the porch. I let them in, took their coats and asked them what they wanted to drink. After seating them in the living room, I adjourned to the kitchen, mixed their beverages and returned, again their drinks on my silver tray. No sooner did I serve them than the bell rang again.

I passed Marilyn on my way to the door. She was now attired in a very snugly fitting, floor-length satin gown that clung to her every curve; she looked so desirable and glamorous. Answering the door, I found a couple; a moderately tall gentleman accompanied by a very tall woman wearing an ultra-skimpy mini-dress and boa. I let them in, took the fellow's coat and led the two into the living room. I took their drink orders and hurried to prepare the drinks and serve them.

Back in the living room, while giving my latest guests their drinks, the woman whispered to me.

"So you're Jennifer, Marilyn's latest find. Do you like being with other girls, sweetie? I mean, are you a 'bi' trans, honey?"

"Yes, Ma'am", I replied.

"Good", she answered. "Later we must meet for some 'girl-on-girl' fun. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Ma'am, I especially enjoy pleasing genetic females."

"Excellent! You may address me as Andrea, sweet Jennifer. You and I will get to know one another very well, later."

I smile and nodded. Now I'd met my two sexual partners for the evening. One was a gay male; the other, a married lesbian.

Marilyn's party proceeded and at one point, she introduced me to her guests, formally.

"Everyone, this is Jennifer. She's contemplating a gender change. She wants to discover if she's a true candidate to become a real woman so treat her like the lovely girly girl that she is this evening. She IS such a darling and feminine creature."

Around eight, Andrea made the first move. Calling me over, she slipped her warm hand under my petticoat and caressed my naked cheeks and with a single finger, stroked my satin-covered artificial vaginal opening.

"It's time, Jennifer. Let's adjourn to the bedroom. I need you to lick my own pussy and make me hot", she whispered in my ear."

"As you wish, Andrea", I replied.

Hand in hand, we strolled to the downstairs bedroom. Once inside with the door secured, Andrea asked me to undress her. I carefully removed each item she wore until she stood before me in nothing but her crotchless bikini and high heels.

She pulled me down onto her while she reclined on the bed and then, she spread her long legs as far apart as possible.

"Do you see my lovely bush and slit, Jennifer?"

"Yes Andrea", I sighed.

"Then get those lovely lips and tongue of yours in there and make me wet with passion."

I knelt before Andrea's open pussy and began lapping and tonguing her while she moaned with feminine pleasure. I forced my tongue between her thick labia and flicked my moist hot member against her enlarged nubbin of a clitoris. She gasped even more with each swipe I made. Soon, she was dripping with female juices and I was sucking the cream from her. After uncountable orgasms, she begged me to stop so she could recover.

Finally, she asked me to dress her. She gave me a girlish kiss and said I was definitely t-girl material of the highest order. Then, she left the room, returning to the party. I repaired my makeup and smoothed my satin skirts down and minced back to the room also.

The gay fellow, David, was next to feel my undies. He also made a point to French Kiss me and feel my own treats hidden by the satin thong.

"Come, now, Jennifer. I need some relief!"

The two of us strolled back to the bedroom and this time, my guest quickly disrobed himself. I was astounded by his genitals as they came into view. His member was huge…..and obviously at full erection! He quickly and deftly removed my apron, dress and petticoat, leaving me in my corset, stockings, heels and thong. Then, the thong was pulled off and discarded. My naked fake pussy was visible.

"Now, Jennifer; taste me!"

I eagerly kissed, licked and sucked his huge phallus and saw how he reacted. It got stiffer and began oozing male juices. I sucked harder. David sighed, moaned and begged me to keep going. I did and in no time, he trembled and filled my mouth and throat with a load of his sticky, salty cream. I swallowed as fast as I could, not spilling a drop.

"Oh yes! You are a great little c-sucker, Jennifer. But is your ass-pussy ready for the likes of me", he asked.

I bent over and indicated that I was definitely ready. He applied a coating of lubricant to his tool and soon, I felt the bulbous head pressing into my puckered entry. Then, without warning, he thrust it all the way in me. I cried out a bit, from the sudden pain, more like a burning sensation. That quickly subsided and I merely felt full, content with his rhythmic thrusting, pumping and humping. I experienced several female orgasms and one powerful male one as my own tiny ball sacs released a stream of sticky juices. David quickly lowered his mouth and cleaned me up.

"Yum, you are truly a bi t-girl, Jennifer. In fact, I feel as if I'm falling in love with you. I hope we become best friends and lovers."

I smiled and agreed that being his lover appealed to me. David began dressing and I did the same. He left while I again repaired my makeup. Then, I rejoined Marilyn and her guests.

"Ah, here's my sweet French Maid. Are you enjoying the evening Jennifer? "

"Yes Miss, very much, thank you."

I curtsied and stood off to the side and continued serving drinks as the guests asked for refills. At midnight, the party broke up. Each guest gave me a hug and kiss when I got their coat and Andrea gave me a delicious tongue kiss while David caressed me ass and thrust his tongue deeply into my hot mouth before he left.

With all the guests gone, Marilyn asked me what I thought about the evening and I responded that I enjoyed myself immensely.

"Were Andrea and David all I said they'd be?"

"Oh yes, Miss, they were both wonderful companions."

"That's great, Jennifer. Because David will be the one who proposes to you tomorrow night. You need a good beauty sleep so you'll be ready for our shopping trip tomorrow and your date with David later. And, remember, you'll be fitted for your gown too."

"Yes, Miss Marilyn, I remember. I'll hurry and take off my makeup, shower and dres for bed now."

"That's excellent sweetie. Wear the baby doll and accessories I left on your bed too. I may be in to cuddle with you afterward."

"Yes Marilyn, I will", I said, smiling broadly.

I strode into my room and stripped, used cold cream to soften and remove my makeup, started the shower and stepped inside. I scrubbed myself furiously and cleansed my entire body. I also made sure to douche my rear entry and slide a small butt plug in place. Then, with my scanty red nylon bikini and sheer baby doll top on, I padded into the bedroom and slipped under the deliciously smooth satin sheets. I was asleep in minutes.


Day 2 - Thursday

I awoke to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee at eight the next morning. My second day as a female had begun. I padded into the kitchen after wrapping myself in a long, flowing pink satin robe over a pair of pretty bikini panties and no brassiere. Marilyn served up a cup of black coffee, a half grapefruit and a small container of yogurt.

"When you're finished, honey, we'll get you dressed and made over for our shopping trip and your fitting at the bridal shop."

I nodded and hurriedly ate my light breakfast. Then, together with Marilyn, I returned to my bedroom. Marilyn explained what I would wear and why.

"I want my pretty girl to look absolutely ravishing and sexy today. You'll need a figure 'to die for' and to that end, I want you wearing a firm control high waist styled panty girdle. Since the skirt you'll wear will be very tight and its hem above your knees, I want that gorgeous derriere of yours to look very full, round and feel firm to the touch. So, strip off your panties and we'll begin."

I wriggled out of the satin bikini and Marilyn handed me the foundation. It had a side zipper to make donning it somewhat easier. She giggled as I wiggled my soft, smooth rear and long legs into the tightly fitting garment. Once I'd pulled the girdle's nylon crotch into my own flattened one, she grasped the zipper and pulled it all the way up. Then, she placed her hands on my hips and derriere and smoothed my figure al over.

"Yes…perfect; you have a lovely and inviting rear end now, Jennifer. Men will want to touch that area of your body and possibly feel your girlish pussy through the restraining material. That's good. You'll want them to appreciate your hidden charms. Now, I'm going to have you put on these sheer nude stockings too. Girls should wear them rather than pantyhose if at all possible; they're sexier. I rolled the hosiery and worked each stocking up my legs, one at a time. Next, I attached the sheer material to the girdles garter tabs, luxuriating in the taut feel of nylon hosiery. Marilyn then took a waist cincher from the dresser drawer and wrapped it around my already slender waist. She closed the hooks and eyes behind me and more inches disappeared, giving me a lovely female form. Lastly, she chose a long-line brassiere and helped me put it on, adjusting my generous breasts into the lacy cups.

"Now, sweetie, you look quite womanly and sexy, ready to become a luscious secretary, out for a day of shopping with her female companion."

A lacy nylon satin petti-slip and camisole followed and Marilyn then had me slip into a cute white nylon blouse with sheer sleeves and a high ruffled neckline. The blouse buttoned from behind making it all but impossible for me to dress or undress myself. That presented me with another femme situation; as a girl, I now needed another girl to help me with my clothing. The skirt, a cream colored one, was next for me to step into. Once in place, I buttoned the skirt in front of me, zipped it and grabbed the waistband and turned it around so the zipper and walking slit were at my back. I sensed just how tight the skirt was when Marilyn again caressed my luscious tush.

"Now, you look very nice, Jennifer. Your ass is a male's treat and your bosom is nicely prominent. When you put on the matching jacket, it will accentuate your waist and project your bosom and when you walk, your gorgeous derriere will wiggle so sweetly. And when you sit at your desk, with your legs crossed demurely, men will fight to see up your skirt and ponder the hidden treasure between your legs and ass. In short, you'll be the desirable female you've dreamed of being."

I loved how I looked. Marilyn wrapped a plastic cape over my clothing and proceeded to again make me over. In a half hour, I was transformed into a blushing and busty blonde bimbo secretary! I added the required earrings, bracelets and necklace, took the proffered purse and stepped into the sexy bone-hued stiletto heels. Marilyn left me to get ready herself and by ten o'clock, we were ready to hit the nearby mall.

After we arrived, I truly began to feel the total sensation of being female. Each step I took echoed with my heels clicking on the smooth tiles in the mall. My scent seemed everywhere that we walked; I knew that my perfume as pervading the air behind me. WE stopped at lingerie shops so I could feel the pretty unmentionables and sniff the perfumed undies. I was able to hold luscious bras in front of my chest, trying to discern how I might look in them. At a jewelry store, Marilyn purchased a pair of glamorous crystal drop earrings for me as well as a pair of tiny diamond studs for my 'wedding'. Then, we stopped at a luncheon place where I enjoyed a salad.

After eating, Marilyn and I drove to a bridal boutique for my fitting. In the private dressing room, I was shown several styles of gowns and after removing my daytime suit, I was able to try many of them on. I settled for a lovely full-skirted satin gown adorned with beads and pearls. The gown had a sweetheart neckline that would show off my tops of my luscious breasts and with the short 'poufy' sleeves, I'd get to wear long formal gloves of matching white satin. Marilyn then selected my bridal lingerie; a delicious basque, stockings, sexy panties and a full crinoline petticoat. At their shoe display, I chose a pair of satin pumps with 4" stiletto heels and a satin bag to carry. The proprietor said that we could pick up the dress and accessories the next morning before noon. Marilyn paid her and hustled me out and into the car.

"Now, girlfriend, it's back home to take some photos and prep for your date tonight and David's 'proposal'!"

At home, Marilyn continued my indoctrination into the art of being female. I learned how to speak as a woman, how to carry myself and behave in all sorts of situations. By three that afternoon, I was ready for a break. My break was a luxurious soak in the tub, filled with scented bath salts and a shave to insure my body hair hadn't begun growing again.

"One thing more, Jennifer; to insure you maintain feminine deportment, I want you to take these pills. They are a form of female hormone and with an additional injection in your derriere (one that won't hurt, by the way), we'll be sure you don't slip into some nasty, male behavior while you're becoming a girl."

I allowed Marilyn to administer the shot. After all, what harm could it do? I was merely becoming a temporary girl anyway. I swallowed the pills and slipped into the tub, enjoying the soft romantic music that was 'piped' into the bathroom. In fact, I soon was dozing and Marilyn changed the music to a tape that played suggestions about being feminine. Unbeknownst to me, I not only heard the unconscious suggestions, I actually accepted them as pertaining to my future behavior. In other words, I was essentially brainwashed into truly being a glamorous female.

Once Marilyn appeared and had me step out of the now tepid water, she gently patted my smooth body dry. Then, she applied a soothing coat of the sweetest smelling body lotion which had the effect of further softening my already feminine skin. Now it was time to get me ready for my date and David's proposal.

We began by checking my artificial breasts and the special caching device. Marilyn deemed it necessary to insure that there were no chances of either garment slipping or coming undone from my body. She found that both were still securely in place with no gaps or breakdowns. Next, she handed me a luscious pair of lavender panties and a matching bustier. The latter would provide a bit of slenderizing and also hold up the delicious nylon stockings she wanted me to wear. With my panty in place, she wrapped my torso in the bustier and helped me adjust my gorgeous breasts in the lacy half-cups.

I sat while I carefully rolled the sheer hose up each leg and fastened the garters to them. Then, I donned the cute black net petticoat for the cocktail dress I'd be wearing. The dress was next; an absolutely scrumptious chiffon outfit with a short skirt and spaghetti straps, all done up in black. I adored how the dress rustled with every move I made. She fixed the wig I'd be wearing in place, a very glamorous ash blonde number with extremely feminine curls and tendrils hanging past my ears. Then, she slipped my new pierced rhinestone earrings in my lobes. These dangled so low that I could feel them brushing my naked shoulders!

I sat on a stool by the dressing table and Marilyn worked her magic once again, totally transforming my face into that of a 'beauty contestant', making me not only look fully female but also aiding me to feel that I was now truly a woman. A spritz of perfume further enhanced that sensation. By adding a very glitzy bracelet that matched my drop earrings and a luscious necklace, I began to feel more fully female and when I stepped into the 4" stiletto sandals, the effect was complete; I was a gorgeous female, ready to meet her date and accept his proposal of marriage!

When the doorbell rang, I giddily answered it and stared up into David's eyes. He looked at me with a combination of tender love and lust. I knew he wanted me for myself AND my now, voluptuous body and I was anxious to accommodate him.

David embraced me and placed his warm lips to mine, his tongue slipped between my now parted lips and tasted the inside of my mouth. I knew that the sweet flavor of my lipstick-coated lips would further incense his desires. And, I adored the attention he lavished upon me. I trembled a bit as he wrapped his strong arms and hands around my now svelte waist, further emphasizing my submissiveness and outward femininity.

We said our goodnight's to Marilyn and strolled, hand in hand, to David's car. Chivalrously, he opened the passenger door and watched as I slipped onto the seat, swinging my long, sexy legs inside. I knew I was allowing him views of my gams, almost up to where my garters were visible but I didn't mind at all.

"Let him see my thighs", I thought. "That will really make him hot for my bod"!

David got in and we were off, bound for a first class restaurant and a quiet meal together. It took about a half hour for us to make the drive and upon our arrival, an attendant parked the car. We walked inside and were quickly ushered to a prime table, one that gave us much privacy while still affording us views of the interior.

David ordered for us both. I had a small salad and a petit filet mignon. David enjoyed lobster thermador. He also ordered champagne and we toasted our new romance. Over coffee afterwards, David explained that he truly loved me and wanted me to become his 'wife'. Then, he removed a small velvet box from his jacket pocket and knelt by the table.

"Jennifer, please accept this ring and consent to become my wife, my love and my companion."

I blushed as I opened the box and gazed upon the huge two carat stone, set in a platinum setting.

"Oh David, I love you too. Yes, my darling, I would love being your wife", I cooed and kissed my intended, offering my own hot, moist tongue for his pleasure.

David slipped the ring on my finger and we once again necked and kissed. I was engaged!

After leaving the restaurant, David drove to a secluded spot along the shoreline, parked and turned the radio on and placed a cd in the player. It was a compilation of love songs and while we listened, David slipped his warm hand under the chiffon skirt and crinoline of my dress and began caressing my most feminine region. I sighed and slipped my own hand onto his trousers and located his zipper. I could feel his manhood, straining to get out. I dropped the zipper and gently grabbed his member and gave it its freedom. Then, I wrapped one hand around it and began stroking it, happy that it began to grow rigid and longer.

Finally, sensing that it was time for me to show my love for David, I adjusted myself so I could bend over his lap and suckle his throbbing phallus. I knew at that moment that I was his girl and would be so forever.

David moaned and released his load of man juice and I swallowed it greedily, cleaning him off and spilling not one drop. Then, I tucked him back in and sat beside him, smiling at how well I'd pleased him.

David then thanked me for consenting to be his bride and said it was time for me to return home. He drove off and soon we were back at Marilyn's. He escorted me to the door, kissed me again, passionately, and promised I'd have the most magnificent wedding on Saturday afternoon.

Inside, Marilyn was waiting up for me.

"Well? Did he? Did you? Are you?", she asked all at once.

"Yes on all counts", I answered.

"So, you've decided to be a female then"?

"Yes, Marilyn, I want to go all the way. I realize that I was always meant to be a woman and want to marry David and be his wife and…….I want all the surgeries and modifications that will turn me into the woman I've always dreamed of becoming."

"Excellent! I suspected that if you were given an opportunity to live as a female, you'd accept being a woman as the correct role for you. I'll call your wife, let her know and we can begin preparing for your transition. One thing; the wedding WILL be a mock one, for now. After you've completed your transition, you'll get to truly be married in the eyes of the state and I know that you'll be happy..ever after! I also know that your wife will want to attend both ceremonies so I'll give her all the information she needs. Tomorrow, we'll go for your final fitting and pick up your gown. Then, tomorrow evening, we'll be going to a special 'batchelorette' party I your honor. I have several t-girl friends and genetic girl friends who will attend. Sweetie, we're gonna have a ball!"

Marilyn helped me undress and easily saw that I'd enjoyed my first female orgasm as well as bringing David off too. She told me to soak in the tub and she'd help me dress for our girl-on-girl evening. She used a solvent to carefully remove my breasts and the special latex cache. Then, she helped me into the tub where I lay back and soaked

After the luxurious bubble-bath, Marilyn toweled me dry and carefully re-applied new silicone breast prostheses and a fresh latex cache. Next, she assisted me with the luscious dark purple negligee she'd chosen for the evening. I donned scanty crotchless bikini panties, a garter belt, matching stockings, a 'fly-away' gown that opened in front and a floor-length sheer robe with cute ruffles at the sleeves and neckline. The finishing touch was the pair of high-heeled mules with their 5" stiletto spikes.

Next, Marilyn sat me down and deftly applied a minimum of makeup to my face; just enough to bring out the girl hidden inside me. Then, taking my hand, she led me into her bedroom.

The bed was made up with pink satin sheets and pillow-cases, a rose satin spread and the lights had been dimmed. Marilyn climbed onto the smooth, cool sheet and led me onto the sexy fabric, next to her.

"Now, baby, since you've agreed to become one of us, I want to have my way with you, as a female, before you become David's wife."

For the next hour, Marilyn taught me all the wiles and tricks a truly sexy princess needs to know when she entertains another woman. I learned how I could please another female using only my fingertips, tongue and the protuberances and openings a woman is blessed with. Exhausted from her and my own ministrations, I lay back and fell soundly asleep.


Day 3 – Friday

I again woke to the scent of fresh coffee, wafting throughout the house. Slipping into the sheer robe I discarded before my fun with Marilyn the previous evening, I minced downstairs and met my 'mistress' in her kitchen.

"Morning, sleepyhead! Are you ready for your last day of being a single girl?"

I nodded that I was.

"Good. Then sit down and have a light breakfast. We have much to do today."

I knew that we were to visit the bridal salon again where I'd be fitted for the last time in my gown and where I'd also get all the sexy underpinnings and accessories that make a girl into a beautiful bride. I'd also be getting ready for a fun "batchelorette" party later in the evening and that would necessitate my dressing a bit more sexy; sort of a 'club girl' for that event.

After we ate, Marilyn supervised my shower, fresh makeup and dressing in a fairly conservative but girlish outfit for the fitting. Instead of a dress or skirt, I'd be allowed to wear pants. Well, they were sort of pants; with my foundations all of the seamless style, I was handed a very tight-fitting cropped top; one that exposed my navel and flattened tummy. The 'pants' were in fact, the tightest and most revealing capris I'd ever seen. Once these were pulled into place, very little about my anatomy was left to anyone's imagination. My smooth and flat 'pussy' was easily distinguished and the luscious curve of my new derriere screamed to be fondled and caressed. And finally, wearing heels with 6" spikes made me wiggle and mince more than ever! Marilyn chose two wigs for me; one, with long, wavy and curl hair was for wearing now; the other, an updo style, was for when I tried on my gown. Looking like a really sexy bimbo slut, I left in Mrilyn's company, for the boutique.

At the bridal salon, I was hustled to a very fancy rear suite. Once inside, three women fussed over me, stripping me down to nothing! Then, I watched, in awe, as they slowly dressed me! Satiny white panties with a thong back, a full-length corset n white satin and lace and embroidered stockings were carefully put on me. My waist was reduced even more with the corset and I felt so fragile and submissive once I was laced into it.

One woman carried my gown, a delicious confection of white satin, embellished with seed pearls and bugle beads, and unzipped it. I stepped into the gown and two ladies lifted the bodice into place. I was amazed at how my foundations had pushed my artificial breasts up and forward. Their soft, pale tops peeked out from under the demure bodice. Next, all three women helped pull the full crinoline under-slip beneath the gown so its waistline could be fastened tightly in place. Then, after I was instructed to lift the hem of the gown, one woman thrust a pair of white satin peau de soie pumps with 3" heels, toward my feet. I gingerly stepped into the pretty footwear.

Marilyn appeared, carrying a beautiful veil of organza and voile. She placed it upon my head, pinning the veil into my other wig, the one with the cute updo. I was handed a pair of lacy white gloves and wriggled my ultra-feminine hands into them.

"Now, Jennifer, walk for us. Let's see how well you parade down the aisle as a luscious bride. Mmm, doesn't she look absolutely fabulous, girls?", Marilyn asked.

"Oh yes, Marilyn. She DOES look like a real woman now. Will her man make her feel like the real thing on 'her' wedding night?", one of the women asked.

"Certainly! Jennifer is prepared to have him perform intercourse with 'her' as if she were a real, genetic girl. And later, Jennifer will undergo a full transition and SRS to make her the 'complete' female she wants to be."

At that, the three women who had helped me dress, applauded loudly and rushed to hug and kiss me, girl to girl. At that moment, I knew I was truly one of them! Then, as quickly as they'd been to dress me, they stripped me down to nothing so I could change into my sexy capris.

Marilyn and I left the salon with my gown bagged in opaque plastic, the crinoline, veil, corset, bikini, stockings and gloves. On the way home, we stopped at a jewelry store where we met a surprise person; my wife! She and I hugged and she stepped back, admiring the 'new' me.

"Wow, Ji…oops, I mean Jennifer. You look marvelous; you're so, so female. I love your figure and is that really a female crotch you have?"

Marilyn jumped in then.

"It's not real yet, dear, but it will serve Jennifer well until 'she' has her surgery. If you're wondering if 'she' can make love as a female, the answer is a resounding 'yes'. And believe me, she's already proved to me that she can make love with the best women in the world!"

"Oh my, she IS becoming quite the woman then, isn't she?"

My wife then led me to a display case and selected a necklace for me to wear; her special gift to her best friend, she explained. Then, we shared a brief kiss and she left. Marilyn and I continued to another store in the mall, one where I was told to pick out the briefest swimsuit I could find. It was to be for my honeymoon with David. Then, we headed home.

At home, we ate a brief meal and I spent another luxurious hour soaking in bath salts. Then, Marilyn applied a depilatory to my entire body and after the required time frame, she gently removed the crème and the tiny hairs. She wiped my body clean and applied a soft scented lotion that made me feel so special and feminine. Next, she had me wriggle into a pair of ultra-sheer nude pantyhose and then wiggle into a rhinestone-encrusted dress with a hem so short, I had to keep tugging it down so my crotch would remain hidden.

"You won't be wearing a bra, panties or any other foundations tonight. I want you to feel as free and as girlish as possible for your party. But you WILL be wearing these!", she exclaimed.

Marilyn handed me a pair of pumps that had unbelievably high 6" stiletto heels. These shoes would force me to wiggle my derriere when I minced on them and they would also make my generous breasts bounce and jiggle with each of those steps. I slipped into them and had to practice walking so I wouldn't fall on my face. I got the hang of it after about ten minutes.

Marilyn then put a series of studs in each of my ears, ending with a long, dangly rhinestone pair of drop earrings. My makeup for the evening was especially slutty with brilliant red lips, black mascara, liner and shadow to make my eyes appear large and doll-like and a generous helping of perfume. She topped it all off with a gorgeous blonde wig that screamed sex symbol.

At eight, we made our way to the car and headed for my private party. The affair was held at a country club in another town. I entered the private room and was astounded to see some of my male friends and acquaintances as well as many t-girls I'd met over the years. How Marilyn found out about these people was a mystery to me. However, they were there to support me.

The hors d-oeuvres were excellent as were the drinks the girls plied me with. At ten, the 'entertainment' arrived. Somehow, the girls arranged for a host of male strippers to put on a show. One guy kept gyrating with his g-string pressed against my face! All the girls were screaming for him to 'take it off' and telling me to 'suck him off'!

By midnight, I was done and Marilyn said our good-nights and we headed home. Once there, she stripped me of all I had on and placed me in my bed. I was out before my head hit the pillow.


Day 4 – Saturday

Marilyn allowed me to sleep in on Saturday. She woke me at ten and as before, started me with black coffee and some fruit. Then, I was placed in the tub for a soak and final hair removal check.

One thing she did that was new to me was to have me bend over and submit to two separate internal 'cleansings'! She used a traditional hanging red rubber enema bag filled with a solution that would soften and liquefy anything in my digestive tract. Once she'd filled and emptied me twice, she finished me off with a traditional "douching" to keep me fresh for my wifely duties later in the day.

Then, she had me shower once more to be sure I was completely clean. After helping me to dry off, she ordered me to bend over. I peeked over my shoulder and saw that she'd removed a huge, flesh-toned dildo-shaped butt plug from a box and was preparing it with a dry lubricant.

"Sorry sweetie but this will keep your rear entry ready."

She gently shoved the realistic thing into my derriere and pushed it until it was fully inside and locked in place. Then, she watched as I donned the white satin bridal thong we'd gotten at the salon the day before. Next, she wrapped my torso with the satin and lace corset and really tightened the garment into place. My waist was forcibly slenderized so I could fit easily into my gown. My stockings were next rolled onto my legs and their semi-sheer welts were attached to the six garter straps that dangled form the corset. Then, to keep my stockings clean, I was told to step into the 4' satin bridal pumps that I'd wear when I took that walk down the aisle.

"There, now you're truly looking like a blushing bride", commented Marilyn.

To my surprise, my wife appeared and helped Marilyn with my gown and the voluminous crinoline petticoat. I sat while my wife wrapped a large plastic bib around my neck and was patient as I was made up as a very sweet, innocent bride. Pink was the dominant color now with my lps frosted with pink lipstick and even my eyes showing pink shadow. My cheeks were blushed with pink powder and only a delicate light brown pencil, used to highlight my previously shaped eyebrows. My bridal jewelry was put on and the gorgeous blonde wig affixed in place. The veil followed and once I'd slid my now delicate hands into the lacy gloves, I was judged ready. While I then waited in the living room, my wife prepared herself in Marilyn's bedroom. When she appeared, she was wearing a black satin tuxedo outfit. Although cut for a female and very feminine in style, it lent a masculine tone to her appearance. Then, I was told that she would be 'giving me away' and her outfit made sense to me. She would fill the role of my 'father', lifting my veil, kissing me and placing my hands into David's.

A horn beeped and Marilyn announced that our limousine had arrived. My wife escorted me out and helped me into the large back seat. Then, Marilyn climbed in and the driver got in and we were on our way to the hotel where the ceremony would take place. The driver pulled into a rear parking area and we all got out. I gathered my skirts as best as I could and minced into the suite set aside for the bride and her attendants. At two in the afternoon, everything was ready. My wife took my arm and we began walking into the ballroom. Pre-recorded organ music played the traditional "Here Comes The Bride" processional as I proudly and nervously walked down the aisle between the tables. My wife held my hand and whispered that, "You'll do fine, dear."

In front of the JP, she lifted my veil, placed a demure kiss on my cheek and put my left hand into David's right hand. The ceremony went quickly and all I really remember saying was "I do". Then, David kissed me, I heard a round of applause and we were soon being seated.

All the usual stuff associated with wedding receptions took place; the cutting of the cake, first dance and garter retrieval and toss as well as me tossing my bouquet. Then, we were allowed to sneak into the bride's suite where we would get to change into travel clothes. Of course, we wouldn't be traveling far. Marilyn had arranged for us to have a honeymoon night at another hotel. David carried our suitcases and the driver took us directly there. Once on our floor, David picked me up and carried me over the threshold. He deposited me on the bed and we both hurried to get ready. I saw a magnum of champagne sitting in an icer and knew I'd need several of those before the night moved much farther on.

In the bathroom, I stripped and donned my bridal negligee. I wore sheer red panties with a convenient open crotch and rear. I wore no bra but did wear matching baby doll and shortie coat as well as a garter belt and stockings with 6" mules. Everything was done in sheer red nylon.

Prancing out into the bedroom, I saw David, completely naked and as erect as I'd ever seen him! I lunged into his arms and we began a passionate kiss and nibble routine. Soon, I was nestled between his legs, licking and sucking his enormous manhood. It grew and became harder, longer and darker, the blood rushing to infuse it. I spied a tiny drop of white cream begin to ooze from the slit on top of his mushroom and lapped it into my mouth.

David sighed and begged me to take all of him. I opened my mouth as wide as possible, formed a huge "O" with my full loops and engulfed him, sucking him fully and deeply into my hot mouth. David moaned as I began a rhythmic diving up and down on his tool.

It didn't take long for David to spurt into me, his thick cream filling my mouth and seeping from the corners of my lips. Then, as he calmed down, we cuddled and he began feeling my own entries. I whisper to him that I wanted to be taken in my fake vagina first before he entered my real derriere. He agreed and soon, he was hot, erect and ready.

I watched him lube his erection and then lay back, lifted my legs and exposed my cute pussy. He pressed himself into the slippery lips surrounding it and in one thrust, was inside. He humped and pumped me and finally relaxed. Then, he rolled me onto my back, slid a pillow beneath my hips and found my puckered rosebud. I felt his huge mushroom at my rear door and then, squealed as he slid it into me.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Yesssssssssssssss", I cried out.

The next few minutes were filled with my screams, urging him on as he made a woman of me. When he'd emptied himself for the final time, he pulled out and we cuddled like spoons for the rest of the night.


Day 5 – Sunday

I woke up, somewhat lazily and turned to my side. David was gone. In his place, I saw Marilyn. She was clad in only a shiny black satin triangle of a g-string. She rolled over and put one of her arms around me and sighed.

"G' morning honey. Time to get up?"

"Uh huh", I whispered.

I looked out and saw some new sights. There were three Pullman sized bags near the door. Next to them were three extra-large garment bags. Hanging from the closet door was a lovely beige skirt and jacket and at the bottom of the door was a pair of bone-hued pumps with 3" inch heels; very conservative clothing.

"Okay", Marilyn quietly announced. "It's time we get you ready to return home."

I acknowledged her and slowly climbed out of the bed. I padded into the bathroom and did my morning ablutions and cleansing. I then started the shower and in a few minutes, I was freshly cleaned and dried. Leaving the bathroom in the 'buff', I spied my underthings draped across a chair. First, I wriggled into a lusciously tight panty girdle; my favorite as it was an "I can't Believe It's A Girdle" girdle made by Playtex. These hadn't been made in many years. Next, I wrapped the "Maidenform" lace bra around my tummy, fastened the closure and turned it around and lifted the cups into place. With the foundations on, I added a cute mini petti-slip and matching camisole. I did all this since Marilyn insisted I dress in feminine attire. I then rolled a pair of nude stockings on each of my legs and secured them to my garters.

Marilyn had risen by then and she sat me on a stool and carefully did my makeup. This time, she styled it in a most conservative manner so I looked very much like an extremely attractive woman. With lovely arched brows, feathery lashes and full lips, I allowed Marilyn to finish preparing me for my trip home. Home? I was going home like this?

"Marilyn, isn't this the day you're returning me to my wife?", I asked.

"Well, yes and no", she replied. "I am returning you but you're going home in the manner you've asked for. Your wife expects a lovely woman to come home and that is exactly how you'll return. That suit is for you as well as those pumps and handbag. Jennifer, your wife has accepted you in your new gender; that of a very attractive, sexy and feminine woman. Over the next several months, you'll be indoctrinated into a female lifestyle, learn to be a class "A" secretary and get a position as one. Then, in a year, we'll meet again as you begin your surgical transition to womanhood. You'll receive breast implants, a tracheal shave, a vocal chord tightening and finally, a complete SRS. Sweetie, you'll then be the woman you've desired to be. And your wife is fully behind this wish of yours."

"Oh, and David will be waiting for you and he will truly solemnize your commitment then. You see, he does want you to become his wife for real. You are a very lucky girl."

As I stepped into and zipped my tight skirt in place, I fully realized how lucky I was. In a year, I would have the wedding every little girl dreams about. I would be a wife and have a career as a sexy secretary. I'd enjoy partying and basking in the sun in a bikini and making love to a strong, handsome man.

The "opportunity" my wife gave me turned out to be exactly what I needed….and what she needed too. She learned that I was really NOT a man; I learned that I was REALLY a woman. And, we both learned that life can be fulfilling if one yields to one's inner desires. Those five days had truly changed me forever.

What I wasn't privy to, was the future. In two years I'd be a star attraction at a casino/club in Las Vegas. I'd win the "Showgirl of the Year" award and become what Marilyn had been for me. I would be training and grooming other t-girls for lives lived as women and spend my life enjoying the charms of my husband and as many sexy t-girls as possible. My 'wildest dreams' certainly came true!




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